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New Gear: East Coast Koverz Standard Smart Commuter Kover

East Coast Koverz Standard Smart Commuter Kover motorcycle cover

The Standard Smart Commuter Kover by East Coast Koverz will keep your motorcycle protected from the elements no matter where you park it.

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The Standard Smart Commuter Kover is made of oxford nylon and comes with an attached backpack for quick and easy storage. The toggle lock-and-cord system around the bottom of the cover ensures that it remains securely in place and is easy to remove when you’re ready to hit the road.

The cover is available in Black, Electric Blue, Red, Gray, Khaki, and Purple for $189.99, with an optional license plate window for an additional $25.

Find the Standard Smart Commuter Kover at the East Coast Koverz website.

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2022 CFMOTO 700CL-X | Road Test Review

The CFMOTO 700CL-X is a naked middleweight with a mix of scrambler, street tracker, and sportbike styling elements, and it’s an absolute hoot to ride. (Photos by Kevin Wing)

Last summer I traveled to Minnesota, home of the CFMOTO U.S. headquarters, to test the company’s new lineup of motorcycles. On a flat, paved, tar-snaked road course at the Minnesota Highway Safety & Research Center, about a dozen journalists and influencers buzzed around on bikes ranging from the 125cc Papio minibike to the 800 ADVentura adventure bike.

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Launches featuring multiple bikes are like eating at a buffet: You get to taste a little bit of everything, but you don’t get the full experience of a dedicated entree. After the day at the track, I logged 350 miles on the 650 ADVentura, an affordable, middleweight adventure-styled touring bike with saddlebags, and I got to know the bike better.

But the CFMOTO I kept thinking about was the 700CL-X, a feisty middleweight naked bike with scrambler styling.


At the end of the trackday, when all the photography was done and we were given free reign, I hopped aboard the 700CL-X and played cat-and-mouse with two of my fellow scribes. John Burns was on the 800 ADVentura, and Ron Lieback was on the 650NK naked bike.

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Our bikes were like the Three Bears. Papa Bear was the 800 ADVentura, with a 799cc parallel-Twin that cranks out 95 hp with a curb weight of 509 lb. Mama Bear was the 700CL-X, with a 693cc parallel-Twin that makes 74 hp and weighing 426 lb. Though hardly a toddler like CFMOTO’s Papio, Baby Bear was the 650NK with a 649cc parallel-Twin that makes 60 hp and has a weight of 454 lb.


Try as we might, with pegs scraped and boot soles beveled, we could not break ranks. We’d bunch up in the corners, but John and I protected our lines so there were no chances to overtake. We’d draft each other heading onto the front straight and then pull three abreast with the throttles pinned, but there was no fighting the displacement advantage. Burns would pull ahead of me, and Lieback would be on my six, filling my mirrors.

Chasing buddies around a track for bragging rights over beers is always fun, but beyond that, I was really digging the 700CL-X. A wide, upright tubular handlebar gives it good steering leverage, and its light weight made it easy to throw into a corner or weave around the chicanes made of traffic cones. The real kicker was the 700CL-X’s throttle response. In Sport mode, giving it the whip revved up the Twin, and at around 7,000 rpm, there was a loud below from the exhaust and a surge in thrust, almost like V-Boost on the old Yamaha V-Max. Having a $6,499 motorcycle deliver that sort of thrill took me by surprise, and I wondered, What is this thing?



Although well-established in the U.S. market in the ATV and side-by-side segments, CFMOTO is not a familiar brand for most American motorcyclists. Founded in 1989, the Chinese company’s first decade was focused on supplying parts, components, and engines to major powersports manufacturers. In 2000, CFMOTO began building motorcycles, scooters, and off-road vehicles.

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CFMOTO has been selling its off-road vehicles in the U.S. since 2002, and after gaining a solid foothold in that market, it established its U.S. headquarters near Minneapolis. In 2012, CFMOTO began importing motorcycles to the U.S., but it met with limited success and pulled out a few years later. Reviews of CFMOTO’s motorcycles were generally positive, but American buyers are averse to new brands. Furthermore, many view Chinese-made motorcycles as being of inferior quality to those made in Japan, Europe, or the U.S.


Thanks to its well-established production expertise and capacity, in 2014 CFMOTO entered a strategic partnership with KTM and began manufacturing 200 Dukes and 390 Dukes for the Chinese market. In 2018, the two companies started a joint venture that allows CFMOTO to license and manufacture some of KTM’s engines. CFMOTO’s 800 ADVentura is powered by the 799cc LC8c parallel-Twin from KTM’s 790 Adventure. Starting in 2023, KTM’s parent company Pierer Mobility will distribute CFMOTO’s motorcycles in some European markets, an arrangement similar to the recent announcement that KTM North America will soon take over distribution of MV Agusta motorcycles in the U.S.

The 693cc parallel-Twin is held in place by a tubular chromoly-steel frame. Machined finishes are a nice touch.

While brand or country of origin are important for some buyers, others place a higher priority on style, performance, price, reliability, and dealer experience/proximity. With an MSRP of $6,499, the 700CL-X offers good value and is less expensive than other middleweight naked bikes like the Honda CB650R ($9,299), Kawasaki Z650 ABS ($8,249), Suzuki SV650 ABS ($7,849), Triumph Trident 660 ($8,395), and Yamaha MT-07 ($8,199). The 700CL-X is covered by a two-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, and CFMOTO has about 200 motorcycle dealers in the U.S.

Here’s Lookin’ at You

A tall, wide tapered aluminum handlebar gives the 700CL-X good steering leverage, and its solid chassis holds a line well.

Through its partnership with KTM, CFMOTO’s motorcycles are styled by Kiska. With its minimalist profile, tubular handlebar, bobtail with a one-piece seat, Y-spoke cast wheels with an 18-inch front, and Pirelli MT60 semi-knobby tires, the 700CL-X has the stance of a street tracker. Retro touches include a round headlight, a round gauge cluster, a single front disc, and a stubby exhaust shaped like a Foster’s Oil Can. One can see hints of the Ducati Scrambler in the 700CL-X’s tubular-steel frame, brushed aluminum tank panels, swingarm-mounted license plate carrier, and machined finishes on its engine’s faux cooling fins.

Y-spoke cast-aluminum wheels are shod with Pirelli MT60 semi-knobby tires that provide good grip.

With the exception of its switchgear and the layout of its LCD instrument panel, the 700CL-X doesn’t look cheap, and its fit and finish are on par with more expensive bikes. It is illuminated front and rear by LEDs, and it has a unique, bright-white headlight surround shaped like one of those Craftsman four-way flathead screwdrivers I used to have on my keychain. The turnsignals are self-canceling, the clutch and brake levers are adjustable for reach, the brake lines are steel braided, and the cleated footpegs have removable rubber inserts.

Embedded within the unique star-shaped headlight surround is a white LED daytime running light.

Motorcycles at this price point are usually limited to basic features, but the 700CL-X has throttle-by-wire with two ride modes (Eco and Sport), a slip/assist clutch, standard ABS, and cruise control. Most notable, in a class where the most one can typically hope for is spring preload adjustment, often only at the rear, the 700CL-X has a fully adjustable 41mm inverted KYB fork and a linkage-mounted KYB shock with a progressive spring rate and adjustable preload and rebound. Brakes are supplied by J.Juan (a Brembo subsidiary in Spain), with a radial-mount 4-piston front caliper squeezing a 320mm disc and a 2-piston rear caliper pinching a 260mm disc.

A very tidy tail.

Time to Ride

The 700CL-X is very approachable. Its dished seat is 31.5 inches high and provides decent support. The bike feels compact and light, and the tall handlebar allows the rider to sit mostly upright. Thumb the starter, and the CFMOTO’s 693cc DOHC parallel-Twin burbles to life, settling into a syncopated rumble. The engine compresses fuel and air with forged pistons that move up and down via fracture-split connecting rods.


Roll on the throttle, and the engine spins up quickly with no drama. Concerns about vibration and heat never crossed my mind, and the throttle-by-wire delivers crisp response without any vagueness or abruptness. When we rolled the 700CL-X into Jett Tuning’s dyno room and John Ethell ran it on the big drum, it sent 62 hp at 9,200 rpm (redline is 9,500) and 41.6 lb-ft of torque at 7,400 rpm to the rear wheel. The dyno curves show a notable bump above 7,000 rpm that corresponds with that boost sensation I mentioned earlier – a little extra kick in the pants to keep things lively.


Lightweight, modestly powered bikes like the 700CL-X are some of my favorites to ride. Unlike today’s liter-class fire-breathing beasts, I don’t feel any guilt about not being able to use the bike’s full power, nor inadequacy for not being able to exploit its capabilities. I mostly kept it in Sport mode because the milder throttle response of Eco mode felt like a letdown. If I were commuting or taking a weekend escape, then I’d use Eco and cruise control to conserve fuel.

But all I did on this test ride was flog the darn thing – I couldn’t help myself, and my fuel economy suffered accordingly. Pushing the 700CL-X hard through a series of curves was a blast, taking me right back to the fun I had last summer chasing John Burns and outrunning Ron Lieback. Some bikes just bring out my hyperactive inner child.

We tested a 2022 model. Updates to the 700CL-X for 2023 will include new traction control, some styling changes, and fresh colorways.

While the 700CL-X was solid and responsive and its suspension took a hammering without complaint, the single-disc front brake wasn’t quite up to the task. Stopping power was decent, but feedback at the lever was numb, and it exhibited some fade after repeated hard stops. A second front disc would probably help – or an upgrade like the setup found on CFMOTO’s 700CL-X Sport, a cafe racer version with top-shelf Brembo Stylema front calipers and an MSRP of $6,999.

After logging hundreds of miles on the 700CL-X on city streets, freeways, and winding backroads, there were a few things that left me wanting. The first is the small fuel tank, which holds just 3.5 gallons. (Other bikes in this class have fuel capacities ranging from 3.7-4.1 gallons.) During this test, I averaged 41 mpg, which works out to 143 miles of range. Exhibiting more throttle restraint is the sensible solution, but where’s the fun in that? I’d rather have more fuel to burn.

Brushed aluminum side panels make the fuel tank appear large, but its capacity is only 3.5 gallons. The 700CL-X runs on regular unleaded.

The second is the instrument panel. When less expensive bikes like the KTM 390 Duke – which CFMOTO builds for the Chinese market – have color TFT displays, the monochrome LCD display on the 700CL-X seems like an unfortunate way to save a few bucks. Other than the road in front of us, the instrument panel is the main thing we look at when riding. The 700CL-X’s gauge provides plenty of info, but the perimeter tachometer is hard to read, the text for some of the info functions is too small, and I couldn’t figure out how to reset the tripmeter without also advancing the clock by one hour. If I didn’t do the time warp again with each fill-up, I had to press the “Adjust” button 23 more times to correct it.

The LCD display shows speed, gear position, rpm, and other info, but the perimeter tachometer is difficult to read.

Lastly, the self-canceling turnsignals shut off too early. Hit the button and they’ll flash four or five times and then stop, which sometimes happens before the turn is executed.


Good Times

Over the past 15 years, I’ve ridden and tested hundreds of new motorcycles of nearly every size, configuration, and style. Because my passion for motorcycles runs deep and my tastes are omnivorous, I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every motorcycle I’ve ridden. Some aligned with expectations, some fell a bit short, and a few went above and beyond, exceeding expectations because something about their styling, character, or performance – or all three – felt special.

If you’re looking for a unique, exciting, affordable middleweight, the CFMOTO 700CL-X is worthy of consideration.

That happened to me last summer. As I worked my way up through CFMOTO’s eight-model lineup, the 700CL-X caught my eye because I like scrambler styling and I’m a sucker for gold wheels (which come with the Coal Grey colorway; the Twilight Blue colorway has black wheels). Then I rode it and was surprised by how responsive the engine was, especially that extra kick above 7,000 rpm, and it had a nice bark to its exhaust. It was also light, agile, and fun to ride.

The 700CL-X exceeded my expectations – not just for a motorcycle built in China, but for any motorcycle at this price point.


2022 CFMOTO 700CL-X Specs

Base Price: $6,499

Warranty: 2 yrs., unltd. miles



  • Type: Liquid-cooled, transverse parallel-Twin, DOHC w/ 4 valves per cyl.
  • Displacement: 693cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 83 x 64mm
  • Compression Ratio: 11.6:1
  • Valve Insp. Interval: 24,800 miles
  • Fuel Delivery: Bosch EFI w/ throttle-by-wire
  • Lubrication System: Wet sump, 2.3 qt. cap.
  • Transmission: 6-speed, cable-actuated wet slip/assist clutch
  • Final Drive: Chain


  • Frame: Tubular chromoly-steel trellis w/ cast aluminum swingarm
  • Wheelbase: 56.5 in.
  • Rake/Trail: 24.5 degrees/4.3 in.
  • Seat Height: 31.5 in.
  • Suspension, Front: 41mm inverted fork, fully adj., 5.9 in. travel
  • Rear: Single shock w/ linkage, adj. spring preload & rebound, 5.9 in. travel
  • Brakes, Front: 320mm disc w/ radial-mount 4-piston caliper & ABS
  • Rear: 260mm disc w/ 2-piston caliper & ABS
  • Wheels, Front: Cast aluminum, 3.50 x 18 in. 
  • Rear: Cast aluminum, 4.50 x 17 in.
  • Tires, Front: Tubeless, 110/80-R18
  • Rear: Tubeless, 180/55-R17
  • Wet Weight: 426 lb
  • Load Capacity: 368 lb 
  • GVWR: 794 lb


  • Horsepower: 62 hp @ 9,400 rpm (rear-wheel dyno)
  • Torque: 41.6 lb-ft @ 7,400 rpm (rear-wheel dyno)
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.5 gals
  • Fuel Consumption: 41 mpg
  • Estimated Range: 143 miles

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Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 Airbag Vest | Gear Review

Alpinestars Tech-Air 3
The author wearing the Tech-Air 3 outside his jacket.

The Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 is the newest addition to the Alpinestars lineup of airbag systems. The vest is positioned for use by urban commuters and touring riders. 

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Unlike the Tech-Air 5, the Tech-Air 3 was designed to be worn either outside or inside a motorcycle jacket. Compared to the Tech-Air 5’s $749.95 price tag, the Tech-Air 3 retails at $599.95, making it the most affordable, self-contained airbag system from Alpinestars to date.  

Like its more expensive counterpart, the Tech-Air 3 incorporates three gyroscopes and three accelerometers for detecting a crash. The sensors communicate with the vest’s ECU every millisecond. That’s 1,000 calculations every second and 3.6 million calculations over the course of a one-hour ride. According to Alpinestars, when a crash is detected, the vest inflates in 50 milliseconds, or 1/20th of a second. The street-only algorithm of the Tech-Air 3 was formulated to even detect a crash while stopped, for example, being struck from behind while at a stoplight. 

Alpinestars Tech-Air 3

The canister of the Tech-Air 3 needs replacing after each deployment, while the air bladder is capable of being reused up to three times. Replacing a canister is $99 at participating Alpinestars dealers, while both canister and air bladder replacement cost is $199. The same replacement costs on the Tech-Air 5 are $179 and $299, respectively. Some of the extra costs of the 5 can be attributed to its extra amount of protection. Where both the 3 and 5 cover a rider’s back, chest, and collarbones, the 5 also protects a rider’s ribs, shoulders, and upper arms.  

Alpinestars Tech-Air 3
Image shows bladder of Tech-Air 3.

Both the 3 and 5 are compatible with the Alpinestars Tech-Air app, which allows you to quickly check battery life, among other functions. Along these lines, the 3 boasts 40 hours of battery life compared to the 5’s 30 hours. Charging the 3 is a simple matter of connecting a USB-C cable to an easily accessible port inside the vest’s left breast. In terms of additional safety, the 5 comes with an included CE level 1 back protector whereas the 3 provides only a pocket for one.  

Alpinestars Tech-Air 3: Outside vs. Inside 

A key feature of the Tech-Air 3 is the versatility of wearing the vest outside a riding jacket as well as inside. The vest’s exterior shell is water resistant, and the ECU and electronics are housed within a waterproof pocket. All functional elements of the vest are removable so the vest can be washed. If worn on the inside of a riding jacket, Alpinestars recommends 1.6 inches of space around the rider’s torso so the air bladders can properly inflate.  

Alpinestars Tech-Air 3
The author wearing the Tech-Air 3 under his jacket.

For the guys, the Tech-Air 3 comes in black and yellow color schemes, whereas the Stella model for the ladies is currently only available in black. All the vests feature a reflective stripe above the shoulder, but the high-vis yellow is the obvious choice for conspicuity. The vest does not provide any inner pockets, but there is an exterior zippered pocket on the lower right side.  

The Tech-Air 3 provides a rider with the benefits of airbag protection without the additional cost of replacing a tight-fitting jacket that doesn’t provide the requisite amount of inner space. However, there are some drawbacks to exterior use. For one, it’s an aesthetic eyesore. Additionally, the vest covers all those nifty pockets your riding jacket provides. More importantly, if a crash were to occur, your riding jacket would most likely protect the vest from road rash damage if worn underneath, whereas if worn outside, both the riding jacket and vest would incur damage.  

Alpinestars Tech-Air 3
Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 in Black
Alpinestars Tech-Air 3
Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 in Black (back view)

Also, you should expect to get warm wearing the Tech-Air 3. Even with the vest worn underneath a full-mesh jacket on a mid-70s day, there was a noticeable increase in heat. In the realm of safety vs comfort, there’s always a tradeoff, and the water-resistant construction of the Tech-Air 3 equates to less airflow. 

Besides its insulating drawbacks, the Tech-Air 3 vest is comfortable to wear outside or inside a riding jacket. The canister is ergonomically designed to follow the contour of a rider’s body, but because it’s the heaviest element of the vest, it won’t go unnoticed residing on the backside of a rider’s left rear hip.  

The very user-friendly vest automatically activates via magnetic zip closures, then haptically notifies the wearer of the system’s readiness. Disengaging the system is almost as important as engaging it because the wrong series of motions or even a friendly slap on the back while off a motorcycle can trick the ECU into deciphering the event as a crash and engaging the system. So it is highly recommended to unzip the vest whenever you’re not riding to forgo any false deployments and save yourself from a $99 mishap. 

Alpinestars Tech-Air 3
Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 in Black/Yellow Fluo
Alpinestars Tech-Air 3
Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 in Black/Yellow Fluo (back view)

Is the Tech-Air 3 worth the price? According to Alpinestars, the system reduces impact force on a rider’s body by up to 95%. If wearing the vest outside your everyday riding jacket is important, it’s the only game in town from Alpinestars. If the external option is unnecessary, for only $150 more the Tech-Air 5 provides additional airbag protection for a rider’s ribs, shoulders, and upper arms, and comes with an included traditional back protector. The 5’s algorithm is also switchable between street and racetrack. As mentioned, though, it’s twice as expensive to service the Tech-Air 5, which makes the Tech-Air 3 a much more affordable alternative. 

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SA1NT armoured puffer jacket

Melbourne denim riding gear company SA1NT has branched out from denim pants and jackets into nylon Cordura, releasing an armoured puffer jacket.

SA1NT famously developed a six-second single-layer denim, but has now added nylon Cordura products to their lineup.

Cordura is durable and lightweight and has reasonable abrasion resistance. It’s not race track or touring standard, but good enough for street use.

Their new stylish puffer jacket is not cheap at $600 and at that price you only get the jacket – no impact protectors.

However, you can buy D30 Ghost Armour for the shoulders and elbows at an extra $100 and D30 viper stealth back armour for $59.99.

SA1NT ecommerce manager Michael Baxter says they certified the jacket both with and without armour. 

The fabric in the impact zones is rated 5.9 seconds (using CE-EN 13595 testing), but without armour the jacket has a class B garment CE-EN 17092 rating which is the third highest of the five levels of protection.

“When sold with the armour our jacket has a AA rating,” Michael says. 

“Moving forward we have developed our own SA1NT armours and will start including these in most of our CE-rated moto garments.”

Deakin University Fibre Science and Technology researcher Dr Chris Hurren says that to meet the CE “AAA” and “AA” certifications, jackets must be fitted with shoulder and elbow impact protectors.

Read the full story here.

I have been riding with this stylish puffer jacket for a few weeks in changeable weather from single digits to the high 20s.

It’s not really a winter jacket as it doesn’t have enough thermal protection for comfortable riding under the low 20s. And on the one day the temperature climbed toward 30C, I was sweating because there is no ventilation.

It’s not waterproof but is claimed to have a “water repellant” coating with a waterproof zipper. I haven’t tested it out in heavy rain, but got caught in a brief shower where the jacket kept me dry.

However, a piece of paper in my outside pocket did get damp because the pocket zippers are not waterproof.

The jacket features some clever ideas such as the wind-cheating cuffs that also stop the loose sleeves from riding up your arms in the wind.

I also like the pocket tag with a catch to hold your keys or in my case to hold my earplug container.

The jacket is extra long so it covers the space between pants and jacket for better protection in a slide and to keep your lower back warm.

It sits up way too high in the front collar which rubs against the helmet buckle. 

It’s only mildly uncomfortable if you are sitting bolt upright such as on a cruiser but is quite uncomfortable in any other riding position where you have to lean slightly forward.

The jacket features two outside pockets and one internal wallet/phone pocket. I would prefer at least one more internal pocket.

Some people like hoodies. They can be useful when you get off the bike, but I don’t like how they flap around and hit your helmet.

Thankfully the hoodie is easily detachable with a couple of clips and a zip.

There are no reflective materials, so it’s not really suitable for night riding.

This jacket comes in sizes small to XXXL and can be washed inside out with the armour removed.


New Gear: Cardo KTM PackTalk Edge Communication System

Cardo KTM PackTalk Edge

KTM and Cardo Systems have joined forces for the special-edition KTM PackTalk Edge mobile communication and connectivity unit. The Bluetooth unit withstands water, dust, and mud and can be easily magnet-mounted to any helmet with the Cardo Air Mount.

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Up to 15 bikes can hook up to the same signal within a 5-mile range (1 mile rider to rider), and the PackTalk Edge connects with any other Bluetooth headset of any brand.

The 40mm high-definition speakers are from JBL, and the noise-canceling microphone is activated by voice command. The unit can stream and share your favorite music, includes a built-in FM radio, and offers volume control based on outside ambient noises.

Cardo KTM PackTalk Edge

The Cardo KTM PackTalk Edge fully charges in two hours for 13 hours of battery life, or use the quick-charge feature for two hours of talk time after 20 minutes of charging.

The special-edition unit comes in KTM orange with the company graphic and sells for $389.95.

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New Gear: Highway 21 Turbine Mesh Jacket

Highway 21 Turbine Mesh Jacket

Created for the heat of summer riding, such as when you are touring one of the Rider Favorite Rides in the South Central U.S., Southeast U.S., or the West, the air mesh and protection of the Highway 21 Turbine Mesh Jacket will keep you cool while also providing comfort and safety.

The Turbine Mesh Jacket features abrasion-resistant mesh for maximum airflow, 600D polyester at critical wear areas, and a removable windproof Hydraguard rain liner.

Highway 21 Turbine Mesh Jacket

The removable CE Level 1 shoulder/elbow armor and back pad add safety, along with reflective panels, and the perfect fit comes from arm volume adjusters, hook-and-loop waist adjusters, and side expansion panels.

The Turbine Mesh Jacket comes in Black in sizes S-4XL for $119.95.

Shop for the Highway 21 Turbine Mesh Jacket on RevZilla

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Software foils Yamaha MT-09 models

Yamaha Australia has recalled its MT-09 range due to a software fault that can cause engine stalling.

The official notice says a software fault in the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) may cause the engine to stall “resulting in an unexpected loss of vehicle control accompanied by a warning light on the instrument panel”.

“A loss of vehicle control increases the risk of an accident causing injury or death to the rider and/or passenger or other road users,” it states.

Owners of the 835 affected bikes (MT09A, MT09ASP, MT09TRASP) from 2020 to 2o22 should contact their authorised Yamaha dealer to schedule an appointment to have the work carried out free of charge.

Yamaha MT-09SP
Yamaha MT-09SP

VINs of affected vehicles are lusted at the end of this article.

This is the first recall for Yamaha this year after last year scoring only one recall which was a substantial change over 2020 when it “top scored” with eight recalls.

There were official 46 safety recalls of motorcycles in Australia last year, the highest number monitored since 2009 and significantly more than the previous high of 37 in 2018.


Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

 this year after last year having only two recalls in a year where there were official 46 recalls, the highest number monitored since 2009 and significantly more than the previous high of 37 in 2018.

VINs of affected bikes

JYARN6927MA000301 JYARN6926MA000547 JYARN6963MA000315 JYARN6964NA000583
JYARN6929MA000302 JYARN6926MA000550 JYARN6965MA000316 JYARN6966NA000584
JYARN6920MA000303 JYARN6928MA000551 JYARN6967MA000317 JYARN6968NA000585
JYARN6922MA000304 JYARN692XMA000552 JYARN6969MA000318 JYARN6963NA000588
JYARN6924MA000305 JYARN6921MA000553 JYARN6960MA000319 JYARN6965NA000589
JYARN6926MA000306 JYARN6923MA000554 JYARN6967MA000320 JYARN6961NA000590
JYARN6928MA000307 JYARN6925MA000555 JYARN6969MA000321 JYARN6963NA000591
JYARN692XMA000308 JYARN6927MA000556 JYARN6960MA000322 JYARN6965NA000592
JYARN6921MA000309 JYARN6929MA000557 JYARN6962MA000323 JYARN6967NA000593
JYARN6928MA000310 JYARN6920MA000558 JYARN6964MA000324 JYARN6969NA000594
JYARN692XMA000311 JYARN6922MA000559 JYARN6966MA000325 JYARN6960NA000595
JYARN6921MA000312 JYARN6929MA000560 JYARN6968MA000326 JYARN6962NA000596
JYARN6923MA000313 JYARN6920MA000561 JYARN696XMA000327 JYARN6964NA000597
JYARN6925MA000314 JYARN6927MA000573 JYARN6961MA000328 JYARN6966NA000598
JYARN6927MA000315 JYARN6929MA000574 JYARN6963MA000329 JYARN6968NA000599
JYARN6929MA000316 JYARN6920MA000575 JYARN696XMA000330 JYARN6960NA000600
JYARN6920MA000317 JYARN6922MA000576 JYARN6961MA000331 JYARN6962NA000601
JYARN6922MA000318 JYARN6924MA000577 JYARN6963MA000332 JYARN6964NA000602
JYARN6924MA000319 JYARN6926MA000578 JYARN6965MA000333 JYARN6966NA000603
JYARN6920MA000320 JYARN6928MA000579 JYARN6967MA000334 JYARN6968NA000604
JYARN6922MA000321 JYARN6924MA000580 JYARN6969MA000335 JYARN696XNA000605
JYARN6924MA000322 JYARN6926MA000581 JYARN6960MA000336 JYARN6961NA000606
JYARN6926MA000323 JYARN6928MA000582 JYARN6962MA000337 JYARN6963NA000607
JYARN6928MA000324 JYARN692XMA000597 JYARN6964MA000338 JYARN6965NA000608
JYARN692XMA000325 JYARN6923MA000599 JYARN6966MA000339 JYARN6967NA000609
JYARN6921MA000326 JYARN6926MA000600 JYARN6962MA000340 JYARN6963NA000610
JYARN6923MA000327 JYARN692XMA000602 JYARN6964MA000341 JYARN6965NA000611
JYARN6925MA000328 JYARN6920MA000608 JYARN6966MA000342 JYARN6967NA000612
JYARN6927MA000329 JYARN6922MA000609 JYARN6968MA000343 JYARN6969NA000613
JYARN6923MA000330 JYARN6929MA000610 JYARN696XMA000344 JYARN6960NA000614
JYARN6925MA000331 JYARN6920MA000611 JYARN6961MA000345 JYARN6962NA000615
JYARN6927MA000332 JYARN6922MA000612 JYARN6963MA000346 JYARN6964NA000616
JYARN6929MA000333 JYARN6924MA000613 JYARN6965MA000347 JYARN6966NA000617
JYARN6920MA000334 JYARN6926MA000614 JYARN6967MA000348 JYARN6968NA000618
JYARN6922MA000335 JYARN6928MA000615 JYARN6969MA000349 JYARN696XNA000619
JYARN6924MA000336 JYARN692XMA000616 JYARN6965MA000350 JYARN6962NA000632
JYARN6926MA000337 JYARN6921MA000617 JYARN6967MA000351 JYARN6964NA000633
JYARN6928MA000338 JYARN6926MA000628 JYARN6969MA000352 JYARN6966NA000634
JYARN692XMA000339 JYARN6928MA000629 JYARN6960MA000353 JYARN6968NA000635
JYARN6926MA000340 JYARN6924MA000630 JYARN6962MA000354 JYARN696XNA000636
JYARN6928MA000341 JYARN6926MA000631 JYARN6964MA000355 JYARN6961NA000637
JYARN692XMA000342 JYARN6928MA000632 JYARN6966MA000356 JYARN6963NA000638
JYARN6921MA000343 JYARN692XMA000633 JYARN6968MA000357 JYARN6965NA000639
JYARN6923MA000344 JYARN6921MA000634 JYARN6962MA000368 JYARN6961NA000640
JYARN6925MA000345 JYARN6923MA000635 JYARN6964MA000369 JYARN6963NA000641
JYARN6927MA000346 JYARN6925MA000636 JYARN6960MA000370 JYARN6965NA000642
JYARN6929MA000347 JYARN6927MA000637 JYARN6962MA000371 JYARN6967NA000643
JYARN6920MA000348 JYARN6929MA000638 JYARN6964MA000372 JYARN6969NA000644
JYARN6922MA000349 JYARN6920MA000639 JYARN6966MA000373 JYARN6960NA000645
JYARN6929MA000350 JYARN6927MA000640 JYARN6968MA000374 JYARN6962NA000646
JYARN6920MA000351 JYARN6929MA000641 JYARN696XMA000375 JYARN6964NA000647
JYARN6922MA000352 JYARN6920MA000642 JYARN6961MA000376 JYARN6966NA000648
JYARN6924MA000353 JYARN6922MA000643 JYARN6963MA000377 JYARN6968NA000649
JYARN6926MA000354 JYARN6924MA000644 JYARN6965MA000378 JYARN696XNA000653
JYARN6928MA000355 JYARN6926MA000645 JYARN6967MA000379 JYARN6961NA000654
JYARN692XMA000356 JYARN6928MA000646 JYARN6963MA000380 JYARN6963NA000655
JYARN6921MA000357 JYARN692XMA000647 JYARN6965MA000381 JYARN6965NA000656
JYARN6923MA000358 JYARN6928MA000680 JYARN6967MA000382 JYARN706XMA000301
JYARN6925MA000359 JYARN6925MA000684 JYARN6969MA000383 JYARN7061MA000302
JYARN6921MA000360 JYARN6920MA000754 JYARN6960MA000384 JYARN7063MA000303
JYARN6923MA000361 JYARN6922MA000755 JYARN6962MA000385 JYARN7065MA000304
JYARN6925MA000362 JYARN6924MA000756 JYARN6964MA000386 JYARN7067MA000305
JYARN6927MA000363 JYARN6926MA000757 JYARN6966MA000387 JYARN7069MA000306
JYARN6929MA000364 JYARN6928MA000758 JYARN6968MA000388 JYARN7060MA000307
JYARN6920MA000365 JYARN692XMA000759 JYARN696XMA000389 JYARN7062MA000308
JYARN6922MA000366 JYARN6926MA000760 JYARN6966MA000390 JYARN7064MA000309
JYARN6924MA000367 JYARN6928MA000761 JYARN6968MA000391 JYARN7060MA000310
JYARN6926MA000368 JYARN692XMA000762 JYARN696XMA000392 JYARN7062MA000311
JYARN6928MA000369 JYARN6921MA000763 JYARN6961MA000393 JYARN7064MA000312
JYARN6924MA000370 JYARN6923MA000764 JYARN6963MA000394 JYARN7066MA000313
JYARN6926MA000371 JYARN6925MA000765 JYARN6965MA000395 JYARN7068MA000314
JYARN6928MA000372 JYARN6927MA000766 JYARN6967MA000396 JYARN706XMA000315
JYARN692XMA000373 JYARN6929MA000767 JYARN6969MA000397 JYARN7061MA000316
JYARN6921MA000374 JYARN6920MA000768 JYARN6960MA000398 JYARN7063MA000317
JYARN6923MA000375 JYARN6922MA000769 JYARN6962MA000399 JYARN7065MA000318
JYARN6925MA000376 JYARN6929MA000770 JYARN6965MA000400 JYARN7067MA000319
JYARN6927MA000377 JYARN6920MA000771 JYARN6967MA000401 JYARN7063MA000320
JYARN6929MA000378 JYARN6922MA000772 JYARN6961MA000409 JYARN7065MA000321
JYARN6929MA000381 JYARN6924MA000773 JYARN6968MA000410 JYARN7067MA000322
JYARN6920MA000382 JYARN6926MA000774 JYARN696XMA000411 JYARN7069MA000323
JYARN6922MA000383 JYARN6928MA000775 JYARN6961MA000412 JYARN7060MA000324
JYARN6924MA000384 JYARN692XMA000776 JYARN6963MA000413 JYARN7062MA000325
JYARN6926MA000385 JYARN6921MA000777 JYARN6965MA000414 JYARN7064MA000326
JYARN6928MA000386 JYARN6923MA000778 JYARN6967MA000415 JYARN7066MA000327
JYARN692XMA000387 JYARN6923MA000781 JYARN6969MA000416 JYARN7068MA000328
JYARN6921MA000388 JYARN6925MA000782 JYARN6960MA000417 JYARN706XMA000329
JYARN6921MA000391 JYARN6927MA000783 JYARN6962MA000418 JYARN7066MA000330
JYARN6923MA000392 JYARN6929MA000784 JYARN6964MA000419 JYARN7068MA000331
JYARN6925MA000393 JYARN6920MA000785 JYARN6960MA000420 JYARN706XMA000332
JYARN6927MA000394 JYARN6922MA000786 JYARN6962MA000421 JYARN7061MA000333
JYARN6929MA000395 JYARN6924MA000787 JYARN6964MA000422 JYARN7063MA000334
JYARN6920MA000396 JYARN6926MA000788 JYARN6966MA000423 JYARN7065MA000335
JYARN6922MA000397 JYARN6928MA000789 JYARN6968MA000424 JYARN7067MA000336
JYARN6924MA000398 JYARN6924MA000790 JYARN6965MA000431 JYARN7069MA000337
JYARN6923MA000408 JYARN6926MA000791 JYARN6967MA000432 JYARN7060MA000338
JYARN6925MA000409 JYARN6928MA000792 JYARN6969MA000447 JYARN7062MA000339
JYARN6921MA000410 JYARN692XMA000793 JYARN6960MA000448 JYARN7069MA000340
JYARN6923MA000411 JYARN6921MA000794 JYARN6962MA000449 JYARN7060MA000341
JYARN6925MA000412 JYARN6923MA000795 JYARN6969MA000450 JYARN7062MA000342
JYARN6927MA000413 JYARN6925MA000796 JYARN6960MA000451 JYARN7064MA000343
JYARN6929MA000414 JYARN6927MA000797 JYARN6962MA000452 JYARN7066MA000344
JYARN6920MA000415 JYARN6929MA000798 JYARN6964MA000453 JYARN7068MA000345
JYARN6922MA000416 JYARN6920MA000799 JYARN6966MA000454 JYARN706XMA000346
JYARN6924MA000417 JYARN6923MA000800 JYARN6968MA000455 JYARN7061MA000347
JYARN6926MA000418 JYARN6925MA000801 JYARN696XMA000456 JYARN7063MA000348
JYARN6928MA000419 JYARN6927MA000802 JYARN6961MA000457 JYARN7065MA000349
JYARN6924MA000420 JYARN6929MA000803 JYARN6963MA000458 JYARN7061MA000350
JYARN6926MA000421 JYARN6920MA000804 JYARN6965MA000459 JYARN7063MA000351
JYARN6928MA000422 JYARN6922MA000805 JYARN6961MA000460 JYARN7065MA000352
JYARN692XMA000423 JYARN6924MA000806 JYARN6963MA000461 JYARN7067MA000353
JYARN6921MA000424 JYARN6926MA000807 JYARN6965MA000462 JYARN7069MA000354
JYARN6923MA000425 JYARN6928MA000808 JYARN6967MA000463 JYARN7060MA000355
JYARN6925MA000426 JYARN692XMA000809 JYARN6969MA000464 JYARN7062MA000356
JYARN6927MA000427 JYARN6926MA000810 JYARN6960MA000465 JYARN7068MA000362
JYARN6929MA000428 JYARN692XMA000812 JYARN6962MA000466 JYARN7063MA000379
JYARN6920MA000429 JYARN6921MA000813 JYARN6964MA000467 JYARN706XMA000380
JYARN6927MA000430 JYARN6923MA000814 JYARN6966MA000468 JYARN7061MA000381
JYARN6929MA000431 JYARN6925MA000815 JYARN6968MA000469 JYARN7063MA000382
JYARN6920MA000432 JYARN6927MA000816 JYARN6964MA000470 JYARN7065MA000383
JYARN6922MA000433 JYARN6929MA000817 JYARN6966MA000471 JYARN7067MA000384
JYARN6924MA000434 JYARN6920MA000818 JYARN6968MA000472 JYARN7069MA000385
JYARN6926MA000435 JYARN6922MA000819 JYARN696XMA000473 JYARN7060MA000386
JYARN6928MA000436 JYARN6929MA000820 JYARN6961MA000474 JYARN7062MA000387
JYARN692XMA000437 JYARN6920MA000821 JYARN6963MA000475 JYARN7064MA000388
JYARN6921MA000438 JYARN6922MA000822 JYARN6965MA000476 JYARN7066MA000389
JYARN6923MA000439 JYARN6924MA000823 JYARN6967MA000477 JYARN7062MA000390
JYARN692XMA000440 JYARN6926MA000824 JYARN6969MA000478 JYARN7064MA000391
JYARN6921MA000441 JYARN6928MA000825 JYARN6960MA000479 JYARN7066MA000392
JYARN6923MA000442 JYARN692XMA000826 JYARN6967MA000480 JYARN7068MA000393
JYARN6925MA000443 JYARN6921MA000827 JYARN6969MA000481 JYARN706XMA000394
JYARN6927MA000444 JYARN6923MA000828 JYARN6960MA000482 JYARN7061MA000395
JYARN6929MA000445 JYARN6925MA000829 JYARN6962MA000483 JYARN7063MA000396
JYARN6920MA000446 JYARN6921MA000830 JYARN6964MA000484 JYARN7065MA000397
JYARN6922MA000447 JYARN6920NA000979 JYARN6966MA000485 JYARN7067MA000398
JYARN6924MA000448 JYARN6927NA000980 JYARN6968MA000486 JYARN7069MA000399
JYARN6926MA000449 JYARN6929NA000981 JYARN696XMA000487 JYARN7061MA000400
JYARN6922MA000450 JYARN6920NA000982 JYARN6961MA000488 JYARN7069MA000404
JYARN6924MA000451 JYARN6922NA000983 JYARN6963MA000489 JYARN7064MA000407
JYARN6926MA000452 JYARN6924NA000984 JYARN696XMA000490 JYARN7066MA000408
JYARN6928MA000453 JYARN6926NA000985 JYARN6961MA000491 JYARN7068MA000409
JYARN692XMA000454 JYARN6928NA000986 JYARN6963MA000492 JYARN7064MA000410
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JYARN6925MA000457 JYARN6923NA000989 JYARN6969MA000495 JYARN706XMA000413
JYARN6927MA000458 JYARN692XNA000990 JYARN6960MA000496 JYARN7061MA000414
JYARN6929MA000459 JYARN6921NA000991 JYARN6962MA000497 JYARN7063MA000415
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JYARN6922MA000545 JYARN6968MA000312 JYARN6969NA000580
JYARN6924MA000546 JYARN696XMA000313 JYARN6960NA000581
JYARN6961MA000314 JYARN6962NA000582


Ducati unleash flagship Panigale V4 SP2

Ducati has unleashed its most powerful Panigale yet, the V4 SP2, which come with a special track-day kit.

The limited-edition and numbered, single-seat Ducati Panigale V4 SP2 will be available in Australia and New Zealand in the third quarter of 2022 at $A56,900 ($NZ59,495) ride away.

That’s a fun $A16,100 more than the V4 S model.

It features carbon fibre rims, Brembo Stylema R brake calipers, MCS radial master cylinder, dry clutch, 520 chain and billet footpegs.

If you want to take it to the track, it comes with a special kit to get it ready for racetrack fun.

The kit includes billet aluminium caps to remove the mirrors and number plate, plus an open carbon clutch cover.

Be aware that this makes it illegal to ride on the road in this format.

The Panigale V4 SP2 comes in the “Winter Test” livery with matte black fairings, rims and wings, with the bright red accents and exposed brushed aluminium tank.

The wings with double profile design feature the Italian flag which also appears on the official Panigale V4 R SBK. 

The lower fairing has Ducati’s racing Corse logo on the new hot air extractors and red lettering on the black saddle.

The steering head is machined from solid aluminium and shows the build number.

Like the V4 S, it is powered by the 1103cc Desmosedici Stradale engine derived from MotoGP with a counter-rotating crankshaft. 

For 2022, the engine has been updated for 1.5hp more power and improved throttle response. 

This Euro 5 version delivers 215.5hp at 13,000 rpm, but 218hp beyond 14,500rpm.
Ducati has also provided dedicated gear-by-gear torque curves and four different Power Modes (Full, High, Medium, Low) to harness this power.

The Full and Low configurations are newly developed, while the High and Medium configurations use a new strategy. 

You can also buy a track-only titanium racing exhaust, developed in with Akrapovič redesigned to increase power by 12.5hp, trueque up too 131Nm, reduce weight by 5kg and limit noise so it complies with noise limits being introduced at most tracks.

Panigale V4 SP2 has a “track-oriented” gearbox with lightened final drive 520 chain and STM-EVO SBK dry clutch for anti-hopping and greater fluidity in all phases of “off throttle” compared with the oil bath clutch of the Panigale V4 S. 

The STM-EVO SBK clutch also allows riders to customise the “mechanical” engine brake level by choosing a different secondary spring from those available in the Ducati Performance accessories catalogue. 

The chassis of the Panigale V4 SP2 includes an aluminium front frame that uses the Desmosedici Stradale as a stressed element. 

The aluminium swingarm and the seat post in shell-cast aluminium are directly connected to the engine and the pivot is positioned to increase anti-squat.

It features an electronically controlled 125mm travel Öhlins NPX25/30 forks using a pressurised cartridge damping system derived from racing forks. 

The rear shock is a Öhlins TTX36 with the electronic steering damper, with Objective Based Tuning Interface logic that allows the rider a more intuitive management than traditional “click” systems. 

It sits on 5-split spoke carbon wheels, 1.4 kg lighter than the aluminium forged ones of the Panigale V4 S. The carbon rims guarantee a significant reduction in inertia (-26% at the front, -46% at the rear) for improved agility, lightness in direction changes and greater ease in closing the curves. 

Brakes are Brembo Stylema R calipers on the front operated by a Brembo Multiple Click System radial pump that allows riders to adjust the wheelbase quickly and easily on three configurations.

The front brake lever has a “remote adjuster” like on race bikes.

Even the brake and clutch levers are milled at the ends to reduce air resistance. 

It comes with adjustable Italian Rizoma race pegs in anodised aluminium with carbon fibre heel guards. 

The Panigale V4 SP2 electronic package includes controls that manage all the riding phases, whose operating parameters are linked by default to the 4 Riding Modes (Race A, Race B, Sport, Street). 

Riders can see all these electronic parameters on the dashboard in “Track Evo” display mode, derived from the one used in MotoGP. 

In this mode, the tacho moves horizontally in the highest part of the svcerrn for maximum visibility with the gear indicator in the centre. 

On the right side of the display there are four different coloured sectors, each dedicated to an electronic control (DTC, DWC, DSC, EBC). 

These sectors light up individually when the electronics are working on a certain parameter, remaining on for the time necessary for the rider to identify which indicator is activated. 

This signalling mode helps the rider understand the control that has worked to allow them to intervene in a more precise and timely way on the choice of optimal level.

The left sector completes the information with the chronometer, number of laps completed and speed. 

A GPS module has an automatic Lap Time function with two split times. 

If you load the optional Slick Ducati Performance Software, you can dial in traction control for slick and rain tyres, memorise the coordinates of five different tracks and dial in five additional fully customisable Riding Modes. 

Riders and their team support crew can also analyse their performance with the Ducati Data Analyser, just like a MotoGOP team.


Freestyle MX show hits central coast

Australia’s most renowned freestyle motocross stunt king, Robbie Maddison will headline The Freestyle Kings show coming to the NSW Central Coast on 19 February 2022.

The one exclusive night-time show will be staged at the Central Coast Stadium in Gosford.

The two-hour family fun event will include several world-first attempts and be choreographed to music, fireworks and firebreathers.

There will be front flips, double backflips, side by side jumps performed bigger, faster and higher than before, hitting heights of more than 25m.

Robbie Maddison, who is back in Australia for the first time in three years, will headline the show.

He is perhaps best known for his riding-on-water stunt in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Robbie Maddison rides on water at Sydney Motorcycle Show - Brisbane luca
Robbie rides Sydney Harbour

The Australian FMX champ holds several world records including the longest distance jumped on a motorcycle.

His stunt work includes riding across the roofs of Istanbul for the James Bond movie Skyfall, riding down an Olympic ski jump for the One Any Sunday sequel, back-flipping over the Tower Bridge in London, jumping the Corinth Canal in Greece, and leaping up to and jumping off the Las Vegas Arc de Triomphe replica.

He will share the show with FMX Champion and thirteen-time X Games medallist Rob Adelberg, two-time World Games Champion Pat Bowden, X games Gold medallist Jackson Strong, Japan Gold medallist Taka Higashino, 15-year-old Ry Davis, Lance Russell from Sydney, plus veteran rider and local heroes Dayne Kinnaird and Michael ‘Chucky’ Norris.

“I can’t wait to get back to Australia with an elite team of riders and crew,” Robbie says.

“These guys are the best in the business, and we are so excited to put on an explosive show for the fans.  We have some pretty special stunts planned and world firsts.”

Hobart motorcycle parking

All riders will appear exclusively to Freestyle Kings Live and won’t be seen on any other freestyle motocross show in Australia.

The family friendly event will cater to fans of all-ages and will give them the opportunity to meet their idols at a pre-event meet and greet in an open air stadium which provides a safe environment for all.

Tickets are on sale now at Ticketek from $50.75 for kids and $76.90 for adults.

The show starts at 7.30pm.