AGV X3000 helmet honours Barry Sheene

AGV has released a Barry Sheene limited-edition tribute helmet in their new X3000 collection.

The Sheene helmet will cost $899 when it arrives in March 2019, but you can pre-order now to ensure you don’t miss out on the limited-edition model.

It is part of the extensive X3000 range led by a $999 limited-edition tribute to the legendary 15-time world motorcycle champion, Giacomo Agostini. There are also 10 colour choices ranging in price from $599 in solid colours to $699 for multi-colours and $799 for the Gloria.

AGV X3000 helmets retro helmet Barry Sheene
X3000 colours

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The Barry Sheene X3000 is highlighted by the iconic lucky number seven that became Barry’s trademark on the track as well as the quirky Duck on the crown of the helmet all tied together with the infamous black and gold graphic.

It also has the likeable larrikin’s signature painted on the back.

The fibreglass helmet is engineered in three shell sizes with a vented visor, leather and suede fabric, removable and washable interior, anti-scratch visor with micro-opening system and a double-D chin strap.

Barry Sheene history

Barry Sheene AGV

Here is a history of Barry as supplied by Australian AGV distributors, Link International.

A true rockstar of the sport, Barry Sheene became a household name quickly taking the sport of motorcycle racing into the living rooms of people across the world. Even if you weren’t interested in motorcycle racing you were interested in what Barry Sheene was doing and his antics on and off the track. Known for his likeable demeanour and sex appeal Barry was envied by men and wanted by women, rarely ever photographed without a female companion by his side. He married a Penthouse cover girl Stephanie McLean who became his “lucky charm” as she attended nearly all of his races as a time keeper.

Barry went on to win two consecutive world titles in 1976-1977, a feat that had not been accomplished by a British rider at the time. A series of near fatal accidents threatened to derail his career but the attitude and determination that was Barry Sheene prevailed.

Barry was a dedicated showman who made time for his fans and enjoyed meeting and interacting with the people who supported him and came to watch his races. Barry’s larrikin personality lead to many headlines in the press over the years including the two fingers he used to show behind his back while racing again accomplished racer “King” Kenny Roberts. 

Barry Sheene
Barry Sheene

In 1984 after unsuccessfully trying to reclaim his title as world champ Sheene retired to Australia in the late 1980’s seeking a warmer climate to aid his recovery from injuries and arthritis. It was here he pursued business ventures and even worked for the 9 Network as a commentator of the World Motorcycle Grand Prix and also appearing in Shell ads with the legendary Dick Johnson.

It was here that Australian riders and fans set in stone their love for Barry Sheene, as his sense of humour struck a chord with the Aussie population. His knowledge and opinions helped shape Australian motorsport today with many riders, racers and teams receiving a helping hand from the motorcycle racer including Mick Doohan and Garry McCoy. Sheene was inducted into the MotoGP hall of fame and in 2017 was inducted into the motorsport hall of fame with his former engineer and sister accepting the honours.


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