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Triumph recalls Thruxtons over side stand

A spokesman for the Australian distributor, Peter Stevens Importers, confirmed in late January that Australian bikes were affected.

They said customers were being contacted “as information comes to hand”.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has only now posted the official notice with the 804 VINs of affected Thruxtons (attached at the end of this article).

Triumph Thruxton and Rocket TFCThruxton TFC

The sidestand recall apparently affects 2016-2018 Thruxtons, 2016-2019 Thruxton R, and 2020 Thruxton TFC models.

It seems the spring may vibrate through resonance, weakening it and causing it to break.

If this happens, it could allow the side stand switch to activate and shut off the engine.

The replacement spring sits inside a rubber sleeve, preventing the resonance.

Owners should contact an authorised Triumph Dealer for a replacement spring to be fitted free of charge.

Bonneville recalls

The “Bonneville” range has been the subject of several embarrassing recalls since they were introduced in 2016:

Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

VINs of affected Thruxtons

SMTDAD34H4G747563 SMTDAD34H4G764083 SMTDAD34H4H827106
SMTDAD34H4G747571 SMTDAD34H4G764086 SMTDAD34H4H827142
SMTDAD34H4G747580 SMTDAD34H4G764092 SMTDAD34H4H827212
SMTDAD34H4G747586 SMTDAD34H4G764095 SMTDAD34H4H828644
SMTDAD34H4G747595 SMTDAD34H4G764102 SMTDAD34H4H828663
SMTDAD34H4G747602 SMTDAD34H4G764104 SMTDAD34H4H828682
SMTDAD34H4G747610 SMTDAD34H4G764113 SMTDAD34H4H830294
SMTDAD34H4G747620 SMTDAD34H4G764117 SMTDAD34H4H830350
SMTDAD34H4G747626 SMTDAD34H4G764121 SMTDAD34H4H830388
SMTDAD34H4G747635 SMTDAD33H4G765816 SMTDAD34H4J833589
SMTDAD33H4G750126 SMTDAD33H4G765866 SMTDAD34H4J833596
SMTDAD33H4G750136 SMTDAD33H4G765923 SMTDAD34H4J833598
SMTDAD34H4G750140 SMTDAD33H4G765953 SMTDAD34H4J833605
SMTDAD33H4G750145 SMTDAD33H4G766042 SMTDAD34H4J833607
SMTDAD34H4G750150 SMTDAD33H4G766071 SMTDAD34H4J835076
SMTDAD33H4G750152 SMTDAD33H4G766115 SMTDAD34H4J835104
SMTDAD34H4G750157 SMTDAD33H4G766164 SMTDAD34H4J835131
SMTDAD33H4G750161 SMTDAD33H4G766228 SMTDAD34H4J835213
SMTDAD34H4G750218 SMTDAD34H4G766242 SMTDAD34H4J835237
SMTDAD33H4G750227 SMTDAD34H4G766246 SMTDAD34H4J836436
SMTDAD34H4G750230 SMTDAD34H4G766249 SMTDAD34H4J836458
SMTDAD33H4G750233 SMTDAD34H4G766251 SMTDAD34H4J836477
SMTDAD34H4G750237 SMTDAD34H4G766254 SMTDAD34H4J836496
SMTDAD33H4G750240 SMTDAD34H4G766257 SMTDAD34H4J836521
SMTDAD34H4G750243 SMTDAD34H4G766263 SMTDAD34H4J841241
SMTDAD33H4G750246 SMTDAD34H4G766266 SMTDAD34H4J841260
SMTDAD34H4G750249 SMTDAD34H4G766269 SMTDAD34H4J841310
SMTDAD33H4G750252 SMTDAD34H4G766272 SMTDAD34H4J841525
SMTDAD34H4G750255 SMTDAD34H4G766273 SMTDAD34H4J841539
SMTDAD33H4G750257 SMTDAD34H4G766276 SMTDAD34H4J841585
SMTDAD33H4G750268 SMTDAD34H4G766281 SMTDAD34H4J841602
SMTDAD33H4G750282 SMTDAD33H4G767492 SMTDAD34H4J841620
SMTDAD33H4G750293 SMTDAD33H4G767503 SMTDAD34H4J841872
SMTDAD33H4G750306 SMTDAD33H4G767529 SMTDAD34H4J841880
SMTDAD33H4G750325 SMTDAD33H4G767561 SMTDAD34H4J841891
SMTDAD33H4G750344 SMTDAD33H4G767582 SMTDAD34H4J841897
SMTDAD33H4G750366 SMTDAD34H4G767598 SMTDAD34H4J841905
SMTDAD33H4G750383 SMTDAD34H4G767604 SMTDAD34H4J842096
SMTDAD33H4G750401 SMTDAD34H4G767607 SMTDAD34H4J842534
SMTDAD34H4G751107 SMTDAD33H4G767608 SMTDAD34H4J842543
SMTDAD34H4G751112 SMTDAD34H4G767611 SMTDAD34H4J842552
SMTDAD34H4G751117 SMTDAD33H4G767613 SMTDAD34H4J842558
SMTDAD34H4G751126 SMTDAD34H4G767615 SMTDAD34H4J842661
SMTDAD34H4G751132 SMTDAD34H4G767619 SMTDAD34H4J842671
SMTDAD34H4G751138 SMTDAD34H4G767627 SMTDAD34H4J842680
SMTDAD34H4G751143 SMTDAD33H4G767632 SMTDAD34H4J842691
SMTDAD34H4G751151 SMTDAD34H4G767635 SMTDAD34H4J842947
SMTDAD34H4G751156 SMTDAD34H4G767638 SMTDAD34H4J843906
SMTDAD33H4G751597 SMTDAD34H4G767642 SMTDAD34H4J858121
SMTDAD33H4G751610 SMTDAD33H4G767646 SMTDAD34H4J858378
SMTDAD33H4G751627 SMTDAD34H4G776036 SMTDAD34H4J858383
SMTDAD33H4G751639 SMTDAD34H4G776041 SMTDAD34H4J859440
SMTDAD33H4G751690 SMTDAD33H4G776047 SMTDAD34H4J859449
SMTDAD33H4G751712 SMTDAD34H4G776051 SMTDAD34H4J859455
SMTDAD33H4G751733 SMTDAD34H4G776061 SMTDAD34H4J860680
SMTDAD34H4G752652 SMTDAD33H4G776064 SMTDAD34H4J860687
SMTDAD34H4G752655 SMTDAD34H4G776068 SMTDAD34H4J860698
SMTDAD34H4G752659 SMTDAD34H4G776071 SMTDAD34H4J860883
SMTDAD34H4G752662 SMTDAD33H4G776074 SMTDAD34H4J861702
SMTDAD34H4G752665 SMTDAD34H4G776080 SMTDAD34H4J861714
SMTDAD34H4G752668 SMTDAD34H4G776083 SMTDAD34H4J861722
SMTDAD34H4G752670 SMTDAD33H4G776086 SMTDAD34H4J861731
SMTDAD34H4G752673 SMTDAD34H4G776089 SMTDAD34H4J861739
SMTDAD34H4G752677 SMTDAD34H4G776093 SMTDAD33H4J862678
SMTDAD34H4G752683 SMTDAD33H4G776100 SMTDAD34H4J862843
SMTDAD34H4G752689 SMTDAD34H4G776103 SMTDAD34H4J862899
SMTDAD34H4G752693 SMTDAD34H4G776106 SMTDAD34H4J863022
SMTDAD33H4G752695 SMTDAD33H4G776109 SMTDAD34H4J863045
SMTDAD34H4G752697 SMTDAD33H4G776121 SMTDAD33H4J863490
SMTDAD34H4G752702 SMTD21HF6GT776203 SMTDAD33H4J863494
SMTDAD34H4G752706 SMTD21HF2GT776215 SMTDAD34H4J863513
SMTDAD34H4G752713 SMTDAD34H4G778734 SMTDAD34H4J863537
SMTDAD34H4G752718 SMTDAD34H4G778738 SMTDAD34H4J863564
SMTDAD34H4G752724 SMTDAD34H4G779979 SMTDAD34H4J864805
SMTDAD34H4G752727 SMTDAD34H4G779985 SMTDAD34H4J864852
SMTDAD33H4G752849 SMTDAD34H4G779993 SMTDAD34H4J864857
SMTDAD33H4G752926 SMTDAD34H4G780010 SMTDAD33H4J865606
SMTDAD33H4G752938 SMTDAD34H4G780018 SMTDAD33H4J865634
SMTDAD33H4G752950 SMTDAD34H4G780031 SMTDAD33H4J865649
SMTDAD33H4G752962 SMTDAD34H4G780036 SMTDAD34H4J866071
SMTDAD33H4G752975 SMTDAD34H4G781233 SMTDAD34H4J866211
SMTDAD33H4G752991 SMTDAD34H4G781241 SMTDAD34H4J866346
SMTDAD33H4G753000 SMTDAD34H4G781480 SMTDAD34H4J866378
SMTDAD33H4G753013 SMTDAD34H4G781489 SMTDAD34H4J868185
SMTDAD33H4G753030 SMTDAD34H4G781499 SMTDAD34H4J868580
SMTDAD33H4G753047 SMTDAD34H4G781520 SMTDAD34H4J869793
SMTDAD33H4G753076 SMTDAD34H4G782255 SMTDAD34H4J869949
SMTDAD33H4G753123 SMTDAD34H4G782956 SMTDAD34H4J870087
SMTDAD33H4G753146 SMTD20HF5GT783265 SMTDAD34H4J871888
SMTDAD33H4G753216 SMTDAD34H4G783387 SMTDAD33H4J873010
SMTDAD34H4G754153 SMTDAD34H4G783390 SMTDAD33H4J874995
SMTDAD34H4G754157 SMTDAD34H4G783394 SMTDAD33H4J875017
SMTDAD34H4G754165 SMTDAD34H4G783396 SMTDAD33H4J876028
SMTDAD34H4G754168 SMTDAD34H4G783401 SMTDAD33H4J876051
SMTDAD34H4G754175 SMTDAD33H4G783787 SMTDAD33H4J878179
SMTDAD34H4G754180 SMTDAD34H4G783802 SMTDAD33H4J880528
SMTDAD34H4G754186 SMTDAD34H4G783822 SMTDAD33H4J880631
SMTDAD34H4G754196 SMTDAD34H4G783866 SMTDAD33H4J883207
SMTDAD34H4G754200 SMTDAD34H4G783884 SMTDAD33H4J885340
SMTDAD34H4G754205 SMTDAD34H4G783903 SMTDAD33H4J885348
SMTDAD34H4G754210 SMTDAD33H4G783924 SMTDAD33H4J887138
SMTDAD34H4G754215 SMTDAD34H4G783942 SMTDAD72H4K901673
SMTDAD34H4G754219 SMTDAD34H4G783979 SMTDAD72H4K901697
SMTDAD34H4G754224 SMTDAD33H4G784038 SMTDAD34H4K903158
SMTDAD34H4G754229 SMTD21HF2GT784332 SMTDAD34H4K903164
SMTDAD34H4G754238 SMTD21HF7GT784343 SMTDAD34H4K903174
SMTDAD34H4G754241 SMTDAD34H4G784846 SMTDAD34H4K903939
SMTDAD34H4G754244 SMTDAD34H4G784875 SMTDAD34H4K903944
SMTDAD33H4G754898 SMTDAD33H4G784908 SMTDAD34H4K903951
SMTDAD33H4G754905 SMTDAD33H4G785099 SMTDAD72H4K904254
SMTDAD33H4G754914 SMTDAD33H4G785180 SMTDAD34H4K904980
SMTDAD33H4G754920 SMTDAD33H4G785657 SMTDAD34H4K904985
SMTDAD33H4G754926 SMTDAD33H4G785774 SMTDAD34H4K904990
SMTDAD33H4G754930 SMTDAD34H4G786748 SMTDAD34H4K906274
SMTDAD33H4G754937 SMTDAD34H4G786776 SMTDAD34H4K906282
SMTDAD33H4G754983 SMTDAD34H4G786783 SMTDAD34H4K906292
SMTDAD33H4G754991 SMTDAD33H4G786912 SMTDAD34H4K906764
SMTDAD33H4G754997 SMTDAD33H4G786927 SMTDAD34H4K906966
SMTDAD33H4G755004 SMTDAD34H4G787504 SMTDAD34H4K907031
SMTDAD33H4G755010 SMTDAD34H4G787520 SMTDAD34H4K907064
SMTDAD33H4G755014 SMTDAD33H4G788303 SMTDAD34H4K907096
SMTDAD33H4G755021 SMTDAD33H4G788312 SMTDAD34H4K907155
SMTDAD33H4G755027 SMTD20HF6GT788328 SMTDAD34H4K907187
SMTDAD33H4G755197 SMTDAD34H4G789194 SMTDAD34H4K907224
SMTDAD34H4G755332 SMTDAD34H4G789203 SMTDAD34H4K907258
SMTDAD34H4G755555 SMTDAD34H4G789213 SMTDAD34H4K907291
SMTDAD34H4G755558 SMTD21HF4GT789256 SMTDAD34H4K907343
SMTDAD34H4G755560 SMTDAD34H4G789416 SMTDAD34H4K907378
SMTDAD34H4G755562 SMTDAD33H4G789760 SMTDAD72H4K907593
SMTDAD34H4G755565 SMTDAD33H4G789830 SMTDAD34H4K907712
SMTDAD34H4G755567 SMTDAD34H4G790412 SMTDAD34H4K907728
SMTDAD34H4G755570 SMTDAD34H4G790417 SMTDAD34H4K907745
SMTDAD34H4G755571 SMTDAD34H4G790423 SMTDAD34H4K907761
SMTDAD34H4G755573 SMTDAD33H4G791062 SMTDAD34H4K907778
SMTDAD34H4G755575 SMTDAD33H4G791067 SMTDAD34H4K907796
SMTDAD34H4G755579 SMTDAD34H4G791959 SMTDAD34H4K907875
SMTDAD34H4G755580 SMTDAD34H4G791962 SMTDAD34H4K907892
SMTDAD34H4G755584 SMTDAD34H4G791965 SMTDAD34H4K907949
SMTDAD34H4G755585 SMTDAD33H4G792107 SMTDAD34H4K907980
SMTDAD34H4G755588 SMTDAD33H4G792115 SMTDAD34H4K907982
SMTDAD34H4G755590 SMTDAD34H4G792753 SMTDAD34H4K908001
SMTDAD34H4G755593 SMTDAD34H4G792758 SMTDAD72H4K908216
SMTDAD34H4G755594 SMTDAD34H4G792763 SMTDAD72H4K912997
SMTDAD34H4G756682 SMTDAD33H4G793581 SMTDAD72H4K913007
SMTDAD33H4G756707 SMTDAD33H4G793598 SMTDAD72H4K913039
SMTDAD34H4G757022 SMTDAD34H4G794578 SMTDAD34H4K913157
SMTDAD34H4G757025 SMTDAD34H4G794583 SMTDAD34H4K913219
SMTDAD34H4G757029 SMTDAD34H4G794588 SMTDAD34H4K913296
SMTDAD34H4G757032 SMTDAD34H4G796567 SMTDAD72H4K913749
SMTDAD34H4G757033 SMTDAD34H4G796572 SMTDAD34H4K913925
SMTDAD34H4G757040 SMTDAD34H4G796576 SMTDAD34H4K913944
SMTDAD34H4G757044 SMTDAD34H4G797506 SMTDAD34H4K913961
SMTDAD34H4G757050 SMTDAD34H4G797508 SMTDAD72H4K914090
SMTDAD34H4G757053 SMTD20HFXHT797907 SMTDAD34H4K914736
SMTDAD34H4G757058 SMTDAD34H4H798606 SMTDAD34H4K914815
SMTDAD34H4G757064 SMTDAD34H4H798609 SMTDAD34H4K915343
SMTDAD34H4G757069 SMTDAD34H4H799059 SMTDAD34H4K915365
SMTDAD34H4G757074 SMTDAD34H4H799072 SMTDAD34H4K917232
SMTDAD34H4G757079 SMTDAD34H4H799083 SMTDAD34H4K917404
SMTDAD34H4G757084 SMTDAD34H4H799092 SMTDAD34H4K917415
SMTDAD34H4G757089 SMTDAD34H4H799102 SMTDAD34H4K917418
SMTDAD34H4G757095 SMTDAD34H4H799110 SMTDAD34H4K917436
SMTDAD33H4G757134 SMTDAD34H4H799128 SMTDAD34H4K917569
SMTDAD33H4G757139 SMTDAD34H4H799136 SMTDAD34H4K917831
SMTDAD33H4G757143 SMTDAD34H4H799143 SMTDAD34H4K917836
SMTDAD34H4G758470 SMTDAD34H4H799150 SMTDAD44H4L953086
SMTDAD34H4G758477 SMTDAD34H4H799155 SMTDAD44H4L953098
SMTDAD34H4G758481 SMTDAD34H4H799161 SMTDAD44H4L953107
SMTDAD34H4G758492 SMTDAD34H4H799165 SMTDAD44H4L953116
SMTDAD34H4G758495 SMTDAD34H4H799172 SMTDAD44H4L953126
SMTDAD34H4G758499 SMTDAD34H4H800132 SMTDAD44H4L953137
SMTDAD34H4G758503 SMTDAD34H4H800402 SMTDAD44H4L953146
SMTDAD34H4G758508 SMTDAD34H4H800413 SMTDAD44H4L953156
SMTDAD34H4G758514 SMTDAD34H4H800422 SMTDAD44H4L953163
SMTDAD34H4G758520 SMTDAD34H4H800444 SMTDAD44H4L953209
SMTDAD34H4G758525 SMTDAD34H4H800454 SMTDAD44H4L953216
SMTDAD34H4G758530 SMTDAD34H4H800470 SMTDAD44H4L953225
SMTDAD34H4G758537 SMTDAD34H4H800483 SMTDAD44H4L953231
SMTDAD34H4G758542 SMTDAD34H4H800491 SMTDAD44H4L954606
SMTDAD33H4G758606 SMTDAD34H4H800518 SMTDAD44H4L954609
SMTDAD34H4G760054 SMTDAD34H4H800530 SMTDAD44H4L954614
SMTDAD34H4G760058 SMTDAD34H4H800541 SMTDAD44H4L954619
SMTDAD34H4G760065 SMTDAD34H4H800562 SMTDAD44H4L954625
SMTDAD34H4G760068 SMTDAD34H4H800574 SMTDAD44H4L954630
SMTDAD34H4G760072 SMTDAD34H4H800591 SMTDAD44H4L954636
SMTDAD34H4G760074 SMTDAD34H4H800596 SMTDAD44H4L954643
SMTDAD34H4G760080 SMTDAD34H4H800608 SMTDAD44H4L954652
SMTDAD34H4G760084 SMTDAD34H4H800615 SMTDAD44H4L954660
SMTDAD34H4G760088 SMTDAD34H4H800650 SMTDAD44H4L954665
SMTDAD34H4G760093 SMTDAD34H4H800660 SMTDAD44H4L954671
SMTDAD34H4G760099 SMTDAD34H4H800676 SMTDAD44H4L954677
SMTDAD34H4G760101 SMTDAD34H4H800680 SMTDAD44H4L954682
SMTDAD34H4G760107 SMTDAD34H4H800689 SMTDAD44H4L954689
SMTDAD34H4G760112 SMTDAD34H4H800693 SMTDAD44H4L954696
SMTDAD34H4G760114 SMTDAD34H4H800702 SMTDAD44H4L954702
SMTDAD34H4G760119 SMTDAD34H4H800706 SMTDAD44H4L954707
SMTDAD34H4G760125 SMTDAD34H4H801742 SMTDAD44H4L954717
SMTDAD33H4G760151 SMTDAD34H4H801756 SMTDAD44H4L954723
SMTDAD33H4G760155 SMTDAD34H4H801762 SMTDAD44H4L954730
SMTDAD34H4G761467 SMTDAD34H4H801771 SMTDAD44H4L954736
SMTDAD34H4G761471 SMTDAD34H4H801775 SMTDAD44H4L954743
SMTDAD34H4G761476 SMTDAD34H4H801786 SMTDAD44H4L954749
SMTDAD34H4G761485 SMTDAD34H4H801791 SMTDAD44H4L954755
SMTDAD34H4G761489 SMTDAD34H4H801797 SMTDAD44H4L954759
SMTDAD34H4G761492 SMTDAD34H4H801802
SMTDAD34H4G761498 SMTDAD34H4H801831
SMTDAD34H4G761501 SMTDAD34H4H801838
SMTDAD34H4G761506 SMTDAD34H4H801849
SMTDAD34H4G761509 SMTDAD34H4H801862
SMTDAD34H4G761514 SMTDAD34H4H801887
SMTDAD34H4G761519 SMTDAD34H4H801904
SMTDAD34H4G761523 SMTDAD34H4H801912
SMTDAD34H4G761527 SMTDAD34H4H801925
SMTDAD34H4G761531 SMTDAD34H4H801932
SMTDAD34H4G761536 SMTDAD34H4H801943
SMTDAD33H4G761549 SMTDAD34H4H801965
SMTDAD33H4G761554 SMTDAD34H4H801973
SMTDAD33H4G762917 SMTDAD34H4H801987
SMTDAD33H4G762951 SMTDAD34H4H801996
SMTDAD34H4G762984 SMTDAD34H4H802011
SMTDAD34H4G762988 SMTDAD34H4H802498
SMTDAD34H4G762994 SMTDAD34H4H802569
SMTDAD34H4G763012 SMTDAD34H4H802578
SMTDAD34H4G763015 SMTDAD34H4H802589
SMTDAD34H4G763016 SMTDAD34H4H802594
SMTDAD34H4G763020 SMTDAD34H4H802608
SMTDAD34H4G763022 SMTDAD34H4H802614
SMTDAD34H4G763024 SMTDAD34H4H802631
SMTDAD34H4G763026 SMTDAD34H4H802635
SMTDAD34H4G763028 SMTDAD34H4H802644
SMTDAD34H4G763029 SMTDAD34H4H802653
SMTDAD34H4G763033 SMTDAD34H4H802668
SMTDAD34H4G763035 SMTDAD34H4H802677
SMTDAD34H4G763037 SMTDAD34H4H802690
SMTDAD34H4G763039 SMTDAD34H4H802699
SMTDAD33H4G763804 SMTDAD34H4H802743
SMTDAD33H4G763820 SMTDAD34H4H803163
SMTDAD33H4G763850 SMTDAD34H4H803292
SMTDAD33H4G763879 SMTDAD34H4H803295
SMTDAD33H4G763913 SMTDAD34H4H803991
SMTDAD33H4G763939 SMTDAD34H4H804136
SMTDAD33H4G763958 SMTDAD34H4H804330
SMTDAD33H4G763973 SMTDAD34H4H804389
SMTDAD33H4G763989 SMTDAD34H4H804412
SMTDAD33H4G764016 SMTDAD34H4H805241
SMTDAD34H4G764058 SMTDAD34H4H805259
SMTDAD34H4G764063 SMTDAD34H4H805279
SMTDAD34H4G764066 SMTDAD34H4H805301
SMTDAD34H4G764073 SMTDAD34H4H805352
SMTDAD34H4G764077 SMTDAD34H4H805360
SMTDAD34H4G764083 SMTDAD34H4H806268
SMTDAD34H4G764086 SMTDAD34H4H806278
SMTDAD34H4G764092 SMTDAD34H4H806423
SMTDAD34H4G764095 SMTDAD34H4H806446
SMTDAD34H4G764102 SMTDAD34H4H806468
SMTDAD34H4G764104 SMTDAD34H4H806497
SMTDAD34H4G764113 SMTDAD34H4H807939
SMTDAD34H4G764117 SMTDAD34H4H807950
SMTDAD34H4G764121 SMTDAD34H4H807961
SMTDAD33H4G765816 SMTDAD34H4H809459
SMTDAD33H4G765866 SMTDAD34H4H809476
SMTDAD33H4G765923 SMTDAD34H4H809623
SMTDAD33H4G765953 SMTDAD34H4H809634
SMTDAD33H4G766042 SMTDAD34H4H809690
SMTDAD33H4G766071 SMTDAD34H4H811065
SMTDAD33H4G766115 SMTDAD34H4H811086
SMTDAD33H4G766164 SMTDAD34H4H811108
SMTDAD33H4G766228 SMTDAD34H4H811138
SMTDAD34H4G766242 SMTDAD34H4H811154
SMTDAD34H4G766246 SMTDAD34H4H812600
SMTDAD34H4G766249 SMTDAD34H4H812810
SMTDAD34H4G766251 SMTDAD34H4H812824
SMTDAD34H4G766254 SMTDAD34H4H812833
SMTDAD34H4G766257 SMTDAD34H4H812924
SMTDAD34H4G766263 SMTDAD34H4H814974
SMTDAD34H4G766266 SMTDAD34H4H814994
SMTDAD34H4G766269 SMTDAD34H4H815013
SMTDAD34H4G766272 SMTDAD34H4H815031
SMTDAD34H4G766273 SMTDAD34H4H815060
SMTDAD34H4G766276 SMTDAD34H4H816770
SMTDAD34H4G766281 SMTDAD34H4H816801
SMTDAD33H4G767492 SMTDAD34H4H816821
SMTDAD33H4G767503 SMTDAD34H4H816832
SMTDAD33H4G767529 SMTDAD34H4H818105
SMTDAD33H4G767561 SMTDAD34H4H818367
SMTDAD33H4G767582 SMTDAD34H4H818391
SMTDAD34H4G767598 SMTDAD34H4H818416
SMTDAD34H4G767604 SMTDAD34H4H819995
SMTDAD34H4G767607 SMTDAD34H4H820600
SMTDAD33H4G767608 SMTDAD34H4H820988
SMTDAD34H4G767611 SMTDAD34H4H820999
SMTDAD33H4G767613 SMTDAD34H4H822800
SMTDAD34H4G767615 SMTDAD34H4H822811
SMTDAD34H4G767619 SMTDAD34H4H822820
SMTDAD34H4G767627 SMTDAD34H4H823600
SMTDAD33H4G767632 SMTDAD34H4H823618
SMTDAD34H4G767635 SMTDAD34H4H823641
SMTDAD34H4G767638 SMTDAD34H4H825159
SMTDAD34H4G767642 SMTDAD34H4H825181
SMTDAD33H4G767646 SMTDAD34H4H825203

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Triumph winds down Hinckley production

Triumph Motorcycle will move more of its production from Hinckley in the UK to Thailand in a bid to target rapidly growing Asian markets.

In 2002, Triumph opened its first factory in Thailand where it now has three facilities making about 80% of last year’s total of 60,131 bikes.

There are also factories in Brazil and India supplying for the local markets.

And last month Triumph announced an agreement with Baja to build a range of 200-750cc motorcycles in India.

Proposed Triumph 250Proposed Triumph 250

Hinckley factory

Their factory in Hinckley, Leicestershire, mainly makes engine components and will become a research and development centre.

It will continue to build their new Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) motorcycles with production wound down from about 6500 a year to about 4500.

Triumph Thruxton and Rocket 3 TFC ace diamondTriumph Thruxton and Rocket 3 TFC

They will lay off about 50 workers on the assembly line, paint shop and weld shop.

However, they will add about 20 design engineer jobs in their upgraded R&D facility.

Thai advantages

Apart from the cost advantages of making bikes in Thailand, most major component suppliers are nearby, including an Ohlins factory.

Australia also has a free trade agreement with Thailand, which keeps a lid on prices.

Triumph boss Nick Bloor says the move is part of “Triumph’s next wave of strategic growth”.

“We want to maximise the growth opportunity for the brand globally, particularly in the Asian markets,” he says.

“This is why we are increasing our design resources here in the UK, and focusing our mass-production capabilities in Thailand.

“There will still be manufacturing capability in the UK but the role of our facility in Hinckley will be reconfigured to enable us to create a more flexible and high-value capability.”

Leicestershire automotive jobs have taken a big hit in recent weeks with Norton Motorcycles closing down and going into administration amid allegations of fraud, misappropriated government funding and unpaid taxes.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro and Rally Pro | First Ride Review

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro
The 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 is not just an updated model, it’s an entirely new machine. The engine, suspension, chassis, brakes and electronics are all new, with a re-style to boot. Photos by Kingdom Creative.

There was a lot to like about Triumph’s Tiger 800 when it was first released in 2011 in two variations, a standard street-oriented model and an off-road XC variant. As a road-going middleweight ADV tourer the Tiger 800 was formidable and competent, but its rev-happy 799cc triple and tall gearing, especially in first, hobbled its off-road capability, despite numerous changes and adjustments made over the next eight model years. The nomenclature of the ever-expanding lineup got confusing as well — what’s the difference between the XRx and XRT again?

Read our Road Test Review of the 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 here.

Read our Road Test Review of the 2018 Triumph Tiger 800 XCA here.

Thankfully, in addition to a complete overhaul (including a bump in displacement to 888cc — hence the new 900 designation), Triumph has simplified the model names of its five-member 2020 Tiger 900 family. There’s the street-oriented, cast-wheeled base model, plus GT and GT Pro variations of it, and the dirt-oriented, tubeless spoke-wheeled Rally and Rally Pro. After spending two and a half days riding the GT Pro and Rally Pro at the press launch in Morocco, it’s clear that these littermates are actually two very different animals, indicative of each one’s improvement in specializing in its unique mission.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro
The 2020 Tiger 900 lineup, but especially the off-road-oriented Rally and Rally Pro, are set to make quite a splash (get it?) in the middleweight ADV touring market.

All five models share the core changes for 2020, encompassing the engine, chassis, suspension, brakes and electronics. First up is the DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder, Euro 5-spec in-line triple, bored out from 74 to 78.0 x 61.9mm and featuring a new “T-plane” triple crankshaft (a first in the motorcycling world, near as we can tell) and a new firing order that bestows the triple with V-twin-like character down low while maintaining its top-end power.

Starting and revving the two engines (in a 2019 Tiger 800 and 2020 Tiger 900 GT Pro) back-to-back, the difference in sound is undeniable, and from the saddle the new 900 has low-end grunt it previously lacked; Triumph claims a 10% increase in peak torque and up to 12% more midrange horsepower.

Tiger 800 vs 900 engine
The new triple has a larger displacement than before, but is physically smaller thanks in large part to a redesigned oil sump that increases ground clearance. Previous-gen Tiger 800 engine shown at left, new Tiger 900 engine at right.
Triumph T-plane crank
The new T-plane crank has a unique firing order (1,3,2 at 180/270/270 degrees) that creates a V-twin-like rumble. While it primarily bestows the Tiger 900 with an awesome soundtrack, it’s also said to provide a small bump in low-end power and thanks to a new balance shaft it’s just as smooth as the previous 800.

Other engine changes include new Nikasil-plated Siamese aluminum cylinder liners, new camshafts, a new balancer shaft for the new firing order, new pistons and con rods, reduced oil volume and lightweight magnesium engine covers. Overall Triumph says the powertrain is 5.5 pounds lighter than before, and thanks to a new split radiator that reduces heat blown onto the rider’s leg (a common complaint with previous-gen Tiger 800s) and improvements to the sump design, the engine sits 1.7 inches lower in the frame and is tilted 6.8 degrees farther forward than before, for a lower center of gravity and increased ground clearance.

Contributing to the new Tiger’s overall weight loss is a new, lighter tubular steel chassis that includes a bolt-on aluminum subframe and pillion footpeg brackets. Triumph’s claimed dry weight figure for the 2020 Tiger Rally Pro is 443 pounds…add about 32 pounds for a full 5.3-gallon gas tank plus other fluids and the new model is considerably lighter than the 505-pound Tiger 800 XCA we tested in 2018.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro
The Tiger 900 GT Pro is the sports car of the lineup, carving corners and chewing up gnarly pavement with equal aplomb.

Apart from the engine, the other major updates are to the suspension and brakes across all five Tiger 900 models. The street-oriented variants (base model, GT and GT Pro) get a 45mm USD Marzocchi cartridge fork with 7.1 inches of travel, non-adjustable on the base model and adjustable for compression and rebound damping on the GT and GT Pro, and a rear 7-inch-travel Marzocchi shock with manual preload adjustment on the base model, full manual adjustment on the GT and electronic preload and rebound damping adjustment on the GT Pro. Four preload settings are available for the GT Pro’s electronic rear shock — rider, rider + luggage, rider + pillion and rider + pillion + luggage — and damping adjusts based on the selected riding mode. More on those below.

The Rally and Rally Pro models get a fully adjustable 45mm USD Showa fork with 9.4 inches of travel and a Showa rear shock adjustable for preload and rebound damping, with 9.1 inches of travel. Swapping back and forth between the GT Pro and Rally Pro during our on-road photo stop, where we rode the same set of corners multiple times, was like riding two completely different motorcycles. The GT Pro, with its 19-inch front wheel and shorter suspension, is lower and sportier, while the Rally Pro, rolling on a 21-inch front wheel, feels like the taller adventure bike that it is — not difficult to handle, but softer and more plush when pushed hard in the turns.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro
The Tiger 900 Rally Pro is no slouch in the corners, but it’s off-road where its updates truly shine. Apart from a clutch lever that engages at the far end of its throw, requiring some acclimation in technical terrain, this new Tiger is a newly potent ADV machine straight off the showroom floor.

Notably, all five models, including the base model, get top-of-the-line Brembo Stylema front calipers, normally only found on flagship-level superbikes, with larger 320mm front discs and a new radial front master cylinder. The base model includes ABS, while the other four have cornering ABS with three settings: Road, Off-Road and Off.

The cornering ABS, as well as the rest of the Tiger 900’s electronics, is based around a Continental 5-axis IMU that offers up to six riding modes, each with full power and various throttle response maps and ABS and traction control settings. The base model Tiger 900 gets Rain and Road modes only; the GT and Rally add on Sport and Off-Road. The GT Pro also adds a rider-configurable mode, and the Rally Pro adds Off-Road Pro, which shuts off ABS and traction control entirely and uses a dedicated off-road throttle map. By contrast, the regular Off-Road mode available on the GT, GT Pro and Rally maintains light ABS intervention on the front wheel and controls rear wheel spin, fine for basic dirt or gravel roads but a liability in sand or when climbing steep, loose hills.

Brembo Stylema brakes
“Unobtanium” Brembo Stylema brakes are standard on all Tiger 900 models, including the base model–definitely a category-leading specification.

We rode the Rally Pro on our full day of off-road testing in Morocco, and after briefly experimenting with Off-Road mode, I spent the rest of the day in Off-Road Pro, enjoying the more direct connection I felt with the bike. The new Showa suspension was a revelation: plush and responsive, and it seemed to get better the faster we pushed. Even for this novice-to-low-intermediate ADV rider, the new Tiger 900 Rally Pro was confidence inspiring and remarkably easy to handle on the rough, loose, often-sandy Moroccan trails.

Throttle response was linear and not at all snatchy, and I even felt comfortable enough to purposely break the rear end loose at times in a power slide — something I’ve never wanted to attempt on a big adventure bike in the past. Triumph had spooned a set of chunky Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires onto the tubeless spoked rims, which certainly contributed to my confidence; street-oriented Pirelli Scorpion Trail IIs are equipped as standard.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro
This loose dirt road was among the smoothest we encountered on our Moroccoan adventure ride. I put my Rally Pro into Off-Road Pro mode, disabling ABS and traction control, for optimum feel and hill-climbing ability.

I also found the Rally Pro to be surprisingly comfy for stand-up riding. I’m 5 feet, 9 inches, and its low, forward footpegs (they’re a tad farther back on the base model, GT and GT Pro), new narrower waist and handlebar that’s now nearly half an inch closer to the rider balanced me in a natural standing position that kept my arms relaxed and torso upright. Dropping the seat into the lower of its two positions (33.5/34.2 inches) and dialing some sag into the suspension also let me get the toes of both feet on the ground, or one whole foot with a minor weight shift.

Getting to the off-road riding required 200 miles of on-road adventure though, and in Morocco the emphasis is on “adventure.” Triumph figures most buyers will aim to take these bikes onto the less-beaten path, and the street-oriented GT Pro we rode was up to the challenge. With its seat in the higher of two positions (31.9/32.7 inches — a low ride height variant of the GT is available with a 29.9/30.7-inch seat) and the windscreen, easily adjustable with one hand, in the highest of its five settings, I sat in a buffet-less pocket of air, feeling just a bit of flow on my shoulders and arms.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro
With its seat in the higher of two positions and the windscreen at the top of its five-position range, I found the Tiger 900 GT Pro to be comfortable enough for an all-day ride, and the tall handlebar meant standing to stretch my legs on occasion was easy.

Jenny’s Gear
Helmet: Arai XD4
Jacket: Klim Artemis
Pants: Klim Altitude
Boots: Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex

The Marzocchi suspension soaked up the many pavement irregularities, including one stretch of packed gravel topped with a light coating of mud, yet was confidently sporty when we hit the twisty foothills of the lower Atlas Mountains. Thanks to its new balance shaft, the T-plane crank 900 proved to be just as smooth as I remember the old 800 to be, with no buzziness in the pegs, grips or seat, and only a pleasant growl at idle.

Apart from the minimally-equipped base model, all Tiger 900 models include a wealth of touring creature comforts: a 7-inch full-color TFT display (with Bluetooth connectivity on the GT Pro/Rally Pro), heated grips, cruise control, hand guards and a 12V charging plug. The GT Pro and Rally Pro add a quickshifter, LED fog lights, a centerstand, a tire pressure monitoring system and heated rider and pillion seats. The Rally Pro also includes engine protection bars and an aluminum skid plate. Pricing starts at $12,500 for the base model Tiger 900, with the GT Pro coming in at $15,000 and the top-line Rally Pro at $16,700. 

Tiger 900 TFT screen
The Tiger 900 GT, GT Pro, Rally and Rally Pro get a new 7-inch TFT with four different display styles and Bluetooth connectivity to your phone, GPS and GoPro. It also uses the My Triumph app on your phone to offer turn-by-turn navigation using the innovative new What3Words app.

So just like back in 2011, there’s a lot to like about the new litter of Tiger 900s — more than ever, if you ask us. They’re more capable and mission-specific, and ready to throw down the gauntlet in the popular middleweight ADV ring. As soon as we get our hands on a tester here in the U.S. you can look forward to a more in-depth exploration of these new Tigers’ capabilities.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro (left) and Rally Pro (right).
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro (left) and Rally Pro (right).

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Specs

Base Price: $12,500
Price as Tested: $15,000 (GT Pro)/$16,700 (Rally Pro)
Website: triumphmotorcycles.com
Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, transverse in-line triple, DOHC w/ 4 valves per cyl.
Displacement: 888cc
Bore x Stroke: 78.0 x 61.9mm
Transmission: 6-speed, hydraulically-actuated wet assist-and-slipper clutch
Final Drive: O-ring chain
Wheelbase: 61.3 in. (GT Pro)/61.1 in. (Rally Pro)
Rake/Trail: 24.6 degrees/5.25 in. (GT Pro)/24.4 degrees/5.74 in. (Rally Pro)
Seat Height: 31.9/32.7 in. (GT Pro)/33.5/34.2 in. (Rally Pro)
Claimed Dry Weight: 437 lbs. (GT Pro)/443 lbs. (Rally Pro)
Fuel Capacity: 5.3 gals.

Source: RiderMagazine.com

Triumph updates Street Triple R

Triumph’s updated Street Triple R with new styling and a cleaner, more responsive 765cc engine will hit Australia in the second quarter.

Pricing will be released close to the release but as an indication the previous R model cost $15,950 (plus on-road costs), while the S is $14,100 and RS is $17,650.

Like the S and RS, the new R gets the updated styling.

Street Triple R stylingTriumph Street Triple R

  • Twin LED headlights;
  • New sporty bodywork;
  • Compact muffler;
  • Restyled mirrors with more adjustability;
  • New paint and graphics schemes with red rear sub-frame.

Like before, there is a low version with a 780mm seat height.

Engine updatesTriumph Street Triple R

The engine is now Europe 5 compliant with 88kW of power and 77NM of torque.

Triumph claims it has a more responsive feel, thanks to 7% reduced rotational inertia.

They also claim it improves low and midrange usable torque.

It comes now comes with three riding modes (Road, Rain and Sport)

There is also a new Triumph Shift Assist up and down quickshifter with slip and assist clutch.

It also features Brembo calipers, hi-spec fully adjustable Showa suspension and Pirelli Rosso III tyres.

Accessories include:Triumph Street Triple R

  • Scrolling LED indicators
  • Water resistant luggage with quick release mount;
  • Colour-coordinated belly pan and seat cowl;
  • Fly screen visor;
  • Machined mirrors and reservoirs;
  • Arrow slip-on silencer;
  • Tail tidy;
  • Internally wired heated grips; and
  • Paddock stand bobbins.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Triumph and Bajaj to build small bikes

Triumph Motorcycles has finally signed a deal with Bajaj Auto India to build small-capacity bikes in India after more than five years of negotiation.

The British manufacturer announced the deal in 2017 but has only now formally commenced their “exciting, long term, non-equity partnership” in Pune, India.

Triumph joins other motorcycle manufacturers as diverse as BMW and Harley-Davidson to make bikes in India for the world.

There is no word yet on when these small-capacity bikes from 200-750cc will come to Australia.

Bajaj Auto Dominar 400Bajaj Auto Dominar 400

We don’t believe it would dent the perceived value of the brand since they have been making most of their bikes in neighbouring Thailand for several years now.

In fact, it should help keep a lid on prices and give Triumph more much-needed learner-approved motorcycles. Currently their only LAMS bike is the Street Triple S 660.

Official statementTriumph Bonneville 900 Street Scrambler

Here is the official statement form the two companies on the launch of the deal:

This is a unique moment, where two world-class companies that are passionate, as well as product focused, are coming together to build a brand new range of mid-capacity motorcycles.

The partnership will see the two companies with their respective strengths in large and small capacity motorcycles collaborate to design, engineer, and manufacture a range of mid-capacity motorcycles.

The iconic Triumph brand will seek to further expand its global reach, with the partnership offering a new mid-sized sector opportunity and, importantly, a new entry point to several high-volume emerging markets, including India and other Asian markets.

The strategic partnership will benefit both parties with Bajaj becoming one of Triumph’s key distribution partners in crucial new markets for the Triumph brand around the globe.  Going forward Bajaj will take over Triumph’s Indian distribution activities, at a date yet to be confirmed, leveraging the great expertise that Bajaj has in this region. In their other key overseas markets, where Triumph is not currently present, Bajaj will represent Triumph and offer the new mid capacity bikes as part of the full Triumph line-up.  In all other markets where Triumph is present today, the motorcycles developed together from this partnership will join the current Triumph product portfolio and be distributed by the Triumph led dealer network worldwide. This will truly unlock the potential on a global scale.

The Triumph-Bajaj collaboration will combine strengths in design, technology, cost-competitive manufacturing and an intimate knowledge of key target markets to deliver a range of winning products and business success.

The partnership will build new engine and vehicle platform in the mid-capacity range (200- 750cc) and offer multiple options to address different segments in this class. The proposition will be aspirational and affordable with a targeted pricing starting under INR 2 lacs (about $A4100) in India. This will create a new entry point to the Triumph range around the world, and ensure Triumph can compete in important large segments of the global motorcycle market, and attract new customers to the brand.

Triumph Motorcycles CEO, Nick Bloor, said: “This is an important partnership for Triumph and I am delighted that it has now formally commenced.  As well as taking our brand into crucial new territories, the products that will come out of the partnership will also help attract a younger, but still discerning, customer audience and is another step in our ambitions to expand globally, particularly in the fast-growing markets of South East Asia, but also driving growth in more mature territories like Europe.”

Bajaj Auto Dominar 400Bajaj Auto Dominar 400

Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto India, said: “The Triumph brand is an iconic one the world over. So, we are confident that there will be a huge appetite in India and other emerging markets for these new products. We look forward to working alongside such a famous motorcycle company and to leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise to make the relationship a success for everyone.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Visit Blacktop Motorcycles Works museum

If you’re riding around South East Queensland, chances are you will call in to Esk where we recommend dropping into the Blacktop Motorcycle Works museum.

The free museum and British bike workshop is right next door to the Red Deer Cafe in the main street where many riders stop off for a coffee.Blacktop Motorcycle Works and Red Deer Cafe

It’s important riders visit and spend their tourism dollars in these areas that were cut off and affected by the recent bushfire emergency.

Blacktop museumBlacktop Motorcycle Works museum

After your coffee and cake, pay a visit to see the old British bikes at Blacktop and chat with owners Jim and Naomi McKenzie and their business partner Brian Holzigal.

What they don’t know about old British bikes you could print on a postage stamp —remember them?

Jim and Naomi moved their business from Clifton about 18 months ago because they like the Esk area with its great motorcycle roads and quick access to Brisbane and the coast.

“We’re on a great bike route over the mountain (Mt Glorious) and around the dams,” Jim says.

The Blacktop museum features about 25 old British bikes.Blacktop Motorcycle Works museum

Naomi says they get visitors to the museum all day (except Sunday when they are closed), and not just riders.

“There is a lot of interest from old blokes who’ve had one or their dad had one,” she says.

Most of the museum bikes are owned by Brian and they are not for sale.

“I have about three times that many at home but the bulk of the clean ones are here on display,” says Brian whose work you can see on his BMC website.

“We rotate the display as we finish restoring bikes.”

British bike specialists

Blacktop Motorcycle Works museumBrian (left) and Jim in their workshop

Blacktop also sell merchandise, parts and have a workshop where they do restorations and repairs on classic British bikes.

“We mainly do Triumphs, Nortons and BSAs because that’s what we like and are good at,” Jim says.

“We have customers send us their bikes from all over Australia.”Blacktop Motorcycle Works museum

Jim started many years ago as a service station mechanic in Brisbane.

Several years ago he met up with Brian who had owned British and American motorcycle shop centre in Brisbane in the 1980s before moving to the USA for about 17 years.

“We met when we were racing classic sidecars,” Jim says.

Brian says Norton is his favourite, especially the Commando because it’s “easy to play with”.

Blacktop Motorcycle Works museumBrian with his Norton collection

“My favourite every day rider would be the Commando Fastback,” Brian says.

“Then it would be unit-construction Triumphs.”

Jim’s favourite bikes are pre-unit Triumphs, so between them they have a pretty good knowledge of the venerable British brand.

Please call Jim on 0414 477 823, Naomi on 0408 312 341, or email Naomi to arrange group or club rides.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Triumph recalls Thruxton and Speed Twin

A spokesman for the Australian distributor, Peter Stevens Importers, confirms “Australian bikes are affected and customers are being contacted as information comes to hand”.

If an official notice is posted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission with VINs , we will update this article so you can check your VIN to see if it is affected.

Thruxton recall

Triumph Thruxton and Rocket TFCThruxton TFC

The sidestand recall apparently affects 2016-2018 Thruxton, 2016-2019 Thruxton R, and 2020 Thruxton TFC models.

It seems the spring may vibrate through resonance, weakening it and causing it to break.

If this happens, it could allow the side stand switch to activate and shut off the engine.

The replacement spring sits inside a rubber sleeve, preventing the resonance.

Speed Twin recall

Triumph Speed Twin a poor-man's ThruxtonSpeed Twin

Affected 2019-2020 Speed Twin models may develop a loose ball joint in the gearshift lever linkage thanks to contaminated thread locking compound.

This could result in excessive movement at the end of the shift lever and riders will find gear shifts more difficult or even impossible.

Triumph can fix this issue by simply applying a new thread locking compound to the existing components.

This follows a Speed Twin recall last year for leaking coolant.

Owners of the above motorcycles should ask to schedule an inspection with an authorised Triumph Dealer “as soon as possible”. If it needs a fix, it will be free of charge.

Bonneville recalls

The “Bonneville” range has been the subject of several recalls since they were introduced in 2016:

Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Triumph Alpine and Desert Explorers ahead of update

Triumph Motorcycles has added two special-edition models to its Tiger 1200 line-up – Desert and Alpine – indicating a major change in the range for next year.

It’s been a long time since the 1200 model had major changes, especially in the engine and it is now lagging behind models such as the BMW R 1250 GS, Ducati Multistrada 1260 and KTM 1290 Adventure.

For a start we expect a bigger capacity just as Triumph did when it went from the Tiger 800 to Tiger 900 models.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally ProTiger 900 GT Pro and Rally Pro

Over the past few years, Triumph has dropped the “Explorer” tag from the Tiger 1200 name, updated the electronics and ergos, and reduced weight about 10kg, but the price also shot up by as much as $2600.

And just as the Tiger 900 dropped the confusing model names (XRx, XCx, XRt, XCa) for the more simply Rally and GT, we expect the same will happen when the big Tiger is upgraded.

Alpine and Desert models

New Triumph Explorers ahead of update Desert AlpineTiger 1200 Desert Edition.

But back to the new limited-edition models which will see out the last of the 1200 models.

Triumph says the  edition is “inspired by epic adventures taken across the most inhospitable deserts in the world, from the Sahara, to the Kalahari and beyond”.

The Alpine is “inspired by the epic alpine adventures riders have made across one of the most breathtakingly beautiful mountain ranges in the whole world”.

New Triumph Explorers ahead of update AlpineTiger 1200 Alpine Edition.

Ok, enough of the hyperbole!

They are based on the XRx and XCx models, but with an Arrow titanium exhaust, an up/down quick shifter, plus special paint, badges and graphics.New Triumph Explorers ahead of update

There is no word from Triumph Motorcycles Australia on when they will arrive or the price, but we can expect another hike, although less than the cost of fitting the extra gear.

Expect to pay about $1000 more than the current prices of $24,200 (XRx) and $25,600 (XCx).

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Icon Motorcycles plan new-age Triton

Dutch company Icon Motorcycles plans to hand-make new-age Triton motorcycles with Norton featherbed frames and modern Triumph 900cc engines.

Original Triton

The original 1960-70s Tritons were not factory models but private builds where enthusiasts mated the lithe-handling Norton featherbed frame with Triumph Bonneville engines.

Now Dutch company Icon Motorcycles plans to supply handmade Triton cafe racers for private orders with bespoke specifications. However, they won’t bear the name “Triton”.Icon Motorcycles plan new-age Triton

Wouter Pullens of Icon Motorcycles says the frame is special build.

“It’s a replica from the famous Norton ‘featherbed’ frame of the sixties,” he says.

They will use the air/oil-cooled 900cc parallel twin from the previous model Thruxton, so it’s not liquid cooled and doesn’t have an ugly radiator.

He says the “Triumph engine is standard, not tweaked”, so that means 51.5kW of power and 71.8Nm of torque.

“They are available in the second half of this year, I expect about July,” he says.

“This is depending on the final inspection/approval of the Dutch Government.”  

There is no word on pricing because each bike will be handmade to order, but Wouter says they can can “ship to every country”.

As a bit of a guide, Triumph 900 models cost around $15,000 while Norton 961 models cost more than $30,000.

So we expect they will cost around the Norton prices, or more depending on how much exotic kit you want to add.Icon Motorcycles plan new-age Triton


Icon Motorcycles says the original Triton was “perhaps the most influential motor movement the world has ever seen”. 

Certainly the cafe racer seem was seminal, but they may be overstating the case a bit.

Here’s more hyperbole from their website:

Icon motorcycles guarantee you exclusivity as exclusivity is intended. You invest in craftsmanship and quality. We see every Icon engine as an investment in life that only becomes more beautiful with the years. You never really own a motorcycle really look after it for the next generation. Authentic hand assembled engines , we create an interesting investment . This is how we achieve our goal, creating rare motorcycles for the owner. Because of the exclusivity and rarity we create, you are guaranteed a right investment. Courtesy is timeless class, you must be able to enjoy the ownership.

At Icon Motorcycles we don’t just produce motorcycles, we go back deep into history. We let our hands do the work and lay our soul and salvation in every model, with the greatest care for the smallest details and that with only one goal let man and machine come together in perfect harmony.Icon Motorcycles plan new-age Triton

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Four motorcycle safety recalls in five days

Recalls on 161 Triumph Speed Triple S and R models and O’Neal helmets are the third and fourth motorcycle-related safety recalls over the past five days.

It could be coincidence or it could be the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission getting recalls out of the way before a Christmas sojourn.

Anyway, with just two weeks to go in 2019, there have now been 26 motorcycle recalls plus three other motorcycle products: Harley saddlebags, a Honda Monkey bike rack and the helmet.

That compares with last year’s 37 motorcycle recalls, the second highest number of recalls in the previous 10 years: 28 in 2017, 39 in 2016, 30 in 2015, 28 in 2014, 20 in 2013, 24 in 2012, 16 in 2011, 14 in 2010 and 23 in 2009.

The most recalls this year was six for Yamaha; followed by 4 for BMW, Ducati and Triumph; Harley, Honda, Suzuki and Triumph on three (if you count the aftermarket accessories for Harley and Honda); and one each for Kawasaki, Indian, Piaggio, KTM and O’Neal helmets.

That compares with the previous year where Ducati had 6;  Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM and Triumph 3; BMW, Harley, Husqvarna and Moto Guzzi 2, Aprilia and MV Augusta one each. There were no other product recalls.

Triumph Street Triple S and RS

2018 Triumph Speed Triple RS and S recalls
Triumph Speed Triple RS and S

The official ACCC notice on the 2018-2020 Street Triple RS and S says it could get “false neutrals”, which can be common on many bikes.

“The Quickshifter assembly, TSA body may come into contact with the gear change Clamp Linkage aAssembly, potentially impeding a smooth ‘assisted’ gear change, resulting in a missed gear or false neutral,” the notice says.

“If a loss of acceleration without warning occurs, this may lead to an increased risk of an accident and injury to vehicle occupants and other road users.”

Triumph Motorcycles Company dealers in Australia will replace the Clamp Linkage Assembly, free of charge (parts and labour) to vehicle owners. The new Clamp Linkage Assembly will provide a wider clearance from the Quickshifter Assembly, TSA.

Owners of affected vehicle will be contacted asking them to arrange recall repair by their authorised Triumph dealer.

A list of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) for affected bikes is included at the end of this article.

O'Neal 3 Series Hybrid Fidlock Helmet Buckle
O’Neal 3 Series Hybrid Fidlock Helmet

There is a possibility that the chin strap retention system may fail in the event of an accident,” it says.

O'Neal 3 Series Hybrid Fidlock Helmet Buckle
O’Neal 3 Series Hybrid Fidlock Helmet Buckle

“If the chin strap retention system fails, the helmet may not provide adequate protection to the wearer in the event of an accident and may increase the risk of death or serious injury to the wearer.”

Owners have been advised to “immediately stop using the helmet” and return it to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement.

For more information, consumers can contact Cassons Pty Ltd on 02 8882 1900 or [email protected]

Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

VINs of affected Speed Triples


Source: MotorbikeWriter.com