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Audi A7 Air Suspension, But In Your Motorbike

Traditional air spring suspension has been used on and off for motorcycles throughout history. 

From the pneumatically-sprung bikes created by Associated Springs Limited (ASL) back in 1909 to the air forks present in the 2013-2016 edition of the Honda CRF450R, it seems companies have dabbled on and off in the concept of air suspension. 

Now, a company named Carbon Air Limited has just come to the end of an exclusivity deal with Audi – and the UK firm is looking to introduce their tried-and-true activated carbon air suspension to the moto industry.

As seen in the video above, the concept is relatively simple. 

Activated carbon, in its raw form

Activated carbon has micro-pores. Air molecules are attracted to the surface on a tiny scale and are crowded more closely than usual, working with a fraction of the usual space. 

To speak plain English, activated carbon breathes in an extraordinary amount of air.  A cup of carbon-based air can contain around 6 times as much as a cup full of typical air – with that amount of space saved, chunky air suspension stiffness could be a thing of the past.

Best part, there’s no chemical bonding involved – nor, according to Carbon Air Limited, is there any wear or tear on the materials. 

a close-up view of the carbon air suspension systems created by Carbon Air Limited, for bicycles
A close-up of the tried-and-true activated carbon suspension system for mountain bikes, which Carbon Air Limited will likely use as a base blueprint for other off-road two-wheelers.

According to a report from MCN, Audi has been using Carbon Air Limited’s suspension since 2017, giving the Audi A6 and A7 air suspension with limitless tuneability. 

Toni Elias, Suberbike racer who subbed for Kyle Wyman on Team Ducati after Wyman suffered a broken arm

Now, the UK firm has a non-exclusive license agreement with key industry suppliers and is working on further projects with tier one suppliers and OEMs – from air suspension in automobiles and motorbikes to increased improvement in mountain bikes and eBikes.

“Being able to seemingly bend the laws of physics and change how air behaves under pressure has benefits in numerous mobility-related areas,” says Erwin Wolf, Chief Executive Officer of Carbon Air Limited.

“Innovative Carbon Air technology reduces dynamic suspension stiffness, without increasing roll or dive.”

Whether this technology will be adopted by off-road bikes first is yet to be seen, though I’d personally love to see what they do for the electric motorcycle industry.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

2020 Honda CRF450R & CRF250R | Arriving October

2020 Honda CRF450R – $12,299 MLP
CRF250R – $11,299 MLP

The 2020 CRF450R and CRF250R is due to Honda dealers around Australia mid-October, offering Honda MX die-hards a host of updates to launch them to the front of the pack.

Honda CRFR R
2020 Honda CRF450R – $12,299 MLP

The CRF450R will be available for an MLP of $12,299 and puts more engine-management choices at the fingertips of racers, with the addition of Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

Honda CRFR handlebar
2020 Honda CRF450R

Developed through HRC’s worldwide racing effort, the system maximizes rear-tire hook-up to keep all of the Unicam engine’s horsepower driving the bike and rider forward, improving racing success regardless of track conditions.

2020 Honda CRF450R

In keeping with racing-body regulations, the system measures rate of rpm increase and adjusts delivery accordingly and a handlebar-mounted switch enables selection from three levels of delivery, which is most in class.

Honda CRFR battery holder
2020 Honda CRF450R – New battery holder

In addition, the CRF450R’s front-rear balance is refined and handling is improved thanks to internal suspension updates and a new battery position that lowers the machine’s centre of gravity.

Improved rear-brake pad performance and durability, and the exclusive specification of Dunlop Geomax MX3S tyres round out a machine that’s ready to take 450 riders to the next level.

2020 Honda CRF250R

Honda’s CRF250R is a holeshot-seeking machine and this year, your lock on the holeshot is better than ever. That’s because the 2020 CRF250R gets a new frame and swingarm, new intake and exhaust valves, a new intake cam, new head pipes, stronger clutch springs and other improvements like the battery mounted lower for a better centre of gravity.

2020 Honda CRF250R

Air filter volume and surface area is up and that means more power too, so all of that makes an awesome bike even better. The 2020 CRF250R will be available for an MLP of $11,299.

2020 Honda CRF250R – $11,299 MLP

Honda CRFR rear wheel
2020 Honda CRF250R longer swingarm

For more information on the 2020 MX line up, including full specs visit: https://motorcycles.honda.com.au/Off_Road_Competition

Honda CRFR engine L
2020 Honda CRF250R new frame

Honda CRFR fork
2020 Honda CRF250R

Honda CRFR engine R
2020 Honda CRF250R – new intake and exhaust valves, a new intake cam, new head pipes

Source: MCNews.com.au

2019 Honda Red Sale | Great savings on MY18 models!

Honda Red Sale

The Honda RED SALE is now on! From the 1st April until 30th June, make the most of the savings available on selected road bikes, adventure-touring machines, models from Honda’s famous MX range and deals on some of Honda’s fun bike favourites.

CBRR Pearl Metalloid White Red Stripe
2018 CBR500R available for $7,999 Ride Away

Those looking to purchase their first sports bike or someone keen for an upgrade should check out the 2018 CBR500R, available for $7,999 Ride Away. An ideal entry-level confidence-inspiring motorcycle offering the right amount of power and stability to riders of all experience levels.

The CB650F has $500 Off, a middleweight Learner Approved machine with street fighter style and attitude.

$500 off the CB1000R

Those after something with a completely new style tone will not want to miss the $500 off the CB1000R and the CB300R. The CB1000R is a motorcycle that looks, feels and performs very differently from what’s come before and melds exhilarating function to a form that offers a radically fresh, visually stunning two-wheeled aesthetic.

Steered by retro-industrial minimalism, everything has been stripped back, with a focus on a host of textured metal finishes and an ultra-minimalist look under the design theme of ‘Neo Sports Café’.

2018 Honda CB1000R
2018 Honda CB1000R

The CB300R offers the same minimalist styling of its 1000cc stable mate. It is the ultimate lightweight machine, tipping the scales at only 143kgs, it’s ideal for newer riders keen to develop their riding skills or riders who just want a stylish, agile commuter.

2018 Honda CB300R
2018 Honda CB300R – An LCD display offers a premium feature in a competitive category

For the serious adventurer, there is $500 off Honda’s Adventure Tourer, the CRF1000L Africa Twin. The lightweight six-speed manual gearbox uses the same shift-cam design as found on the CRF450R to ensure positive changes, and is equipped with an aluminium assist slipper clutch.

An accessorised Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin
An accessorised Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

Another significant addition that came in 2018 is the new Throttle By Wire (TBW) system, which brought with it three riding modes to adjust engine character and output to suit riding conditions. Also new is an extended range of Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) input.

Honda CRFL left front
CRF250L $500 off and CRF250LA (ABS) $300 off

The CRF250L has $500 off and the CRF250LA (ABS) has $300 off – they are tough, practical and equally at home around a city block or out on the trail.

Renowned around the world for its reliability and race winning performance; it has never been a better time to get on a Honda CRF450R, with $1500 off*, you could be taking podiums sooner than you thought.

Honda CRFR
2019 Honda CRF450R

The 2018 CRF250R also has $1500 off, offering more engine power than the previous model, upgraded stability and traction as well as a re-designed dual exhaust and titanium intake system to help get you that holeshot. The brand new compact DOHC engine was also an exciting update to the 2018 model as well.

Honda's 2018 CRF250R
The 2018 CRF250R also has $1500 off

With Easter right around the corner, the great savings on a range of kids’ fun bikes will excite. There are $200 off the CRF110F, CRF125F and CRF125FB. The Honda Kids Funbike range is tough, reliable and designed to get your little one outside and experiencing the pure joy riding can bring.

2018 Honda CRF110F

With something for everyone, get into your Honda dealer today or for more information visit: https://motorcycles.honda.com.au/Promotions/Red_Sale (link)

The Fine Print

^Ride away offer available on the CBR500R (18YM and older) Price includes GST. Available between 1 April and 30 June 2019. Only at participating Honda Dealers. Overseas models shown, accessories not included and subject to availability. *$500 OFF when purchasing a 2018 or older CB650F and CRF1000L Africa Twin ABS. $500 OFF when purchasing a CB1000R, CB300R or CRF250L – All Year models. $300 OFF when purchasing a CRF250LA, All Year models. $1500 OFF the CRF450R 2017 and 2018 Year model only. $1500 OFF the CRF250R 2018 Year model only. $200 OFF the CRF110F, CRF125F and CRF125FB 2018 year models and older.

Source: MCNews.com.au