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Jacob Roulstone Interview/Profile | A chat before Jacob heads to Europe

Jacob Roulstone Profile

Jacob Roulstone is another of Australia’s many talented riders that will be competing in two prestigious championships in Europe this year as he graduates from two years in the European Talent Cup into the recently rebranded FIM Junior GP World Championship (formerly the CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship), as well as competing in the 16th running of the Red Bull Rookies Cup (RBRC).  Along with fellow countryman, Harrison Voight it will be a doubled-pronged attack of Aussie representation in both classes for ’22.

In the past few years, Jacob has flown under the radar, as he chases that “yellow brick road” of dreams. He may have gone unnoticed by many on the outside, but he’s been making a big impression on many in the race paddocks, and that’s why this year, he has his best prospects of success thus far in his relatively short road racing career. 

While he has done plenty of laps of the dirt and bitumen in Australia, the majority of his road racing experiences have been in Asia and Spain. It’s not through choice. It’s just the way it’s all unfolded.

Roulstone kicked off his international travels with the Asia Talent Cup in 2019 where he finished 11th, with five top ten finishes from the 12 races contested.

Asia Talent Cup Selections Jacob Roulstone
Jacob Roulstone – Asia Talent Cup 2019

In that year he also competed in Australia in the new Oceania Junior Cup as well as the 300cc classes but due to date clashes with the ATC, missed three rounds of the ASBK titles.

At the end of 2019 he received an offer to compete in the European Talent Cup, a class of the Spanish CEV Championships, with the Leopard Impala Junior Team and the decision was made to relocate.

With the onslaught of the plague, it was almost over before it started. No sooner had Jacob and his mother, Leah arrived in Spain, the country went into complete lockdown. The pair were confined to their hotel room for 105 days and for the first 10 weeks of lockdown they weren’t allowed out of their room. Contemplate that predicament…

That confined experience would test the mettle of anyone, but for a 15-year-old champing at the bit to go racing and explore new frontiers, it would’ve been extremely challenging – to say the least! 

And not only for Jacob. 

Parents would empathise with Leah’s plight being locked in a as she attempted to cook up a storm with just a microwave oven and a single hot-plate! There’s only so much hotel room service food one can handle at the best of times, let along in a lockdown

Thankfully, the season was contested and at the completion of his first year in the ETC, Roulstone finished a very creditable 17th overall with a brace of top ten finishes. 

OJC Round RbMotoLens Jacob Roulstone
Jacob Roulstone – OJC 2019 – Image RbMotoLens

Pretty impressive considering the circumstances. Especially in a field stacked with locals who knew all the vagaries of the local tracks that hosted the ETC after racing on the tracks for years.

The progression and improvement continued in the ETC last year, after he signed again with the Leopold Impala Junior team. 

Jacob kicked off the year perfectly with a win at the opening round at Estoril (Portugal), however he had to wait until the final round at Valencia to climb the podium again: In the first race of the final round, he finished second, 0.120 sec off the win and backed that up with third place in his final race in ETC, for ninth overall. 

After two years in the European Talent Cup, Jacob makes the move upwards into the newly-named “Junior GP” category with the highly regarded, and vastly experienced personnel involved with the Aspar Gas Gas Junior Team, owned by multiple world champion and living legend, Jorge “Aspar” Martinez.  

Jacob Roulstone seen here running #12 in the FIM CEV Repsol series late in 2021

Being signed to the team is a massive dose of credibility and the faith they have in Jacob’s ability. For a rider to sign with Team Aspar you have to have that “something”. 

It’s not all about money, as some may have you believe, as all riders – particularly Spaniards – dream of a ride in Aspar’s team. 

Jacob’s signing for the future is also kudos to Aspar for looking outside the locals of the Iberian peninsula to sign the Australian teenager, when there may have been plenty of attractive alternatives. 

Martinez has not only taken notice of his efforts, but has brought him into the fold, and not with just a short term plan. There are long tern goals pencilled in for the teenager, if Roulstone can deliver.

Hopefully with the faith shown by Martinez, in the next year or so, Jacob’s name and his talents will become more familiar to followers of road racing, not only in Australia, but worldwide. 

Jacob Roulstone
DOB: 4 Feb 2005
Lives: Jamberoo (NSW)

Mark Bracks: So where did you start? Were you a dirt tracker like many others? 

Jacob Roulstone: “Firstly, I started with MX for a bit of fun. When I was younger, Dad did a bit of road racing so we were always around that. We tried some flat track and enjoyed that, traveling all over for a couple of years. I won three Australian Championships in 85-150cc Big Wheel  and 80cc modified.

“I also rode an NSF100 at the local kart track, every week nothing major, just working on the small bike. My father wanted me to be able to push the small bikes around, lose the front, lose the rear and learn on an old Moriwaki 80 as well around places like Eastern Creek and Wakefield, with the St George club. and then at Broadford and at Phillip Island.

Asia Talent Cup Selections Jacob Roulstone
Jacob Roulstone was selected for the 2019 Asia Talent Cup and made the cut, hence the emotion in this shot taken at the try-outs

“In 2018 we went to the ATC try-outs and I was fortunate to be invited to do the ATC in 2019, where my best result was a fourth.

“Also in 2019, I did the new Oceania Junior Cup and the 300cc classes as well. I never really gelled with the 300 bikes. At the time I was only quite small, and very light, and it was difficult to move around on the larger machine.

“I suit the Moto 3 and the European Talent bikes a lot better, but I have shot up in the last year.

“After the ATC I went to Europe for the 2020 European Talent Cup with the Leopard Impala Junior Team, riding a Honda NSF250R, the same bikes as ATC except we had more data. When I went over to Europe I was a year older than a lot of the riders because they do stuff a lot earlier now.

“For ’22 my dreams are coming true as I have been signed with the Aspar Gas Gas junior team. They are a very good team.

Jacob Roulstone joins GasGas Aspar Team for 2022

“As well, I have been lucky enough to be selected for the RBRC as well.

“The Gas Gas Moto 3 is pretty much a KTM, like the Rookies bike, so they are quite similar. If we were on a Honda , like in the ETC, it would be more difficult to jump from one to another.”

Bracks: How do you rate your last couple of years?

Roulstone: “Really good. In 2020 I had not many expectations. It was a learning year; what it was like living over in Europe. I learnt all the data engineering, all the differences so you can ride over there as it is very different to here; how they ride. They’re a lot more aggressive. A lot faster. 

“In 2021 they were about two-seconds faster than in 2020. I don’t know why. It was just ridiculous. They’re closer to Moto3 times which is incredible. 

“To finish ninth in the championship out of 50 riders is quite good and to be the first of the  internationals, I think up to 15th, the rest were Spanish is very good too. It was productive year and I am extremely happy with it.”

Asia Talent Cup ATC Rnd Malaysia Jacob Roulstone ZA
Jacob Roulstone put in a strong performance for a fifth place result in the Asia Talent Cup round at Sepang late in 2019

Bracks: No doubt that had a bearing with where you have ended up with the team for this year.

Roulstone: “Absolutely. You could be the best kid but you still have to have the results.”

Bracks:  But you have to behave off the bike as well.

Roulstone: “Yes for sure. You don’t want you or your team to be disrespectful. Sometime you have to bite your lip if there is an issue. You always have to be thinking about that. My parents have taught me quite well in that regard.”

Bracks: You seem to have had a similar path to Harry Voight racing against each other growing up and now in the same class again this year? 

Roulstone:” Yeah we were doing the same thing with dirt track for awhile so we have raced against each other a bit but I think he went to road racing a year or so before I did. Should be fun to be on track with him again like back in 2019 with the ATC.”

Bracks: So are you learning a trade or anything?

Roulstone: “I am still doing school. I do school every day. I have a tutor. I don’t like sitting around doing nothing . I do distance education. It’s a little bit like home schooling but all the work is already set out for us. I do that every morning until about 1 o’ clock then I’ll do all my exercises, go to my trainer, gym or we go riding or something along this lines. It’s all pretty serious. I will definitely do some studies in engineering or something like that.  I do enjoy that. If I don’t make it I can’t do nothing. I have to have something to fall back on.”

Bracks: Where are you based over there? 

Roulstone: “We live north of Barcelona near Gerona on the Costa Brava. We live at one of the old team bosses houses. We still have a great relationship with all of them which is good. Even though I have left their team we are still a part of the family. They help me with everything; my training and help me with riding. It’s difficult sometimes over there, but we have good relationships with people which makes a big difference.”

Bracks: So are you pretty fluent with Spanish now? 

Roulstone: “I can understand what they are talking about, but i find it very difficult to speak. Hopefully this time next year I’ll be able to speak it fluently. That’s my goal for the year, besides riding.”

Bracks: Spanish or Catalan as you live in Catalunya? 

Roulstone: “I haven’t had my sights on learning Catalan whatsoever. It’s too difficult. (with a laugh).”

Bracks: Yeah I know exactly what you mean. It sounds like you’ve got your heart set on being in Spain for the next few years then?

Roulstone: “Absolutely. It’s the place to be.

“This year is a learning year like 2021 was; learning a new team and a new bike. They are a high profile team, so there will be expectations, so I’ll be going out and trying to win each time but its going to be extremely… a lot more difficult than it was. I’m not having huge expectations but every time I go out, I’ll try and win. That’s just me. 

“In the RBRC I believe I can go quite good. My goal is to get two years in each championship to do this year, then next year.  In just about every session I want to be top ten and my goal is to finish with a podium or two. It’s going to be difficult. But I have the right team, I have the right people around me who I believe can get me there.

“I wanted to bring my crew chief and mechanics but they couldn’t  do it for one reason or another. I have new everything: Two new mechanics and two new data engineers but it’ll be good as with rookies and Moto3 I have the same mechanics so I’ll be able to get a good relationship with them.

“I will have to learn with my new data engineer. They are good people. It’s all learning and taking in the experience.”

Bracks: Do you get on with other riders?

Roulstone: “We have a good little group of internationals; a Canadian and American. It’s the group we train with during the week. I try to have a good relationship with all the riders. Some struggle with that but I’ve been able to set up good relationships with the Spanish and some, I am great friends with.”

Bracks: So when does this year’s adventure start? 

Roulstone: “We are leaving on February 7. We have an Aspar training week the day after we arrive so we head straight down to Valencia.”

Bracks: All the best, with the next chapter, mate.

Roulstone: “Thanks, Bracksy. I’ll be giving it a good crack!”

Source: MCNews.com.au

Kelso races to 7-7 at Jerez CEV Repsol | Roulstone P11

2021 FIM CEV Repsol – Round 6 Jerez

The FIM CEV Repsol championship was back on track at Jerez for Round 6 over the weekened, with a minute of silence observed for Hugo Millan, before racing got underway.

Round 6 of the FIM CEV Repsol championship started with a minute of silence for Hugo Millan
Round 6 of the FIM CEV Repsol championship started with a minute of silence for Hugo Millan

In the Moto3 JWC Brit Scott Ogden (Aspar Junior Team) got off to a brilliant start, picking up his first-ever class win. Race 2 meanwhile went the way of David Muñoz.

Aussie Joel Kelso raced to a strong 7-7 result across both races, moving into eighth overall. Senna Agius finished P19 in Race 1, but recorded a DNF in Race 2.

In the Moto2 European Championship, Fermin Aldeguer grabbed another win and the championship title, with team-mate Alonso Lopez finally claiming his first win of the year in Race 2.

For the Hawkers European Talent Cup, it was the perfect day for Maximo Martinez who took both wins. Australia’s Jacob Roulstone was just outside the top-10, in 11th in Race 1, but was a DNF in Race 2. He now sits 10th overall in the standings.


Race 1 of the FIM Moto3 JWCh saw Scott Ogden take a superb victory. After taking his best qualifying position yet the previous day, Ogden hit the front with five laps to go.

Moto3 Race Start
Moto3 Race Start – 2021 FIM CEV Repsol Round 6 – Jerez

Eventual third place finisher Ivan Ortola (Team MTA) slipped past him at Turn 9 on the final lap, before Ogden managed to take back the advantage at Turn 13. David Muñoz took second place and picked up crucial championship points over series leader Daniel Holgado (Aspar Junior Team).

Scott Ogden
Scott Ogden – 2021 FIM CEV Repsol Round 6 – Jerez

Australia’s Kelso finished seventh, with Senna Agius 19th.

Scott Ogden

“It’s incredible, I’m very happy with this victory, which would not have been possible without all the support from my team. It was a crazy race, but little by little I managed to place myself first. I have focused on setting my pace, without thinking about whether they would pass me or not. I wanted to try, and I managed to stay ahead. I came to the last corner in fourth position, but I knew that if I braked late, I could get the inside line.”

Scott Ogden
Scott Ogden – 2021 FIM CEV Repsol Round 6 – Jerez

Race 2 didn’t go the same way for Ogden as he crashed out on lap 8. Instead, it was David Muñoz that would take victory, using his superior placing to pull out a one-second margin at the flag over second placed Ivan Ortola.

It marked a great day for Muñoz and Ortola, with both of them going one better in Race 2 than they did in Race 1. Daniel Holgado picked up third in Race 2, meaning that he held his championship lead to 42 points over race-winner Muñoz. But with just 75 points left to play for, the championship is still firmly in the grip of Holgado.

Daniel Holgado

“We are being very consistent; we are going to continue in this line and we will try to get the title at Misano. I’m happy with how the weekend went. We had to yet take the step forward in the last laps, but at least we have drawn good conclusions. In the second race, the temperature was very high and made everything difficult, but we have got the best possible performance and we have returned to the podium for the seventh time this year.”

Daniel Holgado
Daniel Holgado – 2021 FIM CEV Repsol Round 6 – Jerez

Joel Kelso took his second seventh place of the weekend in Race 2, while for Agius is was a DNF.

Joel Kelso – P7/7

“Difficult weekend to say the least we tried our best but unfortunately it was not enough, we will come back stronger in Misano.”

Joel Kelso - 2021 FIM CEV Repsol Round 6 - Jerez
Joel Kelso – 2021 FIM CEV Repsol Round 6 – Jerez

Source: MCNews.com.au

Matsuyama and Nishimura share the Motegi ATC wins

2019 Asia Talent Cup

Round 5 – Twin Ring Motegi

Takuma Matsuyama and Sho Nishimura have split the wins in the Asia Talent Cup at Motegi over the weekend, with Race 1 winner Matsuyama now leading the standings by 12-points, from Nishimura on 157, with both Japanese riders making the most of their home track advantage.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Matsuyama DSC
Takuma Matsuyama sporting his fractured wrist injury – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

Harrison Voight led the Australians in Race 1 with a ninth place finish, while Jacob Roulstone and Luke Power did not finish, with Roulstone retiring and Power crashing. A turn-around in Race 2 saw Voight not finish, with Roulstone top Aussie in tenth, and Luke Power 16th. Voight crashed out on the final lap in Race 2.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Roulstone ZA
Jacob Roulstone – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

Race 1

Takuma Matsuyama suffered a fractured wrist on Friday at Motegi, but that didn’t stop the Japanese rider converting pole position into an incredible win on Saturday afternoon. He extends his points lead to 25, now ahead of Afridza Munandar as the Indonesian took second and Sho Nishimura suffered a costly crash out of contention. Syarifuddin Azman completed the podium to keep his run of form rolling in another impressive race.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Start ZA
Race 1 Start – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

It was Matsuyama who kept P1 from pole, the number 11 blasting away from the line and already able to pull out a couple of bike lengths from the off. Azman was in hot pursuit, however, as he managed to put himself in charge of the chase, with the fight for third remaining a freight train early on.

Little by little, however, the chasing pack would reign the two in, as Azman managed to reign in Matsuyama too. Then it became a classic group battle at the front, with the top ten covered by just over a second and a half and the gaps a constant concertina.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Matsuyama Azman ZA
Takuma Matsuyama & Syarifuddin Azman – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

As the final laps appeared in sight though, it was down to a key group of six in the fight for the podium – Matsuyama, Munandar, Azman, Thai rider Tatchakorn Buasri, Shoki Igarashi and Nishimura. Drama hit on the penultimate lap for Nishimura, however, as the number 3 suddenly tagged the rear tyre of Munandar ahead of him and went down. That left Matsuyama with an open goal, and despite his fractured wrist, the number 11 would emerge victorious nonetheless.

Keeping calm and collected at the front, the points leader defended to perfection around the final two corners to keep the lead and blast towards the line ahead – nailing the exit too and no one able to get close as he crossed the line nearly two tenths clear. That gives him a 25-point lead ahead of Munandar as the Indonesian came second, narrowly escaping Azman on the drag to the line.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Matsuyama ZA
Takuma Matsuyama – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

Buasri just missed out as he crossed the line in fourth, with Igarashi completing the top five as the last of the lead group, taking some good points after his dramatic antics in Buriram.

Warit Thongnoppakun was sixth and the first of those on the chase although the Thai rider cut the gap to a few tenths, heading Herjun Firdaus over the line. Wildcard Kanta Hamada impressed in P8, ahead of a solid race for Australian Harrison Voight. Wildcard Shota Kiuchi completed the top ten.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Voight ZA
Harrison Voight – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

Abdul Mutaqim and Piyawat Patoomyos took P11 and P12, ahead of Nishimura as the title challenger was able to remount and score a smattering of points. Hildhan Kusuma and Shinji Ogo locked out both the scorers and the finishers.

Jacob Roulstone pulled into the pits to retire, Luke Power crashed out and Adenanta Putra stacked it early on – likely taking himself out of the Championship hunt in the process. He also took out an unlucky Rei Wakamatsu, who suffered a broken collarbone.

Race 2

Sho Nishimura is back in business! The Japanese rider has had a tougher time of it since the summer break but he came out swinging in Race 2 at the Twin Ring Motegi to take an authoritative win.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Start ZA
Race 2 Start – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

With key rival Takuma Matsuyama only taking fifth after a last lap wobble, that closes the standings right up as Matsuyama’s lead is now back down to just 12 points. Completing the podium were Thai rider Tatchakorn Buasri and home hero Shoki Igarashi, with both able to just pull ahead of a close drag to the line to take rostrum finishes.

Off the line it was Matsuyama who took the holeshot from pole, although the number 11 had more company in Race 2 as Nishimura made a blinding getaway and was able to almost get alongside his compatriot into Turn 1. Matsuyama held firm, however, and another classic IATC group battle began in earnest.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Nishimura ZA
Sho Nishimura – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

Matsuyama led first, Syarifuddin Azman in pursuit, and Buasri was a firm presence at the front mid-race. It was only in the latter laps that Nishimura really started to put the hammer down, the eventual winner crossing the line in the top three in each of the last five laps…

In those last five laps, it was down to a five rider battle, with Harrison Voight just losing touch with the fight for the front. And it remained five, but the last lap would be a dramatic decider for one man at least.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Azman ZA
Syarifuddin Azman – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

Matsuyama was right in the fight to take the win, but a sudden moment for the number 11 saw him plummet back from the group, and it looked like it was all over as Buasri vs Nishimura vs Igarashi vs Azman raged on. But the points leader wasn’t for giving up and he dug deep despite his injury, able to tag back on to the quartet by the time the final few corners were in sight. Would he be able to move forward?

By then, Nishimura had struck for the lead with a truly stunning move around the outside of Buasri; the Japanese rider inch perfect to take over in P1. And from there, he defended to perfection too – closing the door around the final two corners and able to stay ahead on the blast to the line. In the scuffle just behind, it was Matsuyama who just got shuffled back out of contention, crossing the line in fifth as the three men ahead of him went toe-to-toe towards the line.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Nishimura ZA
Sho Nishimura – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

Buasri was the man who won the slipstream contest, taking second just ahead of Igarashi. Azman, after three consecutive podiums, just missed out in fourth.

Behind Matsuyama’s Iron Man ride to fifth despite his wrist, it was an impressive performance from wildcard Shota Kiuchi to take P6, with Harrison Voight taking a tumble on the final lap and out of the race.

Then came the second group, headed by title challenger Afridza Munandar in P7 as a gaggle of riders all crossed the line within a second. They were Munandar, Adenanta Putra, Warit Thongnoppakun, Jacob Roulstone, wildcard Kanta Hamada, Herjun Firdaus and Piyawat Patoomyos – all the way down to P13. Hildhan Kusuma and Shinji Ogo completed the points.

ATC Motegi Rd Race Roulstone ZA
Jacob Roulstone – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

That’s it from a race weekend of two halves at Motegi – or certainly of two riders. After another stunning showdown, there’s now only a single round remaining as Sepang International Circuit hosts the final two races in a couple of weeks – and it’s only 12 points in it. Everything will once again get decided in Malaysia, so don’t miss it and keep up to date with the Selection Event for next season that takes place just before the finale, too!

ATC Motegi Rd Race Power ZA
Luke Power – 2019 Asia Talent Cup – Round 5 Motegi

Source: MCNews.com.au

Matsuyama claims ATC lead with 1-1 in Thailand

2019 Asia Talent Cup

Round 4 – Chang International Circuit – Buriram

After a long summer break the Asia Talent Cup returned in Buriram, Thailand for Round 4 of the championship, with two races held over the weekend, marking the beginning of the second-half of the season. Engines fired up for the first time since July at the Thai venue before the Cup heads to Motegi on the way to the season finale at Sepang… with everything to race for!

ATC Rnd Thailand Sho Nishimura Race ZA
Favourite coming into Round 4 Sho Nishimura  – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

Sho Nishimura arrived as the man in charge in the standings, with the Japanese youngster on 115-points at the top – 18 clear of his nearest challenger, Indonesian Afridza Munandar. Then there was another gap of 14 points back to Adenanta Putra and Takuma Matsuyama.

ATC Rnd Thailand Race ZA
Race 1 – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

A crash in Race 1 for Nishimura ensured that lead was immediately under threat, with Putra receiving a ride-through penalty, allowing Matsuyama to take a clear Race 1 win, with drama ending the podium charge of three riders in the final corner.

Matsuyama went on repeat his performance in Race 2, this time under pressure from Syarifuddin Azman and Afridza Munandar, who would complete the podium and it all coming down to the last corner. The result leaves Takuma Matsuyama with a four-point lead over Sho Nishimura, with Munandar a further 16-points in arears.

ATC Rnd Thailand Race Finish DSC
Matsuyama took the Race 2 win from Azman and Munandar – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

Aussie Jacob Roulstone put in a strong effort to claim 6-5 results, while Harrison Voight was a DNF in Race 1 and penalised for Race 2 having to start from pitlane, but still ending the race in the points, in 15th.

Race 1

Takuma Matsuyama took a commanding win in Race 1 of the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup at Buriram, pulling clear of the chasing pack – and the drama – to cross the line over three seconds clear for his first win of the season. Herjun Firdaus and Syarifuddin Azman completed the rostrum for their first podiums too, with final corner drama taking three riders out the podium fight…

ATC Rnd Thailand Race Start ZA
Race 1 Start – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

The front row got fairly equal starts to blast down to Turn 1 in unison, but drama just off the front grabbed everyone’s attention as points leader Sho Nishimura lost it and skittled out, taking a couple of riders with him. And there would be plenty more drama later, but Matsuyama was already far clear of it and from there on out, the Japanese rider only stretched his advantage.

The fight for second raged throughout the race, however. Firdaus, Azman, Tatchakorn Buasri, polesitter Afridza Munandar, Shoki Igarashi, Adenanta Putra and Idil Bin Mahadi all battled it out, with the first to drop from the group proving Putra as he was given a ride through for a jump start. And then there were six…

ATC Rnd Thailand Herjun Fidaus Race ZA
Herjun Firdaus – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

As the laps ticked down, it seemed Buasri and Munandar had the form but it wasn’t to be. As Matsuyama crossed the line in the clear, the fight for second approached the final corner and Igarashi then tried to force his way through – and lost the front, taking several riders with him. That left Firdaus and Azman coming through to complete the podium. Igarashi was given a back of the grid start for Race 2 as a result.

ATC Rnd Thailand Herjun Fidaus Race ZA
Herjun Firdaus – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

The man who crossed the line fourth, Bin Mahadi, also received a penalty – a time penalty the equivalent to a ride through – and is classified eighth, bumping home hero Piyawat Patoomyos up to P4, just ahead of compatriot wildcard Buapa Thurakij. Jacob Roulstone and Ryosuke Bando were next up ahead of Bin Mahadi, with Putra fighting back to ninth and Warit Thongnoppakun to tenth after he suffered contact.

ATC Rnd Thailand Afridza Munandar Race ZAKadir Erbay took 11th ahead of Nishimura, with Rei Wakamatsu having fought back to ahead of the points leader but then demoted a place for overtaking under yellows at the final corner. A penalty from Race 1 also saw Harrison Voight start from pitlane for causing a collision with Thongnoppakun.

ATC Rnd Thailand Race Podium DSC
Race 1 podium 1) Takuma Matsuyama, 2) Herjun Firdaus, 3) Syarifuddin Azman – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

Race 2

It was home hero Tatchakorn Buasri who stormed to the holeshot off the front row in Race 2, the Thai rider taking over as he did in Race 1 and Munandar, especially, one to lose out. Matusyama slotted into second and flashbacks from Saturday must have immediately started for many on the grid, but number 11 wasn’t bolting off on Sunday.

ATC Rnd Thailand Race Start ZA
Race 2 Start – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

Instead, the race was a classic freight train with the lead swapping and changing, and a lot less drama than the attrition of Race 1. Matsuyama spent plenty time at the head of the race, but the Japanese rider just didn’t seem quite able to pull the pin – although his key rival, Sho Nishimura wasn’t having the easiest race of it as he got beaten up in the group, pushed down outside the top five.

Eventually, however, Matsuyama got his chance as the squabble for second allowed him to make a break for it with eight laps to go. Was this it? The gap went up to over half a second and kept on climbing…

ATC Rnd Thailand Tatchakorn Buasri Syarifuddin Azman Race ZA
Tatchakorn Buasri & Syarifuddin Azman – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

With four laps to go though, Azman was on a charge. Breaking free from the group battle, he was able to close the leader down – and brought some company. It was therefore a quartet heading over the line for the final lap, with Matsuyama facing Azman, Buasri and Munandar down for the win and of course, it went down to the final corner.

Buasri was a little too far back but both Azman and Munandar attacked Matsuyama, one either side, but the Japanese rider held firm and kept the perfect line around the corner, exiting ahead and slicing away and over the line to do the double. Azman took second and Munandar third, with Buasri heading wide as he also tried to get involved. The home hero was forced to settle for fourth.

ATC Rnd Thailand Takuma Matsuyama Race ZA
Takuma Matsuyama – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

Aussie Jacob Roulstone got the better of former leader Nishimura in the end, the Australian putting in another stellar performance on Saturday to complete the top five, as behind Nishimura, but by just a tenth, came Adenanta Putra.

Jacob Roulstone

“Really proud of myself this weekend at round 4 of Asia Talent Cup. It’s been tough to get to this point but today it feels great. Free practices went well with both sessions at 10th and qualifying a bit disappointing at 15th. Race 1 was full of drama but I was holding 10th place when 3 went down at the front on the last corner allowing me to claim 7th. A further rider was penalized so I managed 6th! But race 2 I worked hard for it and battled up the front right to the end and grabbed 5th place. My best ride and result all season. Thank you Mum for being here, Steve Nagle for all his help, Colin Stoner for his support, dad and Ashley back home and all the people who have supported me and said hi over the weekend. Also Thank you to Joan my mechanic and all the Asia Talent Cup team.”

ATC Rnd Thailand Jacob Roulstone Race ZA
Jacob Roulstone – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

Thai riders Warit Thongnoppakun and Piyawat Patoomyos took P8 and P9 on home soil on Sunday, with Shoki Igarashi completing the top ten to bounce back from his back of the grid penalty. Herjun Firdaus couldn’t repeat his Race 1 form, taking P11 ahead of Idil Bin Mahadi, Ryosuke Bando, Rei Wakamatsu and Australian Harrison Voight, who took the final point despite his penalty of starting from pitlane.

ATC Rnd Thailand Race Podium DSC
Race 2 podium 1) Takuma Matsuyama, 2) Syarifuddin Azman, 3) Afridza Munandar – 2019 Asia Talent Cup Round 4, Thailand

That’s it from Buriram, and now it’s next stop Motegi…home turf for a good portion of the grid, and the two men at the top of the standings. Last year it was all about Matsuyama, can Nishimura flip the form book in 2019? Find out in two weeks.

Source: MCNews.com.au

Nishimura & Munandar share Sepang Round 3 ATC wins

Asia Talent Cup 2019

Sepang International Circuit – Round 3

Round 3 of the Asia Talent Cup saw Sho Nishimura claim the Race 1 win from Afridza Munandar and Takuma Matsuyama, with young Aussies Harrison Voight 13th, Luke Power 16th and Jacob Roulstone 18th.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sat Munandara ZA
Afridza Munandar – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

In Race 2 it was Afridza Munandar who claimed the race win from Adenanta Putra and Warit Thongnoppakun. Harrison Voight took fourth, with Jacob Roulstone inside the top 10 in ninth, and Luke Power 11th.

Asia Talent Cup Race 1

Sho Nishimura has extended his lead in the standings after a dramatic Race 1 at Sepang International Circuit, with the first showdown of the weekend cut short by a Red Flag after a mutliple-rider incident with five laps to go. Indonesian Afridza Munandar and Japanese rider Takuma Matsuyama, who remains second in the Championship, completed the podium.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sat Race Start ZA
Race 1 Start – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

It was Shoki Igarashi who took the holeshot from third on the grid, slotting into the lead ahead of Matsuyama as polesitter Nishimura lost out slightly off the line. But it wouldn’t stay that way for long as the number 11 machine of Matsuyama soon attacked and took the lead, initially then pushing to try and break away but Nishimura able to pull him back in. And so it became a group of four fighting at the front, with Munandar up in the mix.

Warit Thongnoppakun was on the chase, however, with the Thai rider managing to chip away at the gap and join the foursome in the lead. Could he get into a podium position and take his second rostrum finish? As it transpired, he wouldn’t get the chance as some serious drama was about to hit the second group.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sat Nishimura ZA
Sho Nishimura – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

A multiple-rider crash saw Hildhan Kusuma, Adenanta Putra, Tatchakorn Buasri and Abdul Mutaqim all go down, and soon after the Red Flag was shown, bringing the race to an early end. That meant that last time over the line decided the winner – and it had been close. By an infinitesimal 0.060 the win goes to Nishimura, with the Japanese rider just ahead of Munandar, and Matsuyama completes the podium. Thongnoppakun and Igarashi complete the top five.

Because the results are taken from the last time over the line, it’s Putra classified sixth, ahead of home hero Syarifuddin Azman as the Malaysian put in a top performance on home turf. Herjun Firdaus takes P8, with Hildhan Kusuma and Piyawat Patoomyos completing the top ten.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sun Matsuyama ZA
Takuma Matsuyama – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

Buasri and Mutaqim were 11th and 12th and the last two in a tight freight train of seven riders within a few tenths before the key incident. Riders were all ‘ok’ after the crash, although Buasri and Mutaqim were sent for further checks.

Australian Harrison Voight took P13 and some points after a top qualifying, with Ryosuke Bando and second Malaysian Idil Mahadi completing the scorers.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sat Podium ZA
Race 1 Podium – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

Asia Talent Cup Race 1 Results

  1. Sho Nishimura 18’42.072
  2. Afridza Munandar +0.060
  3. Takuma Matsuyama +0.289
  4. Warit Thongnoppakun +0.544
  5. Shoki Igarashi +0.962
  6. Adenanta Putra +5.506
  7. Syarifuddin Azman +5.552
  8. Herjun Firdaus +5.789
  9. Hildhan Kusuma +5.928
  10. Piyawat Patoomyos +6.159
  11. Tatchakorn Buasri +6.247
  12. Abdul Mutaqim +6.376
  13. Harrison Voight +8.161
  14. Ryosuke Bando +15.990
  15. Muhammad Idil Fitri Bin Mahadi +19.981
  16. Luke Power +23.609
  17. Rei Wakamatsu +23.858
  18. Jacob Roulstone +23.828
  19. Kadir Erbay +51.360

Asia Talent Cup Race 2

Afridza Munandar took a commending second win of the season at Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, staying clear of a chaotic fight at the front in the final laps to take home 25 points and take over second in the standings. Compatriot Adenanta Putra followed him home, with Thai rider Warit Thongnoppakun taking his second rostrum of the finish in third after escaping some final corner drama.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sun Race Start ZA
Race 2 Start – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

Sho Nishimura took the holeshot from pole, but Takuma Matsuyama was quick to attack back and the two headed up a five-rider fight at the front, with Thongnoppakun, Shoki Igarashi and Adenanta Putra in the mix. There was a small gap back to Tatchakorn Buasri on the chase, and eventual winner Afridza Munandar was soon challenging too.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sun Munandar ZA
Afridza Munandar – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

With Matsuyama streaking away at the front, it was Munandar who sliced through to start reeling the number 11 in with a show of intent and he did just that; the freight train at the front then appearing again and 12 riders within 1.8 seconds.

With eight laps to go, big drama hit for Matsuyama. Running off and then making contact with another rider on track, the number 11 fell from the front fight and the initial pacesetter was out. That left Munandar in the lead at the front of the group, with Nishimura in second and home hero Syarifuddin Azman having sliced through into third.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sat Race ZA
Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

As the group kept chopping and changing and the laps ticked down, however, it was Thongnoppakun who managed to escape the melee to stay with Munandar and the duo began to pull away. Heading onto the final lap, the Indonesian had half a second in his pocket and that would prove a crucial gap.

Although those behind managed to close in, no one could attack Munandar into the final corner – and the final corner was where the attack happened. Azman, gunning for a home podium, tried a move on Nishimura but the Malaysian tagged the back of the Japanese rider, taking them both down and out of podium contention.

Munandar crossed the line in clear air, Thongnoppakun was able to avoid the drama and, despite losing time, made his way back on track to gun it to the line – but he was beaten to it as Adenanta Putra pipped him to the post, the podium decided in dramatic fashion.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sun Voight ZA
Harrison Voight – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

Harrison Voight took his best finish yet in fourth after a good weekend for the Australian, ahead of Hildhan Kusuma who completed the top five. Tatchakorn Buasri took P6 ahead of Piyawat Patoomyos, with Abdul Mutaqim crossing the line in eighth.

Jacob Roulstone headed the next group and beat home hero Idil Mahadi to ninth, with Luke Power, Rei Wakamatsu, Kadir Erbay and wildcard Shinji Ogo completing the finishers. Igarashi and Herjun Firdaus suffered DNFs.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sun Roulstone DSC
Jacob Roulstone – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

It’s a long wait for the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup until the next round alongside MotoGP at Buriram now, but it’s still Sho Nishimura who leads the way despite Day 2 at Sepang not going his way. Who will be strongest when the field return to the fray? Find out in October.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang Sun Podium ZA
Race 2 Podium – Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Round 3 Sepang

Asia Talent Cup Race 2 Results

  1. Afridza Munandar 30’21.574
  2. Adenanta Putra +2.475
  3. Warit Thongnoppakun +2.535
  4. Harrison Voight +3.679
  5. Hildhan Kusuma +3.839
  6. Tatchakorn Buasri +11.839
  7. Piyawat Patoomyos +12.031
  8. Abdul Mutaqim +24.380
  9. Jacob Roulstone +29.721
  10. Muhammad Idil Fitri Bin Mahadi +30.119
  11. Luke Power +30.242
  12. Rei Wakamatsu +43.530
  13. Kadir Erbay +1’05.237

Asia Talent Cup Standings

  1. Sho Nishimura 115
  2. Afridza Munandar 97
  3. Adenanta Putra 83
  4. Takuma Matsuyama 83
  5. Warit Thongnoppakun 73
  6. Tatchakorn Buasri 72
  7. Piyawat Patoomyos 41
  8. Herjun Firdaus 40
  9. Shoki Igarashi 37
  10. Abdul Mutaqim 33
  11. Harrison Voight 31
  12. Hildhan Kusuma 28
  13. Muhammad Idil Fitri Bin Mahadi 22
  14. Syarifuddin Azman 22
  15. Luke Power 17
  16. Jacob Roulstone 16
  17. Ryosuke Bando 13
  18. Rei Wakamatsu 8
  19. Kadir Erbay 5

Source: MCNews.com.au

Sho Nishimura claims Asia Talent Cup round win in Thailand

2019 Asia Talent Cup
Round Two – Buriram, Thailand

Afridza Munandar wins Race 1
Tatchakorn Buasri wins Race 2
Sho Nishimura overall winner for Round 2

The Asia Talent Cup Round 2 in Thailand saw Sho Nishimura compound his lead, despite claiming two second place finishes, with the wins shared between Afridza Munandar in Race 1 and Tatchakorn Buasri in Race 2, with Nishimura’s consistency proving key across the weekend.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Jacob Roulstone
Australian Jacob Roulstone claimed seven championship points across the weekend

Race 1 also saw Samuel Voight claim 12th for four championship points, while Jacob Roulstone was 14th with two points. In Race 2 Luke Power came home tenth for six points, while Roulstone was 11th for five.

Race One

Afridza Munandar took his first ever Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup win in Race 1 at Chang International Circuit, pitching it to perfection in a frantic final corner to emerge ahead of Japanese duo Sho Nishimura and Takuma Matsuyama. As ever, everything went down to the wire in a last dash shuffle, but the Indonesian emerged ahead to open his victory account.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Afridza Munandar Takuma Matsuyama
Afridza Munandar leads Takuma Matsuyama

At lights out it was home hero and pacesetter in practice Tatchakorn Buasri who got the holeshot from pole, but Matsuyama struck early and made it past two riders in Turn 1 to take the lead. From there it was the Japanese rider dueling Buasri initially, but a group was on the chase comprised Adenanta Putra, Munandar, Nishimura, Warit Thongnoppakun, Piyawat Patoomyos, Adbul Mutaquim and Shoki Igarashi. As the race settled into a rhythm, however, it was Matsuyama leading a group of five at the head of the race and Thongnoppakun seeming to start to fade.

Soon after though, the Thai rider got his head down and closed back in on the leading quintet of Matsuyama, Putra, Munandar, Buasri and Nishimura to make a lead group of six, but it wasn’t long until Indonesian rookie Herjun Firdais was able to get in the mix too. Chopping and changing and jostling for position, the laps ticked down until the hour of reckoning: the final lap.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Race field
Asia Talent Cup – Round 2 – Chang International Circuit

By then Firdaus was struggling to tag back on to the group and the stage was set for a six-man tussle at the final corner – exactly what it became. Buasri seemed to have found himself a little out of position for an assault on the win and Putra had suffered a big moment not long before, but the final turn, as it would turn out, belonged to Munandar.

The Indonesian went bravely round the outside, able to keep his speed up and avoid the squabble at the apex before gunning it to the line in style, just ahead of those nipping at his heels.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Race Finish
The Race 1 finish line saw five riders within 0.2s

It was elbows out to complete the podium though, with Nishimura just able to hold off Matsuyama in some Qatar deja vu to keep his Championship lead, with home rider Buasri left off the podium in fourth. For the polesitter and the pacesetter for most of the weekend, that will be something he’ll be desperate to improve on in Race 2.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Samuel Voight
Australian Samuel Voight

Putra completed the top five ahead of Thongnoppakun, with impressive rookie Firdaus in seventh. Fellow debutant, Malaysian Idhil Mahadi, took P8 and a big step forward from Round 1, with Patoomyos, Syarifuddin Azman and Mutaquim all in extremely close company just behind.

Australian Harrison Voight, Hildhan Kusuma, Jacob Roulstone and Rei Wakamatsu completed the points, with Igarashi the final finisher after sliding out at the final corner mid-race but getting back on.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Race Podium
ATC Race 1 Podium – 1) Afridza Munandar, 2) Sho Nishimura, 3) Takuma Matsuyama

Asia Talent Cup – Chang International Circuit Race 1

  1. Afridza Munandar
  2. Sho Nishimura +0.074 20
  3. Takuma Matsuyama +0.094 16
  4. Tatchakorn Buasri +0.161 13
  5. Adenanta Putra +0.166 11
  6. Warit Thongnoppakun +0.290 10
  7. Herjun Firdaus +2.788 9
  8. Muhammad Idil Fitri Bin Mahadi +9.848 8
  9. Piyawat Patoomyos +9.942 7
  10. Syarifuddin Azman +10.101 6
  11. Abdul Mutaquim +10.165 5
  12. Samuel Voight +20.531 4
  13. Hildhan Kusuma +20.711 3
  14. Jacob Roulstone +46.688 2
  15. Rei Wakamatsu +1’12.207 1
  16. Shoki Igarashi +1’12.208 0

Race Two

Tatchakorn Buasri got a taste of home glory as his took victory in a dramatic Race 2 in Thailand, with the race red-flagged and the Thai rider in the perfect position at the perfect time after fighting in the front group throughout from pole.

Points leader Sho Nishimura took second despite a crash as the race result was counted back to the last time over the line, escaping a disaster for his title hopes, with Race 1 winner Afridza Munandar completing the podium.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Race Field
Asia Talent Cup – Round 2 – Chang International Circuit

Buasri got a barnstormer of a start from pole, taking off into clean air as Adenanta Putra gunned it behind him and was able to close in for an attack at Turn 3. The Thai rider hit back soon though and Takuma Matsuyama closed in on the duo in the lead as the long freight train off the line remained incredibly close behind them.

With everyone having gained a little more experience of Chang International Circuit in Race 1, it was closer on Sunday as that huge group of riders remained tightly packed together.

Two or three abreast at times, the squabble saw the majority of the field fighting it out in the initial stages. The lilkes of Buasri, Matsuyama, Putra, Munandar, Warit Thongnoppakun, Nishimura, Idil Mahadi and Piyawat Patoomyos were just hundredths apart and the fight for the lead stretched from first place back into the distance.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Tatchakorn Buasri
Tatchakorn Buasri in the lead in Race 2

As the laps ticked down, however, it was a 12-rider train that emerged at the front and was able to make a bit of a break for it, with the racing and jostling for position keeping the same frantic pace. With seven laps to go, a crash for Syarifuddin Azman saw the Malaysian fall out of contention and the group became 11, but the battle was headed for an as-yet unknown dramatic crescendo.

With three laps to go, Abdul Mutaqim suffered a problem and dropped back from the group, making it a ten rider train settling in for the final fight. But then drama suddenly struck as Championship leader Nishumura slid out, the crash seeming like a disaster for the rider who won the first three races of the season. The drama, however, was far from over…

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Takuma Matsuyama
Takuma Matsuyama

Lightning struck twice in as many minutes in the front group as a crash between Firdaus and Mahadi took them out of the mix, the incident bringing the Red Flag out soon after. That meant the result was counted back to the last time over the line and it was home hero Buasri who’d been leading the pack then; delight for the Thai rider after missing out on a podium in Race 1.

It was a stroke of luck for Nishimura just behind in second as the Japanese rider, by virtue of having been able to remount after his crash, gets classified second – the position he was in over the line before the incident.

Race 1 winner Munandar completed the podium for a top weekend in Thailand, with Putra in fourth and Matsuyama locking out the top five as he loses some ground in the title fight. Thongnoppakun took sixth on home turf, ahead of Shoki Igarashi and Patoomyos. Mutaqim takes P9, mitigating the issue he suffered after the group crossed the line for the final time.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Luke Power
Luke Power completed the top 10 in Race 2

Australian Luke Power won the battle to complete the top ten and pipped compatriot Jacob Roulstone, with Ryosuke Bando in P12, ahead of countryman Rei Wakamatsu. The final finisher was Kadir Erbay, after Hildhan Kusuma and Harrison Voight tangled at the final corner earlier in the race and failed to finish.

Mahadi was taken to hospital for further and final check ups.

That’s it from Buriram and another top weekend in Thailand, with Nishimura retaining his advantage in the standings as we head for Round 3. That’s at Sepang International Circuit as the Cup race alongside Malaysian Superbike from the 14th to 16th July.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Thailand Race Podium
ATC Race 2 Podium – 1) Tatchakorn Buasri, 2) Sho Nishimura, 3) Afridza Munandar

Asia Talent Cup – Chang International Circuit Race 2

  1. Tatchakorn Buasri
  2. Sho Nishimura +0.120
  3. Afridza Munandar +0.213
  4. Adenanta Putra +0.408
  5. Takuma Matsuyama +0.494
  6. Warit Thongnoppakun +0.835
  7. Shoki Igarashi +0.994
  8. Piyawat Patoomyos +1.183
  9. Abdul Mutaquim +1.704
  10. Luke Power +20.011
  11. Jacob Roulstone +21.501
  12. Ryosuke Bando +29.706
  13. Rei Wakamatsu +45.849
  14. Kadir Erbay +1’23.983

Asia Talent Cup standings following Race 2

  1. Sho Nishimura 90
  2. Takuma Matsuyama 67
  3. Tatchakorn Buasri 57
  4. Adenanta Putra 53
  5. Afridza Munandar 52
  6. Warit Thongnoppakun 44
  7. Herjun Firdaus 32
  8. Piyawat Patoomyos 26
  9. Shoki Igarashi 26
  10. Abdul Mutaquim 21
  11. Muhammad Idil Fitri Bin Mahadi 15
  12. Samuel Voight 15
  13. Syarifuddin Azman 13
  14. Luke Power 12
  15. Ryosuke Bando 11
  16. Hildhan Kusuma 10
  17. Jacob Roulstone 9
  18. Rei Wakamatsu 4
  19. Kadir Erbay 2

Images by ATC

Source: MCNews.com.au

Aussie kids getting up to speed at Asia Talent Cup Testing

Voight, Power and Roulstone kick off Asia Talent Cup season with Sepang Test

The Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup returns once again in 2019, marking the sixth season of the Road to MotoGP feeder program selecting promising young riders from the Asia-Pacific region to take part. Seven riders return this year, while 14 rookies fill the ranks and Harrison Voight, Luke Power and Jacob Roulstone represent Australia.

The competitors, aged 12 to 19, have been handpicked at an annual IATC Selection Event at Sepang International Circuit and represent Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey.

Asia Talent Cup Sepang Test
Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Sepang Test

They’ll be competing on Honda NSF250R Moto3 machinery to see who has what it takes to become the IATC Champion and once again, they’ll benefit from the vast experience of Asia Talent Cup Director Alberto Puig and his team of experts as they aim to both win and learn.

Kicking off the season was the first test of the year at the Sepang International Circuit, which hosted the grid over two days directly following the MotoGP test with Harrison Voight and Jacob Roulstone completing testing in the top 15, while Luke Power suffered a Day 1 crash, before being cleared to head back out on track on Day 2.

Asia Talent Cup Sepang Test Track Info
Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Sepang Circuit Testing Information

Dry track conditions greeted the riders, with some veterans and a host of rookies able to get in some good track time ahead of the season opener alongside the Grand Prix of Qatar.

Some news came in before conclusion of the test that sees Kopchai Sae-Liw withdraw from the 2019 Cup, and Danial Sharil – after a big crash at the end of last season – remains sidelined through injury although the Malaysian is expected to return to competition once fit.

Of the riders who completed the test – which included a race simulation on Day 2 – one name shone above the rest by the end of action, Indonesian Adenanta Putra.

Putting in an impressive performance, Putra topped the overall combined times by nearly half a second from his nearest competitor, Japanese rider Sho Nishimura, and was consistently one of the quickest.

Nishimura also impressed to take P2 overall, but he was only 0.016 ahead of compatriot Takuma Matsuyama as the gap tightened behind Putra. Tatchakorn Buasri was fourth quickest and a further two tenths in arrears as veterans dominated the top, but the first rookie impressively locked out the top five – Herjun Firdaus.

The Indonesian newcomer had compatriot and veteran Afridza Munandar for close company, however, with less than half a tenth separating the countrymen.

Warit Thongnoppakun was the first name in another trio close on the timesheets, six tenths off Munandar but with rookie compatriot, Thai rider Piyawat Patoomyos, just 0.018 off and Japanese rookie Shoki Igarashi only another 0.068 in arrears. Reserve rider and wild card Shota Kiuchi completed the top ten.

Harrison Voight of Australia, Ryosuke Bando of Japan, Indonesians Abdul Mutaqim and Hildhan Kusuma and Australian Jacob Roulstone completed the top fifteen, with the pace of the majority of the field showing impressive improvements as those further down the order cut the gap to the front and the frontrunners continued to push.

Australian Luke Power crashed on Day 1 and was deemed unfit for the rest of that day’s action before being reviewed on the morning of Day 2 and heading out to continue his testing, whereas wildcard Harith Zamri of Malaysia crashed on Day 2 and was declared unfit, heading to hospital with a suspected fracture.

That’s it from Sepang after the 2019 competitors had their first taste of the season to come, tune in to the first round of the year from Losail International Circuit in Qatar as the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup open the season competing alongside MotoGP from the 8th to 10th March.

Asia Talent Cup Riders
Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Rider List

Asia Talent Cup 2019

After a test at Sepang in February, the 2019 Cup commences at Losail International Circuit in Qatar as the series kicks off racing alongside the MotoGP season opener in March. It’s a quick turnaround for Round 2 as the IATC heads for Buriram in Thailand the following weekend, this time alongside WorldSBK, with the season then hitting the mid-point at Sepang in June alongside the Malaysian Superbike Championship.

Asia Talent Cup Sepang Test Atmos
Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Sepang Test

Then it’s back to the MotoGP paddock as the IATC complete their season alongside the Grands Prix in Thailand, Japan and Malaysia in October and November, with 10 of the 12
races once again taking place on the same stages as MotoGP and World Superbike. The season finale at Sepang is bound to be another showstopper, with the Cup often going down to the final round, the final lap – and even the final corner

Asia Talent Cup Honda NSFR
Asia Talent Cup 2019 – Honda NSF250R

2019 Asia Talent Cup Calendar

  • 08-10 March – Qatar, Losail (MotoGP)
  • 15-17 March – Thailand, Chang (WSBK)
  • 14-16 July – Malaysia, Sepang (MSC)
  • 04-06 October – Thailand, Chang (MotoGP)
  • 18-20 October – Japan, Motegi (MotoGP)
  • 01-03 November – Malaysia, Sepang (MotoGP)

Source: MCNews.com.au

Final Asia Talent Cup entry list and 2019 calendar

After another incredible season of the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup, which in 2018 saw young Australian Billy Van Eerde take the Title, 2019 is already appearing on the horizon and the calendar and entry list for the sixth season have now been revealed.

Asia Talent Cup Billy Van Eerde Champ sign
Billy Van Eerde – 2018 Asia Talent Cup Champion

Candidates from the Selection Event at Sepang join those who return from 2018, creating another incredible grid of competitors gearing up for six more race weekends in 2019.

Asia Talent Cup Sepang Start
Asia Talent Cup – Sepang

Six countries are represented on the provisional entry list: Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Australia and Indonesia.

Asia Talent Cup Billy Van Eerde Group
Billy Van Eerde – 2018 Asia Talent Cup Champion – #19

Seven of the youngsters rode in the Cup last season and return, with 14 new faces joining them on the grid. 

Asia Talent Cup Selections Jacob Roulstone
Jacob Roulstone receives the news he made it through the main cut earlier this year – Asia Talent Cup 2019

Aussie youngsters Jacob Roulstone and Harrison Voight are two of the youngest to make it through the selection process while Luke Power also made the final cut after originally being named as a reserve rider. 

Asia Talent Cup Selections Harrison Voight
Harrison Voight – Asia Talent Cup 2019

The first race weekend of the year sees the Cup racing alongside MotoGP at the Grand Prix of Qatar from the 8th to 10th March, and the season begins with a back-to-back bang as the IATC then heads for Buriram in Thailand the weekend after.

Asia Talent Cup Motegi R ZA
Motegi Asia Talent Cup 2018

The next date is the Cup’s first visit to Sepang International Circuit as they race as part of the Malaysian Superbike Championship from the 14th to 16th June, and then there’s a summer break before the second half of the season kicks off at Buriram alongside MotoGP from the 4th to 6th October.

Asia Talent Cup Rnd Sepang R Start
Asia Talent Cup – Sepang 2018

The Cup then heads for the Twin Ring Motegi in Japan two weeks later, before the season finale once again takes place at Sepang and another exciting season concludes in early November.

Asia Talent Cup Billy Van Eerde Relief
Billy Van Eerde – 2018 Asia Talent Cup Champion
2019 Entry List
Sel N. Rider Name Nat. Age D.O.B Cm Kg
S 2 Rei Wakamatsu Jpn 12 2-Mar-06 146 36
18 3 Sho Nishimura Jpn 16 15-Nov-01 161 53
18 4 Afridza Syach Munandar Ina 18 13-Aug-99 158 52
18 5 Tachtakorn Buarsi Tha 17 26-Mar-00 165 44
S 6 Warit Thongnoppakun Tha 19 13-Apr-99 174 52
S 7 Muhammad Hildhan Kusuma Ina 16 18-Apr-02 170 53
S 8 Ryosuke Bando Jpn 15 28-Dec-02 170 51
S 9 Muhammad Idil Fitri Bin Mahadi Mal 15 14-Nov-02 164 47
S 10 Herjun Atna Firdaus Ina 14 20-Jun-04 170 50
18 11 Takuma Matsuyama Jpn 13 9-Nov-04 152 40
S 12 Jacob John Roulstone Aus 13 4-Feb-05 157 36
S 13 Muhammad Syarifuddin Bin Azman Mal 16 24-Nov-01 163 51
S 14 Shoki Igarashi Jpn 16 20-Aug-02 160 46
S 15 Piyawat Patoomyos Tha 19 17-Mar-99 168 57
18 16 Mohammad Adenanta Putra Ina 13 21-Apr-04 163 40
S 17 Kadir Erbay Tur 12 28-Jun-06 170 48
S 18 Harrison Samuel Voight Aus 12 12-May-06 149 41
S 19 Luke Power Aus 13 30-Nov-04 162 52
S 20 Abdul Gofar Mutaqim Ina 14 7-Oct-04 170 49
18 21 M. Danial Syahmi Bin A.S Mal 15 23-Nov-02 167 53
18 23 Kopchai Sae-Liw Tha 18 8-Mar-99 165 46
Reserve Riders
/ 27 Muhammad Aiman Bin Azman Mal 18 2-Aug-00 168 59
/ 76 Shota Kiuchi Jpn 15 5-Apr-03 164 54
2019 Calendar
Date Event Type Coinciding Event Circuit Country
Feb 9th & 10th Test None Sepang Malaysia
Mar 8th-10th Races 1 & 2 MotoGP Of Qatar Losail Qatar
Mar 15th-17th Races 3 & 4 WorldSBK Of Thailand Buriram Thailand
Jun 14th-16th Races 5 & 6 Mal Superbike Championship   Sepang Malaysia
Oct 4th-6th Races 7 & 8 MotoGP Of Thailand Buriram Thailand
Oct 18th-20th   Races 9 & 10 MotoGP Of Japan Motegi Japan
Nov 1st-3rd Races 11 & 12    MotoGP Of Malaysia Sepang Malaysia

Source: MCNews.com.au

Aussie youngsters selected for 2019 Asia Talent Cup

2019 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup

Harrison Voight and Jacob Roulstone make it in!

Riders for the 2019 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup have been decided at the Selection Event in Malaysia.

Asia Talent Cup Selections
Asia Talent Cup Selections

The Selection Event to choose the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup riders for next season is now over for another year after taking place at Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia.

Asia Talent Cup Selections
Asia Talent Cup Selections for 2019

Following inscriptions on Tuesday and a day of track action to assess the new crop of hopefuls on Wednesday, eight young riders from across Asia and Oceania have been selected to join the grid– as well as five reserve riders.

Asia Talent Cup Selections Harrison Voight
Harrison Voight – Asia Talent Cup 2019

Aussie youngsters Jacob Roulstone and Harrison Voight are two of the youngest to make it through the selection process while Luke Power has been named as a reserve rider. 

The Selection Event took place largely in the wet at Sepang, but it didn’t put too much of a dampener on proceedings.

Asia Talent Cup Selections Jacob Roulstone
Jacob Roulstone – Asia Talent Cup 2019

Over 90 youngsters were put through their paces throughout the day before the Selection Committee made their final decisions.

Asia Talent Cup Selections Harrison Voight
Harrison Voight – Asia Talent Cup 2019

The committee, led by Talent Promotion Director Alberto Puig, selected riders from Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan to either join the grid next year or be on the reserve list.

Asia Talent Cup Selections Jacob Roulstone
Jacob Roulstone – Asia Talent Cup 2019

Now the grid for next year is decided, it’s time to decide the Champion this season. The 2018 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup will be decided at Sepang this weekend, and young Aussie Billy Van Eerde currently leads the championship by 12-points heading into this weekend’s finale!


RES 56 LUKE POWER AUS M 13 162 52
RES 113 KADIR ERBAY TUR M 12 170 48

Alberto Puig

Alberto Puig (Talent Promotion Director):

“It was difficult, especially because of the conditions. It was pouring. We couldn’t do our full intended program of testing but we did what we could. Out of all this I think we’ve selected the riders who were faster today, and the reserve riders. It’s the first time we’ve had rain like this during the selection at Sepang. But we did it and we’re happy, we have some young riders of different nationalities. It’s also important that no one is injured although we had some crashes, everyone is ok. So for one more edition, job completed.

“We always try and find young riders because they always have more potential to learn and grow. We hope we’ve got some potential selected here. They understand they have an important opportunity but at the beginning it will be difficult for them, like it has been for all the riders who have come to race in the Cup. But as always, the guys who are strongest and have the most passion will make it on this road.”

Source: MCNews.com.au