Finding The Best Motorcycle Cover

UV-resistant materials often claim to protect the cover from fading and some companies, such as Nelson-Rigg, even offer lifetime warranties (as seen with the Defender Extreme) that apply to severe color changes resulting from extensive exposure to the sun’s rays. The Defender Extreme is made of UltraMax polyester which, according to the brand, blocks “99 percent of harmful rays that could damage a vehicle’s finish, without discoloration after continuous sunlight exposure.” Further, to ensure the best resistance to fading, the yarn is colored prior to being woven rather than being piece-dyed (meaning fabric is dyed after yarn is woven together). If a cover does not offer UV protection, there is a chance the UV rays can wear down the material, weakening the fabric’s structure, and if caught on parts or sharp edges of the fairing has potential to tear. In addition to UV protection, look for high denier count and products with high tensile strength that can help improve tearing resistance. According to Nelson-Rigg’s president UltraMax polyester “is the leading material in our industry for UV protection, abrasion resistance, hydrostatic pressure (how waterproof it is), and tear resistance.”


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