Rear-ended BMW rider seeks justice

A Brisbane rider whose BMW R 1200 R was rear-ended in 2016 is still waiting to find out if the irresponsible driver who hit him has been fined.

Matthew Craig, of Daisy Hill, was leaving the M1 at the Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd exit when he stopped at a give way sign in the left-hand slip lane to let a several vehicles pass by.

Seconds later, he was rear-ended by an impatient BMW X3 driver.

Since then, Matthew has not ridden and is still waiting for another bike as his was classified a repairable write off. 

To rub salt into his wounds, police and the courts have refused to provide him or us information about the driver’s punishment.

Matthew Craig's BMW R 1200 R before it was rear-ended
Matthew Craig’s immaculate BMW R 1200 R before it was rear-ended

All he knows is that the woman was charged with driving without due care and attention and the matter was finalised at Holland Park Magistrates Court on January 25, 2017.

Search for justice

Matthew was not forewarned about the court appearance and his efforts over the past two years to find out what happened have failed.

He has been told it is a privacy issue.

However, the matter was heard in an open and public court. It is not his fault he was not present when the matter was heard as he was not warned of the date.

It is good that justice may have been done, but it is important that justice is also seen to be done and that the victims are satisfied with the verdict.

Matthew is now filing a Freedom of Information application.

We will update you if/when he gets a result.

How to avoid rear-ender

Meanwhile, it looks like there is little Matthew could have done to avoid this rear-ender.

The problem is impatience.

It happened to me at a stop sign when a fellow rider rammed me from behind. We were in a queue of riders going around the corner. While looking to the right for oncoming traffic he assumed I had dribbled through the stop sign instead of coming to a full stop.

I have also seen this happen to another rider and a friend in his car. Check out this rear-ended rider’s video.

The first vehicle moves to the front and stops to look for traffic and the next vehicle stops behind them.

On seeing that the road is clear, the second vehicle just proceeds without looking ahead, assuming the vehicle in front has also moved.

In this case, Matthew waited cautiously for the vehicle with the dashcam, even though there was a clear left lane.

Matthew Craig's BMW R 1200 R before it was rear-ended
Impatience leads to impact!

And the driver behind him doesn’t even appear to be ready to stop!

His cautiousness cost him a crash.

To avoid this sort of incident, riders can try several things:

  • Check behind to see if there is a vehicle following;
  • If possible, offset your bike to the following vehicle, either to the extreme left or right of the lane or trickle a little around the corner; and/or
  • Blow your horn or rev your bike to alert the following driver that you are still there.

Click here for more tips on avoiding rear-enders in situations such as lane filtering.


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