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SW-Motech Legend Gear LC2 Side Bags

When I first got my 2004 Harley‑Davidson Heritage Softail Classic, I felt like I was cheating a little when opening and closing my saddlebags. I didn’t bother using the traditional leather straps with metal buckles, instead relying on the hidden quick‑detach plastic clips that were so much easier to secure. Unfortunately, the clips started breaking, which isn’t bad considering they’re 20 years old, but without the clips, the buckles wouldn’t work on their own.

SW-Motech Legend Gear LC2 Side Bags

My first stop for a replacement set was H‑D’s website, but there is only one choice of saddlebags for my bike, offering a little over 22 liters of total storage (compared to the approximate 34 liters of my stock bags).

SW-Motech Legend Gear LC2 Side Bags

SW‑Motech, on the other hand, offers a wide range of motorcycle luggage for pretty much any motorcycle. The company’s website makes it easy to search by make and model, but they also have several options that aren’t model specific. Capacity is important, but I was also ready to try something functionally different, so I decided on the SW‑Motech Legend Gear LC2 side bags, which have a total capacity of 27 liters.

SW-Motech Legend Gear LC2 Side Bags

I really like the LC2’s vintage design: a combination of Napalon synthetic leather and waxed canvas, the latter of which contributes to water protection – along with the hook‑and‑loop roll‑top closure and included waterproof inner bag. They’re smaller than my stock bags, but as I often ride for my work, I was pleased to discover I could still fit my laptop stored upright with room to spare. And if I want to carry a little extra, there are numerous loops on the exterior for attaching Legend Gear LA1 (0.8L, $24) or LA2 (1.2L, $48) accessory bags.

However, what really attracted me to the SW-Motech Legend Gear LC2 side bags was the quick‑release feature. I don’t always need luggage, and I like the clean look of my bike without the windshield and bags when I’m just cruising around town.

SW-Motech Legend Gear LC2 Side Bags

The quick‑release attachment of the LC2 is made of fiberglass‑reinforced polyamide and enables removal in just a couple of seconds, and when the bags are off, the black tubular steel side‑carrier bracket is barely visible. I also appreciate that when I use the bags for a trip, I can easily detach them at my destination and carry them with me, either by grabbing the top strap or using the accessory LA4 shoulder strap ($36). 

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Installation of the SLC side‑carrier mounting system was straightforward and took less than 15 minutes. It’s sold separately for $128 (model‑specific pricing may vary). The SW‑Motech Legend Gear LC2 side bags come in either Black or Black/Brown for $207 per side.

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