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Aprilia up the ante in nakedbike war with Tuono V4 X

Aprilia Tuono V4 X

After the success achieved by Aprilia RSV4 X, the special version of the supersport bike from Noale, Aprilia has now given the X factor to the Tuono V4.

Aprilia Tuono V4 X

The Aprilia Tuono V4 X is touted as an exclusive “super Tuono” produced in a numbered and limited edition, developed and assembled directly by Aprilia Racing.

Aprilia claim this excluse new Tuono V4 X is capable of lapping Imola in 1m50s with Aprilia rider Lorenzo Savadori, only a couple of seconds away from World Superbike pace around the Italian circuit.

Aleix Espargaró also put it through its paces on the Austrian Red Bull Ring circuit: “The Tuono V4 X is out of this world. I had never tested a high-handlebar bike on the track and I was surprised at the feeling of stability. The engine is insane, but the chassis architecture doesn’t struggle – to the contrary: the riding position and the electronics make it extremely fun. You can ride it cleanly, but you can also drift with it if you want to. It is a pure sportbike with a hooligan side!”

The experience that the Racing Department from Noale has in the top championships contributed to the development of the Aprilia Tuono V4 X with large aero wings in carbon added to the Tuono, clearly derived from the one fitted on the Aprilia RS-GP used in MotoGP. This choice contributes to increasing stability at high speeds and in the critical phases of braking and acceleration.

Aprilia Tuono V4 X

The goal of making this special Tuono a true high-handlebar racing bike exclusively for track use was achieved in full, thanks to a skilled job of general lightening, which reached the exceptional landmark of 166 kg dry weight on the scales.

All the fairings are in carbon, enhanced by the dedicated “Bol d’Or” graphic, inspired by the Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory which participated in the 2006 edition of the legendary French endurance race. The fuel tank is the same shape as the original, but it is lighter, while the factory electrical system has been simplified.

Aprilia Tuono V4 X

Another obviously sports-derived element is the racing panel via which to adjust the main electronic controls of the Tuono V4 X. There are numerous billet aluminium parts that contribute to lowering the weight, such as the clutch lever, the brake lever guard, the engine crankcase guards, the adjustable footpegs and the fuel cap. The Marchesini wheel rims in forged magnesium, shod with racing slicks, provide the added value of handling that is out of reach even for fairing-covered supersport bikes.

The engine is derived from the unit that successfully equips the RSV4 1100 Factory. The Akrapovic exhaust system features titanium collectors and a carbon outlet, while the air filter is a Sprint Filter element, the same unit that Aprilia Racing uses in MotoGP.

Electronic fine-tuning is via a revamped ECU in terms of logic and functions, featuring engine control and vehicle dynamics maps developed by Aprilia Racing. The engine maps are all “full power” and optimised for the racing exhaust system. The engine brake, traction control and anti-wheelie levels are specifically designed for use on the track. It comes standard with two-way quick-shift and the colour TFT instrument cluster reprogrammed with lap time display using the built-in GPS sensor.

The maximum power of the V4 from Noale increases from the 217 HP of the factory unit to the value of 221 HP measured at the crank. Performance that can be fully exploited thanks to a race derived chassis with advanced semi-active Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 suspension system.

Aprilia Tuono V4 X

The Brembo braking system is also entirely racing, thanks to the use of refined and extremely effective GP4-MS billet aluminium calipers that grip a pair of steel discs with T-Drive technology and are controlled by a 19×16 radial master cylinder, also made in billet aluminium.

Each Aprilia Tuono V4 X unit, available at a price of €34,900 ($56,600 AUD), can already be reserved exclusively online by going to the Aprilia website. Buyers will be able to pick up their unit directly from Aprilia Racing, simultaneously with an exclusive tour of the racing department in Noale, and they will receive a dedicated KYT NX-Race helmet with a graphic inspired by the bike’s graphics.

Tuono V4 X is part of the Factory Works program launched by Aprilia Racing: it takes technology developed in competitive racing and makes it available to those planning to compete at high level in factory derivative championships or to those who want an RSV4 or a Tuono V4 with performance optimised for track use. That means, of course, that the Tuono V4 X will not be able to be used on public roads, legally.

Aprilia Tuono V4 X

Source: MCNews.com.au

Safety recall on Aprilia Tuono and RSV4

Aprilia Australia has issued a safety recall notice for a brake issue on 2017-2020 RSV4 and Tuono 1100 motorcycles.

The official safety recall notice issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says the front brake pad friction material “could potentially separate from the back plate, resulting in reduced braking performance”.

“Reduced brake performance may result in a dangerous fall or collision, causing serious injury or death to the rider or other road users,” the notice says.

Owners should contact their authorised Aprilia dealer to book a brake pad inspection and, if potentially faulty brake pads are found, they will be replaced free of charge.

For more information, owners should contact their nearest authorised Aprilia dealer or email [email protected]

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) of the 451 affected bikes are listed at the end of this article.

2017 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR brembo brake
Tuono V4 1100 RR

Even though manufacturers and importers contact owners when a safety recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle recalls as a service to all riders.

In Australia, recall notices are issued by the manufacturer and the Department of Infrastructure through a voluntary industry code under the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

While any recall is not good news for the manufacturer, it shows that they are largely diligent in fixing problems.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

VINs of affects bikes

ZD4KG0006KS001279 ZD4KGB00XKS000566 ZD4KGA000HS001440
ZD4KG0006HS000559 ZD4KGB00XKS000423 ZD4KGA000JS001542
ZD4KG0005JS001238 ZD4KGB009KS001501 ZD4KGA000JS002609
ZD4KG0006KS001587 ZD4KGB009KS001496 ZD4KGA001JS001534
ZD4KG0006LS001767 ZD4KGB009KS000560 ZD4KGA001JS001954
ZD4KG0007JS000866 ZD4KGB009KS000557 ZD4KGA002HS001438
ZD4KG0005HS000343 ZD4KGB008KS000565 ZD4KGA002HS001441
ZD4KG0005HS000164 ZD4KGB007KS000430 ZD4KGA002JS001543
ZD4KG0004KS001586 ZD4KGB007KS000427 ZD4KGA002JS001963
ZD4KG0004JS001263 ZD4KGB006KS000368 ZD4KGA002JS002935
ZD4KG0004JS001246 ZD4KGB005KS000426 ZD4KGA003JS001549
ZD4KG0004HS000611 ZD4KGB003KS001493 ZD4KE0003HS001402
ZD4KG0004HS000561 ZD4KGB003KS000425 ZD4KGB003KS001588
ZD4KG0004HS000365 ZD4KGB002KS001503 ZD4KGB002LS002166
ZD4KG0007KS001520 ZD4KGB002KS001498 ZD4KGB002LS001664
ZD4KG0002JS000869 ZD4KGB001KS001492 ZD4KGB002KS001596
ZD4KG0002HS000364 ZD4KE0000HS001650 ZD4KGB002KS001078
ZD4KG0001JS001236 ZD4KE0000JS001802 ZD4KGB002KS000559
ZD4KG0001JS001141 ZD4KE0001HS001379 ZD4KGB001LS002174
ZD4KG0001JS001138 ZD4KE0001HS001558 ZD4KGB001LS002160
ZD4KG0001HS000341 ZD4KE0001JS001680 ZD4KGB001KS001590
ZD4KG0001HS000209 ZD4KE0001JS001694 ZD4KGB001KS001489
ZD4KE000XJS002021 ZD4KE0001JS001825 ZD4KGB000LS002165
ZD4KE000XHS000764 ZD4KE0001JS002019 ZD4KGB000LS001663
ZD4KE000XHS000652 ZD4KE0001KS003253 ZD4KGB000KS001600
ZD4KE0009JS002527 ZD4KGB001KS000553 ZD4KGB000KS001595
ZD4KE0009JS001801 ZD4KGB001KS000424 ZD4KGA00XJS002083
ZD4KE0009HS000772 ZD4KGB000KS001502 ZD4KGA00XJS001953
ZD4KE0009HS000755 ZD4KGB000KS001497 ZD4KGA00XJS001693
ZD4KE0008JS001949 ZD4KGA006HS000180 ZD4KGA00XHS001431
ZD4KE0006HS000941 ZD4KG000XJS001140 ZD4KGA00XHS001364
ZD4KE0006JS001688 ZD4KG000XHS000371 ZD4KGA009JS002611
ZD4KE0007HS000768 ZD4KG000XHS000211 ZD4KGA009HS001436
ZD4KE0007JS002526 ZD4KG000XHS000208 ZD4KGA008JS002082
ZD4KE0007JS002641 ZD4KG000XHS000161 ZD4KGA008HS001444
ZD4KE0008HS000648 ZD4KG0009JS001243 ZD4KGA008HS001430
ZD4KE0008HS001380 ZD4KG0009JS000867 ZD4KGA006HS001443
ZD4KE0008HS001539 ZD4KG0009HS000149 ZD4KGA006HS000163
ZD4KE0008JS001675 ZD4KG0008KS001560 ZD4KGA005JS001553
ZD4KE0008JS001823 ZD4KG0008HS000370 ZD4KGA005JS001536
ZD4KE0008JS002020 ZD4KG0008HS000367 ZD4KGA005JS001505
ZD4KE0008JS002874 ZD4KG0008HS000210 ZD4KGA005HS001434
ZD4KE0009HS000769 ZD4KG0007JS001242 ZD4KGA004JS003214
ZD4KE0009HS001534 ZD4KG0007HS000201 ZD4KGA004JS001706
ZD4KE0009JS002270 ZD4KG0007HS000165 ZD4KGB003KS001591
ZD4KE0009LS003275 ZD4KG0007HS000151 ZD4KE0002HS000936
ZD4KE000XHS000649 ZD4KG0007HS000148 ZD4KGB00XLS002173
ZD4KE000XHS001378 ZD4KG0005HS000150 ZD4KGB00XKS001085
ZD4KE000XJS001824 ZD4KG0003JS001139 ZD4KGB009LS002164
ZD4KE000XJS002150 ZD4KG0003HS000342 ZD4KGB008LS002172
ZD4KE000XJS002875 ZD4KG0002JS001245 ZD4KGB008LS002169
ZD4KG0000HS000198 ZD4KE0003KS003254 ZD4KGB008KS001599
ZD4KG0000HS000203 ZD4KE0004HS001652 ZD4KGB008KS001490
ZD4KG0000JS000868 ZD4KE0004JS001690 ZD4KGB008KS000369
ZD4KG0000KS001536 ZD4KE0004JS001821 ZD4KGB007LS002163
ZD4KG0001KS001285 ZD4KE0004JS001947 ZD4KGB007KS001593
ZD4KG0001KS001562 ZD4KE0004JS001950 ZD4KGB007KS001500
ZD4KG0001KS001612 ZD4KE0004KS003215 ZD4KGB007KS001495
ZD4KG0002HS000560 ZD4KE0006HS000647 ZD4KGB007KS001092
ZD4KG0002KS001280 ZD4KE0006HS000759 ZD4KGB006LS002171
ZD4KE0008HS000763 ZD4KGA006HS000177 ZD4KGB006LS002168
ZD4KGA008JS002616 ZD4KGA005JS002931 ZD4KGB006LS001666
ZD4KGA008HS001363 ZD4KGA005JS001956 ZD4KGB006KS001598
ZD4KGA007JS002610 ZD4KGA005HS000168 ZD4KGB005LS002176
ZD4KGA007JS002607 ZD4KGA004JS002936 ZD4KGB005LS002162
ZD4KGA007HS001435 ZD4KGA004JS002077 ZD4KGB005KS001592
ZD4KGA007HS001368 ZD4KGA004JS001902 ZD4KGB005KS001589
ZD4KGA007HS001354 ZD4KE0003JS001678 ZD4KGB005KS001494
ZD4KGA007HS001290 ZD4KGA004HS000534 ZD4KGB004LS002170
ZD4KGA005JS003223 ZD4KGA004HS000176 ZD4KGB004LS002167
ZD4KGA005JS002606 ZD4KGA003JS002930 ZD4KGB004LS001665
ZD4KGA005HS001370 ZD4KGA003JS002085 ZD4KGB004KS001602
ZD4KGA005HS001353 ZD4KGA003JS001955 ZD4KGB004KS001597
ZD4KGA004JS002614 ZD4KGA003HS000539 ZD4KGB004KS001504
ZD4KGA004HS001442 ZD4KGA002JS002076 ZD4KGB004KS001499
ZD4KGA003JS003219 ZD4KGA002HS000533 ZD4KGB003LS002175
ZD4KGA003JS002605 ZD4KGA001JS002084 ZD4KGB003LS002161
ZD4KGA003HS001433 ZD4KGA001HS000538 ZD4KE0002JS002644
ZD4KGA003HS001366 ZD4KGA001HS000166 ZD4KE0003HS000945
ZD4KGA002HS001360 ZD4KGA000JS002934 ZD4KE0003JS002894
ZD4KGA002HS001357 ZD4KGA000JS002089 ZD4KE0004JS001673
ZD4KGA002HS001293 ZD4KGA000JS002075 ZD4KE0004JS001687
ZD4KGA001JS002604 ZD4KGA000JS001962 ZD4KE0005HS000946
ZD4KGA001HS001446 ZD4KGA000JS001959 ZD4KE0005HS001384
ZD4KGA001HS001432 ZD4KGA000HS000532 ZD4KE0006HS001653
ZD4KGA001HS001429 ZD4KGA000HS000529 ZD4KE0006JS001674
ZD4KGA001HS001348 ZD4KGA000HS000174 ZD4KE0007HS001385
ZD4KGA000JS002612 ZD4KE0003JS002149 ZD4KE0007HS001404
ZD4KGA000HS001437 ZD4KG000XKS001561 ZD4KE0007JS001697
ZD4KGA000HS001356 ZD4KG000XJS001235 ZD4KE0008HS001430
ZD4KGA000HS001289 ZD4KG000XJS001266 ZD4KE0008HS001654
ZD4KE0008HS000651 ZD4KGA003JS001518 ZD4KE0009JS001667
ZD4KE0007JS001800 ZD4KGA003JS001504 ZD4KE0009JS001670
ZD4KE0006JS001951 ZD4KGA002JS001512 ZD4KE0009JS001698
ZD4KE0006JS001948 ZD4KGA004HS001439 ZD4KE0009JS002642
ZD4KE0006JS001822 ZD4KGA002HS000189 ZD4KE000XHS001428
ZD4KE0006HS000762 ZD4KGA001JS001694 ZD4KE000XHS001655
ZD4KE0006HS000650 ZD4KGA001JS001551 ZD4KE000XJS001693
ZD4KE0005KS003255 ZD4KGA001JS001548 ZD4KE000XKS002893
ZD4KE0005HS000770 ZD4KGA000JS001699 ZD4KG0000KS001519
ZD4KE0004HS000758 ZD4KGA000JS001539 ZD4KG0002HS000610
ZD4KE0003JS001826 ZD4KGA000JS001511 ZD4KG0002KS001277
ZD4KE0002HS000760 ZD4KGA000HS000191 ZD4KG0008KS001283
ZD4KG0008HS000563 ZD4KGA000HS000188 ZD4KG0004JS000968
ZD4KE0002HS000757 ZD4KG0006HS000562 ZD4KG0008HS000658
ZD4KE0002HS000645 ZD4KG0004HS000558 ZD4KG0004JS000971
ZD4KE0000HS000756 ZD4KG0002HS000557 ZD4KG0004KS001281
ZD4KGB009KS001594 ZD4KG0000HS000556 ZD4KG0006HS000366
ZD4KGB009KS001093 ZD4KE000XJS001676 ZD4KG0006HS000609
ZD4KGB003KS001087 ZD4KE000XHS001560 ZD4KG0006HS000657
ZD4KGB002KS001601 ZD4KE000XHS001557 ZD4KG0006JS001264
ZD4KGB002KS001081 ZD4KE0009HS001405 ZD4KG0006KS001282
ZD4KGB000KS001094 ZD4KE0008HS001556 ZD4KG0008JS000701
ZD4KGA00XJS003220 ZD4KE0008HS000939 ZD4KG0008JS001265
ZD4KGA00XHS001445 ZD4KE0007HS001533 ZD4KG000XJS000697
ZD4KGA00XHS001347 ZD4KE0006HS001538 ZD4KGA006JS001545
ZD4KGA009JS002608 ZD4KE0005JS001679 ZD4KGA006JS001688
ZD4KGA009HS001369 ZD4KE0005HS001403 ZD4KGA006JS001691
ZD4KGA009HS001355 ZD4KE0004HS001537 ZD4KGA007HS000186
ZD4KGA009HS001291 ZD4KE0004HS000940 ZD4KGA007JS001537
ZD4KGA008JS003216 ZD4KE0004HS000937 ZD4KGA007JS001540
ZD4KE0006HS000938 ZD4KE0003HS001559 ZD4KGA007JS001554
ZD4KGB000KS000561 ZD4KE0003HS001531 ZD4KGA007JS001702
ZD4KGB000KS000429 ZD4KGA003JS001521 ZD4KGA008HS001296
ZD4KGA00XHS000540 ZD4KGA006JS001531 ZD4KGA008JS001515
ZD4KGA00XHS000182 ZD4KG0008KS001610 ZD4KGA008JS001529
ZD4KGA00XHS000165 ZD4KG0008LS001768 ZD4KGA008JS001532
ZD4KGA009JS002933 ZD4KG0009KS001521 ZD4KGA008JS001546
ZD4KGA009JS002088 ZD4KG000XHS000340 ZD4KGA008JS001692
ZD4KGA009JS002074 ZD4KGA006JS001528 ZD4KGA009HS000187
ZD4KGA009JS001961 ZD4KGA006JS001514 ZD4KGA009HS000190
ZD4KGA009JS001958 ZD4KGA006HS001295 ZD4KGA009JS001507
ZD4KGA009HS000531 ZD4KGA005JS001701 ZD4KGA009JS001524
ZD4KGA009HS000173 ZD4KGA005JS001696 ZD4KGA009JS001538
ZD4KGA008JS002079 ZD4KGA005JS001522 ZD4KGB005KS000684
ZD4KGA008HS000536 ZD4KGA004JS001690 ZD4KGB007KS000685
ZD4KGA008HS000181 ZD4KGA004JS001530 ZD4KGB009KS000686
ZD4KGA008HS000178 ZD4KGA004JS001513 ZD4KE0000JS001671
ZD4KGA008HS000164 ZD4KGA004HS001294 ZD4KE0000JS002271
ZD4KGA007JS002932 ZD4KGA003JS001700 ZD4KE0000JS002643
ZD4KGA007JS002090 ZD4KGA003JS001695 ZD4KE0001HS001429
ZD4KE0002JS001803 ZD4KGA003JS001552 ZD4KE0001KS002944
ZD4KE0002KS003214 ZD4KG000XJS000702 ZD4KE0002HS001651
ZD4KE0003HS000766 ZD4KG000XKS001611 ZD4KE0002JS002269
ZD4KGA007JS002087 ZD4KGA000HS001292 ZD4KGA009JS001541
ZD4KGA007JS001960 ZD4KGA009JS001555
ZD4KGA007JS001957 ZD4KGA00XJS001533
ZD4KGA007HS000172 ZD4KGA00XJS001547
ZD4KGA007HS000169 ZD4KGA00XJS001550
ZD4KGA006JS002081 ZD4KGB004KS000689
ZD4KGA006JS002078 ZD4KGB002KS001095
ZD4KGA006HS000535 ZD4KGB000KS000687
ZD4KGB00XKS001491 ZD4KGB002KS000688

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Aprilia launches lightweight RS660

Aprilia seems to have faith in the supersport segment with the final unveiling of its lightweight RS660 to be followed by a naked Tuono version next year.

Ever since the RS660 concept hit the EICMA stage in Milan a year ago, there has been a lot of interest in this bike in a segment that is diminishing.

Lightweight funAprilia RS660 lightweight

To many, supersport means lightweight and a good power-to-weight ratio.

The Aprilia RS660 won’t disappoint.

It is powered by two cylinders from a Tuono/RSV4 1100 engine as a 660c parallel twin.

 Weighing in at 169kg with 100hp (75kW) of power, that’s a formula for fun!

But Aprilia doesn’t just see it as a track weapon, but also as an everyday commuter.

In fact, its five riding modes spell it out: Commute, Dynamic, Individual (we imagine that’s a customisable mode), Challenge and Time Attack.

2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 concept
2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 concept

There is not a lot of information available yet, so we can only speculate on what all that means.

It has adjustable Kayaba suspension, a double aero fairing and smartphone connectivity with navigation display on the instruments.Aprilia RS660 lightweight

Lightweight twins

It will be the first of a new platform of lightweight 660 twins.

The first will be a Tuono naked version like the concept presented at EICMA. It is slightly downtuned at 96hp (71kW).

2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 concept
2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 concept

There will also be a restricted version that may come in under Australia’s LAMS rules for novice riders.

And, who knows, maybe it will be followed by an adventure, cafe racer or scrambler version.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Watch Aussie rider’s Pikes Peak record run

Australian motorcycle journalist Rennie Scaysbrook has posted a video of his record run at the recent Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in Colorado.

The event was marred by the death of four-time winner Carlin Dunne on the last turn while riding the Ducati Streetfighter V4 prototype. He was on his way to victory and a record run.

Carlin Dunne rides Ducati V4 Streetfighter prototype at Pikes peak Multistrada V4 record run
Carlin Dunne on the Streetfighter V4 prototype

The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb organising committee is now considering the future of the motorcycle category in the event in the wake of two other motorcycle fatalities in 2014-15 and the fourth rider death in the event’s history.

The event has run since 1916, but motorcycles did not race for 10 years from 1977-79 and 1983-90.

Organisers are investigating whether a series of bumps in the last corner caused Carlin’s bike to high-side.

Rennie’s record run

Australian motorcycle journalist Rennie Scaysbrook has posted a video of his record run at the recent Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in Colorado.
Images from Rennie’s Facebook page

Carlin’s sad fatality does not take away from Rennie’s victory and record run in the heavy motorcycle class.

The Australian, who is now working in America at Cycle News, set a record time of 9:44.963 riding a 2018 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100. He smashed the record by five seconds.

The Tuono was in “nearly showroom stock” condition.

Rennie says he would like to dedicate his record-run video to the memory of the late Carlin Dunne. 

“This was a man who helped me to no end as a mentor in my rookie year, went head-to-head with me and came out on top in 2018, and was on course to smash the lap record again this year until fate struck,” Rennie says.

“I’m honoured to have shared this race with him, and thanks to Aprilia for such an amazing team.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Aprilia RS 660 concept is half a Tuono

Aprilia has cleverly taken half a Tuono engine and made what they call an RS 660 Supersport twin concept machine.

It is powered by two cylinders from a Tuono/RSV4 1100 engine as a 660c parallel twin.

“This configuration was chosen for its compact nature and efficiency, the extremely low level of heat transmitted to the rider and for the freedom that it leaves the designers to create a sleek and lightweight frame and suspension,” Aprilia’s press release says.

The Austrian company says the RS 660 project is aimed at younger riders and shows the supersport market may not be quite dead yet.

They say it will also be the “development base for a wider range that intends to make Aprilia a key player in an extremely strategic market segment in Europe, but also in Asia and the American market”.

Although not mentioned, we should expect to see it in Australia to compete against the very popular mid-sized naked sector led by the Yamaha MT-07.

RS 660 aeroAprilia RS 660 concept is half a Tuono

Aprilia says the Concept RS 660 was developed out of a “series of aerodynamic studies” in a wind tunnel.

With fuel economy top of mind and emissions regulations tightening, motorcycle manufacturers are looking for ways to compete and aero remains one of the biggest hurdles to motorcycles, even more so than big, bulky cars.

Click there to find out how aero affects motorcycles.

Aprilia’s Concept RS 660 features a unique “variable front section” which can adjust air flow direction to vary downforce.

RS 600 has a large saddle and a comfortable riding position to suit most rider sizes.Aprilia RS 660 concept is half a Tuono

It is supported by a lightweight aluminium frame and swingarm with the engine as a stressed element.

The right arm of the swingarm has a curved shape to accomodate the exhaust, while the shock absorber mount is mounted directly to the swingarm with no linkage to reduce weight.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com