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MV Agusta International Women’s Day Event

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event

This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) held particular significance for me as I had the distinct privilege of touring the KTM North American headquarters for esteemed motorcycle brands such as KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, and a newcomer to the company, MV Agusta.  

The evening before the IWD ride, Olivia Goheen (MV Agusta’s Marketing Manager) invited all the female media personnel to dinner. Upon arrival at Gourmet Italia in Temecula, I greeted both familiar faces and new acquaintances. The evening unfolded with a delightful dinner, engaging conversations, and a convivial atmosphere that fostered a sense of belonging. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event

Touring Pierer Mobility North America 

The subsequent morning began with a visit to Pierer Mobility North America headquarters, where a fleet of 13 MV Agustas awaited us. Before our ride, we toured the facility. Stepping through the grand entrance, I was greeted by a spacious layout adorned with an array of motorcycles and captivating imagery showcasing MV Agusta’s legacy. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event

Among the highlights of our tour was the training room, where local dealer mechanics undergo comprehensive instruction on servicing the Austrian and Italian brands. This chamber, replete with meticulously dissected motors, provided insight into the internal workings of these engines. Notably, transparent valve covers, exposed cams, and cut-out stator covers offered a tactile understanding. One particularly captivating example stood out to me: a vertically cut cylinder revealing a piston nestled at the nadir of its stroke. Additionally, an electric motorcycle motor was dissected to expose its internal data boards, exemplifying the thoroughness of the presentation. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event
MV Agusta F3

Following this enlightening experience, we proceeded to the electric-assist and pedal bike servicing area, catering to an assortment of brands including Husqvarna, GasGas, Felt, and R Raymond. The staff exhibited notable enthusiasm in presenting the recently arrived MV Agusta Rush 1000, which had just been transported to the facility. Exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic elegance were prominently showcased in this meticulously designed motorcycle adorned with a striking combination of red, black, and carbon fiber accents. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event

Our journey then led us to the motorsports building, which is dedicated to the factory race teams. As soon as you walk through the doors, the illustrious histories of KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas are celebrated through an impressive display of trophies on the wall. As we navigated through the bustling workshop, conversations with factory race mechanics provided invaluable insights into the meticulous preparation of the on- and off-road motorcycles destined for competition. We proceeded through the suspension assembly area before reaching the engine workshop, where an array of over 100 engines awaited deployment for various racing events. Among these engines was one meticulously tuned for optimal performance at the high elevation of Pikes Peak, Colorado. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event

Prior to a sumptuous lunch, we were introduced to the dedicated women of KTM NA, whose integral roles within the organization underscored a commitment to diversity and inclusivity. After lunch, we got the opportunity to ride an assortment of MV Agustas. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event

Riding MV Agusta Motorcycles  

The motorcycle assigned to me initially was the Dragster RR SCS America, a limited production model with only 300 units handcrafted in Italy. Several features immediately caught my attention. The transparent clutch cover, the distinct separation between the seat and subframe revealing the background, and the carbon fiber wheel cover with red, white, and blue accents all contributed to the motorcycle’s unique aura. As a 5-foot-6 petite woman, I found the 33.3-inch seat height to be easily manageable, allowing both of my feet to firmly touch the ground. The riding position proved to be remarkably comfortable for a high-performance motorcycle, with the upright handlebars adding to the overall ergonomic appeal. 

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MV Agusta International Women's Day Event
MV Agusta Dragster RR SCS America

Upon ignition, the 5.5-inch TFT display underwent a brief but thorough eight-second diagnostic check, ensuring optimal functionality of the battery voltage and other electronic components before permitting engine startup. As I rode, the bike’s Smart Clutch System operation felt familiar to me, drawing parallels to the experience with the Rekluse clutch in my KTM 500EXC. The launch control functionality was particularly impressive, delivering rapid and seamless acceleration while keeping the front wheel down enough to prevent too much height. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event
MV Agusta Dragster RR SCS America

As we navigated twisty roads, I encountered a subtle bump on an uphill corner, causing the front wheel to lift momentarily. The responsiveness of the motorcycle was such that I scarcely noticed the maneuver until the front wheel returned to the ground, reflecting the seamless handling characteristic of the Dragster America special edition. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event
MV Agusta Dragster RR SCS America

I then transitioned to the Brutale 1000, which offered a similar riding experience as the Dragster, albeit without the SCS. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event
MV Agusta Brutale 1000RR

At the next stop, I switched to the F3, a visually striking red sport bike characterized by its aggressive seating position and edgy gas tank design. Equipped with a 3-cylinder 675cc engine and a built-in lap timer, the F3 exuded a sense of performance prowess. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event

Upon reaching a spacious open area, I had the opportunity to fully experience the performance of the F3, which exhibited a strong inclination for spirited acceleration. Despite its dynamic capabilities, prolonged riding on the F3 proved taxing on my hands and wrists, emphasizing the intensity of its performance-oriented design. 

After riding several MV Agusta models, I was impressed by the diverse range of experiences afforded by the motorcycles, each offering a unique blend of performance, craftsmanship, and ergonomic comfort. 

Uniting Women Riders 

The day concluded with a visit to the esteemed Doffo winery, where a private dinner awaited us in the motorcycle room. Against the backdrop of fine wines and exquisite cuisine prepared by a talented female chef, we reflected on the significance of IWD. It was a fitting tribute to the countless contributions of women in motorcycling, a sentiment echoed by one of the owner’s daughters who explained her love for motorcycles and graciously extended her appreciation on this auspicious occasion. 

MV Agusta International Women's Day Event

As we departed, the camaraderie forged during our time together lingered, a testament to the bonds forged through shared passions and experiences. Indeed, this IWD celebration served as a poignant reminder of the strides made by women in traditionally male-dominated fields, inspiring us all to continue pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes. 

I am thankful to MV Agusta and Olivia Goheen for providing opportunities to connect, collaborate, and ride together, fostering a more inclusive motorcycle community. Here’s to next year’s International Women’s Day with MV Agusta and the continued empowerment of female riders. Cheers! 

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KTM Warranty Extensions Offered for 2024 Street Models

2023 KTM 790 Adventure
The KTM 790 Adventure is one of several models that will receive a KTM warranty extension.

Owners of 2024 KTM motorcycles with LC8c engines, as well as LC8 Street and Travel models, will now be able to extend their warranties at no charge simply by servicing their motorcycles at an authorized KTM dealer. In addition, the warranty for KTM PowerParts and KTM SpareParts installed by an authorized KTM dealer at the time of purchase will be extended to 24 months for all street models.

“We always advise our customers to use the official KTM network to get their motorcycles serviced, purely because the staff are trained on those particular models – and many more! – and use approved parts and accessories where applicable,” said Jens Tuma, senior head of customer service for KTM. “This way we can ensure best possible quality and value preservation of the bikes, and it’s also a big reason why we’re really happy to make this warranty extension offer for KTM customers around the world.”

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2024 KTM 990 Duke review
2024 KTM 990 Duke (Photo by Francesc Montero & Sebas Romero)

The KTM LC8c non-R models that fall under a 24-month warranty include the KTM 790 Duke, 790 Adventure, 890 SMT, and 990 Duke. If owners of these models get their bikes serviced within the 24-month warranty period, their coverage is extended until the next service up to a max of four years.

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2024 KTM 890 Adventure R Rally
2024 KTM 890 Adventure R Rally

The KTM 890 Adventure R and 890 Adventure R Rally have an initial 12-month warranty that can be extended for another 12 months of coverage when a scheduled service is performed for a max of two years from the initial take-into-use date.

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2024 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R
2024 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

The LC8 non-R range includes the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT and 1290 Super Adventure S, and these motorcycles can get an increase from 24 months of warranty to a max of three years. The LC8 R-range models include the KTM 1390 Super Duke R Evo and 1290 Super Adventure R and can extend from 12 months to an additional 12 months for a max of two years.

For more information or to find your local KTM dealer, visit the KTM website.

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Indian Scout Teaser Video Released

Indian Scout Teaser Video

Indian Motorcycle is set to release a new Indian Scout or Scouts on April 2, and it has been teasing us with a few videos that hadn’t revealed much of anything. But today it posted a new video (see below) that shows a group of five bikes riding across a desert lakebed.

Sadly, the low light in the video doesn’t provide enough illumination to reveal many details, but there appears to be four different variants of the new Scout. For reference, Indian’s current Scout lineup consists of three main models: the classically styled Scout, the stubby Scout Bobber, and the mini-faired Scout Rogue.

In the video, the leading trio of bikes have low-mounted bar-end mirrors, while the rearmost bikes are differentiated by chrome mirrors perched atop their handlebars. Of the trailing pair, the one on the right displays a smallish windshield that suggests some sort of light-duty touring version. The one on the left could be a traditional Scout of some form.

Leading the group is a bike with a mini fairing topped with a small windscreen that looks similar to the bike on its left. One or both could be a new version of the Scout Rogue. The bike second from the left has no fairing and could be a model similar to the existing Scout Bobber.

At this point, we can only speculate based on what we see in the video, so we can’t say what could be inside them regarding their engines or chassis modifications. Full details will be released on April 2. Stay tuned!

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A Scenic Casa Grande, Arizona Motorcycle Ride

Casa Grande Arizona Motorcycle Ride
Nothing says “Arizona” like tall saguaros. These thorny towers are in the Sonoran Desert National Monument.

Arizona is known for its five Cs – copper, cattle, cotton, citrus, and climate – all of which are represented on the state’s great seal. I experienced three of them in abundance on this scenic southern Arizona loop, rolling past harvest-ready cotton fields and large dairy farms and enjoying spectacular weather. Two more Cs – cactus and cars – were also highlights of this entertaining ride. 

Casa Grande Arizona Motorcycle Ride

Scan QR code above or click here to view the route on REVER

Before you get the wrong impression from the title, I did not get locked up on this trip. “Big house” is the English translation of the Spanish “Casa Grande,” the starting and ending point of this loop ride. My trip began with a walk around the city’s downtown, which includes a tidy and interesting neon sign park, a nicely curated museum, a city park, and an impressive city square. Every January, the annual Historic Downtown Street Fair/Car and Bike Show draws upwards of 40,000 visitors to Casa Grande.

Casa Grande Arizona Motorcycle Ride
A roadside display in Casa Grande highlights some of the state’s foundational Cs.

After the stroll, I mounted my BMW R 1200 GS for the short ride to the Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort. Tall palm trees stood sentinel as I rolled onto the resort’s beautiful property, which was established in the early 1960s as the spring training home of the San Francisco Giants. It was also a favorite haunt of John Wayne. After settling into my room and enjoying the incredible view, I had a delectable burger in the Duke’s Lounge and admired photos of Wayne, Willie Mays, Pat Boone, and other legendary visitors. 

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After a great night’s sleep, I mounted my GS and rode west through cotton fields and dairy farms to my first stop, the Dwarf Car Museum. The unassuming cluster of buildings belies the treasures displayed within. I paid my $5 entry fee and walked inside. At first glance, I could have been in any cool classic car museum, but as I got closer, the cars seemed to shrink. 

Casa Grande Arizona Motorcycle Ride
The stunning and diminutive creations in the Dwarf Car Museum sit waist-high to the 6-foot-3 author. In addition to small cars, the museum also has an interesting collection of automotive memorabilia.

After scanning the whimsical, barn-like interior of the museum, I spotted a gentleman warming himself by a fire in the perfect man cave. Ernie Adams, the master builder of this eclectic and fascinating collection of diminutive classics, invited me to have a seat, and we had a nice chat about his life and his cars. Adams built his first dwarf car in the early ’60s, and they are about 11/16th scale. He bases every creation on a wheel size of 12 inches and miniaturizes everything else to that scale. Adams does not do much of the work anymore, but his son, daughter-in-law, and a friend carry on the tradition. He even has a tidy collection of vintage enduro bikes in a backroom.  

Casa Grande Arizona Motorcycle Ride
What gearhead doesn’t have a soft spot for vintage Japanese dirtbikes?

Back on the GS, it was time to head to another C: the cactus-rich majesty of the Sonoran Desert National Monument, one of the most biologically diverse deserts in North America. Saguaros tower over the sand, each striking their own unique pose. With the rugged South Maricopa Mountains serving as the perfect backdrop, I explored a few established dirt roads off State Route 84.

On Interstate 8, I opened the throttle and made my westward ride through more of this desert grandeur. Interstates have never been my choice of roads, but this stretch of I-8 is as beautiful as they come. Various cactus varieties dot the rolling hills in the foreground, and distant mountain ranges create texture in the background.

Casa Grande Arizona Motorcycle Ride
The Casa Grande Neon Sign Park in the city’s downtown area preserves vintage neon signs from historic local establishments.

The ride west was relaxed and beautiful on the way to the final landmark on my list: the Space Age Lodge in Gila Bend. I have always been a fan of the rock band Rush, especially Neil Peart, who was arguably one of the greatest drummers in rock ‘n’ roll history. After tragically losing both his daughter and wife within a span of months, Peart rode his BMW GS more than 55,000 miles through North America, Mexico, and Belize, which he chronicled in his memoir, Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road. One stop on Peart’s journey was the quirky, seemingly out-of-place Space Age Lodge, and I had to see it. 

Casa Grande Arizona Motorcycle Ride
The music-loving author had to make a stop in Gila Bend to check out the Space Age Lodge, which was mentioned in Ghost Rider, Rush drummer Neil Peart’s amazing moto-centric memoir.

As I rolled out of town, one last incongruity caught my eye. Twin fighter jets crouched in front of a tiny airport on the outskirts of town. The pair of RF-101 Voodoos flew reconnaissance missions in Vietnam and now have a permanent home in Gila Bend. 

It was time to head back to Casa Grande. Besides I-8, the other road that crosses the Sonoran Desert National Monument is State Route 238. This more northern road doesn’t have the towering saguaros of the interstate, but it is a relaxed desert ride with much less traffic.

Casa Grande Arizona Motorcycle Ride
The Museum of Casa Grande is housed in a beautiful Southwestern mission-style stone building. More than 40 buildings in the city are listed on historic registers.

This southern Arizona loop is best navigated from fall to early spring, as the desert temperatures are toasty in the summer. What it lacks in curves, it makes up for with a full plate of other entertaining Cs.

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Michelin Commander III Motorcycle Tires Review | Gear

Michelin Commander III Tires

I can say without hesitation that every car tire purchase I’ve made has been done somewhat grudgingly, with safety and practicality being the primary concerns. When it comes to new motorcycle tires, the return feels more worthy of the investment. The Michelin Commander III tires proved this in spades.

In a word: Giddyap!

When I was asked to review the Commander III tires on my Harley‑­Davidson Heritage Softail Classic, I was a little nervous, but not because I questioned the quality. Michelin has been my brand of choice for car tires for years, but that is primarily because of their reliability in the snow and ice where I live. But I don’t ride my bike on snow and ice. I assumed many of the same attractive attributes of traction and grip would apply on a motorcycle, but was I attuned enough to my bike to recognize the difference between these new tires and my old ones?

Michelin Commander III Tires

The answer was immediately “Yes.” 

There are two versions of the Michelin Commander III: Cruiser or Touring. Given the weight of my bike, I went with the Touring, which has less siping than the Cruiser tires for better stability. The potential tradeoff is less grip in the rain, but Michelin says the 100% silica‑reinforced rubber in the tires’ compound addresses this. I haven’t yet taken my bike out in a deluge to test this claim, but on a curvy road leading up to a nearby ski resort, I hit a decent storm and didn’t sense any slippage at speed.

Another feature of the Commander III is the aramid tread plies on the rear tire, which are also supposed to contribute to stability. The tires also have a more rounded profile than the previous Commander II model for better handling when the bike is leaned over. This is where that “giddyap” comes from. 

After having them mounted, when I hit the numerous sweepers on the 45‑­mile trip back to my house, I had a hard time keeping to the conventional wisdom of riding conservatively on new tires. It was almost like the Commander IIIs were pushing me – dare I say, showing off a little. But I refused the temptation. I promise…ahem.

Beyond performance, something else I was looking for in my new tires was longevity. Weighing in at two‑­plus bills, I’m not exactly slim, but I’m also not one of those hefty Guiness World Record twins many of us remember seeing sitting on motorcycles in pictures. Nor am I a super aggressive rider, and I diligently check my tire pressure, so I was disappointed when I got less than 4,000 miles out of my previous rear tire.

Michelin claims 25% longer tread life relative to its competitors. I can’t confirm this yet, as I have only logged about 1,200 miles to date. But so far, they still look new, and with many riders reporting nearly 20,000 miles from their Commander IIIs, I have my fingers crossed for similar results.

The Michelin Commander III tires are available at online retailers or your local dealer in 11 different sizes starting at $180.99 for the front and $210.99 for the rear.

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2024 KTM Street Demo Tour Announces Dates

Continuing on the success of previous years’ Ride Orange Street Demo Tours – and this year marking “30 Years of Duke” – KTM has announced the first dates of the 2024 KTM Street Demo Tour. Test rides at dealers are a rarity, so the KTM Street Demo Tour is a great opportunity to ride KTM’s street-legal range, everything from the 250 Duke up to the 1390 Super Duke R Evo, ADVs ranging from the 390 Adventure to the 1290 Adventure R, and the 350 and 500 EXC-F dual-sports.

This year’s tour kicks off in March coinciding with Daytona Bike Week, and there are currently 10 stops scheduled for the demo tour between March and October, with more likely to be added. Check out the details in KTM’s official announcement below.

The 2024 KTM Street Demo Tour kicks off during Daytona Bike Week.

MURRIETA, Calif. – The KTM Street Demo Tour is touring the United States once again in 2024, offering orange bleeders the ultimate chance to sample the latest models in the KTM Street range. Commencing between March 1-9 during Daytona Bike Week in Florida, U.S. consumers will have the opportunity to take part in the tour to be staged alongside a wide selection of premier motorcycle events across the nation.

Organized by KTM North America, Inc. in association with participating dealers, you’ll be able to get up close and explore the 2024 range, together with knowledgeable KTM experts on location. Following that, it will be your time to take to some of the most enjoyable roads in the country. Each ride will take place on pre-planned routes that will be sure to deliver an exceptional experience at this year’s KTM Street Demo Tour.

With the naked bike range celebrating 30 Years of Duke in 2024, KTM brings the ferocious, all-new KTM 1390 Super Duke R Evo – The Beast, reborn – the sniper-like KTM 990 Duke, as well as the powerful yet rideable KTM 390 Duke and KTM 250 Duke. Joining this lineup of all new naked bikes is the original Scalpel, the KTM 790 Duke. Throw a leg over these class-leading machines and discover why the KTM Duke nameplate has stood the test of time.

In addition, the current adventure range, including the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R and S, KTM 890 Adventure R, KTM 790 Adventure, KTM 690 Enduro R, and KTM 390 Adventure, will also be star attractions across as many as 10 events scheduled for 2024. Plus, don’t miss the KTM 500 EXC-F and KTM 350 EXC-F dual-sport models.

2024 KTM Street Demo Tour Models:

  • KTM 1390 Super Duke R Evo
  • KTM 990 Duke
  • KTM 790 Duke
  • KTM 390 Duke
  • KTM 250 Duke
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure R
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure S
  • KTM 890 Adventure R
  • KTM 790 Adventure
  • KTM 690 Enduro R
  • KTM 390 Adventure
  • KTM 500 EXC-F
  • KTM 350 EXC-F

* Please note that the model list is subject to change and may vary by demo location.

Participants at the KTM Street Demo Tour will receive a VIP voucher (valued up to $500 MSRP), redeemable on KTM PowerParts, KTM PowerWear, and/or KTM SpareParts at an authorized KTM dealer with the purchase of a new KTM Street model.

Registrations for each stop of the 2024 KTM Street Demo Tour open at 9 a.m. on the morning of that event, with riding to take place between 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Demos are first come, first served.

The KTM Street Demo Tour is open to riders 21 years and older who hold a valid motorcycle endorsement. Riders 21 to 24 year olds can only ride motorcycles 500cc and under. Riders who are 25 years and up may ride any displacement. Experienced riders only (no beginners). No passengers are allowed at any time, and KTM staff can revoke riding privileges at any time for any reason deemed necessary.

All riders must show a government-issued photo ID with motorcycle endorsement and will be required to complete a signed waiver prior to any demo rides. Proper riding apparel is essential, including but not limited to a DOT-approved helmet, eye protection, gloves, long sleeves, pants, and sturdy footwear.

For a complete list of 2024 KTM Street Demo Tour locations and to connect with your local participating dealer, please visit the KTM website or email [email protected]. Follow KTM USA on all social media platforms for the most up-to-date information on events.

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Aerostich Kanetsu Heated Motorcycle Vest Review | Gear

Aerostich Kanetsu heated motorcycle vest
Aerostich Kanetsu heated motorcycle vest

Cold temperatures and unexpected weather changes are the reality in the northern latitudes where many of us ride. Even though I’ve lived in Minnesota for decades, I’ve never used heated apparel before. As I prepared for a multi‑­day tour of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula last October, I decided to remedy that situation by ordering an Aerostich Kanetsu Wind Blocker heated motorcycle vest to add some comfort to my late‑­season ride. This electric vest gave me the feeling of the warm sun beating down on my back, especially on cold 35‑­degree mornings on and off the road. 

The Aerostich Kanetsu heated vest, which is made at the company’s factory in Duluth, Minnesota, and uses top‑­quality stitching and zippers, proved to be hassle‑­free. When ordering the vest, you specify size and the type of connection you need to hook it up to your motorcycle: BMW, SAE, or QuiConnect 2 (coaxial, which has a male‑­and‑­female connection). The vest’s power draw is 45 watts / 3.3 amps.

Aerostich Kanetsu heated motorcycle vest

A size Large suits my 6‑­foot‑­2, 175‑­lb frame perfectly (a detailed size chart is available on the Aerostich website), and the vest fits well underneath a jacket. It has a longer tail in the back to provide lower‑­back coverage when seated in a crouched position. The vest has two pockets: one for storing the power cord and a larger one that the entire vest folds into for convenient stowage or a handy pillow for a roadside nap. Also available are optional zip-off sleeves ($97), which I added to the vest for additional insulation and to transform the vest into a jacket that can be worn off the bike. 

With the vest on and powered up, I found the heat to be distributed evenly around my core as well as my neck thanks to the high collar. The power is switched on/off with a large, glove‑­friendly lighted pushbutton that can be clipped onto the outside of your riding jacket. The vest provided plenty of warmth, and as the ambient temperature approached 50 degrees, I simply turned off the vest’s heat. Given the ongoing comfort, I found myself experiencing momentary guilt as my riding buddies went through the hassle of layering up and down throughout the changing riding conditions. They got tired of hearing me brag about how warm I was.

Aerostich Kanetsu heated motorcycle vest
The Aerostich Kanetsu heated motorcycle vest with optional zip-off sleeves.

There are three versions of the Aerostich Kanetsu heated motorcycle vest: Airvantage ($247), which has an air‑­adjustable fit and an outer shell made of Windstopper fabric; Windstopper ($197), also with a Windstopper outer shell; and Wind Blocker ($187), the version I tested, which has an outer shell made of windblocking TLTec fleece. Sizes range from S‑­2XL. With this heated vest as a permanent addition to my saddlebag, I now look forward to rides on cold, blustery days.

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REVER Launches PDF Map Compatibility

If you’re a fan of Rider’s touring stories, you’ve likely noticed that we have been using REVER maps to accompany the stories. The REVER app, available for free on iOS and Android, works in conjunction with the REVER website to help riders discover the world’s best roads, create custom routes, track epic rides, compete for bragging rights, and share riding experiences across social platforms. Recently, the company has upped its game with the ability to import georeferenced PDF maps into the app. These maps have embedded GPS boundaries that overlay on any existing map style and display your current location. For more information, read the press release below.

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EAGLE, Colo. — REVER, the world’s largest motorcycle ride-planning, tracking, and sharing app, has introduced new capabilities to import and view georeferenced PDF maps in their Android and iOS apps. Georeferenced PDF Maps have embedded GPS boundaries that, when viewed in REVER, overlay on any existing map style and accurately display your current location. This allows access to detailed government maps and maps from other trusted sources – including trail details, topographical lines, and geographic features not found in traditional map styles. In addition, PDF Map Layers are stored on your phone and are available anywhere in the world without cell service. Yet another way to never get lost!

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App users can browse a curated list of PDF maps sourced from the United States Forest Service (USFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and United States Geological Survey (USGS) to import and view offline in the REVER mobile apps.

How it works:

  • Access the PDF Map Library and importer through the map settings on the main map tab in the REVER app.
  • Imported maps are stored, saved and organized in the REVER PDF Map Library which can be accessed offline.
  • Choose a PDF map to display as a layer on the main REVER map to assist with navigation and exploration.
  • PDF maps can be overlaid on any dynamic map currently available in the REVER app including topographic maps and satellite. 
  • Once imported and overlaid on the map, any georeferenced PDF map can be rendered in 3D.

“We know REVER Riders push the limits of exploration every day. The REVER team is stoked on the daily challenge of improving how our users find new places to ride, plan trips and stay on course,” says Mark Roebke, co-founder of REVER. “PDF Map overlays are an exceptional way to add new detailed map content to REVER from trusted sources like the Bureau of Land Management and United States National Forest Service. We can’t wait to see how REVER Riders take advantage of this new opportunity in the mobile apps.”

REVER users with a Pro subscription can import unlimited PDF maps into their app. Free users are limited to one PDF map. 

For more information visit, the REVER website.

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Shad TR40 Terra Adventure Saddlebags | Gear Review

Shad TR40 Terra Adventure Saddlebags

When planning our trip to South Dakota to ride the Black Hills BDR-X, we knew we needed good adventure luggage and opted for Shad TR40 Terra Adventure Saddlebags, which are soft bags with a rigid mounting system.

Each TR40 Terra saddlebag has an outer bag made of abrasion-resistant material with reinforced stitching and an inner dry bag, both with roll closures to keep out dust and water. Each side has 32 liters of capacity, holds up to 22 lb, and measures 15.75 x 9.8 x 14.9 inches. One side has an outer fuel/water bottle holder, and the other has a small roll-top accessory bag.

Shad TR40 Terra Adventure Saddlebags

On the back of each saddlebag is a hard plastic mounting plate that is compatible with Shad’s 4P System Mount, which is sold separately and available for a wide range of ADV motorcycles. For Reid’s CFMOTO Ibex 800 T, the 4P mount is $309.99. The only mount Shad offers for Daniel’s Royal Enfield Himalayan is the 3P ($172.99), which has an inverted L-shaped hanger rather than the full loop hanger of the 4P, so the connection with the TR40 backing plate was more flexible, and the bags bounced around a bit more.

Overall, we’ve logged about 3,000 miles on the Ibex 800 T and 1,500 miles on the Himalayan with the TR40 Terra bags, including tough adventure miles on the Black Hills BDR-X. We like the size, shape, and style of the TR40 Terra setup, which keeps gear low and forward on the bike. The 4P mount is sturdy and survived multiple tip-overs. With six Duraflex cam buckles and eight reinforced straps per bag, our gear stayed put and didn’t rattle or slide around. The bag-within-a-bag design and roll-top closures kept water out, even when we used a high-pressure sprayer to clean mud off the bikes after the BDR-X. However, because both bags are black, stuff can get lost in the dark bottom. Also, when the inner dry bag was packed full, it would not slide into or out of the outer bag. 

Shad TR40 Terra Adventure Saddlebags

The Double Locking System locks the bag to the 4P mount and locks the outer straps in place to prevent unwanted access. We appreciated being able to lock the bags to the bike, but having to use a key to lock and unlock the outer straps every time we wanted to open the bags was a hassle. Since convenience was more important than security for us, we bypassed the strap lock by trimming the locking tab for the C-ring. We also modified the top straps to allow more adjustability. The locking mechanism that attaches the bags to the 4P mount got jammed up a couple of times from mud and rocks, so keeping them clean and lubricated is important for regular removal and mounting of the saddlebags.

Priced at $578.99 plus the cost of the 4P System Mount (from $222.99 to $343.99), the Shad TR40 Terra Adventure saddlebags are a good value for durable, secure, waterproof luggage.

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Hayabusa Homecoming Event to Coincide with In-N-Out Burger NHRA Finals

Suzuki Motor USA is hosting the Hayabusa Homecoming commemorating the 25th anniversary of the iconic bike. The event will take place on Nov. 11 in conjunction with the In-N-Out Burger NHRA Finals in Pomona, California, with several perks exclusive to Suzuki owners, including free entry into the races on that Saturday. For more information, read the press release below.

Suzuki Hayabusa Homecoming

Suzuki Motor USA invites Suzuki owners to join the Hayabusa Homecoming, a commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa during the In-N-Out Burger Finals at the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series. Happening Nov. 11th at one of the birthplaces of professional drag racing: In-N-Out Burger Dragstrip, Pomona, California.

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This event is open to anyone attending the In-N-Out Burger Finals. Owners of Suzuki and Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycles will receive free grandstand entry for Saturday, VIP Suzuki Parking for the day, and an In-N-Out Burger lunch voucher.

Hayabusa Homecoming will be held at the Suzuki display located within the NHRA midway from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 11. Suzuki motorcycle owners attending the Hayabusa Homecoming will receive free entry to the races on Saturday, and there will be special activities throughout Saturday for all who stop by the Suzuki display. Planned events for the Hayabusa Homecoming include:

  • Free grandstand entry for Saturday at the In-N-Out Burger NHRA finals to the first 200 Suzuki motorcycle riders who register online.
  • Free VIP Suzuki motorcycle parking near the NHRA Midway (Suzuki and Hayabusa owners only.)
  • A complimentary In-N-Out Burger lunch voucher. (Suzuki and Hayabusa owners only.)
  • The first 200 Suzuki Hayabusa riders to register will also receive an exclusive Hayabusa 25th Anniversary gift pack commemorating the famed sportbike.
  • An appearance by the Moore Mafia’s Chris Moore, a renowned drag bike builder and YouTuber who will be running his custom Turbo Hayabusa on the historic NHRA Pomona track, showcasing the jaw-dropping performance of the Suzuki Hayabusa.
  • Exclusive Q&A Session and fan interaction with Chris Moore and the Vance & Hines/Mission Suzuki Pro Stock Motorcycle team members, including:
    • Current NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Championship series leader Gaige Herrera.
    • Four-time Pro Stock Motorcycle NHRA World Champion Vance & Hines rider Eddie Krawiecz.
    • Six-time Pro Stock Motorcycle NHRA World Champion Vance & Hines team Crew Chief Andrew Hines.
  • Vance & Hines Hayabusa and Chris Moore’s custom 25th Anniversary Suzuki Hayabusa drag bike on hand at the Suzuki display.
  • Attendees can have their photo taken on a real Vance & Hines Pro Stock Hayabusa.
  • NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle class autograph session with Suzuki racers.
  • See all of the latest Suzuki models on display, get Suzuki swag and more.

Hayabusa Homecoming attendees will experience not only world-class Hayabusa NHRA drag racing competing on the legendary Pomona track, they will also be on-hand to celebrate the Hayabusa’s redefinition of motorcycle performance since 1999.

2024 Suzuki Hayabusa 25th Anniversary Model

Stay tuned for more information and updates at the Suzuki Cycles website or follow Suzuki social channels @SuzukiCycles. Nov. 11 approaches as quickly as the Hayabusa does, so do not miss out on the Hayabusa Homecoming. It will be a great day for all Hayabusa and Suzuki fans!

Attendance for this exclusive celebration is extremely limited and limited to Suzuki motorcycle and Suzuki Hayabusa owners. Hayabusa Homecoming registrants will also receive access to exclusive Suzuki ticket pricing to purchase additional In-N-Out Burger Pomona Finals tickets directly from NHRA.

Join Suzuki and experience the Hayabusa Homecoming 25th Anniversary party, interact with the legendary Vance & Hines/Mission Suzuki team, and witness championship-caliber drag racing with Suzuki!

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