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Indian Motorcycle plans electric EFTR

Indian Motorcycle has filed a trademark application for the name EFTR which suggests it is an Electric Flat Track Racer, with the bike possibly unveiled as early as next year.

The model name EFTR indicates it is likely to be styled on their current popular FTR 1200 model.

Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica discountsCheck out our FTR 1200 Race Replica review

This would not be the first electric motorcycle from Polaris which is the owning parent company of Indian Motorcycle.

In 2015, Polaris bought Brammo electric bikes and rebadged them as the Victory Empulse TT which I rode in Colorado that year. 

Victory Empulse TT electric motorcycle benefits smaller automatics altaMBW rides the Victory Empulse TT electric bike at its launch in Colorado in 2015

When Polaris pulled the pin on Victory Motorcycles in January 2017 to concentrate on Indian, they dropped the Empulse TT.

However, then vice-present of motorcycles Steve Menneto confirmed at the time that they would produce an electric Indian within five years.

That timeline means the EFTR could arrive in 2021.

EFTR range and price

We doubt the EFTR will be a resurrected Empulse TT, but it could have some of the same technology. (Out of interest we have included the 2015 tech specs for the Empulse TT at the end of this article.)

When he made the electric Indian announcement, Steve said their electric bikes would have up to 225km of range which is much higher range than the Empulse TT at about 140km.

Interestingly, the Empulse TT had manual transmission in an effort to make motorcycle riders feel more at home than with a twist-and-go throttle like most electric motorcycles.

we expect much the same with the EFTR.

Obviously it is too early to speculate on price, but the Victory Empulse sold in the US from $US19,999 (about $A28,500).

That is much less than the Harley-Davidson electric LiveWire which sells for almost $US30,000 overseas and could cost more than $A40,000 when it arrives in Australia late this year.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle electric highways short circuitMBW riding the LiveWire at its launch lats year in Orgeon

2015 Victory Empulse TT tech specs

Victory Empulse TT electric motorcycleVictory Empulse

  • Price: $US19,999 (about $A30,000)
  • Warranty: 5 years/unlimited km
  • Service: only when brake and hydraulic fluids are needed
  • Motor: Internal permanent magnet AC induction
  • Power: 40.2kW
  • Torque: 82.7Nm
  • Transmission: 6-speed gearbox with multi-plate, hydraulic activated wet clutch
  • Battery: 10.4 kW-hr Brammo Power Lithium Ion
  • Battery life: 15,000 cycles from nothing to full charge
  • Voltage: 103.6 volts / 117.6 volts (max)
  • Charge times: 2.0 hrs (Level I / 20 to 80% SOC); 3.5 hrs (Level II / 0 to 100% SOC); 8.0 hrs (Level I / 0 to 100% SOC)

    Victory Empulse TT electric motorcycle boardEmpulse TT battery

  • Emissions: None
  • Brakes: Dual 310mm Brembo floating disks with twin 4-piston radial Brembo callipers (front); Brembo single disk with dual piston hydraulic Brembo brake calliper
  • Top speed: 161km/h-plus
  • Suspension: Adjustable 43mm inverted forks, Adjustable direct-acting rear shock
  • Dry weight: 213 kg
  • Clearance: 185.4mm
  • Length: 206.5cm
  • Rake/Trail: 24° / 3.8”
  • Seat: 800mm
  • Wheelbase: 1473mm
  • Tyres: Continental Sport Attack II 120-70 ZR17, 58W / 160/60ZR17 69W
  • Wheels: 17” x 3.5” / 17” x 4.5”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

S&S Cycle adds modes to Indian FTR 1200

S&S Cycle has developed an Engine Control Manager system to add the engine modes of the FTR 1200 S to the base model.

In 2018, the Wisconsin company was quick to develop a full exhaust system for the just-released Indian FTR 1200 similar to the prototype model that had everyone salivating.

It cost a whopping $US1874.95 (about $A2878), so they followed up with more affordable slip-on mufflers at $US489.95 (about $750) plus various billet aluminium bits and pieces.

They claim the bike is “one of our favourite new machines”.

S&S Cycle prototype exhaust for Indian FTR 1200


The exhaust, muffler and parts must have been a success because they have now added the S&S Engine Control Manager costing $US199.95 (about $A306).

S&S Cycles ECM for Indian FTR 1200

It includes a handlebar-mounted switch that communicates with the bike’s ECM and unlocks the Rain and Sport modes previously unavailable on the base model.

Rain mode has a smooth throttle control while Sport has maximium response and power delivery.

“Simple installation and easy-to-access switch allows for quick mode changes and transforms the bike in a single click,” the say.

Indian FTR 1200

2020 Indian FTR 1200 Carbon2020 Indian FTR 1200 Carbon

  • FTR 1200 basic black for $20,995;
  • FTR 1200 S in red and grey or titanium and black for $22,995;
  • Race-Replica with Akrapovic exhaust, red frame and FTR750 flat track racer tank graphics from $24,995; and
  • Carbon at $26,995.

The Carbon is based on the FTR 1200 S  model but adds carbonfibre fenders, tank, airbox cover, and headlight and tail cowls, but not wheels.

Early this month, parent company Polaris announced their motorcycle sales were up by 2% (they never reveal actual unit sales) in the first quarter.

This is despite global motorcycle sales decreasing and Harley-Davidson sales down by 17.7%.

Polaris Industries claim it is the result of strong sales of FTR 1200 and the new Challenger liquid-cooled tourer.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Indian unveil beautiful FTR 1200 Carbon

Indian Motorcycle has unveiled a beautiful FTR 1200 Carbon version, but as suspected it is quite expensive.

It features carbonfibre fenders, tank, airbag cover, and headlight and tail cowls, but not wheels.

The Carbon costs $2000 more than the flagship Race Replica (now deleted) and a whopping $4000 more than the FTR 1200 S on which it is based.

So that’s $26,995 ride away for what amounts to a basically cosmetic update, a beautiful one at that.2020 Indian FTR 1200 Carbon beautiful

There is no performance improvement in the carbon.

In fact, the lightweight carbon fibre parts do not make it any lighter than the FTR 1200 S which s also fitted with an Akrapovič low-mount dual exhaust.

While carbon fibre wheels may have improved handling, braking, steering and wheelie-ing ability, they may have added about $3000 more.

Beautiful FTR 1200 Carbon

In fact, the only performance difference we can find it is actually has a smaller 260mm rear disc, just 5mm smaller.

Not sure if that makes a difference in performance, but it would be a shame if it did as we found in our review of the Race Replica that the rear disc is not just there for show. It works well in the gravel to dig in and steer the bike.2020 Indian FTR 1200 Carbon beautiful

Apart from the same engine, frame and suspension, the Carbon has all of the other S features such as 4.3 LED touchscreen, ride modes, cruise control, USB port, traction control, and LED lighting.

Sales figures

The Carbon model comes as parent company Polaris has announced their motorcycle sales were up by 2% (they never reveal actual unit sales) in the first quarter.

This is despite global motorcycle sales decreasing and Harley-Davidson sales down by 17.7%.

Polaris Industries claim it is the result of strong sales of FTR 1200 and the new Challenger liquid-cooled tourer.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Indian to add FTR 1200 Carbon model

Indian Motorcycle will add a Carbon version of its popular FTR 1200 model on Friday (1 May 2020), according to this YouTube video.

This time last year, we revealed that the company was planning FTR 1200 Tracker, Street and Adventure models under their Apollo program, thanks to this leaked brochure.

2020 Indian Raptor ApolloPart of the Indian brochure

Carbon copy

This carbon-clad model could be the Tracker as they pay homage to the 750 which has swept America’s flat track series over the past couple of years.

All FTR 1200 models are powered by their 90kW (120hp) 1203cc liquid-cooled V-twin.

Currently the FTR 1200 range consists of the basic model in black for $20,995 ride away and the FTR 1200 S in red and grey or titanium and black for $22,995.

From the Indian Motorcycle Australia website it appears the Race-Replica paint scheme with red frame at $23,995 is no longer available.

This Carbon model would probably take the Race Replica’s place as the flagship model with an equally “flagship” price.

There is no word on what carbonfibre bits and pieces it would have, but carbon wheels alone would certainly make it a lot more expensive than $23,995.

Indian has also released a variety of accessories packs called Tracker, Rally, Sport, and Tour.

Indian FTR 1200 adds accessoriesIndian FTR 1200 with accessories pack

We won’t have long to wait to see what the Carbon entails.

It comes after Indian Motorcycle parent company Polaris announced its sales in the first quarter were up 2% despite the crippling pandemic lockdown.

Chief Financial Officer Mike Speetzen says sales growth has been driven by new products such as the FTR 1200 and the new liquid-cooled Challenger tourer.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Independent Indian part of ‘a secret plan’

When Indian Motorcycle Australia sent a shock email to customers at 11pm on 10 January 2020 saying it was closing its four company-owned Australia stores to go to independent dealerships, it was simply accelerating a long-held secret plan.

No other market had experienced the luxury of palatial company-owned Indian dealerships which offered a heightened customer service for the revived brand. It seemed the dream run was now nearing an end.

Secret plan

However, the shock email was simply accelerating a long-held secret plan within Aussie HQ in Melbourne.

Our sources reveal that a secret plan had been hatched some time ago to quietly find alternative independent dealers to take over as leases came up for renewal.

We spoke with several current and former company employees, customers and even online rider group members who mostly agreed to talk if we withheld their identity.

The real shock to most of them was not that it was happening, but that the secret plan was accelerated and made public.

Its timing followed the resignation of Australian boss Peter Alexander and the switch at global level from Steve Menneto to Mike Dougherty. It seems the new management had a different view of how things should run Down Under.

Many in the industry and in the company, as well as customers, acknowledged that it was an excessive and unsustainable business model.

But it still came as a shock that the long-held secret plan was suddenly made public in January, reminiscent of the 2017 shock announcement that Polaris would axe the Victory brand.

However, our sources say this indie dealership move is not part of a plan to axe Indian Motorcycle.

Good future

“Indian is not going anywhere,” one senior source told us.

That stands to reason as the company has just spent millions developing the new, cleaner and more powerful liquid-cooled 1770cc Powerplus engine that motivates the new Challenger touring range and likely more models in future.

“You don’t invest that much money and then close down the brand,” the source says.

Another former employee says he can see “a good future ahead and more sales once the network expands”.

“Time will tell, but you gotta have a bigger network to sell more bikes; that’s what this business is all about,” he says.

Indian and various sources say the move to independent dealers could create a wider and more regional network of dealers, providing more customers with better access.

Nervous shockwaves

However, the announcement has sent nervous shockwaves through the industry and among customers.

“They had been trying to do it secretly; going public with the plan was not smart,” a source says.

“It leaves too many questions out there.”

It is expected other brands will seek to take advantage of the move and it is admitted by our sources that Indian Motorcycle Australia will take a big hit in sales.

“Our ownership of the dealerships was an investment in the brand,” one source says.

“There are plenty of good indie dealers out there, but I don’t think they will invest at the same level as we did.”

The Indian business model of a mix of company-owned and independent dealers has been operating since Polaris kickstarted its Victory Motorcycles brand in Australia in 2008.Victory touring USA America Sturgis motorcycle rally european boycott

Indian Motorcycle was added in 2013 after being bought by Polaris. They sold 102 Indian Chief models in their first year.

Former Indian Motorcycle executive and now a senior US motorcycle industry consultant, Robert Pandya, said the factory-owned dealership was needed to establish the brand in a new market but had now run its course.

One former employee says the Australian model set new standards for motorcycle industry.

“We raised the bar for other brands, Harley included,” he says.

Well respected

Indian Chiefs comfortable secret2014 launch of the Indian Chief Classic, Vintage and Chieftain

Indian Motorcycle Australia had substantive hubris and was so well respected by HQ in Minnesota that the relaunch of the brand was simultaneously conducted in the USA and Sydney.

Customers have expressed their concerns on various forums that they will not get the same luxury customer experience and will find it more difficult to access parts and service.

However, the official notice emphasised: “It will remain business as usual at our company-owned stores in the interim while we bring new dealer partners onboard.”

Polaris Australia boss Alan Collins said customers needed “more locations and more support”.

“Moving to an independent franchised network of dealers is more sustainable for us and our partners as we look to grow in order to meet demand, while also enabling a broader network of support and options for our customers.”

Alan said they would double their dealer network in the next two years and confirmed ongoing warranty and parts support.

It’s actually federal legislation that parts supply and warranty must continue for 10 years which is what Polaris is honouring for Victory customers.


Indian FTR 1200 Race ReplicaBrisbane Indian motorcycle shop

Indian Motorcycle Australia also said it would look after about 30 staff and try to deploy them in the new dealerships.

One former staffer says he believes current techs will find a job “reasonably quick as they’re very capable”.

“All I’m worried about are the sales staff and admin. It’s harder for them considering the current environment,” he says.

Sales trends

The current environment is certainly grim.

Road bike sales in Australia dropped 11.9% last year, slipping from the top category to second behind off-road sales.

Indian has experienced strong growth in Australia, even during the past few parlous years of motorcycle sales, but last year recorded a 3.9% decrease to 803 sales.

Meanwhile, main competitor Harley-Davidson was down 7.9% to 6462 bikes.

Globally, Polaris Industries has announced that their motorcycle division was up 7% despite a drop in four-wheeler Slingshot sales.

CEO Scott Wine claimed the increase was largely due to the new FTR 1200 and Challenger bagger.

Despite only being launched in Australia in February, the FTR 1200 price has already been discounted $3000.Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica

While other recent discounts were planned before the independent dealership announcement, the FTR range discount is a new initiative.

One former staffer admitted it looked like a desperate move to get rid of floor stock before closing its company-owned stores.

“It’s not what I would have done,” says one source.

“FTR sales were fine, but market conditions had changed. I suppose it’s moving-metal time.”

Customers have expressed concern in online forums that the discounts on top of the shock independent dealership announcement could not only affect strategic brand values but also the resale value of their bikes.

One long-time customer says Polaris will have to “manage and resurrect the brand name actively” to continue selling at a better rate than the current road bike market trend.

“Will they do that? Time will tell,” he says.


As for customer concerns about the expertise of techs, Indian Motorcycle already trains servicing staff at independent dealers, so there should be no change.

Vintage Chief rider Chris Keeble who is organising an Indian riders rally in Silverton on May 9 says she’ll “miss the signature dealerships — they were great to visit — and now I need to find someone to service my bike”.

Indian Motorcycle Chris Keeble SilvertonChris Keeble

Indian Motorcycle says it will have a totally independent network by the end of 2020.

“We plan to expand our independent network the right way, with the right people, who will represent the values of Indian Motorcycle and provide you with the service you need and deserve,” their email said.

Customers are invited to call their Indian Motorcycle Australia Customer Service Centre on 0460775949 “for a chat” or contact them via email.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Indian ups ante on FTR 1200 discounts

Indian Motorcycle Australia is extending its massive discounts to FTR 1200 in its expanded closing-down sale.

Two weeks ago they announced they were closing down their Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth company-owned stores and moving to a system of privately owned dealerships.

Then they announced discounts that last to the end of January including:

  • $3000 off accessories or apparel and free on-road costs on Roadmaster, Chief Vintage and Springfield Dark Horse;
  • $2000 off accessories or apparel and free on-road costs on FTR 1200 and Scout Bobber.

Now they are offering up to $3000 off the rideaway price on any FTR 1200 model.

This new offer is separate, ends on 31 March 2020 and cannot be used in conjunction with the previous offer.

Shame if you bought one of the above Indian models before these massive discounts were announced!

Closing down

Indian say there will be a gradual closing down of their stores throughout the year as alternative dealerships are found.

By the end of 2020, Indian Motorcycle in Australia and New Zealand will operate solely with an independent dealer network, except for Christchurch for is independently owned.

Clearing out floor stock with sales offers will help them move the process along faster.

That’s one customer benefit from closing their company-owned stores. Another benefit they claim is that it will increase the spread of dealerships throughout the country.

Company history

 stores Victory-Indian-Perth-Dealership-Artistic-Render.jpgPerth store opened in 2016

The model of a mix of company owned and independent dealers has been operating since they started in Australia in 2008 with Victory Motorcycles.

Indian Motorcycle was added in 2013 after being bought by Polaris. They sold 102 Indian Chief models in their first year.

The traditional brand has experienced substantial growth since, even during the past few parlous years of motorcycle sales, but last year recorded a 3.9% decrease to 803.

That’s still far better than the 11.9% slump in total road bike sales in Australia.

Sales should increase with the launch of the new Challenger range early this year.

Indian ChallengerIndian Challenger

In 2017, Polaris axed the Victory Motorcycle brand, but continued with the company owned stores just for Indian.

However, it was only a matter of time before they switched to the conventional system as used elsewhere in the world.

Polaris Australia boss Alan Collins said customers needed “more locations and more support”.

“Moving to an independent franchised network of dealers is more sustainable for us and our partners as we look to grow in order to meet demand, while also enabling a broader network of support and options for our customers.”

Former Indian Motorcycle executive and now a senior motorcycle industry consultant Robert Pandya said the factory-owned dealership model was needed to establish the new brand in a new market.

Alan says they will double their dealer network in the next two years.

Sydney Indian and Victory store - platforms halogenSydney Indian and Victory store

They say warranties will not be affected.

Customers are invited to call their Indian Motorcycle Australia Customer Service Centre on 0460775949 “for a chat” or contact them via email.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Major Indian recall on engine stall issue

The engine in most new models of Indian, including the new FTR 1200, could suddenly stall due to a defect in the 10 amp circuit breakers.

Indian Motorcycle has issued a voluntary recall on 465 motorcycles through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

It says the defective circuit breaker “may cause the engine to unexpectedly stop running, increasing the risk of an accident and/or injury”.

Owners will be contacted by mail to bring their bike to an authorised dealer for a free repair.

Affected bikes are:

A full list of the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for the bikes is listed at the end of this article.

Stall follows gear recall

It follows another major recall on all big Indian cruisers and baggers from 2014-19 over a problem with the gear position indicator.

This engine stall recall is only the second for Indian Motorcycle this year.

It brings the number of motorcycle recalls in 2019 to 27 plus four other motorcycle products: Harley saddlebags, a Honda Monkey bike rack, an O’Neal helmet and Avon Cobra tyres.

That compares with last year’s 37 motorcycle recalls, the second highest number of recalls in the previous 10 years: 28 in 2017, 39 in 2016, 30 in 2015, 28 in 2014, 20 in 2013, 24 in 2012, 16 in 2011, 14 in 2010 and 23 in 2009.

The most recalls this year was six for Yamaha; followed by 4 for BMW, Ducati and Triumph; Harley, Honda, Suzuki and Triumph on three (if you count the aftermarket accessories for Harley and Honda); two for Indian and one each for Kawasaki, Piaggio, KTM and O’Neal helmets.

That compares with the previous year where Ducati had 6;  Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM and Triumph 3; BMW, Harley, Husqvarna and Moto Guzzi 2, Aprilia and MV Augusta one each. There were no other product recalls.

Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

VINs of affected Indian bikes

56KCCDA A0K3379 175
56KCCDA A1K3379 203
56KCCDA A1K3379 332
56KCCDA A2K3379 789
56KCCDA A6K3377 690
56KCCDA A7K3377 696
56KCCDA A8K3379 151
56KCCDA A8K3379 330
56KCVAA A0K3377 189
56KCVAA A0K3377 483
56KCVAA A0K3377 984
56KCVAA A1K3378 576
56KCVAA A2K3376 285
56KCVAA A2K3377 551
56KCVAA A2K3377 856
56KCVAA A2K3377 906
56KCVAA A3K3377 8
56KCVAA A5K3377 981
56KCVAA A6K3377 858
56KCVAA A7K3376 976
56KCVAA A8K3377 750
56KCVAA A8K3378 557
56KCVAA A9K3376 980
56KCVAA A9K3377 255
56KCVAA A9K3377 868
56KCVAA A9K3378 82
56KCVAA A9K3379 135
56KCVAA AXK3377 40
56KCVAA AXK3378 432
56KCVAA AXK3378 527
56KRTA2 20K3150 74
56KRTA2 20K3150 141
56KRTA2 20K3150 690
56KRTA2 21K3148 222
56KRTA2 21K3150 746
56KRTA2 21K3151 86
56KRTA2 21K3152 173
56KRTA2 22K3150 13
56KRTA2 22K3150 769
56KRTA2 23K3150 120
56KRTA2 23K3150 702
56KRTA2 23K3150 974
56KRTA2 23K3152 59
56KRTA2 24K3150 692
56KRTA2 24K3150 708
56KRTA2 24K3151 3
56KRTA2 24K3152 54
56KRTA2 24K3152 71
56KRTA2 24K3152 183
56KRTA2 24K3152 846
Safety Recall I‐19‐05
56KRTA2 25K3150 992
56KRTA2 25K3151 91
56KRTA2 25K3151 527
56KRTA2 25K3152 175
56KRTA2 25K3152 855
56KRTA2 26K3150 547
56KRTA2 26K3152 170
56KRTA2 26K3152 749
56KRTA2 27K3150 718
56KRTA2 27K3150 931
56KRTA2 27K3151 982
56KRTA2 27K3152 162
56KRTA2 28K3150 131
56KRTA2 28K3150 999
56KRTA2 28K3151 98
56KRTA2 28K3152 168
56KRTA2 28K3152 753
56KRTA2 28K3152 851
56KRTA2 29K3148 999
56KRTA2 29K3149 618
56KRTA2 29K3151 93
56KRTA2 29K3152 180
56KRTA2 2XK3150 700
56KRTA2 2XK3150 731
56KRTA2 2XK3151 250
56KRTA2 2XK3151 507
56KRTA2 2XK3151 975
56KRTS2 20K3150 775
56KRTS2 20K3151 53
56KRTS2 20K3152 493
56KRTS2 20K3152 980
56KRTS2 20K3153 174
56KRTS2 20K3153 434
56KRTS2 20K3153 451
56KRTS2 20K3153 529
56KRTS2 20K3153 692
56KRTS2 20K3153 711
56KRTS2 20K3153 725
56KRTS2 21K3152 471
56KRTS2 21K3153 149
56KRTS2 21K3153 538
56KRTS2 21K3153 555
56KRTS2 21K3153 765
56KRTS2 21K3153 880
56KRTS2 22K3152 253
56KRTS2 22K3152 480
56KRTS2 22K3152 849
56KRTS2 22K3153 130
56KRTS2 22K3153 256
56KRTS2 22K3153 323
Safety Recall I‐19‐05
56KRTS2 22K3153 452
56KRTS2 22K3153 516
56KRTS2 22K3153 547
56KRTS2 22K3153 726
56KRTS2 23K3149 250
56KRTS2 23K3150 981
56KRTS2 23K3152 780
56KRTS2 23K3152 889
56KRTS2 23K3153 136
56KRTS2 23K3153 170
56KRTS2 23K3153 234
56KRTS2 23K3153 671
56KRTS2 23K3153 752
56KRTS2 23K3153 766
56KRTS2 23K3154 125
56KRTS2 24K3150 102
56KRTS2 24K3150 780
56KRTS2 24K3151 69
56KRTS2 24K3152 478
56KRTS2 24K3152 500
56KRTS2 24K3152 691
56KRTS2 24K3152 853
56KRTS2 24K3153 47
56KRTS2 24K3153 50
56KRTS2 24K3153 243
56KRTS2 24K3153 341
56KRTS2 24K3153 453
56KRTS2 24K3153 694
56KRTS2 24K3153 730
56KRTS2 24K3154 327
56KRTS2 24K3154 571
56KRTS2 25K3150 948
56KRTS2 25K3151 162
56KRTS2 25K3151 792
56KRTS2 25K3152 683
56KRTS2 25K3153 431
56KRTS2 25K3153 445
56KRTS2 25K3153 459
56KRTS2 25K3153 462
56KRTS2 25K3153 526
56KRTS2 25K3153 655
56KRTS2 25K3153 767
56KRTS2 25K3153 770
56KRTS2 25K3154 269
56KRTS2 26K3149 646
56KRTS2 26K3150 604
56KRTS2 26K3152 479
56KRTS2 26K3152 594
56KRTS2 26K3152 854
56KRTS2 26K3153 48
Safety Recall I‐19‐05
56KRTS2 26K3153 244
56KRTS2 26K3153 258
56KRTS2 26K3153 356
56KRTS2 26K3153 423
56KRTS2 26K3153 437
56KRTS2 26K3153 535
56KRTS2 26K3153 602
56KRTS2 26K3153 647
56KRTS2 26K3153 650
56KRTS2 26K3153 678
56KRTS2 26K3154 152
56KRTS2 26K3154 569
56KRTS2 27K3149 445
56KRTS2 27K3150 983
56KRTS2 27K3151 339
56KRTS2 27K3151 552
56KRTS2 27K3152 376
56KRTS2 27K3152 474
56KRTS2 27K3152 488
56KRTS2 27K3153 138
56KRTS2 27K3153 253
56KRTS2 28K3149 390
56KRTS2 28K3150 975
56KRTS2 28K3152 693
56KRTS2 28K3152 967
56KRTS2 28K3153 147
56KRTS2 28K3153 150
56KRTS2 28K3153 245
56KRTS2 28K3153 522
56KRTS2 28K3153 651
56KRTS2 28K3153 732
56KRTS2 28K3154 105
56KRTS2 28K3154 413
56KRTS2 29K3149 527
56KRTS2 29K3152 461
56KRTS2 29K3152 508
56KRTS2 29K3153 139
56KRTS2 29K3153 366
56KRTS2 29K3153 674
56KRTS2 29K3154 145
56KRTS2 2XK3149 553
56KRTS2 2XK3151 89
56KRTS2 2XK3152 761
56KRTS2 2XK3153 53
56KRTS2 2XK3153 148
56KRTS2 2XK3153 151
56KRTS2 2XK3153 232
56KRTS2 2XK3153 540
56KRTS2 2XK3153 716
56KRTS2 2XK3154 249
Safety Recall I‐19‐05
56KRTS2 50K3149 555
56KRTS2 50K3149 667
56KRTS2 50K3149 670
56KRTS2 50K3149 765
56KRTS2 50K3149 877
56KRTS2 50K3150 9
56KRTS2 50K3150 60
56KRTS2 50K3150 589
56KRTS2 50K3154 13
56KRTS2 50K3154 383
56KRTS2 50K3155 64
56KRTS2 51K3148 415
56KRTS2 51K3148 429
56KRTS2 51K3148 446
56KRTS2 51K3149 192
56KRTS2 51K3149 287
56KRTS2 51K3149 497
56KRTS2 51K3149 760
56KRTS2 51K3149 869
56KRTS2 51K3150 97
56KRTS2 51K3150 343
56KRTS2 51K3150 536
56KRTS2 51K3150 570
56KRTS2 51K3150 584
56KRTS2 51K3150 715
56KRTS2 51K3153 761
56KRTS2 51K3153 856
56KRTS2 51K3154 5
56KRTS2 51K3154 389
56KRTS2 51K3154 750
56KRTS2 51K3154 800
56KRTS2 51K3155 140
56KRTS2 52K3146 351
56KRTS2 52K3149 573
56KRTS2 52K3149 699
56KRTS2 52K3149 783
56KRTS2 52K3149 847
56KRTS2 52K3149 864
56KRTS2 52K3149 900
56KRTS2 52K3150 576
56KRTS2 52K3152 599
56KRTS2 52K3152 781
56KRTS2 52K3153 851
56KRTS2 52K3154 0
56KRTS2 52K3154 45
56KRTS2 52K3154 188
56KRTS2 52K3154 739
56KRTS2 52K3154 742
56KRTS2 53K3148 321
56KRTS2 53K3148 450
Safety Recall I‐19‐05
56KRTS2 53K3149 212
56KRTS2 53K3149 503
56KRTS2 53K3149 582
56KRTS2 53K3149 758
56KRTS2 53K3150 389
56KRTS2 53K3150 392
56KRTS2 53K3150 599
56KRTS2 53K3153 955
56KRTS2 53K3154 40
56KRTS2 53K3154 295
56KRTS2 53K3154 393
56KRTS2 54K3148 439
56KRTS2 54K3149 283
56KRTS2 54K3149 378
56KRTS2 54K3149 428
56KRTS2 54K3149 476
56KRTS2 54K3149 493
56KRTS2 54K3149 770
56KRTS2 54K3149 963
56KRTS2 54K3150 580
56KRTS2 54K3151 261
56KRTS2 54K3152 782
56KRTS2 54K3154 175
56KRTS2 55K3148 370
56KRTS2 55K3148 448
56KRTS2 55K3149 180
56KRTS2 55K3149 521
56KRTS2 55K3149 616
56KRTS2 55K3149 891
56KRTS2 55K3150 71
56KRTS2 55K3150 412
56KRTS2 55K3151 12
56KRTS2 55K3151 186
56KRTS2 55K3153 777
56KRTS2 55K3154 7
56KRTS2 55K3154 10
56KRTS2 55K3154 41
56KRTS2 55K3154 184
56KRTS2 55K3154 380
56KRTS2 56K3148 247
56KRTS2 56K3148 412
56KRTS2 56K3149 186
56KRTS2 56K3149 477
56KRTS2 56K3150 77
56KRTS2 56K3150 80
56KRTS2 56K3150 94
56KRTS2 56K3150 385
56KRTS2 56K3150 418
56KRTS2 56K3150 421
56KRTS2 56K3150 550
Safety Recall I‐19‐05
56KRTS2 56K3150 581
56KRTS2 56K3151 18
56KRTS2 56K3151 262
56KRTS2 56K3153 951
56KRTS2 56K3154 2
56KRTS2 56K3155 67
56KRTS2 57K3148 290
56KRTS2 57K3148 418
56KRTS2 57K3148 421
56KRTS2 57K3148 564
56KRTS2 57K3148 886
56KRTS2 57K3149 195
56KRTS2 57K3149 231
56KRTS2 57K3149 424
56KRTS2 57K3149 715
56KRTS2 57K3149 844
56KRTS2 57K3150 72
56KRTS2 57K3151 187
56KRTS2 57K3152 971
56KRTS2 57K3153 747
56KRTS2 57K3154 8
56KRTS2 58K3148 377
56KRTS2 58K3148 928
56KRTS2 58K3148 959
56KRTS2 58K3149 285
56KRTS2 58K3149 383
56KRTS2 58K3149 903
56KRTS2 58K3150 405
56KRTS2 58K3150 565
56KRTS2 58K3150 596
56KRTS2 58K3151 263
56KRTS2 58K3151 554
56KRTS2 58K3152 90
56KRTS2 58K3154 860
56KRTS2 59K3148 145
56KRTS2 59K3148 243
56KRTS2 59K3148 341
56KRTS2 59K3148 369
56KRTS2 59K3148 422
56KRTS2 59K3148 436
56KRTS2 59K3149 263
56KRTS2 59K3149 313
56KRTS2 59K3149 621
56KRTS2 59K3149 750
56KRTS2 59K3149 795
56KRTS2 59K3149 800
56KRTS2 59K3149 845
56KRTS2 59K3150 73
56KRTS2 59K3150 798
56KRTS2 59K3151 451
Safety Recall I‐19‐05
56KRTS2 59K3152 373
56KRTS2 59K3152 504
56KRTS2 59K3153 846
56KRTS2 59K3154 43
56KRTS2 5XK3148 445
56KRTS2 5XK3148 932
56KRTS2 5XK3149 238
56KRTS2 5XK3149 501
56KRTS2 5XK3149 806
56KRTS2 5XK3150 3
56KRTS2 5XK3150 48
56KRTS2 5XK3150 82
56KRTS2 5XK3151 264
56KRTS2 5XK3152 91
56KRTS2 5XK3152 186
56KRTS2 5XK3154 388
56KTCAA A0K3377 697
56KTCAA A1K3376 994
56KTCAA A2K3376 566
56KTCAA A3K3377 225
56KTCAA A3K3378 519
56KTCAA A3K3379 346
56KTCAA A4K3376 939
56KTCAA A4K3377 704
56KTCAA A5K3377 100
56KTCAA A5K3377 758
56KTCAA A6K3380 393
56KTCAA A9K3376 676
56KTCAA A9K3379 352
56KTCAA A9K3379 688
56KTCAA AXK3380 283
56KTCDA A0K3377 264
56KTCDA A0K3377 488
56KTCDA A1K3377 385
56KTCDA A1K3379 184
56KTCDA A1K3379 301
56KTCDA A2K3379 145
56KTCDA A3K3377 260
56KTCDA A3K3378 5
56KTCDA A3K3378 294
56KTCDA A3K3379 137
56KTCDA A3K3379 722
56KTCDA A3K3379 784
56KTCDA A4K3377 767
56KTCDA A4K3378 62
56KTCDA A4K3379 518
56KTCDA A5K3377 938
56KTCDA A6K3379 679
56KTCDA A7K3377 441
56KTCDA A7K3378 508
Safety Recall I‐19‐05
56KTCDA A8K3377 206
56KTCDA A8K3379 179
56KTCDA A8K3379 683
56KTCDA A9K3376 372
56KTCDA A9K3379 126
56KTCDA AXK3377 336
56KTCDA AXK3377 790
56KTHAA A0K3376 616
56KTHAA A1K3377 970
56KTHAA A1K3378 830
56KTHAA A1K3379 170
56KTHAA A2K3377 119
56KTHAA A2K3377 802
56KTHAA A2K3378 58
56KTHAA A2K3379 727
56KTHAA A3K3377 243
56KTHAA A3K3378 148
56KTHAA A3K3378 411
56KTHAA A4K3377 137
56KTHAA A4K3377 588
56KTHAA A4K3378 496
56KTHAA A4K3378 787
56KTHAA A4K3381 91
56KTHAA A4K3381 107
56KTHAA A6K3378 838
56KTHAA A6K3380 959
56KTHAA A7K3378 685
56KTHAA A8K3378 792
56KTHAA A8K3379 439
56KTHAA A8K3379 795
56KTHAA A9K3377 473
56KTHAA AXK3379 250
56KTHDA A0K3378 724
56KTHDA A2K3380 961
56KTHDA A4K3377 706
56KTHDA A4K3381 111
56KTHDA A6K3379 229
56KTHDA A8K3376 557
56KTHDA A8K3378 857
56KTHDA AXK3377 726
56KTHDA AXK3377 936
56KTRAA A0K3379 447
56KTRAA A0K3379 786
56KTRAA A1K3378 680
56KTRAA A1K3378 971
56KTRAA A2K3380 244
56KTRAA A4K3377 362
56KTRAA A4K3378 124
56KTRAA A4K3380 181
56KTRAA A5K3379 766
Safety Recall I‐19‐05
56KTRAA A5K3380 237
56KTRAA A6K3379 47
56KTRAA A6K3379 887
56KTRAA A6K3380 294
56KTRAA A6K3380 389
56KTRAA A7K3380 286
56KTRAA A7K3380 384
56KTRAA A8K3380 71
56KTRAA A9K3377 504
56KTRAA AXK3377 950
56KTRAA AXK3378 872
56KTREA A3K3377 19
56KTREA A3K3377 22
56KTREA A4K3376 414
56KTREA A9K3376 554

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica review

FTR stands for “flat track racer”, but even the Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica is much more than that and not the narrow-focussed bike many might think.

It arrives in Australia in three models all at ride-away prices:

  • FTR 1200 basic black for $20,995;
  • FTR 1200 S in red and grey or titanium and black for $22,995; and
  • Race-Replica with Akrapovic exhaust, red frame and FTR750 flat track racer tank graphics from $24,995.
Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica
Race Rep with Akra pipe

And right now Indian Motorcycle Australia is doing a deal where new (and previous) buyers get $2000 worth of accessories of Indian gear free.

Indian Motorcycle in Brisbane let me loose on the Race Replica to trial on the tar and dirt.

Motoring out of town I was surprised at how well the big 1200cc bike handled the tame duties of riding through traffic.

This could very well be a reasonable commuter with its high riding position and light clutch pull.

Which started me thinking that this could be more than just a flat track racer or “street tracker”.

Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica
Peter at Brisbane Indian motorcycle with the four accessory packs

In fact, Indian motorcycle has four accessories packs that turn it into a semi-tourer with some luggage capacity, a rally pack for adventure, a sport pack full of bling and a tracker pack.

It’s difficult to know where this sporty, naked road bike with some dirt capabilities sits in the market.

Here are some of the comparative bikes that went through my head as I rode around the Brisbane hinterland: Ducati Monster 1200 (from $22,990), KTM 1290 Super Duke R ($26,795), BMW S 1000 XR (from $22,850), Triumph Speed Triple R ($20,990) and Yamaha MT-10 SP ($21,499).

that’s by no means a complete list and you could probably also include some of the big adventure bikes or the wilder street fighters like Ducati’s coming V4 Streetfighter.

PowertrainIndian FTR 1200 Race Replica

The comparative bikes have a wide variety of engine configurations.

But if you love a meaty V-twin feel with plenty of torque and vibe, this 1203cc 60-degree V-twin mill should satisfy.

Now let’s go straight to the controversy over spluttering fuelling issues experienced by owners.

I didn’t experience it on my first ride as the bike was warmed up and I was eager to twist the throttle.

The issue is really evident when the bike is cold or warming up where some even say it can stall.

It’s also more evident in smooth on/off throttle riding, such as slower-speed manoeuvres.Indian FTR 1200 base and S model

There seems to be a flat spot just off idle and a lurching on constant low throttle.

The issues are very similar to those I experienced on the early Scout models.

Indian fixed that issue with a software update, so I don’t understand why they let this loose without fixing the issue first.

I found I quickly got around the issue by slipping a bit of clutch at slow speeds and just winding on the throttle a little more vigorously at other times to bypass the flat spot.

It’s more evident in the “sport” engine mode than the “standard” or “rain” modes.

Power is ok at 92kW at 8250rpm, but it runs out of a bit of puff, especially in the short first gear.

Thankfully the engine has so much grunt, you twist the throttle and slip through the gears and ride the big 120Nm wave of torque.

I love the deep and mellow tone of the Akrapovic pipes which have a devilish crackle on the overrun. (Listen to the video below through your home stereo for best results.)

While not as slick as a Japanese transmission, the six-speed box with slip assist clutch is faultless with neutral easy to find.

Despite some hard charging on test, the instruments told me the 13L tank would give me a touch over 220km of range.

Power is evenly spread across the rev range, but there is a nice bump around 3500 revs.

It sits at 3700 revs on 100km/h in sixth where you can roll on the throttle for overtaking without having to swap any cogs.

The standard model doesn’t get traction control, but the S and Race Replica do.Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica

You can turn it off in all modes, but it also turns off the ABS and wheelie control. I’d prefer a little more latitude to turn off each individually and, ideally, the option to turn off the rear ABS only for riding on dirt. 

But it’s a predictable traction control that not only saves you on wet or gravel roads, but also allows a little bit of controlled slip.

StylingIndian FTR 1200 Race Replica

This is another controversial point.

The concept production bike with its high pipe and FTR750 influences was cutting-edge, raw and manic looking. It attracted a lot of attention.

Of course the production version with its lower pipes and “plumper” belly were a little tamer. Some were disappointed.

But it still cuts a sharp figure in the urban landscape and turns heads wherever it goes, especially with its stunning LED lighting front and rear.

It’s tall with a choice of seat heights of 805mm or 840mm, but the seat is narrow allowing me at 183cm to plonk both feet flat on the ground when stopped.Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica

The seat is also very firm, but you can get a slimmer “race” seat or a more comfy touring seat option.

I found the standard seat good for a couple of hours in the saddle by which time you will be glad you are in search of a fuel stop, anyway.

The ProTaper bars are nice and wide, but a little low if you want to stand up in the saddle for off-road duties. A higher set of bars is also available.

Riding position is neutral except for the tight knee bend thanks to the high pegs. I think they could be lowered a little without any clearance issues as I never once scraped the pegs.

The mirrors are big and ugly, but could be replaced. However, they offer a good rear view with no elbows in the way or blurred images.Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica

They are just short of the wide bars but high, so lane filtering can be tricky around SUVs and utes with high and wide mirrors.

My biggest concern was the heat that comes out of the rear cylinder head which is about 30mm from the backs of my thighs.

In slow traffic and while waiting at the lights, it gets very hot. A heat shield or leather pants would be mandatory for commuting duties.

While the basic model has a single, round instrument pod, the S and Race Replica have a smart TFT anti-glare touchscreen about the size of an iPad mini with all the info you would ever need and more.

Not sure why the screen doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the pod, though.

Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica
Antiglare screen in full sun

You can personalise your info, link to your phone, change modes, monitor phone calls, and manage your music, etc.

All info is available via the touchscreen which works well with all types of gloves, or you can use three lots of controls on the instruments and bars.

The indicators are self-cancelling which is a great safety device, but they stay on a little too long. Perhaps that can be adjusted in servicing.

Like all Indian products, the quality of fit and finish is exemplary.

Surprisingly, there is some messy wiring around the triple clamp, the controls are toylike, and the ugly catalytic convertor box underneath is an eye-catching eyesore.

I’m also not too sure about the models with the isolated rear fender.

Many other bikes now have these, but the FTR 1200’s rear wheel hugger/fender is attached by massive pieces of metal and it’s all a bit too chunky.

Overall, it’s a stunning steed with thick paint and a host of options including different coloured tank panels.

HandlingIndian FTR 1200 Race Replica

This American-made motorbike comes with German-made Sachs suspension on all three models.

Standard has preload adjustment on the back, but the S and Race Replica are fully adjustable.

It feels firm around town and is stable on the highways.

On bumpy back roads and gravel roads, it’s also compliant enough to soak up the big hits and has good high-frequency damping to cope with corrugations.

The FTR rides nicely on all types of road surfaces and won’t jar your spine or jackhammer your hands.

The 43mm forks are robust and provide confidence in cornering even if the 19-inch front wheel makes steering a little ponderous.Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica

However, the weight distribution with the fuel tank located centrally and under the seat, makes it easy to change direction quickly through a series of tight esses.

The 19/18-inch tyre combo is strange and the flat-track tread pattern is handsome if a bit noisy on the highway and slightly vague when leaned over on the sharp edge.

The Dunlops were also quite slippery in the wet, although it had only just rained after a long dry spell, so the roads were very oily.

Brakes are strong and the rear is not just there for show. It works well in the gravel to dig in and steer the bike, but on those wet roads it locked up too soon and the ABS took some time to come on.


This handsome steed will turn heads while turning you on across several different types of terrain.

It’s a street tracker, a streetfighter and a mild tourer and adventurer.

Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica tech specsIndian FTR 1200 Race Replica


Engine Type

Liquid Cooled V-Twin


1203 cc

Bore x Stroke

102 mm x 73.6 mm

Compression Ratio


Electronic Fuel Injection System

Closed loop fuel injection / 60 mm bore


Peak Torque RPM

6000 rpm

Peak Torque (95/1/EC Nm)


Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica


Suspension: Front – Type/Travel

Inverted Telescopic Cartridge Fork / 150mm

Suspension: Rear – Type/Travel

Monotube IFP / 150mm


Dual / 320mm x t5 Rotor / 4 Piston Caliper


Single / 260mm x t5 Rotor / 2 Piston Caliper


120/70R19 60V


150/70R18 70V


19″ x 3″ & 18″ x 4.25″

Exhaust System




Width (INT)


Height (INT)


Weight (Empty tank / full of fuel)

225kg / 230kg





Lean angle










Fuel Capacity


Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Roadshow boosts Indian FTR 1200 deposits

A national roadshow of pre-production Indian FTR 1200 models has been deemed a success with “a number of $1000 deposits” being taken.

The pre-production models have been on show at various Indian dealers over the past month.

Indian Motorcycle marketing boss Christopher Gale says the roadshow was a success with “showrooms full of people at each event”.

The FTR 1200 will come to Australia in a basic black model for $20,995 ride away and the FTR 1200 S in red and grey or titanium and black for $22,995.

Indian FTR 1200 base and S model deposits
FTR 1200 base and S model

It will also be available in a Race-Replica paint scheme with red frame matching the FTR750 race bike starting at $23,995 ride away in Australia.

FTR 1200 Indian buyers deposits
FTR 1200 and FTR 750 flat-track racer

“We have received deposits for all models but the Race Replica has been the most popular as it most closely represents the FTR750 (race bike),” Christopher says.

There will also be several factory accessory packs available to turn the bike into a tourer, tracker, sports bike or an off-roader rally bike as shown in this video.

Refundable deposits

The FTR 1200 was deemed Motorbike Writer readers’ most anticipated 2019 model, according to last year’s readership figures.

We spoke with one enthusiastic Brisbane rider who has paid his $1000 deposit and has been told to expect to pick up his bike somewhere between July and September, “subject to a test ride”.

Christopher says all deposits are fully refundable.

Despite a recent fire in the factory’s paint department, there have been no holdups with production, he says.

More FTR models could also be on the way with a leaked brochure showing a Tracker, Street, Adventure under the name Apollo which is apparently an internal name given to the FTR family.

2020 Indian Raptor Apollo deposits
Part of the leaked Indian brochure

According to the leaked brochure, the Tracker will be released this year, followed by the Street in 2020 and the Adventure in 2021.

Indian sales

Meanwhile, Polaris has released its first quarter results showing a 10% decrease in motorcycle sales, although that also includes the three-wheeler Slingshot.

Polaris Slingshot in all-black deposits
Polaris Slingshot

They say Indian sales held firm and gained some market share.

The company claimed results were affected by “challenging weather, continued weak market trends, and increased competitive promotional spending”.

International sales were down 4% on, but up about 3% excluding the impact of currency exchange.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Indian to launch FTR 1200 Apollo models

Indian Motorcycle looks set to surprise with several new Apollo variants of its popular FTR 1200 (pictured above), as well as a new Raptor tourer and dark versions of its Scout range.

Two images have been sent to Motorbike Writer that seem to come from brochures that show the FTR 1200 Apollo Tracker, Street and Adventure models, the Raptor tourer and a MiniBall version of the Scout.

We can’t reveal who sent the images to us.

2020 Indian Raptor Apollo
Part of the Indian brochure

Indian Apollo

The big surprise is the Apollo model line-up which appears to be more variants of the FTR 1200 with its 90kW (120hp) 1203cc liquid-cooled V-twin.

The Apollo range includes a Tracker to be released this year, followed by the Street in 2020 and the Adventure in 2021.

Currently the FTR 1200 range consists of the basic model in black for $20,995 ride away and the FTR 1200 S in red and grey or titanium and black for $22,995 in June. A Race-Replica paint scheme with red frame will follow at $23,995.

Indian has also released a variety of accessories packs called Tracker, Rally, Sport, and Tour.

Indian FTR 1200 adds accessories
Indian FTR 1200 with accessories pack

Now it seems the Tracker pack will become the Tracker model this year, the Rally will become the Adventure and probably the Sport will be the Street.

What we can’t work out is why the new FTR 1200 models are called Apollo.

Indian Raptor

Indian apollo raptor
Spy photo

Last week we posted the above spy photo of the front half of a fixed-fairing Indian tourer which seems to suggest they would challenge the Harley-Davidson Road Glide.

Indian Motorcycle asked many websites to remove the spy photos of the then-unnamed tourer which only gave more credence to the rumour.

Now a full-length photo of the bike has been supplied.

2020 Indian Raptor Apollo
New spy photo from brochure

We thought the tourer could be named after one of the trademarks Indian’s recently for: “Indian Renegade”, “Indian Raven” and “Indian Challenger”.

However, the new brochure images seems to show that it will be called Raptor and will be powered by a 90kW (120hp) liquid-cooled 1770cc engine.

It is believed the quad-valve engine was originally developed as the Victory Freedom V2 before Polaris axed the brand in 2017.

According to the images, the bike will be released in August this year.

Scout MiniBall

2020 Indian Raptor Apollo
Part of the Indian brochure

The brochure image is cut off and doesn’t provide full info on the Scout MiniBall, so we can only surmise.

We can see the word “Ball” which appears to be part of a bigger name, plus “MiniBall”.

Victory used to have 8-Ball models which were black versions, like a black eight ball in pool.

So we may assume these are blacked-out versions of the Scout.

We suspect there is an 8Ball version of the 1133cc Scout and the MiniBall is the blacked-out version of the 999cc Scout Sixty which we don’t get in Australia anymore.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com