Indian MY19 factory run-out | Free on-roads | Up to $3000 towards accessories

Indian Motorcycles MY19 factory run-out

Free on-roads on 111ci Thunder Stroke models
And up to $3000 of accessories
Up to $2000 of accessories with Scout and Bobber

Indian Motorcycles have announced some great deals on their MY19 Thunder Stroke 111 models, as they make room for 2020 stock, with all new and demonstrator models coming with free on-road costs, plus $1000 to $3000 worth of genuine accessories or apparel for a limited time.

imc lifestyle scoutsixty rubymetallic scoutbobber scoutnavy
MY19 Indian Scout and Scout Bobber models are now available with free on-roads and a bonus $1000 towards genuine accessories or apparel

The same offer is also available on all new and demonstrator Scout and Bobbers models, with up to $2000 worth of accessories, but excludes FTR 1200 models – although they are running a separate special on the FTR to celebrate another season of dominating the American Flat Track championship.

Indian Thunder Stroke 111 models boast three selectable ride modes – Tour, Standard or Sport, and introduced rear-cylinder deactivation, offering better comfort in slow moving traffic, or at a stop thanks to reduced heat generation.

Indian Roadmaster SteelGraySmokeThunderBlack
Indian Roadmaster – Thunder Stroke 111

2018 also saw the Thunder Stroke gain 15 horsepower and 15Nm, alongside the announcement of a new 116-cubic-inch kit, while 2020 will see the adoption of the 116 onto select models as standard fitment for the first time.

The Thunder Stroke 111 runs a bore and stroke of 101mm by 113mm for a displacement of 1811cc, a 9.5:1 compression ratio and peak torque of 151Nm or 111lbs-ft, available at 3000rpm. You’ll find the Thunder Stroke 111 in Indian’s Cruiser, Bagger, Touring, Dark Horse and Elite model lines – which you can check out at the Indian Motorcycle Australia website (link).

imc scoutbobber pga whitesmoke beauty bh
The 2019 Indian Scout Bobber

On the Scout you’ll find a sporty liquid-cooled 69-cubic-inch 60-degree V-twin, running a higher 10.7:1 compression ratio and boasting a bore x stroke of 99 x 73.6mm, with Indian boasting an impressive 100 horsepower, alongside 97.7Nm or torque, or 72lbs-ft at 6000rp. You can check out the Scout range, including the Scout Bobber at the Indian Motorcycle Australia website (link).

So if you’re interested in picking up a Thunder Stroke 111 MY19 Indian model, or the Scout or Bobber models, now’s the time to head into your local Indian Motorcycle dealer, as this is a limited offer. For more details see the special deals section of the Indian Motorcycles website (link).

  • MY19 Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Dark Horse – New and Demo
    >>> $1,000 off accessories + Free On-roads
  • MY19 Chief Vintage, Springfield, Chief Dark Horse – New and Demo
    >>> $2,000 off accessories + Free On-roads
  • MY19 Roadmaster – New and Demo
    >>> $3,000 off accessories + Free On-roads
  • MY19 Scout and Bobber – New and Demo
    >>>$2,000 off accessories + Free On-roads
  • MY19 FTR1200 S motorcycle – New only
    >>>$2,000 of bonus genuine accessories.

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