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Safety recall on Aprilia Tuono and RSV4

Aprilia Australia has issued a safety recall notice for a brake issue on 2017-2020 RSV4 and Tuono 1100 motorcycles.

The official safety recall notice issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says the front brake pad friction material “could potentially separate from the back plate, resulting in reduced braking performance”.

“Reduced brake performance may result in a dangerous fall or collision, causing serious injury or death to the rider or other road users,” the notice says.

Owners should contact their authorised Aprilia dealer to book a brake pad inspection and, if potentially faulty brake pads are found, they will be replaced free of charge.

For more information, owners should contact their nearest authorised Aprilia dealer or email [email protected]

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) of the 451 affected bikes are listed at the end of this article.

2017 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR brembo brake
Tuono V4 1100 RR

Even though manufacturers and importers contact owners when a safety recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle recalls as a service to all riders.

In Australia, recall notices are issued by the manufacturer and the Department of Infrastructure through a voluntary industry code under the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

While any recall is not good news for the manufacturer, it shows that they are largely diligent in fixing problems.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

VINs of affects bikes

ZD4KG0006KS001279 ZD4KGB00XKS000566 ZD4KGA000HS001440
ZD4KG0006HS000559 ZD4KGB00XKS000423 ZD4KGA000JS001542
ZD4KG0005JS001238 ZD4KGB009KS001501 ZD4KGA000JS002609
ZD4KG0006KS001587 ZD4KGB009KS001496 ZD4KGA001JS001534
ZD4KG0006LS001767 ZD4KGB009KS000560 ZD4KGA001JS001954
ZD4KG0007JS000866 ZD4KGB009KS000557 ZD4KGA002HS001438
ZD4KG0005HS000343 ZD4KGB008KS000565 ZD4KGA002HS001441
ZD4KG0005HS000164 ZD4KGB007KS000430 ZD4KGA002JS001543
ZD4KG0004KS001586 ZD4KGB007KS000427 ZD4KGA002JS001963
ZD4KG0004JS001263 ZD4KGB006KS000368 ZD4KGA002JS002935
ZD4KG0004JS001246 ZD4KGB005KS000426 ZD4KGA003JS001549
ZD4KG0004HS000611 ZD4KGB003KS001493 ZD4KE0003HS001402
ZD4KG0004HS000561 ZD4KGB003KS000425 ZD4KGB003KS001588
ZD4KG0004HS000365 ZD4KGB002KS001503 ZD4KGB002LS002166
ZD4KG0007KS001520 ZD4KGB002KS001498 ZD4KGB002LS001664
ZD4KG0002JS000869 ZD4KGB001KS001492 ZD4KGB002KS001596
ZD4KG0002HS000364 ZD4KE0000HS001650 ZD4KGB002KS001078
ZD4KG0001JS001236 ZD4KE0000JS001802 ZD4KGB002KS000559
ZD4KG0001JS001141 ZD4KE0001HS001379 ZD4KGB001LS002174
ZD4KG0001JS001138 ZD4KE0001HS001558 ZD4KGB001LS002160
ZD4KG0001HS000341 ZD4KE0001JS001680 ZD4KGB001KS001590
ZD4KG0001HS000209 ZD4KE0001JS001694 ZD4KGB001KS001489
ZD4KE000XJS002021 ZD4KE0001JS001825 ZD4KGB000LS002165
ZD4KE000XHS000764 ZD4KE0001JS002019 ZD4KGB000LS001663
ZD4KE000XHS000652 ZD4KE0001KS003253 ZD4KGB000KS001600
ZD4KE0009JS002527 ZD4KGB001KS000553 ZD4KGB000KS001595
ZD4KE0009JS001801 ZD4KGB001KS000424 ZD4KGA00XJS002083
ZD4KE0009HS000772 ZD4KGB000KS001502 ZD4KGA00XJS001953
ZD4KE0009HS000755 ZD4KGB000KS001497 ZD4KGA00XJS001693
ZD4KE0008JS001949 ZD4KGA006HS000180 ZD4KGA00XHS001431
ZD4KE0006HS000941 ZD4KG000XJS001140 ZD4KGA00XHS001364
ZD4KE0006JS001688 ZD4KG000XHS000371 ZD4KGA009JS002611
ZD4KE0007HS000768 ZD4KG000XHS000211 ZD4KGA009HS001436
ZD4KE0007JS002526 ZD4KG000XHS000208 ZD4KGA008JS002082
ZD4KE0007JS002641 ZD4KG000XHS000161 ZD4KGA008HS001444
ZD4KE0008HS000648 ZD4KG0009JS001243 ZD4KGA008HS001430
ZD4KE0008HS001380 ZD4KG0009JS000867 ZD4KGA006HS001443
ZD4KE0008HS001539 ZD4KG0009HS000149 ZD4KGA006HS000163
ZD4KE0008JS001675 ZD4KG0008KS001560 ZD4KGA005JS001553
ZD4KE0008JS001823 ZD4KG0008HS000370 ZD4KGA005JS001536
ZD4KE0008JS002020 ZD4KG0008HS000367 ZD4KGA005JS001505
ZD4KE0008JS002874 ZD4KG0008HS000210 ZD4KGA005HS001434
ZD4KE0009HS000769 ZD4KG0007JS001242 ZD4KGA004JS003214
ZD4KE0009HS001534 ZD4KG0007HS000201 ZD4KGA004JS001706
ZD4KE0009JS002270 ZD4KG0007HS000165 ZD4KGB003KS001591
ZD4KE0009LS003275 ZD4KG0007HS000151 ZD4KE0002HS000936
ZD4KE000XHS000649 ZD4KG0007HS000148 ZD4KGB00XLS002173
ZD4KE000XHS001378 ZD4KG0005HS000150 ZD4KGB00XKS001085
ZD4KE000XJS001824 ZD4KG0003JS001139 ZD4KGB009LS002164
ZD4KE000XJS002150 ZD4KG0003HS000342 ZD4KGB008LS002172
ZD4KE000XJS002875 ZD4KG0002JS001245 ZD4KGB008LS002169
ZD4KG0000HS000198 ZD4KE0003KS003254 ZD4KGB008KS001599
ZD4KG0000HS000203 ZD4KE0004HS001652 ZD4KGB008KS001490
ZD4KG0000JS000868 ZD4KE0004JS001690 ZD4KGB008KS000369
ZD4KG0000KS001536 ZD4KE0004JS001821 ZD4KGB007LS002163
ZD4KG0001KS001285 ZD4KE0004JS001947 ZD4KGB007KS001593
ZD4KG0001KS001562 ZD4KE0004JS001950 ZD4KGB007KS001500
ZD4KG0001KS001612 ZD4KE0004KS003215 ZD4KGB007KS001495
ZD4KG0002HS000560 ZD4KE0006HS000647 ZD4KGB007KS001092
ZD4KG0002KS001280 ZD4KE0006HS000759 ZD4KGB006LS002171
ZD4KE0008HS000763 ZD4KGA006HS000177 ZD4KGB006LS002168
ZD4KGA008JS002616 ZD4KGA005JS002931 ZD4KGB006LS001666
ZD4KGA008HS001363 ZD4KGA005JS001956 ZD4KGB006KS001598
ZD4KGA007JS002610 ZD4KGA005HS000168 ZD4KGB005LS002176
ZD4KGA007JS002607 ZD4KGA004JS002936 ZD4KGB005LS002162
ZD4KGA007HS001435 ZD4KGA004JS002077 ZD4KGB005KS001592
ZD4KGA007HS001368 ZD4KGA004JS001902 ZD4KGB005KS001589
ZD4KGA007HS001354 ZD4KE0003JS001678 ZD4KGB005KS001494
ZD4KGA007HS001290 ZD4KGA004HS000534 ZD4KGB004LS002170
ZD4KGA005JS003223 ZD4KGA004HS000176 ZD4KGB004LS002167
ZD4KGA005JS002606 ZD4KGA003JS002930 ZD4KGB004LS001665
ZD4KGA005HS001370 ZD4KGA003JS002085 ZD4KGB004KS001602
ZD4KGA005HS001353 ZD4KGA003JS001955 ZD4KGB004KS001597
ZD4KGA004JS002614 ZD4KGA003HS000539 ZD4KGB004KS001504
ZD4KGA004HS001442 ZD4KGA002JS002076 ZD4KGB004KS001499
ZD4KGA003JS003219 ZD4KGA002HS000533 ZD4KGB003LS002175
ZD4KGA003JS002605 ZD4KGA001JS002084 ZD4KGB003LS002161
ZD4KGA003HS001433 ZD4KGA001HS000538 ZD4KE0002JS002644
ZD4KGA003HS001366 ZD4KGA001HS000166 ZD4KE0003HS000945
ZD4KGA002HS001360 ZD4KGA000JS002934 ZD4KE0003JS002894
ZD4KGA002HS001357 ZD4KGA000JS002089 ZD4KE0004JS001673
ZD4KGA002HS001293 ZD4KGA000JS002075 ZD4KE0004JS001687
ZD4KGA001JS002604 ZD4KGA000JS001962 ZD4KE0005HS000946
ZD4KGA001HS001446 ZD4KGA000JS001959 ZD4KE0005HS001384
ZD4KGA001HS001432 ZD4KGA000HS000532 ZD4KE0006HS001653
ZD4KGA001HS001429 ZD4KGA000HS000529 ZD4KE0006JS001674
ZD4KGA001HS001348 ZD4KGA000HS000174 ZD4KE0007HS001385
ZD4KGA000JS002612 ZD4KE0003JS002149 ZD4KE0007HS001404
ZD4KGA000HS001437 ZD4KG000XKS001561 ZD4KE0007JS001697
ZD4KGA000HS001356 ZD4KG000XJS001235 ZD4KE0008HS001430
ZD4KGA000HS001289 ZD4KG000XJS001266 ZD4KE0008HS001654
ZD4KE0008HS000651 ZD4KGA003JS001518 ZD4KE0009JS001667
ZD4KE0007JS001800 ZD4KGA003JS001504 ZD4KE0009JS001670
ZD4KE0006JS001951 ZD4KGA002JS001512 ZD4KE0009JS001698
ZD4KE0006JS001948 ZD4KGA004HS001439 ZD4KE0009JS002642
ZD4KE0006JS001822 ZD4KGA002HS000189 ZD4KE000XHS001428
ZD4KE0006HS000762 ZD4KGA001JS001694 ZD4KE000XHS001655
ZD4KE0006HS000650 ZD4KGA001JS001551 ZD4KE000XJS001693
ZD4KE0005KS003255 ZD4KGA001JS001548 ZD4KE000XKS002893
ZD4KE0005HS000770 ZD4KGA000JS001699 ZD4KG0000KS001519
ZD4KE0004HS000758 ZD4KGA000JS001539 ZD4KG0002HS000610
ZD4KE0003JS001826 ZD4KGA000JS001511 ZD4KG0002KS001277
ZD4KE0002HS000760 ZD4KGA000HS000191 ZD4KG0008KS001283
ZD4KG0008HS000563 ZD4KGA000HS000188 ZD4KG0004JS000968
ZD4KE0002HS000757 ZD4KG0006HS000562 ZD4KG0008HS000658
ZD4KE0002HS000645 ZD4KG0004HS000558 ZD4KG0004JS000971
ZD4KE0000HS000756 ZD4KG0002HS000557 ZD4KG0004KS001281
ZD4KGB009KS001594 ZD4KG0000HS000556 ZD4KG0006HS000366
ZD4KGB009KS001093 ZD4KE000XJS001676 ZD4KG0006HS000609
ZD4KGB003KS001087 ZD4KE000XHS001560 ZD4KG0006HS000657
ZD4KGB002KS001601 ZD4KE000XHS001557 ZD4KG0006JS001264
ZD4KGB002KS001081 ZD4KE0009HS001405 ZD4KG0006KS001282
ZD4KGB000KS001094 ZD4KE0008HS001556 ZD4KG0008JS000701
ZD4KGA00XJS003220 ZD4KE0008HS000939 ZD4KG0008JS001265
ZD4KGA00XHS001445 ZD4KE0007HS001533 ZD4KG000XJS000697
ZD4KGA00XHS001347 ZD4KE0006HS001538 ZD4KGA006JS001545
ZD4KGA009JS002608 ZD4KE0005JS001679 ZD4KGA006JS001688
ZD4KGA009HS001369 ZD4KE0005HS001403 ZD4KGA006JS001691
ZD4KGA009HS001355 ZD4KE0004HS001537 ZD4KGA007HS000186
ZD4KGA009HS001291 ZD4KE0004HS000940 ZD4KGA007JS001537
ZD4KGA008JS003216 ZD4KE0004HS000937 ZD4KGA007JS001540
ZD4KE0006HS000938 ZD4KE0003HS001559 ZD4KGA007JS001554
ZD4KGB000KS000561 ZD4KE0003HS001531 ZD4KGA007JS001702
ZD4KGB000KS000429 ZD4KGA003JS001521 ZD4KGA008HS001296
ZD4KGA00XHS000540 ZD4KGA006JS001531 ZD4KGA008JS001515
ZD4KGA00XHS000182 ZD4KG0008KS001610 ZD4KGA008JS001529
ZD4KGA00XHS000165 ZD4KG0008LS001768 ZD4KGA008JS001532
ZD4KGA009JS002933 ZD4KG0009KS001521 ZD4KGA008JS001546
ZD4KGA009JS002088 ZD4KG000XHS000340 ZD4KGA008JS001692
ZD4KGA009JS002074 ZD4KGA006JS001528 ZD4KGA009HS000187
ZD4KGA009JS001961 ZD4KGA006JS001514 ZD4KGA009HS000190
ZD4KGA009JS001958 ZD4KGA006HS001295 ZD4KGA009JS001507
ZD4KGA009HS000531 ZD4KGA005JS001701 ZD4KGA009JS001524
ZD4KGA009HS000173 ZD4KGA005JS001696 ZD4KGA009JS001538
ZD4KGA008JS002079 ZD4KGA005JS001522 ZD4KGB005KS000684
ZD4KGA008HS000536 ZD4KGA004JS001690 ZD4KGB007KS000685
ZD4KGA008HS000181 ZD4KGA004JS001530 ZD4KGB009KS000686
ZD4KGA008HS000178 ZD4KGA004JS001513 ZD4KE0000JS001671
ZD4KGA008HS000164 ZD4KGA004HS001294 ZD4KE0000JS002271
ZD4KGA007JS002932 ZD4KGA003JS001700 ZD4KE0000JS002643
ZD4KGA007JS002090 ZD4KGA003JS001695 ZD4KE0001HS001429
ZD4KE0002JS001803 ZD4KGA003JS001552 ZD4KE0001KS002944
ZD4KE0002KS003214 ZD4KG000XJS000702 ZD4KE0002HS001651
ZD4KE0003HS000766 ZD4KG000XKS001611 ZD4KE0002JS002269
ZD4KGA007JS002087 ZD4KGA000HS001292 ZD4KGA009JS001541
ZD4KGA007JS001960 ZD4KGA009JS001555
ZD4KGA007JS001957 ZD4KGA00XJS001533
ZD4KGA007HS000172 ZD4KGA00XJS001547
ZD4KGA007HS000169 ZD4KGA00XJS001550
ZD4KGA006JS002081 ZD4KGB004KS000689
ZD4KGA006JS002078 ZD4KGB002KS001095
ZD4KGA006HS000535 ZD4KGB000KS000687
ZD4KGB00XKS001491 ZD4KGB002KS000688

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

2019 Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory First Ride Review

The straightaway at the Mugello circuit is nearly three-quarters of a mile long, and as majestic as the Tuscan hills are the only thing I can think when I first lay eyes on the track is that it’s narrower than I expected. My brain quickly stumbles through memories of the racing lore that has been written here. All of the statistics that have been created. The hundreds of thousands of people who cram into the grounds every year, Shinya Nakano’s 199-mph crash, or Valentino Rossi being undefeated in MotoGP for seven years straight.

Then another number: 217. The number of horsepower that Aprilia claims can be produced by the new RSV4 1100 Factory. At the wheel, probably around 10 percent more than the previous RSV4, which made 185 hp on the dyno. I refocus on the straight: It’s 1.1 kilometers and I can’t see the beginning or the end because of the crests in the track. Somehow, even though I’m on the property, the mystique of Mugello is still hiding something from me. Better to focus on the bike, anyway, rather than the numbers.

Aprilia’s new superbike looks very much like the one we’ve come to know over the past decade. An angry triclops face, angular lines in the bodywork, and a tiny tailsection like a wasp’s stinger. This version is also 11 pounds lighter, thanks in part to a new exhaust system and a lithium-ion battery. The combination of matte black paint and winglet loops on the front of the fairing is the main giveaway that this is the new 1100 model, using an 81mm bore for a total of 1,078cc. (That’s the same swell the Tuono got a few years ago, but the RSV’s internals breathe harder and cool better.) Luckily another thing that hasn’t changed is the raspy baritone that fires out the pipe. We journalists have already used every hyperbole to describe what an Aprilia V-4 sounds like, so I’m not going to try again. If you’ve never heard one, just imagine the most perfect engine noise you can and you’re probably close.

RELATED: 2019 Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory And RSV4 RR First Look

As I slap my helmet visor down I remember the RSV4 has a pit-lane limiter, which can be engaged to help you feel like a World Superbike racer. In the pits, anyway. It’s also modern superbikes in a microcosm—aesthetics and technologies designed to help you feel more like your heroes—and a good reminder that simply riding within your limits is usually the best solution. Especially in the paddock. I ignore the limiter function and tap the little paddles near the left clip-on to select traction control level 3, figuring I’m at least in the 70th percentile of track riders.

The first lap around Mugello is like a cruise on a perfect country road. Beautiful and, yes, still narrow. There’s something inescapable and totally intangible about Tuscany. It’s alive with perfect greenery which is periodically pierced and fractured by villages of ancient buildings. There’s a vitality that is as vibrant and new as anything in the world, stoically punctuated by towers and walls of ashen rock that were carved hundreds of years before Columbus set sail. It’s permanent, yet somehow always fresh.

Despite the romance of the scenery, the more you open the RSV4’s throttle the more inclined you are to face forward. The added displacement seems to have stemmed the top-end rush of the old engine, by simply adding midrange thrust. It’s incredibly strong, and makes not knowing my way around the track a little less awkward. Pointing horsepower in the right direction at the right time, however, that’s always the tricky bit. As usual, the RSV4’s chassis and brakes are up for it.

Side-to-side transitions are smooth and controlled, and the top-spec Ӧhlins suspenders are characteristically compliant and supportive. Stylema brake calipers from Brembo grace the front of the RSV4 (same as Ducati’s Panigale V4), and they’ve even got fancy carbon-fiber scoops directing air at them to stay cool. There’s limitless power, but I didn’t get the typical front-end feel I’m accustomed to from Italian superbikes while bailing toward apexes on the brakes. It was a little surprising, especially considering the RSV4 has always been a model of ideal superbike ergonomics and terrific comfort under pressure.

The only other source of instability seems to be horsepower provoked. In the last 20 percent of corner exit the RSV4 1100’s steadiness was a little delicate. Initially the traction control helped me smear the rear Pirelli across the pavement, but as the bike stood up a heavy bar input or bump can jostle the chassis into pumping back and forth. There’s no reason to get off the gas, and the pure quality of the chassis reins it in quickly, but even fiddling with suspension settings didn’t get to calm down. (I’m inclined to blame, at least partially, the soft carcass of the Pirelli SC1 race tires mounted to the bike, but I can’t be sure until I try the bike with different rubber.)

Those are my two main nits to pick, which is to say there is so much that was swept under the rug of my consciousness while flying around Mugello at triple-digit speeds. The quickshifter, for one, is tuned brilliantly for the track, making up- and downshifts as seamless as they are clutchless. The bike has advanced ABS too, but I never felt a whiff of it. Sometimes the dash would blink and remind me that the latest evolution of the APRC suit of rider aids was making sure I didn’t flick myself to the moon like Valentino in the Biondetti. Maybe I wasn’t riding hard enough.

And then there’s that straightaway. By the time I was wide open exiting the final corner the bike was showing 120 mph. At the top of fourth gear, around 150 mph, the front wheel would lift gently as if nodding to the pit-lane entrance. Sixth gear came along before start-finish and around the time I was cutting across the green, white, and red stripes of pit-lane exit the dash would show around 185 mph. This is where you can’t see turn one but you tell yourself slowly that it’s in the same place it was last lap. As the bike and I cleared the crest the speedo was typically showing between 190 and 195 mph, at which point the front wheels would lift off and carry for a number of yards before plopping back on the deck and shake me to sitting up into the wind.

The best part of any racetrack is the turns, but only after the straightaway at Mugello did I feel the warmth of having experienced the circuit. It felt as emotional and enigmatic as the surrounding countryside. Some of the curves are tight and some are open, but every one seems to coax you into the next. They aren’t turns to slow you down, only to dare you to go into the next one a little faster. Each lap is a workout for the senses and totally therapeutic at the same time.

As for whether or not the winglets work, all I can say is that I don’t think every MotoGP team uses them because they look cool. What I can say for sure is that the full 18 pounds of downforce applied at 186 mph is only applied at 186 mph, so if you think they’ll change your commute, you’ll be disappointed. On the other hand, if you’re thinking that it seems like similar technology as a certain winged red bike but for $25,000 instead of $40,000, I would say there’s probably a spreadsheet at Aprilia HQ that says the same thing.

It’s a brilliant machine that takes a majestic stretch of road (or preferably a racetrack) to appreciate, and you need it for the same reason you need a pit-lane limiter. Which is to say you don’t need it. But you want it for the same reason you want a pit-lane limiter, which is because it reflects the countless days, months, and years it takes to create a machine like this. A machine that can transport you from seeing a narrow racetrack laid in an idyllic valley to tasting the flavor of world-championship bliss.

Tech Spec

MSRP $24,999
ENGINE 1,078cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC 65-degree V-4
CLAIMED HORSEPOWER 217 @ 13,200 rpm
CLAIMED TORQUE 90 lb.-ft. @ 11,000 rpm
FRAME Aluminum twin-spar
FRONT SUSPENSION Öhlins NIX 30 fork adjustable for spring preload, rebound and compression damping (stepless), 4.9-in. travel
REAR SUSPENSION Öhlins TTX 36 shock adjustable for spring preload, rebound, high-/low-speed compression damping, and ride height, 4.7-in. travel
FRONT BRAKE Dual 4-piston radial-mount Brembo Stylema calipers, 330mm discs w/ switchable ABS
REAR BRAKE 2-piston Brembo caliper, 220mm disc w/ switchable Bosch 9.1 MP cornering ABS
RAKE/TRAIL 24.5°/4.1 in.
WHEELBASE 56.7 in.
SEAT HEIGHT 33.5 in.
AVAILABLE Spring 2019
CONTACT aprilia.com

Source: MotorCyclistOnline.com

Extreme Aprilia RSV4 X for track only

Ten years after introducing the RSV4, Aprilia has produced 10 extreme RSV4 X track-only models available at €39,900 (about $A63,700).

That compares with the RSV4 RR at $25,3990 (plus on-road costs).

They will only be available online sometime in April.

RSV X extrasExtreme Aprilia RSV4 X for track only

However, the RSV4 X features MotoGP and World Superbike components and is bound to be the closest thing to a production race bike with 165kW (221.8hp) and weighing in at a mere 165kg.

One of the highlights is the Aprilia No Neutral gearbox which has neutral below first gear.

Aprilia says this allows faster upshifting from first to second and prevents accidentally selecting neutral.

It’s the same system A prolix Racing uses on its race bikes and it is the first time it has been included in a production bike.

The RSV4 X engine comes from the RSV4 1100 Factory which increased from a World Superbike-legal 996cc to 1078cc this year by boring out to 81m.

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory slims rsv4 x
Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory

In Factory trim, it produces 162kW (217hp), so the X gets an extra 5.2 ponies.

The RSV4 X sheds weight tanks to a host of carbon fibre, billet aluminium levers and pegs, shedding 12kg in all.

There is also Marchesini forged magnesium wheels shod with sticky Pirelli slick tyres and Brembo GP-4 MS front calipers paired to a set of street brake rotors with T-Drive technology.Extreme Aprilia RSV4 X for track only

Track day

Meanwhile, Aprilia Australia is celebrating the arrival of the 2019 RSV41100RF and Tuono V41100 RF model with semi-active suspension with two special Aprilia owners track day events in April.

The first is on Monday April 8 at Phillip Island Circuit and on Wednesday April 24 at Sydney Motorsport Park.

The RSV4 and Tuono V41100 range will be on show at the track days.

2017 Aprilia RSV4 RF
Knee-and-elbow-down time!

Full day track passes are available for $225 which includes a powered garage spot, 6 x 15-20 min sessions on track and access to suspension technicians and a tyre change service. Places are limited and skill levels from Novice to Racer will be catered for.

For further information or to book your place please visit the Aprilia Australia Facebook events page or contact Paul McCann (Aprilia Australia) on 0447 233 912.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com