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Wheel May Drop Off Can-Am Ryker

BRP Australia has issued a recall for their entry-level Can-Am Ryker three-wheeler roadster because a front wheel may drop off.

Riders have been advised to stop riding their Ryker, according to the official recall notice issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The issue only affects 30 of this year’s models sold between March 27 and September 26.

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) of affected vehicles are listed at the end of this article.

The notice says the front wheels assembly may not have been installed properly, referring to the amount of torque applied to the installation of a red locking clip (pictured below).

Can-Am Ryker recall

“This could result in a wheel loss, reducing the vehicles handling and control,” the notice quaintly asserts. “This increases the risk of an accident, potentially leading to serious injury or death of the rider or other road users.

“Do not ride your vehicle until it has been inspected and repaired.”

BRP will contact owners by mail and arrange to repair involved vehicles, free of charge.

The company has only issued three other recalls in Australia for their Spyders, twice for brake defects and once for the vehicle bursting into flames.


It’s important to know your legal rights on recalls. Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Royal Enfield Bullet Trial

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

VINS of affected vehicles:


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Ural Gear Up 2WD Will Come to Australia

Ready for an Adventure

The world’s most popular sidecar motorcycle, Ural will be bringing the Ural Gear Up 2WD to Australia. This version of the machine was only available to markets outside of Australia due to the side the sidecar was on. Now, however, Ural has engineered a model with the sidecar on the other side, and it will come to Aussie shores, according to the company’s blog.

For those unfamiliar with this machine, it has two-wheel drive (you can turn it on or off) on the rear wheel of the motorcycle and the wheel that’s connected to the sidecar. This makes crossing a river, climbing steep inclines, and generally handling challenging terrain. It will turn country road and difficult to manage trails into a new challenge.

The bike gets a spare wheel, luggage rack, sidecar accessories panel for charging devices, a utility shovel, jerry can, sidecar bumper, LED fog lights, and a sidecar tonneau cover made of Cordura fabric material.

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Brisbane Jeff Gough fundraising

This model will hit the Australian market soon and be available in a special color, Outback Orange. The standard color range is still available, too. The bike will start at $27,990 Australian plus on-road costs. 

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Royal Enfield Expanding In Asia

The Global Brand Refocuses in Asia

Recently, I touched on the fact that Royal Enfield is working hard to become a big name not just in India, but everywhere. The company is working to become an aspirational product in the U.S. and the UK. Well, now, according to a BBC report, Royal Enfield will focus on increasing sales across Asia, too. 

The company will open a new plant in Thailand within the next 12 months. This new plant will build motorcycles for Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and other countries in the region. This year saw Harley retreat from India, and Royal Enfield has seen sales grow 88 percent across the region. It wants to keep the growth going, and sees domination in Asia as one way to help do that.

“People are buying Royal Enfield machines based upon their ease of use, their simple design and their classic vintage styling,” said Scott Lukaitis, a motorsports consultant, to the BBC.

S&S Cycles big bore kit for Royal Enfield 650 camshaft-kit-royal-enfield-650

According to the report, the brand also plans to launch a new bike per quarter for the next three to five years. This likely means the motorcycle manufacturer will make the most of its 650cc and 350cc platforms. It could also mean that Royal Enfield has a new platform in the works with a new engine.

Boss Hoss video

COVID-19 could actually work in Royal Enfield’s favor, too. “The general consensus is fear of infection may shift people away from shared transport to individual mobility. Hence, the cheapest mode for rural areas is the motorcycle,” said Vivek Vaidya, a transport expert at consultants Frost & Sullivan.

Things are looking bright for Royal Enfield, and it will be interesting to see where this company goes in the future. Right now, things are truly looking up.

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Indian FTR Gets Limited Edition Ruby Smoke Edition

Ruby Red FTR 1200 For The Purists

Ever since the Indian FTR concept was released years ago, I immediately took a keen liking to it. Unfortunately, when the official bike was released it didn’t look quite as good as the concept that the initially released, but hey, that’s just how the motorcycle industry operates. Due to cost-cutting, and making sure the motorcycle meets all legal demands set by nations for what is (and is not) allowed of public roadways, something had to give.

Does that mean I wouldn’t buy one? Absolutely not. Regardless if it didn’t quite turn out like the initial concept, it is still a beautiful looking motorcycle. To take it a step further though, Indian has brought us this awesome new Ruby Smoke limited edition to add to the companies ever-growing lineup of FTR models.

There are currently four total editions of the FTR 1200, the standard version, the S, the Carbon (an S model with some Carbon bits), and the Rally. This Ruby Smoke edition will be available for both standard and S versions.

Obviously, this motorcycle isn’t quite in the same realm of performance as a Ducati Monster, but I am very impressed with how well Indian has managed to pull off their first real “street bike” looking motorcycle. I included an image below with a side-by-side of the FTR1200 and Ducati Monster FTR 1200 just for reference so our readers can appreciate how Indian managed to seamlessly transition from cruiser-style motorcycles to something more tailored to street/performance riding (flat track riding is on dirt… I get it).

2017 Zero motorcycles have increased range

Currently, there is no information on the pricing or availability of the Ruby Smoke Edition FTR 1200.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

NEXX 2021 Collection Includes Updates and New Hemets

NEXX Brings Carbon ADV Option For 2021

This may or may not get slightly confusing with the sheer amount of ‘X-Names’ as every model and technology from NEXX starts with an X and ends with something else.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary in the helmet manufacturing world, NEXX has refreshed its entire lineup of helmets with the addition of two new models.

Many of their existing models got graphic overhauls and will come in new colors while the NEXX X-WED 2 VAAL and the X.VILIBY have grand unveilings.

The NEXX X-WED 2 VAAL is a dual-sport/ADV helmet that reaps the benefits of NEXX’s new X-PRO CARBON fiber shell construction allowing for an even lighter shell of only 1460g (3.1 pounds). As with any good ADV helmet, you’ll be looking for something you can wash thoroughly in the event you fall into the mud or your riding partner rooster-tails you with 15 pounds of dirt when you’re riding behind them. Nexx recognizes this need and designed the helmet accordingly with its X-MART dry fabric liners being fully removable and machine washable.

Have you had enough of X-names yet? No? Good, because the NEXX X-WED 2 VAAL also includes their X-HIDRO system which allows you to attach the tube and mouthpiece from your hydro bladder (if you have one) to the inside of your helmet so water is always accessible on-the-go.

The X.VILIBY takes design cues from the older X.VILITUR and puts them into a comfortable and ergonomic option for riders seeking a helmet perfectly suited for urban riding. 

The helmet comes in 3 shell sizes and features an extremely large visor for maximum visibility when dodging through traffic on quick commutes. This massive visor allows for “opening angles 15% beyond normal requirements” (as per their ‘NEXX’s X-Sensus Vision’) and includes a lock and rubber seal to keep road noise minimal.

The final notable feature of the X.VILIBY is the ability to incorporate their X-COM 2 Bluetooth communications device.

X-COM, X.VILIBY, X.VILITUR, X-Sensus Vision, X-HIDRO, X-WED, X-PRO CARBON… Wowza that’s ‘X-alot’.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2021 NEXX lineup, please visit their website where they also offer options for purchase in the event they can satisfy your helmet needs.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

SRK Cycles Takes a Closer Look at Boss Hoss V8 Motorcycles

Boss Hoss Is Totally Badass

Boss Hoss motorcycles are fairly well-known in the U.S. They’re huge machines with massive V8 engines stuffed into the frame. The latest Boss Hoss motorcycles put out a whopping 600 hp.

The guys at SRK Cycles (also the folks behind Bikes and Beards) decided to take a closer look at these big and somewhat goofy looking machines and show you what they’re all about.

Boss Hoss motorcycles have come a long way in terms of how easily rideable they are. The early models were an absolute handful and honestly just pure brutes. The new bikes are certainly high horsepower and just as crazy, but they’re a bit more refined.

I’ll let the guys at SRK Cycles show you just how different they are. The bike on the left is a 1992 model. The one on the right is a new bike. The differences are pretty clear once you get into them, though the basic design is more or less the same. Check out the video below. 

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KipleX to Bring Smart Electrics to Southeast Asia

From Green Packet

The company Green Packet wants to change the way people get around in Southeast Asia with its new venture studio KipleX. The company has a new partnership with Singapore-based electric motorcycle company Ion Mobility.

The initiative is focused on bringing the communities into the modern age with electrified transportation. This would be a sustainable transportation option for the people who live in this area of the world.

The initial investment for KipleX is $3.3 million USD, so it’s quite well-funded, but there’s a lot of work to be done. The company needs to do more research and development as well as increase manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

According to The Star, the motorcycle industry in the region is expected to grow to the $8 billion USD mark. That means there’s a viable market here for continued growth and demand for good personal mobility.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. I would expect that we will see far more electric scooters and electric motorcycles in the region in future years. Of course, the infrastructure will have to be built up further to help support the additional bikes out there on the road and charging up.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Bikes from British Golden Era at Auction

Bikes from the golden era of British motorcycling will be up for auction next month at the Bonhams Motorcycles Winter Sale in the UK.

The exclusive collection of more than 50 British motorcycles and motorcycle-related cars comes from the UK National Motorcycle Museum.

The auction on 5-6 December 2020 at Bicester Heritage includes such venerable British marques as Ariel, Velocette, Triumph, Vincent, Norton and Royal Enfield.

One one the most unusual brands is Hesketh. The oldest surviving Hesketh Vampire from 1982 will be offered at auction. It is estimated to fetch up to £25,000.

The luxury super tourer which was the brainchild of Lord Hesketh, founder of the eponymous and flamboyant 1970s Formula One racing team.

Among the Nortons offered are two models inspired by the company’s racing partnership with John Player Special, a 1990 Norton F1, estimated to fetch £20,000 to £30,000 and a 1974 950cc JPN Replica (£8,000-£12,000).

Triumph is represented by an early example of its quintessential post-war ‘Bonneville’, a 1960 T120 (£10,000-£15,000) and a trio of Valmoto Racing Motorcycles from the 2003 season, all estimated to fetch £16,000 – £20,000.

Bikes from British golden era at auction

The collection also includes a quartet of cars or cycle cars produced by motorcycle manufacturers, including the believed sole surviving 1921 Douglas 10hp car, one of only six built (shown above). Formerly the property of the late Lt. Col ‘Tiny’ Ayers, it is offered in a good restored condition, with an odometer reading of just 3,834 miles. It could sell for about £15,000.

The National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull is recognised as the largest exhibitor of British motorcycles, with 1000 machines fully-restored to their original specification representing 170 different marques spanning 120 years of motorcycle manufacturing in the British Isles.

Museum director James Hewing says the bikes are from their Reserve Collection which have been restored in their workshop and come with a solid silver plaque to confirm provenance.

“This year’s events have given us the time to assess our reserve and duplicate inventory, and we can now look forward to reopening having freed up some desperately needed storage space,” James says.

The National Motorcycle Museum Collection will line up with a trio of other important one-owner collections, synonymous with Bonhams motorcycle sales, representing a diverse range of classic and vintage motorcycle marques and models.

The Connoisseur Collection, led by a brace of Brough Superiors, (a 1937 Brough Superior 11-50HP and a 1937 Brough Superior SS80, both with estimates of £50,000 – 60,000), offers numerous blue-chip examples from the estate of a late motorcycle connoisseur.

The Competition Collection of trials bikes is headlined by the Ex-Works: Ron Langston 1958 ISDT Ariel HT5 (£10,000 – 15,000), a class-leading heavyweight trials iron and a gold medal winner at the ‘58 ISDT.

This collection comes from Carole Nash, a stalwart of the motorcycle community and founder of the namesake and industry-leading motorcycle insurer, which includes a 1914 BSA 4 1/4hp Model H Motorcycle Combination (£14,000 – 18,000), offered in barn-find condition.

The Winter Sale will be a live and online auction, with an auctioneer at the rostrum, with bids accepted online, by telephone or by absentee bids.

The sale will be on view in the 50,000 sq ft former RAF Bomber Station hangar at Bicester Heritage, with pre-sale viewing between 3 and 5 December by appointment only:

  • Thursday 3 December 09:00 – 17:00
  • Friday 4 December 09:00 – 17:00
  • Saturday 5 December 09:00 – 17:00

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Live Your Dark Knight Fantasy With The Ducati Streetfighter V4 S’ New Dark Livery

A Motorcycle So Clean You Could Consider It ‘Filthy’

Fully black liveries are nothing new in the motorcycle world. Many riders love to pair their fully blacked-out bikes with a black racing outfit for the maximum ‘road intimidation factor’.

If you’re in the market for a Ducati Streetfighter V4 S and aren’t too keen on spending thousands of dollars blacking out the entire motorcycle yourself, Ducati is breaking free from their addiction to all things red and providing a full black livery option for the 2021 Streetfighter.

When I say “blacked out” I really mean it. Almost every piece possible on this motorcycle has joined the black team. You can still find a handful of parts adorned in silver; the exhaust, radiator, pegs, and steering stabilizer – but beyond that, every piece of the motorcycle has been shrouded in evil greatness.

Personally, I want my Ducati in the traditional red colour so anyone who sees me riding it will know I re-mortgaged my house to ride the Ferrari of the superbike world. But if you’re a modest adult – unlike myself – this is an absolutely beautiful colour option for the motorcycle.

This colour option will only be available on the S version of the Streetfighter V4, and comes with an additional $391 USD fee when buying the bike new.

The 2021 edition of the Streetfighter V4 includes some new engine upgrades to make it Euro5 compliant (sigh), but Ducati wants customers to be reassured that it still produces a neck-snapping 208 horsepower from its 1,103cc V4 engine. 

The motorcycle will get into the hands of dealers in November of this year, so let’s hope it comes winterized so you can enjoy your maiden-voyage ride come spring next year.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Gets a Launch Date

Royal Enfield Sets Its Sights on November

Royal Enfield has a new bike coming soon. It’s called the Meteor 350 and it should be an important bike for the brand and one that will help it to stay a dominant force in India.

The motorcycle was originally set for an April 2020 release date, but then COVID-19 happened, and well, that didn’t happen. Then there was a lot of discussion about when the motorcycle would actually debut. Now, according to The Times of India, the bike will be unveiled on November 6. 

This bike will be available in three different trim levels: Fireball, Stellar, and Supernova. Fancy names. It will be interesting to see what’s on each bike. I assume as you climb the trim ladder, the level of options and features will go up.


The powertrain isn’t totally clear at this time. That said, I’m sure it will be a BS6 compliant and have a 350cc displacement or close to that. It will also be a single cylinder. Power figures are unknown but I’d expect around 20 hp and maybe 20 lb-ft of torque. We will all find out the good details on November 6. That is, unless something else crazy happens.

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