Tickets Now Available For MotoAmerica Laguna Seca Round

Fans are welcome back to Laguna Seca for MotoAmerica in July. 

Begin press release:

MotoAmerica, the premier motorcycle road racing series in North America, is pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for the GEICO Motorcycle MotoAmerica Superbike Speedfest at Monterey, the fifth round of the 2021 MotoAmerica Series, at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, July 9-11.

The iconic 2.2-mile racetrack in the hills of Monterey, California, will feature the top-class HONOS Superbike Championship along with five other classes of MotoAmerica racing – Supersport, Stock 1000, Twins Cup, Junior Cup, and a return of the hugely popular King of the Baggers.

In addition to virtually non-stop racing action, MotoAmerica will turn the weekend into a fan-interactive motorcycle festival, including special events and activities for fans of all ages.

“Last year we had big plans for our round at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, but COVID-19 put a damper on that,” said MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey. “We were fortunate that we were able to hold our season finale last year, considering the circumstances, and we made the most of it with a great event and a lot of fantastic racing. This season promises to deliver all of our fans, old and new, even more excitement, both on-track and off. We’re eager to roll out our plans for this year’s GEICO Motorcycle MotoAmerica Superbike Speedfest at Monterey. It will be a celebration of motorcycles that our fans are going to love.”

Ticket packages are plentiful and range from General Admission to the Full Throttle VIP package, featuring exclusive access including pit lane and race grid walks, preferred podium viewing, and more. Three-day camping is also available for the MotoAmerica weekend at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, with popular sites selling out quickly each year.

For more information and/or to purchase tickets, click HERE

2021 MotoAmerica Series Schedule

*March 30-31              Circuit of The Americas                       Austin, Texas
April 30-May 1             Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta         Braselton, Georgia
May 21-23                   Virginia International Raceway            Danville, Virginia
June 11-13                  Road America                                      Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
June 25-27                  Ridge Motorsports Park                      Shelton, Washington
July 9-11                     WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca  Monterey, California
July 30-August 1         Brainerd International Raceway          Brainerd, Minnesota
August 13-15              Pittsburgh Int’l Race Complex             Wampum, Pennsylvania
September 10-12        New Jersey Motorsports Park             Millville, New Jersey
September 17-19        Barber Motorsports Park                     Birmingham, Alabama
**TBD                         Circuit of The Americas                        Austin, Texas

*Dunlop Tire Test (all classes)
** Superbike only with MotoGP

For the complete 2021 MotoAmerica Series schedule, click HERE

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Energica 2021 Motorcycles Now Equipped With CHAdeMO Charging System

Adopting the CHAdeMO charging system to its motorcycles has allowed Energica to enter the Japanese market.

Begin press release: 

Energica Motor Company, the leading international company in the sector of high-performance electric motorcycles and FIM Enel MotoE World Cup single manufacturer until 2022, is now taking yet another step to expand its commercial offerings, with the option of including the CHAdeMO charging system on Energica MY2021 motorcycles.

Energica is therefore the first manufacturer of electric motorcycles to adhere to both major international protocols on charging systems currently on global market: CCS and CHAdeMO.

“Since the inception of the Energica project, we embraced the combined charging system (CCS) as standard.” Says Giampiero Testoni, CTO Energica Motor Company S.p.A.

“We were true pioneers, the only electric motorcycle manufacturer to integrate DC fast charging technology into its products. We are delighted to have paved the way for other brands that have followed our path. Today we have also joined the second global standard, CHAdeMO. In this way, we are not only responding to the needs of the Japanese market we’ve just entered, but to any customer around the world who prefers this recharging system “.

The pandemic year that has just ended has not at all hindered the R&D activities of the Energica technical team, which in just few months developed the CHAdeMO charging system specifically for the Energica MY2021 range.

“We have internally developed a new control unit to manage the dialogue between the vehicle and the CHAdeMO charging station. This system manages the exchange of information to initialize the charge, stop it, together with all the CHADEMO protocol needs.” Testoni continues.

“Our existing VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) has been adapted to be able to implement the dialogue with the newly developed control unit. This interaction is fundamental to guarantee the technical demands of this standard. ”

“Obviously we had to equip the motorcycle with the independent CHAdeMO fast charge socket to which we also added an additional socket for slow charging. Technical studies related to the design ensure we can always position the system under the seat of the vehicle, where the CCS Combo standard has already been present ”. Charging times are identical as for the CCS Combo standard:

• Fast Charge DCFC – Mode 4: 400 km / h or 6.7 km / min
• Slow Charge Charge – Mode 2 or 3: 63.5 km / h

The Energica MY2021 motorcycles equipped with CHAdeMO have been tested internally by the Energica staff thanks to the presence of charging stations with a dedicated socket inside the Modena headquarters.

Further interoperability tests to verify dialogue with the CHAdeMO system will be carried out at the Joint Research Center at Ispra to ensure the compatibility of Energica motorcycles with all CHAdeMO charging columns in use globally.

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MotoAmerica Live+ Available Now For 2021 Season

Special Pre-Season Pricing Now Through March 15.

Begin press release:

MotoAmerica, the premier motorcycle road racing series in North America, has announced that MotoAmerica Live+, the series’ extremely popular live and on-demand streaming service, is now available for the 2021 MotoAmerica Series at a pre-season sale price of $54.99. The service is available for iOS and Android apps and Roku streaming media players and smart TVs.

The pre-sale pricing of $54.99 will be available through March 15, and existing MotoAmerica Live+ customers will be renewed automatically on March 1 at the sale price, which equates to $5.50 per round. In addition to the season package, individual rounds can be purchased pre-race for $9.99. After March 15, MotoAmerica Live+ will cost $74.99 for the season package.

MotoAmerica Live+ is the only place where fans can watch all of the MotoAmerica races live, including HONOS Superbikes, King of the Baggers, Stock 1000, Supersport, Twins Cup, Junior Cup and more. Plus, with MotoAmerica Live+ you will have access to series archives via Video On Demand. This package opens the series to anyone with a computer and/or smart TV/phone and internet access worldwide.

“We gained a lot of momentum with MotoAmerica Live+ during the 2020 racing season as many used the service to keep up with the series and all the action it had to offer,” said MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey. “For the second straight year, we are offering a special pre-sale for the service that is available until March 1. The coming season promises to be our best yet in all classes, with the Superbike class really up for grabs. There are five or six guys who could potentially win Superbike races and challenge for the championship. It should be a lot of fun to watch, and MotoAmerica Live+ gives our fans a chance to experience all of our on-track activity from each and every round and all the classes.”

For more information and to subscribe, visit

For those wishing to opt out of their current MotoAmerica Live+ subscription, follow these steps: 1) Log into your account at; 2) Go to your settings; and 3) Select “Cancel Subscription.” This will ensure you are not charged for the next renewal.

2021 MotoAmerica Provisional Series Schedule

*March 30-31              Circuit of The Americas                       Austin, Texas
April 30-May 1             Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta         Braselton, Georgia
May 21-23                   Virginia International Raceway            Danville, Virginia
June 11-13                  Road America                                     Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
June 25-27                  Ridge Motorsports Park                      Shelton, Washington
July 9-11                     WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca  Monterey, California
July 30-August 1         Brainerd International Raceway          Brainerd, Minnesota
August 13-15              Pittsburgh Int’l Race Complex             Wampum, Pennsylvania
September 10-12        New Jersey Motorsports Park             Millville, New Jersey
September 17-19        Barber Motorsports Park                     Birmingham, Alabama
**TBD                          Circuit of The Americas                       Austin, Texas

*Dunlop Tire Test (all classes)
** Superbike only with MotoGP

For the complete 2021 MotoAmerica Series schedule, click HERE

To purchase tickets to any of the 2021 series rounds, click HERE

For information on how to watch the MotoAmerica Series, click HERE

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Energica Receives A Record-Breaking Order From Taiwan

This order from Taiwan boosted Energica’s overall sales by over 25%.  

Begin press release:

Energica Motor Company, leading company of high-performing electric motorcycle and FIM Enel MotoE World Cup single manufacturer until 2022, received a record order from Taiwanese importer Russ Tiger Enterprise Co., Ltd.

The order is the most significant batch in the history of the Company received in a single tranche and includes all the models of the Energica line-up, for a total value of €836k.

Thanks to this record order, the Company added a further 14% of the 2020 turnover to values previously reported, thus reaching a 28% plus 11% of US floorplan.

Russ Tiger has contributed to promoting the Energica brand in its territory since the beginning of the commercial partnership, which was signed last April 2020.

The vehicles will be destined for the country’s customers, who are increasingly sensitive to the quality and design of Made in Italy, as well as to sustainable mobility and environmental sustainability.

“Electric vehicles are the trend because of environment protection. Besides, the weather and the environment in Taiwan are also suitable for electric bike riders.” Says Russ Tsai, Russ Tiger Enterprise CEO.

“Our government supports the industry by applying a reduced commodity tax. Its electric bike range with unique Italian style, performance and being the MotoE supplier are the factors that make us place our trust in Energica bikes. This order is just the beginning, more will be coming soon.”

“The Energica motorcycles ordered will be produced and will arrive in the upcoming months in Taichung, base of operations of Russ Tiger Enterprise Co., Ltd.” Says Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales & Field Marketing Director.

“We are proud to have a business partner with the same long-term vision as us; we are confident to continue our development in the Asia Pacific area in the coming months, bringing our brand and our motorcycles to new markets with high development potential”.

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CAKE Launches the Kalk AP Anti-Poaching Electric Bush Bike

It’s always pleasant to see motorbikes helping to do good around the world. 

Begin Press Release: 

CAKE Launches the Kalk AP, an Anti-Poaching Electric Bush Bike

CAKE partners with the Southern African Wildlife College and Goal Zero, launching a solar-powered electric motorbike to help anti-poaching units protect Africa’s endangered wildlife

(Stockholm, Sweden – January 27, 2021) – CAKE, the Swedish leader in premium electric off-road motorbikes, announced today the launch of Kalk AP (Anti-Poaching), a special edition Kalk that has been redefined and optimized for rangers working to protect wildlife in the harsh conditions of the African bush. The Kalk AP is a critical component of CAKE’s recently launched initiative, the Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Act, which aims to help organizations in Africa combat the devastating effects of poaching on the continent’s most endangered species.

The Kalk AP has been developed in tandem with staff at the Southern African Wildlife College to ensure the motorbikes can successfully serve rangers in their work. Later this year, the CAKE Kalk AP will enter field operations when the SAWC begins formally testing and utilizing the motorcycles with the associated Goal Zero solar kits as part of its educational curriculum and training.

“Solar power, new technology, and a new category of vehicles that help save endangered species in Africa. This is a perfect example of purpose meeting sustainability,” commented founder and CEO of CAKE, Stefan Ytterborn. “We are extremely honored to be able to work with our partners on this initiative and to contribute to developing the means to help curb poaching in the region.”

The Kalk AP is available for purchase as part of a ‘buy-one-give-one’ charity campaign that funds the initiative. CAKE and Goal Zero will also donate their profit margin from these sales directly to the SAWC. When a customer purchases a Kalk AP, an identical twin is made and delivered to an anti-poaching unit active in one of the 25 national parks where the Southern African Wildlife College manages anti-poaching teams.

Additionally, purchasing a Kalk AP also covers the donation of a solar panel and power station kit from Goal Zero that enables the twin bike to operate in the African bush independent from the electric power grid on an ongoing, self-sufficient mission to protect wildlife. All twin bikes are also connected via the CAKE connectivity platform, meaning that a customer can stay connected to the sibling bike that is in the bush. The customer will receive continuous updates on where it is, what is happening, and what good it has achieved. CAKE will also receive these notifications and will share ongoing achievements in various channels.

Customers looking to support the Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Act by purchasing a Kalk AP can do so by reserving a model for $1000 at The total cost of a Kalk AP, the donation of a Kalk AP, and the solar panel / solar kit is $25,000 with delivery starting September 2021.

Kalk AP Specifications

The Kalk AP weighs just 176lbs / 80kgs and uses a 50A / 2.6kWh battery to deliver a peak motor output of 11kW and 3+ hours of ride time. This powerful system results in 42nM of torque at the hub, 280nM of torque on the wheel, and propels the bike to top speeds over 56mph / 90kph. The bike features CAKE’s three ride modes and three braking modes while also using the same gearing as the Kalk OR / Kalk INK with an 80T rear sprocket and 12T front sprocket.

Furthermore, the software has been adjusted to enable the bike to deal with higher temperatures, and specific heat driving characteristics have also been modified—for example, achieving high speeds may not be as necessary as torque at low speeds. Like all CAKE models, the battery is removable and can be charged while on the bike or separately.

The robust and specifically developed front and rear suspension cater to low maintenance without sacrificing performance. A sealed motor means the bike is fully submersible and resistant to the harsh, dusty conditions rangers encounter.

The bike features a high front fender to deal with mud and clear obstacles. It utilizes CAKE’s 18 x 1.85” rims and 3.5” Continental TKC80 off-road tires on both wheels. This setup is a different wheel and tire configuration than other Kalk models, enabling the Kalk AP to disperse weight and decrease ground pressure—an absolute must in muddy conditions.

Kalk AP utilizes a 2100 lumen removable clamp on headlight for powerful illumination, and all plastic components on the bike are made from recycled, fiber-reinforced Trifilon, a biodegradable polymer.

CAKE Connect is a prominent feature of the bike, providing navigation, communication, and location identification. This feature will also help the teams better understand what adjustments they will need to make to optimize performance and efficiency while in the field.

Background on the Initiative and Partnership with SAWC

Poaching has devastating consequences for all wildlife all over Africa. In some instances, it is the primary reason why many species face the risk of extinction. Contrary to general perception, one of the strongest motivations for poaching is poverty and the need for food among local inhabitants. Areas with widespread poaching are often large, remote, and lacking roads, making patrolling by car virtually impossible.

Recently, anti-poaching teams have started using dirt bikes for patrolling. However, these bush bikes run on gasoline, and, depending on the location, the fuel used to power these bikes must be brought in by truck or via helicopter. Although the motorcycle approach has proven highly successful, the roaring combustion engines unfortunately alert poachers miles away, decreasing the chances of catching them. By utilizing CAKEs electric off-road motorcycles, the goal is to increase efficiency in catching poachers without forewarning them of an approach.

The Southern African Wildlife College is situated just 10 km west of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. It is the perfect campus setting to provide working examples for students to learn conservation theory and best practices in and out of the classroom. As part of its ‘learning by doing’ curriculum, the SAWC establishes a cycle of innovation and development. The curriculum and various training programs are continuously evolving, allowing the SAWC to address current conservation training needs while shaping the future conservation landscape.

As a center of specialization in conservation education, training, and skills development, the SAWC’s approach is rooted in science, partnerships, and applied learning. The SAWC’s Applied Learning Unit supports the SAWC’s efforts by facilitating monitoring, evaluation, research, and application in all departments, enabling the SAWC to maintain focus on real issues faced by students and practitioners in their work. For these reasons, the SAWC keeps up to date with relevant new techniques and has, for example, recently pioneered and seen great success with the use of free-running pack hounds in the battle against rhinoceros poaching in the Greater Kruger National Park.

“This partnership to test new technologies for innovative conservation solutions is extremely exciting. We are very proud to be partnering with CAKE and Goal Zero to test these electric offroad bikes given the impact that this could have on countering poaching across Africa,” said the SAWC’s CEO, Theresa Sowry.

More info on SAWC:

More info on Goal Zero:

More info on

About CAKE: CAKE is a Swedish company with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society by combining excitement and responsibility in its development of light, quiet, and clean high performance electric off-road motorcycles. Its first model, the Kalk, debuted at Denver’s OR and Munich’s ISPO shows in January 2018 and has received numerous accolades, including the 2019 and 2020 Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, Automotive Brand Contest Award, and “Best in Show” designation by several outdoor industry publications. In 2019, CAKE launched the Kalk&, a street-legal motorcycle as well as Ösa+ and Ösa Lite, a utility platform with an integrated power station and off-road capabilities, which extended their award-winning streak. Kalk INK debuted in March 2020, with the street-legal Kalk INK SL entering the line in April 2020. CAKE expanded into the race scene in November 2020, launching the Kalk OR Race and Kalk INK Race. It’s all about the outdoors. Explore with respect. Learn more about CAKE at

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Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Announces 2021 Off-Road Team Line-Up

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing is ready to compete in a slew of off-road championships in 2021. 

Begin Press Release: 



Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing has announced its 2021 off-road team lineup, which includes five of the nation’s top riders in their respective disciplines. With seasoned veteran Colton Haaker headlining the team’s Enduro effort for the sixth year, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing also welcomes back Thad DuVall, Trevor Bollinger and Craig DeLong to contest the east coast championships, while Austin Walton is set to represent the west in his second season of premier class racing with the team.

Haaker, one of the most decorated off-road racers in the U.S., will face a hungry field of premier class competition this season as the four-time AMA EnduroCross Champion looks to defend his title once again in 2021 aboard the FX 350. Additionally, as a three-time FIM SuperEnduro World Champion, Haaker will compete in select rounds of the AMA National Extreme Offroad Championship aboard the TE 300i this season.

Thad Duvall heads into the 2021 AMA Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series healthy and strong as he returns to the team aboard the FX 350. DuVall missed most of the 2020 championship due to a knee injury but he eased his way back at the end of the season to prepare for an XC1 Open Pro title fight in 2021. DuVall will also compete in the U.S. Sprint Enduro Series this season.

Trevor Bollinger also returns to the team in 2021, racing aboard the FX 450 in the GNCC and AMA National Enduro Championship. Coming off a pair of knee injuries in 2020, Bollinger has been putting in the work to be healthy and ready to go at the start of the season.

Craig DeLong, who clinched the GNCC XC2 250 Pro Championship as well as the National Enduro NE Pro2 title in 2020, will be mixing things up this season in terms of competition. Returning to defend his XC2 title aboard the FC 250, DeLong will make the jump into the AMA National Enduro Championship’s NE Pro1 division where he will line up on the FX 350.

Following a solid debut with the team in 2020, Austin Walton will return this season racing aboard the FX 450 in the World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS) and the AMA National Grand Prix Championship. With a WORCS overall victory under his belt last season, Walton looks to take his winning experience into the new year as he contests his first-ever title in the premier class.

I am excited for the 2021 season and how the team is structured. Colton and Craig are eager and ready to defend their 2020 championships. It will be great to have Thad back heathy and consistently running up front. Trevor has had some setbacks but is more determined than ever to come back stronger. Austin has a year under his belt now and understands what it takes to run up front so I have no doubts we will see him on the podium often.” – Tim Weigand, Team Manager

The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team will kick off its 2021 off-road race schedule this weekend in Delano, California for Round 1 of the AMA National Grand Prix Championship. For more information on Husqvarna Motorcycles and its athletes, visit

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Thor Launches 2021 Spring Gear

Thor’s coming in hot for Spring 2021. 

Begin Press Release:



January 18, 2021, Poway, CA – To get where you are going, you have got to know where you have been. 2020 served up myriad challenges for everyone both on and off the track. Through it all, the elite THOR Motocross team put in the work and came through with a number of professional wins around the world and a couple titles to cap off a wild year for the history books. Looking ahead, 2021 offers us all a fresh start, a bright opportunity to get on the track, push to be our best and bring those #1 plates back home where they belong.

Reflex Cast

Trusted by the H.E.P. Suzuki team and freestyle ace Jarryd McNeil, the Reflex helmet is the culmination of rider input and technical innovation resulting in a helmet that is as much a work of art as it is purpose built to support a racer’s needs when things go wrong out on the track. The new Cast graphic offers a neutral black and white color scheme, with a bold camo / bolt graphic combo that really stands out. Bolstered by leading-edge Koroyd® technology and MIPS® “brain protection system”, the Reflex helmet truly is a complete package.


Prime Pro Cast

Prime Pro racewear allows you to perform at your peak by offering uncompromising mobility, ventilation and comfort. Featuring THOR’s premium In-Motion fabric for optimal flex in a lightweight package, Prime Pro is the choice of Cooper Webb, Marvin Musquin, Tony Cairoli and Jorge Prado. The new Cast graphic combines modern color stories with progressive elements, designed to stand out in the most subtle way possible.

Pulse HZRD

The all-new Pulse racewear defies convention with the perfect hybrid of durability, ventilation and flexibility. For Spring ’21 and available in Acid green or vibrant red with a bold distressed print, the HZRD graphic leaves toxicity behind and brings out the support you expect from premium technical apparel. Look for the all-new Pulse racewear throughout the formidable Star Racing Yamaha squad, including 450 pilot Aaron Plessinger.

Pulse 03 LE

Worn by the likes of Jeremy McGrath, Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Tim Ferry, Yamaha of Troy, and Pro Circuit Kawasaki, the Pulse 03 LE throws back to an era where the THOR full mask logo reigned supreme, the graphics were clean and the palette was an indicator of modern colors that would lead THOR to the forefront of racewear style for many years to come. Throwback in style in the Pulse 03 LE on our Pulse chassis featuring a modern fit and premium materials.

About THOR Motocross: THOR was founded by 4-time World 250cc Motocross Champion, Torsten Hallman, in 1968 in San Diego, California. Over the decades, countless races and championships have been won by riders wearing THOR. Every product is a progression, a new step forward in design and performance. Always racing forward, always respecting our past, always focused on building quality products that exceed rider expectations. To see what’s new, visit your local authorized dealer or

The First, The Forever…Torsten Hallman Original Racewear.

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Price opens 2021 Dakar Rally with stage one victory

News 3 Jan 2021

Price opens 2021 Dakar Rally with stage one victory

KTM Factory Racing rider makes strong start in Saudi Arabia.

Image: Supplied.

Australian two-time Dakar Rally winner Toby Price has opened the 2021 edition in Saudi Arabia with victory on stage one.

Price was ninth in the prologue yesterday, but starred as the rally officially got underway over the 277-kilometre special between Jeddah and Bisha.

After taking control at the 135km mark, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Price recorded a total time of 3h18m26s to lead Keven Benavides (Monster Energy Honda) by 31s, with factory KTM duo Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland third and fourth.

Dakar debutant Daniel Sanders (KTM Factory Racing) – an impressive third in the prologue – was 25th overall in stage one after losing his way early on nearby defending champion Ricky Brabec (Monster Energy Honda), who was directly ahead of him in P24.

Sanders received a penalty of seven minutes today, now 19m51s in arrears of countryman Price, while fellow Australians Michael Burgess (BAS Dakar KTM Racing Team) and Andrew Houlihan (Nomadas Adventure KTM) was in P69 at time of reporting.

Follow all of the official results, live timing and detailed updates throughout the 2021 rally at the official Dakar website.


Sanders third in 2021 Dakar Prologue | Price ninth

Dakar Rally 2021 – Prologue

Today saw the Dakar Rally 2021 kick off with the prologue, Maurizio Gerini marking the first biker to enter the 11km stage travelling from Jeddah to Jeddah, however it was last year’s winner Ricky Brabec who stamped his authority on the day.

Ricky Brabec

“Today was good. Pretty short – just a ten-kilometre prologue. Nothing to really lose or nothing to gain. Just enough to shake the bugs out of the bike and the body. We’re now ready for the actual start. Tomorrow we start nice and early. We came away with first and second place in the prologue for me and Joan. So tomorrow Joan and I will open the way and hopefully it will go well. It’s a long race but I think strategy will start to play in, but as of now, it’s time to get lunch, get the gear off and time to focus.”

Ricky Brabec proved the man to beat topping the 2021 Dakar prologue

Joan Barreda looked like an early shoo-in for the win, with Aussie Daniel Sanders in close proximity, however Brabec proved fastest overall, just 13-seconds separating the top three.

Daniel Sanders third in Dakar 2021 Prologue – Image by Rally Zone

Joan Barreda was actually the first of the favourites to get to grips with the motorbike special, with the occasion marking his eleventh Dakar, boasting 17 stage wins under his belt, showing immediate speed. He was outpaced by Brabec by six-seconds, with Sanders a further seven-seconds in arrears.

Joan Barreda

“I am happy with this first day. It was a pretty quick prologue and it wasn’t easy. The first part was in an open river and it was complicated because we had to validate each note within an 80-metre radius. From there we entered a very stony mountainous area which was very quick and quite difficult. I hesitated over some of the Roadbook validations but didn’t really waste too much time. I am quite happy with this first contact.”

Joan Barreda

The 2020 Dakar champion, Ricky Brabec, was of course the last biker to start the special, but that proved no hurdle.

Ross Branch was fourth fastest, followed by Sebastian Buhler, Andrew Short, Kevin Benavides, Pablo Quintanilla and then Australian Toby Price in ninth 22s off pace, with Joaquim Rodrigues completing the top 10. Price’s teammates, Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland both also finished within a minute of the leader.

Toby Price was 22s off pace for the Dakar 2021 prologue – Image by Rally Zone

Michael Burgess was the next fastest Australian in 39th, 1m14s off leading pace, while Joseph Houlihan came home in 72th, 2m46s off the leader.

Sunday, sees the first stage of the Dakar 2021, which will be contested entirely on-track between Jeddah and Bisha. Competitors can expect 277 kilometres of special timed out of a 622-kilometre total trek. The route will pass through several valleys with several sections requiring deft roadbook reading skills. Some of the stony sections could prove detrimental to the tyres.

2021 Dakar Rally – Prologue Results

Pos Rider Nat. Man. Time Gap
1 R. BRABEC USA HONDA 000:06:01
2 J. BARREDA BORT ESP HONDA 000:06:07 0:00:06
3 D. SANDERS AUS KTM 000:06:14 0:00:13
4 R. BRANCH BWA YAMAHA 000:06:15 0:00:14
5 S. BÜHLER DEU HERO 000:06:17 0:00:16
6 A. SHORT USA YAMAHA 000:06:18 0:00:17
7 K. BENAVIDES ARG HONDA 000:06:21 0:00:20
8 P. QUINTANILLA CHL HUSQVARNA 000:06:23 0:00:22
9 T. PRICE AUS KTM 000:06:23 0:00:22
10 J. RODRIGUES PRT HERO 000:06:24 0:00:23
11 J. MCCANNEY GBR YAMAHA 000:06:24 0:00:23
12 M. GIEMZA POL HUSQVARNA 000:06:27 0:00:26
13 S. HOWES USA KTM 000:06:28 0:00:27
14 F. CAIMI ARG YAMAHA 000:06:30 0:00:29
15 L. BENAVIDES ARG HUSQVARNA 000:06:30 0:00:29
16 L. SANTOLINO ESP SHERCO FACTORY 000:06:32 0:00:31
17 A. VAN BEVEREN FRA YAMAHA 000:06:33 0:00:32
18 M. WALKNER AUT KTM 000:06:33 0:00:32
19 X. DE SOULTRAIT FRA HUSQVARNA 000:06:35 0:00:34
20 R. GONCALVES PRT SHERCO FACTORY 000:06:36 0:00:35
21 S. SVITKO SVK KTM 000:06:38 0:00:37
22 O. MENA ESP KTM 000:06:39 0:00:38
23 A. TOMICZEK POL HUSQVARNA 000:06:41 0:00:40
24 M. MICHEK CZE KTM 000:06:41 0:00:40
25 JI. CORNEJO FLORIMO CHL HONDA 000:06:51 0:00:50
39 M. BURGESS AUS KTM 000:07:15 0:01:14
72 AJ. HOULIHAN AUS KTM 000:08:47 0:02:46

2021 Dakar Schedule

Stage Date Start > Finish Total Special
P Saturday, January 2, 2021 Jeddah > Jeddah 11 km 11 km
1 Sunday, January 3, 2021 Jeddah > Bisha 622 km 277 km
2 Monday, January 4, 2021 Bisha > Wadi Al Dawasir 685 km 457 km
3 Tuesday, January 5, 2021 Wadi Al Dawasir > Wadi Al Dawasir 630 km 403 km
4 Wednesday, January 6, 2021 Wadi Al Dawasir > Riyadh 813 km 337 km
5 Thursday, January 7, 2021 Riyadh > Buraydah 625 km 419 km
6 Friday, January 8, 2021 Buraydah > Ha’il 655 km 485 km
Rest Saturday, January 9, 2021 Ha’il (Rest Day)
7 Sunday, January 10, 2021 Ha’il > Sakaka 737 km 471 km
8 Monday, January 11, 2021 Sakaka > Neom 709 km 375 km
9 Tuesday, January 12, 2021 Neom > Neom 579 km 465 km
10 Wednesday, January 13, 2021 Neom > Al-Ula 583 km 342 km
11 Thursday, January 14, 2021 Al-Ula > Yanbu 557 km 511 km
12 Friday, January 15, 2021 Yanbu > Jeddah 452 km 225 km

Dakar 2021 Preview


Moto News Weekly | Brabec to defend Dakar | e-FMX | Brayton to Honda

Moto News Weekly Wrap
January 2, 2021

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What’s New:

  • Inaugural e-FMX World Champion crowned
  • Brayton to lead all new Muc-Off Honda Racing Team in AMA SX
  • Jonny Walker teams up with Beta Motorcycles in 2021
  • Ricky Brabec & Honda to defend Dakar crown in 2021
  • Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team set for Dakar campaign
  • Shakedown tests complete for KTM Dakar crew
  • New rules aimed at boosting Dakar safety
  • Dakar Rally 2021 schedule
  • Dakar Motorcycle Entry List 2021
  • 2021 Racing Calendars

Inaugural e-FMX World Champion crowned

The Grand Final of the inaugural e-FMX World Championship produced the best gameplay to date with two new champions and the introduction of a brand new Night of the Jumps Best Trick level in TiMX : This is Motocross.

E-FMX World Championship Trophy

The Grand Final episode featured a three-way battle between the favourite for the series, Nitro World Games winner from Australia, Pat Bowden, who was up against the Spanish FMX Champion and TikTok MX star, Pedro Moreno and the young gun from the Czech Republic, Matej Cesak.

Pedro Moreno put together one of the best runs of the series in the final. After two weeks training since the Semi Finals, Pedro decided to utilise more variety in his run including the McMetz to Cliffhanger combo which was actually performed IRL by Dany Torres from Spain. Unfortunately variety alone wasn’t enough to advance further and Pedro finished the season in third position.

After 11 months out of action due to injury, Pat Bowden returned to his YZ250 only a week ago since his crash in January. However, after his first ride, Pat’s doctor scheduled him in for surgery immediately to remove the Lunate bone in the wrist and replace it with a prosthetic replacement! This all happened two-days before the final run of the game. Somehow, Pat managed to put together an incredibly good run inside TiMX, and the judges voted him to be in second position overall.

With the smoothest of runs, showing incredible variety, dexterity and difficulty in tricks both in real life and inside the game mechanics, Matej Cesak was crowned the first ever e-FMX World Champion by proving every week to be one of the best riders. Perhaps as the youngest in the final he had an advantage on the mobile game, but Matej’s win could not be disputed with such a smooth run and some tricks looking very similar to his style in real life!

Matej Cesak

For the win, Matej takes home $500 for winning the overall series from TiMX and Aussie Adrenaline, but also receiving an invite to compete at a real-world FMX competition at Night of the Jumps in 2021 and also 250,000 Gold Coins of in-game currency.

The first ever FMX eSport series became even more interesting in the final round, with a brand new discipline coming online only four days before the final with an all new FMX Best Trick competition mode inside the Night of the Jumps textured level.

With an invite open to all 16 players who had competed throughout the series and a couple of new riders, the Best Trick competition was on another level with a Roll-in set up to give the rider enough speed before the huge Moon Booter, the largest ramp built into the game, with riders able to try almost any trick imaginable!

There was so much variety from Josh Sheehan’s 720 to Taka Higashino’s Double Backflip California Roll 360 to Maikel Melero’s Quadruple Backflip with a Bike Flip (technically creating the only Quin Flip in the entire series!). However the win came down to the riders who showed variety, degree of difficulty and also innovation.

Tied for third place, was Matej Cesak and Pat Bowden. Matej with his Quadruple Backflip 360 California Roll and Pat with his Triple Backflip 360 with a Bike Flip.
The runner-up for Best Trick was the Russian FMX Champion and Crowd Favourite, Nick Ivankov with his very innovative Backflip to Inside Roll (body varial) to Front Flip.

Pedro Moreno – Best Trick Winner – Image courtesy of Pedro Moreno FMX Instagram

The winner for the first ever e-FMX World Championship Best Trick competition was the Spanish FMX Champion, Pedro Moreno. Pulling a Quadruple Backflip including a 360 in the middle and holding the Cliffhanger on the final backflip rotation, Pedro showed an incredible use of game mechanics to produce the trick while stating that he “needs more fingers and hands to perform bigger tricks!”

Not only is the special Night of the Jumps track in the game for this competition series, it is also available for all players who have downloaded the game on iOS or Android platforms with the Gold VIP Membership. The NOTJ Track which was designed from the Berlin World Championship course looks almost identical to the real world and is available in the Early Access area for VIP Members with the option to become available as one of the divisions in the open game.

The e-FMX World Championship series could not have happened without the support of FC Moto. Aussie Adrenaline produced an incredible mobile game, and Night of the Jumps partnered with AA to create this all new eSport series in 2020 and into the future with all new projects.

You can check out or download the app at – (link)

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Brayton to lead all new Muc-Off Honda Racing Team in AMA SX

Konsky Motorsport Group have announce Muc-Off as their new title sponsor for 2021. Muc-Off Honda, run by Australian Yarrive Konsky, will be competing in the premier division of the US world championship – the Monster Energy AMA Supercross as well as select European rounds during 2021.

Heading up the team is four times Australian SX champion and Daytona Supercross Winner veteran Justin Brayton, who will compete in the 450SX class on the new 2021 CRF 450R.

Brayton is considered to be the most consistent rider in the prolific series, finishing inside the top ten 12 times during the 2020 season. 2021 marks Brayton’s 18th year as a professional motocross/supercross racer. In 2018 he achieved a career best where he won the main event in Daytona onboard a CRF 450R and in 2012 he had his best overall championship finish – fourth.

Justin Brayton

“It’s super exciting to be working closely with Yarrive again for 2021, especially with him bringing an exciting new brand to the table. His passion and enthusiasm for this sport has been a positive influence on me. We have seen a lot of success in Australia, so I hope to relive this in the U.S supercross this year. I have been riding the new 2021 CRF 450R and I am feeling comfortable on it, testing has been great so now I just need to put it all together and focus on a strong and consistent season.”

Justin Brayton – Muc-Off Honda Racing Team

Mitchell Oldenburg will also be returning to the team in 2021 where he will be riding the CRF 250 alongside new teammate Mitchell Harrison. Harrison returns to the American Supercross Championship after a brief stint racing in the FIM World Motocross championship in the MX2 class.

Mitchell Oldenburg

“This is my third season with Yarrive and Honda and I feeling more ready than ever to go racing. Riding the same bike for a third season is an advantage as I am feeling so comfortable with the bike and I feel at home with the team. With Muc-Off as the new title sponsor, it has given me the motivation to show the world what I have got!”

Mitchell Oldenburg – Muc-Off Honda Racing Team

Mitchell Harrison

“When I got the call up to race for Muc-Off Honda, I was excited as I have only good things about their program. I went out to test the bike and immediately asked for the contract as it just felt right. The team is competitive and because of both Muc-Off and Honda coming in to support the team for 2021, I am committed to getting top results.”

The Supercross season gets underway at the NRG Stadium in Houston Texas on the 16th January 2021. This will be the first of three races in Houston.

Mitchell Harrison – Muc-Off Honda Racing Team

Yarrive Konsky – Team Owner

“I am really pleased that we can finally shout about our plans for 2021. It has been 4 months in the making, with a final push at the 11th hour to get to this point, but now we are here, I am keen to start seeing results. Working with Muc-Off as our new title sponsor for next year has been really refreshing. Their ethos and work ethic has been instrumental in getting us here and I am looking forward to seeing this relationship develop.”

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Jonny Walker teams up with Beta Motorcycles in 2021

Jonny Walker has signed with Beta in a Factory supported team to challenge for top honours in both the Super Enduro World Championship and the new FIM Extreme Championship in 2021, marking his first appearance on the Beta and along with existing support from worldwide brands Redbull, Leatt, GoPro, POD.

Jonny Walker joins Beta in 2021

Jonny Walker

“It is really exciting for me to undertake this new adventure, seeing the success that BETA has had in World Enduro championship over the years made my decision easy. Being able to carry on with my existing loyal sponsors is amazing and a credit to their vision and direction. I am really looking forward to working with new brands and helping them grow.”

Jonny Walker

Fabrizio Dini Factory Beta Team Manager

“Beta are extremely happy to support Jonny, he is for sure a very professional and strong world class rider. We are excited to work with him as we know that he is serious and professional about his business and the great results that will surely follow. Beta are also very happy that we are starting work as soon as possible and look forward to a good and successful season working together.”

Jonny Walker will compete the Super Enduro World Championship and the new FIM Extreme Championship

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Ricky Brabec to defend Dakar crown in 2021

For the first time since the official Honda team returned to the Dakar Rally in 2013 after a 23-year absence, one of the team bikes will compete the event with the number one emblazoned on its fairings. The Monster Energy Honda Team will be seeking to replicate the feat achieved by Ricky Brabec last year, as they face a new goal and a new challenge.

Monster Energy Honda Rally Team - Dakar 2021
Monster Energy Honda Rally Team – Dakar 2021

The Monster Energy Honda Team is already in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, sitting out the final hours of lockdown in the hotel, after the final COVID-19 testing, ahead of the day of scrutineering. The team is all set to do battle in the 2021 Dakar Rally in a bid to hold on to the title clinched last year by American Ricky Brabec.

Recent months have seen the team undergo very thorough pre-race preparations in order to arrive at the world’s toughest race in the best possible conditions.

Ricky Brabec – Monster Energy Honda Rally Team – Dakar 2021

Ricky Brabec

“We’ve finished the scrutineering and we are now looking forward to the prologue tomorrow. The whole team is ready. I’m ready as well. We will try and do our best to defend the number one. It’s not going to be easy. The target on our back is pretty big. But we are here and we can’t really say much right now. The race hasn’t even started. We’ll get back to you guys in a couple of days and let you know how things are going. That’s the goal – to defend the number one.”

Ricky Brabec, José Ignacio Cornejo, Kevin Benavides and Joan Barreda are the four factory riders lining up for the Monster Energy Honda Team, all having managed to finish the most recent edition of the Dakar. The squad arrives at the Dakar in top physical shape, hoping to relive the sensation of lifting the Dakar winner’s bronze Touareg prize.

José Ignacio Cornejo- Monster Energy Honda Rally Team – Dakar 2021

José Ignacio Cornejo

“I’m happy to be here to start another Dakar Rally, my sixth and fourth with HRC. I’m pleased, the team is solid and highly-motivated, eager to get out and have a good race. Tomorrow, we have the prologue and it will be important to make a solid start, with good pace and without making mistakes. It will be a good chance to get a feel for things ahead of stage one on Sunday. We will give it everything we can, as always.”

Gilles Lalay won the Dakar back in 1989 and no other Honda rider has since adorned the plaque until 2021. The American rider’s CRF450 Rally now proudly sports the winner’s decals. Ricky Brabec will be accompanied by three other top-class riders: Chilean José Ignacio Cornejo, fourth last year, who has proven to be a valuable asset, adapting well to the Saudi Arabian terrain.

Kevin Benavides- Monster Energy Honda Rally Team – Dakar 2021

Alongside will be Argentinean rider Kevin Benavides (#47), runner-up in 2018. He will be another rider aspiring to claim the overall victory and arrives on top form this year after a win at the Andalucia Rally. No introduction is necessary for Joan Barreda (#88). By now a Dakar rider of legendary status, having participated eleven times and the current competing rider with the highest number of stage wins under his belt – 24.

Kevin Benavides

“Everything is ready. The wait is over and I am very motivated to start this new Dakar Rally. I have trained a lot and I was able to win in the only race – the Andalucia Rally – that I competed in, which has made me far more motivated to arrive here in good shape. I am eager to start this Dakar, so let’s get the action underway!”

Joan Barreda

“Today we did the administrative and technical verifications and the truth is that everything went quite quickly because we had practically everything ready to go. Normally everything is slower and more laborious. Now we only need to start tomorrow at noon with the prologue where we can give it some throttle, which is what we all want.”

Joan Barreda- Monster Energy Honda Rally Team – Dakar 2021

The 2021 Dakar Rally begins on January 3 in Jeddah and is set to finish in the same Saudi Arabian city on the 15th of the same month after a total 7,649-kilometre trek, to include some 4,767 kilometres against the clock.

Ricky Brabec- Monster Energy Honda Rally Team – Dakar 2021

Ruben Faria – General Manager

“The bikes have been checked, the documents, too. Everything is done and we are ready to start the prologue tomorrow that will determine the starting order on the first day. It won’t be a very long special, but there will be some navigation and we hope it won’t be too complicated. It will be difficult for the riders as starting the Dakar is always an emotion-filled event. The idea is that they can do the best possible prologue. The goal is to reach January 15 on top sport and with all the bikes in the top ten, with some good feelings. There are many very good riders. Ours guys are good too and they are also in great shape. I’m confident the team to be able to produce a good result.”

The Monster Energy Honda Team at Dakar scrutineering
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Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team set for Dakar campaign

In 2021, for the first time in history the Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team will enter the Dakar Rally with five riders. Forming a formidable line-up of experienced, determined racers, all eyes will be on Adrien Van Beveren, Franco Caimi, Andrew Short, Ross Branch and Jamie McCanney as all five take on one of the world’s toughest off-road rally races in the new year.

Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team – Dakar 2021

With the opening stage of the 2021 Dakar Rally set to kick off, all members of the team are fully prepared for the upcoming challenge. Well aware of the demanding days that lay ahead, each rider heads to the start line with high hopes and with the experience needed to secure a strong result in the desert.

Leading the team is the experienced Frenchman Adrien Van Beveren. Fully focused on his dream of winning the Dakar Rally, after spending the early part of 2020 recovering from surgery, he more recently spent much of the autumn and early winter in Dubai, re-acquainting himself with the same desert conditions he will face this January. Currently feeling strong and riding as well as he’s ever done following a positive outing at the Hail Rally, Van Beveren is set to take on the Dakar Rally in arguably his best ever form.

Adrien Van Beveren

“Since my crash at Dakar in 2020 it took two surgeries before I could work on my full recovery. I had six months off the bike, but I now feel really good. I’m not deterred by my crash last year and I still dream of winning the Dakar. This has been my motivation to work hard and prepare myself for 2021. My training has gone really well and I have been in Dubai riding in the dunes for a while now, so I feel like I am back to my best. I managed to race the Hail Rally recently, which was a positive part of my training. With the race taking place on the same terrain as the Dakar it also included tricky navigation, so it was perfect for me to race there. My bike is good and I feel good, so I am really confident now and I can’t wait to go racing again.”

Adrien Van Beveren

Franco Caimi was a consistent threat for top five stage results throughout the 2020 Dakar Rally, with the 32-year-old ultimately placing eighth overall to match his career-best result from the 2017 edition. Since then, Franco returned home to his native Argentina and following a brief recovery period and time to reflect, he switched his attention to the 2021 edition. Now, with months of focused training under his belt, Caimi is confident in establishing himself as a title contender.

Franco Caimi

“I’ve been at home training in Argentina and my preparations have been going really well. I feel great on the bike and physically and mentally I’m ready to go racing. I’m confident for a good result in 2021. For sure I will be pushing for the win which would be amazing for me and the team and it’s what I have been working for. I’ve studied the schedule and the stages, and the new route looks really good with a lot of mixed terrain, so I’m positive for a good result at the Dakar.”

Franco Caimi

Since joining the Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team in March 2020, Andrew Short has spent much of the year riding in the Nevada desert, becoming fully acquainted with his Yamaha WR450F Rally machine. Following months of training, he made his racing debut with the team at the Andalucia Rally in Spain where a positive result saw Short confidently adjust to his new team surroundings and further develop his bike set-up. Looking ahead, Andrew has drawn upon his experiences from previous Dakars to form a solid race strategy heading into the 2021 event as he looks forward to taking on the Dakar rally challenge.

Andrew Short

“It’s been a strange year with only one race since the last Dakar, so it’s not been normal that’s for sure. I raced the Andalucia Rally which was only a small race, but it was important as it was the first one for me on the Yamaha. It was good for me to ride the bike in a race environment but also work with the whole team and spend time with the whole crew. I’ve been training a lot in the Nevada desert, continuing to learn the bike and lately I’ve been working on getting back into the racing mindset. The Dakar is a race like no other and for 2021 I’ll be taking it day by day. You learn a lot every year and for me it will be important to know when to push and when not to. I can’t wait to start racing and hopefully by the end of 13 days in the desert we can come away with a solid result.”

Andrew Short

Much like his teammates Franco and Andrew, Ross Branch has spent much of 2020 training, clocking up countless miles on his Yamaha WR450F Rally in his Botswana homeland. Working on further improving his roadbook skills, and now armed with the full support of the Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team, Ross is excited to race at the 43rd edition of the Dakar. With Branch looking to harness his raw speed to ensure consistently high stage results, the 34-year-old is aiming for a top 10 overall result.

Ross Branch

“My training and preparation for Dakar has gone amazingly well and I’m really excited for January 3 to get things started. I’ve spent a lot of time at home in Botswana on my Yamaha and focussed on my roadbook training. I’m really happy with everything and it’s not long until we can go racing. It’s a strong field for 2021 and I think there’s 20 riders that could win. I’ll be focussing on minimising mistakes and being consistent on every stage. I’m really thankful for the team giving me this opportunity to give the Dakar my best shot and I hope to repay them with a solid result inside the top 10.”

Ross Branch

The team’s youngest rider is 26 years old Jamie McCanney, who is well prepared for what will be his second Dakar Rally. Still very new to the discipline, the Manxman made his Dakar debut a little over a year ago, making positive steps as the event progressed. Towards the end of the two-week race, Jamie enjoyed some rapid progress, delivering his best on stage 11 with sixth overall – a result that helped push him up the leaderboard to 15th in the final classification. With valuable experience earned, and with more time spent working on the set-up of his Yamaha WR450F Rally, McCanney is confident of improving upon his debut result.

Jamie McCanney

“I’m really looking forward to the Dakar Rally. It’s a shame that we only got to race once since the last Dakar and I’ve not been able to ride sand dunes like I’ll experience in January. I’ve been preparing myself in different ways though, working hard on my roadbook skills especially. I’ve been doing as much as I can, riding a lot and I’m really happy with my bike. Throughout the year the team has been working hard and we’re much better prepared than last time, so I’m happy with where we are at ahead of racing again. My expectations are to take it day by day, step by step, but ultimately I want to enjoy my riding and improve upon my 15th place finish last year.”

Jamie McCanney

The 2021 Dakar Rally gets underway in the port city of Jeddah on January 3 and will cover more than 7500km before finishing in the same location on January 15.

Alexandre Kowalski – Yamaha Europe Off-Road Racing Manager

“For sure 2020 has been a challenging year but we are really looking forward to the Dakar Rally. It’s an exciting time for the team as it will be the first time in history that five official Yamaha riders will race in this event. With Adrien, Franco, Jamie, Ross, and Andrew, we have a very strong team. We were fortunate to race the Andalucia Rally in October with all riders present and that was really good practice and preparation for us. The team spirit is really strong and they have all been training hard. Because of travel restrictions they have had to make their final preparations alone, but they are all hard workers and know what they need to do. The bike for 2021 has a few minor changes, so in their final preparations the riders can fully-focus on their riding and roadbook training. For Dakar, there are new regulations, with the new safety air bag and especially with the number of rear tyres that each rider can use. Each rider can only use six in total so there is some race management that the riders need to think about and prepare for. There is a strong line-up of riders and our team is ready for the challenge. We’re excited to start racing.”

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Shakedown tests complete for KTM Dakar crew

Held in the Middle East for the second consecutive year, and celebrating its 43rd edition, this year’s Dakar Rally looks set to challenge all competitors from day one. Following the short 11km Prologue, riders will face 12 demanding stages, totaling 7,646km, taking them through some of the toughest terrain Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Toby Price, Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland

Delivering a completely new route for 2021, the event organizers have been working hard to create a race that further tests all competitors’ navigational skills. Average speeds across the 4,767km of timed specials will also be reduced, with the stages expected to comprise of slower, more technically demanding terrain. In the interest of safety, new regulations have also been brought in for this year’s race, including restrictions on tires, an audible warning system that will notify riders of dangers ahead while racing, as well as airbag jackets also becoming compulsory.

The three Red Bull KTM Factory Racing riders already enjoy a huge amount of rally experience – all three are former Dakar winners – together with knowledge of racing the Dakar in the Middle East. Toby Price, Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland are fit and fully motivated to take on the upcoming race and have their sights set on securing strong results.

Daniel Sanders – Image by Marcin Kin

KTM Factory Racing’s Daniel Sanders has only contested one cross-country rally in his career and comes into the 2021 Dakar as a relative rookie. Nevertheless, the team’s junior rider has shown great maturity and speed on the run up to the race and will be aiming to complete the event with a solid finish.

Jordi Viladoms – KTM Rally Team Manager

“Things are going well here in Jeddah, it has been a tough journey for the whole team to get here with the various restrictions and tests in place, but we’re 100% ready for the race now. The Shakedown was extremely positive, and although the terrain wasn’t quite what we expect to face in the rally itself, all riders were immediately up to speed and felt comfortable on their bikes. We now just have to complete the final administrative and technical checks and then we can finally go racing!”

Following the short Prologue on Saturday, January 2, the 2021 Dakar Rally starts with the 623km stage one on Sunday, January 3 from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. In total, the event consists of 12 full stages, covering a distance of 7,646km, with the finish also taking place in Jeddah, on January 15.

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New rules aimed at boosting Dakar safety

It is a question as old as motorbike racing itself: how can one go faster than the competition without being too reckless? Even the Dakar has to come up with an answer to this dilemma for the world of motor sports, as bikers seek to squeeze every last ounce of speed from their machines while organisers place the safety of the competitors at the heart of their concerns.

Tyre limits aim to slow riders down, boosting safety, with only six rears allowed – Daniel Sanders’ 2021 KTM 450 Rally

Bikers, manufacturers, organisers, federations and other stakeholders came together in Lisbon in autumn to bridge the gap between these ambitions. “It has become obvious that motorbikes go too fast nowadays”, stresses David Castera, the director of the Dakar. “Today’s 450 cc single-cylinders are just as fast as the 800 cc twin-cylinders of the late 1980s, and they accelerate even faster to boot. There are two main approaches to boosting safety. Active safety is about improving the equipment used, for example, by requiring the use of airbags, whereas passive safety can be increased by capping the speed of the bikers and similar rules.

“Too many bikers want to ride as if it were a motocross race, but a rally raid is completely different. The focus is on endurance and stamina. This is why top bikers will not be allowed to use more than six rear tyres throughout the two weeks of racing. “Going full gas on stony terrain will no longer be an option for anyone who wants to win this race”, insists David Castera. “They will have to take care of their gear to make it to the finish.”

Race official Jordi Pérez was in charge of marking the batch of six tyres for each of the competitors subject to the new rule. “36 bikers are affected, explains the Spaniard, who is serving as a technical scrutineering official. “The tyres all have to be the same model and are branded with a red-hot iron. We also put a special sticker on them and paint them with a stroke of coloured reactive marker.” As abrasive as it is, even the Saudi sand should be unable to erase these markings.

2021 Dakar Schedule

Stage Date Start > Finish Total Special
P Saturday, January 2, 2021 Jeddah > Jeddah 11 km 11 km
1 Sunday, January 3, 2021 Jeddah > Bisha 622 km 277 km
2 Monday, January 4, 2021 Bisha > Wadi Al Dawasir 685 km 457 km
3 Tuesday, January 5, 2021 Wadi Al Dawasir > Wadi Al Dawasir 630 km 403 km
4 Wednesday, January 6, 2021 Wadi Al Dawasir > Riyadh 813 km 337 km
5 Thursday, January 7, 2021 Riyadh > Buraydah 625 km 419 km
6 Friday, January 8, 2021 Buraydah > Ha’il 655 km 485 km
Rest Saturday, January 9, 2021 Ha’il (Rest Day)
7 Sunday, January 10, 2021 Ha’il > Sakaka 737 km 471 km
8 Monday, January 11, 2021 Sakaka > Neom 709 km 375 km
9 Tuesday, January 12, 2021 Neom > Neom 579 km 465 km
10 Wednesday, January 13, 2021 Neom > Al-Ula 583 km 342 km
11 Thursday, January 14, 2021 Al-Ula > Yanbu 557 km 511 km
12 Friday, January 15, 2021 Yanbu > Jeddah 452 km 225 km

Dakar 2021 Preview

2021 Dakar Motorcycle Entry List

Num. Rider Nat. Team
1 Brabec Ricky USA Honda Monster Energy Honda Team 2021
2 Quintanilla Pablo CHL Husqvarna Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
3 Price Toby AUS KTM Red Bull KTM Factory Team
4 Cornejo Florimo Jose Ignacio CHL  Honda Monster Energy Honda Team 2021
5 Sunderland Sam GBR KTM Red Bull KTM Factory Team
6 Caimi FRAnco ARG  Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
7 Short Andrew USA  Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
9 Howes Skyler USA KTM  Bas Dakar KTM Racing Team
11 Svitko Stefan SVK  KTM Slovnaft Rally Team
12 De Soultrait Xavier  FRA Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
15 Santolino Lorenzo  ESP Sherco Tvs Sherco Tvs Rally Factory
17 Pedrero Garcia Juan  ESP KTM Fn Speed – Rieju Team
18 Branch Ross  BWA Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
19 Goncalves Dias  RUI Jorge PRT Sherco Tvs Sherco Tvs Rally Factory
20 Tomiczek Adam POL Husqvarna Orlen Team
21 Sanders Daniel AUS KTM KTM Factory Team
22 Giemza Maciej POL Husqvarna Orlen Team
23 Jakes Ivan SVK KTM Jakes Dakar Team
24 Bühler Sebastian DEU Hero Hero Motosports Team Rally
25 Spierings Paul NLD  Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
26 Engel Milan CZE KTM Moto Racing Group (Mrg)
27 Rodrigues Joaquim  PRT Hero Hero Motosports Team Rally
29 Gyenes Emanuel  ROU KTM Autonet Motorcycle Team
30 Gelazninkas Arunas  LTU KTM Zigmas Dakar Team
31 Michek Martin  CZE KTM Moto Racing Group (Mrg)
32 Schareina Tosha  ESP KTM Fn Speed – KTM Team
33 Koitha Veettil Harith Noah IND Sherco Sherco Tvs Rally Factory
34 Patrao Mario  PRT KTM Credit Agricola – Mario Patrao Motosport
35 Guillen Rivera Juan Pablo  MEX KTM Nomadas Adventure
36 Brabec Jan  CZE KTM Strojrent Racing
37 Pabiska David  CZE KTM Jantar Team
39 Melot Benjamin FRA KTM Benjamin Melot
41 Yakp Zaker  CHN KTM Wu Pu Da Hai Dao Dakar Rally Team
42 Van Beveren Adrien FRA Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
44 Sanz Laia  ESP Gas Gas Gas Gas Factory Team
45 Min Zhang  CHN KTM Wu Pu Da Hai Dao Dakar Rally Team
46 Marcic Simon  SVN Husqvarna Marcic
47 Benavides Kevin  ARG Honda Monster Energy Honda Team 2021
48 Doveze Mathieu  FRA KTM Nomade Racing Assistance
50 C. S. Santosh  IND Hero Hero Motosports Team Rally
51 Al-Lal Lahadil Rachid  ESP KTM Melilla Sport Capital
52 Walkner Matthias  AUT KTM Red Bull KTM Factory Team
53 Podmol Libor CZE  Husqvarna Podmol Dakar Team
54 Chapeliere Camille FRA KTM Team Baines Rally
55 Hongyi Zhao  CHN KTM Wu Pu Da Hai Dao Dakar Rally Team
56 Pacheco Giordano  COL KTM Calidoso Racing Team
58 Iglesias Sanchez Eduardo  ESP KTM Fn Speed – Team Monforte Rally
59 Interno Tiziano  ITA Beta Rally Pov
60 Darques Stéphane  FRA Yamaha M.O.R.Al
61 Dubois Norbert FRA KTM Aventure Moto 61
62 Houlihan Andrew Joseph AUS KTM Nomadas Adventure
63 Dabrowski Konrad  POL KTM Duust Rally Team
65 Picco FRAnco ITA Husqvarna Team FRAnco Picco
66 Bouchet Pascal  FRA KTM Team Baines Rally
67 Lhotsky Rudolf  CZE Husqvarna Jantar Team
68 Mccanney Jamie  GBR Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
69 Roelants Walter  BEL Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
70 Alghuneim Mishal  SAU KTM Mishal Alghuneim
71 Farhan Salman Mohamed Humood Farhan  BHR Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
72 Rauber Pascal  FRA KTM Team 2rm
73 Jaffar Mohammed  KWT KTM Duust Rally Team
74 Betriu Jaume ESP KTM Fn Speed – KTM Team
76 Krejci Roman  CZE KTM Bo!Beton Team
77 Benavides Luciano ARG Husqvarna Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
78 Zacchetti Cesare ITA KTM Cesare Zacchetti
79 Baratin Amaury  FRA KTM Horizon Moto 95
80 Burgess Michael  AUS KTM Bas Dakar KTM Racing Team
81 Vlcak Erik  SVK Husqvarna Slovnaft Rally Team
82 Raorane Ashish IND KTM Ashish Raorane
83 Chavez David PER KTM Club Aventura Touareg
84 Hawker Neil  GBR Husqvarna Neil Hawker
85 Azinhais Alexandre  PRT KTM Club Aventura Touareg
86 Herbst Charlie FRA KTM Team Charlie Herbst
87 Mena Oriol  ESP Rieju Fn Speed – Rieju Team
88 Barreda Bort Joan  ESP Honda Monster Energy Honda Team 2021
89 Saghmeister Gabor  SRB KTM Saghmeister Team
90 Catanese FRAncesco  ITA Yamaha Tuttogru
92 Martinez Eric  FRA Husqvarna Eric Martinez
93 Lorenzo Piolini  ITA KTM Caravanserraglio Rally Racing Team
94 Susset Olivier  FRA Husqvarna Xtreme Garage
95 Flick Xavier FRA Husqvarna Xtrem Racing
96 Albero Puig Daniel  ESP  KTM Team Un Diabetico En El Dakar
97 Benko Martin  SVK KTM Norwit Racing
98 Garcia Sara ESP Yamaha Pont Grup Yamaha
99 Vega Puerta Javier  ESP Yamaha Pont Grup Yamaha
100 Rossat Audrey  FRA KTM Rossat Audrey
101 Knight David  GBR Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
102 Jugla Sara  FRA KTM Team Baines Rally
104 Altoaimi Fawaz  SAU Yamaha Fawaz Racing
105 Dominguez Fernando  ESP KTM Club Aventura Touareg
107 Stigliano Giovanni  ITA Yamaha Team Jbrally
108 Calmet Marc  ESP KTM Fn Speed – Rieju Team
110 Bartoszek Jacek POL KTM Duust Rally Team
111 Cherpin Pierre  FRA Husqvarna Pierre Cherpin
112 Campdera Juan  ESP KTM Juan Campdera
114 Carbonell Mendez Eladio  ESP KTM Pikaeras Team
115 Harmsen Olaf  NLD KTM Bas Dakar KTM Racing Team
116 Blandin Erick FRA KTM Team Baines Rally
117 Alexander James  BWA Yamaha The Kalahari Madala
118 Bispo Alexandre  ESP KTM Expresso Racing
120 Trejos Jhon COL KTM Jhon Trejos
121 Barthelemy Guillaume FRA KTM Team Rs Concept
123 Pedemonte Angelo ITA  KTM Pedemonte Angelo
125 Barlerin Frédéric  FRA KTM Rallye Fred
126 Llanos Diego Gamaliel  ESP KTM Diego Gamaliel Llanos
127 Jobard Willy  FRA Garnati Garnati Racing
133 Davide Cominardi ITA Honda Cominardi
142 Gerini Maurizio ITA Husqvarna Solarys Racing
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2021 Racing schedule

2021 Provisional MXGP Calendar

Rnd Grand Prix Date
1 MXGP of Oman, Muscat Fri 2 Apr – Sat 3 Apr
2 MXGP of Italy, TBA Sat 24 Apr – Sun 25 Apr
3 MXGP of Portugal, Agueda Sat 8 May – Sun 9 May
4 MXGP of The Netherlands, Oss Sat 22 May – Sun 23 May
5 MXGP of Germany, Teutschenthal Sat 29 May – Sun 30 May
6 MXGP of Russia, Orlyonok Sat 12 Jun – Sun 13 Jun
7 MXGP of Latvia, Kegums Sat 19 Jun – Sun 20 Jun
8 MXGP of Jakarta (INA), Jakarta Sat 3 Jul – Sun 4 Jul
9 MXGP of Indonesia, Semarang Sat 10 Jul – Sun 11 Jul
10 MXGP of Czech Replublic, Loket Sat 24 Jul – Sun 25 Jul
11 MXGP of Belgium, Lommel Sat 31 Jul – Sun 1 Aug
12 MXGP of Sweden, Uddevalla Sat 7 Aug – Sun 8 Aug
13 MXGP of Finland, Iitti-KimiRing Sat 21 Aug – Sun 22 Aug
14 MXGP of Igora Drive (RUS), Igora Drive Sat 28 Aug – Sun 29 Aug
15 MXGP of Turkey, Afyonkarahisar Sat 11 Sep – Sun 12 Sep
16 MXGP of China, TBA Sat 18 Sep – Sun 19 Sep
17 MXGP of France, St Jean d’Angely Sat 9 Oct – Sun 10 Oct
18 MXGP of Spain, intu Xanadu-Arroyomolinos Sat 16 Oct – Sun 17 Oct
19 TBA  Sat 30 Oct – Sun 31 Oct
20 MXGP of Patagonia Argentina, Neuquen Sat 13 Nov – Sun 14 Nov

2021 Yamaha AORC presented by MXStore calendar

Round Location Date
Rounds 1 & 2 Nowra, NSW March 27-28
Rounds 3 & 4 TBA, VIC April 17-18
Rounds 5 & 6 Kyogle, NSW July 17-18
Rounds 7 & 8 TBA, QLD August 6-7
Rounds 9 & 10 Kingston SE, SA September 18-19
Rounds 11 & 12 Omeo, VIC October 16-17

2021 Australian Pro MX calendar

Rnd Date Location
1 Apr-11 Wonthaggi, Victoria
Classes: MX1, MX2, MX3, 125 CUP
2 May-02 Canberra, ACT
Classes: MX1, MX2, MX3
3 May-30 Gilman, South Australia
Classes: MX1, MX2, MX3, 125 CUP
4 Jun-27 Maitland, NSW
Classes: MX1, MX2, MX3, Classic Motocross Evolution Motocross Cup
5 Jul-25 Wodonga, Victoria
Classes: MX1, MX2, MX3, 125 CUP
6 Aug-08 QMP, Queensland
Classes: MX1, MX2, MX3, MXW, AORC (Fri & Sat)
7/8 August 14-15 Coolum, Queensland
Classes: MX1, MX2, MX3, VETS (Sat)
MX1, MX2, MX3, MXW (Sun)

2021 Speedway GP Calendar

Date Round Location
Apr-24 2021  FIM Speedway Grand Prix TBC
May-15 2021 PZM Warsaw  FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Poland PGE Narodowy
May-22 2021 German   FIM Speedway Grand Prix Bergring Arena
Jun-05 2021 Czech Republic  FIM Speedway Grand Prix Marketa Stadium
Jun-19 2021  FIM Speedway Grand Prix TBC
Jul-17 2021 Adrian Flux British  FIM Speedway Grand Prix Principality Stadium
Jul-31 2021 Betard Wroclaw FIM Speedway Grand Prix OF POLAND Olympic Stadium
Aug-14 2021 Swedish  FIM Speedway Grand Prix G&B Arena
Aug-28 2021 Russian FIM Speedway Grand Prix Anatoly Stepanov Stadium
Sep-11 2021 Danish FIM Speedway Grand Prix Sponsored by ECCO Vojens Speedway Center
Oct-02 2021 Torun  FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Poland Marian Rose MotoArena

2021 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship (Provisional)

Round 1 May 7-9 Extreme XL Lagares Portugal FMP
Round 2 June 3-6 Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Austria AMF
Round 3 July 10/11 TBD Italy FMI
Round 4 July 27-31 Red Bull Romaniacs Romania FRM
Round 5 August 14/15 Red Bull TKO USA AMA
Round 6 September 18/19 TBD Poland PZM
Round 7 October 1-3 Hixpania Hard Enduro Spain RFME
Round 8 October 30/31 GetzenRodeo Germany DMSB

2021 Australian Senior Speedway Solo calendar

Round Location Date
Round 1 Gillman Speedway, SA 3 January, 2021
Round 2 Olympic Park, VIC 5 January, 2021
Round 3 Diamond Park, Albury Wodonga, VIC 7 January, 2021
Round 4 Loxford Park, NSW 9 January, 2021
Round 5 Mick Doohan Raceway, QLD 13 January, 2021

2021 Australian Speedway events

Championship Location  Date
2021 Australian Under 21’s Speedway Championship Gillman Speedway, SA 16 January, 2021
2021 Australian Junior Speedway Sidecar Championship Pinjar Park, WA 3-4 April, 2021
2021 Australian Senior Speedway Sidecar Championship Pinjar Park, WA 3-4 April, 2021
2021 Speedway FIM Oceania Speedway Championship Gillman Speedway, SA 30 January, 2021
2021 Speedway FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship Gillman Speedway, SA 17 April, 2021

2021 FIM Cross-Country Rallies calendar

Date Event Cat 1 RallyGP Cat 2 Rally 2 Cat 3
Grp1 Moto-Rally Grp1 Moto-Rally Grp2 Moto Enduro Grp3 Quad Adventure Trophy Grp1+3 SSV
April 9-13 BP Ultimate Portugal Rally (POR) X X X X X X
June 7-13 Rally Kazakhstan (KAZ) X X X X X
July 1-11 Silkway Rally (RUS) X X X X X
August 13-22 Rally do Sertoes (BRA) X X X X X
October 8-13 Rallye du Maroc (MAR) X X X X X X
November 6-12 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (UAE) X X X X X X

2021 AMA Supercross calendar

2021 AMA Supercross Calendar
Round 1 Houston, Texas East NRG Stadium Sat, January 16
Round 2 Houston, Texas East NRG Stadium Tues, January 19
Round 3 Houston, Texas East NRG Stadium Sat, January 23
Round 4 Indianapolis, Indiana East Lucas Oil Stadium Sat, January 30
Round 5 Indianapolis, Indiana East Lucas Oil Stadium Tues, February 2
Round 6 Indianapolis, Indiana East Lucas Oil Stadium Sat, February 6
Round 7 Orlando, Florida East Camping World Stadium Sat, February 13
Round 8 Orlando, Florida West Camping World Stadium Sat, February 20
Round 9 Daytona Beach, Florida West Daytona Int. Speedway Sat, March 6
Round 10 Arlington, Texas West AT&T Stadium Sat, March 13
Round 11 Arlington, Texas West AT&T Stadium Tues, March 16
Round 12 Arlington, Texas West AT&T Stadium Sat, March 20
Round 13 Atlanta, Georgia West Atlanta Motor Speedway Sat, April 10
Round 14 Atlanta, Georgia West Atlanta Motor Speedway Tues, April 13
Round 15 Atlanta, Georgia West Atlanta Motor Speedway Sat, April 17
Round 16 Salt Lake City, Utah East Rice-Eccles Stadium Sat, April 24
Round 17 Salt Lake City, Utah W/E Rice-Eccles Stadium Sat, May 1

2021 GNCC

Round Date Event Name City, State Micro/eMTB
Rnd 1 Feb 20-21 Big Buck Union, SC Micro
Rnd 2 Mar 6-7 Wild Boar Palatka, FL Micro
Rnd 3 Mar 13-14 The General Washington, GA Micro/eMTB
Rnd 4 Mar 27-28 Camp Coker Bullet Society Hill, SC Micro
Rnd 5 Apr 17-18 Tiger Run Union, SC Micro/eMTB
Rnd 6 May 1-2 Hoosier Crawfordsville, IN Micro/eMTB
Rnd 7 May 22-23 The John Penton Millfield, OH Micro/eMTB
Rnd 8 Jun 5-6 Mason-Dixon Mount Morris, PA Micro/eMTB
Rnd 9 Jun 26-27 Snowshoe Snowshoe, WV eMTB
Rain Jul 10-11 RAIN DATE
Jul-31 Loretta Lynn eMTB Hurricane Mills, TN eMTB
Rnd 10 Sep 11-12 The Mountaineer Beckley, WV Micro/eMTB
Rnd 11 Sep 25-26 Burr Oak Millfield, OH Micro
Rnd 12 Oct 9-10 Buckwheat 100 Newburg, WV Micro
Rnd 13 Oct 23-24 Ironman Crawfordsville, IN Micro
Rain Nov 13-14 RAIN DATE

2021 New Zealand Motocross Championship

Round Location Date
Round One Woodville Grand Prix 31st January, 2021  
Round Two Rotorua 21st February, 2021
Round Three Hawkes Bay 20th March, 2021
Round Four Taupo 28th March, 2021

FIM Bajas World Cup 2021 (Provisional)

Date Round Location Nation
18-20 Feb Dubai Intl Baja Dubai UAE
18-20 Mar Jordan Baja Aqaba Jordan
8-10 Apr Qatar Int Baja Doha Qatar
28-30 May Baja do Pinahl Serta Portugal
17-19 Jun Baja Jalapao 500 Teruel Spain
23-25 Jul Baja Aragon Teruel Spain
5-8 Aug Hungarian Baja Varpalota Hungary
29 Aug-1 Sep Atacama Baja 1 Copiapo Chile
2-4 Sep Atacama Baja 2 Copiapo Chile
28-30 Oct Baja Portalegre Portalegre Portugal

2021 Provisional Australian Supercross dates

  • 25 September – Further information TBA
  • 9 October – Further information TBA
  • 16 October – Further information TBA
  • 23 October – Further information TBA
  • 30 October – Further information TBA
  • 6 November – Further information TBA
  • 20 November – Further information TBA
  • 27 November – Further information TBA

2021 Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE)
May 19-22 – Harvey, WA

2021 Enduro Australian Three Day Vintage Enduro (A3VE)
7-9 May – Blackwood, VIC

2021 Finke Desert Race
11-14 June – Northern Territory

2021 Hattah Desert Race
3-4 July – Hattah, Victoria

2021 Motocross Australian Classic Motocross Championship
9-11 July – Nowra, NSW

2021 Motocross Australian Post Classic Motocross
16-18 July – Nowra, NSW

2021 International Six Day Enduro (ISDE)
30 August – 4 September – Italy

U.S. AMA West ISDE Qualifier Series

  • March 20-21: Red Mountain, Calif., Desert MC and Prospectors MC, AMA District 37 Sprint Enduro
  • April 17-18: Campwood, Ariz., Arizona Trail Riders, AMA AMRA
  • May 22-23: Craig, Colo., Enduro Colorado, AMA RMEC

U.S. AMA East ISDE Qualifier Series

  • May 1-2: Battle Creek Mich., BCMC, AMA Michigan Sprint Enduro
  • May 7-8: Plantersville, Ala., Southern Enduro Riders Association
  • May 29-30: Glen Daniel, W. Va., AMA Full Gas Sprint Enduro
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