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O Dang, Its the Official Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

Has it really been 30 years since Tom Cruise wowed the crowd with his flying, shagging, and Ninja-riding stylings in the original naval-gazing Top Gun? Actually it’s been 33 years; the original burst onto the big screen in 1986. Captain Maverick, who should be an admiral by now, looks remarkably well-preserved and is still at it – shooting down bad guys, questioning authority and even riding without a helmet after all these years.


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MotoGP™ Test Teams ready to hit the track at the KymiRing

KTM, meanwhile, field local hero Mika Kallio as he gets a first taste of his new home track, with the high calibre line-up completed by Bradley Smith testing for Aprilia, fresh from making a little history as a podium in the opening race for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup means he’s now taken rostrum finishes in every single class he’s raced in from the 125 World Championship through Moto2™, MotoGP™ and now MotoE™.

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Driver gets ‘slap’ for swerving at riders

A Canberra motorist facing possible jail time for swerving his car at two lane-filtering motorcyclists has got off with a relative slap on the wrist.

The driver, whose name has not been released by ACT police or the courts, has been convicted on driving with intent to menace.

He had faced maximum penalties of more than $3000 in fines or 12 months in jail or both for each of these charges.

However, he has been released on a one-year good behaviour order and disqualified from driving for three months.

He also avoided a fine.

It is not yet known if the charges of driving with intent to menace were downgraded.

Menacing videos

The incidents occurred on Majura Parkway on 30 October 2018. One incident is shown in this video which we published on November 2.

ACT Police were made aware of this video a day later and began investigating.

A second video later emerged showing the same driver swerving at another rider.

ACT Police made several calls for help to identify the two riders so a charge could be laid.

Police seek riders in lane filtering incidents call faces charges menacing
The rider in the second incident

At the time, ACT Police issued these details of the incident:

About 4:30pm, the riders were separately travelling northbound on Majura Parkway, Majura, when a green Ford Falcon swerved, almost colliding with the riders. At the time, the riders were lawfully lane filtering.

Swerving justice

The Australian Motorcycle Council says it is “of concern when a driver uses their vehicle in a premeditated manner, as a weapon to harm others”.

“There appears to be little distinction between the quality of actions of this driver and those of the driver who killed pedestrians in Melbourne, although a difference in the scale or degree,” the MCA says.

ACT rider Bill Gemmell says “keeping the offender’s name name out of the public gaze does nothing to ensure the deterrence objective is met”.

“This result doesn’t make me feel safer because the place has an epidemic of bad driving,” he says.

Legal filtering

Interestingly, these incidents occurred only a few weeks after the ACT made lane filtering legal.

Lane filtering was introduced in NSW five years ago and is now legal in all states and territories.

Not only is lane filtering legal but it also benefits all motorists as it helps move heavy traffic more quickly.

You can do your bit to educate drivers by sharing our “Open letter to drivers“.

Filtering rage

Drivers obstructing riders has been happening since lane filtering was introduced.

Check out this video from 2017 sent to us by Newcastle rider Harry Criticos.

“I was filtering legally when a driver stuck his whole body out in an attempt to block me,” the 2016 Triple Black R 1200 GS rider told us.

“I did not stop and he did make contact with the bike. I hope it hurt.”

This motorist was fined $325 and three demerit points.

Lane filtering is legal 

Surely it is time for some major advertising campaigns in each state to advise motorists that riders are allowed to filter and what benefits there are for ALL motorists.

That was the major finding of an online poll we conducted in 2016, yet there are still few major ad campaigns.

So far, lane filtering education campaigns have been minimal and mainly aimed at riders, not the general motoring public.

We not only need major ad campaigns, but also roadside signage such as this photoshopped sign.

lane filtering signs consensus duty defend filter call charge
Here’s a sign we’d like to see!

We are not aware of any polls about lane filtering in Australia.

However, in California where lane splitting (filtering at higher speeds than 30km/h) is legal, polls have found it is vastly unpopular among other road users. The main objection is that it’s unfair!

That breeds hostility which results in stupid behaviour such as in the above video.

Lane filtering lane splitting America danger bosch filter call charge
Lane splitting is unpopular in the USA

So long as lane filtering remains unpopular and/or erroneously believed to be illegal, motorists will do stupid and dangerous things to stop riders filtering.


Watch out for unmarked Tassie Tigers!

If you are heading down to do a lap of Tasmania before or after your annual MotoGP pilgrimage, watch out for the unmarked Tassie Tigers!

We don’t mean the extinct thylacine, known affectionately as Tasmanian Tigers.unmarked tassie tiger

We are talking about the Triumph Tigers that Tasmanian Police seem to have approved as covert motorcycles.

Unmarked cop bikes

Unmarked police bikes are civilian versions which have discrete emergency lights, sirens and cameras fitted, but no police identification stickers, numbers or paintwork.

While we are not exactly sure what models the Tassie cops are using, when we asked Police Minister Mark Shelton for specifics a spokesperson said they wouldn’t be “releasing further details for operational reasons”.

However, they did include this photo of a Triumph Tiger XRx adventure bike, so it appears they will be able to patrol on dirt roads as well.Unmarked Police-Bike

Here is the ministerial press release:

This contemporary patrol method allows the unmarked motorcycle to penetrate traffic by lane filtering and is primarily used to detect offences like speeding, mobile phone usage, inattention, traffic light offences and blocking intersections,” a ministerial statement says.

The initial trial in Hobart detected more than 1000 offences in the first three months with the majority being high risk offences and 1-in-4 being a mobile phone offence.

The unmarked motorcycles are fitted with full lights and sirens and three different models of motorcycle will be used.

Motorcycle officers report that there has been a noticeable change in driver behaviour and the introduction of helmet-mounted recording cameras has led to only one person challenging an infringement.

The program has also received strong public support with many motorists supportive of mobile phone enforcement and other offences that contribute to traffic congestion.

Is it sneaky?

Police using covert TruCAM laser speed camera impossible
Police using TruCAM laser speed camera in an unmarked car with tinted windows

Using unmarked motorcycles or cars to patrol for traffic offences is similar to the use of covert speed cameras.

The Minister’s assertion that the public approves of such covert traffic policing may be askew, says the Australian Motorcycle Council.

“The perception of unmarked vehicles has changed as result of other aspects of an increasing surveillance culture by governments,” the AMC says.

“Marked police vehicles in all states are a visible presence which positively influences road behaviour, often to improve rider safety.

“Unmarked police vehicles such as used by detective agencies are understandable, but unmarked vehicles for road law enforcement appear more punitive as they have no perceived positive role in encouraging good roadcraft.

“A great opportunity exists if well-trained police riders were tasked with giving words of advice to riders displaying poor skills. A good rider is a good risk manager.”

Unmarked cops

Road safety crash accident motorcycle
Unmarked police bikes

Tasmania is not the only state using covert police motorcycles.

Police in most states and territories use a variety of unidentified road and off-road motorcycles, mainly BMWs and even a Suzuki Hayabusa in Queensland!

Queensland Police Service unmarked Suzuki Hayabusa patrol bike - Ducati Panigale V4 busa covert
Queensland cop Busa

Queensland Police Sergeant Dave Nelson says he can scan a motorist’s speed up to 1km away on his “plain-clothes” motorcycle.

“So I can see you before you see me and by the time you realise that I’m not just a normal motorcycle, but a police motorcyclist, it’s too late,” he says. 

The QPS stays they use unmarked motorcycles as “both an operational resource and to engage with motorcycle riders to discuss and promote road safety”.

Queensland has a fleet of six unmarked motorcycles and “intends to expand its fleet with a view of targeting road users doing the wrong thing and promoting road safety”.


Siima Sibirsky gloves in winter/summer test

Siima Sibirsky Adventure Gloves may not be the only motorcycle gloves you will ever need, but they do come close as our winter/summer test shows.

The gloves convert from a long winter gauntlet to a shorty summer glove in seconds and come with waterproof overgloves as this video shows.

Road tested

Siima founder Giorgos Evripidou sent me a pair to test shortly after I had lamented there was no such thing as an all-weather waterproof glove.

The Euro-approved goat skin gloves are designed in Cyprus, made in Indonesia and come in sizes large to 3XL. More sizes may become available if these are successful.

They are not cheap at €179.99 (about $A294) but the idea is you only need the one set of gloves for all seasons. 

Even though I usually take XL, Giorgos says the sizing is a bit small so he sent me a pair of 2XL to test. XL would have been fine as the 2XL was a little big.

Siima Sibirsky Adventure Glove for all weather conditions

While there are no hard knuckle protectors, they feel like a high-quality glove with thick rubber on the backs of the hands and quality leather and stitching.

The Sibirsky gloves also feel very comfortable with a soft felt-like Thermolite inner shell. 

Despite the perforations between the fingers for cooling air, they felt quite warm down to 10C.

However, once into single-digit temperatures my pinkies got quite cold.

I pulled the overgloves on and that added a little more warmth as it cut down wind penetration.

Unlike other overgloves, these are designed to fit over these specific gloves, so they do not make them overly bulky.

I found I could still bend my hands easily and feel the controls with a special grip patch on the palm so your hand doesn’t slip on the throttle.

There is also a wiper blade on the left index finger and a pull string to seal against the wind and rain.

While I didn’t get the chance to ride in rain with them, I filled the gloves with water and waited several hours to see if they leaked. They didn’t, so they should be fine for riding in the wet.

Summer testSiima Sibirsky gloves in winter/summer test

When packing for my recent trip to the USA to test the Harley-Davidson electric LiveWire in Portland, Oregon, I decided it would be a good opportunity to test out the hot weather capabilities of the Sibirsky gloves.

It takes a couple of seconds to unzip the gauntlets. It takes a little while longer to put them back on, but it’s not that difficult as the zip is thick and robust.

So I just packed the shorty version.

Unfortunately, the temperature only topped 30C, so it wasn’t a super-hot day to test the gloves.

However, I could tell that they were well ventilated and coped quite well on the open road.

When I got back into Portland’s slow downtown traffic, they started getting quite warm.

So, they are more of a most-weather glove, than an all-weather glove.

You may still need your super-warm winter gloves and super-ventilated summer gloves for extremes.

Otherwise, these are a good all-purpose glove.

Sibirsky Adventure Glove tech specs

  • TPR flexible ventilated knuckle protector,
  • TPR finger knuckles,
  • Superfabric palm slider,
  • Carbon PU upper wrist protector,
  • Superfabric back thumb reinforcement,
  • Drum-dyed goatskin (outer shell),
  • Thermolite insulation for all-season temperature regulation (inner shell),
  • 180gr bemberg +5mm sponge (inner shell),
  • Reflective stripes for night visibility (gloves & rain overgloves),
  • Inside lining: tri-fleece liner,
  • Elastic mesh on the wrist (short cuff),
  • YYK durable zipper to transform into short cuff,
  • Shield wiper (left index finger),
  • Pull string “auto-cuff (rain overgloves),
  • Grip patch at palm,
  • Wrist velcro closure,
  • 4way air mesh ventilation,
  • 100% waterproof rain overgloves,
  • Touch screen friendly index & middle fingers,
  • Stretch panels on thumb and fingers,
  • Double stitched,
  • Reflective stickers.


Redding leads Brookes for Ducati 1-2 at Snetterton

2019 British Superbike Championship

Round Six – Snetterton

Scott Redding has proven unstoppable across both BSB Superbike races at Snetterton, with Australian Josh Brookes hot on his heels. Redding claimed both wins and Brookes was regulated to runner-up in each race for a Ducati 1-2, with MacKenzie and Bridewell sharing the final podium positions. Redding leads the standings, with Josh Brookes now three-points off Bridewell in third.

BSB Round Snetterton Brookes Redding
Scott Redding and Josh Brookes – Snetterton BSB 2019

Jason O’Halloran took ninth in Race 1, however a crash in Race 2 delivered a DNF result, and made for his third crash of the weekend. Ben Currie returned from injury and laid claim to 19th in Race 1, however was directed not to take part in Race 2 due to pain from his injury, with recovery ongoing.

BSB Round Snetterton Girls Ohalloran
Jason O’Halloran – Snetterton BSB 2019

Jack Kennedy took the Supersport Sprint win ahead of Brad Jones and Alastair Seeley, while the feature race saw Rob Guiver claim the win from Sean Nearv and Josh Day. Jack Kennedy leads the Supersport standings to Thruxton.

BSB Round Snetterton STK McConnell Rollo Reid
Billy McConnell – Snetterton BSB 2019

Billy McConnell also made a strong return to the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 series claiming fourth despite his lengthy lay-off and surgeries, with fellow Aussie Levi Day happy coming home in seventh. Richard Cooper took the race win from Lee Jackson and Taylor Mackenzie. Richard Cooper leads the standings, with Day 10th and McConnell 14th.

BSB Round Snetterton STK Levi Day
Levi Day – Snetterton BSB 2019

Superbikes Race 1

At the start of the race one Tarran Mackenzie got an incredible launch off the line to lead the pack on the opening lap ahead of Brookes and Redding with Tommy Bridewell in fourth. The rider was not happy to settle where he was though and was instantly on the attack, moving ahead of Redding into Agostini for the first time.

BSB Round Snetterton Race Mackenzie Brookes Bridewell Redding
Tarran Mackenzie took the Race 1 holeshot- Snetterton BSB 2019

On the fourth lap Bridewell had moved into second with a decisive dive down the inside at Riches, pushing Brookes back into third. At the front, Bridewell claimed the lead ahead of Mackenzie as Redding moved into third. Bridewell tried to make a break from the pack but he made a mistake into Agostini a lap later and crashed out unhurt.

Redding had cut through into second and with Bridewell out of the race he captured the race lead, but behind there was an intense battle between Brookes and Mackenzie with the pair trading blows for several laps. The fight between the pair gave Redding the opportunity to edge out a gap, but Brookes was then able to get the better of Mackenzie and keep him behind over the closing stages.

BSB Round Snetterton Redding Mackenzie Brookes
Scott Redding quickly reclaimed the lead – Snetterton BSB 2019

Danny Buchan maintained his position inside the top six in the standings with a fourth place, but the FS-3 Racing Kawasaki rider had a lonely end to the race. However behind him there was a scrap between the Honda Racing pairing; Xavi Forés and Andrew Irwin colliding on the final lap, but both formation flying to the finish line with the Spaniard having the edge at the chequered flag.

Peter Hickman was also in the group and he held off Luke Mossey for seventh place ahead of Jason O’Halloran who had a strong race to carve through the field from his seventh row start on the second McAMS Yamaha. Christian Iddon completed the top ten, passing his teammate Michael Laverty in the final moments of the race on his return after his Knockhill injury.

BSB Round Snetterton Jason Ohalloran
Jason O’Halloran took ninth in Race 1- Snetterton BSB 2019

Superbikes Race 2

In race two Brookes had the perfect start off the line to lead the pack into Riches for the first time ahead of Redding, Bridewell and Mackenzie. Jason O’Halloran meanwhile had also made a good start to move into fifth on the second of the McAMS Yamahas. The Australian though crashed out on the fourth lap at Brundle, ending his race prematurely.

BSB Round Snetterton Brookes Redding Bridewell Mackenzie
Josh Brookes took the early lead in Race 2 from Scott Redding – Snetterton BSB 2019

At the front Brookes held the lead until there were just three laps remaining as Redding made a dive down the inside on the brakes at the end of the Bentley Straight to take the lead. The race one winner was able to hold off his Be Wiser Ducati teammate to the finish line.

However it was a double disaster for Mackenzie who crashed out at Wilson on lap eleven as he bid to close down Bridewell for the final podium position. The Oxford Racing Ducati rider bounced back from his race one crash to claim third place and maintain his second place position in the championship standings ahead of Brookes.

BSB Round Snetterton Bridewell Redding Mackenzie
Tommy Bridewell – Snetterton BSB 2019

In the battle for fourth place Irwin scored his best result of the season so far for Honda Racing, holding off Peter Hickman and Iddon who had a strong performance despite still recovering from his Knockhill injuries.

Hector Barbera had an impressive performance on his first visit to Snetterton on the Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki, taking the chequered flag ahead of Forés who maintained his position inside the top six in the overall standings.

BSB Round Snetterton Iddon Hickman
Christian Iddon and Peter Hickman – Snetterton BSB 2019

Michael Laverty and Luke Mossey completed the top ten, whilst Buchan and Josh Elliott failed to score points after both crashing in individual incidents on the sighting lap.

Scott Redding

“I felt better with the bike in race two, I felt more comfortable and more confident but I didn’t know whether I could be faster. Then when I passed Josh I went faster, so I learnt I need to believe in myself a bit more. I tried to see what the other guys were doing with the tyres in the race as I didn’t want to break away and then have an issue later on. Again, I’m still learning, I’m still a rookie in this class and I don’t know the tracks. I’m really happy and I had a wicked time this weekend the fans have been amazing, we’ve had great fun, the reception was amazing. To come back with a pole and two race wins – I can’t take much more. To be a Monster athlete and for them to have an event here and for me to win the Race of Aces Trophy just puts the icing on the cake really.”

BSB Round Snetterton Race Podium Redding
Scott Redding – Snetterton BSB 2019
Josh Brookes 2-2

“I felt really strong at the end of the first race and whilst I was being a little bit conservative in the early stages, the battle I had with Tarran Mackenzie cost both of us time and it allowed Scott to make a bit of a break. By the time I got up to second, it was too big a gap to bridge but it was a good start to the day. We made a slight change in between races and it allowed me to push to the limit so with a good start, I felt comfortable out front. I felt like I was controlling the race well but when Scott came by, he seemed to have just a little bit in reserve and had enough of a gap so I couldn’t get back by. Given where I was on Friday, I’ve got to be happy with two second place finishes, so we’ll work hard to find that bit extra to try and get back on the top step at the next round.”

BSB Round Snetterton Josh Brookes
Josh Brookes – Snetterton BSB 2019

Andrew Irwin scored his best result so far this season, closing his gap to the top-six thanks to a 5-4 result, achieving his goal of dual top-six results.

Andrew Irwin 5-4

“I keep saying I want two-top sixes near enough every round we’ve been to, it’s what I wanted and we’re coming away from here with a fifth and fourth, which is a step in the right direction! At Knockhill we finished the last race in fifth and we are starting to be where we belong inside the top-six, and hopefully we can continue to close the gap to the Showdown. We took six points out of Xavi this weekend, so we go to Thruxton looking to take another set of points out of him to try and close that down. I’m really happy, the team are working so hard and the Fireblade is working well, so I’m pleased with the progress and the fourth place finish today!”

BSB Round Snetterton Irwin Hickman Iddon
Andrew Irwin – Snetterton BSB 2019

Hickman remains in seventh place in the overall standings but has made up ground towards Xavi Fores who holds sixth position, with a crash during qualifying a rare mistake, which was then followed up with strong results in a seventh and fifth across the two races.

Peter Hickman 7-5

“Overall, it’s been a strong weekend and after being in the top three for most of practice, it was a real shame I made a small mistake in qualifying as it cost me a second row start at least. We’re still having an issue with getting the bike stopped and we’re still running a stock engine so it was hard going in both races and although seventh in race one was a good effort, I knew I could improve upon it in race two. I was further back on the grid, but I made a good start and am really pleased to have finished fifth and also close in a little bit on Fores in sixth. Snetterton has never been one of my best circuits but the next two rounds are Thruxton and Cadwell, places I really enjoy and go well at so I’m looking to take full advantage and claw back the deficit I currently have.”

BSB Round Snetterton Linfoot Hickman
Peter Hickman chases Dan Linfoot – Snetterton BSB 2019

Xavi Forés collected valuable points with sixth in Race 1 and eighth in Race 2, holding onto sixth in the standings.

Xavi Forés 6-8

“To be honest this weekend has been harder than I expected; I like the track and enjoyed my laps but honestly from the first day I had a small issue with the bike and was never able to solve it, and for the races it was not so easy to manage. Race 1 I was trying to defend my position and had a good battle with Andrew, but at the end I got some important points and finished in the top-six. I did expect a little more and especially in the second race, but the first part was really, really bad for me, I never felt a good grip on the apexes, especially in the first ten laps. After that I was able to manage a little more and able to almost have the same pace as the top-four, but unfortunately it was too late and sometimes it’s quite frustrating when you lose so much gap at the start. But anyway, sixth and eighth isn’t so bad for my first time here in Snetterton and I am looking forward to Thruxton in order to keep the Showdown still alive! I want to say thanks to all the team, we made a good job inside the box and see you at Thruxton!”

BSB Round Snetterton Xavi Fores Andrew Irwin
Xavi Fores – Snetterton BSB 2019

Mackenzie took a spot on the podium in Race 1 and got a good start in Race 2 before the Ducatis started to pull away in the early stages. Initially trying to save his tyre, the 23-year-old began to close the gap but lost the rear at Wilson on lap 11.

Tarran Mackenzie 3- DNF

“Race one was obviously really good. I ended up third and felt like I put together a good race in the first two thirds, but the last third was a bit difficult. When I saw Tommy went out it was hard to go with the two PBM bikes so I settled for third. In race two I didn’t get the best of starts, held my position in fourth and the Ducatis got away a bit. I was trying hard to catch them and setting quite a good pace. I was slowly catching them towards the end, but ended up losing the rear and then losing the front from that. I feel like I’m riding really well, it was another solid weekend and we were in the top two for a lot of it. I’m really happy, to be honest. Finishing fourth would be OK but I’d rather finish third for podium points. I’ll keep trying and come back at Thruxton even stronger.”

BSB Snetterton QP Tarran Mackenzie
Tarran Mackenzie – Snetterton BSB 2019

Bad luck awaited Australian rider Jason O’Halloran when he endured three crashes at Snetterton, the first two in practice and open qualifying, while ninth in Race 1 from the seventh row was a good result. Unfortunately in Race 2 a third row start saw O’Halloran move up to fifth only to crash out.

Jason O’Halloran 9 – DNF

“I’m OK, I’ve got a little bit of an injury on my left hand where you can see the bone on my knuckle but other than that I’m alright. Thanks to the guys at the medical centre for cleaning it up and patching it up. I was happy with the first race, we haven’t been able to do a lot of laps this weekend so to get 16 laps under our belt was really beneficial. We came from 21st to ninth and kept fighting all the way to the end. We made some changes for race two and, starting from a better position, we got away well and I was feeling comfortable in fifth. All was looking good until I highsided out! We’ve a few things to work on for Thruxton and look for a clean smooth weekend. We’ve go the pace, the potential is there with both me and the bike, we’ve just got to have a clean smooth weekend and it’ll come together.”

BSB Round Snetterton Jason Ohalloran
Jason O’Halloran – Snetterton BSB 2019

Australian Ben Currie also made his return from injury, riding home to 19th in Race 1, but was advised by the team manager not to race in the second race due to the pain he was suffering in his foot.

BSB Round Snetterton Ben Currie Claudio Corti
Ben Currie – Snetterton BSB 2019
Ben Currie

“I didn’t opt not to race I was told not to. Sorry to my sponsors!”

BSB Round Snetterton Ben Currie
Ben Currie – Snetterton BSB 2019

Snetterton Superbike Results


Horsman comes out on top in dramatic Race 2 duel

It was, and although the gap fluctuated by a tenth here and there, the race was set as a duel to the line. Coming onto the final lap, Seabright had spent half the race tagged onto the back of Horsman, so the plan seemed clear: leave it late. The move came at Brundle and the number 22 was then pushing to defend, and he managed to stay ahead into the final corner – but that’s when disaster hit. On the exit the number 22 suffered a dramatic highside right in his rival’s path, with Horsman taking to the grass to avoid and left heading towards the line alone.

Source: MotoGP.comRead Full Article Here

Seabright storms Snetterton

Horsman was back in a lonely second place by then, and Ogden had moved through to lead the second group on the chase, gaining 16 places in only a couple of laps. With Seabright seemingly uncatchable, the fight for the podium was heating up as Scott Swann kept Ogden honest despite the number 4’s rapid trajectory through the pack. The two got a little close for comfort on Lap 4 but there was no harm done, and a couple of laps later they’d managed to reel in Horsman, joined by Jack Nixon.

Source: MotoGP.comRead Full Article Here

Two riders die, several injured in multi crashes

Saturday was deadly for motorcycle riders with two killed and several injured as eight motorcycles were involved in three crashes in Queensland and Victoria on Saturday (20 July 2019).

Victorian crash

In the latest incident, Victorian Police say two motorcycles collided with ute towing a trailer at the intersection of Edwards and Paynes roads, Chirnside Park, about 4.40pm.

One of the motorcyclists, a yet to be formally identified man, died at the scene.

The other motorcyclist, a 38-year-old Ringwood east man was airlifted to a Melbourne hospital in a critical condition.

The driver of the ute was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Police are calling for witnesses to the incident or with dash cam footage to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

Brisbane fatal

The 31-year-old male rider died and his 27-year-old female pillion was injured when their black Honda motorcycle collided with a Mazda 3 on Old Cleveland Rd about 2pm.

The pillion and Mazda driver, a 72-year-old woman, were taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Forensic Crash Unit investigators are appealing for witnesses and dash cam footage.

If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day.

You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered charity and community volunteer organisation, by calling 1800 333 000 or via 24hrs per day.

Quote this reference number: QP1901395867.

Five-bike crash

The 54-year-old male rider of a red Harley-Davidson motorcycle had his right lower leg amputated in a five-bike crash at Brightview, in the Lockyer Valley west of Brisbane about noon yesterday.

Police say the Harley rider appears to have been overtaking a vehicle heading north when it ran into a silver Holden Commodore sedan travelling south.

“Four other motorcycles following crashed while taking evasive action,” police say.

The 54-year-old man and another motorcyclist were airlifted to hospital for treatment to their injuries with another three men treated by paramedics.

The driver of the sedan, a 36-year-old woman, was also treated for minor injuries at the scene.

If you have information, quote this reference number: QP1901395049.

Click here for tips on safe overtaking in a motorcycle group.


Harley-Davidson launches new soundtrack

The famous Harley-Davidson “potato-potato” soundtrack now has a sister act with the electric LiveWire introducing a turbine whine.

Check out our video from the recent global media launch in Portland, Oregon.

You can get more details on the LiveWire, including price, tech specs, ride impressions and technology by clicking here for our full review.Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

Riding soundtrack

However, the most important thing about the newest Harley is the soundtrack to your riding.

Harley is famous for its distinctive exhaust soundtrack which many refer to as “potato-potato”.

Harley-Davidson’s name, trademark, and bar-and-shield and bald eagle logos are among the world’s most recognised.

In fact, in the late 1990s, the company even tried to trademark the “potato-potato” exhaust noise, but failed in US courts.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle soundtrack

Harley could have produced an electric motorcycle with virtually no sound like all the other electric motorcycles and scooters.

However, the engineers knew that they had to have a distinctive sound to satisfy the Harley fans.Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle soundtrack

And since there is no exhaust, the engineers meshed the primary spiral bevel gears to achieve the turbine whine that we hear in the above video.

You don’t really hear it much at low speeds.

The whine really kicks in when you give a fistful of throttleHarley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

And it disappears behind a wall of wind noise over about 80km/h.

So we wonder why they even bothered with the sound.hat do you think of the new-age Harley sound?