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Jonathan Rea scores eighth consecutive win at Portimao

Supersport 600

In recent rounds, the momentum has been firmly with Caricasulo but Krummenacher still held the championship lead. Heading into the race tomorrow, it is Caricasulo who starts on pole.

WSBK Portimao Day SS Pole Caricasulo

Randy Krummenacher was the rider who slotted in at the top spot, ahead of the surprise package of Isaac Viñales (Kallio Racing), the Spaniard making his debut at the Algarve International Circuit. Kyle Smith’s strong weekend looked set to continue in the early stages, as the British rider was up as high as third once everyone had settled down with the opening times. There was a crash for Raffaele De Rosa (MV AGUSTA Reparto Corse) at Turn 14 but the Italian made it back to the pits. At Turn 11 in the final 10 minutes, Isaac Viñales crashed but was unscathed in the incident.

WSBK Portimao Day SS Caricasulo

As the session came to an end, Caricasulo hit pole position, ahead of Krummenacher and Viñales. However, there was still plenty of opportunity for change, as the Kawasaki charge was strong, being led by Lucas Mahias (Kawasaki Puccetti Racing), with Ayrton Badovini (Team Pedercini), Hikari Okubo (Kawasaki Puccetti Racing) and Kyle Smith all lining up behind the trio of Yamahas at the front. Jules Cluzel (GMT94 YAMAHA) needed a strong lap in the closing stages, languishing down in eighth.

On his final lap, Federico Caricasulo blasted in a very quick time, storming to the fastest lap of the weekend and putting himself 0.4s clear of the chasing bunch and securing back-to-back poles for the first time this season. Krummenacher was only able to achieve second position as he is recovering from nagging injuries picked up from Friday, whilst Lucas Mahias was back on the front row again in third.

Leading the charge from row two, despite a crash, Isaac Viñales was fourth and impressive on his return to action after eight weeks off in the summer. Raffaele De Rosa’s issues earlier on in the session saw him elevate up the order to the middle of row two in fifth, whilst Ayrton Badovini made it three Italians in the top six and completed row two. Kawasaki and MV AGUSTA are certainly bringing the charge to Yamaha at the front of the grid.

Row three features Japanese star Hikari Okubo, who is yet to start from outside the top nine in 2019. Joining him on the third row, it was a disaster for Jules Cluzel who starts just eighth after winning last time out at Donington Park. Britain’s Kyle Smith was ninth, as he looks to secure the Europe Supersport Cup crown this weekend. Completing the top ten is Jules Danilo (CIA Landlord Insurance), making it all four manufacturers represented inside the top ten. Wildcard Miquel Pons (H43 Team NOBBY TALASUR-BLUMAQ) was 11th.

Supersport 600 Superpole

Pos Rider Bike Time
1 64   F.   Caricasulo Yamaha YZF R6 1m44.220
2 21   R.  Krummenacher Yamaha YZF R6 1m44.664
3 44   L.   Mahias Kawasaki ZX-6R 1m44.990
4 32   I.    Vinales Yamaha YZF R6 1m44.998
5 3   R.  De Rosa MV Agusta F3 675 1m45.156
6 86   A.  Badovini Kawasaki ZX-6R 1m45.201
7 78   H.  Okubo Kawasaki ZX-6R 1m45.349
8 16   J.   Cluzel Yamaha YZF R6 1m45.399
9 11   K.  Smith Kawasaki ZX-6R 1m45.538
10 95   J.   Danilo Honda CBR600RR 1m45.661
11 71   M. Pons Yamaha YZF R6 1m45.822
12 31   D.  Valle Yamaha YZF R6 1m45.944
13 61   G.  Ruiu Honda CBR600RR 1m46.020
14 94   C.  Perolari Yamaha YZF R6 1m46.210
15 84   L.   Cresson Yamaha YZF R6 1m46.233
16 56   P.   Sebestyen Honda CBR600RR 1m46.416
17 10   N.  Calero Kawasaki ZX-6R 1m46.780
18 4   C.  Stange Honda CBR600RR 1m46.848
19 30   G.  Van Straalen Kawasaki ZX-6R 1m46.913
20 74   J.   Van Sikkelerus Honda CBR600RR 1m47.001
21 6   M. Herrera Yamaha YZF R6 1m47.031
22 22   F.   Fuligni MV Agusta F3 675 1m47.097
23 47   R.  Hartog Kawasaki ZX-6R 1m47.240
24 65   M. Canducci Yamaha YZF R6 1m48.950
25 53   G.  Sconza Honda CBR600RR 1m49.726
26 40   A.  Gyorfi Yamaha YZF R6 1m50.040
27 67   G.  Matern Kawasaki ZX-6R 1m50.145

Supersport 300

After a lengthy break, it was time for the riders to dial themselves back in across both the groups in their 20-minute sessions. The top 30 would make it through to the main race on Sunday, whilst those outside of it would have to finish inside the top six of the Last Chance Race. Not needing to worry about that, it was Manuel Gonzalez (Kawasaki ParkinGO Team) who stormed to pole position.

WSBK Portimao Day Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez

Group A saw two of the championship rivals clear at the top, with Galang Hendra Pratama (Semakin Di Depan Biblion Motoxracing) topping the session ahead of Ana Carrasco (Kawasaki Provec WorldSSP300). The Indonesian riders lap time was an all-time lap record for the class at the circuit; Hendra Pratama had to give it his best shot, as he has a 12-place grid penalty to contend with for irresponsible riding at Donington Park. Manuel Bastianelli (Prodina IRCOS Kawasaki) was third ahead of Koen Meuffels (Kawasaki MOTOPORT), with four race winners in the top four after Group A Superpole.

WSBK Portimao Day Gonzalez Hendra Pratama
Galang Hendra Pratama

Group B soon took to the circuit and the times were immediately right on those of Hendra Pratama. Victor Steeman (Freudenberg KTM Junior Team) was getting quicker and quicker early on, straight away going into second on the grid. Manuel Gonzalez (Kawasaki ParkinGO Team) was also quick straight away, whilst Scott Deroue (Kawasaki MOTOPORT) was also in the mix for pole position.

WSBK Portimao Day Steeman
Victor Steeman

With just under 12 minutes to go, championship leader Gonzalez hit top spot on combined times but there was plenty of time left to run. Victor Steeman, who had been lapping consistently fast and looks to have good pace, took pole position away from Gonzalez five minutes later, as he chases his second pole position of his 2019 WorldSSP300 campaign. It was a disaster further down the field for Beatriz Neila (BCD Yamaha MS Racing), as she suffered a flat rear tyre with less than five minutes to go.

WSBK Portimao Day Carrasco
Ana Carrasco

Manuel Gonzalez’ bid to become WorldSSP300 champion grew stronger as in the closing two minutes, he 17-year-old took pole position back from Steeman and remained ahead overall. Steeman took second place and Hendra Pratama was third from Group A but will start in 15th due to his 12-place grid penalty. This means that championship challenger Ana Carrasco will inherit a front row grid start. Scott Deroue finished fifth overall but will start from fourth, whilst Andy Verdoïa (BCD Yamaha MS Racing) will start from fifth after completing the session sixth, whilst Bruno Ieraci (Kawasaki GP Project) will move onto the row two due to Hendra Pratama’s penalty.

Marc Garcia (DS Junior Team) heads up the third row on the grid, ahead of Manuel Bastianelli and Beatriz Neila, who achieves her best grid position with tenth but will start ninth. Completing the top ten on the grid, Aragon 2018 race winner Koen Meuffels. It was a disaster for Hugo De Cancellis (Team Trasimeno Yamaha), who suffered two crashed and will start down in 29th position on Sunday.

Oliver König (ACCR Czech Talent Team – Willi Race) breezed clear to take the WorldSSP300 Last Chance Race win, as the battle ignited behind him. The Czech rider eased away in the early stages of the race and soon found himself away at the front of the field, whilst behind him, the positions from third back to sixth had not been sorted out. But who would come out on top?

With König away and running at the very front of the field, it would be Dion Otten (MTM Racing) who took second place, although he had little company in the closing stages of the race. Behind, however, the battle really had come alive in the closing stages. Mateo Pedeneau (Team MHP Racing – Patrick Pons) would get the better of his teammate Enzo De La Vega to take the final position in the top three, whilst both made it through to the main race tomorrow.

Bahattin Sofuoglu (Turkish Puccetti Racing by TSM), who ran fourth for most of the race was fifth in the end after a tricky final lap, but he held off Adrien Quinet (TGP Racing), who completely missed FP1 on Friday. Just missing out on racing action tomorrow was Marco Carusi (Team Trasimeno Yamaha), with the Italian coming home seventh.

Joel Kelso is impressing in his wildcard appearance and is the top qualifying Australia. Kelso will start from 14th on the grid while countrymen Tom Bramich and Tom Edwards will start from 25th and 27th positions respectively.

Supersport 300 Combined Superpole

Pos Rider Bike Class Time
1 M. Gonzalez Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m55.345
2 V.  Steeman KTM RC 390 R B 1m55.513
3 G. Hendra Pratama Yamaha YZF-R3 A 1m55.873
4 A.  Carrasco Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m56.116
5 S.  Deroue Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m56.235
6 A.  Verdoïa Yamaha YZF-R3 B 1m56.349
7 B.  Ieraci Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m56.354
8 M. Garcia Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m56.410
9 M. Bastianelli Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m56.471
10 B.  Neila Yamaha YZF-R3 B 1m56.576
11 K.  Meuffels Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m56.676
12 S.  Di Sora Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m56.834
13 J.  Buis Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m56.901
14 J.  Kelso Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m56.920
15 U. Orradre Yamaha YZF-R3 A 1m56.923
16 D. Blin Yamaha YZF-R3 B 1m56.971
17 B.  Sanchez Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m56.972
18 M. Kappler KTM RC 390 R B 1m56.994
19 L.  Loi Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m57.060
20 J.  Jahnig KTM RC 390 R A 1m57.095
21 N. Kalinin Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m57.120
22 K.  Sabatucci Yamaha YZF-R3 A 1m57.189
23 T.  Kawakami Yamaha YZF-R3 A 1m57.225
24 M. Perez Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m57.284
25 T.  Bramich Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m57.311
26 D. Iozzo Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m57.330
27 T.  Edwards Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m57.377
28 F.  Rovelli Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m57.492
29 H. De Cancellis Yamaha YZF-R3 B 1m57.528
30 P.  Giacomini Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m57.626
31 O. König Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m57.653
32 M. Carusi Yamaha YZF-R3 A 1m57.660
33 J.  Facco Yamaha YZF-R3 B 1m57.714
34 J.  Perez Gonzalez Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m57.734
35 B.  Sofuoglu Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m57.777
36 M. Pedeneau Yamaha YZF-R3 B 1m57.838
37 E.  De La Vega Yamaha YZF-R3 A 1m57.841
38 D. Otten Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m58.020
39 Y.  Okaya Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m58.033
40 A.  Quinet Honda CBR500R B 1m58.231
41 K.  Aloisi Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 1m58.287
42 R. Dore Yamaha YZF-R3 B 1m58.509
43 J.  Foray Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m58.773
44 F.  De Bruin Yamaha YZF-R3 B 1m59.082
45 B.  Molina Yamaha YZF-R3 A 1m59.086
46 V.  Schwarz Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m59.258
47 M. Hrava Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 1m59.471
48 A.  Pelikanova Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 2m00.112
49 K.  Hartmann Yamaha YZF-R3 A 2m00.203
50 P.  Fragoso Yamaha YZF-R3 A 2m01.109
51 D. Delouvy Kawasaki Ninja 400 A 2m01.294
52 V.  Correia Esturrado Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 2m01.897
53 S.  Naud Kawasaki Ninja 400 B 2m02.007
54 A.  Longo Kawasaki Ninja 400 A /


Second Bathurst circuit plans revealed

Motorcycle racing has taken a step close to returning to Bathurst’s Mt Panorama with the unveiling of plans for a second circuit.

Motorcycle racing at Bathurst finished in the late ’80s.

Since then, the touring cars and now Supercars have heavily modified the track to a stage where is now unsafe for motorcycle racing.

The existing Mount Panorama Circuit is also limited in the number of permitted full track closures per year.

Council says that by building a second circuit, motorsports activity can “grow without changing the heritage of the historic Mount Panorama Circuit, cementing Bathurst’s international reputation as a motorsport hotspot”.

Circuit plansBathurst motorcycle races a step closer Mt Panorama

The new $52 million “Velocity Park precinct” would be suitable for MotoGP and World Superbike racing.

So far Bathurst Regional Council has received about $27.5m in funding toward the development.

The second 4.5km track built to FIA Grade 2 and FIM Grade A spec would be located on 200 hectares in valley southwest of the current 6.2km circuit.

Council hopes construction will begin early in 2021 and be completed within 24 months.

The circuit would accommodate a range of high-profile motorsport events year-round and feature additional multi-use facilities.

Maybe there will even be motorcycle track days at the site.

The international circuit has one long straight and nine corners of varying diameters.

There are also shorter 2km and 3km circuit options for national and club events.

It will also provide for a range of facilities including a hotel, driver training centre and a driver experience centre. No mention of special motorcycle facilities, though.

Bathurst second circuit
Pit lane

Motorcycle racing history

Bikes raced at Mt Panorama from the 1940s and it hosted several pre-world-title Australian GPs.

Forrest’s Elbow is named after motorcycle racer Jack Forrest who scraped his elbow away after laying down his bike on the corner.

Hell Corner is named after a tree stump at the apex where it was believed motorcyclists who misjudged the corner would die.

In the 1980s, the Easter Races were marred by riots until council imposed an alcohol ban.

Racing at Mt Panorama tracks
Motorcycle racing at Mt Panorama


Before construction can begin these new plans and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that is currently being prepared will go on display for public consultation later this year.

Council will host the following community consultation drop-in sessions:

  • Armada Bathurst – 121 Howick Street, Bathurst Thursday, 8 August from 4pm-7pm
  • Bathurst City Centre – 210 Howick Street, Bathurst Friday, 9 August from 10am-1pm
  • Bathurst Chase – 39 William Street, Bathurst Wednesday, 21 August from 12pm-3pm
  • Bathurst Regional Council – 158 Russell Street, Bathurst Thursday, 22 August from 5.30pm-8.30pm
  • National Motor Racing Museum – 400 Panorama Ave, Bathurst Thursday 22 August from 10am-1pm

If you can’t make the drop-in sessions, you can make an online submission here.


F.C.C. TSR tops timesheets as Suzuka 8 Hour gets underway


1 F.C.C. TSR Honda France Honda  2m07.2362

Kawasaki Racing Team Suzuka 8HKawasaki+0.3783

YART – YAMAHAYamaha+0.7924

MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. HondaHonda+0.8675


Red Bull HondaHonda+1.3307


au . Teluru SAG RTHonda+1.9269



KRP SANYOUKOGYO & will raise RS-ITOHKawasaki+2.74612

Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWAHonda+2.76513

Suzuki Endurance Racing TeamSuzuki+3.02514

TK SUZUKI BLUE MAXSuzuki+3.31615


Honda Dream RT SAKURAI HONDAHonda+3.66717Team ATJ with JAPAN POSTHonda+3.70618


Honda Endurance RacingHonda+3.92921

icu RT MOTOKIDS NAC SANYOYamaha+3.97722

Moto Map SWATSuzuki+4.02223

MobiusGreen YAOKAWASAKIKawasaki+4.04724


Team BABY FACE Titanium Power RacingYamaha+4.24426


Team ERC-BMW Motorrad EnduranceBMW+4.30128


Team KodamaYamaha+5.23330TERAMOTO@J-TRIP RacingBMW+5.25731

TEAM HANSHIN RIDING SCHOOLKawasaki+5.39732ARMY. GIRL Team TJC & MF KawasakiKawasaki+5.44633

RC KOSHIEN YAMAHA Endurance ASEANYamaha+5.52934

Wójcik Racing TeamYamaha+5.63035


Honda Hamayuukai Hamamatsu EscargotHonda+5.72637

Bolliger Team SwitzerlandKawasaki+5.80338Z

aif NCXX RACING & ZENKOUKAIYamaha+5.80539


Yamashina  Kawasaki & AutoRaceUBE with YIC BRKawasaki+6.21641

Team WITH87 Kawasaki PLAZA FukuokahigashiKawasaki+6.60942

Team de”LIGHTDucati+6.97143Z

aif NCXX RACINGYamaha+7.10544

Honda Ryokuyoukai Kumamoto RacingHonda+7.24245

GSM RACINGSuzuki+7.44646

CLUB NEXT & MOTO BUMHonda+7.46747


TransMapRacing with ACE CAFESuzuki+7.59249

TIO VerityBMW+7.59950

H.L.O RACING SUZUKINSuzuki+7.80551

E P S Racing GarageL8  TT45Yamaha+8.09452S

inshu activation project . Team NAGANOHonda+8.53453I


MOTOBOX KREMER & Favorite FactoryYamaha+8.70555

PLUS ONE MCRTKawasaki+9.27256

Honda Koyokai DREAM Racing TeamHonda+9.55157

HKC & IMT Racing KUNO KOGYOYamaha+9.79158

Honda Blue Helmets MSC Kumamoto & AsakaHonda+10.06259


Honda EG RacingHonda+10.32961


DOG HOUSESuzuki+10.90363


moto cubic + Motorrad Toyota + NRBMW–65Honda Suzuka Racing TeamHonda–66K’s WORKS RACING YSSYamaha–


Jorge Lorenzo planning to return at Silverstone

Jorge Lorenzo to return at Silverstone

After suffering fractures to his T6 and T8 vertebrae during the Dutch GP, Jorge Lorenzo has elected to continue focusing on his recovery and will not return until the British GP on August 25.

MotoGP Rnd Catalunya Lorenzo
Lorenzo to sit out Brno and Red Bull Ring

Jorge Lorenzo and the Repsol Honda Team have agreed it is best for Lorenzo to miss both the Czech and Austrian rounds to continue his recovery and avoid any further risk of injury.

MotoGP Rnd LeMans Lorenzo Morbidelli
Jorge Lorenzo

Having spent the summer break working on his recovery, Lorenzo’s condition has improved but he is still in some pain and his movement on a bike remains restricted. Silverstone has been set as his new objective for returning to riding for the Repsol Honda Team.

MotoGP Rnd LeMans Fri Lorenzo
Jorge Lorenzo

In his place, Stefan Bradl will again ride the RC213V in Repsol Honda Team colours. The German had been scheduled to wildcard at the Czech GP, but will now fill in for Lorenzo as he did at the Sachsenring.

MotoGP Rnd LeMans QP Lorenzo
Jorge Lorenzo
Pos Rider Bike Nation Points
1 Marc MARQUEZ Honda SPA 185
2 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati ITA 127
3 Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati ITA 121
4 Alex RINS Suzuki SPA 101
5 Maverick VIÑALES Yamaha SPA 85
6 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha ITA 80
7 Jack MILLER Ducati AUS 70
8 Fabio QUARTARARO Yamaha FRA 67
9 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda GBR 67
11 Franco MORBIDELLI Yamaha ITA 52
12 Takaaki NAKAGAMI Honda JPN 50
13 Joan MIR Suzuki SPA 39
14 Aleix ESPARGARO Aprilia SPA 31
15 Andrea IANNONE Aprilia ITA 21
16 Jorge LORENZO Honda SPA 19
17 Johann ZARCO KTM FRA 16
19 Tito RABAT Ducati SPA 14
20 Stefan BRADL Honda GER 12
21 Francesco BAGNAIA Ducati ITA 11
22 Michele PIRRO Ducati ITA 9
23 Sylvain GUINTOLI Suzuki FRA 3
24 Karel ABRAHAM Ducati CZE 3
26 Bradley SMITH Aprilia GBR 0


Redding leads Brookes for Ducati 1-2 at Snetterton

2019 British Superbike Championship

Round Six – Snetterton

Scott Redding has proven unstoppable across both BSB Superbike races at Snetterton, with Australian Josh Brookes hot on his heels. Redding claimed both wins and Brookes was regulated to runner-up in each race for a Ducati 1-2, with MacKenzie and Bridewell sharing the final podium positions. Redding leads the standings, with Josh Brookes now three-points off Bridewell in third.

BSB Round Snetterton Brookes Redding
Scott Redding and Josh Brookes – Snetterton BSB 2019

Jason O’Halloran took ninth in Race 1, however a crash in Race 2 delivered a DNF result, and made for his third crash of the weekend. Ben Currie returned from injury and laid claim to 19th in Race 1, however was directed not to take part in Race 2 due to pain from his injury, with recovery ongoing.

BSB Round Snetterton Girls Ohalloran
Jason O’Halloran – Snetterton BSB 2019

Jack Kennedy took the Supersport Sprint win ahead of Brad Jones and Alastair Seeley, while the feature race saw Rob Guiver claim the win from Sean Nearv and Josh Day. Jack Kennedy leads the Supersport standings to Thruxton.

BSB Round Snetterton STK McConnell Rollo Reid
Billy McConnell – Snetterton BSB 2019

Billy McConnell also made a strong return to the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 series claiming fourth despite his lengthy lay-off and surgeries, with fellow Aussie Levi Day happy coming home in seventh. Richard Cooper took the race win from Lee Jackson and Taylor Mackenzie. Richard Cooper leads the standings, with Day 10th and McConnell 14th.

BSB Round Snetterton STK Levi Day
Levi Day – Snetterton BSB 2019

Superbikes Race 1

At the start of the race one Tarran Mackenzie got an incredible launch off the line to lead the pack on the opening lap ahead of Brookes and Redding with Tommy Bridewell in fourth. The rider was not happy to settle where he was though and was instantly on the attack, moving ahead of Redding into Agostini for the first time.

BSB Round Snetterton Race Mackenzie Brookes Bridewell Redding
Tarran Mackenzie took the Race 1 holeshot- Snetterton BSB 2019

On the fourth lap Bridewell had moved into second with a decisive dive down the inside at Riches, pushing Brookes back into third. At the front, Bridewell claimed the lead ahead of Mackenzie as Redding moved into third. Bridewell tried to make a break from the pack but he made a mistake into Agostini a lap later and crashed out unhurt.

Redding had cut through into second and with Bridewell out of the race he captured the race lead, but behind there was an intense battle between Brookes and Mackenzie with the pair trading blows for several laps. The fight between the pair gave Redding the opportunity to edge out a gap, but Brookes was then able to get the better of Mackenzie and keep him behind over the closing stages.

BSB Round Snetterton Redding Mackenzie Brookes
Scott Redding quickly reclaimed the lead – Snetterton BSB 2019

Danny Buchan maintained his position inside the top six in the standings with a fourth place, but the FS-3 Racing Kawasaki rider had a lonely end to the race. However behind him there was a scrap between the Honda Racing pairing; Xavi Forés and Andrew Irwin colliding on the final lap, but both formation flying to the finish line with the Spaniard having the edge at the chequered flag.

Peter Hickman was also in the group and he held off Luke Mossey for seventh place ahead of Jason O’Halloran who had a strong race to carve through the field from his seventh row start on the second McAMS Yamaha. Christian Iddon completed the top ten, passing his teammate Michael Laverty in the final moments of the race on his return after his Knockhill injury.

BSB Round Snetterton Jason Ohalloran
Jason O’Halloran took ninth in Race 1- Snetterton BSB 2019

Superbikes Race 2

In race two Brookes had the perfect start off the line to lead the pack into Riches for the first time ahead of Redding, Bridewell and Mackenzie. Jason O’Halloran meanwhile had also made a good start to move into fifth on the second of the McAMS Yamahas. The Australian though crashed out on the fourth lap at Brundle, ending his race prematurely.

BSB Round Snetterton Brookes Redding Bridewell Mackenzie
Josh Brookes took the early lead in Race 2 from Scott Redding – Snetterton BSB 2019

At the front Brookes held the lead until there were just three laps remaining as Redding made a dive down the inside on the brakes at the end of the Bentley Straight to take the lead. The race one winner was able to hold off his Be Wiser Ducati teammate to the finish line.

However it was a double disaster for Mackenzie who crashed out at Wilson on lap eleven as he bid to close down Bridewell for the final podium position. The Oxford Racing Ducati rider bounced back from his race one crash to claim third place and maintain his second place position in the championship standings ahead of Brookes.

BSB Round Snetterton Bridewell Redding Mackenzie
Tommy Bridewell – Snetterton BSB 2019

In the battle for fourth place Irwin scored his best result of the season so far for Honda Racing, holding off Peter Hickman and Iddon who had a strong performance despite still recovering from his Knockhill injuries.

Hector Barbera had an impressive performance on his first visit to Snetterton on the Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki, taking the chequered flag ahead of Forés who maintained his position inside the top six in the overall standings.

BSB Round Snetterton Iddon Hickman
Christian Iddon and Peter Hickman – Snetterton BSB 2019

Michael Laverty and Luke Mossey completed the top ten, whilst Buchan and Josh Elliott failed to score points after both crashing in individual incidents on the sighting lap.

Scott Redding

“I felt better with the bike in race two, I felt more comfortable and more confident but I didn’t know whether I could be faster. Then when I passed Josh I went faster, so I learnt I need to believe in myself a bit more. I tried to see what the other guys were doing with the tyres in the race as I didn’t want to break away and then have an issue later on. Again, I’m still learning, I’m still a rookie in this class and I don’t know the tracks. I’m really happy and I had a wicked time this weekend the fans have been amazing, we’ve had great fun, the reception was amazing. To come back with a pole and two race wins – I can’t take much more. To be a Monster athlete and for them to have an event here and for me to win the Race of Aces Trophy just puts the icing on the cake really.”

BSB Round Snetterton Race Podium Redding
Scott Redding – Snetterton BSB 2019
Josh Brookes 2-2

“I felt really strong at the end of the first race and whilst I was being a little bit conservative in the early stages, the battle I had with Tarran Mackenzie cost both of us time and it allowed Scott to make a bit of a break. By the time I got up to second, it was too big a gap to bridge but it was a good start to the day. We made a slight change in between races and it allowed me to push to the limit so with a good start, I felt comfortable out front. I felt like I was controlling the race well but when Scott came by, he seemed to have just a little bit in reserve and had enough of a gap so I couldn’t get back by. Given where I was on Friday, I’ve got to be happy with two second place finishes, so we’ll work hard to find that bit extra to try and get back on the top step at the next round.”

BSB Round Snetterton Josh Brookes
Josh Brookes – Snetterton BSB 2019

Andrew Irwin scored his best result so far this season, closing his gap to the top-six thanks to a 5-4 result, achieving his goal of dual top-six results.

Andrew Irwin 5-4

“I keep saying I want two-top sixes near enough every round we’ve been to, it’s what I wanted and we’re coming away from here with a fifth and fourth, which is a step in the right direction! At Knockhill we finished the last race in fifth and we are starting to be where we belong inside the top-six, and hopefully we can continue to close the gap to the Showdown. We took six points out of Xavi this weekend, so we go to Thruxton looking to take another set of points out of him to try and close that down. I’m really happy, the team are working so hard and the Fireblade is working well, so I’m pleased with the progress and the fourth place finish today!”

BSB Round Snetterton Irwin Hickman Iddon
Andrew Irwin – Snetterton BSB 2019

Hickman remains in seventh place in the overall standings but has made up ground towards Xavi Fores who holds sixth position, with a crash during qualifying a rare mistake, which was then followed up with strong results in a seventh and fifth across the two races.

Peter Hickman 7-5

“Overall, it’s been a strong weekend and after being in the top three for most of practice, it was a real shame I made a small mistake in qualifying as it cost me a second row start at least. We’re still having an issue with getting the bike stopped and we’re still running a stock engine so it was hard going in both races and although seventh in race one was a good effort, I knew I could improve upon it in race two. I was further back on the grid, but I made a good start and am really pleased to have finished fifth and also close in a little bit on Fores in sixth. Snetterton has never been one of my best circuits but the next two rounds are Thruxton and Cadwell, places I really enjoy and go well at so I’m looking to take full advantage and claw back the deficit I currently have.”

BSB Round Snetterton Linfoot Hickman
Peter Hickman chases Dan Linfoot – Snetterton BSB 2019

Xavi Forés collected valuable points with sixth in Race 1 and eighth in Race 2, holding onto sixth in the standings.

Xavi Forés 6-8

“To be honest this weekend has been harder than I expected; I like the track and enjoyed my laps but honestly from the first day I had a small issue with the bike and was never able to solve it, and for the races it was not so easy to manage. Race 1 I was trying to defend my position and had a good battle with Andrew, but at the end I got some important points and finished in the top-six. I did expect a little more and especially in the second race, but the first part was really, really bad for me, I never felt a good grip on the apexes, especially in the first ten laps. After that I was able to manage a little more and able to almost have the same pace as the top-four, but unfortunately it was too late and sometimes it’s quite frustrating when you lose so much gap at the start. But anyway, sixth and eighth isn’t so bad for my first time here in Snetterton and I am looking forward to Thruxton in order to keep the Showdown still alive! I want to say thanks to all the team, we made a good job inside the box and see you at Thruxton!”

BSB Round Snetterton Xavi Fores Andrew Irwin
Xavi Fores – Snetterton BSB 2019

Mackenzie took a spot on the podium in Race 1 and got a good start in Race 2 before the Ducatis started to pull away in the early stages. Initially trying to save his tyre, the 23-year-old began to close the gap but lost the rear at Wilson on lap 11.

Tarran Mackenzie 3- DNF

“Race one was obviously really good. I ended up third and felt like I put together a good race in the first two thirds, but the last third was a bit difficult. When I saw Tommy went out it was hard to go with the two PBM bikes so I settled for third. In race two I didn’t get the best of starts, held my position in fourth and the Ducatis got away a bit. I was trying hard to catch them and setting quite a good pace. I was slowly catching them towards the end, but ended up losing the rear and then losing the front from that. I feel like I’m riding really well, it was another solid weekend and we were in the top two for a lot of it. I’m really happy, to be honest. Finishing fourth would be OK but I’d rather finish third for podium points. I’ll keep trying and come back at Thruxton even stronger.”

BSB Snetterton QP Tarran Mackenzie
Tarran Mackenzie – Snetterton BSB 2019

Bad luck awaited Australian rider Jason O’Halloran when he endured three crashes at Snetterton, the first two in practice and open qualifying, while ninth in Race 1 from the seventh row was a good result. Unfortunately in Race 2 a third row start saw O’Halloran move up to fifth only to crash out.

Jason O’Halloran 9 – DNF

“I’m OK, I’ve got a little bit of an injury on my left hand where you can see the bone on my knuckle but other than that I’m alright. Thanks to the guys at the medical centre for cleaning it up and patching it up. I was happy with the first race, we haven’t been able to do a lot of laps this weekend so to get 16 laps under our belt was really beneficial. We came from 21st to ninth and kept fighting all the way to the end. We made some changes for race two and, starting from a better position, we got away well and I was feeling comfortable in fifth. All was looking good until I highsided out! We’ve a few things to work on for Thruxton and look for a clean smooth weekend. We’ve go the pace, the potential is there with both me and the bike, we’ve just got to have a clean smooth weekend and it’ll come together.”

BSB Round Snetterton Jason Ohalloran
Jason O’Halloran – Snetterton BSB 2019

Australian Ben Currie also made his return from injury, riding home to 19th in Race 1, but was advised by the team manager not to race in the second race due to the pain he was suffering in his foot.

BSB Round Snetterton Ben Currie Claudio Corti
Ben Currie – Snetterton BSB 2019
Ben Currie

“I didn’t opt not to race I was told not to. Sorry to my sponsors!”

BSB Round Snetterton Ben Currie
Ben Currie – Snetterton BSB 2019

Snetterton Superbike Results


Russia win FIM Speedway of Nations | Australia 3rd overall

2019 Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations

Russian hero Emil Sayfutdinov is revelling in the “amazing feeling” of leading his country to a second straight Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations title on home shale in Togliatti on Sunday.

Sayfutdinov joined forces with Artem Laguta and under-21 star Gleb Chugunov to retain the trophy they won in Wroclaw last summer, this time beating Poland with a 5-1 in the Grand Final to spark euphoric scenes at the Anatoly Stepanov Stadium.

Their 2018 gold medal was the nation’s first senior world title of any kind and their second came in the first speedway world final ever staged in Russia. It was a moment few in Togliatti will ever forget.

An elated Sayfutdinov said: “It’s great. It’s an amazing feeling because it was such a tough meeting. But we did it.

“We made the final and we just focused and concentrated on the final. We won the start and just went forward. I am so happy.

“We worked hard. Saturday was a hard meeting and Sunday was harder. The track at the beginning was different to Saturday.

“We needed to find some good speed, but we did a great job and I want to say thank you very much to my team and everyone who helped me. I feel so great.

“There were a lot of people there. It was our people in Russia and everyone was standing up for us. That’s an amazing feeling.”

Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations Russia
Russia win FIM Speedway of Nations

FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Championship leader Sayfutdinov scorched to 17 points on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. It was not enough to deny Poland top spot on the overall scorechart as they qualified automatically for the Grand Final on 47.

Russia on 45 were forced to face third-placed Australia, who scored 41, in the Final Qualifier. Despite Jason Doyle winning the race, second and third for Laguta and Sayfutdinov was enough to send them through due to their superior points tally in the heats. They then out-trapped and defeated Poland in the Grand Final.

Last year it was Laguta who scored 31 of Russia’s 45 points. But after returning the compliment with 31 of his own this season, Sayfutdinov says he wasn’t concerned who delivered the points for the team.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “The whole team was pushing, me and Artem. It doesn’t matter who scores the most points. We did a great job.”

Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations Russia Action
2019 FIM Speedway of Nations

Poland were forced to settle for silver, despite topping the scores over two days and Bartosz Zmarzlik dropping just one point over 12 heats.

Skipper Maciej Janowski sat out Day 2 after being left battered and bruised following a crash in heat 21 of Final 1, with Patryk Dudek stepping in. He paid tribute to his compatriots’ efforts in his absence.

He said: “They did a really good job. They were so close, and a final after a two-day meeting is always a little bit of a lottery.

“I am very proud of the boys. They gave 100 percent and did a really good job. I think we can be very proud.”

Aussie star Max Fricke saluted his side as they claimed bronze – the nation’s first medal in a world team event since they finished third in the 2014 Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup Final at Bydgoszcz.

He said: “It’s awesome for Australia to be up there and get a medal. We haven’t had a medal for a couple of years now.

“I think everyone is really happy. We couldn’t ask for much more. Doyley was absolutely on fire this weekend and he scored an absolute bagful for us. That was great.

“Jaimon (Lidsey) was awesome as the under-21 as well. It’s lucky we had a really good under-21 reserve to help us out.”

The action now switches back to the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series, which resumes in Wroclaw on August 3.

FIM Speedway of Nations Final Day Two Scores
  1. POLAND 26: 1 Patryk Dudek 6, 2 Bartosz Zmarzlik 18, 3 Maksym Drabik 2.
  2. RUSSIA 23: 1 Emil Sayfutdinov 14, 2 Artem Laguta 8, 3 Gleb Chugunov 1.
  3. SWEDEN 19: 1 Fredrik Lindgren 10, 2 Peter Ljung 9, 3 Filip Hjelmland 0.
  4. AUSTRALIA 18: 1 Jason Doyle 14, 2 Max Fricke 4, 3 Jaimon Lidsey 0.
  5. DENMARK 18: 1 Leon Madsen 11, 2 Niels-Kristian Iversen 2, 3 Frederik Jakobsen 5.
  6. GERMANY 16: 1 Erik Riss 5, 2 Kai Huckenbeck 11, 3 Lukas Fienhage 0.
  7. GREAT BRITAIN 6: 1 Craig Cook 4, 2 Chris Harris 2.

FIM Speedway of Nations Finals Overall Scores
  1. RUSSIA 45 – 22 + 23
  2. POLAND 47 – 21 + 26
  3. AUSTRALIA 41 – 23 + 18
  4. DENMARK 37 – 19 + 18
  5. SWEDEN 35 – 16 + 19
  6. GERMANY 30 – 14 + 16
  7. GREAT BRITAIN 16 – 10 + 6

  • Final Qualifier: 1. Doyle, 2. Laguta, 3. Sayfutdinov, 4. Fricke
  • Grand Final: 1. Sayfutdinov, 2. Laguta, 3. Zmarzlik, 4.Dudek


Brad Binder scores Tech3 KTM promotion to MotoGP for 2020

Brad Binder joins Red Bull KTM Tech3 MotoGP

KTM will welcome their next MotoGP racer to have come through the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and Red Bull KTM Moto3 and Moto2 ranks when 2016 Moto3 World Champion Brad Binder joins former team-mate Miguel Oliveira at Red Bull KTM Tech3 next season.

MotoGP 23016 - Rnd 14 - Aragon - Brad Binder
Moto3 2016 – Brad Binder

The South African 23-year-old will ride the KTM RC16 next year after three seasons, 3 victories and 8 podiums – to-date – in the Moto2 category.

Binder will join Red Bull KTM Tech3 for what will be the team’s second season in ‘orange’ and the early stages of a young project for both the squad and the brand.

MotoGP KTM Launch Hafizh Syahrin
Red Bull KTM Tech3

Hervé Poncharal, Red Bull KTM Tech3 Team Manager

“We are only halfway through our first racing season in MotoGP with KTM, but already we have some incredible, exciting news coming with the signing of Brad Binder for the 2020 MotoGP season. Brad is somebody I have been following since he joined the championship in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and later in the Moto3. I have always been amazed by his talent, his aggressivity and his never-give-up-attitude and when you run a motorcycle race team, this is the profile of rider you wish and you love to have. I think to have the Miguel Oliveira – Brad Binder line-up reunited with us next year, is something that shows the Red Bull KTM organization and path is working. I think Brad Binder more than deserves a MotoGP ride next year after what he has been showing in the Moto2 the past two seasons. I know KTM and I can witness KTM is working incredibly hard to improve the MotoGP bike and I’m quite sure that Brad with the winter test will be very happy and very fast from round one on that bike. It’s going to be a strong team, as I think there will be a great relation between him and Miguel, his teammate and I honestly believe, I couldn’t dream for a better structure. Miguel and Brad know each other, they are both incredible competitors and when you are a team owner, this is all you wish for. So, together with Red Bull, KTM and Tech3 there was never any doubt that this is the line-up we wanted to have and I would like to thank Pit Beirer for his investment, I would like to thank Niki Ruhstorfer for his support. I would also like to thank Bob Moore, Brad’s personal manager, because I think the four of us, we managed to make that happen and this is a great news for MotoGP racing and a great news for the Red Bull KTM Tech3 team. I would like to say a huge warm welcome to Brad and tell him we are going to follow him even closer during the second part of the Moto2 season. I’m sure he’s going to win some races, why not fight for the title and we are ready to welcome him from the Valencia test.”

The Red Bull KTM Ajo team with Brad Binder celebrate his Moto3 World Championship win

Binder made his Grand Prix debut in 2011 (as a Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race winner) and grabbed his first silverware in 2014. He claimed the 2016 Moto3 world title in just his second term with Red Bull KTM Ajo (becoming South Africa’s first world champion in thirty-six years and just the third from his country), and graduated immediately to Moto2 with the same team. He raced alongside Oliveira in 2017 and 2018.

MotoGP Rnd LeMans Fri Moto Binder
Brad Binder – 2019 Moto2

Brad Binder

“It is incredible to have this opportunity. I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to KTM, Red Bull KTM Tech3, my manager and my family for helping me get to the premier class and to be able to give it a try. It is an amazing feeling right now and a dream come true. When you are growing up then this is what you aim for – to be in the MotoGP class with the best riders in the world with the best bikes – so it is a crazy feeling right now.”

Brad Binder
Brad Binder – Moto2 2018

In MotoGP Binder will be the first South African to take to the grid in the four-stroke era and to score significant points since Kork Ballington, Jon Ekerold and Brett Hudson in the early 1980s.

Kork Ballington with compatriot Brad Binder, the 2016 Moto3 World Champion
Kork Ballington with compatriot Brad Binder, the 2016 Moto3 World Champion

Pit Beirer, KTM Motorsport Director

“To be able to sign Brad Binder for our MotoGP project is an exciting moment because he has been with us for five years already and is one of our world champions. We have a strong story and connection and we’re really happy that it continues. It is clear we all have a big challenge in front of us and we also feel responsible for him to be able to maintain this good path we have together. We also like the fact that Brad has this distinctive riding style that allows him to push a bike and project to the maximum. We feel that he ‘fits’ to us, and we cannot wait to see how he handles and attacks a MotoGP bike. I’m sure he can add some extra and special things because he has done that with every motorcycle he has raced so far and it will be a highlight not only for us but for all MotoGP fans.”

Brad Binder – Moto2


Lino Tonti | The Linto 500 GP

Linto 500 GP

With Phil Aynsley

The Italians seem to have provided more than their fair share of talented designers to the motorcycle community. One of these was Lino Tonti.

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Lino Tonti’s Linto 500 GP

Lino Tonti's Linto 500 GP

Tonti graduated as an aeronautical engineer in 1937 and started at Benelli,  working on the amazing supercharged 250/4 (link). After the war he designed several motorcycles and scooters before being employed by Aermacchi to start their motorcycle production.

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

In 1956 he moved to FB Mondial, then after they quit racing at the end of 1957, he and Joseph Pattoni continued the race department under the Paton name. He then designed for White (a Bianchi offshoot) and Gilera during the ‘60s before being made the technical director at Moto Guzzi in 1967, where he headed the V7 Sport project. At Guzzi he went on to create the ‘small block’ V35 & V50 motors as well as many different prototypes.

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

His work at Guzzi didn’t curtail him to that firm’s products only however. In 1967, together with long time associate Alcide Biotti, he saw an opening for a privateers’ bike for the 500cc GP class where the Manx and G50 were running a distant second to Agostini on the MV. He took two Aermacchi 250 singles (which despite only being a pushrod design were competitive and reliable) and combined them into a parallel twin!

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

Using the barrels, heads, pistons and rods from the Aermacchi, mated to a bottom end and crankcase of his own design provided a motor that proved to be more than a match for the British singles (61hp at 9,800rpm with the bike weighing the same as a G50), if not quite up to the MVs.

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

The high revs resulted in a switch from the original 180º crankshaft to a 360º design but vibration continued to be a problem with primary gear and chassis weld failures occurring.

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

In 1968 two prototypes hit the track with Alberto Pagani finishing 2nd in the East German GP. For the 1969 season production of a batch of 15 bikes (possibly only 8 were completed) was begun, with two of them being for ‘works’ riders Pagani and Aussie Jack Findlay.

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

These works bikes featured magnesium crankcases and 40mm carburettors (in place of the standard 36mm items). Ceriani suspension and Fontana brakes were used. Power was now up to 64hp. Pagani won the Italian GP on the bike seen here and Gyula Marsovszky finished the season in 2nd place to Agostini.

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP

Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto
Linto 500 GP


WSBK lands at Laguna Seca | Preview | AEST schedule

Round Nine – Laguna Seca

After an action-packed Donington Park, the 2019 Motul FIM Superbike World Championship moves on with great pace to America’s Laguna Seca. One of the shorter circuits on the calendar, but highly technical, California’s WeatherTech Raceway will see riders keen for some good results before the European summer break.

WSBK Laguna Seca Race Lowes
Laguna Seca 2018

Having come off the back of his first hat-trick in WorldSBK, Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK) has overturned a 61-point deficit after the Tissot Superpole Race at Jerez, into a fruitful 24-point lead after his home round last weekend at Donington. Arriving in the USA as Championship leader. Rea has been victorious in three of the last four races at Laguna Seca.

WSBK Laguna Seca Race Rea
Jonathan Rea – Laguna Seca WorldSBK 2018

Jonathan Rea

“Weekends like Donington do not come along very often but enjoyed it and now we are going to Laguna, which is another great track with great support. I cannot wait, and the people love Superbike there. It is a very iconic track, with The Corkscrew and Turn One as well. I had a really good weekend there last year and I enjoyed it. You get to ride your motorbike in the sun, so it is pretty cool. It is very important to stay healthy and arrive there in good shape because there is a long summer break after. We have to make it count.”

Nicky Hayden and Jonathan Rea
Nicky Hayden and Jonathan Rea – Laguna Seca 2016

It is a new challenge for Bautista this weekend, a new perspective. No longer is he the hunted, but he is now the hunter. Bautista will be looking to strike back before going into the mid-season break, as he can’t afford to give more points away to Rea before the season arrives at circuits like Magny-Cours and Circuito San Juan Villicum.

Álvaro Bautista

“Unfortunately because of my crashes we are now in second place in the standings, which might be interesting for the championship but not so much for me! If I look at the layout of Laguna Seca, for sure I can say that it’s not one of the best tracks for us, because when we have bumps, and uphill and downhill sections, we could struggle, but like I have been saying all year I have no expectations. I prefer to go there, see what happens, start to work hard with my team and get the maximum from the weekend.”

WSBK Rnd Donington R Bautista Pit
Alvaro Bautista

Leon Haslam has a steady record at Laguna Seca, with numerous top ten finishes but is yet to stand on the podium in America.

Leon Haslam

“Laguna is the only circuit I have never had a podium at. I have managed to get a podium at every other current circuit in WorldSBK except there, so I am looking forward to trying to rectify that. That is my first aim of the weekend. The Kawasaki goes well there but I think the Ducatis may be strong too, more than they were at Donington – we will see. The last time I raced there was in 2015.”

World SBK 2015 – Laguna Seca

Consistency really is key in 2019 and one rider who, against the odds, made it to the top ten at Donington Park was Michael van der Mark (Pata Yamaha WorldSBK Team). Third place in the championship may not be too safe from his team-mate Alex Lowes but despite his comeback weekend, the Dutchman maintained the bronze-medal position and now heads to the USA – a track where he has never been outside of the top ten, with his best result for Yamaha coming last year in Race 2.

WSBK Laguna Seca Race van der Mark
Michael van der Mark – Laguna Seca 2018

Yamaha haven’t won at the famous Californian venue since 2000 with Noriyuki Haga, so can their current stars earn their stripes this year?

WSBK LagunaSeca Noriyuki Haga
Noriyuki Haga was the last man on a Yamaha to win a WSBK race at Laguna Seca

Brits do have a bit of a winning habit at the USA, just ask Tom Sykes. After giving BMW their second ever pole position last time out at Donington Park, he will be hoping that he can remount the podium for a third round in succession and, if possible, take a fourth win in the USA – his last one coming in 2016.

The second WSBK race at Laguna Seca was as hot on track as the air temperature as after two red flags and restarts, Tom Sykes (Kawasaki Racing Team) came out victorious in the 7 lap sprint race that put an end to the ninth round of the 2014 eni FIM Superbike World Championship, which saw a total 49,408 attendants during the three days. Thanks to his 22nd career win, the reigning champion added one tiny point to his championship lead over Sylvain Guintoli (Aprilia Racing Team), second at the flag and now 44 points behind the reigning champion.
2014 WorldSBK – Laguna Seca – Race Two podium

Toprak Razgatlioglu (Turkish Puccetti Racing) is in rich form, with five podiums from the last four rounds – including his first ever double podium coming at Donington Park. Toprak suffered a huge accident there in 2018 but the 22-year-old Turk has given the crowd an underdog story so far in 2019.

WSBK Rnd Misano Sun Razgatlioglu Haslam Rea Melandri
Toprak Razgatlioglu has been in the mix up front throughout season 2019

One star who will certainly need a result is Chaz Davies (ARUBA.IT Racing – Ducati), as he’s looked off the boil since his Imola podiums. A struggle at Donington Park and Misano and bad luck at Jerez means that the Welshman – a three times a winner at Laguna Seca, including a double in 2015 – must steady the tide as soon as possible.

World SBK 2015 - Laguna Seca - Chaz Davies
World SBK 2015 – Laguna Seca – Chaz Davies

Chaz Davies

“The last couple of races have been really tough for me, especially last weekend at Donington, where I still had problems in getting the best feeling with the bike. So I’m looking forward to going straight to Laguna Seca before the summer break. It’s always been a decent track for me and I’ve had some wins there in the past, so it’s a good opportunity to try and improve our results before the break. We need it because we are simply not competitive enough at the moment.”

World SBK 2015 - Laguna Seca - Superbike Podium - 2. Tom Sykes (GBR) 1 - Chaz Davies (GBR) 3 - Jonathan Rea (GBR)
World SBK 2015 – Laguna Seca – Superbike Podium – 2. Tom Sykes (GBR) 1 – Chaz Davies (GBR) 3 – Jonathan Rea (GBR)

Michael Ruben Rinaldi (BARNI Racing Team) will be one rider who is tackling one of the most iconic racing venues in the USA for the first time. The 23-year-old Italian will be a debutant at the circuit, whilst contrastingly, 36-year-old veteran Ryuichi Kiyonari (Moriwaki Althea Honda Team) will also venture to Monterey for the first time.

John Kocinski (USA) on his way to the double in 1996 at Laguna Seca
John Kocinski (USA) on his way to the double in 1996 at Laguna Seca

Fellow Honda rider, Alessandro Delbianco (Althea Mie Racing Team), is another rider looking to make a strong first impression with the American venue, whilst reigning WorldSSP Champion, Sandro Cortese (GRT Yamaha WorldSBK) will also ride Laguna Seca for the first time.

Troy Bayliss leads Eric Bostrom and Colin Edwards at Laguna Seca in 2003
Troy Bayliss leads Eric Bostrom and Colin Edwards at Laguna Seca in 2003

Championship Standings

Pos Rider Points
1  Jonathan Rea  376
2  Alvaro Bautista  352
3  Michael Van Der Mark  206
4  Alex Lowes  192
5  Leon Haslam  187
6  Toprak Razgatlioglu  153
7  Tom Sykes  139
8  Chaz Davies  130
9  Marco Melandri  124
10  Sandro Cortese  96
11  Michael Ruben Rinaldi  85
12  Jordi Torres  76
13  Loris Baz  56
14  Markus Reiterberger  56
15  Leandro Mercado  38
16  Eugene Laverty  32
17  Leon Camier  26
18  Lorenzo Zanetti  21
19  Ryuichi Kiyonari  19
20  Alessandro Delbianco  18
21  Peter Hickman  14
22  Thomas Bridewell  12
23  Yuki Takahashi  11
24  Michele Pirro  10
25  Samuele Cavalieri  6
26  Hector Barbera  3

Laguna Seca


Marco Melandri to call it quits at season end

Marco Melandri Announces his Retirement

Marco Melandri, has announced that he intends to retire from racing immediately after the final round of the 2019 FIM Superbike World Championship in Qatar. The 36-year-old Italian’s decision to hang up his leathers will bring to a close a World Championship career that has spanned three decades.

WSBK Rnd Assen Day Melandri
Marco Melandri

Marco Melandri

“The decision to retire was a very difficult one for me to make. I’d been thinking about it for some time and, before the Imola race, I finally decided to call it a day at the end of the 2019 season. I’m still competitive and I think it’s better to stop at this point, while I still enjoy racing, rather than waiting until the enjoyment and the results are more difficult to achieve. Since making the decision I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and now that everyone knows this is my final year, I’m even more motivated to push for good results in the final few races. In part it’s for me, as I’d like to go out on a high, but it’s also to repay the faith that both Yamaha and the GRT Yamaha team have shown in me. It’s been a difficult season, but they have worked so hard to help me realise my potential. They never gave up on me and I hope that my experience has helped the team adapt to racing in WorldSBK just that little bit quicker. I’m looking forward to seeing out my final season with them and I intend to give it my all, treating every lap like a qualifying lap and pushing to improve myself and bring the team the results they deserve. Then it will be time to move on and do something different with my life. For me it’s been a fantastic journey; thank you to everyone I met along the way.”

podium motogp
Assen MotoGP Podium – 2005 – Rossi, Melandri, Edwards

A 15-year-old Melandri burst onto the world stage in 1998 and immediately made his mark, taking his first win at Assen to become the youngest ever Grand Prix winner, a record that stood for 10 years. He went on to win once more that year and ended his debut Grand Prix season third in the World Championship. The following season Melandri won five races but missed out on being crowned 125cc World Champion by just a single point to Emilio Alzamora.

Marco Melandri
Marco Melandri on the Aprilia in 2015

More success came with a step up to the 250cc World Championship. Melandri dominated the class in 2002, taking nine race wins on his way to being crowned 250cc World Champion.

Marco Melandri
Marco Melandri – 2015 Aprilia MotoGP

A move to the premier class followed, with Melandri’s most successful MotoGP season coming in 2005 when he won the final two races and finished second in the World Championship to Valentino Rossi.

Marco Melandri
Marco Melandri – Ducati WSBL 2016

In 2011 Melandri made the switch from MotoGP to WorldSBK, winning four races in his first season aboard Yamaha’s YZF-R1 to finish the year as vice-champion.

Valentino Rossi on his way to victory at Assen in 2005
Marco Melandri chasing Valentino Rossi at Assen in 2005

Since making his debut in the premier production class, the Italian has secured 75 podium finishes, 22 of which were race wins, making him one of the most successful riders on the WorldSBK grid.

Marco Melandri takes 100th Italian victory at Misano
Marco Melandri takes 100th Italian victory at Misano (2017)

And while these results are already impressive, Melandri is determined to add to them before finally hanging up his leathers in Qatar and bringing to a close an incredible racing career.

WSBK Rnd Jerez Sat Marco Melandri
Marco Melandri – Jerez WorldSBK 2019

Andrea Dosoli
Yamaha Motor Europe Road Racing Manager

“I was surprised when Marco informed me of his decision to retire. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy step for him to take, but we respect his reasons for doing so. Marco’s decision will bring to an end an incredibly successful career that has seen him racing and winning at the very highest level for many years. I’m pleased that, for a part of this long and distinguished career, Marco was a committed member of the Yamaha Racing family, where his contribution to our success was significant. In 2011 he raced the Yamaha YZF-R1 to second place in the WorldSBK Championship and, while this season has so far been a difficult one, he has maintained the level of professionalism for which he is renowned and worked tirelessly to achieve the results of which we know he is capable. Marco’s achievements in what has been a remarkable career are already impressive, but Yamaha and the GRT Yamaha team are committed to helping him bow out on a high note during the final races of the 2019 season. On behalf of Yamaha Motor Europe, but also personally, I’d like to thank Marco for his contribution to Yamaha and to motorsport. We wish him every success for the future.”

WorldSBK 2016 - Aragon - Marco Melandri
WorldSBK 2016 – Aragon – Marco Melandri