What Kind of Injuries Can be Sustained in a Motorcycle Accident?

(By David Martin*)

Motorcycle accidents are something everyone wants to avoid. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and any number of injuries can take place when this occurs.

In addition, riders are much more exposed than vehicle drivers and passengers, which can lead to more severe injuries and even some that are unique to motorcyclists. It is important to understand the risks and also know what measures to take to protect the most vulnerable body parts in case an accident takes place.

Head Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are one of the most severe injuries that can be suffered by a human being. The head is especially exposed when riding a motorcycle, which is why wearing a helmet is so important.

Despite this, in 15% of accidents in which a rider wearing a helmet is involved, there is a TBI. This shows that not even a helmet is a failsafe protection. Therefore, it’s important to have an updated health insurance policy in case an accident takes place.

There are three different degrees of severity of TBI, which are mild (also known as a concussion), moderate, and severe. In any case, the person involved will need to go to the hospital, where costly procedures might be necessary.

Depending on the severity, the person involved might only need an examination but there is also the potential of needing surgery and rehabilitation. These and other expenses can be attenuated if a good motorcycle accident attorney is hired if the person wants to present a case against who they think was responsible for the accident.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are also very common given  how exposed the neck is during a collision. It has been estimated that this type of injury takes place in 22% of motorcycle accidents. One of the most common neck injuries is whiplash, which happens to both riders and car drivers.

Whiplash is caused by a quick and strong stretching of the neck, which results in a stretching of the cervical spine. These injuries often happen when the bike is hit from behind.

Symptoms associated with whiplash can include dizziness, sore neck, headaches, and poor balance.

Facial Injuries

These injuries usually happen when the person is not wearing a helmet or when the helmet is oversized, causing it to hurt the face during the crash. Half helmets and three-quarter helmets can also lead to face injuries as they do not protect the face entirely.

While these helmets might look cooler, a full-sized helmet is always the smartest way to go to protect your face. After all, it has been estimated that facial injuries take place in about 10% of motorcycle accidents.

This means that it’s much better to invest a little extra on a nice full helmet than to go for a riskier option that could lead to lifelong disfigurement and severe injury.

Spinal Injury

Spinal injuries are one of the worst types of injuries a person could suffer. They can have lifelong consequences, which go from mild discomfort to paralysis and death.

It is important to contact a motorcycle accident attorney in case of a spinal injury as the consequences can be quite debilitating. When someone else is at fault or even if the health insurance company is not providing the aid it should be, these cases can be taken to court.

Keep in mind that the brain communicates with the rest of the body through the spine. If this communication is cut due to a traumatic accident, the rest of the body will be severely affected.

In some cases, the injury can be improved and even entirely reversed with surgery or rehabilitation. Rehab will be focused on restoring flexibility, strength and, eventually, mobility, which can be a long and painful process.

Emotional Trauma

The mind can be injured as well, even if no physical damage can be observed. This is often ignored, but in reality, people involved in a motorcycle accident are likely to develop PTSD, which can be very detrimental to mental health.

Furthermore, people who suffer a serious injury can end up falling into a deep depression, which might require therapy for its correct management. It’s important to evaluate the presence of any signs or symptoms of emotional trauma and look for medical health if these are observed.

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