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Are race replica helmets still a thing?

With the absence of racing due to the pandemic lockdown and the waning of sportsbike popularity we wonder how many riders are still keen on race replica helmets.

They used to be very popular, but we haven’t seen as many in recent years.

Some riders wear them to announce their allegiance to a particular rider or motorcycle team while others simply want to look like a racer.

Most of these helmets are not made to the exact standard as worn by the racers, but are mass-produced cheap versions.

Some don’t even have the exact graphics and sponsor stickers.

Yet riders will pay more for the privilege of wearing them.

Italian helmet company AGV is known for its range of race replicas, in particular for nine-time world champ Italian Valentino Rossi.

Australian importer Link International has announced a “40 foot container” of AGV helmets has just arrived including two new race replicas.

AGV K3 race replica helmetAGV Valentino Rossi Race Replica K3 helmet

The latest addition to the K3 SV range is a tribute to Rossi.

It features “VR 46” on each side, Rossi’s initials and racing number in the customary fluoro yellow plus a black base and bright blue highlights.

The AGV K3 SV is an affordable version of the Pista GP RR and Corsa R helmets and even includes a similar aerodynamic rear spoiler to reduce wind turbulence at high track speeds.

Actually these spoilers are common on many sports helmets these days and the aero effect really only occurs at seeds above about 20km/h, so they are of no use at all on our roads.

A standard solid-colour K3 costs $349, while a multi-coloured helmet is $369 and the exact same helmet in frame replica graphics is $399.

K1 Mir race replica helmetAGV Joan Mir K1 Race Replica helmet

AGV also has a K1 Mir helmet in race replica helmet in honour of Moto3 2017 world champion Joan Mir (above) of Spain.

We can’t imagine too many Aussie riders inspired to honour the Spaniard.

However, they may be attracted by the helmet’s attractive camo design with its sharp lines and black, white, silver and grey along with bright, bold fluoro yellow highlights.

Also, the sponsor names, race number and other graphics have been deleted, so it doesn’t look like the usual race replica.

However, you will pay extra for it at $349, compared with $279 for solid colours and $299 for multi-colours.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

AGV K6 helmet offers more protection

The new AGV K6 carbon helmet has more shell area and less visor mechanism for maximised protection, though the visor still offers peripheral vision of 190°.

It arrives in March from $699 for mono colours and $799 for multi colours.

The lightweight 1220g road helmet is based on technologies derived from the Pista GP R which is their MotoGP helmet.

K6 protectionAGV K6 helmet

The carbon-aramid fibre shell and the five different densities of EPS offer protection that is 48% greater than that required by ECE 22.05 standards regarding head injury criterion and G values.

By “G values” they are fearing to impact testing which measures acceleration of your head inside the helmet when it is dropped from a fixed height onto a spherical and flat surfaced anvil.

The standard allows a peak acceleration energy of 400 G (G being “gravity constant” or an acceleration value of ft. per second x seconds).

AGV says the visor mechanisms are “extremely limited in size to maximise the area of shell coverage, keeping safety levels at a peak across the entire surface of the helmet”.

Visor mechanisms are made of metal to increase visor impact resistance.

The 4.3mm-thick visor also comes with a 100% Max Vision Pinlock 120 anti-fogging system.

A micro-lock system allows you to securely lock the visor slightly open to increase air flow.

The profile of the helmet is designed to not hit the collarbone in a crash, an AGV invention that is now standard in racing.

Better aero

AGV also claim an improvement in aerodynamics no matter whether you are crouched forward on a sportsbike or sitting upright on a naked bike which means less neck fatigue.

They claim the dynamic weight is well balanced for a neutral feel at cruising speeds. 

The interior is made with anti-wear, waterproof fabrics on the outer layer and a breathable material that absorbs sweat for the inner.

AGV K6 should also be suitable in hot conditions with a ventilation system featuring five large air vents.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Aerodynamic ARK bluetooth intercom for AGV

AGV is the latest helmet manufacturer to partner with leading Bluetooth company Sena to develop a special aerodynamic ARK intercom for their helmets.

So far, the ARK intercom is only compatible with the AX9 Adventure range, K5-S Sports range and Sport Modular Touring.

The AGV ARK intercom costs $399, but you have to also buy a helmet-specific base at $29.95. However, for a limited time, riders can save money by buying the compatible helmets and SRK in “combo deals”. 

Sena’s ARK intercom is a sleeker and more aerodynamic unit than their usual intercoms.

Instead of the handy “jog dial” rotating knob common to most Sena intercoms, it has buttons.

These may not be as easy to use as the jog dial, but there is also a handlebar remote available at $149.

Sena ARK bluetooth intercom for AGV helmets
Handlebar remote

ARK features

Australian distributors Link International say the ARK unit features 30 minutes of “quick charging” which equals four hours of intercom use. 

It is compatible with the Sena SF Utility App which allows users to configure device settings and accessing quick guides and the Sena RideConnected App that allows intercom with a virtually limitless number of riders over an extensive range, so long as they are connected to a mobile network.

Other Sena features are: voice prompts for functions; FM radio; microphone noise control to reduce wind and background noise; music sharing with another intercom; multi-way conference intercom. 

It also has audio overlay which allows phone calls, GPS instructions and intercom conversations to be heard over audio from the radio, music or GPS app instructions in the background with reduced volume.Sena ARK bluetooth intercom for AGV helmets


  • 10 hours of talking time 
  • Three-way conference phone call with intercom participant. 
  • Microphone mute option 
  • Smart Volume 
  • Audio Boost 
  • Voice activated phone answering and intercom start. 
  • HD quality crystal clear and natural sound. 
  • Bluetooth Audio Recording 
  • SENA firmware upgradeable 
  • Water resistant 
  • Bluetooth 4.1 supporting profiles: Headset Profile, Hands-Free Profile (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). 

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

AGV AX9 is a versatile helmet

The versatile new AGV AX9 helmet can be worn as an adventure helmet, MX lid with goggles or even a touring helmet with its quickly removable peak and visor.

Once removed, there is no unsightly attachment hardware to affect the shell’s aerodynamics or aesthetics.

It is available in black or white for $699, multi-colours for $799 or matt carbon for $899 and comes in sizes XXS (51-52cm) to XXXL (65-66cm).

versatile new AGV AX9 helmet
AGV AX9 colour line-up

This is not the first such versatile helmet as Shark has had the Explore-R for several years at $599 and it includes the attached goggles, whereas the AGV AX9 doesn’t.

Shark Explore-R motorcycle helmet ax9
Shark Explore-R motorcycle helmet

Both have lightweight carbon variants weighing about 1.3kg. The AGV fibre-composite models weigh 1.4kg.

AX9 tested

AGV claims their helmet “reaches new standards in aerodynamics and ventilation” in wind tunnel and laboratory tests.

There are five adjustable vents including an adjustable chin guard vent so the rider can direct air flow exactly where the want it.

It also has moisture-wicking cheek pads and top liner and a water-resistant neckroll to prevent water from channelling inside the helmet.

Removable and washable cheek pads are made from Ritmo fabric, the crown pad is made of durable Shalimar and the base is made of moisture-resistant Shalimar and Nubuck to keep the helmet dry when you take it off.

The wide anti-scratch visor comes with a Max Vision Pinlock anti-fog insert and has six hold positions to allow extra air.

Their adjustable peak has been wind-tunnel tested to prevent lift which can cause neck pain after riding for some time at highway speeds.

AGV claims they also lab-tested the noise level at 97dB at 110km/h.

That’s still fairly loud and we recommend using earplugs for long rides to avoid short-term fatigue and long-term tinnitus.

Alpine MotoSafe earplugs make riders safer sound
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AX9 safetyversatile new AGV AX9 helmet

AGV claims the helmet far exceeds ECE 22.05 safety standards.

Safety features include a shell, neck roll and chin shape that reduces impact pressure and the subsequent risk of collarbone injury.

Between the outer shell and the interior fabrics, AGV has fitted a multi-density EPS with four different foam densities, so it has maximum protection in any size.

It comes with a standard double-D chin strap for secure fastening.

ARK communicationversatile new AGV AX9 helmet

The AX9 is also set up to accommodate their soon-to-be-released integrated ARK aerodynamic communication system at $399.

It was developed by Sena not only for the AX9, but also Sportmodular, K-5 S and K6.

They claim it will seamlessly communicate with up to four riders simultaneously at the click of a button.

Range is said to be up to 1.6km and it features Sena’s Advanced Noise Control ambient noise control for quiet phone and intercom conversations.

It integrates a built-in FM radio tuner with station scan and save function.

The ARK can be applied to the helmet with an AGV Intercom Adapter without affecting the aerodynamic shape.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Wear a helmet just like Valentino Rossi

You can now wear an AGV helmet with exactly the same specifications as the one that nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi wore on the track in last year’s championship.

AGV Australia spokesman Don Nicholls of distributor Link International says the Valentino Rossi Replica Pista GP R Soleluna 2018 helmet has the same shell, visors, personalised liner, etc as Vale’s race helmet.

“The only difference is that his personal sponsors are removed from the graphics,” Don says.

“Out of interest , he wears a size MS Pista GP R.”Valentino Rossi Replica Pista GP R Soleluna 2018 helmet wear

Italian made

What’s more, this helmet is not another Chinese-made product.

The design, research and development of the helmet was carried out by AGV technicians at their headquarters in Molvena and it is made at AGV’s facility in Campodoro.

All Pista GP R helmets cost $1999 which is $300 more than the matte black model.Valentino Rossi Replica Pista GP R Soleluna 2018 helmet wear

Valentino Rossi and Aldo Drudi, the most famous graphic designer of the MotoGP, created a 1970s-inspired design for the 2018 season with linear shapes and large colour blocks.

The design is deliberately clean and simple, emphasising the Doctor’s famous sun and moon graphics.

Its paint scheme has been updated with a matte finish, also featured on the new Spoiler, and the carbon shell is visible on the chin guard.

Safety wear

Many racers in MotoGP and other world and national racing championships wear the AGV Pista GP R.

The shell shape is designed to maximise aerodynamic performance with the latest wind-tunnel-tested rear spoiler.

Developed under AGV’s “Extreme Standards” protocol, Pista GP R features a 100% carbon shell layered with a five-density EPS shell.

The lightweight structure exceeds the regulatory safety requirements and scores a five-star rating from the independent British certifying body, Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme (SHARP).

It includes MotoGP-derived innovations such as a removable hydration system with internal channels and a drinking valve inside the chin area.

There is an elastic tube at the back of the helmet which draws water from a hydration kit which you can wear as a backpack, or integrated into the aerodynamic hump in many modern racing leathers.

While most helmets only come in three sell sizes, this has four dedicated shell sizes and four internal EPS sizes to create a compact structure that minimises volume around the rider’s head.

It weighs just 1350g in the smallest shell size.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

AGV X3000 helmet honours Barry Sheene

AGV has released a Barry Sheene limited-edition tribute helmet in their new X3000 collection.

The Sheene helmet will cost $899 when it arrives in March 2019, but you can pre-order now to ensure you don’t miss out on the limited-edition model.

It is part of the extensive X3000 range led by a $999 limited-edition tribute to the legendary 15-time world motorcycle champion, Giacomo Agostini. There are also 10 colour choices ranging in price from $599 in solid colours to $699 for multi-colours and $799 for the Gloria.

AGV X3000 helmets retro helmet Barry Sheene
X3000 colours

Click here to read our AGX X3000 review.

The Barry Sheene X3000 is highlighted by the iconic lucky number seven that became Barry’s trademark on the track as well as the quirky Duck on the crown of the helmet all tied together with the infamous black and gold graphic.

It also has the likeable larrikin’s signature painted on the back.

The fibreglass helmet is engineered in three shell sizes with a vented visor, leather and suede fabric, removable and washable interior, anti-scratch visor with micro-opening system and a double-D chin strap.

Barry Sheene history

Barry Sheene AGV

Here is a history of Barry as supplied by Australian AGV distributors, Link International.

A true rockstar of the sport, Barry Sheene became a household name quickly taking the sport of motorcycle racing into the living rooms of people across the world. Even if you weren’t interested in motorcycle racing you were interested in what Barry Sheene was doing and his antics on and off the track. Known for his likeable demeanour and sex appeal Barry was envied by men and wanted by women, rarely ever photographed without a female companion by his side. He married a Penthouse cover girl Stephanie McLean who became his “lucky charm” as she attended nearly all of his races as a time keeper.

Barry went on to win two consecutive world titles in 1976-1977, a feat that had not been accomplished by a British rider at the time. A series of near fatal accidents threatened to derail his career but the attitude and determination that was Barry Sheene prevailed.

Barry was a dedicated showman who made time for his fans and enjoyed meeting and interacting with the people who supported him and came to watch his races. Barry’s larrikin personality lead to many headlines in the press over the years including the two fingers he used to show behind his back while racing again accomplished racer “King” Kenny Roberts. 

Barry Sheene
Barry Sheene

In 1984 after unsuccessfully trying to reclaim his title as world champ Sheene retired to Australia in the late 1980’s seeking a warmer climate to aid his recovery from injuries and arthritis. It was here he pursued business ventures and even worked for the 9 Network as a commentator of the World Motorcycle Grand Prix and also appearing in Shell ads with the legendary Dick Johnson.

It was here that Australian riders and fans set in stone their love for Barry Sheene, as his sense of humour struck a chord with the Aussie population. His knowledge and opinions helped shape Australian motorsport today with many riders, racers and teams receiving a helping hand from the motorcycle racer including Mick Doohan and Garry McCoy. Sheene was inducted into the MotoGP hall of fame and in 2017 was inducted into the motorsport hall of fame with his former engineer and sister accepting the honours.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

AGV X3000 retro helmet review

Everything old is new again in the world of helmets and the latest to join the retro helmet rage is the very stylish AGV X3000 race replica.

The X3000 range is led by a $999 limited-edition tribute to the legendary 15-time world motorcycle champion, Giacomo Agostini.

There are 10 colour choices ranging in price from $599 in solid colours to $699 for multi-colours and $799 for the Gloria.AGV X3000 helmets retro helmet

Style and function

The X3000 retro helmet series replicates the original helmet that AGV founder Gino Amisano worked closely with Ago to develop.

It features a low chin guard, tapered bottom and the contoured chin piece that Ago requested so he could lean his head on the tank.

The low chin guard not only looks retro, but also provides a wide aperture for good vision.

Safety first

That’s a great primary safety feature, but what about secondary safety – crash protection?

Top UK-based SHARP helmet rating system has not tested the X3000 series yet.

However, our survey of all their ratings shows AGV is the second-highest rating in safety behind Shark.

AGV also rated third in the Canstar Blue helmet customer satisfaction survey.

The fibreglass shell and EPS structure are in three sizes for a close fit and safety.

They also feature a sturdy double-D chin strap clasp.

AGV X3000 retro helmet review
Stylish “AGV” stamp on clasp

Retro helmet road test

Australian importer Link International sent me a $699 black and white Legends to review.

It’s a handsome helmet with high-quality gloss finish and luxuriously plush leather and fabric interior. The lining is breathable, replaceable and washable.

The helmet could easily go on the mantlepiece for all to admire.

However, this is for test, so I’ve taken it on several rides to test comfort and practicality.

Fit is different for every head. AGV helmets fit my particular head shape well with no pressure points on my head.AGV X3000 retro helmet review

However, I seem to take one size larger than with other helmets, so it’s important to try it on in a store, rather than (or before) ordering online.

Pulling the helmet on it feels very comfortable. There is an ear recess where you can fit your Bluetooth intercom speakers without hurting your ears. It’s a snug fit, but I found I can still wear earphones without pulling them out as I pull on the helmet.

Speaking of Bluetooth, there is no way to use the clamp attachment as there is no gap between the lining and shell. Instead, you will need to use a sticker mount.AGV X3000 retro helmet review

Visor closure

There are two traditional magnetic snap-latches on either side of the visor. You can open the visor with just your left hand, leaving your right hand free to stay on the throttle.

Closing the visor requires a firm push on both sides and the middle to fit the seal around the wide face aperture.

Most retro helmets have large gaps around the visor. It may be traditional, but it makes them noisy and tiring on a long trip.

This has a rubber ring around the aperture for a firm fit. It is easily the quietest retro helmet I have tested with the visor closed.AGV X3000 retro helmet review

However, there are a lot of different whistling sounds when the visor is open.

Like many retro helmets there is no chin spoiler to deflect wind and noise.

Surprisingly, not a lot of wind noise comes up through the chin gap. Yet you do get a lot of cool ventilation for your face.

There is only one long and narrow vent at the front of the visor. It is blocked by a removable black rubber gasket.

AGV X3000 retro helmet review
Single vent

Pull it out and it feeds cooling air straight into vents at the top of the aperture that channels into the shell.

Together with the facial air flow, it’s surprisingly cool on a hot day.

But with no chin spoiler it might be a bit breezy in winter.

Visor change

Changing the visor from clear to tinted or vice versa is not as easy as many modern helmets that simply pop into place.

This one is held by a screwed-in plate and a circlip on each side.

To undo, pull off the small black plastic cap and unscrew the round metal plate with an allen key (not provided).

Pull out the circlip, careful not to drop the two plastic gaskets that locate the visor.

That’s five pieces to remove.

It’s needlessly fiddly, time-consuming and will fill up your swear jar.


If style and safety is your thing, try the X3000 which is the most practical of the retro helmets I’ve tested.AGV X3000 retro helmet review

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

AGV adds retro X3000 and X70 helmets

Retro-designed AGV X3000 full-face and X70 open-face helmets are now available in Australia with two race legend tribute helmets.

The X3000 range is led by a $999 limited-edition tribute to the legendary 15-time world motorcycle champion, Giacomo Agostini (pictured above).

Top of the open-face X70 range is the $499 Pasolini which is a tribute to GP legend Renzo Pasolini who died in the Monza GP in 1973.

AGV X70AGV X70 x3000

The X70 range has six colours ranging from plain black or white at $299, to silver and matte black at $329, a three-shade maroon at $399 and the Pasolini.

The profile of the X70 jet helmet is compact, owing to the three fibreglass shell sizes.

It is also light, has a fully removable and washable interior, double shell fastening and a double D-Ring retention system.

There is a range of peaks and visors available, that attach via the three classic press studs.

AGV X3000AGV X3000 helmets

There are 10 colour choices in the X3000 range ranging in price from $599 in solid colours to $699 for multi-colours and $799 for the Gloria.

AGV X3000 Gloria
AGV X3000 Gloria

AGV founder Gino Amisano worked closely with Ago to develop the full-face helmet for racing.

The X3000 series replicates the profile of the original helmet with a low chin guard and tapered bottom.

It also includes the contoured chin piece that Ago requested so he could lean his head on against the tank.Giacomo Agostini Ago AGV tribute helmet

In true classic design, the visor mechanism has a dual-button snap shut that can be opened with the left hand alone.

But unlike some of the other retro helmets around, it appears to have a better wind seal for lower noise. 

The interior features leather and fabric with breathable, replaceable and washable padding.Giacomo Agostini Ago AGV tribute helmet

There are only 3000 of the ASGO tribute helmets available worldwide. It comes in a luxury leather bag in sizes 56-59.

The Ago is made of carbon fibre and weighs just 1290 grams in the smallest size.

The rest of the X3000 range is made of fibreglass.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com