Lightning Motorcycles Headquarters To Increase LS-218 Production

Here at MO, we love electric motorcycles. So, imagine our excitement when this press release slipped over the transom this morning. Perhaps, with this increase in production, we can arrange for a full test, instead of a brief but speedy ride, of the Lightning Motorcycles LS-218. Fingers crossed…

Begin Press Release:

Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles Expands Into New Corporate Headquarters To Support Increased LS-218 Production

Lightning’s New Corporate Headquarters in San Jose 

Lightning Motorcycles, manufacturer of the fully electric LS-218 Superbike – the fastest production motorcycle in the world, is announcing today its first phase of expansion into its new Corporate Headquarters and Production Facility located in San Jose, California.

The new San Jose based facility offers five times the square footage when compared to Lightning’s previous San Carlos location. This larger building provides Lightning with the ability to dramatically expand production of the LS-218 Superbike, as well as an in-house design studio for designing future Lightning products, increased research and development capabilities and additional office space to accommodate the expanding Lightning team.

LS-218 and Beyond 

The fully electric Lightning LS-218 represents a halo bike in every sense of the word. Developed by Lightning from the ground up, it utilizes the most technologically advanced electric motorcycle powertrain in existence to deliver a 218 mph top speed, over 200 horsepower at the rear wheel and twice the torque of a MotoGP race bike. This powertrain not only makes the LS-218 the fastest production motorcycle in the world, but is also vastly more efficient than its gasoline powered counterparts. The LS-218’s technology has been validated in numerous racing victories including setting multiple land speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats as well as taking First Place Overall in the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, beating the second place finisher by over 20 seconds.

While Lightning will continue to push the boundaries of performance, in-line with the mission to create two-wheel electric transportation with superior efficiency, performance and affordability than current gasoline alternatives, Lightning is leveraging its technology to expand its product lineup into multiple motorcycle segments targeting mainstream riders. Announcements of new Lightning products will begin in the coming months.

Lightning Motorcycles

About Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles manufactures the highest performing and most advanced electric motorcycles in the world. Our halo product, LS-218, pushes the boundaries of what is possible for an electric superbike.

Lightning was founded in 2009 to offer consumers the highest performance, best quality and value in each product segment. Lightning is dedicated to developing exciting new products that will attract new motorcycle riders based on ease of operation, superior user experience, and accessible performance.

For any press related inquiries, please reach out to Matt Schulwitz, VP Communications at [email protected]


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