Sena Savage | Open face helmet with built-in communications

Sena Savage Open-Face Helmet – $499.95 RRP

Available in M, L, XL – ECE Approved

McLeod Accessories have announced they are the sole distributors for the brand new Sena Savage open face helmet in Australia, with the Savage offering a low fitting Fibreglass Composite open face helmet with a Sena unit installed and ready to go, for only RRP $499.95!

Sena Savage Open Face CL MB
McLeod Accessories and Sena have introduced the Savage open-face helmet complete with standard comms system

The battery is hidden in the rear of the helmet, and recharging is through a port on the chin strap, with the Sena Savage available in Matt Black in three sizes only – Medium, Large and XL, as these are the only three sizes this helmet offer with ECE approval. The  heavier DOT version available from the USA that covers XS to XXL however it is not legal for use here. The ECE approved versions available in Australia boast the most competitive pricing worldwide!

Sena Savage Open Face Savage BothVisors
Two visor options are available on the Sena Savage

These low fitting helmets come with two styles of peak, and the intercom unit fitted is the equivalent of the SENA 10S which has an RRP of $367 – so the Savage represents amazing value! Plus the microphone is hidden in the top centre of the liner, so there is no
boom mic to get in the way! This mic works effectively up to 100+km/h so Harley and cruiser riders will love it! The Savage Sena system can connect with up to three other riders via the built-in intercom up to 1.6 km (1 miles), listen to music, hear GPS directions, or take and make phone calls.

Sena Savage Open Face CL MB
The Sena Savage features a build in comms system good for up to 100km/h

You can check out the this video on the USA model – which has exactly the same
functionality in the Bluetooth unit, however the ECE version available in Australia is
lighter and only available in M, L & XL sizes

Sena Savage Open Face A
Sena Savage Helmet linings

Sena Savage Open Face CL MB
The Sena Savage also uses D-rings on the chin strap for easy fixture


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