All the Important Things First-Time Motorcyclists Must Know

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Being a first-time motorcyclist is not as simple as hopping on a bike and riding off into the sunset. A lot of thought and effort has to go into the process, a great number of precautions need to be taken, and many important pieces of information need to be remembered. If you don’t take any of these aspects into account, you could end up putting yourself and your fellow road users in real danger when you embark upon your first motorcycle journey.

Before you twist your throttle and begin burning some rubber, then, you should make sure to read on and check out all the important things first-time motorcyclists must know.

Don’t commit to a bike without thinking about it first

Buying your first motorcycle might be an incredibly exciting experience, but it’s also a massive financial decision to make. Quite simply, you could end up throwing a heap of cash towards your new venture, find that you don’t actually like this form of transportation, and then find it hard to recoup the cash that you spent when you decide to go back to driving a car. This means that, even before you become a fully-fledged first-time motorcyclist, you have to decide if it is actually the right course of action for you to take.

Importantly, this means looking at your financial options and weighing them up in comparison with how you plan on using your bike. If you only want to go out on weekend rides, then it’s important to find a finance and insurance deal that covers you for this lack of use. On the other hand, if you plan on using the bike as your only source of transport, then you need to find a deal that will cover you extensively. If you need assistance when it comes gauging your financial situation in comparison to your motorcycle usage, especially if you want to take out a motorcycle loan to pay for your venture, then make sure to head to By doing so, you’ll be sure to make the smartest choice possible.

As a rider, take target fixation seriously

Once you are out on the roads and enjoying your freedom as a motorcyclist, it’s time to start getting serious about staying safe. Importantly, this means taking target fixation incredibly seriously. This is the act of learning how to look towards the direction in which you wish to go — it might sound simple, but it’s a problem many first-time motorcyclists face.

Simply, when you’re out on your bike and you’re piloting it around the roads, you’re going to go in whichever direction your eyes are fixed upon — if you’re looking straight ahead, for instance, then you’ll carry on going forward. You have to go out of your way to become well versed with target fixation, though, so as to ensure that you stay safe when circumventing corners. Even a split-second of distraction can send you flying the wrong way at a corner — if this happens, then you could put yourself and your fellow road users in untold amounts of danger. So make sure you learn how to focus on your direction and make sure you learn how to block out any distractions that may seek to put you in danger.

Don’t forget to turn your choke off

Most modern bikes are fuel injected and don;t have a choke. However, bikes wth a carburetter have a choke and it’s very easy to forget to turn your bike’s choke off, so don’t worry if you do forget to do it once or twice in the beginning. You shouldn’t make a habit out of doing this, however, as that would see you run your bike unnecessarily. This would then strain your motor and put it under an amount of pressure, a pressure that’ll make it more susceptible to wear and tear in the long run. Also, it would see you waste your gas, and given the current price of it, that’s simply something you cannot afford to do.

Prepare properly for each journey that you make

Each journey that you make on your motorcycle, even if it’s just one to your local store, has to be taken with the utmost seriousness. This is because whenever you travel on your bike, wherever you go, there is always the potential for danger to arise. For this reason, preparing properly for each journey that you make is a must — you should adjust your mirrors to ensure that you can see as much around you as you can, and you should perform a pre-ride inspection to make sure your bike’s chain is working properly.

When you decide that you want to become a motorcyclist, make sure to heed the advice found above. Doing so could save you having to face a lot of trouble, and it could even save your life.


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