2019 Honda CRF250F trail bike arrives | $6,499 MLP

2019 Honda CRF250F has landed

Honda have announced the new 2019 CRF250F arrives this month at a competitive MLP of $6,499. The affordable and realiable trail bike is nower powered by an all-new 250cc four-valve SOHC long-stroke; air-cooled engine with Keihin electronically controlled fuel injection.

Honda CRFF
2019 Honda CRF250F – Arriving for $6,499 MLP

The mass-centralisation philosophy of the next generation CRF MX line up has been carried over to the new CRF250F, with the muffler positioned closer to the centre of mass. The aims to provide riders with a lighter feel, intuitive responsiveness, and confidence-inspiring handling, especially on corner entrances, making for a great learning platform while also providing capability that many riders will never outgrow.

Honda CRFF
Mass centralisation ensures an easy and responsive ride

Pro-Link rear suspension system puts the smooth power to the ground and the Showa 41mm fork works with the new frame’s steering geometry provide maximum front-wheel traction.

Honda CRFF
Pro-Link suspension joins Showa forks

Braking is handled with new petal-style rotors for improved modulation, heat transfer and mud clearing and the CRF race-inspired aggressive, compact bodywork allows improved rider/machine interface.

Honda CRFF
Boasting Honda reliability, the CRF250F is designed to suit a wide range of riders

The 6L steel fuel tank contains an internal fuel pump with a reserve level sensor; a bar-mounted “low fuel” indicator light means no more reaching down to switch the tank’s petcock to reserve.

For more information and full specs visit: https://motorcycles.honda.com.au/Trail/CRF250F (link)

Honda CRFF
2019 Honda CRF250F

Source: MCNews.com.au

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