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IRM Moto Sahara Highway Pegs
The IRM Moto Sahara highway pegs are simple to install and provide comfort for long-haul riding.

The IRM Moto Sahara highway pegs add a new dimension of sleek aesthetics and functionality to the usually dreary task of finding an alternate place to rest your feet on long rides. These pegs are designed to mount to the valve covers on BMW’s 2005-2009 Hexhead R-Series models, such as the R 1200 RT, R 1200 R, and R 1200 GS.  

When not in use, these pegs can fold down to give the motor a stock appearance. The rider can deploy the pegs by swinging them outward with his/her boots, exposing a convenient 3-inch perch on which to rest weary feet. 

IRM Moto Sahara Highway Pegs
When not in use, the IRM Moto Sahara highway pegs fold down and out of the way.

These pegs boast impressive mechanical engineering, which leads to a very simple installation process. The peg assembly consists of two pieces. A small, cube-shaped placeholder slides into the rear-facing valve cover recess, comes to rest on a ridge therein, and is shaped to allow the spark plug wire plenty of room. The main peg body then fills the hollow space in the valve cover over the ignition coil (where a black plastic protective cover normally lives) and mates with the aforementioned cube-shaped placeholder via four 7/64-inch stainless-steel hex bolts. After applying some blue Loctite to the bolts, they slide through the placeholder and into the main peg body. The bolts are then torqued down evenly in a star pattern with the included hex key, pulling both components together securely. Each peg takes about 10 minutes to install. The peg body components are all CNC machined and black anodized 6061 aluminum alloy. Quality of construction and materials is superb. 

I tested the pegs on a scenic 2,500-mile spring tour of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona aboard my 2008 BMW R 1200 RT test mule and came away impressed. The placement of the pegs is in the ideal position, allowing a neutral sitting position for extended periods of time – just perfect for lengthy highway stints. Actuation is easy since the leading edge of the peg facing the rider is flared outward and easy to catch with boots.  

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Other peg options for Hexhead RTs are generally much more expensive and cumbersome, involving buying tubular metal crash bars and then mounting conventional highway pegs to those. (Most quality crash bars for Hexhead RTs, for example, are at least two times the cost of these pegs – and that’s just for the bars without highway pegs included!) No other highway peg solution I know of is as neatly integrated into the OEM styling ethos of the BMW Hexhead R-Series as these American-made Saharas are. For $250 MSRP, the long-haul Hexhead rider can’t go wrong with these! 

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