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Kymco Has a New Adventure Scooter – The DT X360

“Do a 360!”

Taiwanese scooter manufacturer, Kymco, just introduced a ton of newly updated scooters to the market along with their first adventure scooter: the DT X360.

At first glance, – I’m just going to put this out there – it comes nowhere near close to being as cool as the new Honda X-ADV (Seriously, Honda, hook me up over here). I wouldn’t particularly call this maxiscooter an “Adventure Scooter”, but there sure is some offroad potential with the vehicle.

The most notable ‘offroad’ features found on this scooter would be the adventure beak and the semi-knobbed tires.

The scooter features a 321cc thumper producing 28.2 ponies and 22 lb-ft of torque, has a seat height of 31.5 inches, LED lighting all around, a mega-sized storage compartment (as most scooters do, but this one, in particular, can hold two full-size helmets with room to spare), keyless ignition and a sizable LED full-color display with USB ports ready at the sides.

Although this isn’t an off-roading beast, this will be a great option for riders living in countries with fewer paved roads and lots of dirt pathways. It would be great to see Kymco add a few more features to make it more off-road friendly; perhaps a slightly upgraded suspension to provide riders with some slightly extra clearance (in the photos it looks as though it’s about standard scooter height).

2019 Savic electric motorcycle prototype orders setbacks

Currently, we have no information regarding pricing or official release date for this ADV scoot.

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Dakar Rally Hasn’t Been Cancelled – New Route for January 2021


Seriously, COVID-19 has managed to bugger its way into all our lives and destroy everything that we hold dear; especially motorcycle events. Although MotoGP had a successful start-up and managed to make do with this series of unfortunate events, many other motorsports divisions haven’t had the same luck.

If I made a list of things far more dangerous than the Coronavirus, Dakar Rally would be up at the top. Dakar Rally is bad-ass, tough, excruciating, nauseating, dangerous…. Should I continue? Luckily for those of us locked in the house, organizers of the Dakar Rally event have confirmed that the event will take place in January 2021 without a hitch. 

“The preparation, and in particular the reconnaissance, had to be conducted according to a schedule adapted to the 2020 travel restrictions. The rally will be held under unusual conditions drafted in a protocol designed to ensure maximum protection against the spread of the Covid-19 virus”, the organizers said in a release.

Unfortunately, the Rally loses some of its “WTF” potential with the addition of a new route that will shorten the original 8000-mile trek to the tune of 3200 miles. This new route will take place in Saudi Arabia and is planned to be 4750 miles long in its entirety.

Although we are losing some distance for this event, the organizers assure us that there are far more technical areas that will put riders’ navigation skills to the test resulting in a much more interesting race. Previous Dakar Rally’s feature long stretches of desert sand before things get spicey, so hopefully, this new event cuts some of that ‘nothing-ness’ out of the equation.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Riders have say in Australian road safety

Australian riders have long been asking for a bigger say in road safety issues that affect one of the most vulnerable groups of road users … and now it looks like that may be on the road ahead.

Last month’s Joint Select Committee on Road Safety final report, Improving Road Safety in Australia, includes 22 recommendations, including a Select Committee on Road Safety with a National Motorcycle Consultative Committee.

If recommendation 12 to establish the motorcycle committee is approved it is expected to include public applications and invitations to individual riders and rider groups.

The Australian Government is reviewing all recommendations and will provide a response in the first half of 2021.

The Office of Infrastructure told us that since it has not yet been approved, the timeline and logistics of invitations and applications have not yet been formalised.

However, they did point out that the Australian Government “supports effective communication with motorcycle groups and other road user groups”. 

“For example, the Australian Motorcycle Council has attended two separate road safety ministerial roundtables, in September 2019 and October 2020, hosted by Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz.

In developing the National Road Safety Strategy 2021–30, the Office of Road Safety held targeted consultation meetings with over 50 road safety organisations, industry and non-governmental groups including the Australian Motorcycle Council.”

If recommendation 12 is approved, we will update riders on how they can apply for a seat on the committee.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Riders breathe easier in new Sydney tunnel

The “next gen” in road tunnels recently opened in northern Sydney with the NorthConnex tunnel boasting cleaner air for motorcycle riders.

The tunnel links the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga to the Hills M2 Motorway at West Pennant Hills in Sydney’s north. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the 9km tunnel as “one of the most significant and eagerly anticipated road infrastructure projects ever delivered in Australia”.

Riders have long complained about exhaust fumes in road tunnels, especially when traffic grinds to a halt.

It’s a long-term health hazard!

Not quite as bad as having a mattress fall off in front of you as this rider found in a Brisbane tunnel.

However, commuting to work and breathing in exhaust fumes every day in a confined tunnel can have a significant impact on riders’ long-term health.

However, Transurban says the NorthConnex twin tunnel will improve Pennants Hill congestion, safety, traffic noise and air quality.

More importantly for riders, it features the latest ventilation systems that meet some of the most stringent standards in the world for operational in-tunnel air quality, says a company spokesperson.

The higher and wider tunnel design enables greater volumes of fresh air to move through the tunnel minimising the potential for emissions to build up and the gentle gradient allowing vehicles maintain consistent speeds reducing vehicle emissions,” she says.

Classic motorcycles BSA

The tunnel has 142 roof mounted jet fans to push air through the tunnel, complementing the natural air flow generated by vehicles, pushing air into the tunnel in a “piston effect” and providing more airflow when traffic flow is slow.

As part of the Conditions of Approval, the in-tunnel and ventilation outlet air quality has been monitored and reported since NorthConnex opened to traffic last month. 

If you are still concerned with the air you great in the tunnel you can see the live air quality data here.

NorthConnex operations and maintenance team monitor the tunnel 24/7 with 850 CCTV cameras with 100% coverage so any incidents or issues are acted on immediately.

“Drivers and riders have been quick to embrace Sydney’s newest tunnel, and we’re seeing traffic flow well in and around Sydney’s newest tunnel,” the spokesperson says.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

CAKE and Northvolt Batteries Partner for Future E-Bikes

EV and Squeaky Clean

CAKE has a very minimalist approach when it comes to electric bikes and EV transportation. Their products are stripped down, and more-or-less composed of a seat, wheels, battery, handlebars, and fork. It’s about as minimal as you can get, and the aesthetic is both refreshing and welcomed.

Just because your vehicle runs on electric batteries, doesn’t mean it’s the cleanest option available. Battery production is its own can of worms with its own drawbacks and flaws. Northvolt seeks to manufacture the greenest battery cells possible with their factories relying and running on fully renewable energy sources. Lithium plants are ugly and can cause a black eye on the industry depending on what angle you’re looking from, so Northvolt ensures their batteries materials are sourced from areas free of conflict, child labor among other human rights issues.

CAKE aims to team up with Northvolt to take their moral approach to EV tech to get them closer to their overall goal of being a completely zero-emission manufacturing process.

Stefan Ytterborn, CEO of CAKE said, “What Northvolt is doing here truly supports our mission toward zero-emissions…” “The Northvolt concept of fossil-fuel-free manufacturing of battery cells and their commitment to recycling means that we will take a giant leap forward in our mission…”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Triumph Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program

Most of the benefits of a brand new Triumph, but without the sticker shock.

Begin press release:

After proving successful in Europe, effective November 23rd, Triumph has launched a Certified Pre-Owned Motorcycle Program in the United States.

The program is designed to offer customers confidence in the condition and history of their chosen pre-owned Triumph motorcycle. When someone buys a bike that’s pre-owned, it’s important they feel confident in the purchase and that there will not be any surprises or problems further down the road. To help instill this confidence, every Certified Pre-Owned Triumph motorcycle comes with the following consumer benefits.

Customer Benefits

  • Minimum 1-year, Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • 1-Year Roadside Assistance
  • Certified Vehicle Quality Check
  • Full Service History
  • Financing Available

Purchasing a pre-owned motorcycle may very well be a rider’s first experience with the Triumph brand. For Triumph, it’s imperative that their new pre-owned motorcycle lives up to our same high expectation and product experience of our new motorcycles. To ensure this quality, every Triumph motorcycle available through our Certified Pre-Owned program must meet precise standards before being offered to riders as Certified. In addition to the firmly defined criteria below, we rely on dealership discretion to carefully select motorcycles that deserve to be deemed as Certified Pre-Owned.

Motorcycle Eligibility

  • Triumph Motorcycles up to 5 years of age from first registration.
  • Maximum mileage of 25,000.
  • Service History recorded on Warranty-On-Line.
  • Completed multi-point inspection and all rectification work completed.
  • Any service required within 1,000 miles or 3 months will be completed.
  • The following bikes are NOT eligible for the program:
  • Bikes involved in major accidents.
  • Bikes used for racing
  • Bikes equipped with non-Triumph accessories

“We are proud to offer a Certified Pre-Owned program, ensuring that customers joining the Triumph family with a pre-owned motorcycle are given the same great product experience and factory-backed assurances as someone buying a brand-new Triumph.” Rod Lopusnak – General Manager, Triumph North America. “The program also offers a great benefit to new bike buyers, by protecting the residual value of their brand-new Triumph when they’re ready to sell or trade-in for a new bike. And for our dealers, they’re now able to list their Certified Pre-Owned motorcycle inventory on our new website for national visibility.”

Riders interested in shopping for a Certified Pre-Owned Triumph motorcycle can browse the full national inventory at https://www.triumphcertified.com/. Here they can filter their search by geography, model, category, price, age, mileage, engine size, or color to efficiently find the right bike for them.

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Kawasaki Reveals Five New Models for 2021

New Sportbikes and Dual Sport Machines

Kawasaki just revealed to the world some new motorcycles for the 2021 model year. The company teased the reveal a while back, but now the time has come and Kawasaki is pulling the covers off of these motorcycles. I want to go through these each so we have a clear picture of them.

2021 Kawasaki Z H2 SE

The Z H2 was revealed in 2019. Now it gets some updates. The SE version of the bike gets suspension upgrades and some more aggressive braking hardware as well as some technology upgrades.

The big news here is the electronic suspension setup. It’s the Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension. This intelligent suspension system utilizes stroke sensors inside the forks as well as the IMU, FI ECU, and ABS ECU to determine the best way for the suspension to react. It’s a complicated system, but it seems to work rather well.

Kawasaki has also upgraded it with Showa’s Skyhook Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment software. This system modulates the suspension damping force so that the wheels can track the dips and bumps on the road. It should help smooth out the ride even more.

In terms of brakes, you get 320mm discs at the front with Brembo Stylema Monobloc Calipers and a Brembo Master Cylinder. At the rear, there’s a 260mm single disc with a single-piston caliper.

2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR Superbikes

Ninja ZX-10R

Kawasaki also revealed some new ZX-10R and ZX-10RR motorcycles for 2021. The Ninja ZX-10R gets an engine overhaul with actuated valves, new gear ratios, a new oil cooler, and an exhaust system that makes this bike good for Euro 5 emissions standards. The engine is a 988cc inline four-cylinder and maintains high power.

Kawasaki updated the chassis to improve cornering and handling. It did this by shifting the geometry of the chassis towards the front of the bike more. This allows for a longer swingarm. In the end, the bike is not only more stable but more agile.

Team Green also added the latest electronics for the bike including launch control, ABS, quick shifter, engine braking, and traction control. The bike also gets cruise control and three standard ride modes and four customizable ride modes. There’s also a new TFT dash that connects with the Rideology App.

The bike gets new KRT-developed suspension with Showa Balance Free Fork that provides firmer compression damping and softer rebound. It is adjustable.

The Ninja ZX-10RR Takes things to a new level with revised camshafts. It also has new intake and exhaust valve springs. The intake funnels were removed and Kawasaki added titanium connecting rods and pistons. The ZX-10RR’s rev limit is up higher but the power isn’t all that much more impressive than the ZX-10R, though I’d expect it feels different on the road.

2021 Yamaha R6 RACE

The bike also gets plenty of lightweight materials, including Marchesini forged wheels with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires. The bike isn’t a super-lightweight at 456 pounds, but it’s far from a porker.

2021 Kawasaki KLX300 SM

2021 Kawsaki KLX 300SM

Many of us hoped for a resurrection of the KLR650, but that didn’t happen. Instead, we get this: the 2021 Kawasaki KLX300 and KLX300 SM. This bike will replace the KLX250. Both the dirt-focused bike and the SM are built on the same platform, and the SM (street bike) is the one that most riders will buzz about.

The bike uses a 292cc single-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed gearbox. The dual-sport bike gets 21-inch and 18-inch wheels front to back. The SM gets a pair of 17-inch rims wrapped in IRC Street Winner tires. The dual-sport bike has a seat height of 35.2 inches, and the SM’s seat height is 33.8 inches. Braking hardware is the same on both bikes with the exception of the rotor, which is 300mm on the SM.

All told, this new dual-sport and supermoto bike looks to be a good addition to Kawasaki’s lineup even if we were hoping for a new KLR650 Swiss-Army-Knife of a motorcycle.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

The New IXS 1100 2.2 Full Face Helmet Is Affordable And Has Six New Colors

$119 and Full of Features

The new IXS 1100 2.2 is a low priced full-face helmet option that comes with full ECE 22.05 certification at a fraction of its competitor’s cost.

How cheap is cheap? $119 is cheap, and that’s exactly how much this helmet costs. Granted, you’ll be sacrificing some functionality and benefits that would come along with a more expensive lid, but if you’re in the market for a cheap helmet to get you from point A to B, this is a good option.

IXS is a gear maker from Switzerland, but if you’re located in Germany shipping will be free (I assume this is due to the location of their warehouses/manufacturing).

ISX mentions that this helmet is jam-packed full of comfort features such as removable, breathable, and washable cheek pads, adequate ventilation, and a pin-lock ready visor. Out of all the specs and features that this helmet comes with, the drop-down sun visor was very surprising given the wickedly low pricing for the lid itself. 

The biggest drawback for this helmet in my opinion is the fact that it only comes in two shell sizes, meaning that if you buy a size large, your head’s silhouette is more than likely to be the same size as someone wearing an XXL, accentuating the dreaded ‘bobblehead effect’.

Beyond the features, the helmet comes in a total of six color options. The livery is serviceable and the lid comes in some good color options to keep you visible on the road. As I mentioned previously, this helmet is only going to run you $119, so if you’re in the market for a cheap every-day comfort-oriented bucket on a budget it’s worth looking into.

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Cardo Systems Gives Thanks to Military, Veteran And First Responders With 20% Discount

Here’s a small token of appreciation from Cardo Systems to military, veteran, and first responders.

Begin press release:


Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Cardo Systems, the global market leader in Bluetooth and mesh communication systems for powersports riders, today announced a 20% discount for active military personnel, veterans and first responders. Indefinitely available at CardoSystems.com, the exclusive discount is applicable to Cardo’s entire lineup of communicators and accessories.

Those eligible for the discount include active or retired military personnel (including National Guard/Reserves), law enforcement (including Border Patrol), firefighters (including volunteers) and licensed physicians and nurses (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses).

“As a small token of appreciation, we are proud to announce our military and first responders discount,” said Dan Emodi, Cardo Systems’ Chief Marketing Officer. “During these trying times, even the smallest gesture can go a long way, and as riders, we know how far a little throttle therapy can go for the mind, body and spirit.”

Available now, military personnel, veterans and first responders can visit CardoSystems.com to verify eligibility. Once validated, the individual will have access to purchase any Cardo product with a 20% discount at checkout.

With a robust lineup of Bluetooth and mesh products, Cardo has a product for any rider, for any use case, at varying price points. Starting with Cardo’s Bluetooth FREECOM series, the FREECOM 1+, $139.95, was designed for two-up, rider-to-passenger communication. The FREECOM 2+, $169.95, provides two-way, mid-range Bluetooth communication, while the FREECOM 4+, $249.95, is the ultimate in four-way Bluetooth communication. Riders who prefer top-of-the-line technology can opt for Cardo’s PACKTALK lineup. Featuring DMC, mesh connectivity, riders can select between the PACKTALK SLIM, PACKTALK BOLD, both available for $339.95, and the new, special-edition PACKTALK BLACK available for $389.95.

Riders can visit CardoSystems.com to learn more, or join the conversation by following along on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Indian eFTR Hand It Down Campaign Ep.2 Features Robbie Madison

Indian’s video series for the eFTR Hand It Down campaign continues with this, episode two, featuring motocross legend, stunt rider, and world record holder Robbie Madison and his two kids, Kruz and Jagger.

If you weren’t aware, the eFTR is an all-electric motorcycle for kids, resembling a miniature version of Indian’s flat track dominating FTR750 racer. Anything the industry can do to get more kids interested in the sport is a good thing, and here Madison and his two kids all share in the joy that comes from motorcycling.

To learn more about the eFTR, visit the Indian website.

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