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Tamworth hosts National Thunder Rally

Australia’s country music capital, Tamworth, will host a National Thunder Motorcycle Rally in October 2020 based on the successful 2015 National HOG Rally, but open to all “breeds” of motorcycle.

The event will be held from Friday to Monday 2-5 October 2020 at the state-of-the-art Australian Equine & Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) which also hosted the 2015 HOG Rally.

Organisers expect to attract thousands of riders descending for the long weekend of motorbikes, food and music.

And not just country music … there are several tribute shows to rock legends including AC/DC, Jimmy Barnes, Creedence and more.

Another highlight will be a show especially produced for the rally featuring real horses and “iron horses” similar to the spectacular staged for the HOG Rally.

National HOG rally to return in 2019Tamworth HOG rally

Other highlights include motorcycle and car displays, traders, guided rides around the district, more than 24 hours of entertainment and the giant Thunder Run through the streets of Tamworth.

Thunder Run HOIG Raly

Tickets are now available online.

The National Thunder Motorcycle Rally registration fee is $149 per person which includes all entertainment over the four days, a commemorative patch and t-shirt, rides and $50 raffle ticket.

Day passes may also be available closer to the event for those who can’t make the four days.

Tamworth hostsHarley HOG Rally Tamworth

The 2015 HOG Rally was a success mainly because of Tamworth, its welcoming people, great attractions, quality facilities and tourist orientation

It’s a great central location for riders all over NSW and eastern states.

There are also some terrific roads to get there and to explore while at the rally.

2015 HOG Rally - street 500Touring the Tamworth region

Because Tamworth hosts the annual Country Music Festival they have plenty of accommodation choices including camping at ALEC for as little as $21.94 a night

There are plenty of tourist attractions too. Apart from the iconic Big Golden Guitar and associated country music museum, there is also the popular Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum.

Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum in TamworthPowerhouse Motorcycle Museum

The HOG rally was held in February which was pretty hot, but October should be more accommodating with usually dry conditions and maximums in the mid-20s.

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GOMA exhibit celebrates motorcycles

We all know motorcycles are works of art and now that is being recognised with a special exhibition in Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) later this year.

The Motorcycle: Design: Art, Desire exhibit will be a “one-off, world exclusive” at GOMA from 28 November 2020 to 26 April 2021.

It will include more than 100 motorcycles from the 1860s to the present day, drawn from private and public collections across the globe. 

Antipodean highlights will be a Brisbane-designed and built 1906 Spencer and the Kiwi-designed 1991 Britten V1000.

work of artBritten Motorcycle Company Ltd, Christchurch, 1991 Britten V1000 purchased 1995 with New Zealand Lottery Grants Board funds (Collection: Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa)

GOMA exhibit

work of art1922 German Megola 640cc touring model (© Bonhams Auctioneers)

The GOMA exhibit has been curated by American physicist Professor Charles M. Falco and US filmmaker Ultan Guilfoyle in collaboration with GOMA. 

They were co-curators of the landmark 1998 Guggenheim Museum exhibition in New York, ‘The Art of the Motorcycle’ that ran for three months.

It was subsequently seen in Chicago, Bilbao, Spain, and Las Vegas, with a total attendance of more than two million people.

GOMA director Chris SainesGOMA director Chris Saines

At the launch in Brisbane today Prof Falco described himself as a passionate motorcyclist who had his first motorcycle at 15, his first crash at 15.5 and last year rode a 90-year-old motorcycle across the USA.

“For a sustainable future, the world needs motorcycles fr personal transportation,” he says.

Hi co0curator says motorcycles are an example of how “design drives everything”.

GOMA director Chris Saines says the exhibit will include the earliest 19th century steam-powered motorcycle, right through to electric motorcycles and future designs.

work of art1930 Majestic 349cc (Photographer: Olivier de Vaulx)

“Over its 150-year history, the motorcycle has undergone extraordinary reinvention, from steam power, to petrol-fuelled internal combustion engines to battery, and from humble backyard creations to custom-made, high-tech chrome speed machines,” Chris says.

work of art1869 Michaux-Perreaux steam-velocipede, collection du musee du domaine departmental. (Photograph: Olivier Ravoire)

“More than just a means of transport, the motorcycle is a design object, with forms and styles that reflect innumerable cultural and societal influences.”

The exhibit will include bikes, films and interactive displays to appeal to “anyone curious about social history, popular culture, design and technology”.

Tickets are available now on the GOMA website.

GOMA marketing head Bronwyn Klepp says they are looking at extending motorcycle parking opportunities around the centre at least for the duration of the exhibit.

Goma parkingGOMA parking?

Electric exhibit

Meanwhile, Melbourne will host Australia’s largest collection of electric cars, motorcycles ands scooters this October at the annual Electric Vehicle Expo.

The Electric Vehicle Expo, hosted by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA), will have more than 100 EVs, from high-end Teslas through to electric bikes and scooters, on display at Flemington Showgrounds on 9 October 2020.

They expects more than 10,000 visitors who will be able to test drive some of the vehicles.

AEVA National President Chris Nash says electric vehicles had “a huge jump in popularity in the past year”.

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Second Fire Aid Ride planned for April

The inaugural Fire Aid Ride last Sunday (23 February 2020) has been labelled a success, attracting more than 600 riders and pillions.

Now organisers are focussing on the second event in what they hope will be a series of charity rides to encourage riders out into bushfire-ravaged communities to spend their tourist dollars and help the communities recover.

Fire Aid RideAll photos: Nick James Fraser

A spokesperson says the second Fire Aid Ride is scheduled for 25 April from the Royal National Park to the Shoalhaven area.

There is no schedule for the whole year yet, but “more will be added to the calendar in no time”, she says.

There is no fee to join a Fire Aid Ride but riders are asked to spend their money locally and donate to the Fire Aid Ride GoFundMe page.

Click here for more details on how riders can help various bushfire appeals.

Our main suggestion is to just get out and ride to these areas and buy local fuel, food, accommodation and supplies.

Inaugural Fire Aid RideFire Aid Ride

Riders on the first Fire Aid Ride ride gathered in Windsor in support of the rural Aussie town of Putty which had been devastated by the recent bushfire crisis.

The charity rides were founded by Sydney rider Jimmy Woodriff with help from Mark Hawwa’s The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride team.

“It was amazing to have so many people join us and support those in Putty who have been significantly impacted by the recent fires,” Jimmy says.

“Riding straight north from Windsor, it’s definitely overwhelming to see the devastation on each side of the road for kilometres on end.

Fire Aid RideJimmy addresses the riders

“The Upper Colo RFS were on the roadside to greet us halfway with lights flashing and kids waving, which put a smile on everyone’s faces. We had huge lines buying coffee, food, fuel and beers right through the area.”

Starting at the Macquarie Park Boathouse Cafe, the group ride made recommended pit stops at the Colo Riverside Cafe and Colo Heights Caltex along the route from Windsor, towards their final destination at The Grey Gum International Cafe in Putty.Fire Aid Ride

Jimmy says that with the big turn-out of riders, both venues at the start and end of the ride nearly ran out of food.

While fundraising wasn’t the focus of the event, many attendees still donated to the Putty, Howes Valley and Upper Colo RFS.

“Enough money was raised to assist the Howes Valley RFS in upgrading their station to make it a more suitable space for the firefighters to meet, recuperate and work,” Jimmy says.Fire Aid Ride

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Morbidelli collection finally goes to auction

A collection of motorcycles gathered over 40 years by motorcycle manufacturer and Grand Prix boss Giancarlo Morbidelli will be offered for sale at auction on 25-26 April 2020.

The collection was to be sold at the annual Bonhams Autumn Stafford Sale on 18-20 October 2019.

However, the auction was postponed due to a delay in the administrative process concerning the export of the machines.

“All necessary export licences for motorcycles have been requested by Bonhams in accordance with Italian law,” a Bonhams spokeswoman says.

With more than 300 motorcycles, the Morbidelli Collection from Pesaro, Italy, will be the largest single private collection of motorcycles yet offered by Bonhams.

“He spent day and night in the museum,” says his son Guianni. “He had no other life.”

Nieto Morbidelli collection for saleGiancarlo Morbidelli and a Morbidelli V8

Giancarlo’s collection includes international brands such as Harley-Davidson, Honda and Benelli ranging from immaculate restorations to prototypes and barn finds.

They represent the passion of the farmer’s son and former woodworking machinist who, while building up a successful engineering firm as his day job, spent his spare time on tuning, racing and later building his own motorcycles. 

Morbidelli highlights

Two examples from the Morbidelli Grand Prix racing motorcycle collection, largely designed and built by Giancarlo, were fabricated by a small, dedicated team in a corner of the Morbidelli woodworking factory. 

These proved to be ‘giant killers’ seeing off international corporations to claim the 125cc Grand Prix World Championship in three consecutive years: 1975, ‘76 and ‘77, as well as winning the 250cc world title in 1977. 

“He was a genius with bikes,” says Gianni.

“He did everything by himself, working in a very small room. 

“Forty years ago, he laid the foundation of this incredible museum, spending a lot of effort, time, energy and money. 

“One part of the museum is dedicated to the period between the end of the 1960s to the 1980s when he built racing motorcycles. It’s our family heritage, a part of our life, but we thought it would be correct to include in the sale two Morbidelli motorcycles that my father built.”

The 1974 Morbidelli 125cc Grand Prix motorcycle is estimated to fetch up to £120,000 ($A214,500).

Nieto Morbidelli collection for sale1974 Morbidelli 125

It was raced by the great Angel Nieto to second place in that year’s Spanish and German Grand Prix.

A 250cc machine designed for 15-time Grand Prix world champion Giacomo Agostini, who rode for the team during its golden period in 1976, and came second at Misano is estimated to fetch up £100,000 ($A179,000).

Nieto Morbidelli collection for saleAgostini’s 1976 Moridelli 250

However, the Morbidelli family will retain ownership of the majority of the Morbidelli Grand Prix motorcycles, including the world championship winning 125cc and 250cc examples, raced respectively by Paoli Pileri, Pierpaolo Bianchi and Lego Mario.

Benelli features

Nieto Morbidelli collection for sale1942 Benelli 250 GP supercharged

Not surprisingly, the Morbidelli Museum collection in the sale features a strong showing of Benelli motorcycles which were also a great passion of Giancarlo, coming from Pesaro, where this great historic brand was also founded.  

One of the most interesting examples of the marque on offer is the 1942 250cc supercharged 4-cylinder example that could fetch more than £600,000 ($A1m).

This racing machine never actually raced. It was built just in time for motorcycle racing to be stopped due to the war, while supercharging was banned by the FIM in post-war years.

Giancarlo had a personal relationship and friendship with the Benelli family and so was able to procure the original parts which he rebuilt into a fully-functioning motorcycle.

Other Benellis to be offered include:Nieto Morbidelli collection for sale

  • 1950 Benelli 250cc Grand Prix racing motorcycle – the world championship motorcycle ridden to victory by Dario Ambrosini. Estimate £120,000 – 180,000.
  • 1934 Benelli 175cc Bialbero – believed raced by Dorino Serafini, one of only three in the world. Estimate £40,000 – 60,000.
  • 1964 Benelli 250 Grand Prix racing motorcycle, ridden and signed by two-time world champion Tarquino Provini. Estimate £80,000 – 120,000.

Ducati jewel

Nieto Morbidelli collection for sale1964 Ducati 125cc

Another jewel of the Morbidelli Collection is the 1964 Ducati 125cc 4-cylinder Grand Prix racing motorcycle, (estimate £400,000 – 600,000), another GP racing machine which never raced. Created by Fabio Taglioni, Ducati’s chief engineer, this motorcycle disappeared for some years before its engine was found in Russia while its chassis reappeared in Yugoslavia, now Croatia. With the two essential components reunited, Giancarlo rebuilt the mythical motorcycle.

Alongside the pristine restorations, there are several unfinished projects in the sale, offering the opportunity to restore these machines as Giancarlo was hoping to.

The collection also comprises motorcycling memorabilia including Giancarlo’s own reference library, original drawings, trophies, signage and other artefacts, giving a complete picture of the museum and the motorcycling world.  Nieto Morbidelli collection for sale

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Inaugural Fire Aid Ride series kickstarts

The free Fire Aid Ride this Sunday (23 February 2020) will be the first in a series of rides every two months for the rest of the year to draw visitors to towns that have been drastically affected by the recent bushfires.

There is no fee to join the ride but riders are asked to spend their money locally and to donate to the Fire Aid Ride GoFundMe page.

Click here for more details on how riders can help various bushfire appeals.

Inaugural Fire Aid RideFire Aid Ride

The first ride this Sunday takes off from Macquarie Park, Windsor, in Sydney’s northwest from 9am and heads along the Putty Rd to the popular motorcycle stop, Grey Gum Cafe.

Donations will go to the Putty Rural Fire Service and local businesses.

Among the riders will be TV and radio presenter Osher Gunsberg, radio presenter Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones and designer and TV presenter Barry Du Bois.

Yamaha Australia will provide a recovery vehicle and mechanic.

Local charities, farmers, vendors and makers will establish a mini-market at the cafe. 

There will also be live music, ‘Buy a Firefighter a Beer Bar’, food from local vendors and riders can buy a special event patch.

While the Grey Gum Cafe escaped damage, owners Kim and Will worked tirelessly preparing up to 80 meals a night to keep firefighters fed

A GoFundMe page was started in November to help the cafe cover costs. It raised more than $20,000 of a $5000 goal!

Fire Aid Ride seriesFire Aid Ride

No dates or locations have yet been organised for the other rides in the Fire Aid Ride series, but stay tuned for details. 

The events are being organised by Sydney rider Jimmy Woodriff with the help of Mark Hawwa who established the now-famous The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

There are no administrative costs with the full amount of funds raised going toward local firefighter services and businesses. 

The Fire Aid Ride series is not designed as a fundraiser, but to encourage tourism to fire-affected areas.

“There’s not a lot of people in Australia who haven’t been impacted by these fires,” says Jimmy.

“Now that the fire threat has eased there’s a real economic, social and psychological danger to people in affected areas, giving back should be our focus.

“Going to meet people, saying g’day, spending money with them or just rumbling through towns on a bunch of cool bikes and being present tells our regional communities that we care, that they’re not alone.

“We’re planning to visit and bring more cash, bikes and smiles to other areas of NSW every two months to help stimulate these shattered local economies.”

Organisers hope riders will spend their money with local businesses such as petrol stations, cafes, accommodation venues, and shops.

There are several bushfire charity rides in other states that you can attend. Check your liked Facebook pages.

Or simply go for a ride with your mates.

Fire Aid Ride

Fire Aid Ride

  • When: Sunday, 23 February 2020
  • Time: 9am until 3pm
  • Where: Meet at Macquarie Park, Windsor; End at The Grey Gum International Cafe, Putty.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

MotoGP 2020: What’s in store?

(MotoGP 2020 by Charlotte Hallam*)

The MotoGP 2020 season is set to excite us once again in its latest season which starts in March. A total of 20 Grand Prix races will be held under the MotoGP calendar and riders and followers of the sport would be gearing up for the new season.

MotoGP action starts on 8 March 2020 at the Losail International Circuit. The season ends on 15 November at the Comunitat Valenciana-Ricardo Tormo, Spain.

Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso are the usual suspects to finish near the top come the end of the season.

Betting enthusiasts can now get the latest odds, news and tips on the biggest grand prix races by visiting the linked-to page.

Such portals help you keep a check on all the races and avail the best rewards from the comfort of your home.

Marc Marquez to impress despite injuries

Marc Marquez has established himself as one of the best riders on the grid winning multiple championships over the last decade.

He looks set to add to his trophy cabinet this year. However, he would be looking to recover from his fall in the Sepang MotoGP pre-season as he fell twice and finished 13th on the combined time across the three days.

Marquez had surgery on his right shoulder in the off season and would be looking to get over the recent falls as soon as possible. Luckily, Marc managed to avoid any major injuries.

Fabio Quartararo to shine

Fabio Quartararo finished the Sepang MotoGP pre-season at the top. He recorded the fastest lap on each of the three days in the pre-season at the Sepang test circuit in Malaysia.

The Yamaha rider is one of the brightest talents in the sport and he even managed to record a best lap time of 1 minute, 58.349 seconds in his 17th lap. He managed to pull an impressive 57 laps on the track’s final day.

Jorge Lorenzo back in action

The former world champion Jorge Lorenzo is set to grace the MotoGP once again after Yamaha announced that Lorenzo would be their number one test driver in 2020.

The former world champion had announced his retirement just a couple of months ago and the news has come as a welcome surprise for his fans.

After a turbulent season with Honda, he had called it quits at the end of the 2019 season. He has spent nine seasons with Yamaha Motor Racing and would look to impress fans and rivals alike.

The Spaniard would look to add to his three world championship titles that he won with Yamaha. He last raced for Yamaha in Valencia 2017.

Lorenzo has a lot of fans all over the world and Valentino Rossi is one of them. Rossi has revealed that he forced Yamaha to bring back the former world champion Lorenzo back to Yamaha as a test rider.

The two have shared a cold relationship in the past but all seems forgotten as Rossi has stated that Lorenzo would be a perfect addition to the team.

* About the author’s: Charlotte Hallam is a freelance writer specialising in topics such casino and sports betting. She’s 30 years old and lives in Manchester (UK).

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Inaugural ride to save greyhounds

Dog-loving motorcyclists are invited to join the inaugural ride to raise funds for Gumtree Greys who rescue, foster and find homes for ex-racing greyhounds.

The ride is being organised by dog-and-Triumph-loving Annie Hendley who owns two greyhounds, one from Gumtree Greys, and also owns two Triumphs, a Bonneville T120 and Scrambler XE 1200.

The ride will be held on 29 March 2020 and led by another dog-loving rider, Tex O’Grady and his new canine riding companion Rebel, who replaced the now-retired and famous Bundy.

Bundy and Rebel retireTex with Rebel and Bundy

It will start at the Bearded Dragon Hotel, Tamborine with brekky from 8am and the ride from 9.30am.

Registration is $20 per bike.

The ride finishes at Advancetown Hotel about noon where riders will be entertained with live music, raffles run by Ash from Rebel FM and lunch.

Annie Hendley Motorcycle Ride for Gumtree Greys Rescue greyhoundsAnnie and her bikes

Of course there will be several cute greyhounds from Gumtree Greys to meet and pat.

“This is the first time this has been done, although I would like to make it an annual event,” Annie says.

“At the moment 73 have clicked ‘Going’ and 351 and clicked ‘Interested’.

“Also Vespa Club Brisbane have said they will support the ride and Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Gold Coast.”

Greyhounds in dangerAnnie Hendley Motorcycle Ride for Gumtree Greys Rescue greyhounds

Gumtree Greys says thousands of greyhounds are destroyed every year in Australia.

They try to find permanent and temporary carers for the dog which they say are “gentle, loving dogs that require minimal exercise”.

“Greyhounds make the most wonderful pets for families, couples, singles, the elderly.”

Gumtree Greys rely solely on donations. The majority of their costs are vet work, medications, kennelling and due to our regional/country area work, transport.

If you can’t make the ride, click here to donate.

Ride info

What: Motorcycle Ride for Gumtree Greys Rescue

Where: Breaded Dragon, Tamborine

When: from 8am, 29 March 2020

How much: $20 rego per bike

What for: to save greyhounds

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Head-on crash leads to Careflight rally

Without CareFlight, Tracy Jackson might not be here, so now she and husband Todd are paying back with the inaugural Roll On In Rally at Jindabyne, NSW, next month.

The Snowy Mountains rally on 13-15 March 2020 will be two years since Tracy was involved in a head-on crash with a distracted driver on the NSW Central Coast.

“She was on the roadside for an hour while the paramedics tried to stabilise her; I think she took seven units of blood,” says Todd.

CareFlight to rescue

Todd and Tracy Jackson raise funds for Careflight with Roll On In Rally in JindabyneTracy’s wrecked Harley

“Careflight were called and flew her to Royal North Shore. After eight long hours of surgery the surgeon came out and told me they had saved her life. We would know about the leg in the next week or so. The list of injuries Tracy suffered is long.”

After 10 surgeries, Tracy is still in rehab and yet to return to work but that hasn’t stopped her desire to give back to CareFlight through the rally.

“We are raising funds for CareFlight, by using silent auctions, show ’n’ shine entry fees and we have CareFlight attending selling merch and taking donations,” Todd says.

Tracy says the first person who stopped and helped save her life on that day had completed a MediSim course with CareFlight.

“It was this training that put me in a position to be here today to talk about and help raise awareness of the amazing work CareFlight do and the effectiveness the MediSim training program has in situ when needed,” Tracy says.

Rally for all riders

Todd and Tracy Jackson raise funds for Careflight with Roll On In Rally in JindabyneMagnificent riding in the Snowy Mts

The rally is designed for riders on all types of motorcycles to explore the picturesque region and also give back to local communities hit by recent and ongoing bushfires.

Todd confirms the Snowy Mountains event will go ahead, despite bushfires. Click here to read our bushfire survival guide for riders.

“If the fires are still around there may be a few roads that are not accessible, but there are great roads down there, so we will still be spoilt for choice,” Todd says.

“At this stage, road conditions and closures change week to week.

“Last weekend was pretty nasty, but things seem to be mildly better.”

Tickets and accom

The event is being held 4km out of Jindabyne, at the Station Resort with more than 1000 beds, bar, restaurant, etc.

Tickets to the event which includes live music are $49 and do not include accommodation.

Riders who book accommodation from $109 a night at the Station Resort can get a special rally deal that also includes a welcome barbecue and house drink on Friday night, breakfast and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.    

There is no camping at the resort, but there are plenty of accommodation alternatives in Jindabyne.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Indian Motorcycle rally eyes world record

A planned rally in the NSW outback this May hopes to break the world record for the most Indian motorcycle riders at one event, set in the USA with 651 bikes.

Organiser Chris Keeble says they already have more than 280 registrations for the rally on Saturday, 9 May 2020, at Silverton, the site of Australia’s only museum dedicated to Mad Max 2.

Click here to register.

Indian Motorcycle company support

Chris says the rally will not be affected by Indian Motorcyle Australia’s shock decision this month to close its company owned stores in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and seek independent dealers.

“I understand why they are doing it and there are some positives to this new model of independents,” says Chris who rides a 2017 Vintage Chief called Calamity Jane.

Chris Keeble and her Indian Chief Vintage Calamity JaneChris and Calamity Jane

“Many independent dealerships are working really well such as in Tamworth and Wollongong, so it can work.

“But I’ll miss the signature dealerships — they were great to visit — and now I need to find someone to service my bike.”

She says Indian has been supportive of the rally and supplied access to their customer data base to alert owners to the event.

“They are also shouting all registered riders to a free barbecue breaky on Saturday morning put on by the Lions club,” she says.

“The company have been great to deal with. The previous management team were all supportive and from what I gather so is the new team. I’m yet to meet the new head guys.”

Breaky will be followed by a parade through the town. There are no other formal festivities organised.

Record attempt

Chris Keeble and her Indian Chief Vintage Calamity JaneChris

Chris says the parade and rally will be the first Indian-only event in the Southern Hemisphere.

“The world record would be icing on the cake,” she says.

“We have riders from all over Australia gathering in one iconic Aussie location to meet fellow enthusiasts who share a passion for the Indian Motorcycle brand.

“This is about camaraderie and community, just as much as making and breaking records.”

Indian Motorcycle Chris Keeble SilvertonChris is welcomed by a local Silverton dog

She says Silverton, which is only 15 minutes west of Broken Hill, was chosen as an “historical Aussie backdrop” with a “good infrastructure of hotels and eateries”.

“If it isn’t on your bucket list to visit, it should be, and this event will tick a few boxes for many folk.

“Plus, it is taking traffic out to the country regions that need support for both morale and the economy. Short of doing a rain dance, country Australia and locals are very appreciative of these events.”

The event now has the sultry catch phrase of “C U N Silvo”.

Chris hopes the event will become annual.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Riding course free for returned riders

Returned and mature-aged riders are invited to attend a free Back on Your Bike riding course based in Newcastle.

The course on Friday 14 February 2020 is the idea of local rider Chris Tola who ran a similar course in 2015 which was a finalist in the National ACSR Road Safety Awards.

Last year Chris noticed there was funding available in the NSW Community Road Safety Grants to run safety focussed events, so he wrote up an application and was granted $4500.

“So, with the help of friends and family, we’re staging Back on your Bike 2020,” Chris says.

“We’re hoping for around 60 attendees.”

Some quote statistics that show returned riders have the highest proportion of representation in motorcycle crash statistics.

However, Australian Motorcycle Council secretary John Eacott disputes the figures.

He says returned riders are not the major safety risk they have been labelled and is concerned that road safety initiatives are directed to the wrong group.

This Newcastle course is also open to those thinking of becoming a rider.Riding course free for returned riders

Free course

The free one-day Back on Your Bike course is based in Newcastle, but open to any riders who can get their by 8am on the day.

It consists of five sessions focussed on creating greater awareness in road safety, active conversations in best practice motorcycle riding and the sharing of experiences.

There will also be a motorcycle display by Brisan Motorcycles of Newcastle and a short ride to Grahamstown Dam for lunch.

Registrations through Eventbrite are essential as breakfast, coffee and lunch will be provided at no cost – and numbers will be limited.

All participating riders must have a valid licence and a registered motorcycle. Non-riders and pillion passengers are also welcome to attend.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com