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Riders risk being torn to shreds on trial surface

Riders could be torn to shreds by a rough “tyre-shredding” road surface designed to stop “hoons” doing burnouts and drifting, according to an ex-bike cop and now riding instructor.

George Foessel joined Queensland Police in 1983 and became a bike cop and a driver/rider trainer as well as a qualified crash investigator.

“My concern is how the surface will impact on the two-wheeled community in the event of a fall,” says Greg who now trains riders at Motor School.

Greg Foessel is now a rider instructor

Shreds tyres

Brisbane City Council has trialled the special abrasive road surface at known hoon burnout locations in Chuwar and Willawong and will soon release their findings.

The road surface consists of bitumen spray sealed with a highly modified rubberised binder and sharp, angular aggregate stones.

It is designed to have high friction to prevent spinning tyres. If a driver or rider does manage a burnout, the rough aggregate shreds tyres quickly.

Road surface trial shreds tyres and riders
These gloves would be shredded if they hit the road at speed

“I totally understand the need to curtail the activities of a few reckless people and the initiative definitely has merit,” Greg says.

“However, I feel that if the surface shreds tyres then it may also shred motorcycle protective clothing and any exposed skin.  This in itself could impose more severe injures who come into contact with this surface.

“I feel that the surface may need to be re-evaluated whilst in the trial phase to ensure there is not an increased risk to cyclists and motorcyclist who may inadvertently come to grief in these areas.”

Despite his concerns and the fact that BCC has yet to release its findings, the Queensland Liberal-National Party (LNP) already plans to roll out the “tyre-shredding surface” at more burnout spots.

The say the road treatment causes increased tyre wear.

Road surface trial shreds tyres and riders
Close-up of rough surface

“If you are driving normally or are on a push bike or motorcycle you are able to ride over the road surface with no issues,” they say.

Bicycle Queensland CEO Rebecca Randazzo says they were not consulted about the trials but are interested in the results.

Council trials

A Brisbane City Council spokesperson says that during their first 12-month trial on Allawah Road, Chuwar, the number of hooning complaints dropped.

Road surface trial shreds tyres and riders
Burnout marks just outside the trial area

I inspected the Chuwar trial and noticed burnout marks just outside the trial area, so it hasn’t totally stopped “hoon” activity in the area.

“Following its success, Council applied a road treatment to a second trial site at Gardens Drive, Willawong in November 2019,” the BCC spokesperson says.

“We have been working with the Queensland Police Service, analysing crash data, undertaking pavement testing, evaluating survey data and analysing community feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of the trial surface.”

“We expect to release the information next month.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Are roadworks speeds set too low?

While roadworks speeds in some jurisdictions can be as low 40km/h (25mph), the UK may be heading toward a standard 60mph (about 100km/h) on highway roadworks.

Speed limits through roadworks are reduced for the safety of road workers.

However, some riders question the low speeds when work is not happening and when workers are behind steal barricades or even up a side road.

Riders also claim their lives can be jeopardised by the sudden and dramatic drop in speed, especially when they are being tailgated by a large truck!

The problem stems from roadworks speeds being positioned too far ahead of the actual work and limits sometimes set too low, according to the RACQ.

Roadworks speeds

In most states of Australia, the roadworks speed limit is an enforceable 40km/h. Highway speed limits can vary right down to 40km/h, depending on the type of works.

In New Zealand, the lowest roadworks speed is 30km/h. In the USA roadworks speed limits are only advisory.

In the UK, highway roadworks speed limits are much higher from 40-60mph (64-100km/h).

To move toward a standardised speed limit for roadworks on UK highways, Highways England began a trial of 55 and 60mph speed limits in some roadworks.

They found “safety wasn’t compromised and customers preferred driving at 60mph”.

They have now asked roadworks companies to reconsider their speed limits.millions roadworks rain

Uniform speeds

Australian riders are also calling for more sensible and uniform roadworks speeds.

Russell Saunders of the Queensland-based Motorcycle Advocacy Group  says “inappropriate speed limits” are a concern.

“Forty kilometres an hour on multilane roads is not sensible and the maintaining of those speeds when no work is being undertaken is just plain stupid,” he says.

“Those limits should be lifted when no road workers are in attendance, such as on weekends.

“I have ridden in many other countries and have formed the opinion that we are the worst for excessive over compensation towards ‘safety’.”

The Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria also claims speed limits are often set with “blanket rules based on opinion rather than science”.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

KTM sells RC16 GP bikes as sales fall

Despite KTM Group’s boss saying sales were up during the pandemic, the Austrian company has suffered a one-third sales slump as it offers two rare RC16 race bikes for sale.

In the first six months of 2020, sales of KTM Group motorcycles, which also includes Husqvarna and Gas Gas, were down 33% from 135,711 to 90,331.

This is despite several reports that CEO Stefan Pierer said they were not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and had hired more people.

Certainly sales are strong in Australia.

KTM off-road sales here were up 36.6% and road bike sales up 21.6% while Husky sales rocketed 59.8% for trail bikes and a whopping 134.9% for road bikes. Gas Gas sales are not available.

RC16 saleKTM RC16

Meanwhile, KTM Motorsports is selling two race-prepared KTM RC16 factory MotoGP bikes from last year’s season.

This is a very rare opportunity.

The only other time we can recall MotoGP bikes being sold was in 2012 when Ducati sold Casey Stoner’s 800cc Desmosedici for about $A455,000 and Valentino Rossi’s bike for $A444,000.

They were sold because the series moved from 800cc to 1 000ccc.

The unspecified 2019 KTM race bikes will come with a Pol Espargaro’s racing leathers and helmet, other merchandise and a VIP MotoGP hospitality weekend in 2021.

KTM is asking about $A475,000 each for the bikes.

If you’ve got that sort of money after raiding your superannuation, send an email to [email protected].

KTM will compile a list of buyers and make a final decision on the lucky buyers.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Snake attacks Thai motorcycle rider

Video has emerged of a 2m snake attacking a motorcycle rider in Lampang, Thailand, that will send shivers down your spine!

Many riders will have experienced the same sort thing where a snake stands up to attack as you ride past.

This Viral Hog video shows the rider lifting his feet up to avoid being bitten.

Obviously long leather boots would be too hot in Thailand, but they certainly would protect from snake bite.

It is not known what type of snake it is, but there is a wide variety of snakes in Thailand and some of them are not dangerous to humans.

However, they can still inflict a painful bite that can become infected.

The video also includes an incident in India where a cobra was found in a scooter.

Snake tales

We have published several articles, photos and videos of snakes hitching a ride on motorcycles and even one where it hitched in the rider’s helmet without him knowing.

Here are a few:

This is a video of snake hitching a ride on a Royal Enfield in India.

Despite the Twitter caption, it’s a common cat snake (scientific name Boiga trigonata) which is semi-venomous and a good climber.

Back in February this Indian man rode 11km with a snake in his helmet before he discovered it!

Rider finds snake in his helmet

In Brisbane, a rider reported he once had a tree snake crawl across his handlebars and up his arm.

He didn’t know which end he was grabbing, but he picked it up and threw it off as he rode 100km/h along the M1 without falling off.

He did get a fright, but says he wasn’t too worried as he suspected it was only a tree snake as they climb (like the cat snake) while deadly brown snakes don’t.

Snakes are attracted to the warmth of the engine as well as the dark and warmth of the cavity under the seat.

The reptile usually boards the bike while it is parked somewhere.

We have run over many snakes while riding and none has been flicked up on to the bike.

They also like to climb up into cars as this Gladstone driver recently found.

Spiders are also common unwelcome hitchhikers.

I once rode almost 500km from Bateman’s Bay to Mudgee with a big spider on my jacket which I had stupidly placed on the ground while I drank my coffee.

Never, ever put your helmet or jacket on the ground! Lesson learnt.

On another occasion I had a hornet in my jacket that repeatedly bit me for several kilometres until I could find it and kill it.

Medical advice

If you are bitten by a snake, spider or other venomous creature, obviously seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service has a Fast First Aid booklet with advice for people with no medical training on how to manage first-aid situations. It includes managing a heart attack, snake bites, choking, burns and severe bleeding.

It is free in NSW and ACT only. To receive your copy text ‘NOW’ to 0428 044 444.

According to the University of Sydney, Australia is home to 60 species of snakes, including the 10 most lethal in the world.

There are about 3000 reported snakebites each year resulting in between 200 and 500 requiring anti-­venom and an average of one or two fatalities.

Mt Tamborine Goat Track crashes
Tar snakes … not to be confused with real snakes!

RFDS guide on snake bites

  • Do try to note the colour, size, distinctive markings and patterns of the snake without putting yourself at risk. A positive identification will help medics get the correct anti-­‐venom into the patient more quickly.
  • Do NOT wash the area of the bite or try to suck out the venom. It is extremely important to retain traces of venom for use with venom identification kits.
  • Do NOT incise or cut the bite, or apply a high tourniquet. Cutting or incising the bite won’t help. High tourniquets are ineffective and can be fatal if released.
  • Do stop the spread of venom – bandage firmly, splint and immobilise. All the major medical associations recommend slowing the spread of venom by placing a folded pad over the bite area and then applying a firm bandage. It should not stop blood flow to the limb or congest the veins. Only remove the bandage in a medical facility, as the release of pressure will cause a rapid flow of venom through the bloodstream.
  • Do NOT allow the victim to walk or move their limbs.
  • Use a splint or sling to minimise all limb movement. Put the patient on a stretcher or bring transportation to the patient.
  • Do seek medical help immediately as the venom can cause severe damage to health or even death within a few hours.

Have you ever had a snake, spider or other unwelcome guest on your motorcycle? How did you deal with it? Leave your comments below.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Motorcycle Traffic Collision Injury Statistics You Should Know

(Contributed article for our North American readers)

People love motorcycles because of their low purchase cost, ease of maintenance, fun and adventure. These machines, though, pose an extra risk to riders. Riders are more susceptible to injury and death due to the lack of protection in the event of an accident.

People involved in motorcycle traffic collisions can sustain long-term injuries such as a damaged spinal cord, fractured or amputated limbs and, in worst cases, death.

Below are some of the statistics you should know about motorcycle collisions.

1 Probability of Occurrence

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that motorcycle drivers were 27 times more likely to die in car crash per vehicle mile travelled.

In Australia, motorcycle registrations account for 4.5% of vehicle registration and 0.9% of total distance covered by vehicles. The low registration doesn’t correlate with the number of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle collisions are responsible for 15% of fatalities and an even higher percentage of injuries.

So, despite the low numbers of motorcycles on the roads, the risk factors are high. Riders are also more susceptible to injuries and death than in any other category.

2 Helmet Use and Related Susceptibility Rate

Helmets and other safety gear offer additional protection and safety measures to riders. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the appropriate use of helmets reduces fatal injuries by 42%. Helmets also prevent head injuries by a further 69%.

Data from NHTSA estimates that economic loss amounting to USD$3.5 billion was prevented and other related costs amounting to USD$21 billion were saved. These amounts and a further USD$1.5 billion could’ve been saved if every rider wore a helmet.

The total fatalities that were prevented by wearing helmets amounted to 1,872, and the other 750 could have been saved if they wore helmets.motorcycle crash accident injury

3 Statistics of Other Causes of Motorcycle Traffic Collision

One significant factor in motorcycle traffic collisions is the age of riders. In 2016, the majority of crashes and fatalities involved riders more than 40 years old. Also, in 2017, a third of the riders involved in road crashes were more than 43 years old.

In a report commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure, the contributing factors of crash fatalities are excessive speeding at 70%, alcohol and drug abuse at 46%, and learner riders at 8%. Sometimes, up to three factors are related to a single crash.

It’s important to note that it’s advisable to seek compensation for injuries resulting from these accidents. Consulting a motorcycle personal injury lawyer can help you investigate the causes, negligence, gather evidence, and negotiate with insurance firms or lobby for fair compensation in courts.

4 Motorcycle Injuries and Injury Rate

There have been oscillations between 2008 and 2018 injury rates in the United States–from a high of 96,000 in 2008 to a low of 89,000 in 2017. Also, there has been an outlier in that curve with 104,000 injuries in 2016 and 81,000 in 2011.

The trend is replicated in different metrics, like injuries per 100,000 vehicles registered, and miles travelled in millions and injury rate per 100m vehicle. The general observation is the general reduction in these trends.

For instance, the injury rate per 100,000 registered motorcycles reduced from 1,238 in 2008 to 1,018 in 2017, with a low of 965 in 2011.

5 Motorcycle Fatality Statistics

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association(GHSA), there were 5,000 motorcycle-related deaths in 2017, down 300 on the previous year. The report, however, noted a big representation of riders in total fatalities.

In comparison with other fatality sections such as passengers, drivers and pedestrians, motorcycle-related fatalities have had an upward trend in the past decade. A report prepared by the ministry of infrastructure shows a continued rise from 10% in 1998 to 15% in 2007.

The driver death per billion kilometres travelled indicated that more motorcycle riders died. There were 116.4 rider deaths per billion kilometres compared withy 4.3 driver deaths per kilometre in 1998. In 2003, 116.9 deaths were reported compared with 3.9 driver deaths. By 2007, a 116.9 death rate represented an increase compared with a decrease of driver deaths to 3.9.

These figures indicate motorcycle fatalities haven’t reduced as compared with a 2.0% decrease in driver deaths in the last decade.

The Department of Transportation reports that in 100,000 registered vehicles, 59.34% of accidents related to deaths involved motorcycles, in comparison with 7.52% for light trucks and 10.05% for passenger cars.


Motorcycle traffic collisions are prevalent and more likely to occur than other classes of vehicles, even though motorcycles are fewer on the road. On a positive note, there was a reduced number of injuries in the United States between 2008 and 2017.

Some of the causes of motorcycle injuries include helmets, alcohol abuse, age factor, and excessive speed. World Health Organization (WHO) notes that correct helmet use reduces susceptibility to injuries.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Doubts over Chinese Harley-Davidson HD350

This image from the Chinese Patent Office shows a Qianjiang QJ350 motorcycle with a parallel twin engine stamped with the words “Harley-Davidson Motor Company”.Doubts over Chinese Harley-Davidson HD350

This is a collaboration that was part of former Harley CEO Matt Levatich’s plans to move into more markets and niches.

It was supposed to have been released in June, but has no doubt been pushed back by the pandemic.

Doubts on collaboration

Despite the images now becoming available, there are now doubts over whether the deal will still go ahead under new Harley boss Jochen Zeitz.

The German-born boss has rolled back on Levatich’s bold plans for 100 new models in 10 years and expansion into more markets.

At last week’s second-quarter results announcements, Zeitz said they would reduce “planned models” by 30% and pull out of some markets.

Reducing the number of planned models mean the existing model range will be reduced and some of the new models will be scrapped or delayed.

It seems the Pan America adventure bike will go ahead, but the new Bronx Streetfighter that shares the Revolution Max platform may be axed or indefinitely postponed.

Harley Revolution Max platform includes Pan America and Bronx Streetfighter
Harley Revolution Max platform includes Pan America and Bronx Streetfighter

Significantly, there was no mention of this HD350 project with Chinese manufacturer Qianjiang Motorcycles.

The photos clearly show the bike is badged Qianjiang and that it bears littler resemblance to the previously issued images of the HD350 project bike in traditional Harley orange and black.

Since it has missed the June deadline and now comes in a non-Harley look, perhaps the bike will not go aead.

Cold War

The D350 was supposed to be for Asian markets only as an entry bike to get people hooked on the Harley brand.

But with the heightening “cold war” between America and China, maybe Harley has decided to scale back its controversial collaboration.

Maybe China is one market from which they are even considering withdrawing.

It may be a huge market, but the company has had significant difficulty making its mark because its bikes are too big and are even banned in some jurisdictions.

I’ve had several conversations over the years with Harley executives who have expressed frustration dealing with China and the varied restrictions.

So perhaps the only Harley feature will be an engine in Qianjiang models as well as Benelli which the Chinese company also owns and builds.

Harley replies

I asked Harley-Davidson Australia and HQ in Milwaukee for clarification on the Chinese collaboration, which markets they would withdraw from and which “planned models” would be axed.

Harley Australia said:

I have passed on to the US and will share the response (if they don’t come back to you directly).

A senior marketing manager in Milwaukee said:

I was told you should work in country to get the best answers to these questions.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

How to ship a motorbike across country

(Contributed article for our North American readers)

There are several reasons why you might need to ship a motorbike across country. You might have bought a new bike across the other side of the country and need to get it shipped to your home. It might be because you’re relocating and don’t have the time to ride a long distance. Perhaps you need to get it to a specialist motorbike garage for some serious repairs, or because you’ve got a spot booked at the next Daytona Bike Week. Whatever the reason, shipping a motorbike cross country is easier than you think.

How to choose the best cross country motorbike shipping company

There are lots of companies you can use for shipping a motorbike cross country. But for your precious motorbike, it’s important to choose the right one. Choose a company that specializes in transporting motorcycles and you can be certain they’ve got the right experience, insurance and reputation to get the job done quickly and safely.

  • Compare motorcycle transporters: They must register with the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and have active DOT and MC numbers.
  • Check insurance coverage: US law requires motorcycle transporters to have both cargo and liability insurance if they want to transport motorbikes across the country legally. Always ask a carrier for written proof of their insurance before deciding which one to hire.
  • Read reviews: You can get a good idea about the reliability of a company by reading reviews left by previous customers. A company’s online reputation is a direct reflection of the experience and professionalism you can expect from a cross country motorbike shipping company.
  • Extra costs and surcharges: Check whether there will be any additional costs or surcharges you need to know about in advance. It’s also a good idea to check whether there are any discounts or promotions you can take advantage of.
  • Request several quotes: Request quotes from several different companies and compare the cost to ship a motorbike across country.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

The cost to ship a motorbike across country varies depending on several factors. These include:

  • Distance of travel
  • Pick-up and drop off locations
  • Make and model of the motorcycle
  • Whether the shipment is going to be expedited
  • Type of motorbike transport used: Typically, motorbikes are transported using enclosed trailers as these provide much more protection. Open motorcycle transport is available for people with limited budgets or owners in a hurry.

How to prepare your motorcycle for transport

Before the carrier transports your motorcycle, there are some things you have to do to get it ready.

  • Thoroughly clean your motorcycle
  • Make a note of any chips, dings, scratches, or other cosmetic damage
  • Take pictures of your bike from several angles, along with detailed shots of any existing damage
  • Remove all loose items from your motorcycle
  • Ensure your motorbike is in good working condition
  • Inflate tires
  • Charge the battery
  • Fill the gas tank to 1/4 full
  • Check and fix all fluid leaks

Now you know how easy it is to ship a motorbike across country, you don’t need to stress about it.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Riders help relay COVID-19 tests

Bloodbikes Australia is playing an integral part in transporting COVID-19 tests from suburban testing centres to medical laboratories.

Founder Peter Davis says they recently extended their free service offers from delivering blood to other medical products including breast milk.

However, they are currently being primarily deployed to take COVID-19 tests to medical laboratories.

“Our first runs of COVID samples started with our Sydney volunteer, Richard Alder, for St Vincents,” Peter says.

“It involved delivering consumables, label bags etc, picking up samples from the temporary testing stations and getting it to St Vincent’s Sydney laboratory for analysis.”

Bloodbikes Australia has become an integral part of transporting COVID-19 tests from testing centres to medical laboratories.
Richard picks up a sample

Tests ramped up

Two Bloodbikes Australia Brisbane volunteers have now stepped into the breach for Mater Pathology as thousands of residents of southern Brisbane and Logan City have queued up for hours to be tested following a new outbreak.

“Given the increased testing and the temporary, drive-through testing stations, the Mater Pathology couriers just couldn’t cover all the runs,” Peter says.

“Rather than delay analysis and results they called on Bloodbikes Australia, which is exactly our charter to fill in when all else fails.”

Peter has run samples from Metro Medical Centre Springfield Lakes and fellow volunteer Nick Carrigan has taken samples from a temporary testing centre in Cleveland.

Bloodbkes Australia tests
Nick picks up a sample

Both are delivering the tests to the Mater Laboratory at Mater Hill in South Brisbane.

“It was so great to feel like you’re helping in the COVID fight rather than being an observer,” says Nick.

Peter says the Canberra Bloodbikes Australia Volunteers may soon be doing test runs for the Canberra Hospital.

He called on people in medical services to contact him about providing services.

He says volunteers can contact the Bloodbikes Australia Facebook as demand for their services ramps up with the second wave of coronavirus infections.

Volunteers can also email Peter Davis on [email protected]

Peter recently rode to NSW and the ACT recently to visit volunteers before borders started closing down.

He says they now have 87 volunteers Australia wide on the NSW Central Coast, Sydney, Canberra. Western NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Bloodbikes background

Bloodbikes started in Manchester, UK in 2011 and Peter launched Bloodbikes Australia in September 2019.

Volunteers make deliveries when all other methods have been exhausted and time is critical.

“It was started because there were circumstances when a motorcycles can be a lot faster than a car in making urgent deliveries of blood to where it is required,” Peter says.

Blood he has delivered has been used in surgery as well as transfusions for cancer patients.

Peter delivers blood supplies to the Mater Hospital
Peter delivers blood supplies to the Mater Hospital

“Bloodbikes Australia is entirely voluntary. We volunteer our time, fuel and motorcycles,” Peter says.

“We are not an emergency service and abide by all the road rules and speed limits. We are not police or ambulance ‘wannabes’.

“We are just motorcycle enthusiasts who want to make our passion for riding available to do some good in the community.”

As an essential medical service, urgent deliveries would also be exempt from any travel restrictions during the current pandemic.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

5 Best Practices for Motorcycle Riding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

(Contributed post for our North American readers)

Since the COVID-19 pandemic caused worldwide upheaval and triggered a flurry of policies on social distancing, minimal travel and staying at home, the motorcycle community has been abuzz wondering what this means for them. While motorcycling has social distancing advantages over other means of commute such as cars and public transit, COVID-19 is an unprecedented, evolving and complex situation that is not yet fully understood. 

That said, and based on what is known about the novel coronavirus so far, here’s a look at some of the best practices for motorcycling.

For some motorcyclists, riding is a necessity and part of their routine commute to work. If that’s the case for you, enjoy the open road. However, if your riding is recreational, you should avoid your motorbike as much as possible. 

Though it’s safer than public transit as far as COVID-19 is concerned, there are multiple ways that motorcycle riding still places you and those around you at risk of virus transmission. 

  • Be Smart If You Have to Ride

Staying indoors for days on end comes with its own set of problems. It can increase stress and dampen your spirits. While interacting with members of your household can provide some respite, it does not quite deliver the same degree of relaxation as a motorbike ride on the open road does. 

Riding calms the soul, clears the mind and injects a unique joy. Nevertheless, if you do choose to take a recreational ride periodically, do so via pre-planned routes that will minimize your interaction with others.

  • Ride a Loop

One of the good things about riding a motorcycle is you are usually alone. No passengers to insist that you stop somewhere you don’t want to. Keep your rides brief by following a continuous loop that starts and ends at your home.

Avoid contact with any other person or group along the way. However, if you feel the need to inject a social element in your experience, consider using a GoPro camera to capture and share the view with friends and family.

  • Hazards Aren’t Absent

Just because the vehicle and pedestrian traffic has diminished, doesn’t mean the roads are free of life-threatening hazards. In fact, the risk of certain hazards such as wildlife and debris is elevated because you don’t have the benefit of drivers ahead of you sounding the alarm. 

Stay alert and be prepared to respond to any unexpected situation on the road when it does arise. Don’t assume that empty roads are an opportunity to test your limits. Actually, exercise more caution and restraint, since help might not be forthcoming as quickly as it normally would in the event of an accident. States like Texas have relatively lax motorbike helmet laws. That said, err on the side of caution and wear one.

  • Use the Time to Perform Maintenance

Staying at home doesn’t mean suspending all physical activity. The more idle time you have on your hands, the more likely you are to suffer emotional distress. Keep yourself occupied by taking a look at your motorcycle. 

Perhaps you haven’t performed maintenance on it for a while. Even if you have, it might be a great time to do some thorough adjusting, lubricating and cleaning that you’d otherwise not have the time to do. Get dirty, reconnect with your bike and have some fun while you’re at it.

The best practices here are a guideline. Ultimately, you have to exercise good judgment in determining what is the best thing to do as a motorcyclist in your area with these unique circumstances. 

Remember that you aren’t really alone, nor will you be riding on clear roads. Pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists will still occupy the road with you. They might stop where you stop. If you or they are infected but asymptomatic, there’s a risk of transmission. 

In the worst-case scenario, you may be involved in a crash that requires you to be rushed to the hospital, occupy bed and ER space that could have been available for a critically ill COVID-19 patient.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Safety recall on Aprilia Tuono and RSV4

Aprilia Australia has issued a safety recall notice for a brake issue on 2017-2020 RSV4 and Tuono 1100 motorcycles.

The official safety recall notice issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says the front brake pad friction material “could potentially separate from the back plate, resulting in reduced braking performance”.

“Reduced brake performance may result in a dangerous fall or collision, causing serious injury or death to the rider or other road users,” the notice says.

Owners should contact their authorised Aprilia dealer to book a brake pad inspection and, if potentially faulty brake pads are found, they will be replaced free of charge.

For more information, owners should contact their nearest authorised Aprilia dealer or email [email protected]

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) of the 451 affected bikes are listed at the end of this article.

2017 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR brembo brake
Tuono V4 1100 RR

Even though manufacturers and importers contact owners when a safety recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle recalls as a service to all riders.

In Australia, recall notices are issued by the manufacturer and the Department of Infrastructure through a voluntary industry code under the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

While any recall is not good news for the manufacturer, it shows that they are largely diligent in fixing problems.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

VINs of affects bikes

ZD4KG0006KS001279 ZD4KGB00XKS000566 ZD4KGA000HS001440
ZD4KG0006HS000559 ZD4KGB00XKS000423 ZD4KGA000JS001542
ZD4KG0005JS001238 ZD4KGB009KS001501 ZD4KGA000JS002609
ZD4KG0006KS001587 ZD4KGB009KS001496 ZD4KGA001JS001534
ZD4KG0006LS001767 ZD4KGB009KS000560 ZD4KGA001JS001954
ZD4KG0007JS000866 ZD4KGB009KS000557 ZD4KGA002HS001438
ZD4KG0005HS000343 ZD4KGB008KS000565 ZD4KGA002HS001441
ZD4KG0005HS000164 ZD4KGB007KS000430 ZD4KGA002JS001543
ZD4KG0004KS001586 ZD4KGB007KS000427 ZD4KGA002JS001963
ZD4KG0004JS001263 ZD4KGB006KS000368 ZD4KGA002JS002935
ZD4KG0004JS001246 ZD4KGB005KS000426 ZD4KGA003JS001549
ZD4KG0004HS000611 ZD4KGB003KS001493 ZD4KE0003HS001402
ZD4KG0004HS000561 ZD4KGB003KS000425 ZD4KGB003KS001588
ZD4KG0004HS000365 ZD4KGB002KS001503 ZD4KGB002LS002166
ZD4KG0007KS001520 ZD4KGB002KS001498 ZD4KGB002LS001664
ZD4KG0002JS000869 ZD4KGB001KS001492 ZD4KGB002KS001596
ZD4KG0002HS000364 ZD4KE0000HS001650 ZD4KGB002KS001078
ZD4KG0001JS001236 ZD4KE0000JS001802 ZD4KGB002KS000559
ZD4KG0001JS001141 ZD4KE0001HS001379 ZD4KGB001LS002174
ZD4KG0001JS001138 ZD4KE0001HS001558 ZD4KGB001LS002160
ZD4KG0001HS000341 ZD4KE0001JS001680 ZD4KGB001KS001590
ZD4KG0001HS000209 ZD4KE0001JS001694 ZD4KGB001KS001489
ZD4KE000XJS002021 ZD4KE0001JS001825 ZD4KGB000LS002165
ZD4KE000XHS000764 ZD4KE0001JS002019 ZD4KGB000LS001663
ZD4KE000XHS000652 ZD4KE0001KS003253 ZD4KGB000KS001600
ZD4KE0009JS002527 ZD4KGB001KS000553 ZD4KGB000KS001595
ZD4KE0009JS001801 ZD4KGB001KS000424 ZD4KGA00XJS002083
ZD4KE0009HS000772 ZD4KGB000KS001502 ZD4KGA00XJS001953
ZD4KE0009HS000755 ZD4KGB000KS001497 ZD4KGA00XJS001693
ZD4KE0008JS001949 ZD4KGA006HS000180 ZD4KGA00XHS001431
ZD4KE0006HS000941 ZD4KG000XJS001140 ZD4KGA00XHS001364
ZD4KE0006JS001688 ZD4KG000XHS000371 ZD4KGA009JS002611
ZD4KE0007HS000768 ZD4KG000XHS000211 ZD4KGA009HS001436
ZD4KE0007JS002526 ZD4KG000XHS000208 ZD4KGA008JS002082
ZD4KE0007JS002641 ZD4KG000XHS000161 ZD4KGA008HS001444
ZD4KE0008HS000648 ZD4KG0009JS001243 ZD4KGA008HS001430
ZD4KE0008HS001380 ZD4KG0009JS000867 ZD4KGA006HS001443
ZD4KE0008HS001539 ZD4KG0009HS000149 ZD4KGA006HS000163
ZD4KE0008JS001675 ZD4KG0008KS001560 ZD4KGA005JS001553
ZD4KE0008JS001823 ZD4KG0008HS000370 ZD4KGA005JS001536
ZD4KE0008JS002020 ZD4KG0008HS000367 ZD4KGA005JS001505
ZD4KE0008JS002874 ZD4KG0008HS000210 ZD4KGA005HS001434
ZD4KE0009HS000769 ZD4KG0007JS001242 ZD4KGA004JS003214
ZD4KE0009HS001534 ZD4KG0007HS000201 ZD4KGA004JS001706
ZD4KE0009JS002270 ZD4KG0007HS000165 ZD4KGB003KS001591
ZD4KE0009LS003275 ZD4KG0007HS000151 ZD4KE0002HS000936
ZD4KE000XHS000649 ZD4KG0007HS000148 ZD4KGB00XLS002173
ZD4KE000XHS001378 ZD4KG0005HS000150 ZD4KGB00XKS001085
ZD4KE000XJS001824 ZD4KG0003JS001139 ZD4KGB009LS002164
ZD4KE000XJS002150 ZD4KG0003HS000342 ZD4KGB008LS002172
ZD4KE000XJS002875 ZD4KG0002JS001245 ZD4KGB008LS002169
ZD4KG0000HS000198 ZD4KE0003KS003254 ZD4KGB008KS001599
ZD4KG0000HS000203 ZD4KE0004HS001652 ZD4KGB008KS001490
ZD4KG0000JS000868 ZD4KE0004JS001690 ZD4KGB008KS000369
ZD4KG0000KS001536 ZD4KE0004JS001821 ZD4KGB007LS002163
ZD4KG0001KS001285 ZD4KE0004JS001947 ZD4KGB007KS001593
ZD4KG0001KS001562 ZD4KE0004JS001950 ZD4KGB007KS001500
ZD4KG0001KS001612 ZD4KE0004KS003215 ZD4KGB007KS001495
ZD4KG0002HS000560 ZD4KE0006HS000647 ZD4KGB007KS001092
ZD4KG0002KS001280 ZD4KE0006HS000759 ZD4KGB006LS002171
ZD4KE0008HS000763 ZD4KGA006HS000177 ZD4KGB006LS002168
ZD4KGA008JS002616 ZD4KGA005JS002931 ZD4KGB006LS001666
ZD4KGA008HS001363 ZD4KGA005JS001956 ZD4KGB006KS001598
ZD4KGA007JS002610 ZD4KGA005HS000168 ZD4KGB005LS002176
ZD4KGA007JS002607 ZD4KGA004JS002936 ZD4KGB005LS002162
ZD4KGA007HS001435 ZD4KGA004JS002077 ZD4KGB005KS001592
ZD4KGA007HS001368 ZD4KGA004JS001902 ZD4KGB005KS001589
ZD4KGA007HS001354 ZD4KE0003JS001678 ZD4KGB005KS001494
ZD4KGA007HS001290 ZD4KGA004HS000534 ZD4KGB004LS002170
ZD4KGA005JS003223 ZD4KGA004HS000176 ZD4KGB004LS002167
ZD4KGA005JS002606 ZD4KGA003JS002930 ZD4KGB004LS001665
ZD4KGA005HS001370 ZD4KGA003JS002085 ZD4KGB004KS001602
ZD4KGA005HS001353 ZD4KGA003JS001955 ZD4KGB004KS001597
ZD4KGA004JS002614 ZD4KGA003HS000539 ZD4KGB004KS001504
ZD4KGA004HS001442 ZD4KGA002JS002076 ZD4KGB004KS001499
ZD4KGA003JS003219 ZD4KGA002HS000533 ZD4KGB003LS002175
ZD4KGA003JS002605 ZD4KGA001JS002084 ZD4KGB003LS002161
ZD4KGA003HS001433 ZD4KGA001HS000538 ZD4KE0002JS002644
ZD4KGA003HS001366 ZD4KGA001HS000166 ZD4KE0003HS000945
ZD4KGA002HS001360 ZD4KGA000JS002934 ZD4KE0003JS002894
ZD4KGA002HS001357 ZD4KGA000JS002089 ZD4KE0004JS001673
ZD4KGA002HS001293 ZD4KGA000JS002075 ZD4KE0004JS001687
ZD4KGA001JS002604 ZD4KGA000JS001962 ZD4KE0005HS000946
ZD4KGA001HS001446 ZD4KGA000JS001959 ZD4KE0005HS001384
ZD4KGA001HS001432 ZD4KGA000HS000532 ZD4KE0006HS001653
ZD4KGA001HS001429 ZD4KGA000HS000529 ZD4KE0006JS001674
ZD4KGA001HS001348 ZD4KGA000HS000174 ZD4KE0007HS001385
ZD4KGA000JS002612 ZD4KE0003JS002149 ZD4KE0007HS001404
ZD4KGA000HS001437 ZD4KG000XKS001561 ZD4KE0007JS001697
ZD4KGA000HS001356 ZD4KG000XJS001235 ZD4KE0008HS001430
ZD4KGA000HS001289 ZD4KG000XJS001266 ZD4KE0008HS001654
ZD4KE0008HS000651 ZD4KGA003JS001518 ZD4KE0009JS001667
ZD4KE0007JS001800 ZD4KGA003JS001504 ZD4KE0009JS001670
ZD4KE0006JS001951 ZD4KGA002JS001512 ZD4KE0009JS001698
ZD4KE0006JS001948 ZD4KGA004HS001439 ZD4KE0009JS002642
ZD4KE0006JS001822 ZD4KGA002HS000189 ZD4KE000XHS001428
ZD4KE0006HS000762 ZD4KGA001JS001694 ZD4KE000XHS001655
ZD4KE0006HS000650 ZD4KGA001JS001551 ZD4KE000XJS001693
ZD4KE0005KS003255 ZD4KGA001JS001548 ZD4KE000XKS002893
ZD4KE0005HS000770 ZD4KGA000JS001699 ZD4KG0000KS001519
ZD4KE0004HS000758 ZD4KGA000JS001539 ZD4KG0002HS000610
ZD4KE0003JS001826 ZD4KGA000JS001511 ZD4KG0002KS001277
ZD4KE0002HS000760 ZD4KGA000HS000191 ZD4KG0008KS001283
ZD4KG0008HS000563 ZD4KGA000HS000188 ZD4KG0004JS000968
ZD4KE0002HS000757 ZD4KG0006HS000562 ZD4KG0008HS000658
ZD4KE0002HS000645 ZD4KG0004HS000558 ZD4KG0004JS000971
ZD4KE0000HS000756 ZD4KG0002HS000557 ZD4KG0004KS001281
ZD4KGB009KS001594 ZD4KG0000HS000556 ZD4KG0006HS000366
ZD4KGB009KS001093 ZD4KE000XJS001676 ZD4KG0006HS000609
ZD4KGB003KS001087 ZD4KE000XHS001560 ZD4KG0006HS000657
ZD4KGB002KS001601 ZD4KE000XHS001557 ZD4KG0006JS001264
ZD4KGB002KS001081 ZD4KE0009HS001405 ZD4KG0006KS001282
ZD4KGB000KS001094 ZD4KE0008HS001556 ZD4KG0008JS000701
ZD4KGA00XJS003220 ZD4KE0008HS000939 ZD4KG0008JS001265
ZD4KGA00XHS001445 ZD4KE0007HS001533 ZD4KG000XJS000697
ZD4KGA00XHS001347 ZD4KE0006HS001538 ZD4KGA006JS001545
ZD4KGA009JS002608 ZD4KE0005JS001679 ZD4KGA006JS001688
ZD4KGA009HS001369 ZD4KE0005HS001403 ZD4KGA006JS001691
ZD4KGA009HS001355 ZD4KE0004HS001537 ZD4KGA007HS000186
ZD4KGA009HS001291 ZD4KE0004HS000940 ZD4KGA007JS001537
ZD4KGA008JS003216 ZD4KE0004HS000937 ZD4KGA007JS001540
ZD4KE0006HS000938 ZD4KE0003HS001559 ZD4KGA007JS001554
ZD4KGB000KS000561 ZD4KE0003HS001531 ZD4KGA007JS001702
ZD4KGB000KS000429 ZD4KGA003JS001521 ZD4KGA008HS001296
ZD4KGA00XHS000540 ZD4KGA006JS001531 ZD4KGA008JS001515
ZD4KGA00XHS000182 ZD4KG0008KS001610 ZD4KGA008JS001529
ZD4KGA00XHS000165 ZD4KG0008LS001768 ZD4KGA008JS001532
ZD4KGA009JS002933 ZD4KG0009KS001521 ZD4KGA008JS001546
ZD4KGA009JS002088 ZD4KG000XHS000340 ZD4KGA008JS001692
ZD4KGA009JS002074 ZD4KGA006JS001528 ZD4KGA009HS000187
ZD4KGA009JS001961 ZD4KGA006JS001514 ZD4KGA009HS000190
ZD4KGA009JS001958 ZD4KGA006HS001295 ZD4KGA009JS001507
ZD4KGA009HS000531 ZD4KGA005JS001701 ZD4KGA009JS001524
ZD4KGA009HS000173 ZD4KGA005JS001696 ZD4KGA009JS001538
ZD4KGA008JS002079 ZD4KGA005JS001522 ZD4KGB005KS000684
ZD4KGA008HS000536 ZD4KGA004JS001690 ZD4KGB007KS000685
ZD4KGA008HS000181 ZD4KGA004JS001530 ZD4KGB009KS000686
ZD4KGA008HS000178 ZD4KGA004JS001513 ZD4KE0000JS001671
ZD4KGA008HS000164 ZD4KGA004HS001294 ZD4KE0000JS002271
ZD4KGA007JS002932 ZD4KGA003JS001700 ZD4KE0000JS002643
ZD4KGA007JS002090 ZD4KGA003JS001695 ZD4KE0001HS001429
ZD4KE0002JS001803 ZD4KGA003JS001552 ZD4KE0001KS002944
ZD4KE0002KS003214 ZD4KG000XJS000702 ZD4KE0002HS001651
ZD4KE0003HS000766 ZD4KG000XKS001611 ZD4KE0002JS002269
ZD4KGA007JS002087 ZD4KGA000HS001292 ZD4KGA009JS001541
ZD4KGA007JS001960 ZD4KGA009JS001555
ZD4KGA007JS001957 ZD4KGA00XJS001533
ZD4KGA007HS000172 ZD4KGA00XJS001547
ZD4KGA007HS000169 ZD4KGA00XJS001550
ZD4KGA006JS002081 ZD4KGB004KS000689
ZD4KGA006JS002078 ZD4KGB002KS001095
ZD4KGA006HS000535 ZD4KGB000KS000687
ZD4KGB00XKS001491 ZD4KGB002KS000688

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