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For one thing, they’ve just added some new Africa Twins to the fleet, for another Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental and Tours have just released a new self-guided, 10-day, all paved motorcycle adventure tour, the Backroads of Ecuador Self-Guided TourThis ride is designed to take you on Ecuador’s best paved roads and to enjoy the most unique and luxurious lodging available in the country – explorating the three distinct “worlds” of continental Ecuador: the Andes, the Amazon and the Pacific Coast. “Excellent for two-up riding and for groups of friends looking for great riding and very comfortable accommodations,” says Freedom, “you can ride it with any of our motorcycles or 4×4.” They’ve got tons of other options.

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The doldrums are due to the Coriolis effect. The key to the Coriolis effect lies in the Earth’s rotation. Specifically, the Earth rotates faster at the Equator than it does at the poles. Earth is wider at the Equator, so to make a rotation in one 24-hour period, equatorial regions race nearly 1,674 kilometers per hour (1,040 miles per hour). Near the poles, the Earth rotates at just .00008 kph (.00005 mph).

Let’s pretend you’re standing in Quito and you want to throw a ball to your friend in Des Moines, Iowa. If you throw the ball in a straight line, it will appear to land to the right of your friend because he’s moving slower and has not caught up.

Fluids traveling across large areas, such as air currents, are like the path of the ball. They appear to bend to the right in the Northern Hemisphere. The Coriolis effect behaves the opposite way in the Southern Hemisphere, where currents to bend to the left. Hurricanes and tornadoes in the northern hemisphere spin counter-clockwise while cyclones in the southern hemisphere spin clockwise.

 So, in the middle – the tropical convergence zone – they cancel each other out. It is why it is scientifically impossible to have tornadoes or hurricanes in Ecuador.

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