Europe’s Biggest Café Racer And Sprint Race—Glemseck 101

The MO Classic Racer Sprint featured bikes from done-up old Hondas to Suzuki’s GT750 “Kettles” competing, including Isle of Man TT rider Conor Cummins, the latter which also competed in the Honda Sprint on a CB1000R against rival Alex Polita. The Sultans of Sprint—Freak and Factory Class, also featuring Randy Mamola, was probably the most colourful sprint event of the day, where riders didn’t take themselves too seriously, all entering the arena dressed up in fancy costumes, that is until they got to the starting grid. Finally, by about 6 p.m., the Starr Wars Sprint, which established itself at Glemseck 101 over the past five years, was the last event of the day, held on motorcycles whose rigid frame construction can be traced directly back to the early days of motorcycle development.


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