Updates For Ural’s 2019 Lineup

2019 Ural Gear-Up. Images courtesy Ural.
2019 Ural Gear-Up. Images courtesy Ural.

Although the 2019 Ural lineup appears almost identical to the previous models (as a matter of fact, one can say the same thing about all Urals manufactured in the last 30 years), the new model year brings a few big (in Ural terms) changes to the family of sidecar motorcycles. An all-new EFI system and a modernized top end make Ural’s 749cc “boxer” engine run cooler, smoother and work more efficiently.

The new system utilizes a single ECU located under the driver seat and two Keihin throttle bodies, one per cylinder. Electronic idle speed control provides for better startability and a more stable idle speed (both of which we noted on our LA-Barstow-Vegas adventure back in 2016).

A new self-priming, in-tank fuel pump is integrated with the fuel filter and pressure relief system. Overall fuel pressure has been increased for improved fuel atomization, and the fuel injector location is optimized for increased combustion efficiency.

2019 Ural Gear-Up. Images courtesy Ural.
2019 Ural Gear-Up. Images courtesy Ural.

The 2019 Ural engine also features redesigned cylinders, cylinders head, covers and pistons. The surface area of the cooling fins on the heads and cylinders is increased by 20 percent for better cooling. The geometry of both intake and exhaust ports of the cylinder head is optimized for improved flow of gasses, and the exhaust port is also shortened to reduce cylinder head temperature.

New pistons have a teflon-inlayed skirt and a hard anodized crown and top ring groove. The top compression ring face is inlayed with plasma-sprayed molybdenum, while oil pan capacity is increased by 25 percent without sacrificing ground clearance.

You’re still not likely to win any races on a Ural, but the updates for 2019 should make living with one a bit easier. The 2019 lineup consists of two basic models, the 2WD Gear-Up (starting at $16,999) and the 1WD cT (starting at $14,999).

Source: RiderMagazine.com

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