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KTM invites riders to ride out days

Motorcycle companies are aware that they don’t just sell motorcycles and hope you come back for servicing.

These days they have to provide customers with events, social clubs and “experiences”.

Harley-Davidson has historically been the best at this with their HOG chapters and rallies.

Now many other manufacturers are onboard with similar events such as BMW’s long-running GS Safaris.

KTM Australia has been organising adventure and dirt bike riding events in recent years and has announced their calendar for next year.

And it’s not just limited to KTM riders, either,

Since KTM Australia also imports Husqvarna and GASGAS dirt bikes, their Ride Out Moto Weekends are open to adult riders who own a KTM, Husqvarna or GASGAS off-road motorcycle (enduro, MX or cross-country) and to their kids on any brand of kid’s bike.

The weekend events will take place across three states in 2022.

Each event is a two-night, two-day recreational adventure on private property and is designed to be a non-competitive, family-friendly experience.

The first is in Stroud (NSW) on March 25-27, followed by Cooby Dam (Qld) on April 8-10, with the final weekend taking place in Wangaratta (Vic.) on April 29 to May 1.

Each weekend features a custom-cut 20km trailride loop, a grasstrack, an easy hillclimb and a newbies/kids track.

You can ride as much or as little as you want over the two days, making the most of all the tracks and set-ups on offer.

The registration fee is $299 per adult rider, $50 per child rider (aged 5-15) or $499 per family (two riding adults and two riding kids). An extra non-riding family member can attend for $30. Each event includes two nights of camping and two days of riding on an exclusive private property.

Also on offer, the latest range of 2022 KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS off-road models will be available to test on a 10km test ride loop, along with live music, American-style BBQ cook-offs, catering, coffee, partner stalls, giveaways (including rider goody-bags), plus special guests and mechanical advice.

Numbers are limited and registrations open next Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 12pm AEDT.

However riders are encouraged to contact their local authorised KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles or GASGAS dealer for priority registration information.

Riders must either have a Motorcycling Australia (MA) competition licence, or an MA recreational licence, which is available to purchase at time of registration.

To find out more about each Ride Out Moto Weekend, contact your local KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles or GASGAS authorised dealer.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

2022 Husqvarna Norden 901 Revealed

The Husqvarna Norden 901 is finally here. The adventure tourer based on its sibling, the KTM 890 Adventure, was first showcased as a prototype at EICMA 2019. Now that it’s here, it looks more than equipped to become one of the most desirable ADV tourers in our market.

Husqvarna has teased the arrival of the Norden over the last few months and even released a couple of videos with what appeared to be the production-spec bike. It’s nice to see that very little has changed in its design, from the prototype we first saw in 2019. Elements like the round LED headlamp and predominantly flat surfaces and straight lines on the tank and body panels are typically Husqvarna. This is a bike that certainly looks the part. That said, what’s got us excited is what lies under all that bodywork.

The Norden 901 shares its frame with the 890 Adventure. It’s suspended on an adjustable 43mm WP Apex USD fork and a monoshock at the rear, offering 220mm and 215mm of travel, respectively. Braking hardware, meanwhile, comprises components of 320mm floating discs at the front and a 260mm disc at the back, sourced from J Juan — the KTM offers Brembo hardware. We’ll know how much of a difference this has on braking performance only once we’ve gotten a chance to ride the Norden 901.

The bike rides on a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel, shod with Pirelli Scorpion STR tires. 

It also comes with a comprehensive electronics package that includes traction control, cornering ABS, cruise control, and three ride modes – Street, Rain, and Off-road. 

Lastly, the Norden 901 is powered by the same 889cc, DOHC, parallel-twin engine from the 890 Adventure. Autocar India reports that peak power and torque figures stand at 105hp at 8,000rpm and 73.7ft-lb of torque at 6,500rpm. A bidirectional quick-shifter comes as standard. 889cc, DOHC, parallel-twin engine from the 890 Adventur

Essentially, what you’re getting with the Norden 901 is a differently styled KTM 890 Adventure. Considering the slightly lower-spec hardware, we also expect it to be more affordable. 

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

The Best Enduro Motorcycles & Dirtbikes For 2021

We, as riders, all have our favorite types of motorcycles to ride. For some, it’s tucked down low over a fuel tank, screaming down the front straight of the local track. For others, it’s the shaking rumble below and in front of them as they devour the miles cruising down the open road. For others, it’s all in the enjoyment of small, nimble motorcycles that can be a great distraction from the stresses of life in an empty parking lot on the weekends.

However, one of the most common types of motorcycles that many riders around the world ride are off-roaders. The types and varieties of off-road bikes are mind-boggling, and range from high-performance motocross and supercross bikes, to mile-munching endurance adventure bikes, to balanced in-between enduro style bikes. What matters, however, is that all of them are ready to get dirty and have some fun in the mud.

For this list, we’re going to be looking at some of the best off-road bikes you can buy, either new models or continuing models, in 2021. A special note here is that while many adventure bikes are road tourers that are touted as being able to handle “light off-road use,” any that we mention below are the ones that have a proven record of being proper off-road bikes.

Best Motocross 2-Stroke: 2021 Husqvarna TC125 MX

2021 Husqvarna TC125 MX

The 125cc two-stroke motocross class is one of, if not the, most popular class in dirt circuit competition. It is only fitting, then, that having a bike designed to tackle pretty much any banked corner, whoop, or tabletop is paramount. Husqvarna (owned by KTM) has the TC125 MX, just such a bike.

A high-revving, low-weight (just 38 lbs!) 125cc single chucks out a hell of a lot of torque and more than decent horsepower. Mounted in a chrome-moly steel frame, with a carbon fiber rear subframe, the entire bike weighs just 192 lbs dry, with an 8L fuel tank. With a Brembo wet multi-disc hydraulic clutch and Brembo brakes both front and rear, with WP competition suspension, and a 38mm flat slide Mikuni TMX carburetor, the TC125 MX doesn’t play around.

This is a serious competition bike, for everything from practicing at the local dirt track, to flying across the finish line at the World Championships, and everything in between.

Best Supercross 4-Stroke: 2021 Kawasaki KX450

2021 Kawasaki KX450

The 2021 Kawasaki KX 450 is pretty much in a league of its own in the world of supercross. Kawasaki has more wins and has had more championship riders on their 450’s than any other manufacturer since the 450SX class was introduced, and if that isn’t telling enough, then the fact that they come pretty much from the factory ready to race is another huge point.

The 449cc four-stroke single is liquid-cooled, and chucks out a beefy 33 lb-ft of torque and about 53 HP, for a bike that weighs 246 lbs wet. A rough and ready 5-speed transmission gets the bike motivated, and the 21-inch front, 18 inch rear wheels ensure performance and handling. As well, being the “non-competition” version of the bike, it has an electric starter. And that, really, is the only difference at first bluish from the actual 450SX bike.

Best Trail: 2021 Yamaha TT-R230

2021 Yamaha TT-R230

For years now, Yamaha has been known as one of the best sportbike makers from Japan. However, they also develop and produce some of the best non-competition off-road bikes specifically designed to make trail riding as enjoyable as possible. The 2021 TT-R230 is just one such bike, sharing a lot of its DNA with its YZ250F competition motocross cousin.

What makes the Yamaha the best is that it has a superb engine derived from the 249cc competition four-stroke in the aforementioned YZ250F. Coming in at 223cc, it has two valves, a single overhead cam, four-strokes, and provides just about 14 lb-ft of very linear torque at any point in the rev range. Basically, it follows the “keep it stupidly simple” philosophy while also touting fuel injection, reliability, and a nearly bulletproof reputation on the track.

Additionally, being only 250 lbs wet, and coming in at less than $5,000 USD, it is extremely easy to ride, will tackle pretty much any trail, and has a large 2.1-gallon fuel tank for all-day fun.

Best Large Displacement Enduro: 2021 Honda CRF450RX

2021 Honda CRF450RX

The 2021 Honda CRF450RX was heavily reworked over the 2020 model, to the point that it can be considered an entirely new evolution. A new frame, moving to a hydraulic clutch, steering and suspension geometry worked on with HRC (Honda Racing Corporation), and a reworked engine management system makes it the superior large displacement enduro for this year.

Part of that engine rework on the 449cc single is a decompression system at very low revs that works to prevent engine stalls when you are rock crawling or using engine braking to assist with a steep downhill. The hydraulic clutch also helps widen the torque and power bands, giving a rider the down low, on-demand torque they want to clear hill lips and larger obstacles.

Best Small Displacement Enduro: 2021 KTM 250 XC-F

2021 KTM 250 XC-F

It is quite well known that KTM is one of the best manufacturers of off-road machinery in general, and the 2021 KTM 250 XC-F upholds that reputation. While not being the biggest enduro, or the most powerful, what it does have going for it is a superb combination of both lightness and maximized power.

With the 249cc four-stroke single, the engine management system allows on-the-fly map switching through a handlebar switch. This allows for multiple maps for different situations to be programmed, for example, a high-torque, low-HP map for hill climbing, and a balanced map for flat surface riding. The fact it also comes with WP shocks, competition brakes, and a Brembo hydraulic clutch attached to a 6-speed transmission only makes the nearly $10,000 USD asking price worthwhile.

As more than one reviewer that has ridden the bike has commented, it has the lightness of a 250 class enduro, with torque and power that feels well beyond its 250cc engine.

Best High Displacement Off-Road ADV: 2021 KTM 890 Adventure

2021 KTM 890 Adventure

KTM, for many years, dominated the off-road-capable ADV world with the 790 Adventure, a bike that had everything you needed, and a few things you didn’t know you needed, to be able to cruise both on and off the road. So what did they do for 2021? Gave it a bigger engine, mostly, giving riders the 2021 KTM 890 Adventure.

However, what an engine it is! 889ccs, four-stroke, 8 valves, parallel-twin. 105 HP and 73 lb-ft of torque. It also has a totally reprofiled crank, different springs, redesigned valves, and a better intake system, allowing for the bump in displacement to be outpaced by the bump in performance the bike gains. As well, the engine is now included in the frame as a stress-bearing member of the bike, giving instant throttle response and linear, but not overpowering, torque on demand.

Best Low Displacement Off-Road ADV: 2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan

2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan

As much as they are scoffed at, Royal Enfield has really been turning itself around from being a “built cheap, cheap to buy” brand to “inexpensive and impressively well built.” Nothing really demonstrates that quite as much as the little 2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan, a street-smart ADV that will just keep chugging along when the road ends.

Introduced in 2017 to the North American market, demand for the bike made it Royal Enfield’s best-seller year over year. This is keeping in mind that every other Royal Enfield model in the US and Canada are street-only bikes, often with a 500cc or 650cc parallel-twin engine. Yet the Himalayan, with its 411cc, four-stroke, fuel-injected single puts out about 26 HP and just about 26 lb-ft of torque, in a bike that weighs 440 lbs wet. What that little single can do, however, is what sells the bikes.

You will most often hear the Himalayan referred to as “the little tractor,” and it summarizes it in 3 words. It doesn’t give up when going up hills, it can haul an amazing amount of weight in panniers or saddlebags, it has front and rear ABS, and, most importantly for 2021, has a rear-ABS-off switch that doesn’t just disable some functionality. When you hit that switch, the rear ABS is off, which is important when off-road to be able to slide the rear wheel out for tight, technical paths through off-road terrain.

a front right view of spy shots taken of a new KTM machine

Of note, this was an extremely close decision between the Himalayan and the BMW 310 GS. What eventually won was that the Royal Enfield offered similar power and torque numbers, but crucially had the full ABS disable for the rear wheel, as BMW’s “ABS off” still keeps it partially on, making rear-lock slide turns very difficult.

Best Junior Bike: 2021 Kawasaki KLX 110R/110R L

2021 Kawasaki KLX 110R/110R L

What do you get when one of the winningest supercross and motocross manufacturers in history designs an all-around dirt bike, that can also handle a few jumps here and there, for older kids and young teens to learn on? You get the 2021 Kawasaki KLX 110R. 112cc of four-stroke fun gives the young rider 7 HP and 6 lb-ft of torque to play around with, which for a 168 lbs bike with maybe another 100 lbs sitting on the seat is quite a bit of grunt. It’s small, but it’s one of the most formidable machines in the 2021 Kawasaki line-up.

The biggest thing is that there is a lateral model, the 110R L. They share the same frame, engine, throttle, but the 110R has a centrifugal clutch automatic, and the 110R L has a proper, left-hand, hydraulically actuated clutch with a four-speed transmission attached. The clutch on both is a wet clutch as well, giving a lot more leniency in shifting than a dry system, allowing the younger rider to learn the feel of shifting at the right revs, something important when you can’t afford to look down at the bike when you’re leaping tabletops later on in your dirt career.

Best Dual-Sport: 2021 Suzuki DR-Z400S

2021 Suzuki DR-Z400S

When you look up the term “bulletproof” in the dictionary, you will quite possibly find a picture of the 2021 Suzuki DR-ZX400S next to the definition. This is mostly because it has been produced since cavemen grunted at each other about the bike, and its 398cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke single can quite literally be hit with a sledgehammer and will keep running smoothly.

With 39 HP and 29 lb-ft of torque, this venerable beast will get even the tallest and largest of riders moving on the road, and with a foot of ground clearance, will also be able to carry them over obstacles on trails. It’s that suspension that also gives the DR-Z400S its road manners, known quite well among riders as one of the most agile dual-sports ever made.

These road manners are so well known that, in fact, Suzuki also makes a road-only supermoto version of the bike known as the DR-Z400SM. That version comes with stiffer suspension, more aggressive gearing, and 17-inch wheels and tires for sliding the tail around to your heart’s content!

Best Electric: (Tie) 2021 KTM Freeride E-XC & 2021 Zero FX

2021 KTM Freeride E-XC

2021 KTM Freeride E-XC

KTM, as mentioned before in this article, is known as one of the best off-road manufacturers, and they are also quietly pioneering in a few areas. The 2021 KTM Freeride E-XC is the first electric off-road motorcycle specifically developed for competition, either in Rally-E or Motocross-E. The electric motor in the bike is roughly equivalent to a 125cc engine, with a nominal 24 HP at maximum output, and 18 HP as its cruising output.

With a 3.9 kWh lithium-ion battery, enough juice is on board for a good two or so hours of cross-country riding, or about 45 minutes of hard riding, as in motocross or pure hill climbing. Racing suspension, a quick charge system that can use anything from 110 to 240 Volts, and for 2021, Formula brand brakes have been fitted to give the bike even more stopping power.

2021 Zero FX

2021 Zero FX

Zero is one of the few manufacturers that make only electric bikes, instead of producing both electric and gas-powered variants. As such, they focused their specifications for a dual-sport bike that could transition pavement to dirt without needing any changes in settings. The 2021 FX is pretty much the ultimate distillation of what Zero can put into the dual-sport.

The performance of the FX is nothing to scoff at, despite it being the lowest rung on the Zero bikes ladder. It produces 78 lb-ft of torque from 1 RPM upwards and weighs only 247 lbs if you opt for the 3.9 kWh model. If you go with the 7.2 kWh model, you’ll still be riding a bike that only weighs 289 lbs. With a max speed of 85 MPH, and torque absolutely and completely everywhere on the clutchless direct-drive motor with just one speed, this is a dual-sport that you can ride to the trail, thrash the trail, and then ride home with a grin under your mud-caked helmet.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Aussie importer recalls Huskies, GasGas and KTMs

The official notices issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission cite problems with short circuits, fuel leaks and brake faults.

The short circuit issue affects 46 KTM SX-E5, 33 Husqvarna EE-5 and three GasGas MC-E5 current model electric mini-bikes.

Apparently, the battery vent valve may be missing on some motorcycles, allowing water intrusion.

“If the vent valve is not fitted, water could enter the battery and result in a short circuit, affecting the vehicle operation,” the notice says.

“A short circuit can increase the risk of an accident, causing injury or death to the rider or others”.

The front fuel tank fuel lines may rub during operation, causing wear and damage to the fuel lines over time. Fuel may leak from damaged fuel lines,” the ACCC notice says.

“If a fuel leak occurs, this may lead to a fire. A vehicle fire could increase the risk of an accident, serious injury or death to the rider, other road users and bystanders, and/or damage to property.”

Brake issue

KTM 790 Adventure
KTM 790 Adventure and R

The brake issue affects 1289 KTM 790 Adventure 2019-2020 models, including the R and R Rally.

According to the ACCC notice, the preload force of the return spring located in the front brake cylinder “may not meet specifications”.

“This can result in the brake piston not being returned to its original position, which can impair the function of the front brake and result in a loss of brake performance,” it says.

“Reduced brake performance can increase the risk of an accident, causing serious injury or death to the rider and other road users.”

Owners of the above affected motorcycles have been contacted by dealerships, advising them of the recall and asking them to contact an authorised KTM dealer to arrange an appointment for inspection of their motorcycle.

Affected motorcycles that have not been sold will be inspected and repaired (if needed) before sale.

rear quarter view of a 1947 Salsbury Model 85, currently for sale for $8000 USD

For further information, consumers can contact KTM Australia on 1800 644 771 or find their nearest authorised dealer using the dealer search option at https://www.ktm.com/au


Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

2022 Husqvarna two-stroke enduro range

2022 Husqvarna Enduro 2T Range

2022 Husky’s land this July, 2021

Changes for 2022 on Husky’s two-stroke bush-bashers primarily focus on new suspension tunes in the WP XPLOR forks and XACT rear shock along with new Braktec hydraulic clutch and braking hardware. The existing Husky brake and clutch set-up was pretty damn awesome so it will be interesting to see if the changes have improved them even further. New GSK wave disc rotors are another change. 

2022 Husqvarna TE300i

The suspension changes include a new oil bypass system in the 48 mm outer fork tubes while the shock seals are now reduced in hardness which Husky claim improves feedback and damping consistency.  The forks have 30-click adjusters, compression in the left leg and rebound in the right. The linkage set-up on the rear is the same as used in Husky’s TC/FC motocross range. 

It’s forking shocking I tell yas!

CNC machined triple clamps are anodised black and position the forks in a 22 mm offset while the bars are adjustable. 

Dellorto supply the 39 mm throttle body used by the entire two-stroke range

Traction control is selected on or off by the switch and functions by analysing throttle input from the rider and the rate at which engine RPM increases. If the RPM increases too quickly, the engine management system (EMS) registers a loss of grip and reduces the amount of power to the rear wheel to maintain maximum traction. Additionally, all two-strokes are fitted with a standard map switch to allow selection between two ignition curves based on conditions or rider preference.

2022 Husqvarna TE250/350 powerplant

The EMS features an electronic control unit (ECU) on the two-strokes, which is responsible for a number of functions. The unit determines ignition timing and amount of fuel and oil injected. It also receives information from the throttle position sensor, ambient air and intake pressure sensors as well as crankcase pressure and water temperature sensors to adapt values and make corrections for automatic temperature and altitude compensation. Prior to fuel injection, this would have meant changing carburettor jets.

The TE300i sports a 72 mm bore and stroke while the 250 has a smaller 66.4 mm bore but are otherwise identical

The two-strokes use a 39 mm throttle body which regulates the amount of air entering the engine via a butterfly operated by dual throttle cables connected to the handlebar throttle assembly. Unlike four-stroke throttle bodies, fuel is not introduced at this point, but rather two-stroke oil is mixed with the air entering the engine to lubricate the crankshaft, cylinder and piston. Additionally, a throttle position sensor (TPS) relays airflow data to the ECU which in turn calculates the amount of oil and fuel delivered to the engine while a bypass screw regulates the idling speed and a cold start device opens an air bypass for cold starts.

TE oil tank and pump, tank holds 700 ml of oil

Tailored specifically for each model using an innovative 3D design process, the two-stroke header pipes feature advanced geometry and performance. The TE 250i/300i header pipe offers more ground clearance making it less susceptible to damage, while a corrugated surface makes the header pipe more durable to rock damage and other hazards found on the enduro trail. The two-stroke mufflers also feature an aluminium mounting bracket and advanced internal construction for excellent noise damping and weight saving.

Not so cool that the cooling fan is an optional extra on the two-stroke models

All TE models come with electric start as standard. The system uses a compact and lightweight Li-Ion battery which is 1 kg lighter than a conventional battery.  Additionally, the wiring harness concentrates all needed electrical components into a common area below the seat for easy accessibility.

2022 Husqvarna TE300i

The radiators are made from high-strength aluminium and designed using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to channel air through them more efficiently. The cooling system is intelligently integrated with the frame, eliminating the need for additional hoses. The large centre tube running through the frame reduces pressure at this point, allowing for a consistent coolant flow.

2022 Husqvarna TE250i

While the four-strokes get a radiator fan as standard, this is an optional extra on the two-strokes.

2022 Husqvarna TE300i

An 8.5 litre polythene fuel tank incorporates a quick release filler cap and an integrated fuel pump.

2022 Husqvarna TE300i

The airbox is designed with precisely positioned inlet ducts aimed at preventing air deformation to ensure maximum airflow and filter protection. The air filter is easily accessed, without tools, by removing the left side-panel. Easy maintenance is guaranteed by the Twin Air filter and filter cage design featuring a simple fail-proof mounting system for safe and accurate filter installation.

2022 Husqvarna TE250i

Black high-strength alloy rims by D.I.D with laser engraved logos are coupled to CNC machined hubs using lightweight spokes and silver anodised aluminium nipples. The nipples incorporate an advanced design reducing the frequency of spoke checks and maintenance.

2022 Husqvarna TE250i

Rugged grey and electric yellow graphics look mint while the ergonomics are tailored to deliver comfort and control.

2022 Husqvarna TE250i

Husqvarna TE (Two-Stroke Enduro) Specifications

Source: MCNews.com.au

2022 Husqvarna MX line-up breaks cover

2022 Husqvarna motocross range

Husqvarna Motorcycles have revealed a nine-strong motocross line-up for 2022, with both two-stroke and four stroke machines, boasting a number of updates.

2022 Husqvarna FC 250

Featuring a new dark blue and white colour scheme, durability was in Husqvarna’s sights for 2022. Over various years Husky and KTM have swapped back and forth between Brembo and Magura hydraulic clutch systems and for 2022 we are back to Brembo hardware.

2022 Husqvarna TC 250

The 2022 motocross range also run high-spec WP Suspension, with XACT forks featuring AER technology and well as offering plenty of adjustability, while an XACT shock with low friction seals ensures high performance on all surfaces.

2022 Husqvarna FC 250

The Husqvarna TC range offers compact, powerful two-stroke machinery, with modern motorcycle design for high levels of track performance in all conditions and includes the TC 125 and TC 250 models.

2022 Husqvarna TC 250

The Husqvarna four-stroke range offers lightweight engines with class leading power, while on the FC 250 and FC 350 models new friction bearings on the counter balancer shaft will boost durability on the high revving engines.

2022 Husqvarna FC 450

Husqvarna MX 2022 highlights

  • New high-performance Brembo hydraulic clutch system
  • New Swedish-inspired dark blue and white graphics
  • WP XACT forks with AER technology
  • WP XACT shock features low-friction linkage seals
  • High-grip seat cover texture
  • Progressive bodywork for optimal ergonomics
  • Chromium-molybdenum steel frame
  • Innovative two-piece composite subframe design
  • Interchangeable airbox cover on FC models
  • CNC-machined triple clamps
  • Brembo brake calipers and high-performance discs
  • Traction and launch control with advanced settings (four-strokes)
  • Electric starter for easy starting when time is critical
  • Lightweight Li-ion 2.0 Ah battery
  • ProTaper handlebars
  • Progressive throttle mechanism
  • ODI grips for adjustable throttle progression and easy grip mounting
  • Laser engraved D.I.D. wheels
  • Gearboxes produced by Pankl Racing Systems

Youth Models

2022 Husqvarna minicycles

The Husqvarna minicycle range includes the TC 50, TC 65, TC 85 and EE 5, for a broad range of machines offering plenty of performance and motocross fun for younger riders.

Husqvarna minicycles 2022 highlights

  • High levels of engine performance and rideability
  • WP XACT forks with AER technology
  • Confidence-instilling ergonomics
  • High-grip seat cover for comfort
  • Roller actuated throttle assembly for TC 85
  • Formula brake calipers, clutch and brake assemblies for TC 85
  • NEKEN tapered diameter aluminium handlebars for TC 65 and TC 50

The 2022 motocross range is available from July 2021 at authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers in Australia and New Zealand.

Source: MCNews.com.au

More Details Surface Regarding Upcoming EV Husqvarnas

E-Pilen Updates And More

With EV motorcycles coming in hot to dominate the industry in a post-COVID utopia, KTM’s CEO has come forth with some more details regarding Husqvarna’s upcoming EV options.

Stefan Pierier, CEO of parent company Pierer Mobility AG, gave us some new information regarding these EV bikes in an interview with Indian auto-magazine Motoring World. The company has big plans with Indian manufacturer Bajaj, so it makes perfect sense that he would find himself spilling the beans on some important information regarding these projects in an Indian publication.

Pierer mentioned that they are currently in cahoots with Bajaj to collaborate on new 4kW and 8/10kW EV motors. The e-Scooter that Husqvarna is planning on bringing to market will most likely use these EV motors as it will also be borrowing it’s chassis from the pre-existing Bajaj Chetak EV scooter.

Scooti ride-sharing scooter service

Pierer also has some important details regarding the upcoming e-Pilen (think electric Vitpilen). He mentioned that the most ideal powerplant for this EV bike would be a 15kW powerpack. His reasoning stems from the recent popularity and surge in sales for sub-900cc motorcycle models. PMAG is currently working on EV equivalents of both 50cc and 125cc bikes as well.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

2021 Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition

Special edition 450 Husky

Husqvarna have just announced the new 2021 FC 450 Rockstar Factory Edition, modelled on Zach Osborne’s AMA 450MX championship winning machine. The competition ready Rockstar Factory Edition boasts a number of upgrades over the standard FC 450 for those who want the trickest Husky out of the box.

2021 Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition

The new 2021 FC 450 Rockstar Edition is expected to arrive in Husqvarna Motorcycle dealers in Australia from January 2021 onwards, pricing is yet to be announced.

For a start the 2021 Rockstar Edition receives new Rockstar Energy Factory Racing team inspired graphics, while retaining the FC 450 chassis.

2021 Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition

The hydro-formed chromium molybdenum frame is powder coated black for the Rockster edition. A lightweight carbon-fibre two-piece sub-frame along with a carbon-fibre reinforced skid plate and frame protectors are also standard, offering protection and durability.

On the front end you’ll find Factory Racing CNC machined triple-clamps with an adjustable offset of 20-22 mm, holding a set of WP XACT 48 mm split air forks with a capsuled air spring and pressurised oil chamber.

The FC 450 Rockstar Edition runs a powder-coated chromium molybdenum frame and carbon-fibre sub-frame

Adjustability is via a single air pressure valve on the left leg using a supplied fork pump, while compression and rebound is handled with easy access clickers with 30 points of adjustment on the right leg.  A mechanical holeshot device also compresses the forks to minimise front lift off the start.

The rear runs a fully adjustable WP XACT rear shock, with low-friction SKF linkage seals and is pressure balanced for consistent damping.

WP XACT 48 mm split air forks

Brakes are high quality Brembo brake calipers and levers, matched to a 260 mm floating front rotor, with a 220 mm solid rear rotor. The front rotor protector is standard fitment. A new Brembo hydraulic clutch system is also run for even wear and low maintenance, alongside Dampened Diaphragm Steel (DDS) clutch. This runs a single diaphragm steel pressure plate instead of tradition coil springs, with integrated damping system. The clutch basket is also a single-piece CNC machined steel component.

Brembo provide both brakes, with a 260 mm front rotor

Naturally the Rockstar Edition runs the uncompromising SOHC 450 cc engine found in the FC 450, with lightweight valves actuated by rocker arm, a CP forged box in box piston, optimised cam and barrel profile, new Pankl conrod with bushing on the piston end to reduce friction.

The five-speed gearbox is produced by Pankl Racing Systems, with a gear lever design that minimises dirt build up, while a gear sensor selects specific engine maps for each gear.

The FC 450 Rockstar Edition features the liquid-cooled 449.9 cc, single cylinder with FMF Factory 4.1 RCT titanium muffler

Standard fitment is a FMF Factory 4.1 RCT muffler, with the brand’s Resonance Chamber Technology, with blue anodised titanium muffler body and a carbon end-cap. The Factory 4.1 RCT is manufactured in Southern California and is shorter and closer to the engine to centralise mass.

Also fitted is the new Husqvarna Connectivity Unit, which together with the myHusqvarna app allows for personalised engine maps and fine-tuned suspension settings to be recorded making it easy to get the ideal setup regardless of the track of conditions.

A closer look at the titanium FMF muffler with carbon tip and GUTS seat cover

The myHusqvarna app offers  two main engine modes – Prime and Advanced, while riders can further modify engine brake, throttle response, traction and launch control systems to suit their needs.

A standard handlebar map switch allows toggling between two maps, and also activates launch control when pressed in conjunction with the traction control button for two seconds. An LED will blink to notify the rider the system is active, and it will limit power to the rear wheel to improve traction control.

Handlebars are ProTaper units, with maps, traction control and launch control standard

Additional features include ProTaper handlebars, with an optimised bend for rider comfort, while minimising weight, while a soft grey ODI lock-on grip is found on the left ‘bar requiring no glue. The right grip is volcanised with an integrated throttle mechanism, and allows easy free-play adjustment, and the cam can be changed for alter throttle progression.

A GUTS Factory high grip seat cover is also run, as well as a Rekluse clutch cover, and the electric start system is powered by a lightweight lithium-ion 2.0 Ah battery, contributing to the bikes light overall weight of just 101 kg without fuel (7L capacity). Wheels are also a factory set of D.I.D DirtStar rims with blue anodised CNC machined hubs.

Wheels are factory D.I.D DirtStar rims with blue anodised CNC machined hubs

The new 2021 FC 450 Rockstar Edition is expected to arrive in Husqvarna Motorcycle dealers in Australia from January 2021 onwards, with pricing yet to be announced, for more information check out the Husqvarna Motorcycle website.

2021 Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition

2021 Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition Specifications

Engine Liquid-cooled, 449.9 cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, SOHC with rocker levers, Keihin EMS
Bore x Stroke 95 x 63.4 mm
Compression Ratio 12.75:1
Claimed Power N/A
Claimed Torque N/A
Induction Keihin EFI, throttle body 44 mm
Gears Five-speed
Clutch Wet multi-disc DDS-clutch, Brembo hydraulics
Frame Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel, carbon-fibre reinforced polyamide
Forks WP XACT-USD, Ø 48 mm, 310 mm
Shock WP XACT Monoshock with linkage, 300 mm
Wheels, Tyres  D.I.D DirtStar rims and blue anodised CNC machined hubs, 1.60 x 21″; 2.15 x 19″ DID, 80/100-21″; 120/90-19″
Front Brakes Brembo caliper, 260 mm rotor
Rear Brake Brembo caliper, 220 mm rotor
Electronics Maps – Prime & Advanced (Engine Brake, Throttle Response), Launch Control, Traction Control, Husqvarna Connectivity Unit, myHusqvarna App
Instrumentation N/A
Dry Weight 101 kg
Kerb Weight N/A
Seat Height 950 mm
Wheelbase 1,485 ± 10 mm
Steering head angle 63.9°
Fuel Capacity 7L
Available January, 2021 (Australia)
Price TBA

Source: MCNews.com.au

Husqvarna Continues Partnership with Rekluse

Two Brands We Love to See Together

Husqvarna announced in a press release that its Rockstar Energy Factory Racing team will continue its partnership with the high-performance clutch company Rekluse. 

Rekluse is a U.S.-based company in Idaho that makes some of the best high performance clutches in the world, specifically for off-road motorcycles. It’s known for making fantastic parts for a variety of brands and not just Husqvarna and KTM. However, it’s cool to see the racing team for Husqvarna continue its partnership with Rekluse.

The racing success of Husqvarna has likely led to the continued partnership. The team has won many accolades since Husqvarna and Rekluse partnered up, including Zach Osborne getting the 2020 450 Class Pro Motocross championship. Bill Bolt managed to win the SuperEnduro World Championship, so it’s safe to say things are going well.

“We are very pleased to continue our working relationship with Rekluse. Our partnership together has been incredibly successful, and across motocross, enduro and rally, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing have benefited from the quality of Rekluse products,” said Rober Jonas, VP of Motorsports Off-Road for Husqvarna.

It will be interesting to see if Husky can keep on winning races. It seems they will have the high-performance parts to do so.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

2021 Husqvarna Rockstar FE 350 and TE 300i

2021 Husqvarna Rockstar specials

While KTM have their ‘Six Days’ special editions of selected models sister brand Husqvarna leverages their partnership with Rockstar Energy Drink to produce special Rockstar editions and for 2021 Husqvarna have given this special treatment to their popular FE 350 four-stroke and TE 300i two-stroke enduro machines.

2021 Husqvarna Rockstar FE 350 has a sticker price of $15,970

Australian Husqvarna dealers are taking pre orders starting from today and if you want to secure one of the limited machines it might be best to put a deposit down. Australian pricing has been confirmed and the FE 350 will sell for $15,970 while the TE 300i sees a $16,375 sticker price. The machines are expected to arrive in Australia from January 2021.

2021 Husqvarna Rockstar TE 300i is priced at $16,375

Manufactured in limited numbers, the MY21 TE 300i Rockstar Edition and FE 350 Rockstar Edition embrace the highly successful collaboration between Husqvarna Motorycles and Rockstar Energy Drink. Built to perform at the highest level, each model forms the basis of the machines raced by Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Billy Bolt, Graham Jarvis and Alfredo Gomez.

Provided with competition focused upgrades and true factory aesthetics, straight out of the showroom the MY21 TE 300i and FE 350 Rockstar Edition models deliver exceptional handling characteristics together with proven engine performance and reliability.

2021 Husqvarna Rockstar TE 300i is priced at $16,375 and will arrive in January 2021

Equipped to take on the toughest trails, the TE 300i Rockstar Edition offers enhanced 2-stroke performance, trusted simplicity and class-leading handling. Its electronic fuel injection system eliminates the need for premixed fuel while also ensuring a smoother power delivery and more torque.

The FE 350 Rockstar Edition combines premium WP suspension and innovative electronics as standard. Paired with the compact 350 cc DOHC engine, capable of unleashing 450-rivalling power, the comfortable ergonomics and agile, 250-like handling ensure the perfect balance between weight and power. Built from the well-proven FE 350, the FE 350 Rockstar Edition delivers true versatility and can master demanding terrain when in the hands of any rider.

2021 Husqvarna Rockstar FE 350

Mirroring the motorcycles used by Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing, the TE 300i Rockstar Edition and FE 350 Rockstar Edition feature chromium molybdenum steel frames that are finished with a tough, premium black powder coating.

Further technical upgrades include a black seat cover with additional ribs for increased grip, a front disc protector, a durable rear chain guide and a Supersprox rear sprocket.

Technical highlights TE 300i Rockstar Edition and FE 350 Rockstar Edition
  • Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing graphics
  • Black powder coated frame
  • Blue CNC machined triple clamps
  • Black seat cover with additional ribs
  • Front disc protector
  • Blue Supersprox rear sprocket
  • Blue chain guide
  • Grey ODI grips

The fine detail


The chromium molybdenum steel frame is expertly crafted using hydro-formed tubes, which are laser-cut and robot-welded to ensure the highest level of precision and quality. The specifically crafted geometry utilises advanced longitudinal and torsional flex characteristics, for unparalleled rider feedback, energy absorption and exceptional straight-line stability.

The forged aluminium cylinder head mountings on both models deliver optimal handling characteristics and comfort. The frame is finished off with a premium black powder coating and standard frame protectors guaranteeing superior protection and durability.

  • Advanced longitudinal and torsional flex characteristics → unparalleled rider feedback, energy absorption and exceptional straight-line stability
  • Forged aluminium cylinder head mountings on all models
  • Durable powder coated finish with standard frame protectors
Carbon fibre composite subframe

Unique to Husqvarna Motorcycles, the carbon composite subframe showcases advanced production technologies and innovation. Using 70% polyamide and 30% carbon fibre, the 2-piece subframe has a total weight of just over 1 kg. With the help of computational dynamics, specific rigidity is engineered into the light and robust subframe, delivering outstanding handling and rider comfort.

  • 2-piece subframe → weight just over 1 kg
  • Carbon fibre composite construction → lightweight and robust
  • Specific rigidity characteristics → exceptional handling and comfort

The hollow, cast aluminium swingarm offers optimal stiffness and reliability at the lightest possible weight. Specific machining allows for the chain adjustment marks to be seen from above allowing for easy maintenance.

  • Optimal stiffness and reliability in a lightweight construction

The WP XPLOR front forks consist of a 48 mm spring type layout with split rebound and damping functions meaning compression damping is solely maintained by the left leg and rebound damping exclusively by the right leg. The result is simple adjustment through easy access clickers (30 clicks) located on the top of each fork leg. Additionally, the standard preload adjusters allow for a 3-way preload adjustment without the use of tools.

Offering unsurpassed performance and comfort, the WP XPLOR fork features an advanced mid-valve piston that delivers a consistent damping function while the setting allows the fork to operate higher in the stroke delivering exceptional rider feedback and bottoming resistance.

  • WP XPLOR front fork → 48 mm spring type with split damping function
  • Easy access preload adjusters
  • Advanced mid-valve piston and setting → superior performance, feel and comfort
WP XACT rear shock

The WP XACT shock provides advanced damping characteristics while keeping a compact and lightweight design. With a pressure balance inside the shock, damping is consistent, providing superior rider comfort and handling.

Using the same linkage progression found in Husqvarna Motorcycles’ motocross range, the rear end sits lower for optimal control and comfort in extreme enduro conditions. The component is fully adjustable and delivers unrivalled traction, feeling and energy absorption. Rear wheel travel is 300 mm.

  • Advanced linkage progression → exceptional control and comfort
  • Pressure balance → consistent damping
  • 300 mm rear wheel travel
CNC machined triple clamps

The 22 mm offset blue-anodised CNC machined triple clamps offer premium quality as standard on all Husqvarna Motorcycles enduro models. The triple clamps are expertly crafted using superior manufacturing techniques and materials to provide high levels of quality and reliability. A 2-way adjustable handlebar clamp is fitted as standard and allows for customisable ergonomics.

  • CNC aluminium → finest quality and reliability
  • Adjustable handlebar position → customisable ergonomics
MAGURA hydraulic clutch

The reliable, high quality, German-made clutch system guarantees even wear, near maintenance-free operation and perfect action in every condition. Free play is constantly compensated so that the pressure point and function of the clutch remain identical in cold or hot conditions, as well as over time.

  • MAGURA hydraulic clutch → perfect action in every condition
MAGURA brake

The MAGURA braking system offers the highest level of braking performance while specifically tailored for enduro riding to deliver a sensitive and smooth feel. The 260 mm front and 220 mm rear waved brake discs by GSK keep weight to a minimum and guarantee complete braking confidence.

A front disc protector is fitted as standard to the Rockstar Editions for added protection in extreme riding conditions.

  • MAGURA brake calipers and high-performance GSK discs → superior stopping power with unsurpassed sensitivity and action
  • Standard front disc protector → added protection for extreme enduro riding
ProTaper handlebar

The ProTaper handlebar is second to none for function and style. Manufactured to exacting standards, it features class-leading fatigue resistance and minimal weight. The ProTaper logos are chemically applied and are scratch and peel resistant.

  • ProTaper handlebar → class-leading function and style
Grips and throttle assembly

The grey ODI lock-on grip is fitted to the left side without glue, while on the right, the vulcanised grip features an innovative integrated throttle mechanism. The assembly has easy free-play adjustment and, by changing a cam, throttle progression can be altered.

  • Throttle assembly and ODI grips → easily alter throttle progression; easy grip mounting without glue
Map switch, traction control

Designed for easy operation, a thumb activated map switch is fitted as standard on the FE 350 Rockstar Edition. This selects between two EFI maps and is used to activate the traction control feature. Traction control offers improved traction and better control on slick terrain.

Traction control is selected to an on or off position from the switch and functions by analysing throttle input from the rider and the rate at which RPM increases in the engine. If the RPM increases too quickly, the EMS registers a loss of grip and reduces the amount of power to the rear wheel, ensuring maximum traction.

Additionally, the TE 300i Rockstar Edition is also fitted with a standard map switch allowing selection between two ignition curves based on conditions or rider preference.

  • Handlebar map switch as standard → alter engine characteristics according to conditions and rider preference
  • Traction control → optimal traction in all conditions
Engine management system (EMS)

As well as controlling EFI parameters on the FE 350 Rockstar Edition, the Keihin EMS features selectable engine maps via the switch on the handlebar as well as traction control. Combined with the gear sensor, power delivery is tailored for each gear.

  • Keihin EMS → smaller, lighter and faster at processing engine data for more efficient engine management
  • Gear sensor → specific engine maps for each gear

On the 2-stroke, the EMS features an electronic control unit (ECU) which is responsible for a number of functions. The unit determines the ignition timing, the amount of fuel and oil injected and additionally receives information from the throttle position sensor, ambient air and intake pressure sensors as well as crankcase pressure and water temperature sensors to adapt values and make corrections for automatic temperature and altitude compensation. This means there is no need to change carburettor jetting as in the past.

  • 2-stroke EMS → modern engine management eliminating the need for jetting changes
Throttle body

The FE 350 Rockstar Edition features a 42 mm Keihin throttle body. The injector is positioned to ensure the most efficient flow into the combustion chamber. Ensuring optimal throttle response, the throttle cable is mounted directly without a throttle linkage, which provides more immediate throttle response and control.

  • Throttle body → 42 mm, injector positioned for optimal flow, more immediate throttle response thanks to direct cable mounting

The TE 300i Rockstar Edition uses a 39 mm throttle body, which regulates the amount of air entering the engine via a butterfly valve, operated by dual throttle cables connected to the handlebar throttle assembly. Unlike 4-stroke throttle bodies, fuel is not introduced at this point, but rather 2-stroke oil is mixed with the air entering the engine to lubricate the crankshaft, cylinder and piston. Additionally, a throttle position sensor (TPS) relays airflow data to the ECU which in turn calculates the amount of oil and fuel delivered to the engine. At the same time a bypass screw regulates the idling speed and a cold start device opens a bypass providing more air for cold starts.

  • 39 mm throttle body → regulates air flow, TPS relays airflow data
Exhaust system

Tailored specifically for each model using an innovative 3D design process, the TE 300i Rockstar Edition header pipes feature advanced geometry and performance. Offering more ground clearance, it is less susceptible to damage while a corrugated surface makes the header pipe more durable, reducing possible damage from rocks and other enduro hazards. The 2-stroke muffler also features an aluminium mounting bracket and advanced internal construction for excellent noise damping and weight saving.

The FE 350 Rockstar Edition exhaust system is expertly designed to deliver class-leading performance at the lowest possible weight. The header pipe is designed and manufactured in two pieces, to be as compact as possible. The joining position allows it to be removed without having to take out the rear shock. Further innovation allows for a short, compact silencer without increasing noise levels. The component is crafted from lightweight aluminium and is stylishly finished in a black coating that highlights its premium quality.

  • Corrugated surface on TE 300i Rockstar Edition→ more durable against damage
  • Header joining position on FE 350 Rockstar Edition → remove header pipe without removing rear shock
Electric start and wiring harness

All TE and FE models come with an electric starter as standard. The system uses a compact and lightweight Li-Ion battery, which is 1 kg lighter than a conventional battery. After several years of experience with electric starters on Husqvarna Motorcycles enduro models, the proven reliability is second to none and ensures quick and effortless starting in any condition.

Additionally, the wiring harness concentrates all needed electrical components into a secure area below the seat, neatly organised and easy accessibility.

Integrated cooling system and radiators

The radiators are expertly crafted using high-strength aluminium with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to channel air through the radiators more efficiently. The cooling system is intelligently integrated into the frame, eliminating the need for additional hoses. The large centre tube running through the frame reduces pressure at this point, allowing for a consistent coolant flow.

Additionally, the radiators are mounted close to the centre of gravity for improved handling agility. The FE 350 Rockstar Edition is fitted with a radiator fan as standard. A radiator fan is available for the TE 300i Rockstar Edition from the Husqvarna Motorcycles Technical Accessories catalogue.

  • Integrated cooling → maximum efficiency in minimum space
  • Large central tube → consistent coolant flow
Fuel tank

The 8.5 litre polythene fuel tanks incorporate a quick release filler cap and an integrated fuel pump. The fuel pump features internal line routing directly from the pump to the flange for optimal fuel flow. Additionally, the external fuel line is specifically positioned to make it less exposed and susceptible to damage. A fuel level sensor is incorporated on all models.

Airbox and tool-less air filter access

The airbox is designed with precisely positioned inlet ducts aimed at preventing air deformation, which ensures maximum airflow and maximum filter protection. The air filter is easily accessed, without tools, by removing the left side panel. Easy maintenance is guaranteed by the Twin Air filter and filter cage design that features a simple fail proof mounting system for safe and accurate filter installation.

  • Airbox → maximum air flow and filter protection
  • Filter mounting system → safe and accurate protection against dirt
  • Tool-less filter access → easy and fast maintenance

Black high-strength alloy rims by D.I.D with laser engraved logos are coupled to CNC machined hubs using lightweight spokes and silver anodised aluminium nipples. The nipples incorporate an advanced design reducing the frequency of spoke checks and maintenance.

  • Lightweight but strong and reliable construction → minimum unsprung weight

The TE 300i Rockstar Edition and FE 350 Rockstar Edition feature Michelin Enduro tyres as used by the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team. The FIM approved tyres offer exceptional grip in a wide variety of different terrain and riding conditions. The US model TE 300i Rockstar Edition features Dunlop AT81 tyres.


Featuring replica motorsport graphics, the TE 300i Rockstar Edition and FE 350 Rockstar Edition feature bodywork that clearly showcases Husqvarna Motorcycles’ progressive approach to offroad motorcycle design. The ergonomics are specifically tailored to deliver comfort and control. As a result of extensive testing, the slim contact points make shifting between riding positions easier and allow the rider complete ease of movement.

The flat seat profile, together with the black high-grip seat cover with additional ribs, delivers superior control in all conditions.

  • Progressive bodywork → distinctive look, modern design and factory graphics
  • Ergonomics → confidence-inspiring riding position in all riding situations
  • Seat → flat seat profile and high-grip seat cover for exceptional control in all conditions
Technical information by model

TE 300i Rockstar Edition

The trusted 2-stroke is exceedingly simple to manage and features a host of developments that enhance its class-leading performance. The flagship TE 300i Rockstar Edition offers astonishing power in a light and agile package. While retaining solid reliability and low maintenance costs, the electronic fuel injection offers a smooth power delivery and impressive torque. With class leading chassis and ergonomics, it delivers an even more controllable and thrilling ride. Additionally, the TE 300i Rockstar Edition features advanced technology with added colour, graphics and part updates to replicate the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory race machines.

TE 300i Rockstar Edition


The 300 cc 2-stroke engine is the benchmark for unrivalled power in a lightweight construction. The engine features precisely positioned shaft arrangements for optimal mass centralisation, a counter balancer shaft reducing vibration, a twin-valve controlled power valve and 6-speed enduro gearbox.

The TE 300i Rockstar Edition features an advanced electronic fuel injection system. This comprises of a set of fuel injectors positioned at the transfer ports, which deliver the ideal amount of fuel into the engine for every condition. This not only reduces fuel consumption and emissions but also delivers a clean and smoother power delivery.


The 72 mm bore cylinder features a twin valve-controlled power valve system, which delivers smooth and controlled power throughout the RPM range. Optimal exhaust port timing is achieved with the combination of a state-of-the-art, adjustable power valve drive and machined exhaust port window.

Additionally, the cylinder features two inlet positions located on the transfer ports at the rear of the cylinder where a pair of fuel injectors are mounted. The injectors deliver the fuel downwards into the transfer port, which guarantees excellent atomisation with the air travelling upward to the combustion chamber. This ensures a more efficient combustion resulting in reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Dual fuel injectors → excellent atomisation, reduced fuel consumption
  • Power valve → machined port window
TE 300i Rockstar Edition


The lightweight piston is perfectly matched to the cylinder and transmits minimal oscillating mass ensuring high levels of reliability and performance.

  • Piston → fits perfectly to cylinder and combustion chamber

Engine casings

The TE 300i Rockstar Edition engine is designed to improve mass centralisation. As a result, the lightweight, die-cast engine casings are developed to accommodate a shaft arrangement aimed at centralising oscillating mass and improving rideability. Additionally, the counter balancer shaft is integrated in a very compact manner having little effect on the overall design.

Additionally, the water pump casing is designed for effective cooling by optimising the flow of coolant.

  • Die-cast engine casings → mass centralisation, optimal handling
  • Water pump casing → optimal flow of coolant for effective cooling

Counter balancer shaft

The engine houses a laterally mounted counter balancer shaft. The balancer significantly reduces vibration resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

  • Counter balancer shaft → significantly reduced vibration
TE 300i Rockstar Edition


The crankshaft features a 72 mm stroke and is balanced in conjunction with the counter balancer shaft for minimum vibration. By incorporating a heavier ignition rotor, the crankshaft produces more inertia than its motocross counterpart, which improves control in the lower RPM range.


A 6-speed Pankl Racing Systems gearbox features enduro specific ratios while an innovative shift lever reduces dirt build up guaranteeing easy operation in all conditions.

  • 6-speed gearbox → enduro specific ratios
  • Gear lever → prevents dirt build up and blockage


The TE 300i Rockstar Edition features a Damped Diaphragm Steel (DDS) clutch. What this means is the clutch uses a single diaphragm spring instead of the more common coil spring design, resulting in a much lighter clutch action. This design also incorporates a damping system that increases both traction and durability. Additionally, the light and robust basket and inner hub guarantee optimal oil supply and cooling to the clutch.

Combined with the MAGURA hydraulic system it guarantees a light and smooth clutch feeling, which is almost maintenance and adjustment free.

  • DDS clutch → light action with integrated damping system, increased traction and reliability
  • MAGURA hydraulic system → light and smooth clutch action, almost maintenance free
TE 300i Rockstar Edition

Oil tank and pump

The TE 300i Rockstar Edition features an electronic oil pump that feeds vital 2-stroke oil into the engine to keep it lubricated. The pump is located just below the oil tank and feeds the oil via the throttle body meaning oil is not mixed with the fuel, eliminating the need for pre-mixing as per traditional 2-stroke engines. The pump is controlled by the EMS and delivers the optimal amount of oil according to the current RPM and engine load. This reduces waste as well as excessive smoke being transmitted from the exhaust.

The oil tank is located beneath the fuel tank and is connected to a filler hose, which runs through the upper member of the frame to a filler cap conveniently located for easy refills. The oil tank capacity is 0.7 litres and is fitted with a sensor that illuminates a visible warning light to the rider when the oil needs to be refilled.

  • Oil pump and tank → convenient solution, eliminates pre-mix

FE 350 Rockstar Edition

The FE 350 is known for its versatility in all types of terrain. With a lightweight chassis and enhanced all-round performance, it possesses a 450-rivalling power-to-weight ratio, while keeping the light and agile feel of a 250. Already a preferred choice for those wanting a perfect balance of weight and power, the motorcycle combines premium WP suspension, innovative electronics and comfortable ergonomics. Along with a host of other innovative refinements, the FE 350 Rockstar Edition features the same advanced technology with added colour, graphics and part updates to replicate the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing machines.


The DOHC 350 cc engine is second to none in terms of versatility. Sharing much of its architecture with the FE 250 engine, the FE 350 delivers a significant increase in power and torque giving its lightweight character 450-rivalling power.

  • Performance, weight, mass centralisation → rideability
  • Lightweight and compact → 450 rivalling power-to-weight ratio
FE 350 Rockstar Edition

Cylinder head

The FE 350 Rockstar Edition features an advanced DOHC cylinder head layout, which is meticulously engineered to deliver performance and reliability. Internally, the DOHC layout features polished camshafts and low-friction DLC coated finger followers. Together with the lightweight titanium valves – 36.3 mm intake and 29.1 mm exhaust – they help deliver optimal performance.

  • Lightweight titanium valves → 36.3 mm intake and 29.1 mm exhaust
  • Polished camshafts, finger followers with DLC coating → minimal friction

Cylinder and piston

The 88 mm bore and 57.5 mm stroke cylinder features a compression ratio of 13.5:1 and a large diameter yet lightweight forged bridged-box-type piston. As a result, the low oscillating mass delivers exceptional power, high revs and a broadly usable power band.

  • Lightweight 88 mm diameter piston → reduces oscillating masses
  • Forged bridged-box-type piston → optimised fit in combustion chamber
  • 13.5:1 compression ratio → high performance and reduced danger of engine knocking


The crankshaft is optimised for overall reliability to guarantee long service intervals of 135 hours. This has been made possible by a bushing-type bearing at the connecting rod and two force-fitted bearing shells at the big-end bearing. Additionally, an oil supply to the main bearing is integrated within the engine casing.

  • Bushing-type bearing on connecting rod → maximum reliability and long service intervals
  • Plain big end bearing with force-fitted bearing shells → 135-hour service interval
FE 350 Rockstar Edition

Counter balancer shaft

In order to counteract the rotational force of the crankshaft and reduce vibration, the FE 350 Rockstar Edition engine uses a multifunctional counter balancer shaft, which also drives the water pump and timing chain.

  • Multifunctional counter balancer shaft → reduced vibrations, compact design


The engine cases are engineered to house the shaft arrangements at the ideal centre of gravity. The casings are manufactured using a high-pressure die-cast production process, resulting in thin wall thickness while retaining exceptional strength. The iconic Husqvarna Motorcycles logo adorns the bronze finished crankcase covers.

  • Crankcases → light and compact, mass-centralisation
  • High-pressure die-cast production process → thin walls for reduced weight, while maintaining strength
FE 350 Rockstar Edition


The 6-speed gearbox from Pankl Racing Systems uses specific wide-range enduro gearing. Additionally, a gear sensor allows the EMS to tailor a specific engine character for each gear.

  • Pankl 6-speed gearbox → enduro specific ratios
  • No-dirt gear lever → prevents dirt build up for perfect control

DDS clutch

The FE 350 Rockstar Edition features a Dampened Diaphragm Steel (DDS) clutch. The exclusive characteristics of this system include a single diaphragm steel pressure plate instead of traditional coil springs, which makes the clutch pull very light while the integrated damping system improves traction and durability. The clutch basket is a single-piece CNC machined steel component that allows the use of thin steel liners and contributes to the compact design of the engine. The MAGURA hydraulic system ensures perfect action in all conditions.

  • DDS clutch → compact with better action and improved durability
  • MAGURA hydraulic system → perfect clutch action
FE 350 Rockstar Edition

Source: MCNews.com.au