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BMW safaris take a cruisy turn

For more than two decades BMW Motored Australia has been operating road and off-road tours for customers, called safaris.

Last year the German company returned to cruisers after several years with the release of their massive R 18 boxer cruiser.

So now they have offered a special “cruisy” safari option called the ‘SoulFuel Escape’ on March 2-6, 2022.

The four-day, five-night tour will take in the scenic roads between Windsor on Sydney’s Northside to Port Macquarie. A very relaxed cruise, indeed!

Bookings go on sale this Thursday (27 January) at 9am AEDT. If it’s like their other safaris, it will sell out quickly with numbers limited to just 30.

Click here to register.

The tour is not only open to R 18 customers, but also potential customers who can hire one, as well as owners of the R nineT models. Only 18 hire bikes are available.

BMW R NineT Scrambler
BMW R NineT Scrambler

It’s a great way to do a long test ride before you buy!

Robbie Maddison harbour

It’s not cheap, though, at $A3999 for the rider, $4899 with a pillion and R 18 hire costing $1000.

For that you get:

  • 5 Nights of “premium accommodation”;
  • Daily planned routes with lead and sweep riders;
  • Technical support;
  • Luggage transfer so you don’t need panniers;
  • A rider pack of “goodies”;
  • All breakfasts and dinners; and
  • Two custom experience activities.

We’re not sure what the last one means, but it should be good.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

BMW Motorrad hits global sales record

While BMW Motorrad set a record sales year in 2021 with a massive 14.8% increase, Australia’s performance was up only marginally.

According to BMW Motorrad Australia, they sold 2512 motorcycles and scooters to the end of December which was a 0.8% increase on 2020.

Globally, BMW Motorrad sold 194,261 motorcycles and scooters which was up 24,989 up on the previous year.

Understandably, the German company’s best performer which remains the largest market with 25,972 sales and leading the brand in its home.

Next best is Italy with 16,034 (15.2%), just one ahead of the USA which witnessed 32.1% growth.

But the biggest improver was India with a whopping 102.5% increase to 5191.

Other notable improvements were China which was up 21.4% to 14,309, Spain (12,616, 14.4 %) and France (19,887,13.4%).

BMW Motorrad claims the UK’s exit from the EU had no significant impact on their sales with an increase of 26.6% and sales of 9263 in Great Britain/Ireland compared with 7315 the previous year.

BMW R 18 Big BoxerBMW R 18 Big Boxer
BMW’s R 18 Big Boxer engine

Boxer models remain the driving force for the company with sales of more than 60,000 R 1250 GS and GS Adventure alone and R models accounting for half of the company’s sales.

BMW Motorrad boss Markus Schramm says he is proud of the results.

“It’s precisely in times of crisis where you can see how well a team sticks together,” he says. 

“I look forward to 2022 with great confidence as we start the year with what is sure to be the strongest product offering ever. 

“Our four cruiser models from the BMW R 18 model family are entering their first full year of sales together. 

“In addition, in the first few months of 2022 alone, the market launches of the all-electric BMW CE 04 and our four superior 6-cylinder models K 1600 GT/GTL/B and Grand America, which have been further improved in all respects, are absolute highlights in our range and will generate a further sales drive in the first half of the year. 

“We also have a lot planned for the second half of 2022, so our customers and fans are in store for a number of surprises.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

BMW patenting adjustable-width seat

I cannot understand why it hasn’t happened sooner, but BMW Motorrad is only now applying for a patent of a design for a seat that can be adjusted for width as well as height.

As far as I’m concerned, the riding comfort of a motorcycle is one of the most important facets of a motorcycle.

It contributes to your enjoyment, your ability to travel long distance and even primary safety. After all, you are a lot more alert and a better rider if you aren’t squirming around in your seat distracted by the pain in your butt.

All motorcycle seats are a compromise in height and with and comfort.

Soft, wide seats may be comfortable on a touring bike, but they don’t connect you with the bike the way a slimmer and harder seat on a sportsbike can.

And adventure bikes need to be narrow so you can stand up without having to have bowed legs.

Stock seats on motorcycles are usually quite uncomfortable, yet even aftermarket seats don’t address the problem of adjustment.

BMW’s US patent application

BMW’s patent-pending design is a quite simple solution to an age-old problem.

It consists of two separate parts underneath the seat cover that are on sliding brackets.

The application, issued through the US Patent Office, doesn’t say how the parts will be adjusted.

Hopefully it is a simple lock that can be adjusted by hand.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

BMW announce Australian off-road training program

BMW Motorrad Australia is offering more GS off-road training courses this year.

So far they have reased pricing, dates and venues for 17 courses with more courses to be announced in April.

2022 BMW GS Off Road Training Dates

Feb 12-13 >> Adventure Skills Moondyne, WA $695

Feb 17-18 >> Adventure Skills Dargle, NSW $695

Feb 19-20 >> Adventure Skills Kenilworth, QLD $695

Feb 25-26 >> Adventure Skills Broadford, VIC $695

Apr 19-20 >> Adventure Skills Queensland Moto Park, QLD $695

Apr 21-22 >> Adventure Skills Broadford, VIC $695

May 21-22 >> Adventure Expert Kirup, WA $695

May 25 >> Adventure Prep Dargle, NSW $395

May 26-27 >> Adventure Skills Dargle, NSW $695

May 28-29 >> Adventure Expert Dargle, NSW $695

Jun 11-12 >> Adventure Skills Moondyne, WA $695

Jul 19-20 >> Adventure Skills Kenilworth, QLD $695

Jul 21-22 >> Adventure Expert Kenilworth, QLD $695

Jul 28 >> Adventure Prep Broadford, VIC $395

Jul 29-30 >> Adventure Skills Broadford, VIC $695

Jul 31 – Aug 1 >> Adventure Expert Broadford, VIC $695

Aug 13-14 >> Adventure Expert Moondyne, WA $395

I’ve done the course twice and each time I’ve learnt new skills, so even if you’ve done it before, it’s worth going back again for a refresher.

Off-road coaching
MotorbikeWriter goes downhill fast at a BMW GS course

The course is great for those who intend to take part in the GS Safaris.

The training program teaches the following disciplines:

  • Slow-speed maneuvering and control
  • Correct body position/balance
  • Throttle and clutch control
  • Cornering
  • Braking
  • Ascending and descending hills safely with confidence
  • Riding over/around obstacles.

The two-day course is suitable for novices through to more advanced riders. However, experienced riders who have passed the Level 1 program may like to promote themselves to the Level 2 course.

BMW’s head coaches are Motorcycling Australia Level 2 Accredited and BMW International Instructor Academy Certified.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

2022 BMW Performance Academy Announced in the UK

BMW has just announced the 2022 Performance Academy. The four-level track school will feature some of the fastest riders in the world as your coaches. It doesn’t matter how skilled a rider you already are; you’re very likely to benefit from a day here. The academy will take place at the Anglesey circuit in North Wales, with prices starting at £649 — including the rental cost of a BMW motorcycle for the day.

Riders at the BMW Performance Academy

The fleet of bikes will include the M 1000 RR, S 1000 RR, S 1000 R, and F 900 R. BMW has decided to limit the number of participants to benefit from more one-on-one time with the coaches. The team of trainers includes current or ex-British Superbike Championship racers who raced on a BMW motorcycle at some point in their careers.

Bikes at the BMW Performance Academy

The four levels each cater to a different skill level. Level 1 is for those just getting into track riding, while Levels 2 and 3 incorporate a little more technical skills and real-time feedback via Bluetooth communication systems. Level 4 includes track time on the M 1000 RR with individual attention from the coaches. 

BMW Motorrad UK National Marketing and PR Manager Scott Grimsdall said, “We wanted to keep the school quite intimate and the groups relatively small to deliver a premium yet relaxed and supportive experience. Every rider will benefit from quality time with the instructors.”

Riders at the BMW Performance Academy

VisorDown mentions in its report that the Anglesey circuit in North Wales will act as an ideal training ground for the riders. The track is a “flowing yet technical track suitable for all levels, featuring a variety of sweeping corners, hairpins, and changes of elevation to maximize the learning experience.”

If you’d like to register, you can head on over to the BMW Performance Academy website.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Australian BMW GS Safaris announced

Over more than 40 years, BMW Motorrad in Australia has offered riding safaris for road, dirt and extreme off-road situations.

Last year, the GS Safari headed to Far North Queensland while the more extreme Enduro Safari headed west from Longreach.

In 2022, both five-day safaris return to Tasmania for the first time in eight years with registrations open from 18 January at 9am AEDT.

Click here for the GS Safari and Enduro Safari.

The reason they announce the exact time for the opening of online registrations is that the capped events are so popular, they usually sell out within hours or even minutes.

Both will start in Hobart and feature a variety of twisty bitumen roads that rival the best in Australia as well as some dirt roads.

However, the Enduro will include more dirt and a lot of technical off-road terrain.

Touratech Desierto5 fairing for BMW R 12100 GSv

Also, attendees in the Enduro event must first complete their two-day BMW Off Road Training Pre-Safari course, located not far from Hobart.

I’ve participated in several TS (road only), GS and GS Enduro safaris over the years and found them to be well-organised events.

Fees cover route notes, welcome and farewell dinners, baggage back-up, expert advice, recovery vehicles and discounts on accommodation.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Production Begins

Earlier this year, BMW Motorrad unveiled the CE-04 scooter — the manufacturer’s first production electric two-wheeler. This week, it announced that it has begun production for the model and that it won’t be long before we see the CE-04 out on the streets. 

The CE-04 was first showcased as the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 concept in 2020. Little has changed with regard to its futuristic, unconventional design in the transition from prototype to production spec. It’s unlike most other scooters on the market and may not appeal to everyone. However, its unique design is quite functional, and BMW has incorporated storage compartments on the inner side of the front apron and the side of the scooter. 

Powering the CE 04 is a motor rated for 15kW (20hp) with a maximum output of 31KW (42hp). This is good enough to propel the scooter from 0-50kph (31mph) in 2.6s and a top speed of 120kph (74.5mph). An 8.9kWh lithium-ion battery powers the motor and enables a claimed maximum range of 130km with a full charge. 

The CE 04 also features a comprehensive electronics package that includes Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), a reverse gear, and three riding modes — Eco, Road, and Rain. You can toggle between modes and access other data via a 10.25-inch, high-res TFT display that features integrated navigation and smartphone connectivity. 

Rider on 2022 Triumph Speed Triple RR with red fairing

In July, BMW revealed that prices for the CE-04 will start at £11,700 ($16,191) in the UK. Interested customers in the US will be able to get their hands on one for a lot less, with prices starting at $11,795. Prices for Australia have been revealed as well with the base model priced at 20,350 AUD. 

BMW CE 04 parked in front of a building

This is a radical scooter, and with production now in full swing, deliveries should be underway in early 2022. 

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

BMW CE-04, F 900 XR Police Editions Revealed

BMW motorcycles have a long-standing association with law enforcement across several countries. Motorcycles like the R 1250 RT, F 750 GS, and F 850 GS have been used by police forces across Europe and Asia. 

RideApart has just published a report mentioning that the German manufacturer has now extended that fleet with the addition of F 900 XR and CE-04 Police Editions. The announcement was made at Milipol Paris 2021, the largest convention for Homeland Security and Safety. While the F 900 XR isn’t a surprising addition to the lineup, considering the other motorcycles that BMW has supplied to the police, the addition of the CE-04 electric scooter is interesting. 

The source points out that several European countries have norms that will mandate the use of electric two-wheelers over the next decade, and the addition of an electric scooter is a step in that direction. 

The CE-04 Police Edition features minor modifications in the form of LED beacons at the front and back of the scooter, side-cases, a top-box, and, unsurprisingly, a siren. No mechanical changes have been made to the scooter, and peak output figures remain the same at 42hp at 4,900rpm and 45.7 lb-ft at 1,500rpm — ample enough for use in the city.

A teaser image showing the silhouette of the upcoming F43

Changes to the BMW F 900 XR are somewhat similar; it gets panniers, a seat cowl, a rotating LED beacon at the back, and a siren. Its 895cc, inline-twin engine produces 99hp at 8,500rpm and 68lb-ft at 6,750rpm, making it ideal for high-speed pursuits if it ever finds itself in one. These figures also make it suitable for highway patrol.

These new additions, CE-04 and F 900 XR Police Editions are manufactured at BMW’s factory in Berlin, Germany, along with the law enforcement-ready F 750 GS, F 850 GS, and R 1250 RT

Source: RideApart, Motorrad Online

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

BMW adds features to K 1600 tourers

BMW Motorrad Australia has announced the updated range of K 1600 tourers will arrive in Australia early next year with surprising price reductions.

In the case of the GT, the drop in price is only $20, but for the B it is an astonishing $2634.

The K 1600 family Aussie prices for 2022 are:

Model Current price New price
K 1600 GT $42,140.00 $42,120.00
K 1600 GT Sport $43,459.00 $41,920.00
K 1600 GT Option 719 $45,735.00 $44,080.00
K 1600 GTL $43,890.00 $41,860.00
K 1600 GTL *Elegance $45,582.00 $42,972.00
K 1600 GTL Option 719 $47,494.00 $44,860.00
K 1600 B $42,635.00 $41,125.00
K 1600 B Grand America $44,695.00 $43,740.00

(*Note that the K 1600 GTL Elegance is now called Exclusive.)

K 1600 range

The price reduction comes despite engine improvements, more torque, LED lighting and updated Dynamic ESA electronic suspension with fully automatic load compensation.

Chief among the updates is the six-cylinder engine which now meets current EU-5 regulations.

It also has BMS-O engine control, two knock sensors and two additional broadband lambda probes.

Power remains at 118kW (160 hp), although now at just 6750rpm, which is 1000rpm lower than before, while torque is up from 175Nm to 180Nm at 5250rpm. 

It also features engine drag torque control (MSR) to reduce rear wheel slip when coasting or shifting down gears.

BMW Motorrad’s “next generation” Dynamic ESA on the new K 1600 GT, GTL, B and Grand America automatically adapts to the riding conditions, rider behaviour and load.

The new K 1600 GT, GTL, B and Grand America come standard with LED lighting and swivelling adaptive headlight to point into the curve at night.

New 10.25-inch TFT colour display

These models also get standard 10.25-inch TFT colour display with integrated map navigation and connectivity.

All K 1600 models are fitted with the improved Audio System ECE and come in a variety of colour options, including Black Storm Metallic, Light White/Racing Blue Metallic/Racing Red combination and special finishes Option 719 Mineral White Metallic and Option 719 Meteoric Dust 2 Metallic.

Aussie pricing (minus on-road costs) and specification:

K 1600 GT

K 1600 GT: $41,120
Standard specification:

  • 1649cc 6-cylinder inline cross engine (12.2:1 compression, EU5, 118kW @ 5,250 rpm, 180Nm at 5,250 rpm, Shaft Drive, Anti-hopping Clutch, Powertrain Black)
  • Comfort Package (Keyless Ride, Gear shift assistant Pro, Central locking system, Anti-theft alarm system)
  • Touring Package (Audio System ECE, LED additional Fog Light, Engine Protection Bar)
  • Radio software OCE
  • Daytime Riding Light
  • Cast aluminium wheels
  • BMW Motorrad Integral ABS
  • ABS Pro
  • BMW Motorrad Duolever
  • BMW Motorrad Paralever
  • Dynamic ESA
  • Hill Start Control Pro
  • DTC (Dynamic Traction Control)
  • Steering Stabiliser
  • Tyre Pressure Control
  • Steering stabiliser
  • Revolution counter
  • Electronic Immobiliser
  • Colour TFT 10.25″ Screen with Connectivity
  • Floor Lighting
  • Audio System ECE
  • Heated Grips
  • Comfort turn indicator
  • LED Headlight and Taillight
  • Multi-Controller
  • Adaptive Headlight
  • Configurable Function Buttons
  • Seat Heating
  • 12V socket
  • Cruise control
  • Riding modes
  • Centre stand
  • Integral Panniers (removable)
  • Adjustable windscreen (electric)
  • Two-Tone Fanfare Horn
  • Luggage Rack
  • Adjustable Clutch/Handbrake Lever
  • Reversing Aid
  • Smartphone Tray with USB port
  • Lockable Storage Compartments
  • Seat height: 810/830mm
  • Finished in Black Storm Metallic


  • Seat Low (780/800mm): No cost option
  • Option 719 Forged Wheels Classic: $2500
  • Option 719 Seat Bench: $350

K 1600 GT Sport: $41,920

Includes all standard specification and optional equipment from the K 1600 GT but is finished in Light White/Racing Blue Metallic/Racing Red.

K 1600 GT Option 719: $44,080

Includes all standard specification and optional equipment from the K 1600 GT but is finished in Option 719 Mineral white metallic.

K 1600 B: $41,125

Includes all standard specification from the K 1600 GT but can be optioned at no cost in the following finishes:

Jordi Torres racing the Energixa Ego Corsa MotoE Bike
  • Black Storm Metallic
  • Option 719 Meteoric Dust Metallic
  • Manhattan Metallic Matt


  • Compartment (replaces floorboard): No cost option
  • Tinted windshield: No cost option
  • Option 719 Forged Wheels Classic: $2500
  • Option 719 Seat Bench: $350
  • Special Model Midnight (Option 719 Seat Bench and Option 719 Meteoric Dust 2 Metallic): $3700
    BMW K 1600 Grand America

K 1600 B Grand America: $43,740

Includes all standard specification from the K 1600 B and adds the following:

  • Windshield High
  • Additional audio system speakers
  • Top Case


  • Seat high (800mm): No cost option
  • Option 719 Forged Wheels Classic: $2500
  • Option 719 Seat Bench: $350
    K 1600 GTL

K 1600 GTL: $41,860

Mirrors specification of K 1600 GT and finished exclusively in Black Storm Metallic.


  • Seat high (800mm): No cost option
  • Option 719 Forged Wheels Classic: $2500
  • Option 719 Seat Bench: $350

K 1600 GTL Exclusive: $42,975

Mirrors specification and options of K 1600 GTL but finished exclusively in Gravity Blue Metallic.

K 1600 GTL Option 719: $44,860

Mirrors specification and options of K 1600 GTL Exclusive but finished exclusively in Option 719 Mineral White Metallic.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

WorldSBK Star Chaz Davies Announces Retirement

Chaz Davies, one of the most successful racers in the modern WorldSBK era, has announced his retirement from motorcycle racing at the end of the season. The decision brings an end to a decade-long spell in the World Superbike championship.

Davies, 34, made the announcement just days after his crash in last weekend’s Superpole race in Barcelona, where he sustained two broken ribs. “Unfortunately in some ways and fortunately in other ways, this will be my last season in WSBK,” said Davies. “It’s obviously a decision that’s not come easily and has taken a lot of thought. I’m a strong believer in ‘when you’re done, you’re done’, and the timing seemed right to make this decision. There are a lot of reasons behind it, and a lot of deliberation and wondering if it’s the right move.”

“But I’m confident, and happy and sad at the same time, that it is the right decision. I’m ready to turn the page and open the next chapter.”

Davies enjoyed a lot of success during his time at WorldSBK. Crash.net reports that the Welshman won 32 races since his 2012 debut and finished 2nd in the championship in 2015, 2017, and 2018. Before racing in WorldSBK, Davies took the World Supersport (WorldSSP) title in 2011.

In his debut WorldSBK season, he raced aboard a satellite Aprilia, winning his first race at the Nurburgring. In 2013, he switched to the factory BMW team, winning 3 races and finishing 5th in the championship. He moved to the Ducati team the following year, where he spent the next 7 years as Jonathan Rea’s closest competitor. 

His last few seasons weren’t as spectacular as the start of his career, as he took on a supporting role to Alvaro Bautista when the Ducati Panigale V4 R made its way into the championship. In 2021, the Ducati factory team promoted Italian youngster Michael Ruben Rinaldi to the factory team, swapping for Davies, who would race in the Go Eleven satellite team. 

Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Piaggio, And Vespa Will Be At EICMA 2021

After missing multiple races due to injury, Davies sits 12th in the riders’ standings. His last podium finish was back in May. Davies ends his WSBK career as the seventh-most successful rider in WSBK history in terms of race wins, with Rea and Tom Sykes being the only other active riders on the list. His 28 wins on a Ducati, meanwhile, put him only behind Carl Fogarty and Troy Bayliss.

In his statement, Davies said, “Although I am stepping away from a full-time WorldSBK seat, I don’t want to call this ‘retirement’ and will remain actively training and riding motorcycles. I love this sport, and inside I think I’ll always be the same fan I was at 10 years old.” As fans of the sports, we’ll certainly miss having him as part of the paddock next year.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com