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New Motorcycle Helmets for 2021 Worth Wearing

If there is one area of protective gear that is constantly evolving, and generally in a good direction, it is the brain bucket, the skid lid, aka the motorcycle helmet. New materials, new technology and techniques, and new innovations in safety have all helped shape the modern riding helmet, as well as new and more stringent testing and certification methodologies.

The biggest argument, however, is which helmet is best? That is not what we’re really asking in today’s listing, but the counterpoint is that not all riding is the same. What may be the perfect helmet for track riding and racing, may fail woefully in a desert run enduro or a motocross course. And there are those that don’t care for the sport style of riding, preferring comfortable helmets that can be worn for a day-long ride between cities.

Instead, today’s question is which are the best helmets worth wearing, for any given type of riding, in 2021. To qualify, the helmet itself doesn’t have to have been released in 2021, but it should be an update or new version that carries the latest and greatest advancements in safety, technology, materials, comfort, or any combination of all four. We will also be looking at both top-of-the-line and budget options, to provide the best spread of helmets.

With that said, on to the list!

Shoei RF-1400

Shoei RF-1400 Side View

When you think of the best of the best, Shoei is one of the few names that should immediately pop into your head, or more directly, pop onto your head. As the name suggests, the RF-1400 is the long-awaited update from the RF-1200, itself a legendary helmet in terms of construction and rider protection, but with all the necessary upgrades expected from a modern helmet.

The new helmet is improved in a variety of ways, the least of which is a revised aerodynamic shape. This new design offers up to 4% less wind resistance and noise, making an already quiet helmet even quieter. Reworked interior padding addresses one of the few gripes with the RF-1200, that being that it was at times uncomfortably tight to pull on. A redesigned ventilation system also improves upon its predecessor, allowing for optimal airflow.

The shell of the helmet is still made with Shoei’s excellent fiberglass, aramid, and organic fiber weave. It has superb strength and elasticity and has passed both the SNELL M2020 certification and ECE 22.05 certification tests.

Read the review: Shoei RF-1400

ICON Airflight MIPS Stealth

ICON Airflight MIPS Stealth Side View

  • Price: $320.00
  • Buy: Revzilla
  • Best of: Budget Full Face

Sometimes when a rider is helmet shopping, they may not have the available finances to afford a $500+ helmet. This doesn’t mean, however, that they should be left with a substandard helmet or one that skips out on important rider protection. Enter, then, the ICON Airflight MIPS Stealth, released in the latter half of 2020.

The most important bit of that name is MIPS or “Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.” This is a special piece inside the construction of the helmet, between the EPS foam and the liner, that allows the helmet to absorb an impact and begin rotating to dissipate energy before the liner starts to move with the shell. It only covers a few millimeters, and the time between shell and liner rotation is measured in milliseconds, but it is enough to allow the brain to slowly accelerate to the speed of the shell, instead of bashing against the inside of your skull during a tumble.

The helmet itself is made of advanced injection molded polycarbonate and is backed by multi-density, multi-layer EPS foam, the MIPS system, and then comfortable, thick padding. Ventilation is through multiple oversized intake ports and a massive chin port and is exhausted via multiple exit ports. The helmet meets or exceeds DOT, ECE 22.05, and other world standards as part of ICON’s push for their “All World Standard.”

Fly Racing Dirt Formula CC Solid

Fly Racing Dirt Formula CC Solid Side View

Not everyone who rides does so on the pavement. There are many that prefer to ride trails, kick around in some dirt, or even do long, off-road adventures that often require more protection than what their street-going brethren need. For just such riders, Fly Racing has developed the Dirt Formula CC Solid helmet.

The CC in the name stands for Carbon Composite, which is an interwoven shell of carbon fiber, DuPont Kevlar, and fiberglass, creating a super-strong but elastic shell that also has penetration resistance. This is extremely important when riding in areas where there are branches, sharp rocks, and the like. This is backed by a new style of EPS, known as “Conehead EPS,” which literally uses cones of EPS on the innermost layers to progressively absorb initial impact energy, slowing the head down before it comes in contact with the full multi-layer EPS.

Also helping absorb impact energy, especially low speed falls and drops, is what Fly Racing dubs “Impact Energy Cells,” made of RHEON impact rubber. These cells line the entirety of the inside of the helmet, and are specially shaped and designed to absorb both linear and rotational energy that would not otherwise be absorbed by the shell or EPS during a low-speed crash.

The Dirt Formula CC Solid exceeds all certification tests for DOT and ECE 22.05

You can find out more about this helmet here

Bell MX-9 MIPS

Bell MX-9 MIPS Side View

  • Price: $169.95
  • Buy: Revzilla | Amazon
  • Best of: Budget Dirt and Trail Riding

Off-road riding, especially enduro and long adventure trails, can get quite tiring and also requires great visibility to see the branches, roots, rocks, and puddles you need to go through. The Bell MX-9 was famous for being a lightweight, protective, and affordable helmet that addressed all the needs of off-road riders. So it’s reassuring to know that Bell has updated their best off-road helmet with new safety features.

As discussed earlier in this list, MIPS is a safety system designed to mitigate rotational impact energy on the head and brain, and if there is one area of riding that has the highest likelihood of rotational impact, it’s off-roading. Adding it to one of the top-rated off-road helmets of all time only reinforces that this is a helmet that should be on your head.

Made of lightweight polycarbonate, and fully lined (including the chin bar!) with dual-density, multi-layer EPS, the MX-9 MIPS easily passes all DOT and ECE 22.05 testing requirements. In fact, the MX-9 MIPS is one step below Bell’s competition helmet for professional motocross and supercross racers, and the trickle-down of safety advancements to an affordable budget helmet is very nice to see!

Find out more about this helmet here: Bell MX-9 MIPS.

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Solid

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Solid Side View

There are some manufacturers that will state that they have the best, latest, and greatest safety innovations in their helmets that turn out to either be gimmicks or adaptations of other manufacturers’ ideas. And then there are those manufacturers that actually develop and design those ideas. AGV is one such manufacturer, and the Italian gear company blew the modular helmet category away in late 2020 with the Sportmodular Carbon Solid.

As the name suggests, this helmet has a 100% carbon fiber shell. The interior design, EPS foam layout, and protection quality were all modeled on the AGV Pista GP-RR MotoGP racing helmet, and as such, the Sportmodular is lined and padded in only the best, highest quality materials. It also sports a full carbon fiber, metal-reinforced chin bar that raises on strong hinges and has a top position lock.

An internal sun-shield in the crown is included, sitting behind a race-grade visor, what AGV calls their GT3 visor with pinlock functionality. Ventilation is multi-channel and multi-intake, allowing the rider to choose where and how they want ventilation. The AGV Sportmodular Carbon Solid is one of the few modular helmets that is rated for use with the chin bar raised and locked, as well as down and locked. It passes all ECE 22.05 and DOT tests without issue.

Read the full review: AGV Sportmodular Carbon Solid.


HJC RPHA 90S Side View

When you pick a modular helmet, you honestly want to make sure you are getting the best protection possible, with the strongest chinbar locking mechanism possible. There are hundreds of helmets that are less expensive than the RPHA 90S that could be listed as budget modular, yet they all have their flaws and issues. This is why our budget pick sneaks in under $500, but it still relatively expensive.

The RPHA 90S is the most recent update of the RPHA 90, a top-rated modular for many years past. HJC, for the 90S, has created a new shell material called PIM Plus (Premium Integrated Matrix Plus), which is made of carbon fiber interwoven with carbon-glass hybrid fabric. This allows for very dependable strength, elasticity, and penetration resistance.

The interior is lined with 3D engineered EPS and is then covered with HJC’s Multi-Cool lined padding. An integrated sun visor comes as standard, and the visor is the same as used on HJC’s racing helmets, model HJ-29, and comes fitted with an anti-fog pinlock insert. The RPHA 90S also received an excellent rating in our own review of it and is for sure a helmet that belongs on your head.

Check out the full review: HJC RPHA 90S.

Arai XD-4

Arai XD-4 Side View

  • Price: $609.95+
  • Buy: Revzilla | Amazon
  • Best of: Adventure and Rally Touring

It really doesn’t seem to matter who steps up to the plate to try to dislodge Arai from the top step of the ADV and rally touring ladder, the XD-4 is quite literally here to stay. It has been the top helmet for ADV for multiple years, through multiple variations, and the latest version of the XD-4 is just another example of always evolving and moving in a positive, safer direction.

Made of Arai’s legendarily strong fiberglass weave, the XD-4 is lightweight and extremely resilient to the rigors of ADV touring. Multi-density, multi-layer EPS foam lines the entire interior of the helmet, including the chin bar. The interior padding and liners are customizable, with 5mm peel-away thickness adjustments in the cheeks and temples. The cheek pads are also designed using Arai’s Facial Contour Support (FCS) design, which braces everything from the jaw up to the occipital bones with thick, supportive padding.

The latest update includes a slightly retuned shell shape, to better direct airflow into the vents to cool off the rider. New passive exhausts on the top-rear of the head also help pull heat and moisture out via a multi-step exhaust design, to keep the rider as cool as possible even in the hottest temperatures. The latest version of the Arai XD-4 is one of the few ADV helmets to receive the SNELL M2020 certification and is also one of the few approved helmets listed for the 2022 Dakar Rally.

See how this helmet compares to other models: find out more about the XD-4 here.

Shoei X-14 Solid

Shoei X-14 Solid Side View

  • Price: $769.99+
  • Buy: Revzilla | Amazon
  • Best of: Track, Supersports, and Race

The choice for the best helmet for track days, supersports riding, and powersports racing was a tough decision. However, we have to give Shoei the nod with this updated X-14 helmet. Developed in celebration of Shoei’s long term partnership with racing legend Marc Marquez (one of the greatest riders to throw a leg over a MotoGP bike) the X-14 has received something of much-needed update. This started with a new variation of the Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) shell material known as AIM+, which added elastic organic fibers into the weave to enhance lightness, rigidity, flex, and resilience.

That shell is specifically shaped to cut through the air as cleanly as possible, reducing overall drag on a rider’s head. Dual-density, multi-layer EPS foam covers the entirety of the interior, including a reinforced chin bar section. Shoei’s CAD-designed 3D Max-Dry interior system of pads and liners allows for the rider to customize the angle the helmet sits on the head, as well as the thickness of the padding, to ensure the optimal fit that won’t wobble, move, or slip during racing.

Ventilation is through the massive top vent, as well as the crown vents just above the visor. A chin vent is also integrated, which has a special channeling system in the EPS to direct air down the cheek pads and exhaust out the bottom rear of the helmet. Exhausts are all positioned either directly before or after the three spoilers on the rear of the helmet, which gives added stability to the helmet when cornering hard, with the head ducked down near the clip-ons.

The latest Shoei X-14 update passes the SNELL M2020 certification test, as well as achieves the rarest certification, that of FIM Homologation, the most stringent testing currently available.

Read the review of an older model: Shoei X-14.

Scorpion EXO-R1 Air

Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Side View

  • Price: $399.99
  • Buy: Revzilla | Amazon
  • Best of: Budget Track, Supersports, and Race

If the price of the Shoei X-14 makes you wince and sends your wallet screaming for the hills, then rest assured that there is a budget track day helmet for you. Scorpion, the company that always seems to find the best price-to-performance balance for their gear, has a very highly reviewed and rated helmet for you in the EXO-R1 Air.

Using what they term as Ultra-TCT, the shell is made up of interwoven fiberglass, aramid, and poly-resin fibers. This is lined with multi-density, multi-layer EPS, with channels cut into it specifically for maximum ventilation and cooling. This ventilation comes in the form of a ram-air top vent and a standard chin vent. Four exhaust ports behind the rear spoiler quite literally suck the heated air out of the helmet using the venturi effect.

The padding and liner inside the helmet uses Scorpions AirFit system and KwikWik cloth. The AirFit system allows the rider to inflate small bladders in the cheek pads, which contour to the face to keep the helmet in place at speed. KwikWik is a very absorbent lining fabric that is akin to a shammy, and soaks up sweat at an astounding rate, to either be evaporated out via the exhausts or, with the removable liners, washed and cleaned by hand.

The Scorpion EXO-R1 Air achieves DOT, ECE 22.05, SNELL M2020, and FIM Homologation certifications (FIM only for the small shell size).

Read the review: Scorpion EXO-R1 Air.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Shoei RF-1400 | First Look Review

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review

In 1984, Shoei introduced the RF line of helmets, and since that time, the RF series has become one of the Japanese brand’s most popular lids. For over three decades, the RF lineup has been refined and with each update comes new technological and functional improvements. Shoei describes this evolution in the RF helmets with the Japanese term Kaizen, which is translated as “change for the better” or “continuous improvement,” and it’s more than evident in the new Shoei RF-1400 full-face motorcycle helmet. 

We’ll have a comprehensive review of the new Shoei RF-1400 soon, but for now, we’ll whet your appetite while we get some miles in our test unit. 

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review

The Shoei RF-1400 is the latest addition to the RF family and a follow-up to the RF-1200, which was introduced in 2013. To that end, the RF-1400 boasts some critical improvements over the previous generation in terms of aerodynamics, comfort, noise and vision.

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review

Shoei engineers refined the shell-shape of the RF-1400, and while it is visually reminiscent of RF-1200, the improved aerodynamic design is said to reduce drag by 4% and lift by 6%. A reduction in drag is always welcome as it lessens fatigue on the rider’s neck when riding. 

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review

Ventilation is optimized, thanks to a relocated forehead vent that now features an additional intake hole to increase positive airflow. Also, the exhaust vents are enlarged, improving the helmet’s ability to shed warm air. All told, the RF-1400 features six adjustable air intakes and four always-open exhaust outlets.

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review

Returning to the fold is Shoei’s proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix Aim+ construction, featured in all the brand’s helmets, a combination of lightweight organic and high-performance fiberglass materials. The brand feels that this design offers the most impact-absorption, strength and elasticity. Adding to the safety features is a dual-layer, multi-density EPS liner. 

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review
The Shoei RF-1400 features a slightly snugger fit around the cheeks to reduce noise.

Sizing of the RF-1400 ranges from XS through XXL and uses four individual shell sizes (XS-S; M; L; XL-XXL), ensuring that riders can achieve a much closer, and therefore, safer fit. Shoei representatives stated that XXXL sizing would become available later in 2021. 

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review

As usual, the RF-1400 features a medium-to-long oval shape, just like the RF-1200, GT-Air II, Neotec II, Hornet X2 and X-Fourteen helmets. The 3D Max-Dry interior pads can be removed for cleaning, and owners can change pad thicknesses for a custom fit. This year, Shoei increased the cheek pad volume to reduce wind noise and create a slightly snugger fit around the neck. An emergency quick-release system is standard.

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review
The new centrally-located locking mechanism.

The most distinctive change coming to the RF-1400 is the all-new CWR-F2 faceshield and baseplate system. The new faceshield uses a centrally located lock that helps evenly distribute forces when opened or closed and features vortex generators, borrowed from the race-ready X-Fourteen that improve aerodynamics and reduce wind noise. The Pinlock posts are positioned behind the helmet’s beading, creating unobstructed peripheral vision. Lastly, the helmet’s beading has been beefed up and is said to reduce noise through its improved seal.

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review

The new Shoei RF-1400 is slated to arrive in authorized dealerships in January 2021. Perhaps the best news yet is that the new helmet is only $10 more than the previous iteration, with an MSRP of $499.99 for solid colors and $599.99 for graphic options.

Website: Shoei
Sizing: XS-XXL
Pricing: Solid color: $499.99; Graphics: $599.99

Shoei RF-1400 First Look Review Photo Gallery:

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Best Motorcycle Helmets in 2020

You can’t live without your head, so you need to protect it with the best motorcycle helmets. However, shopping for a motorcycle helmet has never been a walk in the park. Sometimes you have to weigh up cost versus comfort. Should buying a helmet leave your pockets empty? Of course not!

Do you need a full face, modular, custom or adventure motorcycle helmet? Let’s delve into the best motorcycle helmets in 2020 in this guide to choosing a motorcycle helmet.

Best Motorcycle Helmets

1. Shoei RF-SR Helmet

Best Motorcycle HelmetsShoei RF-SR helmet

The Japanese Shoei RF-SR carries the day on our helmets list. “You get what you pay for” has never been more true than with this full face helmet. From the blending of style to safety, the Shoei RF-SR is one of the best motorcycle helmets in the market. This is a premium helmet, but it’s worth the money.


Quality is never an accident. The Shoei RF-SR helmet is engineered with Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus technology (AIM+).

This Shoei helmet is made up of five fiberglass layers. It is tried and tested by Snell, and has attained the elusive M2015 certification.

The Shoei RF-SR also features an Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS). The EQRS is designed to automatically pop out the cheek pads in case of an accident. Inside the helmet is a multi-density shock absorbing liner. The EPS liner absorbs even the most micro of shocks a rider may encounter.


The Shoei RF-SR takes pride in its ventilation capabilities. The chin vent is the star on this hard hat. The chin vent is V-shaped at the bottom with two vents on the upper façade. A pair of vents is also conscientiously placed at the brow. The vent sliders are impressive, with the metallic cuff and click.

Towards the shield, the hard hat comes with a breath guard to direct fresh air to the rider. Remember the EPS liner? Air flows through the holes in the ship from the upper air vents.

Sizing/ Weight

The Shoei RF-SR helmet comes in six sizes. Extra-large, Large, Medium, Extra-small, and Extra-extra-large are all available for his armor. The EPS lining is scourable and antimicrobic. The XX-L helmet weighs only 1780 grams. The close to lightweight design is superb for its aerodynamics and thrust.

Noise Levels

More vents, more noise? You’re wrong! The upper and lower vents have minimal noise infiltrating through them. The cheek pads also deter a substantial amount of noise around the neck area.


The Shoei RF-SR helmet is available in seven shades; Basalt Grey, Black, Matte Black, Matte Blue, Tangerine, Matte Deep Grey, and White.

2. Arai XD4 HelmetBest Motorcycle Helmets

This Arai helmet is among the best adventure motorcycle helmets. With the Arai XD4 helmet, the shield and peak are detachable. Improved aerodynamics and large cowl vents characterize this monster hard hat. The Arai XD4 helmet can be used as a motocross, adventure, or full face helmet.


The American Arai XD4 masterpiece is fully certified by Snell, as well as ECE 2015 and DOT endorsements. The helmet is lined with multi-density polystyrene liner for magnificent shock absorption. The Arai XD4 shell is engineered with a Complex Laminate Construction. The CLC is made of high-quality fibers to offer you maximum head protection.

The Emergency Quick Release System is also incorporated in the Arai XD4 hard hat for a quick abrupt response. In the SHARP helmet tests, the Arai XD4 scored 3.5/5. Not too bad for a multipurpose helmet.


The Arai XD4 has five vents: two brow vents and three at the chin bar. At the top, there are several vents as well. All these vents are slidable. The top and front vents are quite brittle. The chin vents are mesh-reinforced to deter fogging. The rear vents on top of the helmet refresh the helmet by exhaling the air inside the hat.


The Arai XD4 is generally oval molded. The X-large helmet weighs 1640 grams—ideal for drag and thrust. The Arai XD4 comes in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large. The cheek and foam pads are washable and easy to dry.

Noise Levels

With more vent holes that its predecessor, the Arai XD4 has higher noise levels. Nevertheless, the amount of noise solely depends on how fast the rider is pushing as well as the prevailing wind conditions.

The Arai XD4 is not fully streamlined hence offers some drag resistance. The adjustable chin bar, however, reduces the noise up through the rider’s neck.

All in all, the Arai XD 4 helmet can be tweaked to your type of track. For a motocross/off-road experience, some level of noise will spruce up your thrust and revs.


The Arai XD4 is available in four colors: Frost Black, Frost Red, Frost Orange, and Frost White. If you are after aesthetics, there are the Mesh, Desert and Route designs to select from. 

3. AGV Unisex-Adult Full Face K-1 Motorcycle HelmetBest Motorcycle Helmets

The AGV K1 Helmet is a basic sports bike helmet with immense aesthetics and a thermoplastic shell. The AGV K-1 helmet can be tweaked into a modular helmet, full face helmet or open helmet. The AGV K-1 helmet is the entry-level hard hat of the AGV racing technology.


The AGV K-1 helmet as it is made of a thermoplastic shell and scored four stars in the UK Thermoplastics rating. Engineered to a broad shield, the AGV K-1 gives you a wide-angle of vision. The face shield is fitted with an anti-fog lock for a crystal-clear view.

The inside of the AGV K-1 consists of four polystyrene liners for a great fitting on your head. The cheek pads are pulpy to cushion you in the event of an accident.


The AGV K-1 has five slidable vents: three on the forehead and two at the chin bar. The double rear exhaust vents exhale the air inside the hat. The AGV K-1 is one of the best motorcycle helmets with the Integrated Ventilation system (IVS). The IVS ventilates fresh air into the helmet and around the polystyrene liners. The EPS liner has four openings that duct air onto the rider’s head.


The AGV K-1 helmet comes in six sizes: Extra-Extra-Large, Extra-Large, Medium-Large, Extra-Small, and Medium-Small. The Extra-Extra-Large hard hat weighs up to 1520 grams. It is relatively light. The thermoplastic shell much attributes to its superior drag and aerodynamics.

Sound Levels

The thermoplastic shell is exceptionally aerodynamic, thus truncating wind resistance. Reduced wind resistance, in turn, cuts down the amount of wind noise. The chin curtain at the front façade of the K-1 helmet eliminates turbulence motion, thus creating a quiet riding experience.

However, with the open face tweak on, the amounts of noise increase significantly.


Black, White, and Matte Black options are available. The AGV K-1 isn’t particularly attractive, unlike some of its successors, which have a touch of glamour. The AGV K3 and K5 have a stunning graffiti theme.

4. Bell Qualifier Full face Motorcycle HelmetBell Qualifier Full face Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell Qualifier DLX is made of a polycarbonate shell with a sleek, meticulous design. The Bell DLX takes pride in its unique color schemes as well as a light-reactive shield. Not to forget, the Bell Qualifier DLX comes with a Double-D ring fastener.


A great forte of the Bell Qualifier DLX is its light-reactive shield. The shield has a natural anti-UV and anti-fog coagulant infused—no more obscurity at low temperatures. The Bell Qualifier polycarbonate hard hart has bagged in the elusive ECE and DOT recognition globally.

On Snell’s test, the Bell Qualifier lost narrowly on the side-impact tests.


The Bell Qualifier is exceptional when it comes to ventilation. The Bell Qualifier is equipped with a couple of vents, both the chin, brow, and top vents. What else could you ask for? The lower chin vents are slidable for the humid climates. The chin vents open into the horizontal chin bar blowing a load of air inside the hard hat.

The four brow vents gush air into the top of the helmet. The double top vents rush air into the polystyrene liner into the biker’s head. The Bell Qualifier is also crafted to four exhaust vents at the rear of the helmet. These exhaust vents serve to exhale the dense air inside the helmet. The exhaust vents are also mesh-covered.


The Bell Qualifier comes in seven size variants: XXX-Large, XX-Large, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Bell Qualifier’s EPS Liner is also washable and moisture-wicking. The XX-Large weighs 1596 grams.

Noise Levels

The Bell Qualifier helmet is a bit noisy due to the open top and rear exhaust vents. On the flipside, the cheek pads and the taper mitigate the noise across the lower part of the helmet. Towing along some earplugs will do the magic for you on this helmet.


The Bell Qualifier helmet outshines all other helmets you could think of on matters aura. The 13 hues in the market are a bang. The Flare Gloss Black/Red, Flare Matte Black/Grey, Honor Matte Titanium, Integrity Matte Black, Orange Camo, Raid Matte Black, Gold Flake, Stealth Camo Matte Black, Solid Black, and the Stealth Camo Matte White simply define the Bell Qualifier’s theme.

5. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Motorcycle HelmetGLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Motorcycle Helmet

GLX has proven to be a hard nut to crack on its rivals, the Arai and Shoei helmets. The GLX GX11 helmet is very pocket friendly and when it comes to performance, it rivals the best in the market.


This is a very safe helmet. The GLX GX11 offers a lot of great safety features, and has Snell and DOT certifications. The GLX GX11 shell is made of polycarbonate. The polystyrene liner (EPS) on the inner of the helmet provides superb shock absorption. The GLX GX11 helmet also incorporates the Emergency Quick Response System for a better accident reaction.


The GLX GX11 is fully armored on the top with vents. The top vents ventilate the rider’s head furnishing a cooling effect. With these top vents, forget about sweating on your skull. There are two pairs of exhaust vents at the rear façade of the GLX GX11 hard hat. These exhaust vents exhale the dense air on the inside of the EPS liner.

The cheek padding also permits some air into the inside of the helmet. This padding is fully washable and moisture-wicking.


The GLX GX 11 is available four sizes: Large, Medium, Small, and X-Large. The GLX GX11 weighs, on average, 1587 grams.

Sound Levels

The GLX GX11 is prone to noise through the exhaust vents, owing to the fact that the rear vents are not lockable. However, the GLX GX11 has an inflated face shield that blocks substantial noise from infiltrating into the rider’s ears. The face shield is fog and scratch-resistant.


The GLX GX11 is currently available in Matte Black shade. Much detail has been paid to the paint quality. That matte finish is impressive.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

When choosing the best motorcycle helmets, attention to detail matters. Deciding on the ideal helmet for your head has always been an uphill task. There are several factors that you need to pay attention to when buying a motorcycle helmet.

What type of helmet do you need?

The six main types of helmets are: Full faced, Modular (flip-up chin bar), Half shell, Open-Faced, Off-road, and Dual-Sport helmets.

A full-face helmet shields the whole head and features a fixed chin bar to protect your jaw.

An open face helmet leaves your face open. They cover the sides, top, and back of your head. Open face helmets are deprived of the chin bar. Scooter riders often open-face helmets.

The modular helmet is a hybrid of the full and free face helmets. The visor and the chin bar can flip up, opening the front.

The half shell helmet (or half helmet) only shields the forehead and the top part of your head. With these helmets, you are assured of excellent airflow.

Off-road helmets are engineered for dirt use i.e., motocross and dirt bikes.

Dual Sport helmets are a hybrid of full face and off-road helmets. Examples include the ADV, Enduro, and Crossover. Akin to the off-road helmet, the dual-sport offers a large visor but enhanced padding on the interior.

Safety Features

Before buying a helmet, acquaint yourself with its safety ratings and certifications, if any. Snell, DOT, and ECE rated helmets offer more excellent protection to your head and chin. Rated helmets are often expensive, but guarantee you ultimate safety.

The material forming the helmet’s shell also contributes to its safety performance. Is the shell made of fiber or polycarbonate? A hard shell is desired to provide maximum protection. The best motorcycle helmets are often safety certified by Snell or ECE.

Cost of Motorcycle Helmets

The cost of a helmet solely depends on its materials and design. Should buying a helmet leave a big hole in your pocket? No! There are affordable yet high-quality helmets you can choose from.

The price of the helmet also depends on its size. X-Large and XX-Large helmets are often dearer. For a harder shell and better interior fabric, you’ll need to invest more.


There’s nothing as unpleasant as riding in a stuffy helmet. When selecting a helmet, scrutinize the type of vents available thoroughly. Does the helmet have top, brow, and rear exhaust vents? If so, proceed and get your hands on it. Probe thoroughly on the vents, especially the top vents. Some designers just fix aesthetic vents that run nowhere.

A visor that can be rolled up a few inches comes in handy in ventilating you as you ride.

Size and Fitting

You don’t need an under-sized helmet just to save a few bucks. A helmet should fit on your head precisely, with minimal coercion. To get the right fit for your head, measure the circumference on your head, and find a suitable match. An over-sized helmet could be lethal in the case of an accident. The cheek pads and chin bar will not optimally protect you from fracture.

An extra-taut helmet, on the other hand, imposes undue pressure on your skull. Therefore, it’s best to fit out the different helmets at the store before making a purchase.


What will you use the helmet for? Is it riding for leisure? Track racing? Dirt riding? For bike racing purposes, you might need to consider a full face crash helmet. The full face helmets are often padded and made up of hard outer shells. For leisure riding, the open face helmets will do the magic. As you cruise around, you’ll need to enjoy nature’s beauty as well as some relaxing air, hence the need for the open face helmets.

Helmet Addons

If you are going the open helmet way, look out for the three pushbuttons. These three buttons at the front aid in hooking up a visor at a later time. Peruse through for other features such as Bluetooth compatibility, microphone hookup, dash camera slot, and pin-lock peaks.

In case you need to wear earplugs, survey for a helmet with a recessed façade around the ears. A cap clasp is also vital to deter your cap from blowing off. You should also audit whether the inner EPS liner and cheek pads are washable and moisture-wicking.

Helmet Weight

A lightweight helmet favors aerodynamics such as thrust, drag, and lift. A helmet should not impose a substantial loading on your head. You should be able to move your head optimally with zero strain. The scantiest of the shift of gravity would have lethal effects on your spine and cervical vertebrae.

Helmet Interior

What material is the interior of the helmet made from? A good helmet should be padded with a washable liner. The EPS liner and cheek pads should also wick moisture. The helmet’s interior ought to be comfortable and relaxing to the skull.

The top vents should also be waterproof. The fastener type should never create strain around your neck.

Warranty and Aesthetics

Any helmet should have an agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of aftersales service in case of malfunction. When dissecting the warranty, be keen to scrutinize the scope and maintenance policy.

Matters color, bright helmets make more sales due to ease of visibility at night. Themed helmets are more expensive than their ugly twins.


Helmets not only provide safety to your skull but also protect you from excessive wind. Burn rubber, not your soul. We hope you found the perfect product for you in this roundup of the best motorcycle helmets. Before purchasing a helmet, scrutinize it meticulously against the above checklist. Safety comes first!

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Shoei launch J-Cruise II high-tech half face helmet

Shoei’s new and improved J-Cruise II helmet lands in Australia later this month and offers a lightweight, aerodynamic half-face option packed with features.



The Shoei j-Cruise II Helmet, arrives late January 2020

The J-Cruise II features an updated shell design for a modern look, more compact shell design and better integration of features like the sun visor mechanism. Aerodynamics have also been improved, with front vents across the top of the helmet helping to flow up to 30 per cent more air into the helmet.

A large CJ-2 visor offers a large, clear field of view, with a reinforced design across the bottom of the visor, while reducing turbulence within the helmet. A new airtight-sealed window beading also offers improved sealing and durability for the life of the helmet.

shoei j cruiseII aglero tc

shoei j cruiseII aglero tc

Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet – Aglero TC-5

Helping ensure riders don’t accidentally open their visor is a locking mechanism down at the chin, while riders can flip the visor open easily with a finger when not locked. There’s also a position for keeping the visor slightly cracked for better airflow, for instance in cooler weather.

A premium standard inclusion is a Pinlock Evo lens, which helps eliminate fogging inside the helmet, regardless of conditions.

shoei j cruiseII solids white top

shoei j cruiseII solids white top

Air-flow has been boosted by 30 per cent over the outgoing model

The drop down sun-visor has also been improved, and is now 5 mm longer than the outgoing model, and located closer to the rider’s face to help reduce the amount of reflected glare up under the visor. The nose section has also been cut deeper to ensure this doesn’t effect fit.

The interior of the helmet features fully removable liners, with a moisture-absorbent, quick-drying material in the cheeks and brow for sweat , while the cheek pads now use a reinforced material on the bottom edge for greater durability.

shoei j cruiseII solids white rear

shoei j cruiseII solids white rear

Internals are removable, with a drop down sun-visor, and visor locking system

The Shoei micro-ratchet style strap is also used, although ratchet straps do tend be a hot topic amongst riders.

A further premium feature is the ability to fit a Sena SRL or Sena SRL2 system into the J-Cruise 2, with an inbuilt attachment mechanism and integrated design to maintain the look of the helmet. These systems can be purchased separately but fully and seamlessly integrate with the helmet, which is designed especially to work with this system.



The Sena SRL2 unit can be purchased separately for $429.95 RRP

The J-Cruise II helmet will be available in stores from January 27th, available in sizes XS to XXL, with solid colours priced at $799.90 RRP and graphics available from $899.90 RRP. To check the J-Cruise out in person see your local Shoei stockist from January 27th, or see the official Australian Shoei website – https://www.premiumhelmets.com.au/

shoei j cruiseII solids mattblue

shoei j cruiseII solids mattblue

Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet – Matt Blue shoei j cruiseII adagio tc

shoei j cruiseII adagio tc

Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet – Adagio TC-5 shoei j cruiseII solids mattdeepgrey

shoei j cruiseII solids mattdeepgrey

Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet – Matt Deep Grey
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Shoei launch retro Glamster helmet

Every motorcycle helmet seems to have a retro model after the recent Arai Rapide Neo and now the Shoei Glamster road helmet.

Shoei already has the Ex-Zero which is more of a retro adventure helmet.

Shoei Ex-Zero retro helmet - Glamster
Shoei Ex-Zero

While the Glamster is a handsome looking helmet and has all the usual Shoei hi-tech, quality finish and protection, the name is perhaps one of the lamest we’ve ever heard.

It’s as cringe-worthy as the hipster video to announce the helmet’s release.

It shows riders on neo-retro BMW and Ducati scramblers heading to the beach for some racing with their hipster friends before heading home.


Shoei Australia spokesman Jade says the Glamster is going into production now and due to arrive around April.

“We will have them on our website closer to the date of arrival and images will be uploaded for viewing and purchasing on our website,” Jade says.

There are no Aussie prices yet, but they cost £399.99 in the UK (about $A760) for a choice of eight plain colours while the graphic Resurrection is £499.99 (about $A950).

Glamster will come in three shell sizes for five head sizes from XS-XXL.

Inspired by ’70 and ‘80s race helmets, it uses modern material and production techniques.Shoei Glamster retro helmet

It has an AIM built outer shell with organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for shock-absorption and rigidity.

The interior liner is removable and washable. It is made from multi-density EPS with different densities to protect different parts of the rider’s head.Shoei Glamster retro helmet

The visor is Pinlock ready with three-position adjustment and a wide aperture.

Ventilation is provided by air inlets in the chin and forehead and exhaust outlets at the rear.Shoei Glamster retro helmet

By the way, some people pronounce Shoei as “shoe-ee”, others say “showy”, while the Japanese say “show eye”.

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Giant MCA August 2019 Sale | Minimum 10% off everything!

Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket August Sale

Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket (MCAS.com.au) are having a massive sale this month (August), to celebrate their 46th birthday, with a minimum 10% saving across the range with the code BIRTHDAY10, as well as plenty of great other deals across their on-line store.

The event will run until August 30, 2019, so there’s never been a better time to drop by or pick up some new gear on the online store. MCA is your one-stop-shop for all things motorcycling, with a huge range of rider gear for road and off-road, motorcycle accessories, leathers, exhausts, spare parts, luggage, crash protection and much more.

For the best deals check out the Specials (link) tab and browse through all the categories.

MCA August Sale
Check out all the specials on offer under the Specials tab

If you’re after a new helmet or some fresh gear, MCA stock the Shoei range, and with that 10% discount code applicable to even all non-discounted items, that means there are some great savings to be had on Shoei. The Shoei Ryd boasts a aerodynamic shell design along with sharp and aggressive styling, exceptional airflow, an advanced shield system, and a fully removable liner.

There’s also the DRIRIDER range offering a huge variety of rider gear, with some great deals available across their massive range of Australian designed and developed riding gear.

MCA August Sale Dririder Shoei Ryd
Check out the DRIRIDER and Shoei range at MCA

If you’re looking for something casual how about an Oxford Kickback shirt – a reinforced shirt – offering protection ideal for motorcyclists. The Kickback shirt from the UK based Oxford design team is particularly noteworthy for not just offering protection, but is also a stylish option off the bike. Or if you are finding your hands a bit too cold for comfort this winter then get yourself a set of Oxford heated grips, with options available to suit a variety of bikes, from sports to touring.

Looking for protection on your off-road machine? Check out the Barkbusters range, and take advantage of that 10% storewide discount.

MCA August Sale Oxford Barkbuster
Get 10% off Oxford Kickback shirts and heated grips, and Barkbusters

There’s huge discounts available on the Kabuto Aeroblade 3 helmet, now priced at $199.95, and featuring a lightweight composite shell construction, designed for all day comfort, SAF quick-change shield, COOLMAX interior, adjustable ventilation and washable interiors.

Not to mention plenty of gear and luggage options from the Motodry range.

MCA August Sale Kabuto MotoDry

Don’t forget to use the special BIRTHDAY10 code at checkout for 10% off all full-priced items. For the full range visit www.MCAS.com.au.

MCA August Sale

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Shoei Releases GT-Air II Sport-Touring Helmet

Shoei released the latest version of it sport-touring helmet, the GT-Air II to motojournalists and industry professionals at Shoei’s agency headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. After a quick lunch, and mingling with our fellow guests, Matthias Beier, Shoei’s marketing coordinator, explained all the new features of the heavily updated helmet.

The engineers at Shoei put a lot of attention to reducing wind noise in the new GT-Air II. The outer shell has been redesigned to be more aerodynamic, including a chin spoiler, and beefed-up beading around the visibility port to improve the seal with the visor. There are three intake and five exhaust vents, providing more airflow in and out of the helmet to increase rider comfort. The internal drop-down sun visor goes 5mm lower than before, increasing the visibility for the rider while reducing sun glare.

One of the coolest features of the GT-Air II is its ability to fully integrate with the Sena SRL2 communication system. The helmet has specific cutouts and channels within the shell to accommodate the SRL2 components while keeping a streamline shape, which improves aerodynamics and increases safety for potential impact zones in a crash. Shoei has also added its patented stainless steel mini ratchet chinstrap for quick on and off functionality, which has been tested and proven in-house to be just as safe as a double D-ring.

The GT-Air II is offered in seven solid colors for $599, and 11 graphic designs for $699, and should be available for purchase beginning next week. With all these new features (and more) of the Shoei GT-Air II, we can’t wait to get one out in the wild and test it ourselves. We will report back with our own review to let you know how well this redesign performs. Stay tuned!

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Shoei joins smart helmet revolution

Shoei is the first major motorcycle helmet manufacturer to join the growing smart helmet revolution with the announcement of their IT-HT helmet.

The IT-HT helmet will include Bluetooth intercom and head-up display which includes a translucent screen that shows vital information to the rider without them having to take their eyes off the road.

Shoei IT-HT Shoei joins smart helmet revolution
Shoei IT-HT screen

Information can be customised by the rider to include bike data such as speed and revs, but also navigation, incoming phone calls, etc.


The revolution is yet to get off the ground.

While there are many start-ups with smart helmets and aftermarket add-on devices such as Hudway, Nuviz and Seemore, few have made it to the market or proved their reliability.

Shoei has a long history of making safe and quality helmets, so their addition to the smart helmet revolution is welcome.

In fact, Shoei is Australia’s most trusted helmet brand, according to a 2018 Canstar Blue survey.

It also lends credibility to the argument that this technology is the future of motorcycling.

Some even predict these smart helmets will make bike instruments obsolete.

Shoei announced the IT-HT at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but did not say when it would be available.

This tech does not come cheap. Most start-up company smart helmets cost well over $1000 such as the Jarvish and Skully helmets.

However, Shoei’s mass-production could mean they are cheaper.

Shoei has partnered with fellow Japanese technology company NS West which makes instruments for cars such as Mazda and head-up displays.

Meanwhile, Australia is also getting in on the smart helmet revolution with the Forcite to be launched in March this year.

Forcite smart helmet revolution
Forcite smart helmet

This year could be when the smart helmet revolution really gets into gear.

But do you think it is safe or a distraction? Leave your comments below.

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Shoei updates GT-Air touring helmet

Shoei has updated its GT-Air touring helmet with a longer internal sun visor, better venting and more aerodynamics to make it quieter.

The GT-Air II will be available in April. Australian pricing is not yet available, but in the USA it will cost $US599 (about $A840) for single colours and $US699 (about $A980) for graphics.

Perhaps to make way for the new model, current GT-Air helmets are on sale in Australia from $790 to $883 depending on graphics.

GT-Air a polular tourerShoei GT-Air II touring helmet

Shoei is the most trusted helmet brand in Australia and the GT-Air has long been popular among tourers who ride all day and into the night.

The GT-Air II model should improve on that status.

Aussie riders will appreciate that the internal sun visor is now 5mm longer for improved glare protection. 

Shoei has also redesigned the main visor so it has a “first position” opening for better venting and to prevent fogging. However, it also comes with a Pinlock EVO anti-fog insert.

Tourers often fit bluetooth intercom units to their helmet and the GT-Air II now has a special recess on the base to fit the new Sena SRL2 unit.

Another new addition is a micro-ratcheting buckle instead of the conventional double-D ring.Shoei GT-Air II touring helmet

While racers use double D for security, the quick-release buckle is more convenient for tourers who often stop for fuel, coffee or a toilet break. It makes it easier to fasten, remove and adjust.

StreamliningShoei GT-Air II touring helmet

Shoei has streamlined the new shell in a wind tunnel so it is more compact and more aerodynamic which reduce the amount of fatiguing wind noise inside.

While most helmets have a couple of intake vents and one exhaust vent, the GT-Air II has three intakes and five exhausts, so it should be a lot cooler in the summer.

It comes with the 3-D Max Dry System that is removable, washable, replaceable and adjustable.Shoei GT-Air II touring helmet

They claim it absorbs sweat twice as fast as nylon and is shaped to match a rider’s head. But if you’ve got a weird head shape, you can buy thicker and thinner pieces to ensure an optimum fit.

Like the GT-Air, the new model has the Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) that allows first responders to remove the helmet from an injured rider’s head without further injuring their neck.

It will come in a range of sizes from XS to XXL and colours.

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Shoei announce new GT-Air II Helmet | Sena SRL2 ready

New Sena SRL2 ready Shoei GT-Air II

Optional fully integrated communications system

Shoei GT Air II Sena Ready Helmet DEVIATION TC
Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

Shoei have announced a new iteration of the popular and versatile GT-Air helmet, the Japanese manufacturer claims that the GT-Air II again raises the bar for high-end helmet comfort, style and safety.

Shoei GT-Air II in Deviation TC-9An aggressive and compact shell design has been verified by wind tunnel tests for relaxed rides and less turbulence. The GT-Air II is also prepared for SENA SRL2* (Shoei Rider Link2) Intercom System, which is integrated into the helmet shell with no protruding operating unit.

Shoei GT Air II Sena Ready Helmet CONJURE TC
Shoei GT-Air II in Conjure TC-9

The 3D-molded visor (CNS-1) with optimised visor base offers extra wide vision and a unique shape for optimum sealing. The modified QSV-2 internal sun visor used on the GT-Air II has been lengthened by 5mm in order to reduce the amount of light coming through the gap between the lower edge and the eye port.

Shoei GT Air II Sena Ready Helmet
Shoei GT-Air II in Affair TC-3, Affair TC-6, Conjure TC-6

A stainless steel micro ratchet retention system and a fully removable and washable interior ensures maximum rider comfort. The six size options are XS-XXL and will be produced out of three different outer shell constructions cover XS-M, L and XL-XXL) for perfect fit and compact dimensions.

Shoei GT Air II Sena Ready Helmet LightSilver
The Shoei GT-Air II is also Sena SRL2 ready

A new developed ventilation system with two inlets at the upper head and chin area as well as four outlet vents at the top back makes for an ideal sports touring and everyday choice for motorcyling enthusiasts!

Shoei GT Air II Sena Ready Helmet AFFAIR TC
Shoei GT-Air II in Affair TC-1

In terms of helmet graphics, there’s a variety of options available, while also a number of solid options available. 

Shoei GT Air II Sena Ready Helmet SPD
Shoei’s new GT-Air II helmet

The Shoei GT-Air II is expected to be launched worldwide in March next year.  In Australia it is expected to sell alongside the current GT-Air model, with the new intercom ready unit priced slightly higher than the much loved regulart GT-Air. 

Source: MCNews.com.au