Are more red light cameras welcome?

While many riders hate covert speed cameras that are turning us into a nation of speedo gazers, they should welcome more red light traffic cameras.

Lane filtering now puts us at the front of the traffic light queue, so when the light changes to green we have a duty to get away quickly to avoid holding up traffic.

However, this puts us in danger of being cleaned up by motorists running yellow and/or red lights.

More red light cameras with good signage might just prevent motorists from running lights and putting us in danger.

Queensland has just added eight more intersections to its list of locations with new combined red light and speed cameras.

They not only detect motorists who disobey the red traffic light, but also those who speed through the intersection.

Statistics reveal that 11% of all serious casualties on Queensland roads occur at intersections with traffic lights.

Accidents involving motorists running red lights are usually t-bone crashes which are the most lethal, especially for riders.

During the past five years, 42 people have been killed and more than 3000 hospitalised in crashes at signalised intersections in Queensland.

Triggering traffic lightsred light cameras

The only problem we can see if if the lights fail don’t change for motorcycles.

Many small motorbikes don’t trigger the inductor loop in the ground.

red light cameras
Tell-tale cut marks in the road

Click here to find out how to make them trigger and what you can do if they don’t work.

Riders who give up waiting for the lights to change and ride through the red light can expect to cop a fine!

If these cameras are being installed at more intersections, it is vital that the authorities ensure lights detect motorcycles or install more roadside buttons like these to trigger the lights.Red-light traffic light red light cameras

Speed and red light cameras

The new combined red light and speed cameras are fixed and operate 24 hours a day.

They are at the following intersections in Queensland:

  • Glenlyon Street, Gladstone Central at intersection with Tank Street;
  • Anzac Avenue Road, Kippa-Ring at intersection with Boardman Road;
  • Morayfield Road, Morayfield (intersection of Caboolture River Road);
  • Lutwyche Road,  Lutwyche  (intersection of Norman Avenue);
  • Lutwyche Road, Kedron (intersection of Kedron Park Road);
  • Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo (intersection of Cavendish Road);
  • Smith Street, Southport (intersection of Kumbari Avenue); and
  • Bermuda Street, Burleigh Waters (intersection of Christine Avenue).

The combined red light and speed camera systems have advisory signs installed prior to the intersection advising motorists that a combined red light and speed camera system is operating.

For the complete list of combined speed and red light cameras in Queensland, click here.


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