2025 Honda Grom Preview, Plus Other Honda MiniMotos 

2025 Honda Grom Cherry Red
2025 Honda Grom in Cherry Red

The popular and fun-inducing Honda Grom gets a fresh face for 2025, and the Honda Navi returns for 2024 with new color options. Other small Honda models, including the ADV160, Ruckus, and Metropolitan, will also return for 2025.  

2025 Honda Grom 

2025 Honda Grom Candy Blue
2025 Honda Grom in Candy Blue

The Honda Grom, first introduced in 2014, has been one of Honda’s top-selling models and has inspired its own subculture. Built to be easy to customize, the Grom is now in its fourth generation with new styling, and a full range of Honda Accessories are available. 

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2025 Honda Grom ABS Pearl White
2025 Honda Grom ABS in Pearl White

The Honda Grom is powered by a fuel-injected 125cc Single with an overhead cam and has a bore and stroke of 50 x 63.1mm and a compression ratio of 10:1. It has a five-speed gearbox and a top speed of about 60 mph. Fuel capacity is 1.6 gallons, seat height is 30.0 inches, and claimed wet weight is 227 lb for the ABS version and 224 lb without ABS. 

2025 Honda Grom SP Matte Black Metallic
2025 Honda Grom SP in Matte Black Metallic

The 2025 Honda Grom will be available in Candy Blue, Pearl White, or Cherry Red for $3,599. The SP version (includes SP graphics and a chin fairing) will be available in Matte Black Metallic for $3,699. The ABS version will be available in Pearl White for $3,799. 

2024 Honda Navi 

2024 Honda Navi Arctic Silver Metallic
2024 Honda Navi in Arctic Silver Metallic

As the most affordable and approachable model in Honda’s streetbike lineup, the 234-lb Honda Navi features a compact size, light weight, and an automatic CVT transmission. Popular among younger riders, the Navi starts at only $1,999 and is powered by a 109cc Single, which is located at the rear of the bike to allow space in the front for a lockable storage pod. The Navi boasts a claimed 110 mpg, giving it decent range from its tiny 0.9-gallon fuel tank. 

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2024 Honda Navi Blue Metallic
2024 Honda Navi in Blue Metallic

The 2024 Honda Navi will be available in non-painted white for $1,999. For those wanting a splash of color, the Navi will be available in Artic Silver Metallic, Pearl Red, or Blue Metallic for $2,099. 

2024 Honda Navi White
2024 Honda Navi in White

2025 Honda ADV160 

2025 Honda ADV160 Pearl Blue
2025 Honda ADV160 in Pearl Blue

This Honda scooter is designed around the concept of “city adventure” and features a 156cc Single, an automatic transmission, a two-step adjustable windscreen, and under-seat storage. The ADV160 also includes a centerstand (and sidestand), a 12-volt accessory outlet, a 3.1-gallon fuel tank, a 30.1-inch seat height, a small storage compartment, all-LED lighting, and Honda’s Smart Key system. 

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2025 Honda ADV160 Matte Black Metallic
2025 Honda ADV160 in Matte Black Metallic

The 2025 Honda ADV160 will be available in Pearl Blue and Matte Black Metallic for $4,499. 

2025 Honda Ruckus 

2025 Honda Ruckus Beige
2025 Honda Ruckus in Beige

The Ruckus features a simple design that lends itself to customization. It’s powered by a 49cc Single and has an automatic transmission, a seat height of 28.9 inches, fuel capacity of 1.3 gallons, a wet weight of 194 lb, and a helmet holder to lock a helmet under the seat. The 2025 Honda Ruckus will be available in black or beige for $2,899. 

2025 Honda Ruckus Black
2025 Honda Ruckus in Black

2025 Honda Metropolitan 

2025 Honda Metropolitan Red
2025 Honda Metropolitan in Red

The Metropolitan is designed for urban transportation and features a classic European scooter style. It’s powered by a 49cc Single with automatic transmission and comes with an inner storage bin that can hold a 1-liter bottle and a large hook for securing a bag. Honda also offers a rear trunk, rear carrier, a rear trunk attachment kit, and an outdoor cover as accessories for the Metropolitan. 

2025 Honda Metropolitan Denim Blue Metallic
2025 Honda Metropolitan in Denim Blue Metallic

The 2025 Honda Metropolitan will be available in Denim Blue Metallic or Red for $2,649. 

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