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Kenny Roberts Customized Yamaha YZF-R3 to Be Auctioned

Kenny Roberts R3 Welcome Home Heroes

Motorcycle racing legend Kenny Roberts has announced that a KR-customized Yamaha YZF-R3 that he and his crew built will be auctioned at the eighth annual Welcome Home Heroes Benefit Auction.

The Auction takes place this Saturday night, May 25, at the Commemorative Air Force, Hanger I-S, 700 Tioga Drive in Modesto, California.

Along with the one-of-a kind KR-customized Yamaha YZF-R3 up for bid, the auction will also include Team Roberts memorabilia, signed racing-related items, bronze statues, paintings and other motorsports merchandise.

for this year’s event are Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., Dunlop Motorcycle
Tires, Saddlemen Motorcycle Seats and Components, Cycle Gear, Motion Pro, PJ1
Brands, and Vreeke & Associates.

For more information, call Michael Utt at (209) 765-9317 or send an email to Admin@KennyRoberts.com

Welcome Home Heroes

Welcome Home Heroes is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation organized to provide assistance to local Central California veterans of the U.S. military in their transition from active duty to private life. Last year, the True American Heroes Dinner and Cpl. Michael D. Anderson, Jr. Memorial Ride raised more than $130,000. For more information, visit TrueAmericanHero.org or WelcomeHomeHeroesFoundation.org

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Ducati Brings DRE Enduro Riding Academy to U.S.

Image courtesy Ducati.
The towering Wasatch and Uinta Mountains of Utah will be home base for Ducati this June, as the Italian brand brings its world-renowned Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) Enduro program to North America for the first time. Having previously generated rave reviews in Europe, this is the first time Ducati will bring DRE Enduro to North America, where the Flying Iron Horse Ranch is set to become a breathtaking locale in which to enhance one’s motorcycle skills.

This is a hands-on training through diverse and adventurous terrain, and riders of all levels are encouraged to join the Ducati family in this exclusive program. DRE Enduro Academy activities in Utah will have participants developing off-road riding techniques in a private family facility featuring an off-road course. Attendees will then put their newly developed skills to the test in the Utah mountains for an adventure ride discovering Utah’s back country. With the help of tailored coaching led by Paris-Dakar veteran Beppe Gualini and a host of American and Italian instructors, the academy provides invaluable experience for those who use their motorcycle to discover the roads less traveled. 

Pricing for the two-day program begins at $1,900 and includes luxury accommodations at Sundance Resort, meals, instruction and the use of Ducati’s groundbreaking new Multistrada 1260 Enduro motorcycle – a bike built for any weather and any terrain. The Multistrada 1260 Enduro is the new generation of the off-road member of the Multistrada family, with increased displacement courtesy of a 1262 cc Testastretta DVT engine delivering consistent torque through the RPM range along with a lower center of gravity allowing for easier maneuverability.

With a student to instructor ratio of 4:1, this high-touch experience is limited to 16 students per session and over 50% of the spaces for June’s DRE Enduro have been pre-sold. Those wishing to participate are encouraged to sign-up to secure a reservation for this life-changing experience. 

Limited reservations are still available while spaces last. To sign up, visit:https://www.ducatievents.com/dreenduro

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Americade 2019 is a Stop on the AMA Gypsy Tour

Americade rally
Americade takes place every June in beautiful Lake George, New York, surrounded by great roads through the lush Green Mountains.

Americade 2019, which bills itself as the “world’s largest multi-brand motorcycle touring rally,” is part of the 2019 AMA Gypsy Tour, a national series of 15 premier road-riding events.

Per the AMA website: “One of the original experiences in motorcycling, gypsy tours are gatherings of riders from all over the country, converging upon a single destination. AMA National Gypsy Tours brings like-minded riders together to enjoy the camaraderie of motorcycling, often in a location of particular beauty, historic significance and/or importance to the sport.”

Americade occurs June 3 – 8, in beautiful Lake George, New York, and features many new events, including one of the largest expos in the country, a free 2-day block party concert, more rides than any event in the country and the most factory demos than any U.S. event.

“Americade has been an AMA-sanctioned event for many years and has always provided a fun atmosphere and scenic backdrop for motorcyclists to enjoy,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “Whether it’s organized rides, the expo, seminars or dinner boat cruises, there’s a multitude of activities for road riders at Americade — one of my personal favorite riding events.”

For more details on Americade 2019, visit www.americade.com or call (518) 798-7888.

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Indian Motorcycle Launches Rental Program

Indian Roadmaster motorcycle rental
Image courtesy Indian Motorcycle.

Indian Motorcycle has announced its first-ever rental program, Indian Motorcycle Rentals. Available now at select dealers around the country, Indian Motorcycle Rentals provides local residents and travelers alike the opportunity to rent a new Indian motorcycle for as little as four hours or as long as several weeks. 

Indian Motorcycle Rentals is currently available through nine dealers around the country, with plans to continue to expand throughout the year. Participating dealers will have a rental fleet with various models available. Each dealer’s rental fleet will be updated out every 12 to 18 months to ensure riders have the opportunity to ride Indian Motorcycle’s current model year lineup. Riders must have a valid motorcycle license, and can book their Indian Motorcycle experience online in advance to ensure bike availability.

Indian Roadmaster motorcycle rental
Image courtesy Indian Motorcycle.

Each motorcycle rental will include insurance as part of the rental fee. Riders will also have access to helmets, if they do not have their own. In addition to helmets, riders are required to have additional safety gear including long pants and close-toed shoes.  Additional protective gear, such as gloves, a riding jacket and high-visibility or reflective clothing, is also recommended.  

For more information and to book a rental, visit indianmotorcycle.com/indian-motorcycle-rentals/.

Source: RiderMagazine.com

Longhaulpaul Raises $18,500 for MS Charity on Yamaha Star Venture

Longhaulpaul Paul Pelland Yamaha Star Venture
Longhaulpaul (Paul Pelland) ran his 2018 Yamaha Star Venture on a dyno for 24 hours to raise funds for an MS charity and set his third world record.

Paul Pelland,
also known as Longhaulpaul, set his third world record by riding a 2018 Yamaha
Star Venture for 24 straight hours on a dynamometer, while raising $18,500 for the
multiple sclerosis charity MS Views and News, Inc.

“Nonstop to Nowhere” event was broadcast live on Facebook in a telethon-style
fundraiser as Pelland rode his Yamaha Star Venture at freeway speeds on a
dynamometer for 24 straight hours with no rest breaks or stops, traveling an
estimated 1,674 miles.

The event
offered a variety of entertainment including Pelland playing guitar, eating
bugs and raffling off $3,600 worth of prizes, all while seated on the Star
Venture. Thousands of viewers from around the world tuned in throughout the
broadcast, with hundreds of donors contributing $18,500 to MS Views and News,
funding educational programs for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Longhaulpaul Paul Pelland Yamaha Star Venture
Longhaulpaul with his Yamaha Star Venture somewhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

After being
diagnosed with MS himself, Paul began a million-mile journey raising awareness
and funds as he toured the United States on two motorcycles Yamaha donated to
the cause—first a Super Ténéré adventure bike, followed by a Star Venture
touring bike. After 6 years, he has ridden 350,000 miles, raised $150,000 for
charity and has shared his inspirational story with over 250 audiences across
the country.

Donations for this event are still being collected at https://www.longhaulpaul.com/nonstop-to-nowhere/donate-live.

For more about Longhaulpaul, his fundraisers, or this event, visit longhaulpaul.com. Follow his journey on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram @longhaulpaul.

Source: RiderMagazine.com

2019 KTM 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R | Video Review

2019 KTM 790 Adventure R
Rider magazine traveled to Morocco to test the new KTM 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R. (Photo by Sebas Romero)

KTM’s all-new 2019 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R are middleweight ADV bikes that are powered by a 95-hp, 799cc parallel twin, weigh just 417 lbs dry and are highly capable off-road. The 790 Adventure is aimed at general adventure-touring enthusiasts while the up-spec 790 Adventure R is aimed at more demanding off-road riders. Rider magazine tested them both in Morocco. Click on the player below to watch our video review, or the link below to read our full evaluation.

Read our 2019 KTM 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R First Ride Review

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Continental TrailAttack 3 Tires | Gear Review

Continental TrailAttack 3 Tires
Most people go to the Greek Isles for sun-drenched beaches and blue skies, but we were there to try Continental’s new TrailAttack 3 tires, and Crete obliged with some wet, cold weather perfect for tire testing.

For most adventure bike riders, choosing the right tires
boils down to a thoughtful assessment of the types of riding you actually do
versus the extremes of which your bike is capable. If that assessment includes
some off-road riding, among Continental’s lineup for example, there’s the
well-known TKC 80 knobby for 50/50 on- and off-road riding, the ContiEscape for
a 70/30 mix and the TKC 70 for roughly 80/20 paved/dirt. I’ve had experience
with all three, and though they sacrifice varying amounts of on-road
performance in order to work to some degree off-road, most riders won’t miss it
at all, even in the rain.

Continental TrailAttack 3 Tires
A new compound and construction help the Continental TrailAttack 3 tires meet the needs of large adventure touring bikes with lots of power and electronic intervention systems.

On the other hand, if that self-assessment reveals that you
love your adventure bike but care very little for riding it in the dirt and
want the most wet/dry on-road performance you can get, the best choice for its
shoes would be a 90/10 tire like Continental’s new TrailAttack 3. Although a
skilled rider can dance on them in the dirt fairly well (assuming there aren’t
steep hills, or lots of mud and sand), tires like these primarily have
increased “chip resistance” and self-cleaning ability as their 10-percent off-road
component. This lets you take them on a graveled or mildly rocky road without
damage or collecting a quarry’s worth of pebbles and mud in the tread. The flip
side is that 90-percent of their design is devoted to on-road wet/dry grip,
agility, comfort, stability, a quick warm-up and maintaining handling over
time/wear, important properties for both touring and sport riding on the

Continental TrailAttack 3 Tires
Conti’s MultiGrip tread curing process seamlessly creates a longer-wearing center area and grippier tire shoulders for cornering.

Handmade in Germany, TrailAttack 3s start with a radial
carcass wrapped in a zero-degree belt for high-speed stability. A new compound
offers 8-percent more wet grip than the TrailAttack 2 and still uses Conti’s
MultiGrip curing process that results in longer wear in the center and more
grip on the shoulders of the tire. “One-hundred-percent trust in the tire from
the start” was a big design goal this time around—in addition to Conti’s
Traction Skin, a micro-rough tread surface that eliminates the need for
mold-release agents or break-in, the new compound is said to achieve full
warm-up in less than a mile. The TrailAttack 3’s carcass construction, tread
pattern and MultiGrip design also help them maintain consistent performance
even after thousands of miles, which means your bike will corner just as well
after 3,500 miles as it did when the tires were new. In addition to all of the
usual testing for wear, agility, grip, comfort, bump absorption and so on,
today tire companies also have to contend with electronic intervention systems
on modern motorcycles like traction control, ABS, MSC and their cornering
components that put huge loads on tires.

Continental TrailAttack 3 Tires
Extra chip resistance and good self-cleaning ability are two strong points of a 90/10 on-/off-road tire.

I got to witness firsthand how the TrailAttack 3’s deal with
such interventions—and rain, mud, gravel, high speeds and hard
cornering—several times during our daylong test ride on the mountainous Greek
island of Crete. We were greeted with perfect Mediterranean weather upon
arrival, but the next day Zeus opened the floodgates, dumping several inches of
rain on the test route. No one in the large group complained, though, because
the conditions were perfect for tire testing. Continental had teamed up with
Edelweiss Bike Travel to provide a fleet of BMW R 1250 GS models for the ride,
a good representative choice as it’s a big, powerful ADV bike with large load
capacity expectations and different riding modes, traction control and
cornering ABS. Coincidentally I had just finished a U.S. road test of the bike,
so I knew what its stock tires felt like.

Crete had been lashed by several powerful storms prior to our arrival, and many of the mountain roads were damaged by slides and lined with snow in places, and we frequently had to ride across swaths of mud and rocks. These bikes were not equipped with Dynamic ESA, which could make tires carved from stone feel compliant and comfortable, so I got to experience their bump absorption and comfort straight up and in corners without any interference. Both on the wet pavement and in the slippery mud the TrailAttack 3s did their job without fault, giving me the confidence to ride a little faster and more aggressively as the day wore on. Their grip “from the start” is indeed excellent, a good thing since the cool wet weather and frequent stops meant several starts on cold tires. Pushing into each corner and braking a little harder each time, they stuck fast and gave excellent feedback, and I felt the front in particular is more agile than the BMW’s stock tire. Although we still need to try a pair on some dry, clean roads and corners to fully gauge their grip and wear, overall I’d say that Continental’s TrailAttack 3s are a perfect match for the demands of today’s large and powerful adventure tourers that are primarily ridden on the road. See the website for available sizes.

For more information see your dealer or visit Continental’s website

Source: RiderMagazine.com

Favorite Rides & Destinations #7 is Live!

The Spring 2019 issue of Favorite Rides & Destinations is FREE and ready to view!

Favorite Rides and Destinations #7

Favorite Rides & Destinations is an online motorcycle touring and
adventure magazine from the editors of Rider.
It includes touring features with printable maps, inspiring photography, reviews
of useful products and expert tips to help you have memorable touring

Favorite Rides & Destinations is mobile-friendly, so it’s easy to
view and read on your smartphone or tablet.

Click HERE to view Issue #7 of Favorite Rides & Destinations for FREE on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can also view past issues #1-6.

Favorite Rides and Destinations #7
One of the Epic Rides in Favorite Rides & Destinations #7.

Highlights from Favorite Rides & Destinations #7

6 Photos of Epic Rides

Echoes of Thunder Road
Riding Tennessee’s White Lightning Trail—where angels fear to tread.

Onward to Madawaska
In search of the elusive moose in Maine.

The Long Way to Walla Walla
Border to border on the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route.

Graded on a Curve
Reviews of products from Flying Racing, Michelin and National Cycle.

Exhaust Note
Can you tour on a Honda Rebel 250?

And more!

Click HERE to view Issue #7 of Favorite Rides & Destinations.

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BMW Confirms: New Cruiser Coming in 2020

Revival Cycles The Revival Birdcage
Revival Cycles unveiled The Revival Birdcage at the Handbuilt Show in Austin, Texas, last Thursday, April 11. The custom bike was built around a new prototype “Big Boxer” engine that will eventually power a production model in 2020. Photos courtesy BMW.

Custom builder Revival Cycles unveiled “The Revival Birdcage,” a custom motorcycle based around a new prototype engine BMW calls the “Big Boxer,” at the Handbuilt Show in Austin, Texas, last Thursday. The bike itself is a work of art, with a delicate-looking titanium trellis frame and wildly swooping handlebars reminiscent of a bird’s wings.

But tucked away in the press release like an afterthought was a big announcement from Motorrad: it will definitely be entering the cruiser market in the U.S., with a concept bike slated to be shown sometime in the first half of 2019 (getting pretty close to that deadline, guys) and a “series production motorcycle with the Big Boxer for the Cruiser segment in the course of 2020.”

Alan Stulberg, head of Revival Cycles, made note of the “pure physical size and aesthetic appeal” of the prototype engine. Other details noticeable in the photos are visible pushrods and cooling fins on the cylinders, with BMW confirming that the new engine will be air/oil-cooled.

Custom Works Zon The Departed
Japanese builder Custom Works Zon built the first custom bike around the new engine, unveiling it last December 2018, in Yokohama, Japan.

The Revival Birdcage is the second custom bike to be built around the new engine. Japanese builder Custom Works Zon presented “The Departed” at the Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama, Japan, back in December 2018. This is the first time BMW has copped to a new cruiser production model, however.

What do you think? Will it be another R 1200 C disaster? Or is BMW getting ready to blow all of our minds with R nineT levels of success? We can’t wait to find out.

Revival Cycles The Revival Birdcage
The new engine has visible pushrods and cooling fins.
Revival Cycles The Revival Birdcage
BMW hasn’t offered many details on the new engine, just that it’s “large displacement.”

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New Gear: Spectro Performance Oils’ Spectro Shine

Spectro Performance Oils' Spectro Shine.
Spectro Performance Oils’ Spectro Shine.

Spectro Performance Oils’ Spectro Shine is a silicone-based spray-on cleaner/polish that gives your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, scooter, automobile, snowmobile or watercraft a showroom finish. It creates a protective barrier that keeps road grime, bugs, grease, dust, dirt and mud from sticking to polished surfaces. For the best results, first clean your vehicle with Spectro Motorcycle Wash and then finish with Spectro Shine. An 18-ounce can retails for $10.99.

See your dealer or visit spectro-oils.com.

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