Momodesign helmet fan keeps a cool head

Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer Momodesign has added a fan that activates at low speed to keep the airflow going to your head in the hot summer months.

The Aero helmet features a Tornado Ventilation System that switches off at high speeds and only activates at low speeds thanks to a built-in GPS.

It’s not the first helmet with a cooling solution.

The Encephalon from Nando Logic has a fan, but it doesn’t seem to have gone into production yet.

Encephalon hi-tech motorcycle helmet events fan
Encephalon helmet

In August the air-conditioned Feher ACH-1 was DOT approved and began selling at $US599 (about $A820). It has not yet received ECE certification.

Feher ACH-1 air-conditioned helmet fan
Feher AC helmet

And AptEner Mechatronics hopes to release its BluSnap add-on airconditioner unit which simply straps to the front of a full-face helmet.

Airconditioner or full-face helmet - feher fan
BluSnap AC

Aero fan helmetMomodesign Aero helmet with fan

The Momodesign Aero helmet is ECE approved and will be available in four colours at €368 (about $A580, $US420).

Momodesign makes only one full-face helmet and this is open-face like the rest of their range with a full-length visor.

They don’t say how much the fan, battery and GPS weigh, but it must increase the weight.

The mechanism will also slightly increase helmet noise by 16dB which is the sound of rustling leaves.

It has a 3.7V lithium-ion battery with eight hours of life and a one-hour charge time.

Riders can choose to turn the fan on manually or use the Tornado Ventilation System app.Momodesign Aero helmet with fan

You can set the app to activate the fan below 50km/h when natural airflow is minimal or above a certain temperature.

The swirling blades simply assist airflow through the front and back vents.Momodesign Aero helmet with fan


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