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iASUS Rekon is a classy helmet intercom

Audio company iASUS is about to release its classy Rekon intercom that promises top audio quality, long battery life and the ability to connect up to 6000 riders on one channel.

We have tested their audiophile-quality XSound auxiliary helmet speakers and they are the best we have come across with clear highs and deep bass.

So we have high expectations for their “Rekon wireless smartphone interface”.

Rekon is more than just another intercomiASUS Rekon motorcycle intercom

It works with push-to-talk mobile/cellular networks to connect users and is compatible with WhatsApp, Line, Kaokao, WeChat and other voice communication platforms.

That means potentially up to 6000 users can be networked into a riding group. Now that’s an interesting concept on a ride!

The Rekon is expected to be available in the next couple of months, depending on the current unpredictable pandemic ramifications.

It will cost $US349 (about $A580) and will connect with any aftermarket speakers.

Or you can buy the Rekon with their XSound 2.1 speakers for $US399 (about $A665) or with the updated XSound 3 speakers for $US499 (about $A830).iASUS Rekon motorcycle intercom

Classy style and function

So they are not cheap, but they are crafted more like a luxury watch with steel, glass and polished aluminium rather than plastic like most intercoms.iASUS Rekon motorcycle intercom

The thin, light and minimalist unit features a three-way control with tempered glass face for ease of use.

Its glass face exposes the details of the mechanical movement and, as a showstopper, it’s backlit!

Rekon uses Hi-def aptX and ADP2 wireless audio formats for high-fidelity sound and operates on Bluetooth 5.0 low-energy power management system, which delivers 250 hours of standby with 10 hours of operation time.

The units slides and locks into position on a special mounting bracket which can be easily detached.

iASUS Rekon motorcycle intercomQuick-release mounting bracket

Each Rekon comes with two mounting bracket kits.

Interestingly, it attaches at the front of the hemet, rather than on the side, which may affect aerodynamics and head rotation in a crash.iASUS Rekon motorcycle intercom

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Bike simulator ideal for isolation

If you have to self-isolate during the current pandemic, then we suggest reading heaps of Motorbike Writer articles … or maybe playing a computer motorcycle simulator game!

There is a host of such games around and early next year they will be joined by American Motorcycle Simulator which takes you through the USA, including the famous Route 66.

Hopefully we are over the pandemic by then!

Simulator game play

The windows 64-bit simulator game is almost like a scene out of the John Travolta comedy Wild Hogs.

It features a comical main character riding around in a bandana and leather vest, going to biker bars to play pool and cards and even a girlie bar.

Remember, it’s just a game! Don’t do as this rider does and drink and ride.

You can play the game in first-person or third-person view and we imagine you can choose your bike.

In the video trailer, the rider seems to be on a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, but we imagine you can choose other bikes.

The PlayWay game also allows you to fuel up and even identify faults then take it to a garage to fix them yourself.

To pay for your fuel, bike maintenance, drinks and accommodation, you can win money playing pool and cards in bars.

According to the trailer, you also get to help a carload of young ladies fix their engine and receive a kiss as a reward!

Apart from inappropriate gender stereotyping, game features include:

  • 2446 miles (almost 4000km) to travel;
  • more than 30 motels, bars and clubs;
  • over 50 gas (fuel) stations;
  • over 100 motorcycle parts; and
  • 4 environments (fields, forests, prairies, and mountains).

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Rock your biker photos using Zoner Photo Studio X

(Contributed post: How to take and improve your motorcycle photos using Zoner Photo Studio X)

Burnouts are for tires, not for adventures. Have you ever been on a trip with your rig and came back with plenty of photos with no time to edit as you’d like? Your friends pestering you multiple times with remarks like, “when will you deliver and share the shots?” The good news is that polishing and taking photos to the next level can be quick, efficient and a fun thing to do at the same time. And YOU can do it too.

There’s no need to be a professional retoucher or graphic designer. Multiple programs can help you on this journey but today I want to highlight Zoner Photo Studio X. Software that provides the right mix of features focused on the photographer workflow and under one roof. I would like to give you a couple of tips for taking photos first and then unleashing their potential in post-processing second.

Part 1: Everything starts with “pre-production”

To create an album that will be interesting and is happily shared, you will need various ingredients or types of photographs. It actually comes down to two parts. Content and the technical aspect or quality of the photo itself. For content think of the composition. The technical part of the photograph means correct focusing, sharpness and type of light. Start your engine and let’s move on composition tips.

Bike shotStudio X

Definitely do not miss this one. A portrait of your motorcycle will always grab people’s attention. Fill up the whole frame with your bike and try experimenting with angles. You will get a more informative picture of your moto when shooting it from above. On the other hand, if you crouch and take a photo from a height that’s below your waistline, there is a good chance that your bike will look bigger than it really is. Who knows, maybe even bigger than the mountains in the background.

Environmental shot

Your bike shouldn’t be the only subject of your photographs. Too many of them and the viewer is bound to get bored. It will also look like images from a sales Catalog, a bit boring, sterile and missing a storyline. On your trip, try to pose your bike next to the road with an interesting background. A cool restaurant, hotel/motel, stunning lake or mountains in the background. Here you can experiment with even more angles and compositions. Don’t frame your bike in the middle of the frame. Try the rule of thirds. The bike does not need to cover a large portion of the frame itself. I’ll let you in on a little secret: photos with the bike taking up only 10% of the image will still get a lot of attention and compliments from your friends ;).

Studio XDon’t forget the details

In comparison to the previous environmental shots that give you context are detail photos. Details of the exhaust, gauges, frame, tires and more. They add that pinch of spice and variety into your albums. You can even go as close as making macro shots of leather stitching or the color shifts on the exhaust pipes. With details, a bit of planning can be an advantage for you. Take these photos before your trip at home in your garage or after the trip.Studio X

Surprise your peers

The previous types of photos are essential but you will treasure the most candid shots that capture funny or serious moments from your trip. Have your camera ready at all times. You never know when those interesting moments will occur.

Studio X

Take sharp and eye-catching photographs

For those sharp photos where you freeze a moment in time, please use the time priority setting on your camera or switch to Sport mode. This way you will tell your camera to pick a fast exposure time in order to photograph moving subjects. Light plays a big role in photography. The sunset will provide you with a warm light that will create a positive atmosphere and can even the average photo into a stunning piece. 

Studio X

Part 2: Tweaking your photos in post-production

Editing photos will give you an edge as it is the icing on the cake that can help correct minor mistakes when taking photos and turning your good photos into exceptional ones. Zoner Photo Studio will help you from beginning to end. From importing, managing and editing to sharing photos, creating short video clips or even ordering printed photo products. The interface takes all of these steps into account and divides the tasks into the Modules. 

Manage your photos with ease

In the Manager module, you can sort and work with the metadata of your photos. Add keywords, cull your images using star ratings and if your camera has a built-in GPC function, you can use the Map view to check the exact location. 

Studio XProcess photos in the Develop module

This is the place where all the magic happens. The Develop module follows a non-destructive editing philosophy. You can easily copy adjustments from one photo to another (similar) series of shots. You will greatly benefit from shooting in RAW format and using the full dynamic range that your camera provides. This way you can even save dark underexposed photos by moving the Exposure slider. Adjusting colours is really easy with the Spring update of Zoner Photo Studio X. With the Color Correction tool you can separately adjust the Hue, Saturation and Luminace of colors or easily unify Hues. You can also adjust the atmosphere and mood of your photos by using Split toning or primary color shifting. You really have considerable control of your final images with few clicks and slider movements. If you want to take it a step further and go even faster, take advantage of the built-in presets that provide most of the popular looks that you find on Instagram. You can save your own presets or download more preset packs from Zoner Photo Studio’s website for free. Studio X

Unleashing your creativity in Editor

The Editor module is your friend for all of your heavy editing, photo manipulation like merging multiple photos or even replacing the sky. You can use Photoshop-like layer functionality with masks and filters. Zoner Photo Studio X also has an advanced Liquify feature that you can use for portraits or creative purposes.  

Create module

Do you also have video clips and would like to create a short video clip or time-lapse movie? No need to download another program, it’s all possible in ZPS X thanks to a built-in video editor. The Create module also utilizes a user-friendly Collage tool with a content-aware option that will merge multiple photos together without any cropping while preserving the original aspect ratio of photos. In addition, you will be able to order printed photo products like photobooks, canvas prints, calendars and more in this module.

Sharing and how to get started

You can easily export your final photos to multiple formats, you can save your export settings as presets too and use them to speed up your workflow. You can even export multiple presets at the same time If you wish: on your hard drive in full quality, to the unlimited Zonerama online gallery or in a reduced format size for Instagram by pressing a single button in the export dialogue. 

Give it a try, you can download a 30 day trial of Zoner Photo Studio X, free of charge without entering any credit card details. For more tips and inspiration you can check the learn.zoner.com portal. My favourite is a series of articles by professional road racing photographer, Milan Kubin. If you prefer more guidance and step by step tips for editing photos make sure that you subscribe to the ZPS X YouTube channel. Let us know in the comments below about your experiences with taking and editing photos. 

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Revan camera may replace mirrors

Future motorcycles may not need mirrors with this Revan helmet-mounted live-feed camera that screens images to a head-up display (HUD).

Some may find this bulky camera and HUD device as a safety feature that eliminates blind spots while others may view it as a dangerous distraction.

The Revan system includes an intercom for VoIP-based group calling and bluetooths to your phone so you can hear GPS instructions, take and make calls and listen to music.

Crowd fundingRevan dashcam HUD bluetooth unit

Revan hopes to take this to market through a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign which has already more than doubled its $47,689 goal with 32 days still to go.

The South Korean developers claim it will cost $US999 (about $A1600) or $US699 (about $A1130) for early supporters.

However, there is no timeline for when the product will be produced and delivered.

We warn potential supporters of Kickstarter crowd-funding campaigns that they do not issue a refund. Backers will have to contact the campaigner for a refund, put a stop to their payment or cancel their credit card.

How Revan worksRevan dashcam HUD bluetooth unit

The Revan system is the most bulky camera or HUD system we have yet seen.

It features a big battery unit on the back and large camera on top of the helmet, plus speakers inside the helmet all connected by messy wiring.

We have to wonder about the dangerous rotation of your head in a crash and the damage that could cause to your spine.

Under coming European helmet regulations, this unit would have to be tested with helmets to be approved for sale.

The unit has two batteries with 7000 mAh of power that last 12 hours. The battery unit features built-in LED lights for night visibility.

Revan dashcam HUD bluetooth unitBattery unit

Revan’s 1080p HD camera provides a 143° field of vision.Revan dashcam HUD bluetooth unit

It can be operated by a Bluetooth remote control that get on your handlebars.

Revan dashcam HUD bluetooth unitRemote control

Or you can simply nod your head a couple of times to activate the front and rear cameras.Revan dashcam HUD bluetooth unit

It not only shows the live feed on the periphery HUD screen, but also records it like a dashcam.

There is also a phone app that allows you to watch a live feed, set up group calls or adjust the camera settings.

The live feed facility could even replace conventional mirrors in future, although we would feel better about using our mirrors.

Also in the future, they plan to include navigation as well as real-time streaming so your loved ones can sit at home and keep track of your ride!

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Garmin zūmo XT now smarter, brighter

Garmin zūmo XT gets smarterGarmin has unveiled its new zūmo XT GPS which is brighter, smarter and packed with more features.

It would want to be, too, as it now costs  $A849 in Australia and $US499 in the USA.

If you have the Garmin Drive app it will also allow riders access to smart notifications, real-time fuel prices, live traffic reports and weather updates, and various hazard warnings.

Garmin Zūmo XT features

The new 5.5-inch HD resolution “ultrabright display” is brighter and clearer than ever and is claimed to be visible in the brightest direct sunlight.

However, if you turn the brightness up high it will reduce your battery life from about six hours to 3.5, although most riders hardwire it to the bike’s battery.

They say the rainproof unit works fine with any glove, whether it has touchscreen sensitivity or not.

You can switch from preloaded on- and off-road maps to topographic maps and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for an extra $39 at the touch of a button.Garmin zūmo XT gets smarter

It features something called Garmin Adventurous Routing which they say will “turn straightforward rides into twisting, gnarly adventures by selecting your road preferences”.

That sounds very much like what other GPS units offer.

You can also record all the details of your ride and then share it with fellow riders using the Garmin Drive app.

However, be careful what you store as it could be incriminating.

Data stored includes distance, total time, moving time, stopped time, current speed, overall average speed, moving average speed, and maximum speed!Garmin zūmo XT gets smarter


Bluetooth the zūmo XT to your helmet for spoken directions, live traffic and weather updates, as well as listening to music and making and receiving phone calls.

In the event of a crash, you can set the GPS to sent a text of your location to an emergency contact of your choice.

You can also send GPX files from your phone to the zūmo XT.

It comes with a database of notable sites, points of interest, iOverlander and millions of popular places, thanks to Foursquare.

If you are touring, it provides TripAdvisor traveller ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions along your route or near your destination.

Garmin zūmo XT gets smarterGarmin access Tripadvisor

It will also provide alerts for hazards such as sharp curves, speed changes and speed cameras.

You won’t have to plug it into your computer to update either. So long as you have a wifi connection, you can keep your maps and software up to date on the road.

Zūmo XT even tells you when new updates are available.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Must-Have Motorcycle Gadgets to Improve Your Riding Experience

(Contributed article on motorcycle gadgets)

Owning a motorcycle is an amazing experience. Regardless of the type of motorbike you have, it can’t get much better than cruising down country roads on your bike. Nevertheless, your riding experience can always be improved, and there is a myriad of accessories to choose from to do just that. We’re not talking about innovations that can turn your pride and joy into a self-riding autonomous motorcycle, but unpretentious gadgets that can have a serious impact on your daily rides and improve your quality of life during your travels.

We live in an age where our lives are intertwined with technology. As such, there’s no escaping its influence in every aspect of our daily routine. With the advent of groundbreaking technologies like IoT and GPS, we now have smart homes, smart kitchen appliances, and smart vehicles that can ‘talk’ to each other. We, motorcyclists, are blessed by the technological innovations of our time, with advanced communication, security and quality of life improvement across the board.

Here are some of the gadgets that have changed the way we ride and improved our daily adventures:

Camera Equipment

Almost all motorcyclists opt to use action cameras or video recorders while travelling these days, for diverse reasons. Accidents and confrontations between motorbikes and other vehicles occur almost every day – it’s astounding that car drivers still tend to ignore the motorcycles around them. When things go wrong, it can even lead to physical altercations between drivers and riders. In these situations, you may have to prove that you are not at fault, as motorbike owners are notorious for wriggling their way through traffic. It is not all bad news though – video cameras are also great at capturing the beautiful scenery you’ll pass during your travels, helping you relive your memories and reminisce from time to time.

motorcycle gadgets

GoPro devices are extremely popular among motorcyclists, with high-quality recording capabilities and immense durability. The devices can be mounted to a helmet or the bike itself in various positions. These small yet powerful video cameras can capture HD footage, and prove extremely useful in an altercation or physical conflict to determine who’s at fault, providing undeniable evidence of the event.


One of the biggest challenges with motorbiking is communication. Communicating with passengers or fellow riders used to be almost impossible without devising hand signals to convey your thoughts. But motorcycle intercoms, Bluetooth headsets and hands-free communication devices have gotten better and better over the years. Many tech companies now offer helmets with integrated systems that provide a link to your smartphone, that allow you to talk to those around you or even make phone calls to your friends and family while travelling. You can also listen to music or GPS directions through the same channels. What’s more, most of these devices can be activated using voice commands, so that your focus can remain where it should be – on your motorcycle and the road. Check out brands like Sena and Shark for helmet options with integrated communication systems.


One of the hardest challenges as a motorcycle owner is keeping it safe. Motorcycles are one of the easiest types of vehicle to steal, especially when they lack comprehensive security m

easures. Yet, depending on the make and model, they can still be as desirable and expensive as other vehicles. These factors put motorbikes among the favourite targets of criminals. There are even organised gangs that target smaller motorcycles and use them to commit other crimes. Keeping a motorcycle out of sight, parking it in a safe spot, and securing it with durable chains can only help to a certain extent – an experienced criminal will come prepared with tools like bolt cutters to make quick work of your motorcycle security and get away with it as fast as possible.

motorcycle gadgets

There are few security systems on the market that can change the outcome of a theft attempt given enough time. The most reliable are GPS tracking devices – there are many models designed especially for motorcycles, allowing the exact location of your motorbike to be pinpointed on demand. If an adept criminal manages to steal your bike, a well-hidden motorcycle tracker with a backup battery can pretty much guarantee its recovery. The tracking device will also give numerous alerts and location updates along the way.

Lightingmotorcycle gadgets

For motorcycle riders, it’s extremely important to see clearly and to be seen by nearby drivers at all times. During the day this is less of a problem, but once it gets dark, a lack of proper lighting can lead to serious accidents. A simple mistake on the behalf of the rider, a nearby vehicle driver or even a pedestrian can result in a collision with life-threatening injuries. Developments in lighting technology have helped to make motorcyclists considerably more visible over the years. Wireless helmet brake lights and LED light strips around your motorcycle and/or its wheels can make you and your motorcycle significantly more noticeable in low-light conditions. For safety reasons, motorcyclists should prioritise proper lighting devices that increase the visibility of their motorbike over tools that look cool but fail to provide real protection.


Technology has a significant role to play during your travels on your motorcycle. It’s worth investing in the right accessories and gadgets to improve your riding adventures and boost the security of your precious bike. Luxuries that were once thought to be privy to other vehicle owners – such as listening to music or navigating your path in remote areas – are now readily available for motorcyclists with the help of new technology as well. Sophisticated next-gen helmets will allow you to talk to your friends, while a motorcycle GPS tracking device will boost the overall security of your two-wheeler and provide theft recovery methods should the worst happen. Most of these gadgets are relatively cheap and easy to install or use; motorcycle owners can enhance their daily rides to a whole new level by adopting devices specifically designed for motorcyclists.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Classic bikes join Isle of Man TT 2 game

We would rather be riding than sitting in front of a computer game (even when it’s raining), but the upcoming Isle of Man TT 2 looks interesting with a host of classic motorcycles being added.

The game is due on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in March 2020 and later on in the year for Nintendo Switch.

If you pre-order, you will receive a 1978 Mike Hailwood Ducati 900 as a bonus motorcycle.

Check out this two-part video.

The first half shows Davey Todd on the BMW S1000RR he rode last year and the second half features Mike the Bike on the Ducati 900.

It’s obviously not as fast, but oh the sound!

In fact, the sound is one of the best things about the game.

No game that we have ever seen comes close to the reality and dynamics of riding.

But the sound sure can. So hook up to a good amp and speakers and turn the volume up to 11.

Classic TTIsle of Man TT 2 game Mike Hailwood Ducati 900

While the Hailwood bike is a bonus for those who order early, there are several other classic bikes in the game.

They include the MV Augusta 500, Norton NRS 588, Suzuki XR69, and Yamaha TZ 750.

Here is the official trailer video for the game.

It will be interesting to see if the Norton V4 RR that featured in the first game returns as the company has gone into administration amid sordid fraud allegations and will obviously not be at this year’s TT.

The first Isle of Man TT video game “Ride on the Edge” featured motorcycles rendered by Brisbane computer graphics production studio Virtual Mechanix.

We aren’t sure if they are involved this time, but the rendering is pretty good and the bikes are faithful to the originals.

TT realismIsle of Man TT 2 game Mike Hailwood Ducati 900

This game was developed by Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn, who did the first IOMTT game and the WRC FIA World Rally Championship series.

They are really going out for realism with the rider view even attracting bug splatters on the visor as they go around the track.

The creators say the new game features a revised physics system with more precise steering, better balance around bends and speed wobbles to alert players.

Brakes and shock absorbers respond to all bumps and users have to manage wear and tear of various bike parts and monitor brakes, suspension, engine and tyre temperatures.

Still, not as good as going for a real ride or heading out for a track day!

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

EyeRide HUD has unlimited group chat

French company EyeLights already makes head-up display units for cars and is now planning to move into motorcycles with a revolutionary EyeRide connection system for large group intercom.

Instead of using Bluetooth to connect, it uses a data connection to a Discord app server.

While EyeRide promises virtually unlimited group chats with others on the same network including non-riders, it relies on an internet connection and will use up your phone data.

Eyeride HUD screenEyelights EyeRide hud unit

Otherwise, EyeRide is like a standard Bluetooth intercom that supplies music, phone calls and GPS navigation prompts using Garmin HERE maps, but also has a small HUD screen for important information as in this video.

It is slightly transparent and on the right side, which may be fine in a country where you drive on the right.

We are not sure yet if it can be moved to the left for riding in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and other left-side countries as they haven’t released all the details yet.Eyelights EyeRide hud unit

The company plans to launch a Kickstarter shortly to get the product off the ground. (We will update with the link when it starts.)

We advise to be cautious of supporting Kickstarter programs as you may not get your money back if they don’t go ahead.

Given EyeLights already produce a car HUD system, they may be a little more secure than a normal speculative start-up.

HUD concerns

I haven’t used a HUD system yet in a helmet and can’t verify if it is a distraction or allows you to safely keep your eyes on the road.

However, I have driven several cars with HUD systems on the windscreen and found them extremely useful, safe and non-distracting.Eyelights EyeRide hud unit

Unfortunately, few of these aftermarket HUD systems or integrated HUD helmets have made it to market.

Infamously, Skully HUD helmets raised a record amount through crowd-funding then fraudulently spent it on fast cars and fast women and went bankrupt.

It was later bought and resurrected as the Skully Fenix AR, but we haven’t seen them here yet.

Skully Fenix AR head-up display helmet HUD revolutionSkully Fenix AR

Yet, almost every month new HUD systems and helmets are announced.

The latest smart helmets, unveiled at the recent Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, are one from Chinese cycling helmet company Livall and the Tali Connected from a French startup

Tali Connected and Livall smarter helmetsTali Connected and Livall HUD helmets

Meanwhile, the first aftermarket HUD company, NuViz, recently closed down, leaving owners stranded with no GPS function as their map licence expired, according to RideApart.

KTM invests in Nuviz-770 HUD technology smart helmetNuviz HUD unit

Like all new technology, there will be bugs and it seems HUD has had more than its fair share over the past few years.

That doesn’t mean HUD technology isn’t coming.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

360º videos put you in rider’s seat

These amazing 360º videos of British Superbike rider Peter Hickman put you in the rider’s seat like no other on-board video we have seen before.

A few weeks ago he posted this video of him doing two laps of Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk, during a free practice session in June 2019.

Then he followed it up a couple of days ago with this video shot during the second BSB practice session at Thruxton in April 2019.

360º camera

We must admit we are bored with the abundance of on-board action videos, but this 360º view is something else.

It was shot using a Insta360 ONE X camera positioned on the headstock of Hickman’s BMW S 1000 RR where the view swivels completely around.

Insta360 ONE X 360º cameraInsta360 ONE X 360º camera

Ok, it’s not exactly in the rider’s seat, but the camera provides the most unique view of riders we have seen.

Most importantly the videos show the amount of stress and strain on the rider and how much a racer really moves around in his seat.

The Insta360 One X costs about $A750 and combines the options of 4K and 360º lenses.

It also has FlowState stabilisation so the image isn’t blurred by the vibrations from the bike.

AI-powered features include auto-follow, auto-frame and auto-edit.

It measures just 115 x 48 x 28mm and weighs only 115g. It’s capable of shooting 5.7K footage at 30fps.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Sena introduces new 50 series intercom

Sena has introduced the next generation of Bluetooth helmet intercoms with the new 50 series that includes wifi capability to efficiently charge and automatically download firmware updates.

That means there is no longer any need to plug it into your computer, just plug in the wifi charger and connect to a nearby wifi source such as your phone’s hotspot.

Sena series 50 wifi connectorWifi charger

We expected a 40 series would be next after the 10 and 20 series.

However, they have skipped ahead to the 50 series which includes the 50R and slimline 50S.

Sena 50S 50 series bluetoothWhile the slimline model retains the easy-to-use “jog” dial, the 50R now comes with buttons.

Sena 50r 50 series bluetoothSena 50R

They claim charging time is 30% faster, but the 50S has a smaller battery so bluetooth talk time is limited to five hours or three hours on group chat.

There is no word from Sena Australia on pricing and when they will arrive, but we notice on their website they have added a section for the 50 series which is currently blank.

However, in the US they will cost $US329 (about $A475) for the 50S and $US299 ($A430) for the 50R which is only slightly higher than the current 30 series.

More reliable series

Critics of the current models say the Mesh 2.0 software that is supposed to provide faultless group chat is unreliable.

Sena claim the flaws have been fixed and rather than “daisy-chaining” group connections, you can now join in a group of nine with one connection.

Apart from more reliable group chat, they also claim there is experience less interference from surrounding obstacles such as blind corners, trees, buildings, etc.

The other major update is 7% more volume.

Sena don’t want to deafen riders, but they acknowledge that many riders now use filtered earplugs such as the Alpine MotoSafe which filter out harmful wind noise, but also slightly reduce the volume from intercom units.

Alpine Motosafe earplugsAlpine Motosafe earplugs

To improve rider comfort, speakers are now thinner and bevelled so they don’t hurt your ears under a tight helmet.

The 50 Series will also connect to digital assistants such as Siri or Google using standard voice commands of ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘Ok Google’. 

They claim their app has also been improved and restyled.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com