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Motorcyclist Alley Rally Video 2019

Sometimes the best motorcycle rides are right in your own backyard. That’s the premise of the Motorcyclist magazine Alley Rally. The event is a guided turn-by-turn tour through the center of Los Angeles by Editor-in-Chief Chris Cantle. The ride weaves through Cantle’s hometown and shows of some of the lesser known areas of this megatropolis.

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Riders remained connected via Cardo’s slick Packtalk Bold Bluetooth-enabled communication device. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes, the device easily affixes to most any motorcycle helmet and allows riders to talk to one another, in addition to manipulating their smartphone when paired.

From winding bends to beat-up dirt roads, this tour shows off some of the most obscure portions of the city. Beautiful murals and street art line many of the narrow corridors which help expose the diverse nature of California’s largest city. But don’t take our word for it, watch the video and see for yourself.

Source: MotorCyclistOnline.com

2019 Motorcyclist Alley Rally In Photos

Motorcyclist magazine hosted the third edition of its Alley Rally this past Sunday. The event shows off narrow corridors and hidden passageways that connect Los Angeles, and is best explored behind the handlebar of a motorcycle. The ride kicked off over coffee at downtown LA’s Lucky Wheels Garage.

Cardo Systems was on hand, outfitting riders with its recently introduced Packtalk Bold Bluetooth-enabled communication device. The headset easily slips inside most any modern motorcycle helmet and allows you to connect to your smartphone, and communicate in a group intercom format with other riders.

Editor-in-Chief and Los Angelite, Chris Cantle delivered a guided tour, sharing interesting factoids about California’s largest city. The ride concluded at the Petersen Museum, where participants were allowed free access to its exquisite collection of cars and motorcycles. Have a look at some of our favorite photos and we’ll see you again next year.

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Source: MotorCyclistOnline.com

Motorcyclist Alley Rally Returns To Los Angeles April 7, 2019

Sometimes a great idea is born and you wonder why you’d never thought of it before. That’s the case with the Motorcyclist Alley Rally, returning for its third year in 2019 on April 7. The event has been such a blast the last two times out that we couldn’t say no to another go, and we want this year’s rally to be bigger and better than ever. That’s where you come in.

Grab your gear, fire up the bike and get your butt down to Lucky Wheels Garage in Los Angeles at 9 a.m. on April 7 and be ready for a day of riding you’ll never forget. We’re going to hit up all the seedy stretches you might typically avoid. Bring along some friends because this is one of those events that’s better together.

We’re teaming with Cardo Systems so riders can communicate wirelessly, via its new PackTalk Bold Bluetooth-enabled headsets. These devices attach to most any motorcycle helmet and allow you to communicate while riding. They also easily pair to smartphones so you can answer phone calls, listen to music, and/or navigation directions, so you’re never lost.

Did we mention it’s absolutely free to participate? Anyone with a motorcycle is welcome to ride along.

And though you might be imagining dilapidated stretches strewn with trash and stink, think again. We’ll hit up some of the street art hot spots along the way and take in some of the beauty among the wreckage. After a few hours exploring, we’ll finish it off with a stop for some lunch (you’ll have to cover your costs for that though).

So mark your calendar and be ready for a phenomenal ride. We’ll see you there! Lastly, give us a follow on Instagram so we can be a part of your next ride.

Source: MotorCyclistOnline.com