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2025 Indian Scout Review | First Look

2025 Indian Scout Lineup

In its first major revamp since its 2015 debut, Indian’s Scout cruiser platform is all-new from the ground up, and the 2025 lineup includes five models, including some with names that will be familiar to any fan of Indian history: Scout Bobber, Sport Scout, Scout Classic, Super Scout, and 101 Scout. Three trim levels will be available, as well as more than 100 dedicated accessories. 

2025 Indian 101 Scout
Headlining the new platform is the high-performance 101 Scout, seen here facing a 1920s 101 Scout.

At the heart of the Scout platform is a new engine called the SpeedPlus 1250. The V-Twin remains liquid-cooled but has been completely redesigned, punched out from 1,133cc to 1,250cc. Its bore goes up from 99m to 104mm, while its stroke remains at 73.6mm. Power goes up to 105 ponies and 82 lb-ft of torque, and the 101 Scout gets a bump to 111 hp.  

2025 Indian 101 Scout
The new Scouts feature an all-new 1,250cc V-Twin that pumps out as much as 111 hp. Also seen here is the new tubular-steel frame.

Also new is the Scout’s frame, switching from an aluminum design to a simpler steel-tube chassis intended to be easier to customize, similar to what Indian did with the Chief platform in 2021. It supplies a 61.5-inch wheelbase with a 29-degree rake and 4.8 inches of trail.  

2025 Indian Sport Scout
2025 Indian Sport Scout in Storm Blue

“Our top priority was to uphold the iconic namesake of Scout and ensure the new lineup is as timeless as all its predecessors,” said Ola Stenegard, director of product design for Indian Motorcycle. “For us, it was imperative to keep it clean, follow the iconic lines of Scout, and create a package that offered seamless customization. To achieve this, it all started with the steel-tube frame and all-new V-Twin engine.” 

2025 Indian Super Scout
The Super Scout is a light-duty touring machine equipped with a detachable windshield and saddlebags.

Indian says the Scout’s 25.6-inch seat height is the lowest in class. There are also new features and technology offered on certain Scout models and trim packages. All models except for the 101 Scout use a single 298mm front disc brake with a 2-piston caliper, and ABS is standard.  

2025 Indian Scout Bobber
2025 Indian Scout Bobber in Nara Bronze Metallic with the Limited +Tech trim

“As our top-selling platform, Scout has long been a staple in our lineup,” said Mike Dougherty, president of Indian Motorcycle. “We’re excited to take it to the next level and continue its evolution with a robust offering of models to meet the diverse needs of our global riding community.” 

2025 Indian Scout Models

2025 Indian Scout Bobber
The Scout Bobber is the cheapest way to get into the Scout lineup, with prices starting at $12,999.

The least expensive version is the Scout Bobber, with prices starting at $12,999. It’s a low, stripped-down model with chopped fenders, blacked-out styling, bar-end mirrors, and slammed 2-inch rear suspension.  

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2025 Indian Scout Classic
The Scout Classic has traditional styling with
chrome trim and wire-spoke wheels. All Scouts except the Bobber have 3 inches of rear-suspension travel.

The Scout Classic (starting at $13,999) lives up to its name with a traditional design that includes flared fenders, wire-spoke wheels, relaxed ergonomics, and flashes of chrome. Their “as shipped” weights are 522 lb and 536 lb, respectively. We’ll have to wait to find out what their curb weights are when their diminutive 3.4-gallon fuel tanks are full.  

2025 Indian Sport Scout
The Sport Scout is thematically similar to the former Scout Rogue. It’s pictured here with saddlebags that are part of a robust line of accessories from Indian.

Reprising a model name from the 1930s, the Sport Scout (starting at $13,499) has a similar aggressive style as the former Scout Rogue, with a quarter fairing, 6-inch moto-style bar risers with machined highlights and a moto-style handlebar, machined triple clamps, along with a sport-style seat and a 19-inch front wheel. It weighs 528 lb as shipped.  

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2025 Indian Super Scout
2025 Indian Super Scout in Maroon Metallic

The Super Scout mirrors the theme of the Super Chief, equipped for the open road with a quick-release windshield, saddlebags, a passenger seat, and 3 inches of rear suspension travel. Like the Scout Classic, it has chrome finishes and wire-spoke wheels. It’s the heaviest Scout at 571 lb, and prices start at $16,499. 

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2025 Indian 101 Scout
2025 Indian 101 Scout in Sunset Red Metallic

Resurrecting another legendary model name from Indian’s past, the 101 Scout packs more performance than any production Scout ever made. Its fully adjustable suspension consists of an inverted fork and piggyback rear shocks. Brakes are also high-end items, with a pair of 4-piston radial-mount Brembo front calipers pinching 320mm rotors. Like the Sport Scout, it has black moto-style risers and a moto-style handlebar, but the 101 Scout sets itself apart with a custom-stitched gunfighter-style solo seat and exclusive 101 Scout badging, paint, and graphics. Prices start at $16,999.  

2025 Indian Scout Trim Packages and Accessory Collections

Three trim levels are available for certain models, starting with the Standard trim package, which includes ABS, new LED lighting, and an analog gauge with new fuel level and fuel economy readouts for the Scout Bobber, Scout Classic, and Sport Scout. Upgrading to the Limited trim level ($700) on those models adds selectable ride modes (Sport, Standard, and Tour), traction control, cruise control, and a USB charging port. 

2025 Indian 101 Scout
The Limited +Tech trim comes with a 4-inch TFT display with Ride Command capabilities.

The top-of-the-line Limited +Tech trim includes the Limited features and adds keyless ignition and Indian’s 4-inch round touchscreen display with Ride Command that offers turn-by-turn navigation, point-to-point route planning, weather and traffic overlay, configurable gauges, ride stats, and optional Ride Command+ connected services. The Limited +Tech trim level adds $1,700 to the base pricing for the Scout Bobber, Scout Classic, and Sport Scout, and it’s standard on the Super Scout and 101 Scout.  

Along with the five models and three trim levels, Indian will offer more than 100 accessories to enhance versatility, style, and comfort (including 32 ergonomic combinations). There are also four new accessory collections. 

2025 Indian Scout Classic Overnighter
2025 Indian Scout Classic in Ghost White 2-Tone Metallic with Overnighter accessory package

The Overnighter Collection is for travelers, and it includes the Solo Luggage Rack, All-Weather Vinyl Tail Bag, 20-inch Quick Release Touring Windshield, and Touring Saddlebags.​ 

2025 Indian Scout Classic Commuter
2025 Indian Scout Classic in Black Metallic with Commuter accessory collection

The Commuter Collection includes the Syndicate Seat, Pathfinder 5.75-inch Adaptive LED Headlight, Pinnacle Mirrors, RAM X-Grip Phone Mount, Mid Foot Controls, and Passenger Pegs.​ 

2025 Indian Sport Scout Stealth
2025 Indian Sport Scout in Black Smoke with Stealth accessory package

The Stealth Collection adds aggressive style and functionality with Sleek Smoked Turn Signals, Moto Handlebar with 10-inch risers, Radial RS Mirrors by Rizoma, Bobber Saddlebags, Blacked-Out Levers, and the Pathfinder LED Headlight. 

2025 Indian Super Scout Open Roads
2025 Indian Super Scout in Black Smoke with Open Roads accessories package

The Open Roads Collection includes Steel Front Highway Bars, LED Driving Lights, Syndicate Low Profile Passenger Backrest, Touring Backrest Pad, Rider and Passenger Floorboards, and Highway Pegs.​ 

For more details and available colors, visit the Indian Motorcycle website

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Indian Scout Teaser Video Released

Indian Scout Teaser Video

Indian Motorcycle is set to release a new Indian Scout or Scouts on April 2, and it has been teasing us with a few videos that hadn’t revealed much of anything. But today it posted a new video (see below) that shows a group of five bikes riding across a desert lakebed.

Sadly, the low light in the video doesn’t provide enough illumination to reveal many details, but there appears to be four different variants of the new Scout. For reference, Indian’s current Scout lineup consists of three main models: the classically styled Scout, the stubby Scout Bobber, and the mini-faired Scout Rogue.

In the video, the leading trio of bikes have low-mounted bar-end mirrors, while the rearmost bikes are differentiated by chrome mirrors perched atop their handlebars. Of the trailing pair, the one on the right displays a smallish windshield that suggests some sort of light-duty touring version. The one on the left could be a traditional Scout of some form.

Leading the group is a bike with a mini fairing topped with a small windscreen that looks similar to the bike on its left. One or both could be a new version of the Scout Rogue. The bike second from the left has no fairing and could be a model similar to the existing Scout Bobber.

At this point, we can only speculate based on what we see in the video, so we can’t say what could be inside them regarding their engines or chassis modifications. Full details will be released on April 2. Stay tuned!

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French Indian dealer Metz takes two Scouts in different directions

Indian Motorcycle Metz custom Scouts

Images by Rico Photographie & Jo Cappitta

Indian Motorcycle Metz is renowned for the custom builds and has just unveiled the new custom Scout creations to come from their Lorraine HQ.  ‘Hundred’ celebrates their milestone of selling 100 motorcycles in a single year, while ‘Red Wings’ was all about the purity of old school motorcycles.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Hundred’

Approaching the Scout Bobber from two different directions, the drag bike inspired ‘Hundred’ and the retro spirit of ‘Red Wings’ show how imagination, carefully selected parts and attention to detail create vastly different and totally unique rides from the same base bike. Neither of them look all that comfortable but they do look good!

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Red Wings’

Thomas Castany – Indian Motorcycle Metz

“We make every effort to show a fun, young and dynamic image and there is no better way to express that than with the customs we create based on the Indian Scout. Indian Motorcycle is a legendary brand, and we are proud to represent it in Lorraine.”

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Hundred’

The Sprint Spirit is clear in the Scout Bobber ‘Hundred’ which takes its inspiration straight from American drag strips.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Hundred’ Scout Bobber

Putting all their passion and know-how into the transformation of the Scout, the team at Indian Motorcycle Metz put in long days for this custom creation.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Hundred’ Scout Bobber

For a riding position more suitable for the drag racing style, inverted Biltwell handlebars, a saddle kit from Wunderkind and a riser provides a more linear position.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Hundred’ Scout Bobber

The intake is completely open to let the Scout breathe through a Trask Performance filter with a Freedom performance exhaust and Samco Performance reinforced water hoses handle the coolant.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Hundred’ Scout Bobber

Riding on Arnott pneumatic shock absorbers and rims from Revtech fitted with Avon Cobra Chrome tyres, braking is taken care of with Galfer petal discs for an eye catching feature.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Hundred’ Scout Bobber

The stunning livery was applied by AR Performance in Orange Lamborghini with seven coats of varnish including a final ceramic varnish.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Red Wings’

From the brash drag strip style to the simple, clean lines of the old school look with a Monza style fuel cap and Joker machined pulley cover.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Red Wings’

Metz first raided the genuine Indian Motorcycle accessory catalogue for the rider controls with all-black Indian Motorcycle brake and clutch levers, Indian Motorcycle grips and genuine floorboards.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Red Wings’

The floating solo seat was made to measure by Les Leathers Joff le Barbu and features the Indian Motorcycle roundel and Metz logo.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Red Wings’ –  Les Leathers Joff le Barbu seat

The bright chrome wire wheels, complemented by the Freedom Performance exhaust, are custom made by HD Wheels USA and the 200 section rear tyre rides on Arnott air suspension and is wrapped in a bespoke fender fabricated by Indian Motorcycle Metz.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Red Wings’

Contrasting the bright elements is the deep Apple Candy paint applied by AR Performance.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Red Wings’

But the unique and eye-catching feature is the springer girder front end created especially for ‘Red Wings’ by Blechfee, a German specialist of handmade metal parts.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Red Wings’

Sporting a lenticular front light, Kellerman indicators and married to reinforced Klock Werks handlebars, the front end makes a real statement.

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Red Wings’ Gallery

Indian Motorcycle Metz ‘Hundred’

Source: MCNews.com.au

Indian issues 2nd Scout recall on brakes

Indian Motorcycle has issued a global recall on 2019 Scout and Scout Bobber motorcycles for a possible problem with the brakes.

The brake fluid on some bike might not have been filled to the manufacturer’s quality standards which could allow an air bubble which would affect braking efficiency.

This is a follow-up to the 2018 recall for a brake issue on the Scout which advised owners to do an “urgent pre-ride inspection” to ensure the brakes were working properly.

An official Australian Competition and Consumer Commission notice has not yet been released, but Indian Motorcycle Australia says owners have been contacted.

We publish all recall notices in case ownership changes hands and the distributor is not notified.

Inspect brakes

Since the official notice has not been released, we suggest riders check their brakes before riding and arrange an inspection.

The original notice advised riders to do the following urgent pre-ride inspection before riding the bike straight to the dealership:

  • Press down on the rear brake pedal. It should move freely and smoothly. The pedal should feel firm and continue to feel firm until released.
  • Release the pedal. It should return to its rest position quickly when released.
  • Repeat Pre-Ride Inspection for the front brake lever. Ensure the lever feels firm and that it returns to rest position quickly when released.

“If either the front or rear brake fails to perform as stated or travels too far before beginning to engage the brake, please contact your Indian Motorcycle dealer directly,” the 2018 notice said.

It’s always a good idea to do this sort of inspection with any bike as part of your usual pre-ride check.

It is believed the new notice invites riders to make an appointment at their Indian dealership for the brake fluid to be flushed and replaced, free of charge.

The manufacturer confirmed that no components of the brake system needed to be replaced.

We will update this article with the official notice if/when it is released along with the VINs of affected vehicles.

Indian Scout Bobber pricing rapid brakes
Indian Scout Bobber

Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

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Indian MY19 factory run-out | Free on-roads | Up to $3000 towards accessories

Indian Motorcycles MY19 factory run-out

Free on-roads on 111ci Thunder Stroke models
And up to $3000 of accessories
Up to $2000 of accessories with Scout and Bobber

Indian Motorcycles have announced some great deals on their MY19 Thunder Stroke 111 models, as they make room for 2020 stock, with all new and demonstrator models coming with free on-road costs, plus $1000 to $3000 worth of genuine accessories or apparel for a limited time.

imc lifestyle scoutsixty rubymetallic scoutbobber scoutnavy
MY19 Indian Scout and Scout Bobber models are now available with free on-roads and a bonus $1000 towards genuine accessories or apparel

The same offer is also available on all new and demonstrator Scout and Bobbers models, with up to $2000 worth of accessories, but excludes FTR 1200 models – although they are running a separate special on the FTR to celebrate another season of dominating the American Flat Track championship.

Indian Thunder Stroke 111 models boast three selectable ride modes – Tour, Standard or Sport, and introduced rear-cylinder deactivation, offering better comfort in slow moving traffic, or at a stop thanks to reduced heat generation.

Indian Roadmaster SteelGraySmokeThunderBlack
Indian Roadmaster – Thunder Stroke 111

2018 also saw the Thunder Stroke gain 15 horsepower and 15Nm, alongside the announcement of a new 116-cubic-inch kit, while 2020 will see the adoption of the 116 onto select models as standard fitment for the first time.

The Thunder Stroke 111 runs a bore and stroke of 101mm by 113mm for a displacement of 1811cc, a 9.5:1 compression ratio and peak torque of 151Nm or 111lbs-ft, available at 3000rpm. You’ll find the Thunder Stroke 111 in Indian’s Cruiser, Bagger, Touring, Dark Horse and Elite model lines – which you can check out at the Indian Motorcycle Australia website (link).

imc scoutbobber pga whitesmoke beauty bh
The 2019 Indian Scout Bobber

On the Scout you’ll find a sporty liquid-cooled 69-cubic-inch 60-degree V-twin, running a higher 10.7:1 compression ratio and boasting a bore x stroke of 99 x 73.6mm, with Indian boasting an impressive 100 horsepower, alongside 97.7Nm or torque, or 72lbs-ft at 6000rp. You can check out the Scout range, including the Scout Bobber at the Indian Motorcycle Australia website (link).

So if you’re interested in picking up a Thunder Stroke 111 MY19 Indian model, or the Scout or Bobber models, now’s the time to head into your local Indian Motorcycle dealer, as this is a limited offer. For more details see the special deals section of the Indian Motorcycles website (link).

  • MY19 Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Dark Horse – New and Demo
    >>> $1,000 off accessories + Free On-roads
  • MY19 Chief Vintage, Springfield, Chief Dark Horse – New and Demo
    >>> $2,000 off accessories + Free On-roads
  • MY19 Roadmaster – New and Demo
    >>> $3,000 off accessories + Free On-roads
  • MY19 Scout and Bobber – New and Demo
    >>>$2,000 off accessories + Free On-roads
  • MY19 FTR1200 S motorcycle – New only
    >>>$2,000 of bonus genuine accessories.

imc vintage willowgreenivorycream lifestyle db

Source: MCNews.com.au

Indian mark 100th with Scout updates and new models

For 2020, the Indian Scout gets a new model and a limited edition to mark its 100th anniversary, plus better brakes, tyres and a host of accessories for current models.

However, there is no word on updates to the rest of the Indian range nor the expected Challenger models powered by a new liquid-cooled 1770cc engine called the Powerplus.

Indian Challenger Powerplus 100th
Indian Challenger Powerplus V-twin

Pricing will be announced on September 11, says Indian Motorcycle Australia and New Zealand marketing manager Chris Gale.

“We will be selling the 100th Anniversary and Bobber Twenty in Australia and will receive stock later this year. No dates confirmed,” he says.

The Scout Sixty is not returning to Aussie showrooms “any time soon”, he says.

Bobber Twenty

Indian Scout 100th Anniversary
2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

The new Scout is a Bobber Twenty which refers to 1920 and pays homage to the original Scout in its 100th year since it began.

In acknowledgement of its tradition it comes with classic wire wheels, 10-inch ape hanger handlebars and a floating saddle like the original.

Expect a small premium over the standard ride-away Bobber price of $A18,995.

They come in a choice of Thunder Black, Sagebrush Smoke (green) and Burnished Metallic (red).

Scout 100th Anniversary

Indian Scout 100th Anniversary
Limited-edition 2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary.

Only 750 limited-edition 100th Anniversary models will be available worldwide.

It is highlighted by the “100th” badge on the engine and features “Indian Motorcycle Red” paint with “Anniversary Gold” trim, a desert tan leather solo seat, black wire wheels, beach bars, a luggage rack and chrome finishes.

Indian Scout 100th Anniversary
Limited-edition 2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary

In the US, they cost an extra 28% more than the standard model, so they could be around $A24,000.

Scout updates

Indian Scout 100th Anniversary
2020 Indian Scout Bobber

Scout and Scout Bobber models get upgraded brake callipers, master cylinders and floating rotors.

Bobber now comes with Pirelli MT60RS tyres.

All other Scout models get a new sport seat and passenger pegs.

There will be quite a colour range to choose from.

Indian Scout 100th Anniversary
2020 Indian Scout.


For those who want to convert these competent cruisers into competent tourers, there is a host of accessories.

The most interesting is the colour-matched quick-release bikini fairing with a 5cm windscreen or optional 12cm and 18cm screens.

There is also a solo luggage rack and solo rack bag and new semi-rigid quick-release saddlebags.

Indian Scout 100th Anniversary
2020 Indian Scout.

Other accessories include a new Bobber seat plus bar-end mirrors, smoked turn signal lenses, tinted windshields and various handlebar and foot control options for the standard Scout.

To cap it off are new stage 1 shorty slip-on mufflers and a 2-into-1 full exhaust system.

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Mamola to race Sultans of Sprint on custom Scout Bobber

Randy Mamola to race 2019 Sultans of Sprint

Indian Motorcycle has announced that GP legend Randy Mamola will be campaigning the Workhorse Speedshop racer in the full Sultans of Sprint series, on the modified Scout Bobber nicknamed ‘Appaloosa’, which made its first public appearance at The Reunion in Monza.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Workhorse Speedshop custom Indian Scout Bobber ‘Appaloosa’
Randy Mamola

“I’ve always been a big fan of Indian Motorcycle and I’m really looking forward to racing this amazing creation. It’s great to be part of this project, especially during the Scout’s 100th anniversary. With the Sultans of Sprint being such a unique series, it’s going to be a lot of fun soaking up the atmosphere, meeting the crowds and putting on a show for them.”

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Randy Mamola with Appaloosa

Built by Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speedshop to honour the Indian Scout’s 100th anniversary, ‘Appaloosa’ is named after the famous breed of horse.

Brice Hennebert – Workhorse Speedshop

“I wanted a name that could link Workhorse, Indian Motorcycle and speed. As soon as I discovered that the American horse breed Appaloosa was one of the world’s fastest horses, I knew I had the name for an American sprint bike built by Workhorse. After putting so much into this build, I’m excited to see the reaction to it and I can’t wait to see Randy blast it down the racetrack.”

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Workhorse Speedshop custom Indian Scout Bobber ‘Appaloosa’

Outfitted with a bespoke racing suit created by Alpinestars, inspired by the racing suits they provide for the Indian Wrecking Crew, Randy will be competing in the Factory Class under race number #19 to celebrate 1919, the year the original Indian Scout was first revealed.

In the Factory Class, motorcycles must be four-stroke (air or water cooled) with no limit regarding the engine capacity providing that the tuned bike does not exceed a power-to-weight ratio limit of 0.65bhp/kg.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Randy Mamola in his custom Alpinestars kit and the custom Indian Scout Bobber ‘Appaloosa’

‘Appaloosa’ is the culmination of over 700 hours of design and fabrication by Workhorse and has been supported with technical expertise and premium components from project partners Akrapovič, Beringer Brakes, MOTOREX, Öhlins, and Vibrant Performance.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Custom Indian Scout Bobber ‘Appaloosa’

After completely stripping the Scout Bobber, Brice cut and narrowed the original fuel tank, retaining the side profile, to create a cover for a new aluminium fuel cell which holds just 2.5 litres for sprint racing. With the fuel cell in place, work focussed on the riding position, a critical element for quick starts.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
An all-new aluminium 2.5L race fuel cell is used over the original

A new sub-frame was fabricated to better support the rider under hard acceleration and combines with lower clip-on handlebars and drag-style foot controls to tilt the rider forward and keep weight over the front wheel.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
A new sub-frame was also fabricated to suit, with an extended aluminium swingarm

To further enhance traction when the flag drops, Brice designed and welded an extended aluminium swingarm. With parts CNC machined from his drawings by Beringer Brakes, the swingarm is mated to advanced, fully adjustable suspension technology from Öhlins.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
STX 36 piggyback rear shock absorbers

Matching the STX 36 piggyback rear shock absorbers, Öhlins also supplied Retro 43 front forks and a steering damper to ensure the best possible grip and stability enabling the full performance of the bike to be utilised.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Öhlins supplied Retro 43 front forks

With a rolling chassis and elements of the streamlined fairing starting to take shape, Brice took Appaloosa to Akrapovič where a bespoke titanium exhaust system was created for maximum power and the best possible sound.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Akrapovič bespoke titanium exhaust system

Without making any internal modifications, engine power has been increased to 130hp with a combination of the Akrapovič exhaust, a racing ECU, Power Commander, direct intake, Nitrous Oxide Injection system and MOTOREX oil. To get the power to the tarmac, the original belt drive has been converted to chain drive and a quickshifter ensures swift and precise gear changes.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Power is raised to 130hp, while staying within championship limits

Bringing the rapid racer to a controlled stop is the complete 4D Aerotec braking system from Beringer Brakes. The 4D system features two Ø230mm discs per caliper for increased power over standard single discs as well as reduced inertia to aid acceleration. Beringer Brakes also supplied the handlebar controls and buttons as well as CNC machining many of the parts designed by Brice.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Brakes include a 4D Aerotec braking system from Beringer Brakes

Using hosing supplied by Vibrant Performance the cooling system has been simplified for weight reduction and for a cleaner look around the engine. Additional components from Vibrant such as welded dash connectors, fuel and water tank caps and heat protection hoses add finishing touches to Appaloosa.

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Workhorse Speedshop custom Indian Scout Bobber ‘Appaloosa’

As well as competing in the Sultans of Sprint championship, Indian Motorcycle also plans to have the bike on static display in the UK at The Bike Shed (24 – 26 May) and during Wheels & Waves in France (12 – 16 June).

Indian Scout Bobber custom Workhorse Speedshop Sultans Sprint
Workhorse Speedshop custom Indian Scout Bobber ‘Appaloosa’

Sultans of Sprint Championship 2019

  • 18 – 19 May – The Reunion Monza, Italy
  • 22 – 23 June – Café Racer Festival Monthléry, France
  • 31 Aug – 1 Sept – Glemseck 101 Leonberg, Germany

Source: MCNews.com.au

Indian Scout marks 100th with NOS racer

Indian motorcycle is marking the 100th anniversary of the Scout model with a NOS custom drag bike with a dustbin fairing that looks like an old jet fighter plane.

The Appaloosa, named after America’s fast horse breed, is based on the popular FTR 1200.

It will compete in the quirky Sultans of Sprint series throughout Europe this northern summer.Indian FTR 1200 Scout Appaloosa NOS drag bike by Workhorse Seepdshop

The jet fighter-esque custom was piloted at the first event in Monza last weekend by Randy Mamola who came second in four 500cc GP championships in the 1980s.

Indian FTR 1200 Scout Appolloosa NOS drag bike by Workhorse Seepdshop
Randy and the NOS Appaloosa

It will also be raced in June and August events and be displayed at various shows such as France’s Wheels and Waves festival in June.

NOS horsepowerIndian FTR 1200 Scout Appaloosa NOS drag bike by Workhorse Seepdshop

Appaloossa is based on the new FTR 1200, but with a nitrous oxide system for drag racing boost to 130 horsepower, up from the FTR’s 100hp.

It was built by Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speedshop in Belgium who cut and narrowed the tank to 2.5-litre capacity for sprint races.

Indian FTR 1200 Scout Appaloosa NOS drag bike by Workhorse Seepdshop
Brice and the Appaloosa

They also had to swap the belt drive for a chain to handle the extra power and extend the rear swingarm to keep it on the ground.

Appaloosa also features Öhlins STX 36 piggyback rear shock absorbers, Retro 43 front forks and steering damper.

Bringing the NOS-powered drag racer to a stop are Beringer 4D brakes.

FTR 1200

Indian FTR 1200 base and S model deposits nos
FTR 1200 base and S model

No, we don’t expect this will be the basis for a future FTR1200 variant, but we do expect more models in this popular family.

Brochure images leaked to us last month show a reference to the FTR 1200 Apollo Tracker, Street and Adventure models.

Meanwhile, the FTR 1200 is about to arrive in Australian showrooms in a basic model in black for $20,995 ride away and the FTR 1200 S in red and grey or titanium and black for $22,995.

It will also be available in a Race-Replica paint scheme with red frame matching the FTR750 race bike starting at $24,995 ride away in Australia. It comes standard with an Akrapovic exhaust.

Indian FTR 1200 base and S model nos

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com