Tips for Staying Safe While Riding at Night

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Going on a night ride can be a calming and exhilarating experience for any motorcycle enthusiast. The absence of traffic and more quiet surroundings are just some of the reasons why riding at night is worthwhile.

But apart from quiet and open streets, bikers still face considerable risks as the streets go darker and darker. Accidents are more likely to happen during the night, so you will have to be extra careful when they begin their journey at sundown.

For that, let’s take a look at a few practical tips to keep yourself safe and secured.

  1. Check your lights

Perhaps the most important bit of maintenance you should be routinely performing is checking and testing your lights. For this, focus on the headlight and turn signals. Electrical issues can cause these lights to malfunction, so you should be able to check for wiring problems. Most commonly, you will just need to replace the bulbs for when they burn out. The last thing you want as a biker on the roads at night is for people driving a car or truck to be unable to see you.

  1. Keep yourself visible

You could thank street lamps for illuminating your path, but when you’re in certain areas where you’re almost invisible, you might want to make sure that you and your bike are highly visible to other motorists. One option is to install LED lights. You can also wear reflective jackets and pants and add reflective tape to certain parts of your motorcycle. Not only will these approaches help you avoid oncoming traffic, but they will also protect you from the dangers lurking behind every corner.

  1. Drive sober

If driving under the influence during the day is considered dangerous, then a night ride after a few drinks is a deathwish. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by irresponsible riders. Going on a late night drinking spree won’t be all that worthwhile if you’d end up spending the rest of the night in the hospital, or worse. Never give in to the temptation if you really want to get home in one piece. But often, there will be a traffic collision in which you’re not the one who’s intoxicated. Especially if you’re left with major fractures and made to go on an extensive hospital stay, you will need to work with a drunk driving lawyer who can help you get properly compensated after an accident.

  1. Stay alert

Drunk drivers are the only risks you should worry about during a night ride. You also need to be cautious of places where animals cross as well as other obstacles on the road such as open manholes, road bumps, and traffic cones. As a good rule of thumb, you should be able to regulate your speed. Doing so gives you enough time to react on the last minute after spotting an obstruction.

You can’t really avoid going on a night ride where there are too many risks to your safety. But with these tips in mind, you can avoid being another casualty in the dark.


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