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FTC Takes Action Against Harley-Davidson for Illegally Restricting Customers’ Right to Repair

The folks over at Vance and Hines made us aware of this FTC order.

“This action taken by the FTC is a huge win for motorcycle riders. While we still need to see how this plays out, we anticipate that riders will have more choices in how they repair and update their motorcycles during the warranty period, which is clearly a big deal for companies in the motorcycle aftermarket, too. I hope that the “it will void your warranty” threat for someone who just wants a better sounding or smoother running Harley is a thing of the past.” – Mike Kennedy, President & CEO of Vance & Hines

Begin Press Release: 

FTC Takes Action Against Harley-Davidson and Westinghouse for Illegally Restricting Customers’ Right to Repair

Agency Orders Require Companies to Fix Warranties, Come Clean with Customers, and Compete Fairly with Independent Repairers

The Federal Trade Commission is taking action against motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson Motor Company Group, LLC and Westinghouse outdoor generator maker MWE Investments, LLC for illegally restricting customers’ right to repair their purchased products. The FTC’s complaints charge that the companies’ warranties included terms that conveyed that the warranty is void if customers use independent dealers for parts or repairs. The FTC is ordering Harley-Davidson and Westinghouse to fix warranties by removing illegal terms and recognizing the right to repair, come clean with customers, and ensure that dealers compete fairly with independent third-parties.

“Consumers deserve choices when it comes to repairing their products, and independent dealers deserve a chance to compete,” said Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “These orders require Harley and Westinghouse to fix their warranties, come clean with consumers, and ensure fair competition with independent providers. Other companies that squelch consumers’ right to repair should take notice.”

Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson sells motorcycles worldwide, and Ohio-based MWE Investments sells Westinghouse-brand outdoor power generators and related equipment. Each company offers limited warranties to consumers who buy their products that provide for no-cost repair or replacement, should the products have defects or other issues.

The FTC has made it a priority to protect consumers’ right to repair their products. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is one of the FTC’s tools to address repair restrictions. It prohibits a company from conditioning a consumer product warranty on the consumer’s using any article or service which is identified by brand name unless it is provided for free. Following the FTC’s right to repair report Nixing the Fix, the Commission issued a Policy Statement on Repair Restrictions Imposed by Manufacturers pledging to ramp up investigations into illegal repair restrictions.

According to the FTC’s complaints, both companies were imposing illegal warranty terms that voided customers’ warranties if they used anyone other than the companies and their authorized dealers to get parts or repairs for their products. The FTC also alleged that Harley-Davidson failed to fully disclose all of the terms of its warranty in a single document, requiring consumers to contact an authorized dealership for full details. The FTC alleges that these terms harm consumers and competition in multiple ways, including:

  • Restricting consumers’ choices: Consumers who buy a product covered by a warranty do so to protect their own interests, not the manufacturer’s. The companies’ warranties improperly implied that as a condition of maintaining warranty coverage, consumers had to use the company’s part or services for any repairs.
  • Costing consumers more money: By telling consumers their warranties will be voided  if they choose third-party parts or repair services, the companies force consumers to use potentially more expensive options provided by the manufacturer. This violates the Warranty Act, which prohibits these clauses unless a manufacturer provides the required parts or services for free under the warranty or is granted an exception from the FTC.
  • Undercutting independent dealers: The Warranty Act’s tying prohibition protects not just consumers, but also independent repairers and the manufacturers of aftermarket parts. By conditioning their warranties on the use of authorized service providers and branded parts, the companies infringed the right of independent repairers and manufacturers to compete on a level playing field.
  • Reducing resiliency: Consumers rely on the companies’ products for emergency power and transportation. Robust competition from aftermarket part manufacturers is critical to ensuring that consumers get the replacement parts they need when they need them and are not at the mercy of branded part supply chains. More resilient and repairable products also lead to less waste in the form of products that could otherwise be fixed.

Enforcement Actions

Under the FTC Act and the Warranty Act, the FTC has the authority to take action against companies violating consumer protection laws, including those engaging in unfair or deceptive acts or practices. The FTC’s orders in these cases:

  • Prohibit further violations: The companies will be prohibited from further violations of the Warranty Act, and in Harley-Davidson’s case, the Disclosure Rule. They will also be prohibited from telling consumers that their warranties will be void if they use third-party services or parts, or that they should only use branded parts or authorized service providers. If the companies violate these terms, the FTC will be able to seek civil penalties of up to $46,517 per violation in federal court.
  • Recognize consumers’ right to repair: Both companies will be required to add specific language to their warranties saying, “Taking your product to be serviced by a repair shop that is not affiliated with or an authorized dealer of [Company] will not void this warranty. Also, using third-party parts will not void this warranty.”
  • Come clean with consumers: Both companies must send and post notices informing customers that their warranties will remain in effect even if they buy aftermarket parts or patronize independent repairers.
  • Alert dealers to compete fairly: Both companies are being required to direct authorized dealers to remove deceptive display materials, train and monitor employees, and not promote branded parts and dealers over third parties.

The Commission vote to issue the administrative complaints and to accept the consent agreement was 5-0. Chair Lina M. Khan and Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter issued a statement. The FTC will publish a description of the consent agreement package in the Federal Register soon. The agreement will be subject to public comment for 30 days, beginning today and continuing through July 22, 2022, after which the Commission will decide whether to make the proposed consent order final. Instructions for filing comments appear in the published notice. Once processed, comments will be posted on Regulations.gov.

The Federal Trade Commission works to promote competition and protect and educate consumers. Learn more about consumer topics at consumer.ftc.gov, or report fraud, scams, and bad business practices at ReportFraud.ftc.gov. Follow the FTC on social media, read consumer alerts and the business blog, and sign up to get the latest FTC news and alerts.

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Harley-Davidson Releases 2022 G.I. Enthusiast Collection

The Pan America and Tri Glide celebrate America’s armed forces with the 2022 G.I. Enthusiast Collection.

Begin Press Release: 


2022 G.I. Enthusiast Collection Celebrates Service of U.S. Armed Forces Members

MILWAUKEE (June 21, 2022) – Harley-Davidson today introduced its new Enthusiast Collection, an ongoing series of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles featuring special-edition paint created to celebrate the unique backgrounds and special interests of riders within the Harley-Davidson community. Each Enthusiast Collection design will be launched annually, available in limited quantities across a curated selection of motorcycle models.

“The Enthusiast Collection motorcycles are inspired by Harley-Davidson riders and their unique stories,” explained Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO Harley-Davidson. “Harley-Davidson is proud to launch this program with the G.I. Enthusiast Collection, which honors the legacy of Harley-Davidson riders who have served or actively serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.”

To commemorate the launch, two U.S. veterans, Gary Wetzel, and Brian “Amarok” Critton, will be awarded G.I. Enthusiast Collection models. Wetzel is a Medal of Honor recipient for his heroic actions in the Vietnam War after his U.S. Army helicopter was shot down and came under heavy enemy fire. Severely wounded, he continued to fight back and help other injured soldiers. He is an avid Harley-Davidson rider and veteran issues activist. Critton served for a decade in the U.S. Army, including a tour of duty in Iraq, and now is active with veterans service organizations like Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP). In March, he was riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to a Muay Thai meeting in Jacksonville designed to help combat veterans deal with PTSD when he saw smoke billowing from a vehicle involved in a three-vehicle accident that happened moments earlier. His instincts turned into action while others watched as he pulled a woman from the burning car. These two Harley-Davidson riders exemplify the spirit of Harley-Davidson Enthusiasts.

2022 Enthusiast Collection Features

The G.I. Enthusiast Collection is draped in stunning Mineral Green Denim Deluxe paint, an all-new color created specifically for this collection, and completed with service-inspired graphics. The G.I. Enthusiast Collection is available only as factory-installed for the Pan America™ 1250 Special and Tri Glide® Ultra models, in limited quantities primarily for the U.S. market.

“The new Mineral Green Denim Deluxe paint pays homage to the Olive Drab paint used on Harley-Davidson WLA models,” said Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson Vice President of Design. “This color features a metallic effect resulting in a subtle gold highlight, allowing the color travel to be more dramatic and show off the shape of the surfacing.

“The tank graphic celebrates the iconic white five-point star, which was used during WWII on military vehicles,” adds Richards. “The tank graphic also features a stenciled ‘H-D’ and a location of Milwaukee, Wisconsin abbreviated, inspired from the spec tags found on government-issued military equipment. The stenciled approach is a treatment often found on military vehicles as lettering was frequently done in the field. Here we’re calling out the birthplace of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and the original WLA model.”

Pan America™ 1250 Special G.I. (Enthusiast Collection)

A rugged, powerful, technologically advanced motorcycle powered by the liquid-cooled V-Twin Revolution® Max 1250 engine, the Pan America model is designed from the ground up to inspire rider confidence and fuel the spirit of adventure on and off-road. Since its launch in February 2021, the Pan America 1250 Special model is the #1 selling adventure touring motorcycle in North America and was named Best Adventure Bike and Motorcycle of the Year by Motorcycle.com. The Pan America 1250 Special G.I. model will have a U.S. MSRP of $20,799.

  • Mineral Green Denim Deluxe paint
  • Enthusiast Collection logo on front of fairing
  • White Star with H-D graphic on both sides of the fuel tank
  • Mechanical features identical to Pan America 1250 Special model

Tri Glide® Ultra G.I. (Enthusiast Collection)

A long-haul American touring trike, the Tri Glide® Ultra model is designed to go the distance with comfort, torque and style. Features include Tomahawk™ custom wheels, premium Boom!™ Box GTS infotainment system, trunk and King Tour-Pak® luggage carrier, Daymaker® LED headlamp, standard Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson and the Twin Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine. The G.I. Enthusiast Collection Tri Glide Ultra model will have a U.S. MSRP of $38,099

  • Mineral Green Denim Deluxe paint
  • Special graphics
  • Enthusiast Collection and Harley-Davidson on rear of Tour Pak luggage carrier
  • White Star with H-D graphic on tank sides
  • White Star on trunk door
  • Mechanical features identical to Tri Glide Ultra model

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Triumph acquires Electric Motorcycle manufacturer Oset

Oset will now have some serious backing from Triumph. 

Begin Press Release: 


Triumph announces the acquisition of the electric motorcycle manufacturer OSET Bikes, as part of their wider plan of offering a full range of off-road motorcycles and to nurture a new generation of motorcycle riders. 

Ahead of the launch of the Motocross and Enduro range, Triumph Motorcycles takes another exciting step in the off-road world through the acquisition of OSET Bikes, a leader in the world of children’s electric, off-road motorcycles. Started in 2004 by Ian Smith, who wanted to build an electric off-road bike for his son Oliver, OSET has been setting the benchmark in its segment for the past 18 years. OSET has sold more than 40,000 bikes globally that feature their inhouse developed electric powertrains. 

The acquisition of OSET sits within Triumph’s strategy of entering the off-road segment, announced in 2020, and provides both companies with the opportunity to share and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience in their respective segments, enabling both brands to grow internationally in parallel. 

Triumph’s philosophy, For The Ride, played an important role in the acquisition of OSET as it enables the Hinckley-based brand to inspire future generations of riders by providing them with the perfect starting point to develop their passion and dreams. OSET Bikes offers products that are suitable for any rider, starting from 3 years old and upwards. 

“We are excited about the opportunity of joining forces with OSET Bikes: a dynamic brand that has been encouraging children into motorcycling for many years and have been at the forefront of developing electric trials bikes for fun and competition. Whilst the two brands will continue working independently, Triumph and OSET will collaborate on new state-of-the-art products to inspire young riders into off-road riding, across the segments that Triumph and OSET will have a presence in, drawing on their respective strengths to build the best bikes in the world.”  – Nick Bloor, Triumph CEO 

“When we built that first ‘garage’ bike for my son, Oliver, I had no idea that it would lead to this moment. We are all very excited for what the future holds for OSET as part of the Triumph family. The OSET brand will remain as OSET and will continue to serve the trials and off-road motorcycling community. We are now better positioned to develop and innovate across our range, while enjoying the security of scale and market position Triumph can offer OSET” – Ian Smith, OSET Bikes CEO

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J.W. Speaker Introduces The Model 93 5-In-1 Headlight

A cool alternative if you’re looking to switch up your lights.

Begin press release:

J.W. Speaker Corporation has introduced the Model 93 5-in-1 functional, drop-in replacement headlight for buses, RVs, tractors, motorcycles, specialty vehicles, and more. The new LED light replaces standard 90mm headlights and integrates easily into OEM designs — offering 5-in-1 functionality for optimal versatility and cost savings.

“Our customers have been demanding for more functional drop-in lighting options – and the new Model 93  does just that – it sets a new standard for all-in-one convenience and performance,” said Tim Speaker, Co-President at J.W. Speaker. “We’re most excited about how this new light will replace standard lighting. The Model 93 offers an incredible 5-in-1 functionality to enhance vehicle lighting.”

The multi-function Model 93 combines high beam, low beam, front position, turn signal and daytime running light (DRL) performance in a stylish design surrounded by durable die-cast aluminum housing with sealed integrated connector. The LED meets the tough criteria for IP67 and IP69K certification for optimal protection against dust, water and other contaminants. In addition, it’s DOT and ECE compliant, making it the ideal LED for both on- and off-road enthusiasts around the globe.

J.W. Speaker extended versatility to the Model 93’s mounting options. Customers can choose between industry-standard three-point mounting or single or double pedestal mounting brackets that position them at 90° for even more flexibility without compromising the integrity of the beam.

To learn more about the new 5-in-1 Model 93 headlight, visit the Model 93 product page. For the most recent updates on J.W. Speaker, visit www.jwspeaker.com or follow J.W. Speaker on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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Happy 80th, Giacomo Agostini!

You can’t spell GOAT without Giacomo Agostini, who turns 80 today. HBD AGO!!


The 15-time world champion and iconic MV Agusta rider Giacomo Agostini, is celebrating his 80th birthday today.

Varese, June 16, 2022 – The MV Agusta family is delighted to join the entire world of motorcycling sports in congratulating Giacomo Agostini on the day of his 80th birthday.  A living legend of motorcycle racing, “Ago” has inspired many and written some of the most epic pages of the sports history. His name is forever tied to that MV Agusta, and the successes they reached together are still unequalled.

Timur Sardarov, CEO, MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. commented: “On behalf of all of MV Agusta, I’d like to offer Giacomo Agostini our best and most sincere wishes of a happiest 80th birthday. Under our colours he has won more than anyone else will ever win, and he remains for us a role model and a constant inspiration. Thank you, Giacomo, for being “Ago” and for everything you brought and continue to bring to MV Agusta and to the motorcycling world.”


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2022 Distinguished Gentlemans Ride Breaks Record for Funds Raised

Riding for a worthy cause and looking good while doing it. 

Begin Press Release: 


On May 22nd, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride took place around the world, breaking all previous fundraising records 

On May 22nd, 2022, after two years of social distancing and solo riding, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride took place worldwide in its pre-covid format, breaking all previous editions’ fundraising records. On Sunday 5th June, when the fundraising closed, a new global fundraising record for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was established: 93,456 riders in 802 cities, spread across 104 countries, dressed dapper and rode their classic motorcycles raising close to $6M USD to support prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. 

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride LA

Contributing to this record-breaking year, was an incredible participation and fundraising effort from riders in North America. In the United States and Canada, 14,233 riders from 183 cities raised almost $2.5 million USD. This represents over one third of the donations globally. 

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Vietnam

Compared to the last pre-covid edition in 2019, the 2022 DGR has raised 4% more, and compared to last year’s event, the fundraising figure is 47% higher. Since its first edition in 2012, the event has gathered more than 400,000 riders of vintage and classic styled motorcycles from 114 countries around the world and raised more than $37 million USD for men’s health. 

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride New Zealand

Triumph has been proudly supporting The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for the last nine editions and for 2022 Triumph and Gibson Guitars have joined forces to provide the incredible prizes, among which a one-off T120 Gibson edition that will be assigned to the highest fundraiser, together with a Triumph-customized 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue. 

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride NYC

Next year’s edition will mark the 10th anniversary of Triumph supporting The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride as the main partner and sponsor, and for the occasion Triumph and DGR fans will have something stunning coming their way. 

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Japan

Paul Stroud – Triumph Chief Commercial Officer: “It is such an honor to be supporting The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and contribute towards this year’s incredible result, supporting prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. Next year will mark Triumph’s 10th anniversary as DGR main sponsor and we are working on something incredibly special to celebrate that milestone.” 

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride South Africa

Mark Hawwa – DGR Founder “What an incredible return to group riding! There really is nothing better than seeing tens-of-thousands of gentlefolk smiling and waving their way through city streets, in support of prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. It’s something we have missed dearly over the last two years. Our community returned with vigor this year with the top 3 global fundraisers raising more than any previous year, which we have been proud to reward with the support of our global partner, Triumph Motorcycles. The next year will be one to watch, as we celebrate 10 years together with Triumph Motorcycles in spectacularly sartorial style!” 

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Indian Supports Veterans Charity Ride with Three Multi-Day Motorcycle Therapy Events

Indian Motorcycle is continuing its support for the Veterans Charity Ride, sponsoring a program that helps wounded and amputee combat veterans transition back to civilian life.

The 2022 program will feature three motorcycle therapy events, June 10-19 in Moab, Utah and Durango, Colo., Aug. 20-30 in Moab, and Oct. 10-18 in Moab and Park City, Utah.


Veteran Non-Profit Organization Uses Motorcycle Therapy to Rehabilitate & Support Veterans Returning from Combat

2022 Program Expands with Three Multi-Day Motorcycle Therapy Events

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – June 2, 2022 Indian Motorcycle®, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today announced its support and sponsorship of the eighth annual Veterans Charity Ride (VCR).

As a veteran-led non-profit organization, VCR utilizes motorcycle therapy and additional life-changing programs to support wounded and amputee combat veterans.

The 2022 VCR program will introduce an entirely new program structure, as the organization will host 10-12 new and returning veterans at three different multi-day motorcycle therapy events. Many veterans attending are amputees, paraplegics, suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress or other challenges veterans face after leaving the military. Each new veteran will pair with mentors who have already been through VCR’s motorcycle therapy program and receive one-on-one support to help their transition back to civilian life.

“Through seven years, the growth and expansion of the Veterans Charity Ride has been an incredible feat. We are proud to say we have touched the lives of more than 150 veterans,” Dave Frey, Veterans Charity Ride Founder. “With a growing number of returning veterans still in need of VCR programming, we’re excited to expand and host three multi-day motorcycle therapy events. In this new format, we will reach and support the most veterans in a single year than ever before. All this could not be achievable without the support from Indian Motorcycle and all our loyal sponsors.”

The first of three motorcycle therapy events will be held in Moab, UT and Durango, CO from June 10-19. The second will take place in Moab, UT, August 20-30. The third event, held October 10-18, will begin in Park City, UT and end in Moab, UT. Each event allows participating veterans the opportunity to push towards conquering their post-war challenges while out on the open road. Throughout the trip, veterans will also conduct team-building exercises, which allow riders to share their service experience during the emotional and mind-detoxing motorcycle therapy event.

“It’s been a true honor to support such a life-changing program such as the Veterans Charity Ride,” said Aaron Jax, Vice President for Indian Motorcycle. “VCR’s growth is a testament to Dave and Sue Frey, as they’ve made it their mission to positively impact the lives of the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country.”

Veterans Charity Ride was created by veteran Army Paratrooper Dave Frey and leverages the therapeutic effects of motorcycle riding to create an adventure of a lifetime for wounded and amputee combat veterans adjusting to post-war life.

To support Veterans Charity Ride, donate, or to learn more visit IndianMotorcycle.com and VeteransCharityRide.org. Riders can also follow along on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as Veterans Charity Ride’s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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You Know Ride to Work Day is coming up again, dont you?

How could you not? If you’re lucky enough to have a job that you can ride to, that is. For more than a bunch of years now, RTW day is observed on the third Monday in June – this year, that would be the 20th. What’s it all about anyway?


RTW says: World-wide, more than an estimated million riders become two-wheeled commuters to demonstrate riding as a fun and practical form of utility transportation.

“Motorcycles and scooters take up less space in parking areas and on roads. And there’s a lower footprint. Riders seek recognition for this form of personal mobility, and government and public awareness of the many benefits,” states Andy Goldfine, an event organizer. Over 100 American cities formally recognize Ride to Work Day by proclamation, and rider’s clubs around the world encourage their members to participate in this annual demonstration.

According to the Ride to Work non-profit organization, for hundreds of thousands of US workers, riding is a socially beneficial form of transportation which provides a broad range of other public benefits. According to the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Transportation, over eighty million cars and light trucks are used every day for commuting, and only about 200,000 motorcycles and scooters are a regular part of this mix. On June 20th, the practical side of motorcycling and scootering becomes more visible as a higher percentage of America’s 8,000,000 cycles and scooters replace automobiles.



Ride to Work Day was inspired by “Work to Ride – Ride to Work‘” marketing materials created between 1989 and 1991 by the Aero Design and Manufacturing Company, a Minnesota based manufacturer of motorcycle riders clothing. In 1992 these items inspired motorcycle magazine editor Fred Rau to write an editorial calling for a national ride to work day.

The first annual Ride to Work Day event was proposed in Road Rider magazine (now titled Motorcycle Consumer News) in the May 1992 issue. This is an excerpt from that “Ride to Work” editorial:

“You may remember several months ago when Bob Carpenter, commenting in his ‘Two Up’ column, mentioned how neat he thought it would be if there was one day a year when everyone who owned a motorcycle used it to ride to work. That comment was prompted by a T-shirt produced by Aerostich RiderWear that simply said, ‘Work To Ride, Ride To Work.’ Everyone seemed to think that a national ‘Ride To Work’ day was one heck of a good idea.”

The first Ride to Work Day event date was July 22, 1992. For several years various motorcycle businesses informally promoted every third Wednesday in July as Ride To Work Day. These early advocates included Road Rider Magazine, Dunlop Tires, and Aerostich/Riderwearhouse. The event continued to grow as an informal grass roots demonstration every year until 2000. That year a non-profit organization, Ride to Work was formed to help organize and promote Ride to Work Day. The first Ride to Work Day event led by this group was the third Wednesday in July of 2001. This day was the annual day until 2008, when it was changed to the Third Monday In June. This change was made to climatically better accommodate riders world-wide, and to give more riders an opportunity to participate.

Ride to Work is a 501 c4 nonprofit, all-volunteer effort. Organizers include Andy Goldfine and Lynn Wisneski.

Plenty more info and MERCHANDISE to be found here.


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Cardo Systems Expands North American Distribution

Canadians, rejoice!

Begin Press Release: 


Motovan Partnership Continues Cardo’s Growth Across the Americas; Supports Global Expansion Strategy

 Plano, TX (June 1st, 2022) Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication systems for powersports riders, today announced a strategic partnership with Motovan – advancing its growth across the Americas and supporting its overall global expansion strategy. As a leading Canadian powersports distributor, Motovan will distribute Cardo’s diverse lineup of wireless helmet communication systems and accessories throughout the Canadian market.

Driven by passion and innovation, Motovan has been a trusted Canadian distributor for the powersports industry for more than 40 years. With the partnership, Motovan will provide additional retail distribution coverage throughout Canada – with an emphasis on expanding Cardo’s reach across Eastern Canada. Motovan joins Cardo’s Canadian distributors – each playing a significant role in supporting Cardo as the industry leader in powersports communication.

“Over the last several years, we’ve made a number of strategic business moves that have all laddered up to our global growth strategy, including hiring industry professionals and executives who have spearheaded our expansion efforts across the Americas,” said Guy Weinberg, General Manager of Cardo Americas. “Motovan is a great addition to our existing Canadian partners, allowing us to expand our footprint in the Canadian powersports market.”

“Motovan is extremely excited to represent Cardo in the Canadian powersports market.” Mike Paladino, VP Motovan. “Cardo is very much in line with our strategy of offering our dealers premium products that are constantly evolving; our sales team and staff are looking forward to servicing our valued dealers with Cardo communication systems”

Cardo Systems specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art communication and entertainment systems for powersports helmets. Since pioneering the world’s first Bluetooth helmet communicator in 2004, Cardo has continued to drive innovation and blaze new trails for powersports communication. In fact, the vast majority of innovations for Bluetooth motorcycle communication systems were first introduced by Cardo, including the world’s first built-in radio, first rider-to-rider intercom, first mesh intercom, and several more.

About Cardo Systems

Cardo specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art wireless communication and entertainment systems for motorcycle riders. Since inception in 2004, Cardo has pioneered the vast majority of innovations for Bluetooth motorcycle communication systems and in 2015, it has also introduced the world’s first mesh powered communication protocol into the motorcycle market. The company’s products, now available in over 100 countries, are the world’s leading communication devices for the motorcycle industry.

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Klim Releases 2022 Off-Road Gear

Bold new graphics for Klim’s 2022 off-road collection. 

Begin Press Release: 


KLIM is continuing their legacy of rugged, technical off-road apparel with redesigned Mojave gear and new XC Lite and Dakar series colors. Engineered through testing in the Rocky Mountains, the deserts and race courses, this gear offers durability and functionality that riders have grown to trust.

As the riding and racing season heats up, KLIM is proud to help out competitive riders with their Racer Support Program, which re-opens July 1, 2022. Off-road racers with at least a year of experience are encouraged to apply for gear support in their race efforts. The program is meant to help ease the financial burden of racing for privateers who meet the qualifications of the program.

klim xc lite

KLIM off-road gear is equipment designed specifically to give riders the tools they need to have the best experience possible, no matter the conditions. To achieve that goal, these sets of off-road gear all feature unique material layouts for different levels of mobility, ventilation and durability.

The Dakar series gear is a blend of durability and airflow, featuring massive adjustable vents on the pant legs in addition to multiple stretch panels, leather overlays, and heavy duty 840D Cordura® in key areas. The Dakar Jersey features tough sleeves, vented sides, a zippered sleeve pocket and a lightweight body, and is equally focused on durability while still maintaining good airflow for off-road riding.

The redesigned Mojave series pushes the balance towards airflow while maintaining durability, with pants featuring new highly durable Karbonite Mesh also found in KLIM’s Induction series of street motorcycle gear. Light colors reduce heat absorption in sunlight. Other key materials and a pair of pockets are shared with the Dakar Pant. The redesigned Mojave Jersey features a more open mesh body material for more airflow, while upgrading to the same durable sleeve material found in the Dakar Jersey.

Topping the charts for mobility is the XC Lite series for men and women. Engineered with the aggressive trail rider and racer in mind, the XC Lite series puts extra focus on comfort in extremely demanding conditions, where airflow, moisture-wicking materials and highly flexible fabrics can make or break the experience. Still, durability isn’t pushed aside with leather overlays and durable fabrics in high wear areas.

Wherever you ride, and whatever you ride, KLIM has your entire season of trail riding, racing and dual-sport riding covered. Privateers and amateur racers alike are also encouraged to apply for the KLIM Racer Support Program when it opens on July 1, 2022.

For more information visit KLIM.com


COLORS: Potter’s Clay, Vivid Blue, Striking Petrol, Redrock, Black


Jersey MSRP $79.99

ITB Pants MSRP $219.99

Pants MSRP $249.99


COLORS: Striking Petrol, Peyote Desert, Electric Blue, Gray


Jersey MSRP $69.99

ITB Pants MSRP $209.99

Pants MSRP $239.99


COLORS: Shattered Purple, Shattered Petrol


Jersey MSRP $49.99

Pants MSRP $149.99


COLORS: Yellow Gold, Digital Chaos Red, Digital Chaos Orange, Digital Chaos Blue, Black Gold


Jersey MSRP $49.99

Pants MSRP $149.90

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