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1947 Salsbury Model 85 Scooter: Drool-Worthy Dreamboat Could Be Yours

Ageless aerodynamics. 

Absolute cupboard of a caboose. 

The putter of perfection. 

All this and more could be yours for a minimum bid of $8,000. 

Am I kidding? Nope. Say hello to the Jetson family, folks.

BringATrailer has 3 days left on a bid for a vintage firetruck-red 1947 Model 85 scooter, and I’m digging the dynamics. What other scooter can brag gas/brake pedals, a spring-cushioned solo seat, and 1.5 cubic feet of storage capacity?

According to a report from RideApart, Salisbury started up with their scooter line in the 1930s, when post-Depression Americans were looking for a cheap commute. Amelia Earheart, female pilot, and icon of the times, was said to have served as an inspiration for Salsbury’s spiffy style.

And that’s not all. Style came with speed, even back then. The scooter’s top velocity is due to the 320cc fan-cooled, 6 hp side-valve motor and maxes out at a hair-raising 50 mph – pray you don’t hit the speed bumps the wrong way. 

black and white photo of a Salsbury Model 85, 1947

worker holding up examples of patented solid-state batteries

The Model 85 was acquired by its current owner in 1996 and has since been refurbished with chrome detailing, paint touch-ups, and a fine-tuned CVT – in this case, ‘CVT’ standing for ‘Constant Velocity Transmission,’ not ‘Continuously Variable Transmission,’ as is true for most modern CVTS with a hand throttle. 

Additional perk: only 1000 units of this model were made, with precious few remaining in such good shape. They sold for $800 back then, so the full accounting for inflation tips the scales at a neat $9500.  

It’s a bargain, and you know you want it – if only to putter about town and make your neighbors jelly.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

FOR SALE: 1946 Norton Model 18

A Piece of History In the Making

Norton has made a big splash into the motorcycle world with their resurgence and ‘rise from the dead’ after the 120+ year-old company went out of business for what seemed like decades. The company relaunched twelve years ago and has already run into numerous issues during the production of their upcoming models. If you looked at the company’s woes now, it would be hard to gauge where they used to be; once a highly successful motorcycle brand with a decorated trophy-case full of race victories across the decades.

This 1946 Norton Model 18 is a perfect example of what you would get from a Norton motorcycle over sixty years ago. This 1946 Model 18 in specific is up for auction on bringatrailer.com with a clean Washington state title under the name of the current seller.

On the technical side, his motorcycle features an air-cooled 490cc single-cylinder engine married to a four-speed transmission for propulsion and drum brakes for when you inevitably need to come to a stop. Although the front end of the motorcycle has a girder fork for suspension, the rear end of this motorcycle leaves you with a simple sprung seat to absorb the roads harsh surfaces.

KTM 450 SX-F Factory

This Model 18 is finished in silver and chrome parts mounted to a black frame. Although this motorcycle looks straight out of 1946, the bike has undergone some changes to keep it safe and reliable with ie inclusion of newly painted fenders, updated hand controls, a transmission overhaul, a new exhaust system, and a few more updates. 

The bike displays 13,000 miles, but the total mileage is unknown. If you’re eager to get your hands on a piece of Norton Motorcycle history before they begin to unravel their own future with the next lineup of bikes coming out, this Model 18 can be yours if you act fast and bid on it at bringatrailer.com. The bids currently sit at $3500 at the time of writing this article, and the auction currently has 7 days remaining until it’s finished.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

FOR SALE: 1976 Ducati 750SS

The Grandfather of Cafe Racer

If you plan on building a cafe-racer styled motorcycle in 2020, It’s probably going to look something like this Ducati 750ss, sans fairings. Why build one, when you don’t have to? This 1976 Ducati 750SS is an extremely rare, cafe-ready dream bike with its elegant styling and deep heritage.

This bike comes mostly original, with the only addition being the Wilcox aluminum fuel tank and new ties. The bike still comes with its original tank if this paint matched addition isn’t the one for you. The bike has the original front fairing, solo seat, clip-ons, rearsets, and triple disk brakes.

The 748cc Ducati L-twin is the mastermind behind the bike, with the five-speed original transmission aiding with enough gears to have some fun with the 63 total horsepower.

What makes this motorcycle so special? Perhaps the fact that less than 300 of these were ever produced, with zero of them reaching US shores. Of the 28,000km shown on the odometer, the seller claims to only have put on around 500 of them.

At the time of writing, this rare piece of Ducati history is currently sitting at $25,000 with 3 days left in the auction on bringatrailer.com. The motorcycle is in great condition and would be a valuable addition to the arsenal of any avid Ducati collector.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

FOR SALE: 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty Edition WITH ONLY TWO MILES!

Two Miles, 18 Years of Age

Finding a ~20-year-old motorcycle with zero (or two) miles on the clock should be near impossible for many. Especially if you want a special edition Ducati with as few miles as possible. With two miles I can almost guarantee this motorcycle has never hit a public road in its entire life. Those miles are probably from pushing it by hand from point a-to-b in its 18-year life.

This extremely low mileage Ducati Monster S4 is a special edition tribute from the factory for World Superbike Champion Carl Fogarty and has only seen two total owners in its life. Carl Fogarty is one of the most successful World Superbike racers of all time, with the second-highest number of race wins (59) and four total world championship winnings. That means this motorcycle is not old rare, but special as well.

This Monster S4 features a powerful 916cc L-twin Ducati engine (producing 110 horsepower) married to a six-speed standard transmission. Due to it being a special edition, the bike is decorated with carbon fiber body parts, Brembo brakes all-around, Marchesini wheels, and a special custom suspension allowing for an extra 20mm of height on the bike due to the 43mm Showa front fork and dual-sided swingarm.

The bike has a custom livery by Aldo Drudi with Foggarty’s nickname, “Foggy”, adorned to the bike in scripts. The paint job also features Foggy’s signature eye logo on the fuel tank.

The bike has been kept in perfect condition, comes with a fluid flush, new battery, red bike cover, spare keys, and a clean Pennsylvania title in the seller’s name.

The bike is sitting with a current bid of $4200 with 7 days remaining on the bringatrailer.com auction. This will probably be one of your only chances to own a 2-mile special edition Ducati Monster, so if this is something right up your alley I’d hop on it before someone else does. Opportunities like this don’t come by often.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

FOR SALE: 1972 Triumph Trackmaster Road Race Replica

What’s cooler than a classic motorcycle modified in modern times to accommodate a race-oriented look and style? The same thing, but with the modifications actually being done during the period of the initial sale.

Many custom motorcycle builders chase the cafe-racer or traditional race look when taking modern or vintage motorcycles and retrofitting them with new parts to refresh the bike and give it a new life. This isn’t the case with this 1972 Triumph Trackmaster.

This bike was modified way back in the ’70s when it was new and was fully restored in 2001 by its current owner after buying it from a collection in 1991.

The engine is a 750cc parallel-twin that was taken from a ’69 TR6R and married to a five-speed gearbox. What makes this a racebike? The Trackmaster frame, racing fairings, and all the performance add-ons a 1970’s racer could dream of. 

The engine has been modified with Mikuni carburetors, a full racing exhaust system, an alloy fuel tank for added weight reduction, clip-on handlebars and rear sets, original Grimeca triple-disc brakes, and a Ceriani fork with Works shock to top it all off. 

You won’t be able to ride this motorcycle on public roadways in its current shape, as its been fully kitted for the racetrack and features a headlight, signal, and taillight delete to keep it track-spec.


The total mileage is unknown, but the bike comes with an Oregon bill of sale and I would assume it has a clean title otherwise it would be specified in the bringatrailer.com ad.

This may be one of the most beautiful period-correct replica racebikes I have ever seen, and it could be yours if you act fast and win the auction found on bringatrailer.com. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that this motorcycle will fetch quite a pretty penny, as bids currently sit at $7000 USD with 4 days remaining on the auction as I type this article.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

FOR SALE: 1986 Suzuki RB50 GAG Auction

Awww, It’s So Cute

I think Honda Grom’s are super cool. I have a few friends with their Grom’s kit out for stunts with custom bars, cages, exhausts, and the works. Although I have some personal experience with them though, Grom’s and other mini-bikes are still quite a niche vehicle here in North America outside the enthusiast subsection. The same goes for small cars though, they’re very popular in Europe but here in NA there are other options that typically garner most people’s attention instead.

For those in the mini-bike camp, here is the crowned jewel awaiting your purchase. A rare 1986 Suzuki RB50 GAG. The motorcycle lived a very short life with only being manufactured for two years and seeing low sales, so you can bet this is the perfect bike to stow away in a corner and let collect value for the next few years (because it small and doesn’t take up much space… funny, right?). Or ride the heck out of it, to each their own.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750

As you can see, the tiny bike was carefully modelled after its big brother, the 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750. 

The bike has been appraised between $5,900-$7,100 USD and will be going up for auction at the Zoute Sale in on October 11th, in Belgium.

yard built back to the drawing board

The motorcycle is so rare it’s honestly difficult for me to find proper video footage to show you guys what the bike is like, but here’s a great one from Youtuber ‘memories created’ taking it for a spin around the block.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com