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MV Agusta Signs More Chinese Deals

Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta seems intent on cracking the enormous Chinese motorcycle market.

In 2019, they signed an agreement with Chinese manufacturer Loncin to make 300-400cc bikes branded as MV Agusta for the world market.

Now they have signed a deal with another Chinese company, QJ-Motor, to distribute their bikes in China and possibly produce their bikes “at a later stage”.

New MV boss Timur Sardarov told us earlier this year that Chinese motorcycle manufacturing was well established and the economy was “quick-reacting economy, not disorganised”.

“They have one goal and they are ready to grow again,” he said.

“Their market is showing incredible growth already after the coronavirus.

“Let’s be very clear, we are developing our own platform and Loncin will industrialise it and produce for us for the world market.”

He rebutted suggestions the low-capacity Chinese-made bikes would dilute the premium Italian brand.

“Porsche is a premium product, but they have different products from $1m down to $50,000 and it’s still a premium product by quality not price,” Timur says.

Aldi Motorcycle gear

“They (the Chinese-made bikes) will be the most expensive bikes in their category because they will have premium components.

“In comparison with KTM and Honda they will be more expensive, but have better performance and better build.”

The new deal with QJ-Motor will initially involve the distribution of MV Agusta models through a network of flagship stores across the country.

However, it may also involve production of their bikes in China, according to the strange wording in their press release:

“At a later stage the partnership will also have important developments on the industrial front, and collaboration in that sense is presently being defined.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Triumph Trident makes a comeback

Triumph Motorcycles will return the 1990s Trident name to their fleet in the second quarter of 2021.

The company has revealed their midsized three-cylinder Trident design prototype at the London Design Museum.

In a press release, Triumph says the British-designed bike will have “torque-rich performance”, “class-leading technology” and “agile and confidence inspiring handling”.

So it sounds like it could be based on the drivetrain and tech of their Street Triple RS ($A$17,650).

However, instead of a 765cc engine, it might be a little smaller as they refer to it as a “new entry point into Triumph’s award winning Triple roadster line-up will be competitively priced to deliver great value for a new generation of riders”.

So maybe it is more like the learner-approved 660cc Street Triple ($A12,850) than the original 900cc Trident.

Triumph Trident 900
Triumph Trident 900

The Trident design prototype is the result of a four-year development programme at their Hinckley design facility with input from Milanese automotive designer Rodolfo Frascoli.

Rodolfo has also designed the Moto Guzzi Griso, Breva, Norge and Stelvio, Granturismo Vespa, Gilera Nexus, Ice and Dna, Triumph Speed Triple and Tiger 1050, Moto Morini Corsaro, Granpasso, Scrambler, Suzuki Katana, Triumph Tramontana, VR46 Mya and many more.

Here is part of the official Triumph press release

The Trident design prototype – the birth of a new icon:
The Trident design motorcycle integrates the original design development model with prototype components – built to showcase the style and attitude of the landmark new motorcycle to come.

Introducing an all new contemporary take on Triumph style & attitude, the Trident design presents a pure, minimalistic form, with clean lines and uncluttered features that incorporates Triumph’s design DNA, with signature tank knee indents and key cues from our iconic Speed Triple’s muscular poise. Central to the overall form and brief, the Trident is built around a compact powerful Triumph triple engine, designed to bring all the advantages of a triple to the category for the first time, with the perfect balance of low down torque and top end power.

With a distinctive and confident stance & poise, the Trident will deliver rider ergonomics crafted to bring all of Triumph’s handling expertise, for the perfect balance of an engaged agile and dynamic ride, with an all-new chassis, married to great rider accessibility, comfort and confidence inspiring feel, including a natural upright riding position.

The design prototype also highlights another key aim with the integration of modern digital technology into the design that brings the features which riders in this world value and desire, in an elegant and easy to use way.

Steve Sargent. Triumph Chief Product Officer
”The Trident design prototype marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Triumph, where the brief was all about fun, from the look to the ride. With its pure minimalist form, clean lines, Triumph design DNA and more than a hint of our Speed Triple’s muscular poise, this gives the first exciting glimpse at the full Trident story to come. Ultimately our aim was to bring a new take on character and style, alongside the accessible easy handling and quality Triumph is known for – at a price that’s really competitive”.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Royal Enfield builds electric prototypes

Old-school motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield is getting closer to releasing an electric model after building a couple of electric prototypes.

Last year, company president Rudratej Singh said they had “several projects in the pipeline and the electric platform is one of them”.

“We are in an investment phase in the project where we have a team that is working on different ideas and concepts with a long-term focus. We will disclose our plans at an appropriate time.”

Electric prototypes

Now CEO Vinod Dasari has confirmed that they have developed a couple of electric prototypes.

As suspected, Royal Enfield worked on its electric platform at their new English research and development centre in Leicestershire.

There are no further details on the project, but a prototype means they have something that works and is being tested.

It could have been shown at the world’s biggest motorcycle show in Milan in November, EICMA, but it has now been postponed a year.

So we are not sure when it will be unveiled.

However, we suspect it won’t look too different from the current old-school range.

Electric Royal Enfield Charging Bullet documentary trailer
Fred on his electric Bullet

Perhaps it will look like this electric-powered Royal Enfield Bullet built by British engineer Fred Spaven to travel the length of Britain for a documentary film called Charging Bullet promoting sustainable transport.

Royal Enfield is not the only Indian-owned motorcycle company going electric.

Former Czech motorcycle company Jawa, now owned by Indian company Mahindra, is also developing an electric motorcycle in India.

They say it will have the longest range yet of any electric motorcycle.

There is hardly a motorcycle company in the world that is not developing an electric motorcycle.

However, there is more incentive in India for these two companies and others to produce electric bikes.

India has strict air pollution policies in their major cities that make an electric option very desirable.

The Indian Government has also proposed a deadline for complete electric mobility in the country by 2030 and plans $1.4 billion in incentives for the manufacture and sale of electric motorbikes and scooters while penalising petrol-powered bikes.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Harley-Davidson may axe Bronx Streetfighter

It appears Harley-Davidson has axed its upcoming Bronx Streetfighter as part of a 30% reduction in its existing and future models announced last month.

As we noted back then, new company boss Jochen Zeitz only talked about the upcoming Pan America, the company’s first adventure motorcycle.

He made no mention of the Bronx Streetfighter, so we presumed it would be axed or at least postponed.

Now the Bronx has been removed from the official Harley website, so it seems we were right.

Harley-Davidson Revolution Max platform Bronx Streetfighter
Bronx Streetfighter

Meanwhile the introduction of the 2021 range and new models will be moved from September to early next year.

Shiny new Harley-Davidson models for the year ahead usually start appearing on showroom floors across the world in September and October.

However, production has been slowed and new models delayed until early next year as part of a Jochen’s new Hardwire strategy.

Bronx Streetfighter

Harley Revolution Max platform includes Pan America and Bronx Streetfighter axe
Harley Revolution Max platform includes Pan America and Bronx Streetfighter

Interestingly, Jochen said in his previous Rewire strategy that he would concentrate on iconic models.

Yet the Pan America is far from an iconic Harley model. In fact, it’s a whole new segment for the company.

Whereas, the Bronx isn’t too far removed from previous models such as the XR range and the current Street models.

There is also no mention of the planned Custom 1250 which is a modern take on the V-Rod.

Harley plans adventure, streetfighters and electric bicycles missing
Custom 1250

All of these new models feature the new “Revolution Max” engines of 500cc, 975cc and 1250cc.

Many would consider the 975 and 1250 as big displacements, but Harley calls them midweight which they are in Harley terms as their current engines range from 500cc to over 1900cc.

It seems strange that they would develop this new engine and then only release one model.

Perhaps, Jochen is simply moving back the launch of these new models so as not to shock traditional Harley customers with too much change.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Suzuki GSX-R1000 cheaper and better

The new Suzuki GSX-R1000 is cheaper, with more standard features and available in the Team Suzuki ECSTAR MotoGP inspired Metallic Triton Blue colour scheme.

It now costs $23,990 ride away which is a $1500 price reduction on last year’s model.

Despite the price reduction, it now comes standard with the bi-directional quickshift system, previously only available as a genuine accessory.

This allows the rider to smoothly upshift and downshift without the need to use the clutch or throttle. The shift linkage can also be easily set for ‘reverse-pattern’ for GP-style shifting on the racetrack.

Another new addition is adopting Bridgestone’s latest BATTLAX Racing Street RS11 tyres, featuring improved wear resistance and high cornering performance.

The most powerful production GSX-R engine yet built uses technologies developed from Suzuki’s racing efforts such as Suzuki Racing Variable-Valve Timing, Finger-Follower Valve Train, Top Feed Injectors and Exhaust Tuning Butterfly Valves.

Output is 148.6kW (202ps) @ 13,200rpm with 117.6Nm of torque @ 10,800rpm.

It sits inside a lightweight twin-spar aluminium perimeter frame for optimum feel, quick response and agility.

Bringing it all to a halt are radial-mount Brembo monobloc calipers matched with hybrid floating/T-drive 320mm Brembo discs.

Dial-in rider preferencesSuzuki 2020 GSX-R1000 cheaper

The Motion Track Brake System uses input from the six-direction inertial measurement unit (IMU) to minimise rear-wheel lift during hard braking situations found on the racetrack.

It also benefits from IMU input and offers 10 levels of adjustability, allowing the rider to select the appropriate intervention to match road conditions and rider ability.

Further control and personalisation is available to the rider via the three-mode Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) system, letting the rider to tailor the engine’s power delivery and response to their preferred setting.

It comes with 12 months registration and Suzuki’s 24-month unlimited kilometre warranty.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

CFMoto 700CL-X launch delayed

The launch of the handsome CFMoto 700CL-X range has been delayed until early 2021, but it will arrive with a pack of accessories.

The company celebrated its 30th anniversary in Milan last November 2019 with the announcement that the 700CL-X would arrive in late 2020 in three models: Sports, Heritage, Adventure.

Sports has bar-end mirrors, lower bars, solo seat and mag wheels. Heritage features more complex mags, round mirrors and wide bars. Adventure has a screen, wire wheels and knobby tyres.

Launch delayed

However, it has been delayed, presumably by the COVID crisis, and will arrive early in 2021.

The 700CL-X Heritage will also launch a wide range of accessories, including classic-style panniers, a diamond-stitched seat, protection and bar-end mirrors, as well as a collection of rider gear.

CFMoto Australia director Michael Poynton says the delayed 700CL-X will be a “watershed model” for the brand as its first middleweight naked.

“The 700CL-X is extremely important to us. It will be the company’s first non-LAMS model, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we can expect from CFMOTO as a result of its relationship with KTM,” Michael says.

“Underscoring that relationship is a significant joint venture built on bricks and mortar.

“This comprises an all-new office and R&D building, in Hangzhou, China, which officially opened this month, as well as a new manufacturing facility nearby, which will be operational later this year.”

Pricing for the 700CL-X range will be announced at a later date, but we can expect it will be among the cheapest in its class as is most of their range.CFMoto 700CL-X

CFMoto 700CL-X

CFMoto models are now designed by Kiska, the contemporary Austrian design house that does KTM’s design work.

The company has close ties with KTM, making their bikes in China for the domestic market.

CFMoto 700CL-X

The design features a mix of modern and traditional influences.

For example, the traditional round headlight has LED lighting and the round instruments have an LCD readout that can display fuel consumption and incoming call.CFMoto 700CL-X

Interestingly, the X design in the headlights and the LCD instrument are quite reminiscent of the popular Ducati Scrambler.CFMoto 700CL-X

The CFMoto 700CL-X has a lightweight frame that weighs just 16.5kg and the swingarm weighs 6.7kg. All up, it weighs 183kg dry.

Technology includes ABS, electronically controlled throttle, sliding clutch, cruise control , USB charging port under the seat and “electronic protection control” (an alarm, we think).

Its lighting system automatically switches on/off according to ambient brightness.CFMoto 700CL-X

New engineCFMoto 700CL-X

The 700CL-X is powered by a newly developed 692cc inline twin-cylinder water-cooled engine.

It is the latest evolution of the CFMOTO 150/250/400/650 displacement platforms, featuring split-type connection rod, forged piston, electronic throttle, sliding clutch.

The optimised intake system improves efficiency and increases the peak power from 41.5kW to 55kw and torque from 62Nm to 67Nm.CFMoto 700CL-X

Thankfully it is one of the few adventur-ish motorcycles that has an easy-to-access air filter for cleaning.

Just remove the right plastic panel.

They say an oil change is so simple it can “easily be done at home”.

CFMoto also has a range of accessories to customise the bike, including luggage for the Adventure model.CFMoto 700CL-X

CFMoto 700CL-X tech specsCFMoto 700CL-X

Dry Weight    





860mmCFMoto 700CL-X Adventure






800mmCFMoto 700CL-X




13.5 litres

Front tyre


Rear tyre


Front brake

320mm disc, radial-mount caliperCFMoto 700CL-X

Rear brake

260mm disc, floating caliper


USD, damping adjustableCFMoto 700CL-X

Rear shock

Central shock absorber, damping adjustable


4-stroke, liquid-cooled inline twin 



Clutch type

Slide Clutch

CFMoto 700CL-X Heritage

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Suzuki V-Strom 1050 arrives with accessories

The new Suzuki V-Strom 1050 range has arrived in Australia in two variants, four colour schemes and two accessories packs.

It comes standard in Glass Sparkle Black for $17,990 ride away and the flagship 1050 XT (Cross Touring) at $20,990 ride away in Pearl Brilliant White or Glass Blaze Orange.

Prices include 12-months registration.

There is also a Champion Yellow No.2 inspired by the second generation DR-Z Paris-Dakar racer and a Glass Sparkle Black.

1050 accessories kits

The 1050 models arrive with a choice of two accessories kits to tailor the big adventurer to your needs.

Voyager Pack

This features aluminium panniers and top box in powder-coated black ($3599) and anodised silver ($3699) including mounting brackets.

The 38-litre top box is made of 1.5mm aluminium and has four large tie-down points.

The waterproof, quick-release panniers hold 37 litres each.

That’s 112 litres of storage all up.

This matching system features stainless steel latches, glass-fibre reinforced plastic corner covers and one-key access.

Trekker Pack

On top of the Voyager aluminium luggage, the Trekker Pack includes Suzuki plug-and-play heated grips, LED fog lamps and a 4mm aluminium skid plate.   

The Trekker Pack is also available in black and silver kit variants for $6199 and $6299, respectively.

More power

Not only is the flagship V-Strom 1050 bigger with 5kW more power to 79kW at 8500 revs, but it is also more techno.

Some of the hi-tech features include cruise, hill hold, slope and load dependent controls, ride modes and LED lighting.

V-Strom 1050 press release from Suzuki AustraliaSuzuki V-Strom 1050 Dr Big

Powered by Suzuki’s highly acclaimed 1037cc, 90° V-twin, DOHC engine which has further evolved for MY20, boasting increased top-end power whilst also conforming to Euro 5 emissions standards. Thanks to new camshaft profiles and timing, peak horsepower has increased considerably from 74kW / 8,000rpm to 79kW / 8,500rpm (106hp). The highly refined engine begins with a deep rumble low in the rpm range, then progresses through the mid-range along a strong and linear torque curve then keeps building through the high rpm range in a smooth yet enjoyable manner.Suzuki V-Strom Dr Big

The distinctive new styling incorporates elements of both Suzuki’s legendary DR-Z desert racer and the large off-road model DR-BIG. The distinguishing beak design first adopted by Suzuki stays true to Suzuki’s heritage while also modernising the design to be more aggressive and bolder for the new generation V-Strom 1050.

The most technologically advanced production Suzuki motorcycle in company history, the latest generation V-Strom 1050 is the first to boast Suzuki’s new Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S). Combining an array of electronic aids and controls as well as several unique features only available on XT, further enhancing rider useability and convenience like never before.    

An advanced cruise control system works in conjunction with the new ride-by-wire throttle system to maintain the set vehicle speed without the rider needing to operate the throttle, a welcomed feature for long-distance touring that assists in reducing rider fatigue. Cruising speed can be set from approximately 50km/h to 160km/h at fourth gear or above. A switch on the right handlebar can be pressed to put cruise control into standby, and the selector switch (up/down) on the left handlebars allows the rider to adjust the speed up and down accordingly.

Suzuki’s famous Drive Mode Selector (SDMS) is now available on a V-STROM for the very first time, offering riders the choice of three difference output characteristic modes. A-mode provides the sharpest throttle response, B-mode provides a slightly softer throttle response and C-mode provides the softest response of the three modes.

Another Suzuki first is the Hill Hold, Slope Dependent and Load Dependent control systems available on XT. Hill hold control automatically applies the rear brake when the motorcycle is stopped on an upward slope to prevent rollback when the brakes and clutch are released. Slope Dependent control constantly monitors posture and if required controls brake pressure to prevent rear wheel lift during downhill braking.

Load Dependent system supports optimal braking by compensating for varying load conditions such as the difference between riding solo or with a pillion and loaded luggage vs unloaded.     

An updated traction control system now features three modes of control (previously two) inspiring greater confidence in diverse riding conditions. Mode 1 is for spirited riding with minimal level of intervention. Mode 2 is ideal for commuting and regular riding conditions and Mode 3 is best suited for poorer riding conditions such as wet or cold roads as it offers the highest level of intervention.

An upgraded Bosch inertial measurement unit (IMU) equipped on the XT model now works on 6-directions along 3-axis rather than the 5-axis of the previous system. This allows it to detect pitch, roll, and yaw movements based on the angular rate and acceleration. This new high-performance 6-direction IMU combines a 3-axis angular rate sensor (gyrometer) and a 3-axis acceleration sensor in a single compact unit.

The motion track brake system exclusive to XT combines information on the posture of the vehicle from the new IMU with the front and rear wheel speeds. This allows the ABS to activate not only in a straight line but also when the vehicle is leaning. When the brake lever or pedal is operated, this system instantly assesses the need of ABS operation by calculating the posture of the vehicle and front and rear wheel speeds. When judging the need of operation, ABS unit decreases braking pressure, and continues to control the increase/decrease of the pressure according to the traction available.Suzuki V-Strom Dr Big

This latest ABS system allows the rider to select from 2-levels of intervention. Mode 1 provides minimal intervention and is suitable for flat dirt roads, whilst Mode 2’s intervention timing is earlier than Mode 1 and is ideal for normal tarmac roads.

A newly added Combined Brake System automatically applies pressure to the rear brake to help stablise the motorcycle when the front brake pressure rises to a certain degree.

An updated windscreen design compliments the new exterior design. Developed utilising wind-tunnel testing, the new screen can be finely adjusted without tools to one of 11 positions across a 50mm vertical range.

The instrument panel presents all required information on a full LCD screen using a clean and intuitive layout with information displayed in order of priority. Included in the display are the speedometer, tachometer (full pixel digital display), gear position indicator, odometer, trip meter (A, B), instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, driving range, fuel level indicator, engine coolant temperature indicator, ambient air temperature indicator, clock, voltage meter, service reminder, SDMS mode, traction control mode, cruise control indicator, ABS mode, hill hold indicator, engine rpm indicator light, frost indicator light, turn signal indicator light, high beam indicator light, traction control indicator light, ABS indicator light, and neutral indicator light.

A USB port is located left side of the instrument panel. It can be used as a power source for charging a smartphone, navigation system, or other similar device.Suzuki V-Strom 1050 Dr Big

The lightweight and compact chassis is the core factor in achieving the V-STROM’s comfortable and enjoyable character. The narrow width of its V-twin engine allows the motorcycle to maintain a slim body shape even with a 20L fuel tank present, allowing the rider to easily reach the ground with their feet.

Utilising a cast aluminium twin-spar frame featuring the optimal rigidity balance for exceptional stability and handling performance. The frame supports everything a rider requires to embark on their next big adventure from straight line stability to smooth and natural cornering with high levels of traction.

The 43mm KYB inverted front fork features adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload and can be tailored based on rider preference and usage.

The V-Strom 1050 XT also sports a completely new seat design that allows the seat height to be adjusted an additional 20mm higher than the standard position. The KYB rear shock features adjustable spring preload via an external hand dial to easily facilitate adjustments between riding solo, with pillion or fully loaded with luggage.

TOKICO Monobloc radial mounted front brake calipers handle stopping duties matched with dual 310mm floating discs provide strong braking performance with remarkable feel. 

The footrests are constructed of tough steel and have been redesigned to make it easier for the rider to stand on flat dirt, and are also wider than the previous version.

Protection and convenience on the XT is taken to the next level with an aluminium under cowling and accessory bar guarding underneath and side of the engine whilst stronger hand guards have been employed to protect rider’s hands from wind, rain and flying stones. The lightweight centre stand is well balanced and is useful when performing maintenance tasks and loading luggage. Suzuki V-Strom 1050 Dr Big

Wire-spoked aluminium rims are fitted as standard on the XT model offering improved road absorption whilst the standard model is equipped with 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels. Both variants are shod with Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 tyres.

A vertically stacked LED headlight and LED rear combination light deliver excellent visibility and stylish looks, the XT also features LED indicators as standard equipment. 

Other niceties include Suzuki’s Low RPM assist system which monitors and automatically raises the idle speed when taking off from a stop or when riding slowly through traffic and 

Suzuki’s Easy Start System which provides ultra-convenient one-touch engine starting.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Yamaha accelerates its electric program

Yamaha has been developing electric vehicles for several years, but is now stepping up its electric program with a compact portable motor and an electric motocrosser.

The motor range is called an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (IPMSM) with varying outputs from 35kw to 200kw.

They say they can be used in motorcycles and other vehicles.Yamaha electric program

Now Yamaha Motor Europe is also involved in a joint project with KNMV, Dohms Projects and SPIKE to build an electric motocross bike, EMX, to compete with 250cc models.

Benefits include higher torque and higher traction.

Yamaha electric program
EMC program

Electric program

So far, Yamaha has only produced the electric PES1 (Passion Electric Street) road bike and PED1 (Passion Electric Dirt), but neither is available in Australia.

Last year, Yamaha unveiled their EC-05 electric scooter with Gogoro lithium-ion battery packs you can easily swap at a convenient roadside vending machine.

Yamaha Gogoro battery swap electric scooter
Yamaha electric scooter with removable Gogoro battery

Yamaha is also co-operating with the other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers to standardise electric motorcycle and scooter technology, including charging infrastructure and swappable battery packs.

Last year, Yamaha also unveiled two electric scooters, an electric bicycle, an electric mobility scooter and an electric personal scooter at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Bu it’s not all electric power in Yamaha’s future.

The company is also considering water power, but we believe it may also have an electric water pump.

Yamaha water bike
Yamaha’s water-powered bike

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Indian unveils fifth Jack Daniels model

While throttle and bottle don’t usually mix, Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniels have formed a close relationship that has yielded five years of fast-selling, limited-edition models.Jack Daniels Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse Jack Daniels Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

This year it’s a Roadmaster Dark Horse and if you have to ask the price, maybe you can’t afford it.

In the US, this model sells for $US38,999 which is $US900 more than the standard.

In Australia, the standard Roadmaster Dark Horse sells for $A41,995 ride away, so this edition should cost more than $A50,000.

But the limited-edition model comes with a host of extras and special cosmetic features.Jack Daniels Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

Most obviously they include custom two-tone Whiskey Pearl paint and Oakwood ceramic engine finishes, Gentleman Jack engraved floorboards, custom Jack Daniel’s branding on the seat, tank and lowers, and Montana Silversmith badging.

It is the first model to come with the new ClimaCommand Rogue heated and cooled seat.Indian Motorcycle develops hot/cold seat

The seat has a proprietary thermoelectric module to pump heat away from the rider, a ducting system and graphene covering which is a highly conductive and flexible material that optimises the distribution of heating or cooling.

You can also buy the ClimaCommand seat as an aftermarket accessory for $A1995 ($US1199.99) for their 2014-2019 Thunderstroke-powered models and 2020 models without Ride Command.

You can manage the heating and cooling settings via the Ride Command infotainment system which also comes with Apple CarPlay tomorrow your phone screen and some apps.Apple CarPlay Indian motorcycle

It also has an upgraded 600-watt PowerBand audio system, heated hand grips, an adjustable flared Klock Werks windscreen, and remote-locking saddlebags and top box.

Each Jack Daniels Limited Edition Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse will come with a custom Montana Silversmith Belt Buckle in a display case. Each bike will be built to order as a model year 2021 with delivery starting late this year.

The Jack Daniels Limited Edition Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse is available to order through your local Indian Motorcycle dealership now.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Will BMW add an R 18 Dragster version?

BMW Motorrad returns to the cruiser category with the R 18, but will they soon add a Dragster version like this produced by renowned LA designer Roland Sands?

His custom job was made easier by the fact that the R 18 has an easily removable rear frame and a simple-to-dismantle painted parts set.

Roland Sands R 18 Dragster
Roland Sands and his R 18 Dragster

Dragster parts

I think BMW will build a model like this because this is a fully BMW-sanctioned custom build by the same person who helped them design the R nineT.

And have a loom at that “R 18 Dragster” engine stamp. That looks like a production model to me!Roland Sands R 18 Dragster

If BMW doesn’t build a Dragster model, you may be able to customise your own.

Roland has also created two design collections of milled aluminium parts for the launch of the R 18 Cruiser: “Machined” and “2-Tone-Black”.

They include front and rear wheels in different dimensions from standard, plus  speedometer housings, handlebar clamps, risers, handlebar grips, hand levers and mirrors as well as engine housing trim elements, filler caps, intake silencer covers and much more.

Roland also created custom parts for the R nineT.

These are expected to be available when the bike launches next month.Roland Sands R 18 Dragster

BMW Australia says the classic R 18 cruiser will start at $26,890 (plus on-road costs).

The R 18 First Edition, which features classic double pin striping paint and chrome will be available in limited numbers for $30,190. BMW Classic R 18 cruiser

R 18 reverse assist

The initial batch of R 18 First Editions allocated to Australia arriving this year will be fitted with “reverse assist”, bringing the price to $31,690. 

At 345kg dry weight, it needs reverse assist!BMW Classic R 18 cruiser

We also reckon the riding position looks a little uncomfortable with the inability for forward controls because of the massive boxer heads.

It will come with a range of accessories including ape hanger bars, tractor saddle, racks and more.

Yes, thankfully it also includes pipes to replace that dreadfully massive standard exhaust!

BMW R 18 classic

The R 18 is styled after the 1936 R 5, including double white pinstriping.

BMW Classic R 18 cruiser
BMW R 18 and R 5

We’ve seen several other variants of the bike in concepts, prototypes and spy photos. 

So we expect this is just the first in a new line with the 1802cc boxer engine, probably including a Dragster like Roland’s design.

BMW to unveil R 18

Highlights of the new BMW R 18 – $26,890 

  • Largest two-cylinder BMW boxer engine at 1802cc (click here for more engine details)
  • 67kW of power at 4,750rpm and 158Nm of torque at 3,000rpm. More than 150Nm available at all times from 2000-4000rpm;
  • Exposed drive-shaft and elaborate double-loop steel tube frame based on classic models;
  • Rear swingarm with enclosed axle drive in rigid frame design;
  • Telescopic fork with sleeves and cantilever suspension strut that includes travel-dependent damping;
  • Harmonious ergonomics for relaxed riding and optimum control;
  • Disc brakes front and rear with wire-spoked wheels;
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting technology with classically interpreted design;BMW Classic R 18 cruiser
  • Adaptive turning light for enhanced road illumination and cornering illumination available as an ex-factory option;
  • Classically designed circular instrument cluster with integrated display and ‘Berlin-Built’ label;
  • Keyless Ride for convenient functionality and activation by remote control;
  • Three standard riding modes (Rain, Roll and Rock), ASC and MSR;
  • Reverse assist for convenient manoeuvring and Hill Start Control for easy hill starts available as ex-factory options – $1500;
  • R 18 First Edition package offers an exclusive look in signature double pin striping paint and chrome – $30,190;
  • Initial allocation of R 18 First Edition units for local market fitted with Reverse assist, bringing price to $31,690.

Classic R 18  Tech specsBMW Classic R 18 cruiser

Capacity 1802cc / cui
Bore x stroke 107.1x100mm
Output 67kW (91hp)
at engine speed 4750rpm
Torque 158Nm
at engine speed 3000rpm
Type Air/water-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine
No. of cylinders 2
Compression/fuel 9.6:1 / premium unleaded (95-98 RON)
Valve/accelerator actuation OHV
Valves per cylinder 4
Ø intake/outlet 41.2/35mm
Ø throttle valves 48mm
Engine control BMS-O
Emission control Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, EU5 exhaust standard
Electrical system
Alternator 600W
Battery 12/26V/Ah maintenance-free
Headlight LED low beam with projection module LED high beam with projection module
Starter 1.5kW
Power transmission – gearbox
Clutch Hydraulically activated single-disc dry clutch
Gearbox Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox
Primary ratio 1.16
Transmission ratios I 2,438
II 1,696
III 1,296
IV 1,065
V 903
VI 784
Rear wheel drive Universal shaft
Transmission ratio 3.091
Frame construction type Double-loop steel tube frame
Front wheel control Telescopic fork, fork tube Ø 49 mm
Rear wheel control Cantilever
Total spring travel, front/rear 120/90mm
Wheel castor 150mm
Wheelbase 1731mm
Steering head angle 57.3°
Brakes front Twin disc brake Ø 300 mm
Brakes rear Single disc brake Ø 300 mm
ABS BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (part-integral)
BMW Classic R 18 cruiser
Ape hanger bars and matte black accessories
Wheels Wire-spoked wheels
front 3.5 x 19”
rear 5.0 x 16”
Tyres front 120/70 R 19 or B 19 (manufacturer-dependent)
Tyres rear 180/65 B 16
Dimensions and weights
Total length 2440mm
Total width with mirrors 964mm
Seat height 690mm
DIN unladen weight, road ready 345kg
Permitted total weight 560kg
Fuel tank capacity 16L
Performance figures
Fuel consumption (WMTC) 5.6l/100 km
CO2 emissions (WMTC): 129g/km
0‒100 km/h 4s 800ms
Top speed 180km/h

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Source: MotorbikeWriter.com