Potholes causing more riders to crash

Riders are three times more likely to be involved in crashes caused by potholes and poor road surfaces than any other vehicle type.

A new British Automobile Association survey found that while potholes cause damage to cars, they are a greater injury threat to riders.

They say riders swerving to avoid potholes can also cause crashes.

It comes as a new Monash University’s Accident Research Centre report into motorcycle crashes suggests governments improve the quality of rural roads and evaluate roads for their specific motorcycle safety.

Potholes fixationRoad maintenance potholes

Some critics say that our fixation on the state of our roads and poor roadworks is over the top and riders should simply ride to the conditions.

However, the conditions are getting worse and councils and governments continue to duck for cover when riders crash and dare to seek compensation.

Gold Coast rider Robyn Love is still awaiting a reply to her claim for combination after crashing her Harley in unswept roadworks on the Lions Rd in June.

Lions Rd crash loose gravel repairs
Loose gravel on Lions Rd that caused a crash

There is no doubt that potholes are dangerous to riders.

A pothole can cause a big jolt in the front suspension, kick the handlebars about and possibly damage a rim. But at least the suspension is set up to absorb most of the impact.

However, bumps or a seam of humps in the middle of a lane caused by heavy vehicles pushing the tar up may be even more dangerous.

They can lift the front wheel off the ground, kick the bike left or right into the bush or oncoming traffic, or cause a tank slapper where the handlebars oscillate wildly.

Bumps are also harder to see and seem to be less likely to be fixed than potholes in yet another example of how the authorities ignore and neglect motorcycles.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

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