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Gina Goetter to Join Harley Davidson as New Chief Financial Officer

Winds of Change Hit the Harley Office

This morning, Harley Davidson announced that they will be bringing Gina Goetter onto the team as CFO according to GlobalNewswire. She has been a top financial executive at Tyson Foods and will be officially making the move on Sept 30. A ton of stuff is happening over at the Harley office, as just a few months back Jochen Zeitz was elected official president and CEO of the company.

The company is going through some big changes to hopefully section off more of the market for themselves after a lackluster performance over the last decade. It’s no surprise to me that they’re cleaning-house and attempting to breathe some fresh air into the 100+year-old brand. They have given this direction change an official title of “The Rewire” to continue through 2020 with 2021 introducing “The Hardwire” going onwards. We can only hope it pans out for them because the Harley Davidson brand is an important piece of American history.

“Gina is a CFO with the experience to drive a transformation of core processes and reporting for improved operational efficiency, build a global shared services model and modernize accounting and controls,” said Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO of Harley-Davidson. “She will add to the fresh perspectives and new capabilities now represented at the leadership level that complement the experienced talent that has been promoted from within. We have a diverse management team structured in a new way that is designed to fuel Harley-Davidson’s brand desirability and lead Harley-Davidson as a high-performing organization.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Chicago Harley-Davidson Partners With William Shatner to Auction Off His LiveWire

Are you a William Shatner fan and a fan of Harley-Davidson’s new LiveWire electric motorcycle? Then you really should consider this auction.

Chicago Harley-Davidson will be auctioning off Shatner’s Yellow Fuse LiveWire. It will feature an autographed tank. Shatner is best known for his acting, specifically for his roles in Star Trek and Boston Legal, but he’s also an author, producer, director, screenwriter, singer, and motorcyclist.

He decided to auction off his own LiveWire at Chicago Harley-Davidson. It’s unclear why he wants to auction off the bike, but he did say the following in a press release: “This is my very own bike. I hope you love it as much as I do.” 

My guess is that he doesn’t like it enough to keep it and would like to get it out of his garage so he can buy something else.

Anyway, the LiveWire is an impressive machine. My colleague Jim Pruner at Web Bike World rode one for a review recently and called the bike misunderstood and underestimated.

Dakar Dreams

The main criticism many have of the LiveWire is its price. The bike has a $30,000 price tag in the U.S. It’s a lot of money for the range and performance, and I can’t imagine Shatner’s bike will be cheap either. For more information, check out Windy City Motorcycle Company.

According to our previous reporting, the LiveWire will come available in Australia in September of this year. It’s already available in other markets.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Harley Avoids $3m ‘Wood Fire Payout’

Harley-Davidson will not have to pay $US3 million to retrofit or replace wood-burning household appliances with cleaner stoves to offset excess emissions.

Yes, you heard right!

That was part of a contentious US court ruling in 2016 when the American icon was fined $US12m for fitting aftermarket Screamin’ Eagle tuners which were found to emit illegal amounts of pollution.

On top of that fine, the US court also ruled that Harley had to pay for cleaner household appliances; quite a controversial decision.

Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Street Performance Tuner waiving
Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance Tuner

And now it seems U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan agrees and has dropped the controversial $3m payment.

Back in 2016, Harley-Davidson told us customers did not have to return bikes to have the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Super engine tuners.

Ducati Scrambler 1100

As part of a resolution of the issue, Harley only agreed to offer to buy back the tuners from dealerships. There was no requirement for customers to return them.

In Australia, there was no buyback and nothing to prevent their continuing sale as they are marketed and sold on the basis that they are for use only in racing or competition.

Harley does not state that the turners are legal for road use. If they are used for road use, it can affect the owner’s warranty.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Harley-Davidson Relaunches Enthusiast Magazine

Harley-Davidson will relaunch The Enthusiast magazine originally published from 1916 to 2008 to replace HOG Magazine as their official publication.

This is a significant move that fits in with new boss Jochen Zeitz’s return to focussing on traditional values.

Since moving into the rider’s seat in February, Jochen has made a lot of changes in his “Rewire” and “Hardwire’ strategies.

Apart from cutting back on staff, wages, models and markets, he is also focussing on the core product and traditional customers.

It’s a relief for many Harley fans who feel they have been neglected as the company tried to find new customers in new niches, spreading itself thin and neglecting diehard fans.

In Australia, Harley owners have been particularly concerned about Harley taking over the Harley Owners Group and opening up the annual national rally to non-members and non-owners.

As part of this refocus, the HOG Magazine returns to The Enthusiast, one of the world’s longest-running motorcycle magazines.

“This is the return to a great tradition,” says Jochen.

“We believe today The Enthusiast title is more relevant than ever.

“In a year when so many people have been stuck inside, we passionately believe in inspiring riders and aspiring riders to get out in the world to rediscover adventure through socially-distanced riding.”

Mash Motorcycles

All Full and Life Harley Owner Group members will continue to receive a complimentary subscription to The Enthusiast magazine as part of their membership benefits.

Free App versions of the magazine are also available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

For more information and history about The Enthusiast magazine, visit h-d.com/enthusiast.

The first issue features Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on the cover after riding their electric LiveWire from the bottom of South Africa to LA for their upcoming Long Way Up TV series.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Harley-Davidson Announces Screamin’ Eagle 131 Crate Engine For Select Softail Models

Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight 131 Crate Engine
MSRP is $6,195 for the oil-cooled engine. Black and Gloss Black color option shown above.

From Press Release:

Harley-Davidson offers power-hungry street riders a new performance option with the introduction of the Screamin’ Eagle®Milwaukee-Eight® 131 Crate Engine for select Softail® model motorcycles. The new 131 cubic inch (2151cc) V-Twin engine delivers the biggest, most powerful street-compliant engine Harley-Davidson has ever created.* 

The Screamin’ Eagle 131 is a bolt-in replacement engine for select 2018-later model Harley-Davidson Softail motorcycles originally equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight engine, designed to run at high RPM and to provide a significant boost of torque from cruising speed. Riders will experience commanding performance from the moment the throttle is cracked open on the Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine, performance backed by the assurance of a 12-month factory limited warranty when installed by an authorized H-D dealer.

“Our adrenaline-seeking riders asked for thrilling power and torque with reliability,” said Harley-Davidson Product Manager James Crean. “The Screamin’ Eagle 131 Crate Engine delivers exactly that. Developed by the Screamin’ Eagle performance team and factory-assembled at Harley-Davidson Powertrain Operations to ensure the highest quality standards, this high-performance engine is genuine Harley-Davidson.”

Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight 131 Crate Engine
MSRP is $6,195 for the oil-cooled engine. Black and Chrome color option shown above.

This street-ready performance engine features H-D’s finest Screamin’ Eagle® components:

  • The Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine combines the 4.5-inch stroke of the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine with new 4.31-inch bore cylinders with a patent-protected design. 
  • Milwaukee-Eight Extreme Ported four-valve cylinder heads are CNC-ported and fitted with valves 1mm larger in diameter than the previous generation to enhance air/fuel flow and velocity and feature fully machined combustion chambers shaped to optimize combustion efficiency.
  • The engine is completed with a high-lift SE8-517 camshaft and high-performance cam bearing, high-compression (10.7:1) forged pistons, a 64mm throttle body and intake manifold, and high-flow (5.5-grams per second) fuel injectors. 

It’s a combination that produces 135 ft-lb of torque and 124 HP at the rear wheel when paired with Screamin’ Eagle® Street Cannon mufflers. 

Each Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine is detailed with 131 Stage IV badging on the cylinder heads and timer cover. The engine is available in a choice of two finish treatments to match original motorcycle styling or a custom direction – Black and Chrome or Black and Gloss Black. 

The Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine is eligible for Custom Coverage™ Extended Limited Warranty to run concurrent with the remainder of the motorcycle’s factory 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. The engine must be purchased and installed by an authorized H-D Dealer within 60 days of vehicle purchase to qualify for the Custom Coverage and is otherwise backed by a 12-month factory limited warranty when installed by an authorized H-D Dealer.

The Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight 131 Crate Engine ($6,195 oil cooled, $6,395 Twin-Cooled) fits 2017-later model Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles originally equipped with either a Milwaukee-Eight Oil-Cooled or Twin-Cooled engine and select 2018-later Softail motorcycles. The Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine does not fit Trike models. ’17-’19 models require separate purchase of High-Capacity Oil Pump P/N 62400248. 17-’18 models require separate purchase of Screamin’ Eagle High-Capacity Clutch Plate Kit P/N 37000258. All models require additional purchase of ECM recalibration with Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner for proper installation. See an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer for fitment details.

Complete fitment information can also be found on H-D.com.*The Screamin’ Eagle 131 Performance Crate Engine complies with noise and emissions standards in all U.S. states other than California on 2017-later Touring Models and select 2018-later Softail Models. Replacement engines must be re-fitted with emission control devices and systems appropriate for the vehicle model and model year in order to ensure emissions compliance.  Replacement engines are legal for use on public roads only when installed in select specified and compatible models. Street-compliant statements may not apply to markets outside the United States. Not eligible for 12-month factory limited warranty when installed in models other than those specified.  Please see the Parts and Accessories warranty statement and your H-D dealer for more information.  The prices provided are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices. Prices exclude taxes and additional dealer charges, if any, and are subject to change. Actual dealer prices may vary.

Source: RiderMagazine.com

Harley-Davidson may axe Bronx Streetfighter

It appears Harley-Davidson has axed its upcoming Bronx Streetfighter as part of a 30% reduction in its existing and future models announced last month.

As we noted back then, new company boss Jochen Zeitz only talked about the upcoming Pan America, the company’s first adventure motorcycle.

He made no mention of the Bronx Streetfighter, so we presumed it would be axed or at least postponed.

Now the Bronx has been removed from the official Harley website, so it seems we were right.

Harley-Davidson Revolution Max platform Bronx Streetfighter
Bronx Streetfighter

Meanwhile the introduction of the 2021 range and new models will be moved from September to early next year.

Shiny new Harley-Davidson models for the year ahead usually start appearing on showroom floors across the world in September and October.

However, production has been slowed and new models delayed until early next year as part of a Jochen’s new Hardwire strategy.

Bronx Streetfighter

Harley Revolution Max platform includes Pan America and Bronx Streetfighter axe
Harley Revolution Max platform includes Pan America and Bronx Streetfighter

Interestingly, Jochen said in his previous Rewire strategy that he would concentrate on iconic models.

Yet the Pan America is far from an iconic Harley model. In fact, it’s a whole new segment for the company.

Whereas, the Bronx isn’t too far removed from previous models such as the XR range and the current Street models.

There is also no mention of the planned Custom 1250 which is a modern take on the V-Rod.

Harley plans adventure, streetfighters and electric bicycles missing
Custom 1250

All of these new models feature the new “Revolution Max” engines of 500cc, 975cc and 1250cc.

Many would consider the 975 and 1250 as big displacements, but Harley calls them midweight which they are in Harley terms as their current engines range from 500cc to over 1900cc.

It seems strange that they would develop this new engine and then only release one model.

Perhaps, Jochen is simply moving back the launch of these new models so as not to shock traditional Harley customers with too much change.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Ewan McGregor keeps bikes in divorce

Bike fan, Hollywood actor and “Long Way” collaborator Ewan McGregor gets to keep most of his impressive collection of motorcycles in his divorce settlement with former wife Eve Mavrakis.

The pair were married for 22 years and even though Eve did not sign a prenuptial agreement, she gets to keep half of his assets up to 2017 when they split.

Eve joined Ewan for several days on his 2007 Long Way Down adventure in Africa with partner Charley Boorman.

Long Way Down photos Ewan divorce
Charley and Ewan work on a BMW in Long Way Down

While his marriage wth Eve soured, his friendship with Charley has persisted and last year they joined for their third Long Way instalment, Long Way Up.

It consists of riding electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycles from the bottom of South America to LA.

The Long Way Up TV series screens on Apple TV+ from 18 September 2020.

Charley and Ewan adventure on LiveWire
Ewan on a LiveWire in South America

Divorce split

In the divorce settlement, Ewan will get to keep 30 vehicles from his extensive collection which also includes some cars as well as bikes. Eve gets five vehicles.

It is not known which bikes he will keep.

However, among his collection are the BMW R 11250 GS he rode around the world in 2004 for Long Way Round, the R 1200 GS from Long Way Down and the LiveWire from last year’s trip.

Ewan has had a long affection for Moto Guzzi as his father owned one.

Ewan McGregor Moto Guzzi V85TT Long Way Up on Moto Guzzi and Triumph
Ewan McGregor with a Moto Guzzi V85TT

He is now an ambassador for the brand and owns a V7 Sport, a 2002 V11 Sport, a 1974 Eldorado Police Bike, a 2002 V11 Le Mans Tenni.

He also owns a Honda Gold Wing and a Ducati SuperSport.

Ewan must have known the marriage was ending because in early 2017, the Star Wars actor sold his 2012 “Indian Larry” Panhead Chopper at a Bonhams auction in Las Vegas for $US25,300 (about $A35,390).

Ewan McGregor selling Panhead at auction
Ewan on his Panhead chopper

According toTMZ, the couple will equally divide possessions and earnings up to 2017.

So Eve gets a $6.62 million LA house, her jewellery, and $500,000 in cash.  They share custody of their nine-year-old daughter.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Harley boss buys up millions in shares

New Harley-Davidson boss Jochen Zeitz has bought about $US2 ($A2.8) million of company shares just weeks after announcing a 30% cut in coming models and three months after buying $2.1m ($A2.9) in shares.

It’s a huge vote of confidence in his austere “Hardwire” strategy for the company which also includes cutting 700 jobs globally.


On Wednesday (12 August 2020), Jochen bought 71,450 Harley-Davidson shares at an average per-share price of $27.86.

In early May, he paid $US2.1 million for 97,850 Harley-Davidson shares at an average per-share price of $21.26.

These are the first purchases of company shares by a Harley-Davidson insider since 2017.

He now owns about almost 300,000 shares in a personal account.

In the past six months, Harley shares have dropped from 35.87c to 15.04 in April and then steadily rising to 27.96c.

Jochen was announced as CEO on 8 May 2020 after becoming interim CEO when former CEO Matt Levatich was sacked in February

Matt Levatich Harley-Davidson CEOP and president boss Hog
Levatich in Australia last year

When he became interim CEO, Jochen implemented measures to ride out the pandemic recession including he and fellow board members forgoing salary/cash compensation.

The measures also include cutting back on all non-essential spending, temporary salary reductions, 30% reduction in executive leadership, 10-20% reduction for US salaried employees, no merit increases for 2020 and no new staff until further notice.

Jochen also announced his plan five-year strategy which he called “Rewire”.

Last month he changed it to “Hardwire” with the following five main strategies:

  1. Reorganisation of the company structure and a new marketing strategy toward freedom, led by Hollywood action star and Harley fan Jason Momoa;
  2. Cuts in model lines and 2021 models delayed from September to early 2021 (click here to read more);
  3. More emphasis on merchandise and bike accessories;
  4. Pulling out of some international markets (click here to read more); and
  5. Cutbacks on production to promote exclusivity and avoid discounting.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Doubts over Chinese Harley-Davidson HD350

This image from the Chinese Patent Office shows a Qianjiang QJ350 motorcycle with a parallel twin engine stamped with the words “Harley-Davidson Motor Company”.Doubts over Chinese Harley-Davidson HD350

This is a collaboration that was part of former Harley CEO Matt Levatich’s plans to move into more markets and niches.

It was supposed to have been released in June, but has no doubt been pushed back by the pandemic.

Doubts on collaboration

Despite the images now becoming available, there are now doubts over whether the deal will still go ahead under new Harley boss Jochen Zeitz.

The German-born boss has rolled back on Levatich’s bold plans for 100 new models in 10 years and expansion into more markets.

At last week’s second-quarter results announcements, Zeitz said they would reduce “planned models” by 30% and pull out of some markets.

Reducing the number of planned models mean the existing model range will be reduced and some of the new models will be scrapped or delayed.

It seems the Pan America adventure bike will go ahead, but the new Bronx Streetfighter that shares the Revolution Max platform may be axed or indefinitely postponed.

Harley Revolution Max platform includes Pan America and Bronx Streetfighter
Harley Revolution Max platform includes Pan America and Bronx Streetfighter

Significantly, there was no mention of this HD350 project with Chinese manufacturer Qianjiang Motorcycles.

The photos clearly show the bike is badged Qianjiang and that it bears littler resemblance to the previously issued images of the HD350 project bike in traditional Harley orange and black.

Since it has missed the June deadline and now comes in a non-Harley look, perhaps the bike will not go aead.

Cold War

The D350 was supposed to be for Asian markets only as an entry bike to get people hooked on the Harley brand.

But with the heightening “cold war” between America and China, maybe Harley has decided to scale back its controversial collaboration.

Maybe China is one market from which they are even considering withdrawing.

It may be a huge market, but the company has had significant difficulty making its mark because its bikes are too big and are even banned in some jurisdictions.

I’ve had several conversations over the years with Harley executives who have expressed frustration dealing with China and the varied restrictions.

So perhaps the only Harley feature will be an engine in Qianjiang models as well as Benelli which the Chinese company also owns and builds.

Harley replies

I asked Harley-Davidson Australia and HQ in Milwaukee for clarification on the Chinese collaboration, which markets they would withdraw from and which “planned models” would be axed.

Harley Australia said:

I have passed on to the US and will share the response (if they don’t come back to you directly).

A senior marketing manager in Milwaukee said:

I was told you should work in country to get the best answers to these questions.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Harley-Davidson to pull out of markets

Harley-Davidson is expected to pull out of some Asian and Latin American markets as part off a “Rewire” strategy to streamline operations to meet a global drop in demand.

Reporting on its second-quarter results, CEO John Zeitz announced a five-part Rewire strategy, of which pulling out some markets was a key point.

Market pull-out

Harley sales in the past quarter were down 26.6% in the USA, -30.3% in Canada, -29.8% in Europe, -51% and Asia-Pacific -10.2%. The latter includes Australia where sales were down 10.7% while road bike sales were only down 12.7%.

Obviously some Latin American markets will be top priority for the axe, but there are also some underperforming markets in Asia as well.

Jochen says his global market strategy would be “more focused”.

“Major changes include concentrating efforts on the highest priority markets, primarily North America, with the U.S. and Canada, Europe and parts of Asia Pacific, and structuring in a way that shifts resources and marketing into the regions for maximum impact in line with our future strategy,” he says.

“Our new global business structure better aligns our investments with their potential.

“Going forward, we plan to concentrate our efforts on approximately 50 markets, representing the vast majority of our volume and growth potential.

“We’re evaluating plans to exit international markets, where volumes and profitability do not support continued investment.”

Australian marketHarley-Davidson HOG rally Uluru motorcycles Australia Day defend pull

I doubt Australia and New Zealand will be cut from their strategy.

Australia has been a particularly healthy market for the company for several years, although it has slumped in the past year.

However, there has been a shift in executive management duties to the Singapore head office.

“We’ve streamlined our regional offices and created the freedom within a clearly defined framework for countries to make decisions to drive their business,” Jochen says.

“These in-market teams will be more agile and better equipped to understand consumer needs, provide focused attention to dealers and respond more quickly to local market conditions. We also plan to optimise our dealer network to provide an improved and integrated customer experience.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com