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Brits rate GOR best motorbike road

The Great Ocean Road along Victoria’s spectacular southern coastline has been rated the world’s most recommended motorcycle route, according to a British online insurer survey.

Confused.com consulted Adventure Biker and other motorbike enthusiasts to pick the top five most breathtaking motorbike routes and the hottest meeting points for bikers around the world.

We agree that the Great Ocean Road is simply one of the most stunning roads in all the world; our version of California’s iconic Big Sur which came in at  number three.

However, this heritage-listed road is simply too popular and you may find yourself caught behind tourists unaccustomed to driving on the left side of the road, grey nomads plodding along in Jaycos, cyclists on their own Tour de Chance and novice motorcycle riders unfamiliar with the roads. 

Even tackling this road midweek won’t guarantee a smooth run. It’s busy almost every season, almost every day.

However, there is no denying its beauty with the road rated the second-most Instagrammed road trip in the world behind the famous Route 66.

Tokyo Motor Show Yamaha Display

To find the most picturesque biker routes around the world, researchers paired up with motorbiking enthusiasts to map out the ultimate biker bucket list.

These are their most recommended routes around the world:

Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road
  1. The Great Ocean Road, Australia: Enjoy the beautiful landscape on this 290km-long route from buzzing Melbourne to quaint Peterborough, catching views of shoreline rainforests, limestone pinnacles and surfing beaches on the way.
  2. Cape Town Circuit, South Africa: If you prefer mountain views and desert landscapes, this 1700km-long route will take you from beautiful seaside Cape Town into the deserts of South Africa, offering great picture opportunities and a chance to see the Little Karoo Mountains.
    Big Sur Harley-Davidson touring USA America california rules dead-end route
    Big Sur
  3. Pacific Coast Highway (Big Sur), California, USA: A classic known to many, the quiet route from San Diego to San Francisco lets you soak up beautiful beach views with an unforgettable experience: crossing the all-famous Golden Gate bridge
  4. Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam: This 1900km ride will take you from Hanoi to Da Lat. It boasts rocky hills, Laos’ longest bamboo bridge and winding dirt roads for the full journey
  5. Troll Ladder, Norway: While this route is only 55km long, this mountain range isn’t one for the faint-hearted. If you head over to Rauma, you can expect 11 tight hairpin bends, a nine-degree descent and incredible views from the top

The new Brit study also lists the top biker hotspots such as Harley’s Milwaukee museum, plus the UK’s biker capitals and best routes.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Aussie bike travel company restarts

Just eight months after the COVID pandemic claimed Australian bike travel company Compass Expeditions, they are restarting in 2022.

Bikes Abroad owner Brent Thomas and business partner Ben Willcox have bailed out the 13-year-old company and plan to release 2022 worldwide tour dates later this year.

When Compass Expeditions boss Mick McDonald reluctantly closed the company in June last year, he decided to fully refund all deposits for all future tours.

“We essentially ran out of money to continue the business but with these new financial partners we can go again,” Mick says.

“While some of our competitors mocked our unbusinesslike decision (to offer full refunds), we knew it was the ethical thing to do. 

“The outpouring of support was stunning; we received endless emails, texts, and phone calls with some actually in tears at the news of our demise. 

“We will never forget the words of encouragement and support that was shown to us, the Compass family, it was incredibly touching.” 

Brent and Ben have since stepped up and invested in the company to keep it going.

Mick will retain an interest in the business and continue to drive Compass Expeditions along with some of the other former staff. 

Tokyo Motor Show Yamaha Display

“We are so looking forward to once again visiting the amazing places we once rode and we look forward to catching up with Isaac, the Vic Falls Hotel gardener in Zimbabwe; Baktygul, the gracious B&B owner in Kyrgyzstan and the effervescent Otgoo, the manageress of the ger camp at Khovsguul Nuur, Mongolia,” their press statement says. 

“The list of wonderful friends, peoples and experiences is endless. 

“One thing remains certain however, despite a year of doom and gloom the world still remains an amazing place full of incredible people that will be desperate for us to return and return we will.” 

Mick says they have decided not to have a rental fleet in Australia anymore instead focusing solely on the tour side of the business so are selling everything at bargain prices on 13 March 2021.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Bike travel author holds virtual book talk

Even the pandemic can’t stop world motorcycle travel author Heather Ellis.

The Aussie rider will share her inspirational travel experiences by motorcycle through Africa and the Silk Road on an online author talk at 11am next Saturday (12 Dec 2020) through the Snowy Monaro Regional Library.

“‘I really miss speaking in person, but due to COVID, libraries still can’t hold author talks,”  says the two-time book author.

“The great thing about being on Zoom is people can attend from anywhere, learn about my travels and ask questions. 

“Hopefully, we can all be back to travelling again next year.”

Heather is the author of two travel memoirs: Ubuntu: One Woman’s Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa (Black Inc., 2016) and Timeless On The Silk Road: An Odyssey From London to Hanoi (Phonte Publishing, 2019).

Ubuntu details Heather’s epic motorcycle journey from south to north Africa from 1993 to 1994. Timeless On The Silk Road is about her solo motorcycle odyssey along the fabled Silk Roads of antiquity. 

Both her memoirs are filled with survival-against-the-odds adventures that unfold as deeply spiritual journeys of personal growth that resonate with all who read her books. Both books are listed as bestsellers on Amazon.

Heather’s background includes time as a child living on a sheep station in Australia’s outback where she learnt to ride a motorcycle, made friends with the local Aboriginal children and developed a love of the desert. 

Years later, while working as a radiation safety technician at a uranium mine, Heather realised her ambition to travel the world by motorcycle. 

WYLD Electric Chopper

First Africa, then Central Asia and has plans to ride the Americas and beyond in later years.

Ubuntu: One Woman's Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa by Heather Ellis epic
Heather on her African adventure

After her travels, Heather worked as a journalist for News Ltd and for international development agency Plan International. 

She is a professional public speaker and is presently working in communications while exploring her emerging passion for screenwriting. 

Heather lives in the Yarra Valley, near Melbourne, with her three teenage boys.

MEAP independent Heather Ellis non her Thruxton millions online survey
MEAP independent Heather Ellis on her Thruxton
  • What: From Africa To The Silk Road – Virtual Author Talk
  • When: 11am AEDT (Sydney, Australia), Saturday, 12 December 2020
  • How: Click here to register. This presentation will be broadcast online using Zoom. When you register you will receive the link to join.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

When Trans-Tasman travel returns then New Zealand beckons…

New Zealand Motorcycle Touring

By Peter Thoeming ‘The Bear’

It might still be a ways off, but the trans-Tasman travel bubble will happen eventually and we’ll be able to visit New Zealand once again to ride those wonderful roads and enjoy the company of our Kiwi compatriots. Somewhere I have a t-shirt I bought in Auckland that says, “I don’t care who wins as long as Australia loses” but they’re really not that bad.

Honda Africa Twin - Image by Trevor Hedge
Honda Africa Twin in NZ

The temptation is going to be to spend your time in the South Island, particularly riding the Arthur’s, Lewis and Haast passes and hanging around Queenstown, with an excursion across the Crown Range Road. I can’t say I’d blame you; all of those are among the destinations I’d tackle, as well. But there is more to New Zealand than that slice of the South Island.

Ride NZ on the Africa Twin
Riding NZ on the Africa Twin

Two summer roads for anyone who likes to get off the tar are the Rainbow and Molesworth roads. They both begin in Hanmer Springs; one ends near Blenheim, the other near St Arnaud. Some will tell you they’re hard going, but I met a couple of learners who did the Molesworth on Groms.

Just in case you thought you might not be welcome in Karamea, this is at the pub.
Just in case you thought you might not be welcome in Karamea, this is at the pub.

A short but very enjoyable run out of Christchurch is Akaroa, a Frenchified little town with good cafés, on the edge of an ancient volcanic crater.

Honda Africa Twin
Riding New Zealand’s South Island is sublime

On the other side of the island, many motorcyclists turn right just before Westport after riding the admittedly brilliant SH6 up the coast. Take a little extra time and continue the hundred kilometres up the coast to Karamea. You’ll find some superb riding over Karamea Bluff and a pleasant overnight stay at the Last Resort and Café.

Even out on the Forgotten Highway (partly gravel) there’s a pub.
Even out on the Forgotten Highway (partly gravel) there’s a pub.

But let’s not forget about the other island. While it sometimes seems as if all the motorcycle rental places are in Christchurch, you can find rentals in Auckland as well.

Plenty of option for touring around the New Zealand North Island

Head over to the relatively quiet roads of East Cape by way of the Coromandel Peninsula with its tourist attractions, or ride south instead to New Plymouth and then inland by way of the Forgotten Highway. That will take you to the volcanoes that dominate the island.

The Coromandel also has some nice coastline that can be ridden

If you like motor-type museums, drift south by way of the optimistically (or is that pessimistically?) named Desert Road to Waiouru for the QE2 Army Museum and onward to Paraparaumu for the amazing Southward Car Museum which has a few remarkable motorcycles, as well.

Honda Africa Twin
Riding New Zealand’s South Island is sublime

Too much for one trip! Plan at least two.

Plenty of great country pubs can be found on both Islands

Want to take your own bike?  Then speak to GetRouted.com.au as nobody knows more about shipping bikes across the Tasman than Dave!

Ship your bike to NZ with Get Routed

Source: MCNews.com.au

Motorcycle Rides You Should Try In Canada

Canada is the world’s second-largest country with a landmass of 9.1 million square kilometers. This country is located in North America and attracts millions of tourists every year. If you are a fan of coastlines, you will also come across the longest coastline in the world as it shares its borders with three oceans; the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific.

Canadians love fine things, and you can find them having fun on their coastline, trying their luck in an online casino, or observing various cultural events all year round. Canada is an attractive country for riders as it boasts of about 415,000 kilometers of paved blacktop. The following are some of the best motorcycle rides in the country.Canada

Ride Lake Superior

Everyone who wants to take a bike ride through Canada should include this route in their bucket list. Lake Superior is the world’s largest freshwater lake, and riding along it allows you to interact with nature at its best. The route is perfectly done and can accommodate different riding styles. The hotels along this route have parking spots for motorcycles, making it easy to catch your breath or have a quick bite. It is the best ride if you are looking for a long ride and something memorable.

Ice Fields Parkways/ Bow Valley

This ride along the Alberta’s Rocky Mountains is one of the destinations you cannot afford to miss. The 400km ride wades through stunning vistas, waterfalls, mountain views, the amazing Columbia Ice fields, and glacial lakes. You will also ride through the popular mountain towns of Lake-Louise, Jasper, and Banff.

The Cabot Trail-Nova Scotia

This 300km stretch is located in the Maritime province of Nova Scotia. The ride will end around the northern tip of Cape Breton Island. Some of the beautiful sceneries you will encounter when riding through the Cabot Trail include old-growth forests, stunning ocean vistas, and rock walls. If you are an adventurous person, you will enjoy curves within the rugged coastline and elevation changes.Canada

Ride the Edge

The ride is scenic, and the roads are in their best shape. The towns along this ride are friendly to tourists as they have all the foods you can dream about. You will come across Ontario’s cottage country, where McMansions are the dominant buildings that cover the lakeshores. You can use two routes; the Small Loop and Big Loop if you are coming from Vermont, New York State, Ohio, or the Golden Horseshoe.

The Haines Highway

It is the perfect ride for those who like to wade through a wild route. The 240km stretch follows the ancient routes used by the prospectors of the Klondike Gold Rush and Chilkat Tlingit traders. Expect to come across grand views of alpine tundra, coastal forests, and glaciated mountains as you ride through this route.

The Kananaskis Trail Alberta

It is one of the best trails if you want something scenic just outside the city of Calgary. The area is snowy during the winter months, which makes it unfit for riding. You will come across the Rocky Mountains, the Peter Lougheed provincial park, and the Kananaskis Range as you ride through this trail. You will also enjoy the views of crystal clear rivers, the emerald green lakes, wildlife, and snow-capped peaks.

The Confederation Bridge

This bridge links Northumberland Strait, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. The Confederation Bridge is the world’s longest bridge crossing over ice-covered waters. The smell of salty water is something that you will not forget as you go through its curves. You will also enjoy the view of fishing boats while riding through the ‘Fixed Link.’Canada

The Sea-to-Sky Highway

The ride is characterized by descents, climbs, and mountain and ocean views, which explains its name. Snow-covered peaks characterize the winter months. The ride will take you through Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton, and Lillooet. You will come across runway lanes and brake check pullouts as you ride through this amazing route.

The Pacific Rim Highway

The adventurous will enjoy blind corners, twistiness, beautiful forests, descents, and climbs. You can feel the breeze of the ocean from the Ucluelet and Tofino junction. You can explore the beach or even enjoy various camping grounds on this route.

We have not covered every motorcycle stretch in Canada, but the above are some of the best. You can stopover in various hotels, spin a few slots in a kaszino or, even go on a shopping spree as you cool down after a good ride. Familiarize yourself with the riding rules in this country to ensure that you are on the good side of the law.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Top five best motorcycle riding routes for couples in the UK

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast looking for someone compatible? Did you know you can meet a diverse range of potential partners via your web browser? Joining a dating site is a convenient way of introducing yourself to other bikers. Once you’ve struck up a rapport, how about cementing your relationship by taking to the open road? If you’re in the UK, here are five of the best riding routes you should consider according to experts from quickflirt.com.

Coasting by the Giant’s Causeway, Co Antrim

The road winding its way along the Antrim coast on the east side of Northern Ireland, or the A2 to give it its more prosaic title, is a wonderful route for any romantically-inclined motorcycle enthusiasts. Commencing at Larne, the ferry port for the mainland, this journey will take you through picturesque scenery, with tranquil villages and rolling glens on one side, and the Irish Sea’s North Channel stretching on the other. What makes this roadway all the more impressive is the fact it dates back to the mid-19th century when the laborers had to hack and blast their way through the often rugged coastline.

Zig-zag around the Peak DistrictUK travel tourism couples

The A537 is a winding road that skirts the Cheshire and Derbyshire border, through some of the English Midlands most stark scenery. Known to the motorcycling fraternity as the ‘Cat and Fiddle’ road, after the well-known pub that sits amidst this landscape (actually the second highest in the whole of England), you can commence your sightseeing jaunt in Buxton, and finish in Macclesfield, 11.5 miles later. Be warned, these country roads can be treacherous, so observe the Highway Code at all times (and the speed cameras.)

A Highland fling

Another riding route with an excellent reputation, the aptly-named North Coast 500 consists of a 516-mile roadway around the point where the Scottish Highlands plunge to the coastline. The scenery here is craggy but beautiful, the round journey kicking off at Inverness Castle before taking in many of Scotland’s most popular tourist hotspots – John O’Groats, Ullapool, Dornoch, and many more. One of the highlights is the stretch that skirts Loch Ness, the deepest waterway in the UK, and home to a mythical monster.

Way Out West

If you’re looking for a welcome change from weatherbeaten hills and craving some flatlands, make for the English West Country. The main section of this riding route follows the A3123 to Berry Down Cross, a Devon village linked to the Bronze Age (2,500 to 800 B.C.). Elsewhere, there are stunning clifftop views in the direction of Wales, with many interesting locations for a pit-stop. If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Devon, there are ample outlets serving delicious local delights to satisfy any couple enjoying a romantic break. The cream teas are the stuff of legend, and once you’re ready to retire of an evening, you must sample one or two glasses of home-fermented cider.

Skirting the North Sea

Your route commences at Skegness, a popular visitor destination on the Lincolnshire coast. With the North Sea on your right-hand side, you and your partner can set off across the Lincolnshire Wolds, an area of stunning natural beauty, before making for the Humber Bridge. Although there are twisty sections, it is generally quiet, the road itself well looked after. Highlights of the journey include Flamborough Head, a lover’s paradise on the Yorkshire coast, and the seaside resorts of Scarborough and Whitby, further up the A171. Keep an eye out for hidden dips, but when the time comes to park up and settle for the night in cozy accommodation, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

4 American Roads for Motorcycle Rides to Visit Historic Places

(Contributed post for our North American readers)

Few feelings come close to that of the wind blowing across your face as you plow through the country’s routes on your motorcycle. You get to take in the amazing sights and scenery as you ride to an epic adventure. The American dream encompasses freedom, and for many bikers, nothing spells free than a great ride on the road. Are you up for finding adventure? Then you need to indulge in a popular motorcycle road travel on your motorcycle and take your time to explore what the USA holds.

Visiting museums, monuments, and other popular sights is an avenue to fully experience and appreciate the national culture. Also, it’s enlightening for students, especially scholars writing an assignment or essay examples about an attraction. Here are historic and educational places you can visit with amazing motorcycle roads that heighten the experience.

The Lincoln Memorial Via US Route 50

One of Washington DC’s finest destinations is the Lincoln Memorial. You get to see the masterpiece of French sculptor Daniel Chester in all its glory. The memorial is dedicated to one of the nation’s greatest heroes, Abraham Lincoln.

Students are no strangers to the works of the 16th president of the USA, as his contributions to the country are a popular topic in history class. Many students can give you facts about Lincoln, his age, family, social background, and even map the road to the Lincoln house. It’s rare to find a student who hasn’t written essays on Abraham Lincoln in their school year. If you need help with study, you can find accounts of his life and impact on society from essay samples about Lincoln.

Taking US Route 50 to Washington DC is one of the most exciting motorcycling adventures in the country. The road spans approximately 3000 miles entering the District of Columbia from Arlington, Virginia. The route grants you access to many of the USA historic places other than the Lincoln Memorial. You can visit the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, White House, and more.

Ride Through the Path of the Civil War Through Blue Ridge Packway

Ultimate Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway

The American Civil War is a part of history that helped shaped society as we know it today. Blue Ridge Pathway gives you the chance to explore sites of this historical battle while savouring breathtaking scenery on your motorcycle. North of this mountain route, along its Virginia sections, is several Civil War sites. Also, this area features low numbers of trucks, if you were to encounter any, it would be those of the two service stations in the area.

Remember to take the time out to enjoy the routes famous sweeping curves. It’s to the southern part of this motorcycle road as nature teases your senses with its delight up until Ashville, North Carolina. A speed limit of 45 mph means you’ll get to soak in the surreal environment with that low rustling breeze sweeping over your face.

Visit Mount Rushmore Via the Central Hills Loop Road

If you went through some essay samples about historic monuments, Mount Rushmore is an attraction that shows up on many write-ups. Thanks to Central Hills Loop road in along South Dakota, you get to enjoy a delightful motorcycle ride to see the wonder. Few routes make for an enjoyable ride in reverse, but the Central Hills Loops aces this feature.

This motorcycle road packs the best features of every seasoned bikers dream. Though the tight turns and multiple elevations may not be thrills suited for beginners, they are a dream come through for seasoned motorcyclists. Visit the area to see the masterpiece depicting 4 of the USA finest president, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. The sculpture took almost a decade and a half to create, and with carvings ending in 1941.

Though Mount Rushmore is the stand out monument, as it would be in any other region of the world, you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss its other attractions. Travelling along this route will take you through the cultural town of Keystone and one of nature’s finest spots, the Custer State Park.

Touring the Historic Route 66Route 66 Tours test ride a harley

There aren’t too many routes that bask in the spotlight by being a historic attraction itself. This reason makes Route 66 a cut above others. It span length sits at approximately 2,448 miles between Los Angeles and Chicago. This motorcycle route is rich in history some of which include the following.

  •       Being among the first set of paved highways commissioned by the USA government;
  •       Served as a route for West migrants;
  •       Was the title name for a popular 60’s TV show.

This route makes for an amazing motorcycle ride with numerous attractions littered along the path. Also, you can take a quick detour to visit the eye-catching Grand Canyon. The popularity of motorcycle travel in the area had lead many business owners to create parks, restaurants, and more to ensure travellers have a good time.

Final Thoughts

The USA has a rich and unique culture, with many existing historic moments, places, and more telling its tale. Take the time to visit these cultural attractions on your motorcycle to enjoy not just the thrills of the journey, but also create your adventure story along the way. 

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Motorcycle tours become electrified

Range and recharging times may still be an issue for electric motorcycles, yet it looks like the motorcycle travel industry may become electrified.

A few years ago, Eidelweiss Motorcycle Tours in Europe started hiring electric Zero motorcycles, although it appears that is no longer the case.

Perhaps they had too many customers running out of charge a long way from home!

However, that hasn’t stopped Swedish company CAKE who make lightweight electric motorcycles.

They have formed a partnership with Skoj P Hoj to offer electric enduro and off-road test rides and guided tours using their Kalk models.

That makes a lot more sense than electric road bikes.Cake Kalk electrified bike tours

Electrified off-road tours

Off-road tours are usually shorter than road tours, although finding charging points might be more difficult out in the country.

Paris-Dakar and enduro race veteran and owner of Skoj P Hoj, Olle Ohlsson, believes “electric is the future” and says they have several benefits over traditional bikes.

Olle Ohlsson with the Cake Kalk electrified bikesOlle Ohlsson with the Cake Kalk electric bikes

“These bikes don’t disturb: there is nearly no noise, no pollution,” he says.

“And the ease of riding — with no clutching or changing gears — means that the addressable market is sky-high.

“It’s a whole new layer of business opportunity.

“We have had world-class athletes and beginners riding and with pre-set riding modes it means everyone has a blast.” 

Skoj P Hoj, can take groups of five for half or full-day explorations, on the trails north of Stockholm. The bikes being used are all CAKE Kalk, street-certified enduro/off-road bikes.

Cake Kalk

Cake Kalk electrified bike toursCake Kalk

The Cake Kalk weighs only 69kg and has a top speed of about 80km/h.

They say range is up to three hours, depending on “a number of different aspects, e.g. riding style, rider weight, weather conditions, temperature, road surface and tyre pressure”.

Charging takes 90 minutes from flat to 80% or 2.5 hours to full charge from a standard outlet.

Presumably riders could head out for three hours of enduro riding the trails, then stop somewhere for a long lunch where they plug in and then ride home.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Where to Visit on Your Bike Trip in Devon

If you want to ride your bike in Devon, UK, then you are surely in for a great time as you will view the countryside that is undeniably dramatic and gorgeous. That is why you will enjoy a great ride from Okehampton to Brent Tor. This trip will equate to 32 miles or 51km. 

This bike trip will take you primarily over a path that was formerly used for railways. This pathway is free of traffic for the most part. There will be a loop that will take you through some somewhat hilly lanes.

You will start at Okehampton. You will take an eleven-mile ride to Lydford over Granite Way. This is an amazing cycleway that will be within the range of three miles from High Willhays. This is the highest point in the area. In fact, this is known to be the highest point in England to the southern region of Peak District. 

You will enjoy exquisite views, such as the incredible viaducts of the Victorian era. There is also a wonderful loop of lanes that are hilly that will take you to your destination of Brent Tor, which is noted as being one of the most iconic landmarks of the region.

As you are about one mile from Okehampton, you will note the Meldon Viaduct. This is regarded as Victorian lattice that is crafted from cast iron. It is curved in a gentle manner and rises one hundred and fifty feet above the West Okement River.

Devon England UK, motorcycles, motorcycle travelModebury, South Devon, England

A few more miles into your trip, you will note the stately Lake Viaduct. It has masterful arches that are crafted of fine quality granite. The rail-trail then finishes at the region of Lydford. Lydford is a stunning village that was regarded as a notable region of power during the times of the Normans and Saxons. 

There is an impressive castle along with fortifications at Lydford, and there is no charge to explore the castle or fortifications. There is also a waterfall at Lydford Gorge. The waterfall is thirty meters in height. It is free to view only to those who are members of the National Trust.

You will experience a climb that is steady as you approach Bren Tor. This is a volcano that is extinct. It is notoriously capped with a chapel that dates back to the time of the fourteenth century. 

Then on your return, you will take a descent via Chillaton that will bring you to a bridge that rests over the Lyd River. The final significant climb is via Galford Down. There you will delight in terrific views of some of the highest tors of the region. As you make your return to Okehampton, you will ride along the Granite Way.

It cannot be denied that this is a fantastic bike route that will make you feel exhilarated and refreshed. This is a great ride to take along with a companion. Be sure to bring your camera to take some photos or videos. Also, bring some water to stay hydrated.

(Contributed article)

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Ride with historic tunnel vision

We don’t usually recommend riders have tunnel vision, unless it’s an unused historic tunnel of which there are many throughout the nation.

If you’re a bit of a history buff, or you just enjoy something unusual on your bike trip, check them out.

You may be surprised to find that there are some close to you and some that you can even ride through like the Boolboonda Tunnel, about 35km west of Gin Gin, Queensland.

There is a short 2km of smooth gravel leading up to the tunnel on the eastern side that is easy to ride no matter what bike you have.

If you are coming through the farm gate on the western side, make sure you close it behind you.

The track is rough and should really only be tackled on an adventure or dirt bike. Try not to scare the cattle.

Once you get to the tunnel, it’s probably best to walk it first to check the condition of the surface.

Use a torch or your phone’s torch. It can be wet and potholed.

Look up and you will see it is also home to a colony of bats, although you will smell them long before you see them.

Put your lights on high beam, take off your sunnies and ride through slowly as it’s one way and there can be vehicles coming from the other end.

There can also be pedestrians in the tunnel.

They also ask you to not disturb the bats.

Search now for unused historic railway tunnels near and get out there and ride them. They’re “cool fun”.

Short history

The tunnel is 192m long which makes it the longest unsupported man-made tunnel in Queensland.

This engineering marvel was built from 1881 to 1884 to service the Mt Perry copper mines.

The line was deviated in 1960 and tracks removed the following year.

It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 24 September 1999.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com