Touratech Protects KTM Engines

German adventure and touring motorcycle accessories company Touratech has produced a special skid plate for the engine on big KTM adventure bikes.

Touratech KTM

The KTM Rallye skid plate allows riders to literally skid over hazards such as rocks, logs and other bumps on rough trails without doing any damage to the engine.

Touratech KTM

Unlike some other rigid skid plates that bolt straight into the engine casing and can transfer impact to the engine, this is made of 6.5kg aluminium that flexes and absorbs impacts without breaking.

That weight is kept low in the bike, so it doesn’t affect handling or balance.

Touratech KTM

It also has two parallel recesses to absorb impacts and allow the bike to skid along the object without jamming on it.

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There are also no welds to snag on bushes and sticks.

Touratech KTM

The KTM Rallye skid plate costs $A711.50, but it’s cheap insurance on protecting your engine.

It suits KTM’s 1050 Adventure, 1090 Adventure, 1190 Adventure and 1290 Super Adventure.


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