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Maurice Slaughter, Harley and Ducati Dealership Owner, Gifted $100k Ducati Superbike From Wife

I Think It’s Time for Me to Find a New Wife…

With a name like Maurice Slaughter, you’d think he’s some kind of Harley riding, dealership owning badass; which he is just exactly that. Maurice celebrated 20 years with Bayside Harley- Davidson/Ducati in Portsmouth this year and has been wheeling n’ dealing expensive bikes for quite some time now.

Now I’m not entirely sure what the occasion is, but his wife of 37 years, Cynthia, just gifted him a present that he will be chasing to out-do for decades to come. We can only dream of waking up to an early Christmas present like this. I’ve heard many Ducati owners joke on the internet about how their new superbike purchase almost led them to divorce, but this takes it to a whole new level.

What’s in the box you might ask? Of course, it’s a 220 horsepower 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 retailing at $100k. After a 2-year purchasing process and $20,000 deposit, Cynthia has secured and delivered on the epitome of a Ducati enthusiast’s dream bike. The most powerful, most expensive, most extreme Ducati the company has ever set out to manufacture to date.

A 1 of 500, handcrafted Italian superbike. I don’t think this one would have fit under the Christmas tree, so he got it on September 16th. Michael Jordan always gets bike #23 (his jersey number), and Maurice #130. The bike will be displayed at his dealership for the following few weeks before reportedly taking Ducati up on their offer of taking it for a ride on the Ferrari race track.

Que the suspense soundtrack… “I can’t wait to see my Christmas gift,” said Cynthia after the whole opening process was completed. This is a prime example of Newton’s third law of motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Let’s cheers to Maurice’s new bike and pray he can figure out how he’s going to pull off gifts for his wife going forwards.

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The GMC Sierra 1500 CarbonPro Bed Was Designed by a Former Pro Motocrosser

Carl Zipfel Talks About the GMC CarbonPro Bed

I’m not going to tell you what truck to buy and this wasn’t sponsored by GMC, but it’s pretty cool that a truck company is thinking of motorcyclists when it designs the bed of its truck.

Carl Zipfel was a professional motocross racer. Upon graduating from college he was able to land a job with General Motors. As of now, he’s worked there for nearly three decades. One of his latest roles was to help design the Sierra 1500 pickup truck’s new CarbonPro bed. He recently told Cycle World how the bed is designed with loading and unloading (specifically motorcycles) in mind.

“The CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) material gave us some formability advantages over steel as well, which is what led to the specific wheel chock features in the front of the box. Combined with our MultiPro tailgate step feature, the CarbonPro bed makes loading a motorcycle, quad, or mountain bike easier and safer, and generally more convenient,” Zipfel told Cycle World.

GMC Sierra with dirtbikes
Image by Wade Thiel

I personally had a chance to test the new GMC Sierra for an automotive website when GMC did its press drives. I saw the guys load some dirt bikes into the bed of the truck. I can say from that experience that Zipfel is right. Loading and unloading bikes from the CarbonPro bed looks easy.

While the built-in wheel chock feature is really nice, perhaps even nicer is the MultiPro Tailgate. It provides a very easy step up. when paired with a ramp, you can get a bike into the back of the pickup very easily.


I asked one of the GMC PR guys there if you could load easily without the ramp, and he said even that is easier with the MultiPro Tailgate. Get the front wheel up on the step and then just step it up again and you’re in the bed. From there it’s a matter of lifting the rear wheel in.

Regardless of whether or not you use a ramp (I highly recommend it), the GMC Sierra 1500 has a great offering with this. I do have to note that both the MultiPro Tailgate and the CarbonPro bed do not come standard in the lower trim levels of the truck it’s only offered on SLT, AT4, and Denali trim levels. At those trim levels, you’re looking at a price tag on the pickup truck of at least $44,300$50,800, and $54,700 (USD) respectively.

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Roland Sands Transforms a 2008 R1200GS Into a Paris Dakar Rally Homage

A Beautifully Crafted Machine

Most folks know of Roland Sands and his company Roland Sands Design. Recently he and his team took a 2008 R1200GS and transformed it into a homage to the 1980s rally bikes that took on the Paris-Dakar Rally. 

Sands drew inspiration from an R80GS that was built by racing specialists HPN-Motorradtechnik. That bike was ridden by Gaston Rahier in the 1986 Paris-Dakar Rally.

The bike that Sands crafted was named “Dakar GS,” which is a fitting title. The bike has 45mm telescopic fork legs with an upgraded Ohlins cartridge kit taken from a Honda Africa Twin. This took some doing because of BMW’s unique Telelever front suspension setup. To make it work, the team used a front end from a 2018 BMW R nineT.

RSD Dakar GS

At the back of the bike, things weren’t so difficult. Sands and his team could simply fit a stock Ohlins shock to manage the travel of the rear swingarm. From there, the team robbed the R nineT of its oil cooler and added plenty of RSD custom parts. They also added AltRider guards, a Touratech aluminum skid plate, and SW Motech engine crash rails.

The bike also features Dubya USA custom wheels (a 21-incher up front and an 18-incher in the rear) that are shod in Dunlop D908RR Rally Raid rubber. The subframe is more or less original to the 2008 GS. Some small alterations were made to fit the Saddlemen seat and survival box. There’s an Akrapovich exhaust and a Baja Designs XL Pro LED headlamp housed in a custom fairing.

RSD Dakar GS

The gas tank was altered by RSD’s team and was painted in the classic livery by Airtrix. There are some ProTaper Evo handlebars and AEM Factory Titanium/carbon fiber brake and clutch levers as well as a Raceco custom rally tower. There’s also a Lowrance Elite-5 Ti GPS.

The RSD team said the entire process is repeatable for the right price. I’d imagine it would have to be a whole lot of money to make that happen, though.

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Alisa Clickenger Announces Dates and Sponsors Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online

November 6-7, 2020

Alisa Clickenger announced the next Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online will be held on November 6-7 of this year. This time around the theme of the conference is “Connection.”

Indian Motorcycle and Motul are the key sponsors for the event. It’s a virtual gathering focused on any and all who ride motorcycles or are interested in bikes and the lifestyle.

There will be stories and seminars and the event will provide an opportunity for female riders to connect and communicate in real-time.

This conference will feature 20+ presenters, 15 presentations, and three Connection Sessions. There will be focused workshops, expert panels, round table discussions, a meet & greet with the presenters on Friday night. There’s also online networking time for all registered lady riders.

Harley Davidson

“Registrants of the Women’s online conference will be able to interact with their fellow riders as well as the presenters over a two-day period in a way that is safe, comfortable, convenient, and community-minded,” said Clickenger.

Registration is $20 until October 31. If you register after November 1, you’ll be charged $25. You can register by clicking here.

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Benelli Announces TRK502 and TRK502X Adventure Models

Benelli enters the 500cc adventure market with the TRK502.

Begin Press Release: 

Benelli Motorcycles USA Welcomes All-New TRK502 & TRK502X

Venture beyond with the powerful new mid-size duo from Benelli Motorcycles

Benelli TRK502

Norwalk, CA (September 22, 2020) – Benelli Motorcycles USA and SSR Motorsports are proud to reveal the all-new Benelli TRK502 and TRK502X motorcycles, the ideal midsize mounts ready to head out for adventure. Wherever the roads may take you—across town or across the country—the TRK502 and TRK502X have the smooth power, comfortable ergonomics and versatile suspension for whatever journey your adventurous soul craves.

At the heart of the aggressively styled TRK502 and TRK502X beats Benelli’s all-new 499.6cc parallel twin engine. Designed with four-valve technology, the four-stroke fuel-injected, DOHC, liquid-cooled engine produces the ideal amount of midsize muscle, ensuring a broad spread of useable power and excellent fuel efficiency. Power is put to work by a six-speed transmission, ensuring a broad spread of useable torque, capable of carrying you through diverse road conditions.

Benelli TRK502

The chassis of the TRK502 starts with the steel-tube trellis frame, which not only provides excellent handling and balance both on and off the tarmac, but also adds an aggressive flare to the adventure styling. Long-travel suspension is provided by a rugged 50mm inverted fork up front, with 5.3 inches of travel. The single shock rear suspension offers preload adjustability along with compression and rebound adjust so you can tune your ride for the road ahead, or the luggage on board.

The TRK502 features 17-inch cast aluminum wheels, front and rear, with 120/70 and 160/60 tires for a smooth ride and efficient road handling capabilities. The more adventurous TRK502X features wire-spoke wheels, 19-inch up front and 17-inch in the rear. When crossing over to the adventurous side, the aggressive Metzeler Tourance tires help tackle more versatile terrain. The TRK502X stands a bit taller, with 8.6 inches of ground clearance, while the TRK502 provides ample clearance of 7.5 inches.

Benelli TRK502

Both the TRK502 and the crossover TRK502X offer generous 5.28 gallons (20 liter) fuel capacity, allowing you to go the distance. Ride in comfort with amazing wind and weather protection from the sleek windscreen, wrap-around hand guards and stylish bodywork. Ergonomics provide all-day comfort as well as an easy reach to the ground with a 31.5-inch seat height (33-inches on the TRK502X).

“We are very excited to introduce these all-new Benelli TRK motorcycles to the United States,” said Jeff Li, General Manager of SSR Motorsports, U.S. distributor of Benelli Motorcycles. “The TRK502 models provide much-needed midsize options in the adventure touring segment, and we feel that the Benelli TRK’s will offer a fun, versatile and comfortable ride for a wide range of riders.”

Benelli TRK502

Maximize your touring possibilities with EVO Aluminum Cases available from Benelli. The top case and two side cases integrate seamlessly with the Benelli TRK502 and TRK502X, offering generous onboard capacity to pack whatever you need for your adventure. The full set retails for $999.

List prices are $5,999 for the TRK502, and $6,399 for the TRK502X. Both models are becoming available at SSR/Benelli Motorcycle dealers now.

Find more information, including specifications, at http://benelli.ssrmotorsports.com/bikes/trk502.php and http://benelli.ssrmotorsports.com/bikes/trk502x.php

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Terminally Ill 83-Year-Old Anne Turner Gets Her Wish To Ride a Harley

Making Dreams Come True

Anne Turner was able to get one of her bucket-list items checked off recently when her daughter put the word out that Anne wanted to sit on a Harley-Davidson

Anne is a 83-year-old living in England. She is terminally ill, and when the motorcycling community heard of her wish, they showed up. A group of bikers showed up to grant Anne her wish. Not only that, but she was outfitted with a leather jacket and a helmet and was given a ride on a Harley Fat Bob.

“I’m one of them now,” she told the BBC.

This is a clear indicator that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can get joy out of motorcycles no matter the stage in your life. for Anne it came at 83 years old.

The BBC did a good video of the experience that you can check out below. It’s a heartwarming story and one that I think we need more of in 2020. Sometimes its the little things in life, like getting to ride your dream bike around the block.

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The Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Looks Nearly Un-Killable

A Great Little Trail Bike

We already knew the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub was going to be a great little motorcycle, but we didn’t know how good of a trail bike it would be. In the video below, the rider shows the world just how tough the little motorcycle actually is. 

In the video, he makes some minor adjustments and additions to the bike and then he takes it off-road on some trails, through water and even through a shallow lake. The CT125 Hunter Cub looks like a fantastic little motorcycle, and it’s a bike that I think this a lot of riders could use and enjoy.

The rider in the video fully submerges the bike at one point and it stalls out. The bike was almost completely submerged up to the seat. After letting the water run out, he’s able to get the motorcycle going again and gets back on the trail, hitting mud puddles, giant holes, and so much more.

I’d urge you to check out the video below. The Honda CT125 Hunter Cub is now being delivered in certain parts of the world and will hit other markets later this year and into 2021. It might be worth it to pick one of these up.

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Harley Used The Pan America as the Inspiration for Long Way Up LiveWires

Electric ADV

The Harley-Davidson LiveWires that were used in Long Way Up were a long way from stock LiveWires, so don’t think you can just take your $30,000 electric machine off-road without issues.

According to RideApart, the underpinnings of the motorcycle remained the same, but the bike was heavily reworked to make the trip possible. Ewan McGregor reached out to Harley long before doing the run while the LiveWire was still in prototype form and Harley worked with the production team to make a bike that would do everything that was needed.

“(…) the engineering team combined the dynamically capable on-road performance of the LiveWire model with adjusted geometry and suspension based on the upcoming Pan America adventure touring model to shred dirt roads, single track, and desert trails while maintaining its on-road handling prowess,” Harley’s PR manager Paul James wrote in a statement regarding the company’s involvement in the project.

RideApart actually reached out to Harley-Davidson to see if there was an electric ADV bike in the works. The response the publication got should not surprise you. It was typical of Harley.


The PR person for Harley, Jennifer Hoyer, said she couldn’t comment on future product options. That, however, is not a denial. And she made a point of saying that the parts came from existing prototypes (most likely the Pan America).

Still, the point stands that Harley has done it before for the show, and could probably do it again if there was a serious call for an electric ADV from buyers.

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Send Your BMW R nineT Back To 1934 With NMoto’s New Bolt-On Kit

Reimagining The R nineT For The Low-Low

Look, the R nineT is a very classy looking bike… But do you know what is even classier? NMoto’s Nostalgia R7 look-alike build. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have enough trade-in value to swap your BMW R nineT for the $50,000 Nostalgia, but now NMoto has a cheaper option to achieve the same look for pennies on the dollar.

NMoto is finally offering a bolt-on kit a year after unveiling its Nostalgia build; A 1934 BMW R7 throwback. It’s unfortunate for some who paid the 50k total cost to have them build one for you, but for the rest of us (who have some time on our hands and a spare R nineT hanging around), this is your golden ticket to classic riding.

The complete bolt-on kit will cost you approximately $6,950, and requires no cutting, welding, or drilling into your precious R nineT; Which is great in the event you want to revert it back to stock for resale. It maintains the stock ergonomics of the bike, so although your steed may look different, there will be a sigh of relief knowing it will feel and ride the same. The kit is available for pre-order this October through NMoto with a $100 refundable reservation fee (free shipping on pre-orders) and will come to select BMW dealers down the line.

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MyDucati App is Here For Your Ducati Addiction Fix

Ducati’s Official App Is Here to Stay

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is check my phone for news and updates on things I’m passionate about. Do you know who is really passionate? Ducati enthusiasts; I would know, my dad’s one of them. We check our subreddits, forums, and favorite blogs to keep up-to-date and in the loop with the things that motivate us. Nothing motivates some individuals more than the prospect of having your hard work pay off with a new Italian superbike.

Ducati has just launched the MyDucati app on both Andriod and iOS for owners and enthusiasts alike. For the owners, MyDucati has some great features like access to the owners’ manuals for your bike and your Ducati Card right on your phone. If you bet me $20 to go find my dealership info for my personal bike in 20 minutes, it’s probably not going to happen. Life is easy when you have your dealership card right on your mobile device in the event you need to pop by the shop quickly for any kind of work. Not only that – the app has all the info you’ll need to get in touch with your favorite Ducati dealer on the fly. 

The hopeless romantics can take some solace in knowing this app isn’t just geared towards owners; this is where Ducati plans on updating you on upcoming releases and more. You can even customize your own bike and option it out the way that you like it so you can add your dream bike to your vision board (oh come on… I can’t be the only one that has one.).

Give the app a try today and let us know what you think about it.

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