Senzar warns of tailgating crash

While motorcycle companies are developing integrated motorcycle sensors to detect and warn of an impending rear-ender, Senzar has produced an aftermarket device.

Companies such as Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki and Suzuki are developing radar sensors for their bikes.

Ducati will be the first manufacturer next year to add front and rear radar sensors to its motorcycles to warn riders of dangers.

Senzar is firstSenzar sensor unit monitors blind spots rear ender crash

However, they have all been beaten to the punch by Taiwanese company Senzar.

Their compact Senzar device mounts on the back of the bike and can detect vehicles up to 10m.Senzar sensor unit monitors blind spots rear ender crash

It then warns the rider with  flashing lights attached to the mirrors.Senzar sensor unit monitors blind spots rear ender crash

It’s not a wireless system, so you have to fit a long wire connector.

The Senzar BlindSpot Detection System is available for pre-order at a 50% discount price of $US399 (about $A570). That means it will eventually cost a whopping $800 ($A1140).

When the motorcycle manufacturers start fitting these devices, it will no doubt increase the price of the bike, but probably not by that much.

There is no word on when the device will ship.

Senzar sensor unit monitors blind spots rear ender crash

Motorcycle devices

Most cars have sensors that detect blind spots around the vehicle. 

Motorcycles are lagging behind despite that fact that rear-ender crashes are among the most common involving motorcycles.

Motorcycle manufacturers are now approaching this very real problem in different ways.

Honda has filed a patent for a system that has a rear-facing camera in a helmet.

Honda helmet radar monitors for rear ender
Honda helmet radar monitors for rear enders

It is connected via Bluetooth to the bike to provide warnings through the instruments.

Kawasaki will add radar systems to their bikes to detect imminent collisions and warn riders. However it will go further by also applying automatic braking.

Suzuki has taken a different approach with a radar deflector that makes the motorcycle more “visible” to the sensors in surrounding hi-tech vehicles.


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