Honda helmet radar monitors your rear

Honda has been busy recently applying for patents for a range of out-there inventions including this helmet that integrates with the bike and monitors for of an impending rear-ender.

The helmet features a rear-facing camera that monitors traffic behind the rider.

This information is sent to a processing unit which detects a fast-approaching vehicle and sends a visual warning to the rider via the motorcycle’s instruments.

Rear-ender crashes are among the most common involving motorcycles, so this could be a useful safety device.

Honda helmet radar monitors for rear ender
Honda helmet radar monitors for rear-enders

Bike radar monitors for crash

It is similar to systems already found in many cars. Now it appears to be coming to motorcycles.

Ducati has also identified this issue and will be the first next year to add front and rear radar sensors to its motorcycles to warn riders of dangers.

Ducati and Audi demonstraties V2X radar monitors
Ducati and Audi demonstrate radar technology

Kawasaki will also add radar systems to their bikes to detect imminent collisions and warn riders. However it will go further by also applying automatic braking.

Suzuki has taken a different approach with a radar deflector that makes the motorcycle more “visible” to the sensors in surrounding hi-tech vehicles.

Helmet system

Instead of containing the radar technology to the bike like these companies, Honda has decided to integrate the helmet into their system.

This could be due to the higher radar placement which might make detection easier.

It’s not the first patent application from Honda that features a helmet.

They recently applied for an invention that recognises your face when you put your helmet on and acts as a remote key fob to switch on your motorcycle.

honda helmet key fob radar monitors
Honda’s helmet key fob patent drawing

There are several problems with integrating such technology into a helmet.

It makes the helmet heavier, more expensive, limits the choice of helmet that can be used with the bike, and, since helmets should be changed every five years, it would be obsolete long before the motorcycle.

Other recent Honda patents have included a rider air-conditioner, a “climate seat” that blows hot or cool air, a leaning trike and a hydrogen-powered motorcycle.


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