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Insta360’s New GPS Action Remote

Insta360 has just come out with a remote that you can use to help manage your 360-degree camera mid-scoot. They’re calling it the Insta360 GPS Action Remote – and she comes handy for multitasking riders like myself. 

The news comes alongside the perks that she “utiliz[es] GLONASS, BD, and GPS networks in unison” (via ADVRider). She also is waterproof up to 5 meters, works via 5.0 Bluetooth (oo la la), and shows off up to 65 feet of range.

Insta360's new GPS Action Remote - compatible with the X3, ONE RS and ONE R cameras. Media sourced from Insta360.
Insta360’s new GPS Action Remote – compatible with the X3, ONE RS and ONE R cameras. Media sourced from Insta360.

Dead zones? Not a problem. 

Asking price? According to the article, we’re looking at  $79.99 US – not a bad price, considering you now get GPS stats data embedded in your video with this little wristwatch-style guy. 

“Simply import your footage after shooting into the app, then overlay stats like speed, elevation, and more onto your video in a tap,” concurs the report. 

“These stats can add an extra punch to action footage and keep viewers engaged.”

Insta360's new GPS Action Remote - compatible with the X3, ONE RS and ONE R cameras. Media sourced from Insta360.
Insta360’s new GPS Action Remote – compatible with the X3, ONE RS and ONE R cameras. Media sourced from Insta360.

A heads up in advance; the Insta360 GPS Action Remote will be able to work with the following models:

The crowd present at 2022's FIM Awards ceremony. Media sourced from KTM's relevant press release.
  • X3
  • ONE RS
  • ONE R

This means that, as of now, the ONE X2 isn’t on the list; that WILL change…though not in time for the action camera’s debut date, unfortunately. 

Insta360's new GPS Action Remote - compatible with the X3, ONE RS and ONE R cameras. Media sourced from Insta360.
Insta360’s new GPS Action Remote – compatible with the X3, ONE RS and ONE R cameras. Media sourced from Insta360.

What camera / recording device do you use on the road? Let us know in the comment below, and as always – stay safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from Insta360*

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

RevZilla’s Black Friday Sale Starts Early

Seems like RevZilla couldn’t wait for the end of the week to kick off their Black Friday markdown mania—their “Early Access” Black Friday event is on now, with killer deals up to 70% off on some of the best gear brands around.

You can check out the entire sale here, but we’ve also gone ahead and listed some of our select picks below. Find helmets, jackets, gloves, and more below—and get ’em before they’re gone!

Helmets Up to 70% Off

Shark Spartan GT Replikan

Shark Spartan GT Replikan Helmet

Regular Price: $549.99, Sale Price: $329.99 (40% Off)

This high-tech full face helmet uses a multiaxial fiberglass shell and multiple EPS layers to offer superior protection, while an Optical Class-1 rated visor with variable thicknesses provides crystal clear vision. An anti-fog breath guard, ergonomic visor locking system, and slot for a Sharktooth intercom are just a few of the other features you’ll find here.

Check it out at RevZilla

Bell Eliminator

Bell Eliminator Helmet

Regular Price: $429.95, Sale Price: $214.99 (50% Off)

Vintage auto-racing looks meet modern protective features in this popular Bell helmet—now slashed to just over $200! You get an antibacterial liner, a ProVision dual pane face shield with anti-fogging capabilities, speaker pockets for optional comms devices, and an extremely sharp look. It also comes in the “Vanish” variant, which uses a classy matte-black paint job to look extra deadly.

Check it out at RevZilla

Riding Jackets Up to 70% Off

Scorpion EXO Phalanx Jacket

Scorpion EXO Phalanx Jacket

Regular Price: $234.95, Sale Price: $99.98 (57% Off)

With a 600D water-resistant outer shell and CE-certified armor in the elbows and shoulders, this jacket lives up to the toughness and protection offered by its namesake—the legendary ancient Greek military formation. It comes with a back protector as well, plus a removable thermal liner vest for comfort in a wider range of climates.

Check it out at RevZilla

Scorpion EXO Transformer Jacket

Scorpion EXO Transformer Jacket

Regular Price: $274.95.95, Sale Price: $109.98 (60% Off)

A removable hoodie for cool conditions and zip-off sleeves to help you beat the heat make this riding jacket one of the most versatile on the market. It also lets you pack any unused parts into tuck-away panels so you can carry them with you without having to rely on panniers or saddlebags. Comfortable and convenient.

Check it out at RevZilla

Roland Sands Jagger Jacket

Roland Sands Jagger Jacket

Regular Price: $550.00, Sale Price: $275.00 (50% Off)

A practical-but-aggressive option for riders who want an edgy look without sacrificing protection or comfort. You get CE Level 1 Knox armor in the shoulders and elbows, plus a removable hoodie and plenty of venting to keep the air flowing when conditions warm up.

Check it out at RevZilla

Riding Gloves Up to 70% Off

Joe Rocket GPX 2.0 Gloves

Joe Rocket GPX 2.0 Gloves

Regular Price: $79.99, Sale Price: $40.00 (50% Off)

An updated version of Joe Rocket’s formidable track-level GPX gloves, these ones were designed explicitly for use on the mean streets of—well, wherever you ride. Made in a gauntlet style with a goatskin chassis, they also feature injection-molded knuckle protectors, texturized non-slip palm overlays, and reflective features on the backs of each hand to keep you visible. Trust us; you’ll want to show these off.

Check it out at RevZilla

Roland Sands Berlin Gloves

Roland Sands Berlin Gloves

Regular Price: $125.00, Sale Price: $50.00 (60% Off)

What can fifty bucks get you these days? A small bag of groceries? Half a tank of gas for your Road King? Or how about these tough-as-nails cowhide leather gloves with padded palms, flex knuckles, and a 100% tricot liner? Seems like an easy choice to us.

Check it out at RevZilla

Women’s Riding Gear Up to 70% Off

Roland Sands Riot Jacket

Roland Sands Riot Jacket

Regular Price: $650.00, Sale Price: $275.00 (58% Off)

Hooligans and troublemakers rejoice—this jacket is the perfect top portion of your uniform. Top-grain cowhide construction helps you keep your skin in a slide, while pockets are built in to hold optional armor in the shoudlers, elbows, and back. And with a streamlined rider-friendly fit, you’ll look at sleek as you feel protected.

Check it out at RevZilla

Bull-it SR-4 Women’s Jeans

Bull-it SR4 Women's Jeans

Regular Price: $149.99, Sale Price: $44.95 (70% Off)

These straight-leg riding jeans will keep your butt from chafing if you accidentally sit down at speed on the pavement, offering 89.6% of the abrasion resistance you’d expect from 1.4mm cowhide. Optional armor slides easily into the pockets at the hips and knees, too.

Check it out at RevZilla

Speed & Strength Onyx Gloves

Speed & Strength Onyx Women's Gloves

Regular Price: $59.95, Sale Price: $29.95 (50% Off)

Tough goatskin protects your skin, while knuckle guards add impact protection where you need it most and a pre-curved fit makes it easier to wrap your hands around the grips of your bike with confidence. We dare you to do better in the gloves department for less than thirty bucks.

Check it out at RevZilla

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Riders shortchanged on armour

Aussie riders could be shortchanged when buying protective riding gear that does not include the armour and should demand it be included free, according to a protective clothing expert.

I have noticed that several items I have received for review have been provided with the armour, but when I have checked the pricing I have found that armour is sometimes listed as an “optional extra”.

Deakin University researcher Dr Chris Hurren warns that the armour should be included if the item is CE certified.

The Senior Research Fellow (Fibre Science and Technology) at the Institute for Frontier Materials, GTP Research says recent changes in Europe to certification requirements for motorcycle protective clothing means there is a lot more CE Certified gear hanging in Australian and New Zealand stores.

MotoCAP senior researcher Dr Chris Hurren award
Chris Hurren

“One of the benefits of CE certification is that most gear must include impact protectors. This means that riders get the protectors without having to shell out additional cash,” he says.

However, it appears that some manufacturers are not including armour in the listed price.

To meet the CE “AAA” and “AA” certifications, jackets must be fitted with shoulder and elbow impact protectors.

Pants require hip and knee impact protectors. For “A” level certification the jackets must be fitted with shoulder and elbow impact protectors. Pants only require knee impact protectors.

However, Dr Hurren has found during visits to motorcycle stores in Australia and New Zealand that some products from multiple manufacturers are missing impact protectors.

“These are garments that carry CE certification labels but are missing some or all of the impact protectors that they should be fitted with. This is mostly been noticed in pants,” he says.

“As a rider it is important to know that without the appropriate impact protectors the garment no longer meets the CE certification and is less safe to use.”

He urges customers to ask the store to include the impact protectors in the price.

“Point out that they do not meet Australian Consumer Law if they are sold without the impact protectors fitted,” he says.

“If they do not offer to do this then swap to another product or brand that does have the impact protectors fitted.

“I hope that the omission of impact protectors is accidental.

“If enough riders asking about this manufacturers will get the message and in the future make sure that impact protectors are fitted appropriately.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

5 Motorcycle-Style Jackets Perfect for Summer Riding

Most motorcycle jackets are designed with one core philosophy — to protect the rider in the event of an accident. Everything else, like comfort or weather protection, is secondary. In this pursuit of safety, motorcycle jackets also lose a little bit of their style quotient and practicality. When’s the last time you saw someone wear an armored motorcycle jacket on a casual night out? Yup, probably never.

However, most riders would conclude that trading in style and everyday, casual wearability for protection is undoubtedly worth it. That said, we’re sure some of you out there are looking for form over function — perhaps, for a short ride around town — so we’ve put together this list of five stylish motorcycle jackets.

There’s one for every kind of rider on this list, from something that will look perfect with your retro cafe racer to a jacket you can wear just as confidently on and off the motorcycle.

The Difference Between a Style Jacket and an Armored Jacket

Before we proceed any further, we want to reiterate that the jackets on this list cannot be considered a replacement for a genuine motorcycle jacket. Armored jackets from brands like Dainese, Alpinestars, or Klim go through a comprehensive R&D process and rigorous testing before they make their way into the market.

So what’s the difference? Bona fide motorcycle jackets frequently use multiple layers and materials to offer the best possible impact and abrasion resistance. Other factors include fabric thickness, burst resistance, stitching location, and even down to the type of fasteners use.

A style-oriented jacket, on the other hand, while better than wearing no jacket, will not provide the same level of safety.

It makes sense to always be as safe as possible when you’re on a motorcycle, and that’s why the ‘ATGATT’ acronym is so popular in the motorcycling community. ‘All The Gear All The Time’ may not be the most practical approach, but it’s definitely the safest.

The jackets we’ve compiled for this list aren’t entirely devoid of protection and come with (or have the option to add) some basic armor.

Urban Style Jacket

Leather Skin Shop Black Moto Jacket

Leather Skin Shop Black Moto Jacket

Leather Skin Shop is an independent company based out of Oregon, committed to producing premium leather goods with style and an affordable price. If you’re looking for a leather jacket to cruise in this season, Leather Skin Shop offers a variety of leather motorcycle-style jackets, including hooded and cafe-racer-styled selections.

Of all the options they offer, we’re most impressed with the Black Moto Jacket. Made from high-quality cowhide, the Black Moto Jacket is put together by hand with exquisite attention to detail.

The jacket also features stretch panels along the outer chest and sleeves, making for a comfortable fit. It has shoulder and elbow armor on the jacket but is important to note that it has not received a safety rating on its product page. It’s a great looking jacket if you’re looking to emphasize style over function.

The Black Moto Jacket is made in various sizes, from XS to 5XL, so you will definitely find one that fits you just right. Still, if you’re looking for something more bespoke, they can also customize your leather jacket in various colors, embroidery, and more.

Cafe Racer Style Jacket

First Manufacturing Top Performer Jacket

First Manufacturing Top Performer leather jacket

  • Price: $329 – $359
  • Where to Buy: RevZilla

First Manufacturing Co. has been around since 1987 and has built quite a name for itself by specializing in leather apparel. Their portfolio comprises everything you’d expect from an established apparel manufacturer, from belts and gloves to vests and jackets. This Top Performer Jacket is one of the company’s more popular offerings and is an excellent option if you ride a cafe racer.

The full-leather jacket has a timeless look, sporting a generous American cut and a single-snap mandarin collar. Thanks to two vented chest pockets and zipper vents on the sleeves, you should be comfortable even on a hot summer’s day. While it doesn’t come with any armor, First Manufacturing has equipped the jacket with pockets that can accommodate CE-rated armor. The jacket also features padding on the shoulders, elbow, and kidney area.

Cruiser Style Jacket

Roland Sands Ronin Leather Jacket

Roland Sands Ronin Leather Jacket

Roland Sands Design is an American company spearheaded by championship-winning GP rider turned bike builder Roland Sands. The firm specializes in custom hardware for Harley-Davidson, BMW, and Indian Motorcycles but also sells an extensive range of apparel.

Of the many jackets the brand has on sale, we recommend the Ronin because it perfectly blends everyday functionality with impeccable styling. RSD says the Ronin is “Versatile and stylish both on and off the bike, it’s the jacket you wear for a night out even when you don’t bring your bike along,” and we definitely agree.

The Ronin is made from 0.9mm — 1.1mm hand-finished leather, offering abrasion resistance, with pre-curved sleeves and pockets for RSD x Forcefield armor. Other features include perforated leather interior trims and sleeves, a snap collar, and multiple pockets.

Sport Style Jacket

Alpinestars Chrome Sport Hoodie

Alpinestars Chrome Sport Hoodie

At first glance, the Alpinestars Chrome Sport Hoodie looks like just another piece of casual clothing. However, take a good look, and you’ll find that this was designed with safety features that you’d find on many other entry-level motorcycle jackets. For instance, the jacket uses aramid reinforced panels on the shoulder, elbow, and back for added abrasion resistance and protection.

It comes standard with Level 1 CE-certified Bio Lite armor on the elbows and shoulders and features a pocket on the back designed to accommodate the Alpinestars Level 2 Nucleon CE-certified back insert.

Other features include a removable hood, a zippered hoodie-style hand pocket, and an internal waterproof pocket. The Alpinestars Chrome Sport Hoody is available in six styles, and you’re likely to find one that best suits your style.

Adventure Style Jacket

Knox Kenton Jacket

Knox Kenton Adventure Jacket

  • Price: $195 – $300.00
  • Where to Buy: RevZilla

The Knox Kenton is perhaps the most stylish jacket on this list, with a simple yet elegant cut that resembles that of a pea coat. This fully waterproof mid-length jacket features two ‘hunting pockets’ on the chest and two zippered waterproof pockets at the waist. Its waterproof and breathable membrane comes with fully taped seams, ensuring you’ll stay dry even during heavy downpours.

Know has also equipped the jacket with its unique-dual fitting system that allows you to adjust the fit, so you can adjust it to suit you best whether you’re on or off a motorcycle. The jacket also features an inner zip that allows you to attach it to your riding pants.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Aussie Quad Lock launches smart charger

My Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport features an Aussie-designed Quad Lock sitting proudly atop the handlebars.

It not only securely holds my iPhone so I can use it as a satnav, but also charges as I ride with a wireless charger hooked up via a long lead to the USB outlet under my seat.

However, that charging only works when the bike is switched on and it may not be totally waterproof although it hasn’t faulted yet.

Now the clever guys at Quad Lock have introduced a $A49.95 Smart Adaptor that they claim is waterproof, which is great for those on adventure bikes who may wade through water.

The device has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating or rating of IP66.

The first number measures protection from foreign bodies such as dust with 6 being the highest, while the second from 0-9 measures resistance to water, so it’s pretty good. Click here for more details.

It also features the option to have the device charged anytime the phone is on the mount, or only when the ignition is on or an auto mode.

The latter “smart” mode keeps the device switched off until input voltage rises above 13.5V and turns off when input voltage drops below 12.5V to avoid draining your battery drain.

You can easily switch between modes using the toggle. 

It also has in-line fuse and reverse polarity protection in the rare event of a fault. It can be hooked up to a USB outlet or your 12V bike battery.

I love the convenience my Quad Lock offers, but I recommend you also fit their vibration dampener as motorcycle vibrations can cause the camera in some iPhones to stop focusing and it’s not covered by your phone warranty.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Touratech launches 3-in-1 boot

German adventure motorcycle accessories company Touratech has launched a boot it claims is a three-in-one to cover touring, sports and adventure riding.

Touratech Australia does not yet have a date for the arrival of the Touratech Destino Ultimate GTX boots and are currently only gauging interest.

But wait for it — if or when they do arrive, they will set you back almost the price of three boots at $A1492 in sizes 39-47.

For that price they better one good.

Touratech says they have the all-day “comfort of a touring boot, the safety of a sports boot and the robustness of an MX boot”.

So let’s check the claims on these boots, developed for Touratech by Dutch motorcycle clothing company REV’IT!


The comfort is provided by a flexible joint system, a SEESOFT protector insert in the tongue and an Apex sole, developed with Vibram.

They claim the sole makes them easier to walk in so you don’t clump around like you are wearing skit boots without the skis.

Touratech also claim the sole has different zones; one for operating the brake lever; another for strength and others for walking comfort. 

The insole is made of washable, open-pored PU foam.


The Destino boot features a lot of protection as you would expect from an adventure-style boot with what they call a Dynamic Support Frame (DSF).

It is made up of a calf shield, heel cup and a stability frame to prevent twisting with extra impact protection in the toe area.

Destino boots are certified for safety with the highest EC approval level: EN 13634:2017 Level 2.


Another feature is the BOA Fit closure system which uses a now-popular hand-operated ratchet dial that pulls wire laces for the optimum fit and release at the touch of the centre button.

Best Full Face Helmets

There are no show laces to tie and no bulky and uncomfortable clasps that feature on many off-road boots.

Having the boot tight not only ensures a correct and safe fit, but also prevents mud and dust getting in.


These boots are made of a combination of materials such as SuperFabric, microfibre lining, Omega leather, supple nubuck leather and a Gore-Tex membrane that they claim guarantees “absolute waterproofness with simultaneous breathability”.

Excuse my cynicism here, but I have yet to find any breathable clothing that is also 100% waterproof.

However, there are varying degrees of water resistance indicated by an Ingress Protection (IP) rating.

This rating consists of two numbers. The first from 0-6 measures protection from foreign bodies such as dust, while the second from 0-9K measures resistance to water. Click here for more details.

I can’t find any reference to an IP on their website. It just says “Waterproof Yes”.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

MotoCAP allows riders to compare gear

Eight motorcycle jackets and five pairs of riding pants have been added to the growing list of motorcycle gear rated by the award-winning MotoCAP website so riders can compare items before buying.

MotoCAP has now tested a total of 443 jackets, gloves and pants and now includes helmet safety and comfort ratings.

In the latest round of testing, RST Kevlar Tech Pro CE Mens denim pants and BMW PaceGuard textile pants were the highest performing, receiving four out of five stars for safety.

BMW Paceguard gear

The BMW PaceGuard pants are now the highest performing non-denim textile pants for safety and also received ten out of ten for water resistance.

The new ratings for jackets can be viewed here. The new ratings for pants can be viewed here.

The online site also allows readers to view items side by side for easier comparisons before buying.

The MotoCAP website now also includes helmet ratings after merging information from the Australian NSW Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) ratings site, previously published on crash.org.au.

The MotoCAP safety intitiative launched in September 2018 and is the first of its type in the world.

It is based on evidence from crash injury research and the test protocols of the current industry standard. It is an initiative of state automobile clubs and transport departments.

In 2019, MotoCAP, has won a Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) road safety award.

MotoCAP is a partnership between Transport for NSW, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), VicRoads, Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC), Lifetime Support Authority (LSA), the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, Western Australian Police: Road Safety Commission, Department of State Growth, Insurance Australia Group (IAG), Australian Motorcycle Council and Accident Compensation Corporation in New Zealand.

Testing is carried out by the Deakin University Institute for Frontier Materials on behalf of the MotoCAP partners.

All gear rated so far has been obtained through a secretive buying system to guarantee integrity.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Noise-reduction Bluetooth for helmets

The world’s first active noise-cancelling helmet bluetooth system for a range of helmets is now available for order with delivery expected later this year.

Developed by DAAL Noise Control Systems in collaboration with Nolan helmets’ N-Com Bluetooth intercoms, the DAAL DXL-5 can be ordered by clicking here.

It will cost 5990 Norwegian Kroner which is about $A930, €630 or $US680 and you will need to pay half when you order.

It is initially only available for use in the Nolan X-Lite X1005 helmet, but units will be available for other helmets probably from next year.

This device should be a huge safety and comfort boost for riders to avoid hearing loss and fatigue from dangerous wind noise frequencies that can reach 110dB or as much as an AC/DC concert, even in the quietest of helmets.

Critics should note that even though this is called an active noise-cancelling (ANC) system, it is actually a noise-reduction system.

Earplugs are a noise cancelling system. But on the road, they can be dangerous as they prevent riders hearing important noises such as car horns, sirens and screeching tyres.

The DAAL DXL-5 is more correctly referred to as an active noise reduction system that filters out the most dangerous frequencies caused by wind noise.

DAAL founder and CEO Dag Loe says it is also different to the noise-cancelling earphones we may be used to.

“Unlike generic noise cancellation headphones, our system is developed specifically to perform in the harsh and demanding noise environment inside a motorcycle helmet – and actually performs well for wind noise,” he says.

Active noise-cancelling systems generate a reverse sound wave of the background noise and play it through the speakers to cancel out the unwanted, harmful noise.

The DAAL system consists of a microphone next to your ear, speakers by your ears and am eight-hour battery in the back of the helmet. Total weight of the system is 150g.

Because of the various elements required, the system cannot be an aftermarket, retro-fit unit like most simple Bluetooth intercoms that clip to the side of your helmet. 

Instead, the DAAL DXL-5 has to be separately designed for each helmet.

Apart from reducing noise, it connects via Bluetooth 4.1 class 1 to most smart phones, GPS and other Bluetooth devices including many other helmet intercoms.

Sena was the first to introduce a helmet with an integrated electronic noise-cancelling intercom system. It is not yet available in Australia.

The DAAL system will be the first to fit a wide range of helmets.

We first published news about the development of this product back in 2018 when it was excepted to be delivered in 2020. 

The intervening years of the pandemic have no doubt interrupted development with delivery expected later this year for use in the Nolan X-Lite X1005 with more applications available from next year.

Dag says their goal is to make DAAL ANC available for as many motorcyclists as possible, regardless of brands.

“From a scaling perspective, universal aftermarket sales is the way to go,” he says.

Dag Loe

“However, since there are some specific challenges regarding system-helmet integration that needs to be solved in order to make a product delivery at all – we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with an industry leader like Nolan (and N-Com). 

“The basic form factor of the resulting product can in principle fit into any helmet (we are not removing any EPS, we are sticking to the standard 40mm shallow intercom speaker recess that you find in most modern helmets, and so forth). 

“However the specific timeline moving forward is not yet set, seeing as we are currently in a period where our focus is heavily on learning from customer feedback and making sure we execute our deliveries properly!

DAAL claim production will be limited in 2022 due to the global component shortage.

Consequently, we have not yet been assigned a unit for review, but have been promised one when they are available.

I have high hopes for this device as I, like many other mature-aged riders, suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) from years of riding. Click here for more information.

I wear special earplugs to filter out the damaging wind noise, but still allow me to hear important sirens, horns and other noises, as well as my helmet intercom.

They work well, but I would prefer a less fiddly system integrated into a helmet like the DAAL system or the integrated unit in Sena’s Momentum helmet.

I’ve tried Bose noise-cancelling headphones under my helmet, but they are uncomfortable and can’t cope with the amount of wind and other noise developed when riding a motorcycle. It’s a much louder and more unpredictable noise environment than, say, on a plane where active noise cancelling headphones work quite well.

Given the amount of development time and specific research into wind noise for motorcyclists, this should be suitable for riders.

DAAL product tester and Norwegian enduro racer Pål Anders Ullevålseter says the reduced sound levels from the device provide a much more comfortable environment for the rider.

Pål Anders Ullevålseter

“I experience less fatigue when driving with DAAL ANC, and do not get the same pain in the ears that I do when I drive without it,” he says. 

“It is easier to hear what is happening around you when you drive with the system, and by and large the riding experience is better.”

DAAL product designer Kjetil Grimsæth says their active noise reduction technology will, in principle, fit into any helmet without compromising safety.

Kjetil Grimsæth

“At the same time, DAAL ANC is self-learning and adapts to each individual user,” he says. 

“This is built on the fundament of a controller core that has been developed to cope with very demanding noise environments.”

DAAL boss Dag says their product will provide a more comfortable ride as well as preserve their hearing.

“Many riders have been looking forward to being able to order noise reduction for their motorcycle helmet,” he says. 

The combination of very high sound pressure levels and unpredictable noise characteristics, as well as the need to simultaneously ensure safety, were the challenges DAAL had to solve in the development of DAAL ANC.

DAAL Noise Control Systems was developed in labs and wind tunnels in the tech-sphere around NTNU university in Trondheim, Norway.

They have received substantial investment from several successful fund-raising campaigns through the equity crowdfunding platform Folkeinvest.

Dag and co-founder Sigmund Birkeland also invested all their savings in the project and Dag even had to sell his motorcycle.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Flagship Aussie smart helmet launched

Australian smart-helmet manufacturer Forcite has now launched a flagship model MK1S helmet with extra battery life, better comfort and aero, and hi-fi speakers.

The company has raised millions through public equity crowdfunding and shares to build more varieties of their MK1 helmets and expand into the world market later this year.

The first of their new models is the MK1S which is now available for order on www.forcitehelmets.com at $1299.

Every MK1S helmet is built to order in Sydney to the rider’s size, finish and customisation specifications.

Customers will be given a build slot with the first orders delivered in June.

The MK1 helmet features Forcite’s patented RAYDAR helmet system, combining Formula 1 LED technology, audio interactivity, military-grade camera recording and a fingertip handlebar controller.

Click here for more details.

Forcite Mk1S

The Mk1S features battery life of more than seven hours while using all the smart features except the camera which reduces life to about 3-4 hours.

It takes about 90 minutes to recharge via a USB-C port.

The helmet accommodates phone calls and Bluetooth 5.0 communication functionality is in the pipeline for 2023.

It has also been updated with the new visor Pinlock ready, an improved camera lens, more comfortable liner and subtle aero styling updates.

What’s included in the box:

  • Forcite MK1S smart helmet
  • Handlebar controller, controller thumbscrew, spacers and mount
  • Pre-installed Harman Kardon speakers
  • Controller handlebar mount spacers x2
  • Screwdriver for Camera Shield and Handlebar Mount
  • USB-C charging cable
  • USB power adaptor
  • Instant media access cable
  • Media access USB adaptor
  • Forcite stickers
  • Forcite Authenticity card
  • Product pamphlet
  • Size swap card

I have not yet tested the Forcite MK1 or MK1S helmets so I cannot comment on their functionality, comfort or quality. However, the company says one is coming soon, so I will update with a review.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Helmet and bike gear ratings combined

The award-winning Australian MotoCAP website now includes helmet safety and comfort ratings as well as its usual ratings for jacket, pants and gloves.

The Australian NSW Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) ratings previously published on crash.org.au, will now be located at MotoCAP.com.au so riders can get all their safety gear info in one place.

The MotoCAP safety intitiative launched in September 2018 and is the first of its type in the world.

It is based on evidence from crash injury research and the test protocols of the current industry standard. It is an initiative of state automobile clubs and transport departments.

CRASH is a consortium of Transport for NSW, Transport Accident Commission and Insurance Australia Group.

It tests 30 helmets each year against a range of criteria, including protection and comfort before awarding a star rating out of five for each criteria.

While motoCAP is unique, CRASH is similar to the British SHARP helmet safety scheme which has tested and rated hundreds of helmets, almost all of which are available for sale in Australia.

You may ask why helmets are still being crash tested in Australia despite European-standard helmets being available here for several years.Motorcycle dealership sale accessories jeans helmets best motorcycle helmets

Centre for Road Safety active executive director Craig Moran says that while all helmets sold here meet either Australian Standards or global standard UNECE 22.05, CRASH ratings “give riders more information so they can chose the best helmet for their situation”.

By “more information” they mean ratings out of five for safety and comfort. The standards just say they passed the tests, but don’t provide ratings.

For example, a helmet only has to achieve the lowest one-star CRASH rating to pass Australian and Euro helmet certification.

AS/NZ 1698 and UNECE 22.05 certification make no mention at all of comfort which is important for reducing rider fatigue which can distract your attention.

Despite not having as many helmets tested as SHARP, having the CRASH safety ratings included on the one website is convenient for riders.

And if your helmet is not listed, then you can still go to the SHARP site.

This year’s CRASH results reveal only nine out of the 30 helmets tested achieved four out of five stars for crash protection safety. The new ratings can be found here.

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CRASH testing

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I have previously researched helmet ratings from CRASH and SHARP to assess whether price correlates with safety.

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