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Driver Seeks Jail Release Over Biker Massacre

The driver of a truck that ploughed head-on into a group of riders, killing seven and injuring several others, is seeking release from jail pending his trial date which has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The biker massacre occurred in New Hampshire on Father’s Day 2019 when the Marine Jarheads Motorcycle Club was heading out for a charity run.

Lawyers for Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 24, have now filed a motion for his conditional release in Coos County Superior Court.

Zhukovskyy has two prior drink-driving convictions yet still held a Massachusetts commercial driver’s license.

Depending on verdicts, he faces more than 100 years’ jail time. New Hampshire is now considering increasing jail time for any driver who kills another after previous drunk driving convictions.

Bail has already been rejected for Zhukovskyy because his record showed he had a “pattern of illicit drug and alcohol use”.

One month before the crash, Zhukovskyy was arrested in Connecticut for driving under the influence and refused to take a breathalyser test. His commercial driver’s license in Massachusetts should have been suspended.

The new motion for a bail hearing states Zhukovskyy was supposed to have faced trial in November but because of the pandemic, the trial may not begin until March 2021.

Zhukovsky’s defence lawyers have previously filed motions to block evidence including a crash he was involved in just weeks before the motorcycle massacre as well as statements from three witnesses who claim to have seen him driving erratically on the day.

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The lawyers also claimed lead rider of the Marine Jarheads Motorcycle Club was over the centre line and had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.135.

However, eyewitnesses say the truck was over the centre line.

Zhukovskyy was arrested near his home in West Springfield, Massachusetts, three days after the carnage.

He faces a fugitive-from-justice charge, seven counts of manslaughter, seven counts of negligent homicide-DUI, seven counts of negligent homicide, one count of aggravated driving while intoxicated, and one count of reckless conduct.

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Motorcycle Rides You Should Try In Canada

Canada is the world’s second-largest country with a landmass of 9.1 million square kilometers. This country is located in North America and attracts millions of tourists every year. If you are a fan of coastlines, you will also come across the longest coastline in the world as it shares its borders with three oceans; the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific.

Canadians love fine things, and you can find them having fun on their coastline, trying their luck in an online casino, or observing various cultural events all year round. Canada is an attractive country for riders as it boasts of about 415,000 kilometers of paved blacktop. The following are some of the best motorcycle rides in the country.Canada

Ride Lake Superior

Everyone who wants to take a bike ride through Canada should include this route in their bucket list. Lake Superior is the world’s largest freshwater lake, and riding along it allows you to interact with nature at its best. The route is perfectly done and can accommodate different riding styles. The hotels along this route have parking spots for motorcycles, making it easy to catch your breath or have a quick bite. It is the best ride if you are looking for a long ride and something memorable.

Ice Fields Parkways/ Bow Valley

This ride along the Alberta’s Rocky Mountains is one of the destinations you cannot afford to miss. The 400km ride wades through stunning vistas, waterfalls, mountain views, the amazing Columbia Ice fields, and glacial lakes. You will also ride through the popular mountain towns of Lake-Louise, Jasper, and Banff.

The Cabot Trail-Nova Scotia

This 300km stretch is located in the Maritime province of Nova Scotia. The ride will end around the northern tip of Cape Breton Island. Some of the beautiful sceneries you will encounter when riding through the Cabot Trail include old-growth forests, stunning ocean vistas, and rock walls. If you are an adventurous person, you will enjoy curves within the rugged coastline and elevation changes.Canada

Ride the Edge

The ride is scenic, and the roads are in their best shape. The towns along this ride are friendly to tourists as they have all the foods you can dream about. You will come across Ontario’s cottage country, where McMansions are the dominant buildings that cover the lakeshores. You can use two routes; the Small Loop and Big Loop if you are coming from Vermont, New York State, Ohio, or the Golden Horseshoe.

The Haines Highway

It is the perfect ride for those who like to wade through a wild route. The 240km stretch follows the ancient routes used by the prospectors of the Klondike Gold Rush and Chilkat Tlingit traders. Expect to come across grand views of alpine tundra, coastal forests, and glaciated mountains as you ride through this route.

The Kananaskis Trail Alberta

It is one of the best trails if you want something scenic just outside the city of Calgary. The area is snowy during the winter months, which makes it unfit for riding. You will come across the Rocky Mountains, the Peter Lougheed provincial park, and the Kananaskis Range as you ride through this trail. You will also enjoy the views of crystal clear rivers, the emerald green lakes, wildlife, and snow-capped peaks.

The Confederation Bridge

This bridge links Northumberland Strait, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. The Confederation Bridge is the world’s longest bridge crossing over ice-covered waters. The smell of salty water is something that you will not forget as you go through its curves. You will also enjoy the view of fishing boats while riding through the ‘Fixed Link.’Canada

The Sea-to-Sky Highway

The ride is characterized by descents, climbs, and mountain and ocean views, which explains its name. Snow-covered peaks characterize the winter months. The ride will take you through Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton, and Lillooet. You will come across runway lanes and brake check pullouts as you ride through this amazing route.

The Pacific Rim Highway

The adventurous will enjoy blind corners, twistiness, beautiful forests, descents, and climbs. You can feel the breeze of the ocean from the Ucluelet and Tofino junction. You can explore the beach or even enjoy various camping grounds on this route.

We have not covered every motorcycle stretch in Canada, but the above are some of the best. You can stopover in various hotels, spin a few slots in a kaszino or, even go on a shopping spree as you cool down after a good ride. Familiarize yourself with the riding rules in this country to ensure that you are on the good side of the law.

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4 American Roads for Motorcycle Rides to Visit Historic Places

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Few feelings come close to that of the wind blowing across your face as you plow through the country’s routes on your motorcycle. You get to take in the amazing sights and scenery as you ride to an epic adventure. The American dream encompasses freedom, and for many bikers, nothing spells free than a great ride on the road. Are you up for finding adventure? Then you need to indulge in a popular motorcycle road travel on your motorcycle and take your time to explore what the USA holds.

Visiting museums, monuments, and other popular sights is an avenue to fully experience and appreciate the national culture. Also, it’s enlightening for students, especially scholars writing an assignment or essay examples about an attraction. Here are historic and educational places you can visit with amazing motorcycle roads that heighten the experience.

The Lincoln Memorial Via US Route 50

One of Washington DC’s finest destinations is the Lincoln Memorial. You get to see the masterpiece of French sculptor Daniel Chester in all its glory. The memorial is dedicated to one of the nation’s greatest heroes, Abraham Lincoln.

Students are no strangers to the works of the 16th president of the USA, as his contributions to the country are a popular topic in history class. Many students can give you facts about Lincoln, his age, family, social background, and even map the road to the Lincoln house. It’s rare to find a student who hasn’t written essays on Abraham Lincoln in their school year. If you need help with study, you can find accounts of his life and impact on society from essay samples about Lincoln.

Taking US Route 50 to Washington DC is one of the most exciting motorcycling adventures in the country. The road spans approximately 3000 miles entering the District of Columbia from Arlington, Virginia. The route grants you access to many of the USA historic places other than the Lincoln Memorial. You can visit the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, White House, and more.

Ride Through the Path of the Civil War Through Blue Ridge Packway

Ultimate Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway

The American Civil War is a part of history that helped shaped society as we know it today. Blue Ridge Pathway gives you the chance to explore sites of this historical battle while savouring breathtaking scenery on your motorcycle. North of this mountain route, along its Virginia sections, is several Civil War sites. Also, this area features low numbers of trucks, if you were to encounter any, it would be those of the two service stations in the area.

Remember to take the time out to enjoy the routes famous sweeping curves. It’s to the southern part of this motorcycle road as nature teases your senses with its delight up until Ashville, North Carolina. A speed limit of 45 mph means you’ll get to soak in the surreal environment with that low rustling breeze sweeping over your face.

Visit Mount Rushmore Via the Central Hills Loop Road

If you went through some essay samples about historic monuments, Mount Rushmore is an attraction that shows up on many write-ups. Thanks to Central Hills Loop road in along South Dakota, you get to enjoy a delightful motorcycle ride to see the wonder. Few routes make for an enjoyable ride in reverse, but the Central Hills Loops aces this feature.

This motorcycle road packs the best features of every seasoned bikers dream. Though the tight turns and multiple elevations may not be thrills suited for beginners, they are a dream come through for seasoned motorcyclists. Visit the area to see the masterpiece depicting 4 of the USA finest president, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. The sculpture took almost a decade and a half to create, and with carvings ending in 1941.

Though Mount Rushmore is the stand out monument, as it would be in any other region of the world, you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss its other attractions. Travelling along this route will take you through the cultural town of Keystone and one of nature’s finest spots, the Custer State Park.

Touring the Historic Route 66Route 66 Tours test ride a harley

There aren’t too many routes that bask in the spotlight by being a historic attraction itself. This reason makes Route 66 a cut above others. It span length sits at approximately 2,448 miles between Los Angeles and Chicago. This motorcycle route is rich in history some of which include the following.

  •       Being among the first set of paved highways commissioned by the USA government;
  •       Served as a route for West migrants;
  •       Was the title name for a popular 60’s TV show.

This route makes for an amazing motorcycle ride with numerous attractions littered along the path. Also, you can take a quick detour to visit the eye-catching Grand Canyon. The popularity of motorcycle travel in the area had lead many business owners to create parks, restaurants, and more to ensure travellers have a good time.

Final Thoughts

The USA has a rich and unique culture, with many existing historic moments, places, and more telling its tale. Take the time to visit these cultural attractions on your motorcycle to enjoy not just the thrills of the journey, but also create your adventure story along the way. 

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Aussie guide to road trips in the USA

Aussie rider Linda Norman has published a US road trips guide for other Australian riders after spending several years touring the country with her husband, Barry.

Aussies Guide to Roadtripping America isn’t a recap of their trips but a valuable guide to help other Aussie riders plan their journey, Linda says.

“Hopefully it will save them a few dollars along the way.”

Reader discountLinda Norman Road Trips in USA book

To celebrate the launch, Motorbike Writer readers can get a 20% discount when they order online if they type in the special code “motorbikewriter19”. The road trips guide normally costs $39.95 plus $5 shipping.

Linda says her guide includes tips such as placing a red arrow on the screen or fairing that points to the kerb to remind riders to ride on the right side of the road.

“It is very easy to forget what side you are supposed to ride on when you become fatigued,” she says.

Other helpful tips revolve around licensing and helmet laws, phone connections, currency conversion and insurance.

“I also cover the options of undertaking a fully guided tour, hiring a bike, shipping your own, or purchasing one over there and how to ship it home.”

The book features the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Route-66, and many of the great bucket list rides, with full-colour photos from her tours as well as easy-to-follow maps.

“My book is written by an Aussie, for Aussies, and was printed in Australia,” Linda says.

Road tripsLinda Norman Road Trips in USA book

Linda describes herself as a 50+ nana of three who has been around motorbikes since meeting her husband over 37 years ago.

She was the first woman in Queensland to become a registered Q-Ride provider and is now on her 12th Harley, a 2018 Roadglide.

I remember my first trip to America, the planning, searching, studying that went into that trip and there was still so much we didn’t know,” Linda says.

Linda Norman Road Trips in USA book
Be prepared for weather extremes!

“My husband, Barry, and I head over to America almost every year and spend between four to six weeks riding roads that just seem to get better every day, winding our way among the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, or cruising our way along a favourite part of the historic Route-66.

“I love traveling those hidden backroads, finding historic little towns that still look the same as when the people walked away from them over 100 years ago.

Linda and Barry have also done a lot of road trips throughout Australia, Canada and many other countries. They are also planning a ride to Alaska in 2020.

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Fastest Way to Access JFK Airport via Motorbike

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JFK international airport on Van Wyck Expressway in Southern Queens is massive with four runways over 5200 acres and a ring road connecting the airport terminals. A motorbike is the most convenient mode of transport to get you to the airport parking lot.

Imagine having a flight in the next one 30 minutes and the traffic to the airport is unbearable. What do you do? You can use your personal car or catch the bus to the airport. All these means can’t help you if you are running late. You need a fast means to get you there. We all dread missing flights especially if you are on official duties.

Over the years, the use of motorcycles has gained in popularity, not only for leisure but also as a practical means of transport with a wide range of user advantages.

Pros of using a motorcycleFastest Way to Access JFK Airport via Motorbike

  • Easy to park.

Motorcycles are easy to navigate around and park. If a family member needs to be dropped off at JFK airport, it is not difficult to find a parking space. Finding a slot for a car can be quite hectic during the peak seasons, but not a problem for bike owners. Bikes need less parking space and Parkos can sort you out with rates offered by the airport.

  • Motorcycles are easier to maintain.

Maintenance for motorcycles is cheaper than automobiles. Spare parts for motorbikes are also easily and readily available, making them very convenient to buy and maintain. You can even consider doing your own repairs.

  • Convenient mode of transport.

Traffic is a major problem during rush hours. It is thus a headache to access the airport, especially if you’re running late to catch a flight. Motorbikes are convenient to use because they don’t get caught up in traffic. You can easily make your way through the traffic and get to JFK airport parking space in time. Just the right time to catch your flight to your desired destination.

  • Omits less carbon into the environment.

With the increase in global warming, people are promoting transport with less carbon emissions and resorting to motorcycles. This is because bikes contribute lower carbon emissions.

  • Great way to relax.

If you enjoy travelling, a motorcycle allows you to fulfil your desires. You can use your motorbike to get to the airport and access parking with ease. If you have time to kill before your flight, a motorbike will all.ow you to get around the huge airport which is impossible to tour by foot. The advantage of using a bike is that it is quite fast to move around.

There are also some great hotels in the airport where you can relax while you wait for your flight. Grab a meal or a drink before you fly out without having to worry about where to park your motorbike. You can easily park your bike using Parkos which is the leading site for airport parking space. 

Despite motorbikes having a range of advantages and enabling you arrive in time, they do have some cons: They can only carry one pillion and riders can be vulnerable to other traffic.

Yet motorbikes save a lot of time that could have been spent in traffic. Parkos offers riders who wish to access JKL airport parking space with information on their rates.

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Touring New York City by Motorcycle

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Each year, tens of millions of tourists visit New York City to take in the sights, experience the city’s melting pot culture, catch a Broadway show, visit one of the world’s leading museums, shop on Fifth Avenue, walk through Central Park, and so much more. In fact, there’s so much to do in New York City at all times that even if you lived there your entire life, you’d never be able to see or do it all. Still, that’s no reason not to try to do as much as possible! With so much to do in one city, you’d be missing out on a lot by sticking to just one or two areas. And that’s where traveling by motorbike comes in to help you see and do more.

Perks of Touring New York by MotorcycleNew York motorcycles

Over the years, motorcycles haven’t really been the transportation method of choice for New York visitors or residents, even though there are many benefits to choosing motorcycles over other options. In a congested city like New York, traveling by motorbike will inspire you to check out all of the five boroughs — instead of just Times Square, which is where tourists usually stick to — and unlock a world of excitement. You’ll be able to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or Highline, visit the Natural History Museum, and catch a Yankees game, all in one trip. It’s also cheaper than taking cabs everywhere, and more scenic than traveling around by subway.

Looking for more sights to check out? Here are a few other places you should visit when touring New York City by motorcycle:

Coney Island

Traveling by motorcycle might take you about the same time as traveling by subway, but it’ll be a far more pleasant experience — and more scenic! You’ll get a nice shot of the Manhattan skyline as you head into Brooklyn, and you’ll get to see how the neighbourhoods change. Once in Coney Island, you should set some time aside to lounge on the beach, hit up the amusement park (including the Cyclone, one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the US), and stop by Nathan’s for one of their world-famous hot dogs.

Flushing, Queens

New York CityPhoto by Kimia Zarifi / The Unsplash License

Getting to Flushing by taxi or subway can be nearly impossible sometimes — many taxis won’t leave Manhattan, and there are frequently long train delays or other issues. Luckily, you can avoid all of this when traveling by motorbike. Flushing is home to some of the best Chinese food you’ll find in New York. You’ll also find plenty of other great food in the area (and nearby) such as Mexican, Greek, Thai, Japanese, and so much more.

If you’re looking for more food options, head to the Queens Night Market nearby where you’ll find food from more than 80 countries. There’s also live music and plenty of art to check out. When you’re done, head to the Queens Museum for visual arts exhibits or Flushing Meadows Corona Park for a stroll.

The Met Cloisters

Located in Washington Heights’ Fort Tryon Park along the Hudson River, this is a must-visit museum for medieval history lovers. The museum features art and architecture from medieval Europe, in additional to beautiful gardens. The Met Cloisters also features rotating art exhibits and numerous events, including concerts.

The Bronx ZooNew York City

Photo by @gebhartyler / The Unsplash License

Once you arrive here, you’ll forget you’re in New York City. This zoo is one of the largest zoos in the the US at 265 acres. Millions of people from all over the world visit the zoo every year to see the zoo’s extremely diverse collection of wildlife. It’s so big in fact that you’ll have a difficult time seeing the whole place, so it’s best to pick a few areas that you want to focus on and stick to those. If you’re able to, try scheduling a trip to the Bronx Zoo on the same day as a ball game in Yankee Stadium since they’re in the same borough.

There are just a few of the sights you should check out with touring New York by motorcycle. If you really want to make the most of your trip, be sure to plan out your visit and routes ahead of time so you don’t miss anything!

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Everything You Need To Know About Taking A Bike Trip Through Canada

Contributed post

There are so many great reasons to consider taking a trip through Canada. There is the wilderness, mountains, oceans, and of course, the people you’ll meet along the way. Canada is a very interesting country to travel through, however there are a few things you need to consider before jumping on your motorcycle and taking off.

In this guide, we will cover a few things you need to keep in mind to make the most of your adventure. Everyone’s experience is unique but there are 3 important factors to take into consideration before setting off on your journey.

1 Familiarize Yourself With The Route

You have already probably researched a lot about the places you’ll be visiting when touring Canada, however, you also need to find the best routes to get around. We highly suggest getting in touch with any of your friends who are familiar with the best roads to take. Perhaps one of your motorist friends have done the trip before – let them lead the way!

Knowing the road you’re riding on is essential to getting to the place you’re visiting. You can also ask around to see where the major stops on the route are and if there are any abandoned patches on the way that you need to be well equipped for (or avoid completely).

2 Pack Accordingly

Packing is one of the parts (especially if it’s your first tour) that can be difficult. Knowing what you need depends on a few factors like if you’re riding solo or going with other people. Regardless, you only want to pack all essentials. Unlike cars, you have very limited boot space on your bike.

We previously talked about knowing the roads you’ll be driving through. Many times, it’s best not to pack too much at the beginning and stocking up on water or other items as you go on. Packing on disposable items will help you travel lighter.

Here are some must haves that you need with you:

  • A limited number of clothes (carry enough innerwear for hygiene purposes)
  • No more than 2 pairs of shoes
  • Basic toiletries
  • Motorcycle toolkit in case it breaks, and you become stranded
  • Power bank to have your phone always charged
  • First-aid kit and any medication you take

3 Housing

Where do you plan on spending the night when it’s time to rest? You have the option of camping out in a lot of areas in Canada. There is also the option to stay in a cozy B&B – you can usually find amazing deals searching these options.

Another great option is staying with friends or even people you meet on the road – you’ll be surprised how friendly and inviting Canadians can be.

Other Options

If you plan on experiencing Canada in a vehicle, plan for small accidents including a broken windshield or side window. This is common among road trips because the longer you drive your car, the more likely it is to get hit by tiny rock chips that can cause damage to the glass. This can be very frustrating especially because something so small can become very expensive when left untreated.

An Auto Glass Shop in North York Canada is useful to have on hand in case you need a certified technician to smooth out the surface and repair any cracks before they turn into a bigger problem. Many companies like the one we linked will come to you if you’re too busy to visit an auto glass shop in North York. It doesn’t matter if your home, at work, or somewhere else in North York.

This is all important to keep in mind, especially if you’re traveling solo since it may be hard to find someone on the road to help you out. It’s always better to be knowledgeable about what you need. Best of luck on your journey and happy traveling!

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